Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 18, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1907
Page 2
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1. 1. Hcrtk^i^jPmMeii iii S0TnBSftJ $.JM7. AlnMiif ' ''^11 ;i.t.-BluaAIHni, CmMnv' 6 «tiillIslM{d 18(^. WNI IttiTiAlHCi; •BITIHP101II,AMt s$l,200, More at the New York The ladles c f lola will welcome iWih pleasure the announcement that Miss Balfour, Corsctiere. of the Gossard Conet Co., of Chicago, wilt take charge of a dejnonstralion and special fitting oT the celebrated "front Laced Corset" fbr all of this week. To much cannot be said in favor of these mcist excellent creations, designed for style ultra fashionable and comfort in'the Iruc significance of the word. The woman who does not know the Gossard Corset misses the attainments of moderi corsetry in its every detail. We wish that every lady in lola would coniiaer this a personal invitarion to visit our corset section on the main floor, nex^ week and become acquainted with the many admirable- features of the Gossjard Corset—the Front laced Corset. A few minutes spent in this section Remember will amply repay you for no other reason than to see what a revolution has taken place in the making of corsets. his special demonstration and fitting of the Gossard Corset will be under the persona|> supervision of AViss Balfour, of Chicago. YORK &TORE Gos»p of Sqdety Miss Efflp Mpitair wiis hostsRp of a parlors. Mra[ Harry McNeil will havp grotip of llttl.« fii'-iiil!' Saturday-afier itif paper of the aft<;rnoon. "Xatlv.' noon to cplpbratp tht> unnH-ffsary of IC\anKellzaiioh of Kor^'a."' her Wrthday. Tlie piicPts weri> mem- ; j * • bers of th." Liiile (Jlpaiiers snclKv ' MISS RAI.t-'OrK, oejebrated corse- and several assisted In presentlnK a ^^'^Tf iT'Ji''.*!.'''*, ""."h' ' set, will be pieased totiemonatrate the varied and liiteie.siinK program. .Miss, ,„erl,s «f this superlot corset to the Metcalf closed the afternoon by sen- , ladles of lola and vicinity. Lo0k at Our LibT>ey Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hand Paibted China. Siiwal|, Jeweler and Opticia ioi4 North Washington. I + * + Mrs. AV. C.i Kaust wjll entertain the Ing refreshments. Kaeh of the K>i-'st> bronj?ht a snial s.ini of money, whlc). ' ^vrirklng society of the Reformed v/as given to the trvasnry of the s,» ^^.j,^^^.^^ ^^^^ Thnn,day afternoon. The clety repn-sented. i ...netlnK will be d<evoted to business. + • • A merry Krbup of younc p .'Hjple' • + • The Current Event club Is meet enjoyed an anemoon party on Satur-! ^^^^ ^.^^^ ^1,,^ ^f^^^. day when Miss Payette Stoddard •""•'„„„„ .- t*rt«lned the IJifle Gleaners. The, V ^ ^' usual needlework was a feature of, „,rs:p, „,n, YOU i^lll fit. Not one the afternoon. Miss Stoddard's ihat fits. you. A dhtintition and a dif- guests numbered twenty. jfirence. . Assuring ererivwoman a^bej- * * * •'4/Reauty of face counts hut Utile If combined with an ill-proimrtloned ^^t^'^m'^';^lort ->•<'«>• wear the dog 'collar of blacK New York Store. velvet ribbon with a sliding caap set * •S" * I v.ith coral. Jadie, topaz or torqnolst Mr. and Mrs. C. H. STilelds will en-!,^ ^ p^,^^ i^vortt^.. Wpeclally with ••fain thti ••rinA rf>'nh** thic i^rAtilnir : , ih.^ .vounger set. Thsse velvet rib i bons ornameiited with, sets of sllde.- _ . ill gold or silver with or without The Presbyterian Missionary Boci ^p„,,. ler figure. G«.SS.\R» fORSET Dem •mstrallon at the New'Tork Store. ' + * • .Among the small n<^veltle8 for ev tertain the "nOO c iih" this evening at their resld!