Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1907
Page 4
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: i. ThelOU GHASLBS F. SCOIT CIRCDIJtTION; 4,000. ' Teleplionei. Reporters'\Room ..... J 222 Business Office J .18 SUBSCRIPTIOir RATES. Bj Carrier in lola, .Gas eitr, Lanyoi- TlUe er La jUarpe. One Week. 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Year $5.00 By SaQ. One Year, In advance $4.00 Three Months, In advance 11.00 One Month, in advance ....; 44 Entered at Ijola, liansas. Postofflce, as Second-class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on I Appljlcation. OFFICUL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The lola Dally Register is a nember of the Associated Press and Receives the day report if that great news or- gaaliation for Kxclasire Afternoon pBbIication;in loin. TRESPASSERS NOTES FKM U HARPE Marshal Frederickscn Captures Nim rods Trespassing on Company's Land. AVhen Marshal Vim Freil?rick6on marched Into Uassott siiortly before noon today at the head ot five colored men, each carryhiR a Winchester, he looked like an aruiy captain auswerin!;; the call to war. Frpderick- son led the company "P to the city calaboose where they went Into camp. After a sharp reprimand tUey were discharged. The men hadi heon Hunting and shooting on the j land owned by the lola Portland Cehient company. They had failed to secure penmsslon, hO;w- ever. Furthennpre, the company does not want any shooting on this land. Not long ago a valuable cow bf-longing to one of tlie officials of the plant was shot by some careless hunter. The colored men were not arraigned, however. They promised not to trespass again if raleased. THE FIRST SANTA CLAIS LETTER. BecelTedio the direst Side, It Aslss for a Rig Doll and a Sled. (Kansas City Star.) W. R. Childs. West Side postmaster, receievd the first Santa Clans letter of the season yesterday. It was hand ed in at the window where letters are mailed and was addressed to "Dear Old Santa." "Dear Santa," the letter read in a baby handwriting. "Please r.riug Me a Bigg Doll and a sled. I am Kathryn." The last name and the address were given, too. "Please Brins me a Hig Doll and Piano and Dishes."" is the more ambitious request of Kathryn's Bister, Louise, in {the same envelope. The strongest sometimes eat the least, bat they eat wisely. Not Y fhat yon eat, bnt what yon digest, gives yon strength. Uneeda Biscuit is the most nonrishing and digestible food made from floor. Eat wisely—eat for strength -Hlneedi^ Biscuit In moisture and, dust proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY FARMERS KEAB LA UARPE ARE DdDiG FALL PLOWDl'G. La Harpe Ij, KIneald IL The La Harpe high school foot ball team defeated the Klncaid team on the MacDonald grounds north of this city In a closely contested game by the score of 17 to 11. The game was even more interesting than the ordinary foot ball game. The game wai any one's until tlie last minute of play. ICincaid started the score directly from the center of the field by cooae- cutive line and end bucks for a toadi down. Soon after they had scored th» La Harpe boys took a brace and walked over their opponents for a touch down. And so It went until thft last minute of play. iCicking honors were about evenly divided between the kickers of the two teams. Prof. A, J. Maker who played with the La Harpe team made an excellent showing. He skirted the ends for gains several times Saturday The same as If he bad been playing foot ball every season for the past ten years. Prof. Itaker bwt not played for several years until Saturday. • GRATEFUL FOR PROHIBITION Hoch Tells In Proclamation What . Kansas Is Thankful For. Toi>eHa, Nov. IS.