Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1907
Page 3
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will L«tv« FortlBn «h«Pit on Oectm- * tar •iv*llth for Ht« "AIn I CewntHa." ^ ttKBOinrg, Nor, 18.—fl*cret»ry T»ft has «*i»c*AipuaM« tor New York on tluaturghAmartcftB ftteamship Tml&tnt Gnat. BaUiac Xtecember 'MrU, Nov. 18.—DlBpatche* recelv »d at the American Ambaa«a«e Iiere from. Secretary Taft, mho la now at VladlvoRtofc,] announcinr his inabllltr to -TJalt ParjiB or Berlin, on his way home. Bay jthat "important bualneni at liome" mtdces it Impossible. E. J. tASTHAM TO OPEN STUDIO Terra Haute Man Will Give Inatruc- tlona in Voval Muarc. B. J. Gasiham, of Tcrre Haute, In diana. who, came to lola recently, baa deiHded to open up a saudio of vocal muBic m lola and organize a class for vocal culture. Mr. East ham ba» made arrangpments to ornntze a class In connection with th« East lola ^fetbodlst church and will use the church for that work. He expects TO have * song service at th«> church to night and will make an errort at ihat time to get a number of pprsons In terested in vocal work. ifr. Kasfhain Is an instructor of twenty"years f\- pertence. He is a graduale of thi American Normal InstUnte and has taken work in the best musical schools in the country, lola can WPU support aonlher vocaT rnsrnictMr .iiiil Mr. Kastbam will doubtless do well here. LEAVES IT TO COUNTY ATTORNEY S. J. Crumbine Would Have Embalmed Beef Casta Tried. S. J. Crumbine, of the state lioanl of health, has turned over the matter of the prosecution of certain butchers In.the state for violating (he pure food law in disposing of embnlined beef to,the county attorneys. In Mr. Crumbine's report tie mentions! that several butchers in lola have violate<l this law. Mr. Peterson safd today that he would take the matter up in i short time. " Mt. Peterson would not give out the names of the butchers who ar^ alleged to have violated the law. ' A SPECIAL LODGE MEETING. Parker and Humboldt K. & L. of S. Will be Her^ Friday. The Knights and Ladies of Seriir ity lodges of Parker ana HiinihoUit. are oomlagi with big delegations to lola next Friday night t6 atten(l a life meeting of the local lodge. Dr. ner of Parker, and B. B. Wanchel. ci\- itor of thai Parker Message, are to give addreaasB at the meeting. There are several candidates to be initfated and some applications to be vote.! upon. The lodge members are loosing forward to having a finetluip. BAH COM-MITTEE TO MEET. Will Adopt Rules of Procedure For Use in County Court, A committee composed of Getirge Aiaos. Travis Morse, R, E. CullLton S. A. Gard and A. H. Campbell, mem bers of the Bar Association, are to meet in Attorney Travis Morse's offlcf thl» evening for the purpose of adojit- ing rales of procedure In the Allen fcounty court. They will be siitnilt- ted to.District Judge Oscar Foust for approval. DEATH OF MISS MICDE KEILLT. Fawral of WeU KMWB lola Girl Held at Keaidicker Bonding Today. Miss Maude Rellly died yesterday afternoon at three forty-five at her Vooni In the Readicker rooming-house . on l^st street, after a lingering illness with typhoid fever. The funeral services were held this morning at ten o'clock froin her room with Re*'. Garfield of the Baptist chnrcb in charge. Interment i was made in the old lola . cemetery. ! The death of Miss Rellly U a very sad one,.in view of'fhe fact that .xhe was an orphan. Miss Rellly although a girl who was forced to make her own way in the world was exceedingly popular and had many frlend.s among people with whom she came in pontact. After the death of her i>a;rentS: Mtaa jRellly made her home wilh Mr. and -Mrs. Green, well known