The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 21, 1947
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 1947 Bl/YTJIEVILLE (ARK.) .COUR1KR NEWS Flays l&&\Highway Safety Classes Urged Europe Politics for Nation ' s Public Schools PAGE British Official Says No Democracy Exists; Raps Denial of Rights Eiifjland, June 21. (UP) — Prime Minister Clcm»ul Attlec charged today that "so-c:\t!e'l (km gfcjlic government is i li-.i- veslj** ij^-everal Eastern Em-open:'. comilricSr Alllce told a meeting or Yorkshire miners that human rights were denied in (hose Eastern European countries. His denunciation of restrictions on liberty was Among tho strongest criticisms ne has made publicly against political trends in Eastern Europe. He condemned n le LcU-Winx critics within Ihc Labor I'arly for condoning actions in Eastern Kn- ropc. He said they "would protest WASHINGTON, June 21. (UP)»- -The lo teach school children (raffle safety is to make it. part of their regular lessons, ;he | President's Highway a^fc-ty Con. fcrencc was told today. | Dr. Forrest E. I/HIB, West Hed- dinn, Conn., and .1 piolessor jit New York University. sale! ||>,, a-n- fereuce advisory siroup r-n rduca- tion believes Hint "dry-as-dust repetition or safety lessons will never accomplish th-.' desired end." He recommended, In prcsemii'i: Hie education advisory group report to the conference, that safely lessons be inleeral?d with social studies, reading an-l other subjects in the regular school course. J.'e also proiXKed field trips tn make li clear to iicliuo! children how surety conlri-b Ctlier recommendations included driver cdr.catioji ami tr.nnm;; schools, emphasis cm safely in Iran Gets $25,000.000 In Credit from the U. S. WASHINGTON'. ' Jiliie .21. •(UP) — The United Stales today jjraiuwl Iran a S2J,000,OOO.crr<lll to iiurehnso sin-plus military properly for the Iranian army and police. Boy's Sentence In Theft Case To Be Appealed Law School Grad vigorously if precisely the things were done by governments or tho riKhl." 'Trecdom of speech, freedom cf conscience and personal freedom is the riglil of the Individual, whether he is a capitalist or worker, a conservative, liberal or socialist. "Whenever yoi, find such devices as a single list, o[ candidates, wherever you find a government tliat cannot be removed by the mclhod of the ballot box. there is no true democracy, there is no true freedom-" Altlce said his government was based on Ihe principle ol free choije by the ballot box. "We hold that every people has the riyht to choose its government. | whether it is conservative, liberal,' Secialist or Communist." I Tho labor governnienl's pijins fnr nationafealion in Britain, be said, were based o:-. fi-ccdom ain! "even- ham.^. Justice." He emphasized thai all owners or induslrics that urn iiUtonnllml would bv law receive Wnnensalion fcr their holdings, f ^£i 700 Reported Ki//orf When River Craft Hits Roc/cs .'HONG KONG. Juno 21. (UP) — More than 100 persons were reported killed today when the steamer Chicnkno struck rocks in the North River or Kwantsung Province while the river was at flood stage from recent torrential storms It was not known whether anyone survived. In schools, emphasis on safely in boy transportiiiij pii;>ils in schnoi buses. I torj TRACY CITY. Tcilll.. Jlltle II. (UP) — Allorneys for Ciernld UIIL'- Kan, lG-yeiir-oli| Unl(ni city. N.-.r., boy sentenced to t;ie state relonna- ii-ol safety patrols, courses in traffic sarcly for le.v'l'crs, am! im- l.