—In his Thnnksdv ing proclamation issued' tonight Gov ernor I loch says in part: "Peace prevails andL! prosi)ority abounds and the occasion for grnti- tudc is not confined to material things but the state and nation have made wonderful strides in the .things that are of vastly more mipo.rtance to a people than its material prosperity. Prohibition, in which Kansas flalms leadership, has made great strides nn- t'.l today more than; half ot the territory ot the TTntted States is under itk dominion. The saloon is doomed. Let us thank God' for that. "The standing of oinci|iI Integrity has been lifted and organized greed is rapidly losins its power. The un usual, but tsraporary condition, in financial circles, caused chiefly by fiction in finance outside of pur borders, has served to show the solidity of our financial concerns, and the self poise of our people, and will ultimately result In greater confidence and still greater prosperity." WOULjD NOT TAKE SCRIPT. An lola Restaurant Man Needed Cash j in Busineta, The firet instance of man refijsing to accept ' And of fulfillment, where climate is also an asset, are along the. Saiita Fe, and easy to reach. There are irrigated farms, Hectlona where dry farming Is practiced, and idaces whore rainfall is depended upon. In some localities all these methods may bo followed. Road almut the various Heclloiis. Then visit them. lUuncseekers' Excursion tickets nro Hi >ld semi-monthly -to Texas, Pecos Valley and certain porilonH of Colorado and Arizona, .limit twenty -ono or Ihlrly days, dejieiident on deallnatlon. Their use will save you Hoinclhliig. . The I'ecos Talley. The San Joaqnin Valley, New Mexico and Arisvna. Texan, Colornde. ALL FREE W. E. RAL.STO\, Agent, lola, Kansas. house certificate as cash occurred late last f.-red scr af. one of night when two printers of- pt in pajTnont for a lunch the restaurants In this city. cate in i and paid certificate business clearing GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS REViv .iL AT M .£.riirRrn CLOSED S.VTIRDAY MClllT. RcTlruls Arc Intercfitin?. The revival meetings which are be- ng conducted in the Presbyterian church in.this city are increasing each evening in interest, Kev. T. S, Hawey, the evangelist, who is conducting the services, la u good speaker and Is attracting large crowds. Already there has been a great deal of Interest shown In the meetings. The si)eclal services will continue every night this week. LECTURE ON WEDNESDAY NI6HT One of tte boys presented a cerlifi j nR. HEADLEY WILL GIVE SECOND E.\TEKTAI>MENT OF COURSE. layment for what they had purchased but it was relused. the proprietor saying that the time would whj'n certificates could "not be c.^.shod,' and he wanted nope on hand. One of the'bo}-s had a litfe silver the bill. In refusing the the restaurant may lose the patronage of the boys who work on a night shift and take lunch at n-.idnight. Yoniig People Are Interested in'lola Y Society's Play, "Rebecca's Triumph." Pn-ES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DATS. POZO lONTMENT is gtiaranteed to cure any case of Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. EOc. CRESCENT MAY NOT OPEN. Will Wait on Court's Deciaion in tha Harris Case. The Cifescent Theatre, moving picture ' show, on West M .idlEon, will probably not oi<^n for business tomorrow or until the court decides whether pr not it is iierformlng labor by nmniitg the picture show. The manager 'of the Crescent had not thla afternoon definitely decided Just what ho wouht do In regard to oiiening bnt was almost sure that ho would not opej> at that timn. If the court decides in favor of tho picture show, Mr, Redfiehl Will, of course, open aa aoSn a* |)osRlble, Many Will Attend RelM>cea'8 Triumph. Many Gas City young |)eople are planning on attending the home talent play which will he produced by the V society or lola in the Grand theater nest Tuesday evening. The young people have been working on "Rebecca's Triumph" for the past several weeks and have it ready for production now. »iany Gas City people are interested in the cause for which this play Is given. Clo.sed ReriTal*. Rev. D.. M. Campbell, pastor of the .Methodist Episcopal church closed a successful series of revival meetings last Saturday night at the Maple Grove school district, nine miles south of