resl- • dents of jiHen county. A few years ^agQ MlsB jReilly came to lola and learned stenography and later secured a position at the Grand theater as srenograplier and ticket seller. Mlaa Rellly was taken sick several weeks acc| w&Ue at her room In the Readicker building, and although etv ery' effort ;wa8 made to save her life Bb* gradttillr Erew weaker atid weaker, Testarday morning, however. It was thought that her condition was improved but the hope proved to be a valni»e. 1 . T»e funeral this morning was attended by: the few immediate frieiMs of tbe girt and she was laid to rest blsed her {father and, mother. Miss Rellly has two or three small broth- «n°.aBd fttstera living in MlssotirL Begins iTomorrow and Will dnce or the Month With to every part of the big store. Urge you to visit everv section to get a share of the great things we've gathered for ytiu. We welcome C0i^tinue Throughout the 9^1^ a Daily Change (rf I OffSerii^gsl 'We are proud of thJB atorc/| said oqe of lea's leading ladies to a host of lady frlend.s %^h» w*-re visiting this store for lt» prominence as a trading cerite^ for evf erybody, a piace y^hjre the y/ealthiest can find merchandise rich for their cho4 ,>smif. wh>'re those with a .^mailer capital can t>? equaUv at hortie^ and Iff*^ identally Increase tihelr saV. ings. This store for ail the people. Can't chO(ise|amlss i a store where all is good. Buy at prices that gtimtoi^te the coly corner of your pockt t book. ;The"quallty of dependability Is constantly striveiji for and m^taincd. ^lola has never seen sucH deslrabilitjf Hitked^ with attractive goods. When Vdi see a well dressed woman on the street whose clothes vou admire, it's a t»ure thing that she got her outfit at the "New J." the ^uceesa of this bustness is measured by the good will of its| patrons. Enjoying such an immense pVronaste as we do must mean the utmost confidence jrtd unlvcraal good will. In letter and in spirit we too fol»ow this principle unerringly towards our clientelle. /\ York Store. ^ Thmakmgivtmff Ummm Sm/» Hle'ached and Half Bleached I.iiien. .'>8 Inches wide. Special peiPyil '4^c HIeached and Half Bleached 1 inen.'.S inches wide. Special jipr yd :{i»f fia-f meuched IJnen 72 Inches wille. Special per yard ."JOC ineuched Table Unen 6S incljes wide. Special jier yard ."lOe llaif Hleiirheil Talile l.lneii ;i Inche.s wide. Special per yard ....,'ijlc Ma'f Hlt'ucli»^d Tiihle Unen. (^tra heavy 6S inches wide. " Si)eolal i>er yard i.. ............................. t \iyp iiair HIeached Table Mnen. qxtra heavy 7-'.Inches wide. Special per yard I H!ic Ex-ra Fine Bleached Table Linen 72 Inches wide. Special per ytl. .08p .Mercerized HIeached Linen :4 Inches wide. Special per .vnrd ."iOc .Mercerized HIeached Table Linen 6t Inches wide. Special per yd ...'jj|c .Me'rcerired HIeached Linen 7^ Inches wide. Special per yard 73«« Hli.acbed Stillers German Linen. Special pe*- yard ^l.^'*) HIeached S5tlllera flerman Linen. Special per" yard ill I..10 .Xujiktnx to match all rlotb.s ftjom 9Sr doxen a lioxen Thanksgiving Shdo Saie II) IVr I eiil Sprrlril Klscfiunt fur ThN IVcck Only. SUoi's f'»'* S'.iMi ShiiPs for ftlmi's fm- ?L'.."u Slides for S'i.ti.*! $2 ".T. Slides fdi- S'i.dO i \ fi.'i Slld.-S I'nr Sfi !..-><) Thmnkmglvlug Ormmm Goocfo mmd Slik 8m§e, Pieces Wool Dress (icodsWn Fancy .Mixfnres. Stripes and Over I'l.njds; retsiilar ')Hc vnlue.s. Siiw-ial for 43<',^ li» rieces Fine All Wool Dress Grwids in all ihe new fall shades' and fancy over plaids, checks and stripes. Siicrial In this .