Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1908
Page 2
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s Dr«, xi l» is. 118. lifiiitirj lir tit OittM SWA BtteUlshed 1869. -" stitiiriiMu ^•^-••^ -'-^ AlkiGHnty MMt luk li Hhi Ci. AUDITORIUM tOMOHT I r. I —FitsKerald, JLmIo JLIfvrf. Flione. |. Wjoman; Lovely Womna.'. 4 Her waist begins juat b«.-low her neck. Jler. liips have beea planed Off even will) Uio rest of her body. isnBually buttoned up tbc baclv. and around lier heck ebc Wears a scc- "Uon of barbed wire, covered Iwith ^cc. She ^cars on her licat^ a blond jjiaj-stack of. hair, and on top of this; ff central dome with rings about iho lame size as tbo !>e of Satnrii. She is. ;9irathod in ifeer gown like an Indian Impoo&e and on the ends of her foot are dabs of patent l<»atli. r. Shn wal!;:: i ^n stiltlikc heels with <,be exponni'-..s Jof a tightrope dancer. The jwirrs of her skin are fuiVof flue while powuor. {, This Is a woman. I- —^Harpcr> Wotkl".. f • * • • - One I'll i>f na>s. join <!n.ifi.- lor" JTJ .Oy. while lh<y l.nsl. TliMisil.i>. IVi-j .day and Saturday of tbirf wpfk iii I'op-i gelfs .Millinery. ' • V Federation Meetino. > A Lcavenworlb dispatrb eajs: I 5 The annual niwfihg of ft i" Fir..i plslrict Federation of Wonu-iiK C'luh.s ht Kansai* convenod in the Consr«'- Salional church here tlilj afternoon, ffhe Utn-. C. P. Connolly of lA -avcn- f,'"'^'! delivered an acldrcd., o.r ••TIi.-'..T,„.^„,i,i,i„„^- j.,,^ ij i..-the plan to floral Effects of a ni^•w. ;mi.I I^nHf.. j^^^^ ^=oci;.l m.^-liu^'., one- rach v'n n.-.c„n of Ivan.:,. '-"I:.!. ,...u,i<-al Iccllon.; la,:i niKht, c'.n- KanK Oelivercd^aOdrosst:;. trih.itPrt ».y .Mrs. Ito.s Cir.iborao .Mr. Sik-lesates to ih.> convention :,U>ii.l|.,„rt Mrr.. W. S. Buniir-k. Mn.. O. T. yd a reception at tlie lioine of .Mr. :.<,((,-,.„-; jj.^ ^ i.^.m^st^.s. and Basket Ball lilidi Sciiool vs. .ludJtorhnn. Tliursday, Fridajr mad Satardar Harley Moore The tjo>t jnimile skater in the whole irorld. AUDirORlUn IIrs. O. P. Lambert tonight. I • <- •i p. E. O. Mcctinp. I Mrs. AV. K. HfMunin. .North atrc-ct, had ti-'c I'. 15. O. chapu-r iu"»i- b'T.s as lur guests jt-;-cia> nftir noon for tlie fortnitjlit';.- jii-vtlnc. T.'ff iuiii:ition ttTcii:oair.; win' r"'cit<ri 'i\fi;^.' j ]i . rtcnive two II'V. "iMiiilx: :. Air .s. I.. ^'>'-;is'..ii MayiK-rry and Mr.s. \V. •:. An.It Hi^hti^.iof sjoU'ctiun? from ih' v rit- {J' luES of Jame.s WJiit <uniIi icii.y. The '[^ ,' roll fall was aiisn -'ToU b/ quolation.s ^ .ind tfu- i>!ii"'r of till- v.a; ri'ud I by Mrs. P. S. Mitehell. Tii.' lif.- aiil a brief sketch of tie work of the I'c-'' were intercstiusly <1(»cril)eil. Tin- music was contributed by .Mr.s. W. T •^"at'son, who sang very bcautifiillv that i>oen» of HilcVs • T:">-.. I.lit!.; Giri Don't Cry." 'I'iiv i i";;i:iii] Closed with a reaUii:;; Ir. y.;-.. Il.yl mun. The social hour was pleasant wiih .Mr. W. S. Kaufman. T.:lrty.Uve menibei-s of the cl.^'^s wi-re pii.'Svnl and delicious n.rrcsu- UK-iil.* wvn- ^er••«•^l. •:• •:• •:• To Mis.^ McCancc. :<\,:.< 'i.lyi! Seliaf I <»f l\at a.- h "-'T (i'.irii!:: the f' . \i.-it lii'ul'ah Mc•; N iic'.-:i,i-:- iias f:i-<;u a •;• W.I! I,i:iiv.:i in tii- yoii:)?;- Scwii'.^l Club. Miss ri' u'ali McC.-iuec i/ (.nttnaiiiint; li4-r .S'V'iiv.; riuli tIii.-< nfu'riiiKjn. Tlii.^ i'i l!>' lirat I 'Mty vhicll Ikh 1" iii ^:i^- rii iiir S'-v> !!l: :;tii.; lii'(;:ill:i>- Of Itl il"a:h of I'.oorp- .\. liowlii.-., ful 'i* r oi ,]•:• Mi..s. •; i;iiv.!'i<. ^-.Iio :i"e nn-iiii-i el ;;-.r t'.'T'-. Horns Fro.n Sapulpa .Mi-s. A. r. Harris and Mr.s. Oknn greetings o the new member.s and an . j^,^^ j,^^ „ ,.5.,.-. ^.5^^ elaborate luncheon Miss Louise Hiyl- „^,.,, „,„.,.,„s. Mr. and Mrs. Murk mun and Mr.<. Watson aSoist.