this city. There were several con- verulons and in all the meetings were a success. WILL CELEBRATE BIRTHDAY. M. W. A : Lddne Will Have Bean Or nanlzed 25 Yeart In January. Tho Niodern Woo<lman I.,odge will be 25 years old on the 5th of Januar}'. The lolai lodge has decided to celebrate tha event by having a big supper at tlje hall on that evening. The lo<lgo is a^so getting up a large class of candidates to be taken into the order that inight Miss Jm KsthsrIifB Hsriley, Will give private lessons to pnpils in lola, Gas' City and LaHarpe in. SHORTHAMD Miss Hartley is a Graduate of Oxford College, Oxford, Ohio] and has had many years experience as a teacher. She hks been associated with the La Harpe scht!>ols for the past fonr years or siflce her residence in that city. Miss Hartley was for many years employed in the city schools in Toledo, 0-, and was a teacher in the copunercial department of the Oxford College for years, i She makes a specialty of the ' : BennlHtnmn9^ TtdephOQ^ be at N0V89, I^aHarpe, or Ic^ve namber at Register Office and I will calL Lr «tare IVrdaesday Kixlit. Dr. Headly. lecturer, will be in Gas City on Wednesday night. He is the second speaker on the Oos City lecture course. Last sunmier he was heard by ninny (las City people when he was In lola. Those who heard him are anxious to hear him again. The admission will bo fifteen and tweu ty-fivo cents. Left for Mother'n Brdslde. Mrs. K. IC, Scoxt left yesterday for Dunlnp, Kansas, where her mother is lying In a serious condition. Mrs. Scott's mother has been very III for some time but it was thought that she was a great deal i)etter, but she took _ turn for the worse yesterday. Mrs. Scott has been with her for the past several weeks and only came here last Friday for a few days' visit with her husband. , ^-atu* Personals. ' "'^ Mrs. Willis McAfee, of Garnett, was visitng In the city yesterday. H. I. Iliff, of Oswego, was here yesterday visiting. F. E. Ingersol, of Sedalia, Mo., was bere Saturday on business. J. T. James of Toneka. was here Saturday on businessT \. u._ THOUGHT IT RECOMMEJTDATIOX. Frank Herring Left Debt and Bonds- Men Will Pay. By signing a bond which they supposed was only a recommendation for Frank Herring, W. D. Cox and J. T. Ralston, two prominent business men of Elsmore, will probably have to pay the sum of |36 to the Greenville Implement company-of Illinois. Frank Herring was agent for the Granville Implement company in Elsmore and secured the Elsmore business men to sign his bond. The men told the consuble that when they signed the paper they did not Icnow that it was a . bond instead of Jaat a recommendation. Herring has now moved to Topeka. company haa now brought aoit in Jndge'Hoagli'B court agalnat Mr. Her- rinK,AMr. Cox and Mr. RalKOtt to ODI- laet tbat auumnt. \ J u LOCAL FOOT BALL TEAM WON THE GAME FROM KECCAID. THE SC 1; RE WAS II TO 17 Bert Marty Who Is Now WriUng lasnnnce, Classed as "Heary Writer." WANTED—Middle aged woman for general bouse keeper. 716 South ti^eatnut "The Whole Armoar.'' Rev. K, C. Corn, iiastor of the Methodist Protestant church, preached a very Interesting sermon yesterday on •The Whole Armour." The subject was well presented. Many new facts were disclosed in presenting the subject. Bert Mnrry Made Good. Bert Murry of this city-recent^ resigned his position at the Lanyon Zinc Smelters and took up the work of Insurance agent for the Metropolt- tan Insurance company. Since he has been working ifor the past several weeks he has made good with a vengeance. Last month, the flrst month he worked, he was classed among the heavy writers. This Is a great honor as there are only one hundred and twen ty-five heavy writers out of the fifteen thousand agents. Farmers Doing Fall Plowing. Tho farmers who visit this city report that they are very busy these days doing fall plowing. Many of the farmers believe that the fall plowing is much better than the early spring work. As a usual thing the ground Is run over in the spring with a