The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1949
Page 9
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' FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WiUioms Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BLVJL-M&VTLLl! (ARK.)' COURIER' NEWS PAGE NINB .. XOD OOSUT RTS LEAGUE IS SP0HSOKINS A SCULPTURE A PRIZE F0K We BEST STATU&X ALL THE *\ KsilFE AMD FORk, OP MAYOR FATTl-eTOl/AMD ^EXPERieMCE-VVOUR BEST TOOL •THAT FORM OF ART 16 MYyrf%( YOLW HAD (f PROBABLY 16 THAT OFFICE kIP HAS A LOTTA FUN VV1D THEM NOsy <3Lr/S--H6 TYPES OUT FAKE RK PORTS AN 1 THEN LEAPS EM ON; IT'S SLW>R1S!M' WHAT ATHLETES SOMEO THEM OL 1 BOVS DONT KNOW THAT THE? AR6--ITS KINPOF CRUEL, THOUGH/ ME W-IAT THIS HANDLE VSFOR--1 LIKE TO FISUS6 'EM OUT MV- SELF/ 10-1 jW.NvnA.ww* THE STIh-VJLATOR S*>;fc ^^ ,-\ •„<, i .. • ^i jr By IRENE LONNEN 10 7 M»» m> BY KE« SCIWIcr. Me. T. M. SCO. FOR SALE Concrete culvert*. (2 Inch to 48 Inch, plain . 01 reeoforced All* Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lombet (or barns, chicken bousei, pump house*, tenant house*, tool sheds We drliTCt Call us tor free estimate . . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. You Con Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LT€RS a._ r v SHOC SHOP Someone to r, 1W», NEA srivkf, INC WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store Say It . . . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP <il<nco« Building Phone 1491 « £747 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best I'ricea Kirby Drug Stores PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Out years ot experience as- surt you that, when you present a prescription ordei to ui. It will be expertly com- povtndcd (Tom fresh pur« drugs. You can be aure Rothrock's DRUG STORE «TO«*i r«. D ur lkrd k; it, .m. falftoK • •« *«4>« H e* .:b .. tk*>>. .1 IV fENNY saw a lot of Tod Duncan •' during the next few weeks. He met her after work occasional!; and they had dinner together. Once or twice he went home with her to the tiny house on Catalpa street and she cooked a couple of steaks and French tries and got out a bottle of Pop's wine that was still stored in the basement. , Jenny was trying' to find an apartment, for the house had been sold. And Tod was trying to flnd a job, so they had a lot of fun looking over the rental and help wanted columns of the evening paper, and underscoring the favorable ones. They had a laugh over more than one. ' . "Listen to this," Tod said once. ." "Wanted: Closers and Canvassers! 1 What in the world is a closer? And here's an ad for a saddle horse groom. Must have experience, house and utilities furnished, I know about horses. Liz insisted I learn to ride. We were going to have a stable ot Horses, among other things." He broke off then and a short silence (el! between them. By tacit understanding they, did Dot speak of Liz. . '-..'-. After a while n* looked uj> and said casually, "By the way, Mr. Conover phoned today and asked me to come to his office." "He did?" Jenny answered just as casually. She began to clear tbe table. "Yes. I went down, and listened to what he had to say. It seems that tbe whole Conover family dis- *ptw«! o< UK'S etopement, including him. And he saw no reason why I shouldn't accept the job tt»t had been arranged for me m the Agency." Jenny paused by »i« sink, her back to him. "And wltat did you teH him?" "Vo, thanks." "Why?" She did vtrm now, >e- garding him curiously. "Becaiise of what he implied." "And what was that?" "That Liz had made a mistake, but sooner or later would come to her senses. And when she did, there I'd be, ready and waiting, as though nothing at all had happened. You see Mr. Conover's