-rovcment in in'.'MK-ds ol teaching j traffic safety. j Lon<4 said some or all of IJit-. k e : programs already arc being cai-- • ried out in ma^y stales. He noted ilir.l traffic dentils among children .'rim llr; ajjc.-i or 5 lo 14 dropped r-jiu- per cenr from 1015 to IfHG. "This recor-l ir, ii'in.T.-!;abl'; indeed and a iiosiiiv.- tnbuto lo the cfflllilbutions :;<: ion].; ai-o niaki:-g I lo Ihe solution of traffic problems." he said. Arthur T Van<!c ibilt. dean of the New York University Law "Urket-fixinfi" in] pcililic.i in \n- latccl in the interest of improv- ig .lighway safely. Eisenhower May Accept Presidency of Columbia WASHINGTON, June 21. tUl') Speculation perslslcit today that Gen. Dwlijht 1). Kls'.'nluiwer would •ctlie us army chief jf staff on Jim. 1. 13-1U to aeccpl tho presidency of ;plliinblii Univeislty. The general aulhon/nd a state- nciil yesterday that lie had "tv; lUiiiittun of leaving nL: present as- slKnmcni . . . ihirlii'.j the curium year." The worcUni! of the stutemrn'. wns Inleiprelcd In some (|U.ulns lo mean thut Klsnnhowor would step down in the end of ilia year. Read Cotiri-jr News Want Ads. . until he is 21, planned toOr.y lo appeal his conviction on charges of aiding and abettlni; a••kidnpuliw and altemplcd tank robbery 'here the night of May 27-23. 13uggan was convicted and sentenced here yesterday by,, County Judge H. I, Rollings,. of'Qni'idy County, sluing as a Juvenile cnurl judge However. Judge Rolling- set bond o[ si.nOo for DnBgan pencllnp his appeal to Ihc Ji|ly. term' of Circuit Court. UunKan 'was expcc'.e-.l to make the bond today. At the hearing Flu .agent James Dike. Nashville, reiii a stal"menl lie s'aid DngRati had nindc In.which the youth told of his. IravWs with Alfoi'd whilworlh rrimi,New, Jersey unfil the night of the robbery and kidnapping of Cashier A-. I.:' Henderson. The statement credited to DiiRiian also named Wi.S Hell, Tracy City, as Ihc man who planned the robbery. I Bell is currciitiy free orl $10,000 i bond on charges of conspiracy, and Kmmell C'olvin, w'no was I'.iadn- atcd from lllythi'vlllc Iliuli .School, has become a partner in a We:; Memphis law fjnn following hi:; discharge from (he Army and s|>e- j<:ial training hi Ked'n'i'l Tax l,nw. He was Kraduate<t from University of Arkansas Law .School. Mr. Colvin's luothcr. Mrs. lli-atrlc; lilns- dale, made lier hvjme here nulll a few mouths a^o and no\v resltles in Memphis. A of .Water All the o.'eans of the world combined contain 327,07:!,0(10 cubic mile. cf water; on,- i-uhiu mile conla more lhau 1,1DO,OOO.CUD Kalians. Stork is Visitor at Zoo; Leaves 75-Poiimf Hippo MUMI'HIK, June i|, Itll'l .-The Memphis /.OO'M Vi'ims Adonl.i have broken their own record. Vt'iuis nave blrlh M .1 il.l-pnmd baby yesterday- her I'Jlh. The 'I.OOtl- pound hl)ipo now can l>ai\-.l Him she has prodnci'd Iwl'-e as'iranv olfspilni; us iiny olher hippo mother In the country. (.«•*! A LUIII l>l»Uuc« M«rlui ooi»|irtcul llclii «uj rqnlinntnl. Ad« UUaU'ly Innniua Coiilract lliulInK liul M!»L- Kfivlcoi, iiulne !