disk. In this way the Kround is loosened a litt?e more than it otherwise would be. TELEPHOHB TOUR WANT ADS. TO THE BEGI8TEB OFFICE. As an accomodation, the Register recei^s ads for its want columns over the telephone, but expects, the advertiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient, as theJ)llls are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or 222, and It will receive careful attention. HELP WAintD WANTED—^Two men to make condensers on condensor machine. Plant requires oOO per day and will pay $1.10 per hundred for pugging clay twice and making. Married men preferred. Apply Vanatta & Stafford, 410 South Third street, lola, Kas. WANTED—Dining room girl at Pennsylvania hotel. WANTED—Two men to make condensers on'condensing machine. Plant lequlre 500 per day and will pay $1.10 per hundred for pugging clay twice and making. Married men preferred. Apply Vanatta and Stafford, 410 South .TUrd street, lo'a. LODBB OmmWORY. KMTCUiTS dF KACCIBUS^ Knlgfata ot Haccabeea ot cba Wtorld meeU in K. P. Hall, second and fdorth Wednesday nights In each month. ' J. W.^ Postwait, commander; R.B. Porter; record keeper. W. O. W-r-Camp No. 101 meeU la K. of P. Hall every EVlday alSht. W. T. Steele. C. C; AjH -Datis, Clei *li Vtsltora cordially lnT|ted. KaOHTS OF FTTHLi&— NebSho Lodge No. 43 meets every HoadaK night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W.S.Thompson, CO.; Chris Hitter, K. of fL and S. M. TV. A*— The BJ. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in U. W. A. halL Visiting brothers invited. W. H. Anderson. V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. BOTAL IIII6HBOBS.— Tola Camp, No. 365, Royal Neijshbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hntton. 413 West Street. Recorder. WANTEI>—Girl for general house- winL Inquire 706 East street WANTED—House cleaning to Phone 1112. do. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second stret. FOR SMIE"REAL ESTAIi. 11600.00 Down Buys 160 acres .located 5'miles from Moran. Allen county. Kansas. All level no rock, black fertile soil; fair Improvements, in a well improved neighborhood; on main travele<l road. R. F. D. and telephope; splendid orchard: good water. A | snap at only >35 per acre. Owner mijist raise $1600 in cash, within thirty days and is forced to sell. Will accept BANK DRAFT as flrst payment, and will give time at C ver cent Interesit on balance. Possession March 1, 1908, if sold soon. Never was'such an opportunity given you to buy a home. Shall we hold it for you? Write us at once. lOLiA LAND CMPANY, lola, Kas. FOB..SALE:^ood..lnuiAbout Studebaker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap If taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Bam. FOR SAlE'Mlmomthufous FOR SALE—^Twelve pigs. Inquire 134 South Osborn, Gas City, K.ts. FOR TRADE—A well improved SO acre farm, 3 miles from Hallowell. Labette county, iCansas, to trade for residence iiroperty in lola. .\ddress. Lock Box 17, La Harpe, Kansas. FOR S.\LR—Cabbage stalks and leaves at $1.00 i>er farm wagon load, delivered. Phone 1066. Pertional!^ Mr. and Mrs. H.-irry ^Vhitmore of Rcdfleld. were in tho city yesterday the guests of friends. J. 1. James of Wichita was here Saturday looking after the Interests of his comitany. L. 1. Jamen of Joplln Is expected In this evening for a few days' visit with frlc^ds. Should November's frosty breeaea Bring you coughs, colds or chills. Take Rocky Mnuhtaln Tea Instead or burmrul drugs and bitter pills. Burrell 'H Drug Store. FOR SALE—Pigs."Inquire 134 South Osborn, Gas City. FOR SALE—Light team, wagon and harness. Reasonable. 