-d in „i], sai.iilpa. serving. These members wc'ri -tluT": ... *ln\L^r^A'''^:Jl^^,rJ p ^X'? 1"^'- i'"' dres. Hats S i Mr. W ^T U^son Mr. " Mir ^iMTy's .pe-'ial sale this Harris. Mrs. G. Anderson .Mr.-.j Teachers* Mectinfl. I>. W. Mnyberry. Mls3 Beulnh .Mc-i ^, . , , „ , ^ , , Cance. Miss Alberta Munson. Teachers in the Sunday school of .> t till- First.Prcsbytorian chnrc'j will That Favorite Phrase. ! liave a meeting tonight. This' in ih GirlB who are fond of exclaiinl.i to arra :i:,V. for a eom- "iBn't that t !ie £Wp..ieBt t'.iliv-'.' ' , , , , , , should not overlook the fact that tlicil''^'""^ lessons. Surar trust is now In thi- pub'ie <yf.i •*• —K. C. Star. i In Miiiourl. <• • •> I Mrs. O. n. Stone i.* vl.iidng r.da WANTliD—Ten younj; ladi.-s to fo-jjIv-s i„ ColUDjbia. .Mo., for a wcel.!. licit feubbcrlptiouH for KIHJA roliaide newspaper In Diamond Itlni; conteiiL Contett will bu bburt. endlni; the day t>efore Chrlstuins. Diamond rin;; to cost 150.00 cahh. Write glvlns name flnd address, "it. C." care lola Dally ReslHter. • * * Exchanae Sale. The W. C. T. U. will Ijjivc a ..ale of cooked food and pastry on Saturday In the AtchlHoi) millinery store • • • Informal Evenlnfl. ! Sewing Clob. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Kaufman. <ni 1 Among the social or.-anlzatioiiH South Buckeye street, pave a very'which will give parii-js and other in pleasant entertainment last evening, jormal entertainments during the win for the Sunday school class Dr. Hi'- gcher Jnstrttctt Tho class wa» re- 'ctatUr .,orgaoI«»* , niider._tUe . name. ter Ih a. new sewing club which will have tlic first meeting on Friday af- Mt, Fae., toiU fe iad'SL K. t T. IVatrb Inspeetort. temoon wi^bUrs. Hazel- pinsiuiiip Curtis. Tbe^ members vUj ^ Tqiiiiff matrons and there an Infpr rool party each week on Friday. The membership Ihit contains tbcac names —Mrs. Earl Stanfleld, Mrs. Everett Raokin. Mrs. Brace O&bornc. Mrs. J. Brandt. Mrs. R. E. CulUsou. Mrs. Mack Curtis. Mrs. Lcnorc Rodgers FancetL Mrs. F. IS. Hascnbucb. Mps. A. B. Giflllan. Mrs. J. O. Major, Mrs. Isadorc Miller Moore, Mrs. Jcanette Cooper Myers. Mrs. Edward Rassell and Mrs. Ben Server. Social Tomorrow Night. The Jouior members of the Young People's society of the United Brethren , church will have a social to- ttorrow night at the diurch. The of- fair Is called a "conundrnm" social. Tbc name of each dish on the rn^mi Is disguised h3' a name and a certain price is charged. The proceeds will be used for general improvement. * * >> Y. P. C. U. Meeting. The y. P. C. V. held their rvgnlar meeting last night- at the church. The lesson was lead by R. If. Bennett and was rclatlro to temperance Mork. Several Interesting references were read hy tHc members-. * • • To Serve Papers. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger went to Humboldt this morning to scrre soDo paper:?. <' * Embroidery Club. Mrs. W. O. Lenhart gave an afternoon party yesterday for the Em- trold< ry club of LaHarpe. The oc- casi/)ii w ;t8 very informa! and there was a five o'clock tea. Several guests from lola weer present. •5- h •:• Promotion for Miss Minrow. Friends of Mies Maude Minrow will be glad to hear of the suiiccss •A-hlch is resulting from her work in the Normal school at Emporia. Miss Minrow ha.s bc^n chosen first n. flst- int fi'iii-iipr to thf Biij'f riiilf-ndout of thf departments over which she presides. * * •:• To Have Musicale. B'-'-nusr of tho Thaiik.sglvlnii s»ai=on •which will bi- thr orr.-i.