>c>rvti-o & SlorAKO (Jo. FOR RENT The office formerly occupied by tho Into Dr. C. C. Stevens is for rent and the office furniture is for sale. Located ground floor, Medical Arts Building, 411 West Main Street. Sco G. G. Hubbard at tho Hubbard Furniture Company, if interested. Whllworlh is In Jail, nimble to riiisc SIO.COO bond on charges nf kiilniipina ami attempted bank robbery. Henderson was taken from Ms home I lie niKtit of Muy 27-28 and taken to Ihc First National Ilnnk to open the vault. However, a v.iult time lock foiled the robbery plan. •LEARNMTO We will teach you how in eight easy lessons. Helpful for "Regulars" as well ts "Beginners." Single "Refresher" Lessons Complete 8-I.csson Course SINGER SEWING CENTER 411 W. Alain St. FOO Temptiiiffly cool .salads, IVcs!) fruit ]ias- Iries and other hot weal her foods await your choice at our air cooled diuinjr room. Bring the jjii;l 'friend \ip lonignl or tomorrow for Yi dcliciotiH seaaiina! treat! Try Our Delicious FRENCH FRIES en-N-Basket HOT ROLLS Curb Service Curb Service DIXIELAND CA Highway 61 North at Holland, Mo. New Season . . . New Scenery Smart, new modern de.siims i" wallpaper add a note ol' distinction (o your home—• Ihcir JYi'NlniL'N.s is n picUnn for (iVL'ryoiio in lliu t'tmiily — llin.v conic iX'a.Honahly priced iiul washable too! Latest Patterns! •Take advantage ol' our "niliiiK service. Lcl. Iraiiicd dccoratoi-.s .help ,.iiolL'cL — patterns—thi! :olors. Tliis .service is with no obligation! , Deal's Paint Stnrn 'itlfl Hast Main Strccl. Ulytllevjllc, Arkansas nenr Slra: Please add my name to your list lor home lihowlni: of the hilcal UNITED WALLPAPEit DliblUNB. Name Address Town It May Be Fun, But It's Likely to Be Fatal-So DONT Do It! Recently four young people, ro'.v- uoiUiin; near Detroit, Mich., sought a llirl" by ridlnj; In the lumblini; wake of an excursion .steamer. Result: three drowned when rowljoat capsized. Kvery summer IDcath tnkcs his toll of Ihc foolhardy who flout common-sense safety rules. Here arc sonic pictorial don'l.s lo remember If you go boallng and want lo return safely. FIRE i.s doubly dangerous on a boal. Ci^arcls and highly volatile gasoline don't, mix- safely. BOAT riOCKINCi has been talked about so much it's trite — but It's still the chief cause of boal accidents. SHOW-OFFS who en- Joy the plaudits of friends may cr.- joy the pulmolor less. PLEASANT is the cooling breeze will/zing by when you sil on the bow of a last- innvinj! speedboat. Unpleasant Is the fall that often follows. .SMALL, BOYS should stay out of boats unless accompanied by adulis. Hoys in picture may retrieve their pad- dlt-.s or they may get a dunking — If nothing worse. Second and Ash Streets Call26n ; Call 2611 Standard Esso Gas & Oil ALL BRANDS PREMIUJyt OILS We fcaVure"Vh7>"HARis""fiiRE T Backed by a Triple Written Guarantee 1'lwris i'UKK ItUBHKK tirns take the iMimps in th« roml cnsily— jjive at the iwint of impaict. This 'pre- vcnls injury to tho tiro itsoll' , . . insures longer life! See tho I'MAUIS tire willi triplo 'written guaranlwat WILSON AUTO SKKV1C1S Ijefore you buy anything iinywliere! . Expert Washing, and Lubricating ALL CARS VACUUM-CLEANED ' WILSON AUTO SERVICE Minnie Lee Jones, Studio ANNOUNCING Summer Classes in Piano Reasonable Rates Enrol] Now Phono 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickosawbo BlytheviHc, Ark. FARM L'OANS Yon can now secure tho most iittriicllVG farm loan in history I.OW rates of interest, extremely lonn terms with liberal prepayment privileges, Practically no expense attached. If' your present r '5 J - " J ~.-|.i.i...i, 11 u L niji H.M, ii JULIL 1J| (jryfTlld loan does nol liear less than r>% interest you will cerc.ilnly. bo in-, tereslcd In our Furm IOUIIK. Unlimited amount, ivvalluble Such an oniwrlunlly limy never exist again. So If you wish to lluancc'or rellnanue, write or see A. F. DIETRICH r/o United Insurnui' 20DK W. Main — (iiijinl Hljrthcvllle, Ark. 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