315 North Third street INSTALLED NEW M.ICIIINE. nnrlH <rs a( Antiseptic Simp Will GITC Face iHasMige. The barbers at the Antiseptic barber shop on North Washington street, are today wearing a iiatronlzing air as that shop has Just received and Installed a VIbrassage machine which Is used to give the famous electric face massage. It Is said that the machine received by the Antiseptic shop is the only one in this part of the state. DIVIDE LIBERTY DISTRICT. There are More Pupils Than One Teacher Can Instruct. Because there were more pupils en roleld than could well be looked after by one teacher, the school board of East Liberty district, west of Elsmore, has decided to divide the school room and hire another teacher. Members of the board were up last evening and conferred with County Superintendent Mande Funston, in regard to sacuring a teacher. Mrs. Pims- ton secured Miss Georgia Broughton of near Bronson today to teach the second room. The building is being partitioned today Into two rooms and Miss Broughton will begin work Monday. , ASM FOB WHAT TOU WATfT and ask emphatically. Do so through the Register's want columns. If you want an Mnployeo or an employee you leaving a. debt of ,3.6 unpaid. .The}^ * 5«^,« ^, your wants to maay thousands of people as quickly as yon.can teU theat iwnmially to a dosea p*o]^ To» MB^aSMtHtiovwir, FOR SALEJ—$1800 stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street FOR.BAL£—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 833 North street FOR SALE— Good mar* with foal. Call at 210 West street FOR Ran' FOR RE>2T—Furnished rooms', also five room house. 604 North Jefferson. Its Economy To have yotif Carpets and Stigs cleaned by Tbeiola Rag Factory rHONC SISL I IMPRESSIOXS Are often permanently formed from a single purchase a new customer makes In your st&re and new customers are Invariahly made during a special sale. We advocate special sales, but only the sterling kind that cannot fail to make a good Impression. A disappointed crowd hurts more in dollars and cents, in the end, than it you had not advertised. , Bad impressions are hard to lire down—the refuma from good impressions are never all Ih. Advertise and see to it that the im- pretelons formed shall be good ALWAYS. .BEGiSTSB WAHT ADS. PAT because In AUen County nearly everybody reads the Reglstsr. Guaranteed th^litlkaiidrciilatloo of any paper la AUMfOiMBty. ... F. A. A.— Golden Leal CooncU No. 462, F< A. A. meeu flrst and third Wednesday nights in each month in K. P. Hall. C. E. Latey, presldeht; Miss.Mable Rhortack, secretary. FRATERNAL BBOTHEBHOOD.- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Tuesdays ot each month in A.O.U .W. HalL Vlaltlns members cordlaly invited. W.H-An­ derson, president; Golda El am, secretary^ Junior Order United Amerleaa MN chaulcs.—Meets every Wednesday e?- ening at 8 p'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A. Wldlck. Coancelor; C. a Black, Rec Secretary. Busmess omeoTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast old reliable Jeweler, 110 East street STAMMER. Complete court at the best school for stammerers in America at one- half price this fall and winter. White for information at onc&. M£Kie School for Stammerers. 2705 East 12th Street Kansas City, Mo. POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Becatoe its the Best Acc€|)t No Other Wffl.Oberdorf, Agt • TflE NEW BOOKS! : Are a little late getting the Old Corner Book-Store this . year, but we give you a better price on the big sellers. $1.10 Buys such big sellers as: Beth Xorrell, by Randall Parish. Danahter of Andemln Crow, by Geo. 11. McCutcheon, Little .Shepkard et HOls, by Har «ld Wright The Teuaitfr Set, by Robert W. Chambers. Helena's Path, by Anthony llopo And many others at equally low • |>rIces. Mont of (he |Hipu- lar authors have now huoks thlii year, and you can get them of Evans Bros. THE ROOK SELLERS. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS « Nothings better than a magazine for a friend. For your magazines see J. E. HENDERSON, Phone 98. 414 N. Bukeye. LivingstoD^ Co; CntneUn- AU kinds ot woric a speelalty 9 Samtfe SyeuMraw PheM IBSI Athmanltlon pat ap to comply wtth tkml pare fend law. t 19S South Keataeky. Phone. iS& ^ .T. Be St I < n 11 L«> > The Allen" cotuity Hardwaref Mid ' Implement] jkzxL North Side Square lob* Kan.

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