*nce. 407 East Street. * • ety will have the regular meeting on . Thursday afternoon in the churcn' Bar pins of many sorts are once more a popular fad, aij^d are used i quite indlscrirtiinifeljr for the neck or Hoy There f "Where are yoii going?" • . "Going after a sack of Ut Sm Pmtmni VlowT. = My wife won't use anythiopelse." Hfmwtom Ehfm Oo. 0* ff» JW0ffMVflb ii^f • for vel! pins For the latter pur- •OS? some bars of iinu«ual length, but the average woman pnffers a pin that ,is lntepchanp<'able, .because she gets . more use fro n it. ; j There is m sign of waning In the I demand for b acelets and jewelers re; pert that on the whole bangle forms • are preferred. Flexible bracelets revive all the od time fprnw. Including tlie spiral sni kes, -with -Jeweled eyes that appeal t( a few wonien. Some made of fat i quarea of wi«iigfjt gold, We have always made a specialty of this particular line and think' we have the largest and best selections in the country. We ^woald be pleased to have you call and ^lopk them over. Our prices ire Always;reasonable. Give 'nsmciin. ifDitB-niiTilLE: 4 h n^ed o'rnamentally. have as a finish a very .I^panesque dragon's head with' j. weled Bettings. As long as sleeves continueishort there will be a demand for bracelets that can be worn pretty g»n?rall>'. which is a.t good as saying tlat bra<^elets are sure to he In style lot H coi^siderable time to come. There il.s no end to the varle<l use if ribbon. Sashes, it seems, were I viT So much worn as now. Usual y they are disposed with long efids •nd tledj a little to one side of the back or front. It was oild, but really ittractlvf. The fastening was perfectly olivjous and ornamented- with buttons, bows of ribbon, or little pas- •cmenlerie ornaments, to cover the •l.ace necessary for the opening. The fancy for evening gowns of lark hues endures and dark grays, .-iolets, pi^rples, greens and blues ar ill made up for evening wear, belni; UKually in sheer stuff and lightened by a touch of metal. • * • The woman who appreciates elegance arid beauty, coltivates grace, cherishes health, understands comfort ind seekp contentment, will find al' these and experience the utmost satia- faction iii her Gos.sard if she but leiid herself to our i^ersnasion that we may 'ead her • to those rosy pnths called p:a.«;e and Contentment. Call at the Vpw York Store and interview our X !s8 BalfoBf. a long established custom by conducting the eleven o'clock service. Rev. HIischer will deliver a sermon appropriate to Thanksgiving and there will be special music. Tiivitatlona are to be extended to friends and members of the congregation. Oil previous occasions when celebrating Thanksgiving, the ladles read paper.-?, but this year Rev. Hllscher will ia!k. A special offering will be refeive<i. + * + lola women who are fastidious in ihe matter of dress are welcoming the opp<irtuniiy to nieot .Miss .M. Halfour of Chicago who Is at the New York Store for a few days. Misa Balfour Is consetlere for Ihe Ooasard company which is this season presenting a model to produce the hipless flgure. one of fashions latest decrees. These corsets lace In front and are admirably adapted to the new long waist- sloping hip appearance which dres.s- niakers are giving to the new style garments. .Miss lialfour possesses a most attractive personality and is catering to a large number of ladles to^ da.v. .t On? ofj ?iven to * 4. * the most pleasant parties close the past week occurred on Saturday afternoon at the K .me of! Misa Florine 'V\'heeler In IXTieeler ' Heights. The company was entertained with progressive euchre, the club; prl7.e. a leather card case. >;<»lng to Ml««. Mayme Anderson. Miss (irace Davis, who won the highest number of ocores among the guests, was given a handsome water color painting, some of the^ hostess' own vork. At half past five an elaborate 'uncheon was served. The following voimg ladles enjoyed Miss Wfceeler'a hospitality: Misses Barbara Pry, Nettle Brigham, Gracla Allison. Ruth At- llEon, Grace Davis. Bess Hyde, Mayme Anderson; Elizabeth Apt, Alberta Mnnson, Ruby Heller. Bertha Sickly, Rvelyn Howland, Bertha'Swigart, Hazel Dingiiian, Mrs. Isadora Moore and Mrs. Bruoe Osborne. I "Clothes do not make the man." Mavbe not. But assuredlr FTGUBR makes the WOMAX and the GMS«r4 .