-.liin for numerous evcut;i l-ie Sofosis club is arrang- 'iig their musicalc for an earlier date. Wien the programs were made out it was deildod to have tlio musi- "ale (this is also the annual reception for friendsj on Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving, but recently Jt was decided to give the entertainm-nt on the approaching Saturday nicht. n\c hostess will be Mrs. Mrs. F. J. Horton, -102 South Elm street. * • • Workinn for DormKory. The Kansas Federation of Women's cluba Is doing some active work over the state to create sentiment favorable to securing an appropriation for R girls' dormitoo" at the University of Kansas. The sum lo bo asked for Is 175.000. Mrs. "Eustace W. Brown, of SaliuB. who wa^ here for the dl*" •rict convention in October, made an »arncst plea for the support of the {ilan. * * •> To Yates Center. yUsa Lizzie Rcasler went to Yatea Center Uiis inoraing. Slie- will rc main 0 week with friends. * • • To Washburn. Miss Cora Klein left yesterday mom 'ng for Topcka. She will spend the •cmalnder of the winter at W'asb )tirn coilcce. * •> •> Altruistic Party. Next week on Wednesday ••vening the Altruistic club will'entertain tlicir girl friends. The party will occur at tlie home of James Woodin, north of tlie city and will be in keeping with the Ifallowe'eu season. Each member of the clnb will have the'privlllge of nvitjng one feminine friend. Each year the class cnlertaini and ho event next week Is being planned n a rcr>- elaborate r>ra!e. + * • Afternoon ChA. A number of young ladies living ii< be soiilh part of town have organiz- ^ a clnb to meet Informally one af- emoon each week. The first meet ng WPl probably be held at the borne f Miss Floy Ifouser. , WKITNEYS Quartette Which Comes Here Friday NInht is Drawing Good Houses. The WWtney Brothers quartette, which is to be hero Friday night is Ireceiving excellent notices in the press at the various places it fs ap- poaring this fall. In closing a Ice tinre course before tho Stillwater, Ok lahoma Agricultural and Mechanical <)611cge, tho rwwtneys were given seventy per cent of the votes of those present for a return engagement and were immediately announced as en- ^ged for the coming season. As another evidence of their ability the Chicago Y. M. C. A. has engaged them for the fifth consecutive time. ' Dr. S. S. Hilschcr. pastor of the l^resbyterian church of this city, says that the Whitney Brothers quartette Is thft best In his judijmont now on the road. Tli"^ Whitn"y» will appear In the I 'resbytiTlan rhiirrh l-'riday night, the iirogiam boginning at S:i;. MORE PAY FOR NAVY MEN. Employes in Government Yards Get 4 to 10 Per Cent Increase. WashIuKlo:i, .Nov. l."s.—Lftters arc belnj,- rent out by the navy depart- Dicnt to Jilio'it lOtKj omplr.jrR of navy yards tlirouKlioiit the United Stales, notifying them of an Increase in ealarics ranging from -1 to 1'^ per cent. These employco include draughtsmen. '.-lerks and as.nstnut in specters and the hicrcaso In rouipen- satlon i.s provided for b» flie lump ajv propriatlons for tlie variou.-i classes of -Rork in the several yardy. The effect is to bring the rate of pay up to tliat of shuilar kinds of work In the othfr branches of ilie coveriiiuent service. TRYING McGRAW CASE. "Doctor" IS Charged With Selling Intoxicating Liquor. The case of the city vs. "Dr.-' Mc- Oraw. is being tried in police court this afternoon before i'olice .lt:dse J. .M. Collinh. The defeiidanl is ch.nrg- "d with se'ling liquor contrary to tho city ordinance. A number of wit nesses have been subpoenaed and it will take probably most of the afternoon to finisli the trial. WAXTEfX—A young man to do farm work. Inquire* Ewing. Card &. Card. WANTKD—Uidy bushier and presser, steady employment, good pay. Apply Mllne Tailoring Co. TO LOiVN— $5,000 private money on farm land at 6 per cent.—lola Land Co. Bosincss Difcctotfo Physician and Surgeon. Over BnrreU 'ii. * PhoBe lis. ««««»«« AVA.