always been fond <rf me. He's quite a football fan." "So you turned down the offer?" Tod nodded. "I wasn't ready for a job like that anyhow, in a big- time advertising agency. I'd like to go back to school and get a degree. Not to State, but some othei college— maybe Mwkwood here In town." • • • JENNY came over and stood by the table looking down at him. "I'm so glad la hear you talk like that, Tod. For * while I thought "That losing lit was going to get me down?" He grinned up at her. "It almost did, but I think I'll get over it pretty nicely after all. I almost told Conover off today, because he wouldn't take no for an answer, insisted that I think it over and give him »n answ later." "Wen, perhaps youTi yet * Job soon, and then it'll be CM? to him." A few days later Tod did get a job with an automotive supply company. He had »o buy » car but he'd wanted ope anyway. He was out of town a good deal from then on, but he and Jenny stil" had week-ends to «o places together. May passed and it was June They went one fine Sunday morning out to Pop's old cabin on the river. Jenny had packed a picnic lunch, deviled eggs, potato sala< in a fruit jar, pickles, minced ham "We'd so like to hear this picture—are there any seats in a section where they aren't eating popcorn?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOS3EH You're Stuck I HEAR JLME 4Mo HILDA ARE .Tftw& To SELL TV/IKP SEASOU ADS FOR THE GAZETTE' I iMAQtME U. WE'RE NOT LETTING- YOU 1 SHOULD ON A VERY FEEL EXCLUSIVE OPPOKRjMtW/ SHWELY/ BY AL VERMERR BEWARE Of THE DOG BEWARE? _i_ OF TV BEWARE F THE DOG Miinfliorj) Takes a Nap I5Y MICHAEL O'MALI.EY and RALPH LANE I WINK WE'D BETTER LE1TI ROWED OUT TOIELL US SHE'S 5EEN AWNTHORP A5HOBE WITH VEBA DARKLING. THEN SHE GOT StASICK. GET BACK OUT FAST, BUCK. SMOUID KEEP SOU A IONS THE LOVELY, LOVELY LAND... MAILING HZIEND. NOW ID j-,\ SIOWMXJ DON'T ARGUE 5=/ THE MATTER.'YOU KNOW TO SOWBOATS! 6E7 Mt OUT Of HEBE. 1 tcU lot Urn." H« Thta IK someUrfttg entirely auterettt ~ h«r to him and kissed her. sandwiches, and cookies. And Tod had brought a lard bucket full of ice and canned beer. The day was sunny and warm lo the point of sultriness. They had to park Sic car on the gravel road »nd walk hi to the cabin because the lane, untravcled foe so long, looked soggy. Jenny carried the picnic hamper, and their bathing suits, and Tod the lard can full of beer. •. The day betore had been rainy and the hot am now made the fields steamy smelling.' There was *e scent ot honeysuckle heavy in the air, lor the Tine was thick along the fences, and there was the smell of white clover too trom a nearby open field. The cabin, nothing more than a shack really, looked dismal with its closed shutters, and it smelled musty, but they soon had k opened and aired out. The river was just right, cool and greenish looking, and not a bit muddy in spite of the previous day's rain. Tod hunted out Pop's old fishing tackle and Jenny shook the dust out ol the roshions on the furniture. • • • MC day passed pleasantly. They swam in the deep pool below the cabin, and later, aitcr they'd eaten, they took fishing tackle and the can of bait Tod had bought on the way out and sat together on the small wooden pier fishing. They talked a lot about Pop, the way j* used to be when he was along, the funny ways he hart ot doing things, the way he used to get so excited when he caught a fish. • . Finally they were getting ready t« close up tbe cabin and drive back to town. Tod h»d already put the fishing tackle away, and Jenny was gathering up the last remnants of their lunch, pulling it away in the hamper, shaking out the cloth. Tod had lit his pipe and was leaning with one arm on the