•^flrset makes th^gure. New York Store. • *^ i A. A ». Krs. Howard Mi'ler and JiOss Birdie Hoch will be at honie on A^ied- r.esday evening at Miss Hoch's home. S34 Mlcl^lgan avenue. The^ EPesta wiU be-iaembeTS of the Sewing club and a few gentlemen friends. * • * . An oniiortunlty. to Inveiticate the advantares of the fw^uttful »nd reallv regtarkabke "G^nttH CemT*. d^mon ttraUoi at the New Vork Store. Is onr showing ef Beantlfai Things In Artistic Jewelry, Fine Watches, Plamonds, Rich Cnt Olass, Hand Painted fhfna and Steriing SIlTPr. The «ift Store. The Reliable Store. McNElL BROTHERS. rue JCWtLCHM. KINCAID LOST GAME Score in High School,Contest Satnr. day Was 11 to 17 Faror of 1 .41 Harpe. The La Harpe high school foot bull team defeated the Klncald high schwil team In a hard fought game played on Ihe .MacDonald grounds north of La Hari>e Satu|-day afternoon by the score of 1 7to II. Klncald started off as to take the game In a walk. Shortly after the whistle was blown for play Klncald made a touchdown. The Klncald team weakened in the second half while the Xa Harpe boys grew stronger. Several lola people were present to witness the game. The colors of the l.a Harpe high school were In evidence and the high school yells and songs conid l>e neard above ibe crys of the rooters. I HOLD MEETING TODAY. Aswiciated Charities Will Plan Work « and Elect Officer*. The Associated Charitfes, a local organization, composed of representatives from the different lola churches and which was organized last year for the purpose of Idokrng after the desj tUute families o? ^he city, is to ba re- oieanized tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock .at the Y. U. C. A. rooms. Captain Seeds, of the Salvation Army, president of the association, has left lola so the secretary, W. T. Smith has cal'ed the meeting for the purpose of electing a new president and other oOcers and planning the work for the comlnc winter.. Thaaks^lTiiiir Fnlte Jarrfe^^ On next .Sunday ttiohilBc ^ odrb of the PresliyterUn chnrctt will ot Mfve Begfstfr Waat Aia., le • W»l. •BUILD liN ELEVATdll £. B. Batler; ErectlBf Mednn Con- vealcaee Farai Near tola. [I K. B. Butler, one of Allen county's prosperous farmers, is now constructing a wheat elevator on his farm two and one-iialf miles southwest of this city. Every year Mr. Butler has from threej to Ave liundred"acres of wheat. Heretofore he has had some difficulty In caring for his wheat aft- r It was thrashed. The elevator Is b«-ing built at an expense of about $3JiOO. Wben I completed thej elevator will be one of the best of Its kind. In the state. Mr. Butler pays that his fall wheat ^ never looked better than It does at the | present time.. He has five hundred ~ acres In wheat again this all. The elevator will bold 2,000 bu^ lels. w. H. uniEBSoir, • AtUra«j«at*L«w. * NoUry and Stenosrapber In * OlBc*. • Phone 466. * *H. A. Swing, aA .Gard. a.R.aar4 • EWDICI, GABD « flAOb *• • lawyers. • • Practice In all Oentil f • t% W. Madison. FhOM ML * BASMETT tHIIRni D HDKD. Her. Hill, nf .Vt Zton I 'l Brrb. and \ TniHlees Had Separate -iervice*. • VVJiich is the .Mt. Zlon ^niM;*h; the one that was conducted j nsferday by the pastor of the church ir the one where Trustees Dave Th mp.sou and Eden Siovall were In nh rge? Rev. Hill conducted services Ii the church and the trustees condiictei! services in ihe building which was formerly used for the church? It will lie irenienibered that there was some dintculty in the church between the trustees and the pastor. Now the church is divided. MARY^IMEHICK IHJURED. Fell From Bicycle and Sprained Her Ankle. Mary NInierIck, the flft^n-year-old daughter of Mr. and .Mrs. Frank NIni­ erIck, fell from her bicycle yeSberdny afternoon and B|>ralned her left ankle very severel.v. The physician who was called In the case report it as an exceptionally bad sprain. It probably wi'l be some time before she will be able to walk. UK. McMlLLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases ot Children. Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. Olllce In Mrs. Turner's Bldg., West Madison. Phone 687. Rea. 701. • .DB. O. L. COX, Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. * Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • Office Phone 1U8S. DB. B. O. CHHISTIAH. Physician and Sorfeoa. Rooms 7 and 8. Bvaha Bldg. * JACOB GARDNER IS QUITE ILL.' I Old Resident Saffering From Stn>ke of Apoplexy. Jacob (Soodner. one of the oldest fi'tilers In Allen county, who suffered I .stroke of apoplexy la.". Friday Is In a serious condition at *ii8 home on .'a,si Irvln street. Mr. C odner Is past leveiity years of age hlcb renders "lis chances for comp ete recovery loiibtfiil. WTien strlckf i Mr. Goodner lost his eyesight but s^nce that time )ii.s vision is coming ba k to him. Hi* .lieiids are hoping for A turn for the iieiter in his condition. .VNOTUER WELL FO.t EL8M0BE. Drlllerx .Moved Rig" Voday to Tract >orth of City. Hoy Cox who Is In the city today on business reports that the city of Elsmore began drilling another gas weil Ibis mornlnK. The drillers toda.v moved their rlits on the lease owned by the city lying Just one half mile north of the cit.v. There are several producing wells surrounding the Held where drilling began this morning. REV. CASSSIDT AT T. M. C. A. Evungeilst Dellrered an Excellent Sermon Teste-day. Rev. Cassldy was gieeted by an un- isually large audlen> ; at the T. M. C. A. ey.sterday afte' toon. His sub- ien, ".\ Man." was •)oth interesting and Instructivp. an. held the close ttienllon of his hea ers. Rev. Cas- aidy's daughter gave a beautiful ren- litlon of the vocal solo "Face to Face" The meeting was one of the best of the -reason FAINTED AT PICTURE SHOW. Rm . Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. {* DB. J. K. PEPPEB. DentlaL - • Is permanently located over • E. C. McClalu's Clothing Store, * and Is prepared to do all kinds * of up-to-date dental work. • Evening work by appointment. * • • • Phone 664. lola. Kana. * DB. jBDITH 8. HAIGH. • Office aiid Residence over Bar» * roll 's Drug Store. • OlBce Hours—10 to 12 a. m.. t * • to 4 p; m., 7 to 8 crenlngs. • Sundays by Appolntuant. * P. H. HABTIH, Practice Limited to SontlT' IS N. Buckeye. Pkone 676. « DR. w. B. HEiunn. * • Physlelaii A Sargcaa. * • Office N. B. Comer of SQoara. • • Over K. C. Plumbtog Co .'s Btbr*. • Res, Tel 38. Office Tel. 60*. • • • • • • • • ] * i P. L. Lathrop, i * Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. * OSTEOPATHIC PHTSIC1A98. * Special attention givan to Dla* eases of Women and Children. * Over East Side Hardware. * Office 'Phone, Main 468. THAY ARK FRESH. A choice aisortment of this popu- l«r btand at CRASH'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, uur personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases yoa. CR ABB!S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. John Warp Snffered an Attack of. Stomach Troable Yesterday. Mr. .Tohn Ware, proprietor of the West Madison pool hall, while at the Rose Theater yesterday afternoon was 4trlcken. with an a'tack of stomach tniuble. Mr. Ware fainted, but restor .itives were adminstered and he was taken to the fresh air where he soon revived Y. C. A. LECTURE COURSE 1 90 7 AND 19 08 Earnest W. O'nelL Nov. SS "Popular Fallacies." Jadge WIlllB Brown Dee. 10 Apollo Qalntette and Bell Blagers. Jan. SI Dr. Joba M. Drirer, FeJi. 4 "America Facing the Far East." Danbar Mple Quartette Mar. 18 Bmmb TIekeCs, JUult/ tlM. HIgk SehMl 75e. CfcaMicB b« der IS, C«c TIelMla tnasfersUc The SANTA FE will sell HOMESEEKERS* Uckets Ner. IMh, Dec S4 aad I7tb, 1W7 to peinU la Texa.* .Okiaheau and ladiaa Territory, New Mexico and Arkansas at very Itrw rates. WINTER TOUBIST tIekeU on sale dally Not. 15tb, 1W7 to April SOtb« 1808, with flaal retani limit Jane 1st, fsos, to Beanmont, El Pa* so. Ft Worth, flalTestoB, Texas, Carlsbad and Deming, N. .V. at laW nil 's. .1. . Please see as fur farther parlrnlarif. W. £; RALSTON, Ag^M Junior Oepartxnent (SItore HmmdmmmHmt^ tor - HlB <<(ij»l «»B Hf: Good Things io eat Teic|)hoDe IS9 Caneenit ijresent his ap- to the Prison of December. A*. B««ialer Waat AiL Pay beeMue la AUea. CeiBty aearly! cveryhady mda ttfBMWn To Whom It May! Noah Gibson will plication for a parole Board on the 4th day 1907. Communications favoring or pro testing against his parole .ivUl b* con^ sldered by the Board. W. H. HASKILL.,Warden. Office atid borage wu« Xqom at f #9 West Street.

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