\TBD—Two young ladies to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 andj* 11, Evans Block. . |* WiVNTED— Ail kinds of second hand • household furniture.—^The lola Puml- turo E.xchanBe, A. W. Beck, Prop. Phone it,. I* DR. MILDBED CUBII8 • Pbysician aod Snrreoi. • OfQce over Su'roU's Drug Stora • Office Phone 654. • Residence 214 B. Jackson • Phone 5G9. «' WANTEl>—To buy a good second hand buggy. I'honc -163 or 109:.'. WANTED—lola properly to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Ooldeu West Land Cy. Oflice over Iowa Store, lola. Has. OB. Kevnuar, Special attention given to tfc* treatment of all Chronic Dlsea*- es and Diseases of Children.. Telephones: Office 82, Res. 282. Office over Burrell 'i Drug Stor* West Madison. 8ALESME.M & AGENTS—* S « $50.00 p <5r weelt and over can be made selling New Campaign NoveUies frcm> now until election. Scj's to Storee, County Fairs, Picnics and Private Families. Complete lino of samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CIIICAOO .VOVELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave./ Cblqago. Wj\NTED—Young men to prepare- for comiuK examination for Railway Mail and other Government Positione. Superior InHtnictiou by Mail. Estaij- Itshcd 11 yeans. Thousands of successful students. Sample question.'^ and "How Govt Positions are Secured' eeul freii. Inter-State Schools, 291 I.-I. Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Phono 687. .H«fc 781. DB. 0. L. COX, , Eye, Ear. Nose and Tbroat Spectacles Properly FIttad. Office A. O. U. W. Bld^ « OfBcs Tel. 1083. Nlgbt TaL 4M •> •OR SALE^mimomUmmmoum OB. B. 0. CHBiszmr FUysicIan and SngMn Rooms 7 and 8. Elrans BUg. •••••••••••••••••a KOit ^ALE— Good second handj* .?ewiiis iniirhlnf>s. ??.00. 11.0". •• $t;.ui», $J>.UO. The loia Knrnilure Ex-.« 'b^nce. SouUi Jefferson Ave. I* F. B- MlBTOr, • Surgery Staeaaea ot " Women. • Office and Residence Phone B7C * Office 7 North Jefferson. • rOH S .\!yE —New sanitary couch and i!.id. never used, 10 S<miU Buck- oye-, r-rai house north library. SCOTT 0\ SOITIIKHX TKIP. With iommHtee Hill Iute»llfnite Appalachian Conditions. Prograaaive Clulh There was the usual semi-monthly irogram for tte Progressive club of las City last night A larse num bcrxif the members were present and ho social hour wa.s especially cnjoy- tbl". Surprised His Brother. George Aspinall came In today froBr" 'Vest LibjBrly, O., (or> tfivHtii' visil ith bis brother. R. 6. Aspinall, o' his city. He is anroate to California, vjtere be will make tis luture borne. WashingTon. Nov. VS.—Iteiireseiita- ilv« Scott of Kansas, chairman i>( the agricultural conimltice of the house who also Is a uicnilinr of tlie tiaiional con.^crvatloii cominlKi^lon which was named by President liiiosevell. 'eft here lui^l niglii. wllli u eonitiiinre lo Investigate conditions in the .Vppala chian -mountain raugco in the Caro- Unas and Tennesscs-. Accompanying .Mr. Srott will be llenrj- 8. Graves, director of tiie Yale forestry scbopl; Wtlilara Irvine, super 'ntendeut of the Weyerhauser Lumber company of Chippewa Falls, Wis., and tosuph liyde Pratt, .state Roolo;.:isl of North Carolina. A "Possum*' Supper. • The ladleiB of the Second Baptist church are to hold an opossum supper at the tome of Mrs. WilliamEon, .-It 90tJ South Walnut .street Friday night. The proceeds arc to go to the church. Several hunters have been uugaecd to fdriiLsh the o'possums. IT'S EASY TO TALK . • on good Jewelry. Bm m-t every stock cm prove lt» value tn well as ours. Becaubo wu buy with* 1.1 years of es- oerloncc. an c>c to u|i-t<)-datene.