>Utle...! 7<Se 1." Pieces HlRh Grade Dress-floods, any shades wanted andjew fffects i>r plaids, checks and )«lrlpfs: reKular J I.:;'! quality. Special 08e J7 Inch Flue Chiffon Taffeta Silks;In all shades and black. Yard 91.00 :;t; Inch lilack f'hlffon Finished taffeta, well wnrih ll .-Ti. Special pi^r yard > 98* ' Inch Hluck Taffeta Silk, regul.'^r $l.:i9 values. Special yard. .)Kl .^f Inoh Hlack Taffeta, regular $I.1iO value. Special per yarti ^l .Zfl SfW Fancy Silks in Pretty Plolds and Stripes for Waists 75*. 98*. Sale of Ladllem'Umg Coats i'> Hlack All Wool rhevint fdjiis. .".ii inches loHK.' trlined in Vflvd uiiil bvalil. This week iif.l.iK) 20 ladles' Hlack Coats, made of al- wool heavy Cheviot: full iiu-hes lonK: nicely trimmed in silk braiU This week «(»..•)!> I."< Indies' black Coal.s. made nf :ill wool, heavy Cheviot, with lar.ce snuiu fur collar. This week . ..: S < ..lO 12 Ladie*'-All Wn <i! Kersey Coiils. ni.>JO all wool* Broadcloth.';: full .-iiiiln lined, trimmed In silk braid: full .'.n inches loAg. This week ....iK1<MH» •. m Ladles' Coat.s. made of fm*^ Hnuid cloth, full satin lined; beauilfuliy trimmed with silk braid. This week , «12.98 Sale of Fine Tailor Suits 12 Ladies' Coats, ni.ide of e.xtra fine lisht weight ICersey; full ripple liack. nO Inches long; nicely trimmed: regular »22.r,0 value. This week iKla.<M)| \h r .,Bdles' Fine Dre3.s Coat.';, black, brown, tan and red: full saii(^ lined, beautifull.v trimmed braid: other stores sell them for |.^i).00. Our price this week) )K'<iO.(iO sitm Of OhMrmn'm Oomim 2;", iChlldreu's Conts, worth 13 .50 for i 20. Children's Coats, worth |$.98 for , ^... 2 .'i Children's Coats, worth $8.00 for 1.'. .Children"k Coats, worth $f 00 for .' 20 Children's Coats, worth $7.ri0 for 12 Children's Coats, worth |8(.98 for ir> Children's Coats, worth |I2.98 for ... »2 ..'>0 ... .«2 .J >8 ... .JKJ ..10 .. .«4.98 ... .«.1.98 ....«7..'S0 ... - »10 8m90 9fSfikmmtftl9iWmMm. !^L^??^!!\!'^^!.^:':r.T»ak »5.98. W.30 and «?.98 Plaids and Solid Colors S3.98. 94.08. W-ftS ?4."..f)0 Tailored Suits this week for S.I.* $401111 Tailored Suits, this weefc for ^'H? $:!.'..iiO Tuilon-d Suits, this week for JSti.J r-'inid Tailored Suits, ihls week for .* ^ • $2.'i.uu Tailored Suit.s. this v 'ck for Si8 $20.0(1 Tailored Suits, this week for )hl.» $1.-1.00 Tailored Suits this w«ek for ' HtlLU.*) $iri.ntj Tailored Suits, broken sizes. This week they go for ....... .SIO Sale of Uufios" Fur Goats le Squirrel FrfsL ST."* ' %H -,.m Genuine Sable Coat. This week f<ir $-.-..(10 Skinner for New Seal Fur Satin linings. ('oats - with T'his week $(">.tMl Near Seal Fur Skinner Satin lininKs. for ^1^ oat-s.' with Thi.^ week $.-.0.00 .War .Seal Fur Coats. Skinner Satin Unlngs. This week for jjJ40 $4 .-..00 .Near Seal Fur Coats, with guaranteed Satin linings. This week for -^liii $4ri.00 Hrown and Black Carracul Coats. lined with Skinner Satin; This week for . jR.'Jo /mm, $.'i3.00 Caracul Coats, with guaranteed lining. This week for S2i» $18.00 Carracul Coats, satin lined. This week for '. $2.=;.00 Carracul Coats, lined with extra good isatin. go at ...... $20.00 Carracul Coats, lined with good satin. This week for «12.9!* This week tt^' Bts Blmtikmi Smtm Mtimi/my. We will save you 25 per cent on your purchase of BL.ANKETS. W4 own them at old prices. Come this week. OrmmtUnaerw0mrW^dfhmr .Why not buy the best In the market, the celebrated "FOREST MILLS:" wake. We are sole agents, for this section of Kansas^ They don't cost: any more than the poor. Inferlof makcjs. !lf you wear theW (^nce you will buy no other makes.' j 'HWKSTOCit I.S CO:¥PLKTlj.' SimwtmmmdKmHShmwim THE BBSt-LIJfnS OP GLOVES AND KXI-P SHAWLS IX THISr SECTION OF ICAN8A8. ^ TUB .HI?, mill Or^OILS^ m PASAMA'SAifVLE SKIBTS.

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