fireplace mantel watching her. Outside a robin sang its rain song, monotonously, loudly in the stillness. And the running or the river made a muted undertone. "Jenny." She paused and looked at him for a second, knowing instantly by the look in his eyes whal he was going to say. Her heart almost stopped beating, and she could feel the color creeping up her throat "Yes, Tod?" "I've been doing an awful lot of thinking lately." ^j*ttt J "About whal?" '''™*Sf&- ! "The future." ™^ "Oh, you mean about finishing college?" She couldn't quite keep >he breathlessncss out of her voice, for she knew quite well he didn't mean that. "No. About usr." . -.' "Us?" " ' ' I. • * * CUE suddenly dropped the package of paper napkins she v;as about to put into the hamper, and they slithered over the door. "Oh darn," She stooped to pick them up, and Tod came to help. Their hands touched, and all a! once Tod took her wrist and they both stood up. "Jenny, will you marry me?" "Oh, Tod." She tried to think of something to say. Even though she had thought he might ask her to marry him, and had longed lor the moment when he would, now she was doubtful. "I need you, Jenny." His blue eyes, usually so reckless, were dark with gravity, and his mouth sober. "Take today, for instance, the wonderful time we've had together, just the two of us. It's, been more than fun. You make me feel s ° —well, so sort of contented and peaceful. I can't think o! anything more wonderful than being with you always for the rest of our lives." "You're sure ft isn't that just because Liz—" She couldn't quite bring herself to say it, but she didn't need to for he knew what she meant, and his face darkened mstanlly. "You mean you think I'm on the rebound? Is that it? Well I'm not Jennyl -This is something entirely different than'I felt for Liz." He pulled her to him and raised her chin and kissed her, lightly at first, and then with a sudden fierce surge of passion. And Jenny clung to him, feeling surrender turn her bones lo water. He lei her go at last, and they faced each other trembling with awareness. "You will marry mo. Jenny, won't you!" He said it with conviction now. "Please say you will!" (To Be Continued! so APE MV PLANS FORA HOME FOR CATHX SOOW, tlHSS, WELL, SACK'S MADE iV PRETTY PLAIW THAT SHE'D TAKE JAM'S PLACE... Mil (,R\\LS (OMPAM \\\ \i i or\> |c->rin» - Phont 3075 Cockelburs have i',vo seeds Sn each burr, one of which will ger- mlnalc right away, while the other requires two years or more lo germinate ! RENT A CAR Drive Anjwhcre Von ricas- Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 r.±'. V* HEPS 6 <«<S NOW! HMM...THey iAY AM ALCOHOLIC CAM HAHPLy BESKT A OCINK WHEM HE'S UWP£« EMOTIOWAL 5TBAIM AMP AWAV FROM THE KELP '-WlfJgfiXe^l. OP FELLOW A.A.'S.,.- nwfflsi TH/WX CLEABLy , . AN/AAOHE? BY LESIJE TURNER SHE SEEMS TO LOUE CATHV, BUT-AW.PMS. 1 Ja«i>"J. KiiaKiiMitfea IF EVERYTHIWlS ELSE TAILS, THIS" SHOULD LOOSEW HIS TOW6LE, Oft PUT HIM BACK IH THE GUTTER-SOHCtl WEVESZ.6ET TOiSETHEC WITH JAW AM* BUGS BUNNY Backward Boy NUTS/ r SOTTA \A""' ' GO LONG, •OOCf CAN'T STAY PER TH' GAME... SOME URGENT BUSJNiSSS JUST COME I GOT IT/ I'LL WALK' PAST TH' GUV BACKWARDS/ HE'LL THINK I'M COMIN' OUT/ I STItU THINK IT WAS A GOOD IPEA/. THIS GAME, U „„ BUT I AIN'T GOT k l?(a w ,\J-HiY. OOP Hack Home HY V. T. HAMLIN FHOJEY TO . OOP'S THE <7NLY GUY WHOSE TROUBLE IS ODE. CONCERN.' WHO., ITS DONE: NOW ALL TVE GOT TO OO PREPARE TO MEET THE SHERIFF I HOF^ CW. SV3NMLKS ROESN'T GET INTO TROUBLE BECAUSE OF THIS.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN OA .1 €>'9O£t XOii \\N4t 6CXiO VO»OT6 ftU. >W>T (30 Vti S'OOR. VOR VOO r\\X . \K>

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