--6 and for «iK)i cash. This way of supplying our cnbtomert^ with OOmE Ji:>VELBV Isoa That taot In every bill. Just now )ur stock is fuil of buggiotions for j VOK SAl K—T«o liiisii ii Gert.. pianos sii-^htly used, left with nic for sale by Chanuto parties. These are Ifarsains. Ji.lm V. Roberts Musii; Store. JEWELB8. ' B. F. Pancoast, old raliabl* Jawatac, 110 East Street. Lod^e DiteeUuf FOU S.VLE—A 2L*-acre truck Hood bottom land Gas City, U. R. I. KKIGBTS or tx)dge No. 4? : fruit and ilgbt at K. oJ thers invited. \\ •' - ••. • V v;nnd|^ farm. 2 miles "o^ of .^ity. — ^ ^ ^T"''^ ^ bottom land. J. W. McW liiiams, ' „. -— ——- FOR SALE OK TRADE—Good property. cIosB In. Call 110 West Monroe. fOrt RMMlm mimomltmmmouB FOR RE.VT—I-'our room house, quire \fZ North Washington. ToSTxSiikGE In- SI.V Clear La -Harpc residences $7000 and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola. Has. LOST mtut fOUHD LOST. STUAYED OR STOLEN— Bird dog, white and brown spotted: named Dick. .Notify 901 North Chestnut. KNIGHTS OF •AOCAnUr;* Knights of Maccabees of tta« Wonf meets in K. P. Hall, aecood and ftnuM Saturday nights ot neadk Jt W. PoBtwalt. commandar; B. B.. 1 ter, record keeper. W. 0. Winamp No. 101 K. ot P. Hailevery Friday night T. Steele. C. C„ A. H. Davis, OMIi Vtgitors cordially InTlted. '' •"•l- X. W. A^Tbe M. W. A. IMh^ meets every Friday night In BL W. ^ Kali. Visiting brothers inTlt«d. r.m Coffleld. V C. W. A. Cowaa. ClMfcx, BOTAL yEIGHBOBS^Iola . No. 365. Royal Noighbon,; maat* ond and fourth Tuesdajra of mm month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, orMl Mrs. Mary Hutton, 41» Wert MpmI Recorder. FBATEBNiL BB0THEBH04»^ Fraternal Brotherhood Na 380 second and fourth Thnrsday of Vlattlv 00000000000000000. ... . „ „ „ ^O Experienced AucUoneer. © ^J?»n^-« O To get acqtiainted ^Jth the O c^^^'a ^ny ^ O public Iwill sell all public sales O J*"*"*' VTmAienU Golda Blaa. O free of charge listed before Jan. O j _ O 1, 1909. Reference furnished from O j " O those for whom I have sold. Sat- O' O Isfaction guaranteed. Graduate O , O of Missouri Auction School. O O iTelephone SZo. O O . B. E. VICKBBS, O O , 409 East St, lola. JCunB ..O 001000000066000000 Oencral Contractab iHagatone and Cement Sldavalka aa* Garbing a Specialty, oaca m East Ja«fciM If^ PhaaatM. OUR TELEPHONE j is constantly ringing these days. September, you know,.is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of car-. peU. ! We are busy,_ but your order will' receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY Real Estate, Insurance wityand Farm Loans Low Rate. Annual Interest Payments reoelred at any time without notice, and In^ terest ceases on amoontpald. Long Sboit IlM Itoiu. Cunnlnshairi & Arlietf THE iqCAL MARKETS iMbhttmiJi Prices Quoted by Gard k XsgKart, Frodoee Conpaay. • The following local market report is furnished by Gard &. Taggart Produce comi>any and wiil bo kept running in The Re ;:l8tcr everj- day. Tlie prices quoted are th>» prices whlrh they will nay for iHinliry, eugs and butter de- litered here: >ridal, anniversary, and birthday gifts.! Eggs, cnrreut receipts per caee ...2Sc '^nnine Jewelry Is the safebt lnve «t- nei|t. Guaranteed. McNmLBROS. Jenrslg* Old Hfens, fat 7o Old Co.\ 3c Spring Chickens —v. 8c Spring Ducks '— 6e Spring Turkey K. S -tb 10c Old Hen Turkeys lOe Old Tom Turkeys 10c Old Duclu 3c Bntter. lefts than 6 per rent salt. ..S-lc If yoa arc contempUttng the erection of a monument or tablet, call and see our -iMie>4iad op-to-dat6 stock of Foralga^aBd .\merlcan Granites. We .-carry the best that can be Obtained on the market, dun shop .Is oqulppe<l with a new comprised air ktlering machine tor'Iet* terlng and tracing. Dor prioSa are the very lowest for-first, class work. Call and see qs aAf get prices. We want yoorbmi- 'ne«. . . • • ' •: >.*if;i-'S* J .CCOPPBLDi, Phontll83.f • 220 I'

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