Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1907
Page 6
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DIIK PLENIY OF eaOD ADTICK Aim A Sn^LE HOME PBESCKffTION BT ElilNEirT . AUTHOSITT; How to Hake This Spleii lid BjeiiHNly for Kidney aod Bladder WeaknenB and Bhenniatlgi u . i: ? JAIt |cla Colored Miflistor Waived Hearing on Stealing Chkrge. - "Tile' people here do not drink ''enough water to keep b sal thy." ex- ehdnsed a well-known autiority. "The numerous cases of stoniijch trouble, kidney and ^bladder dl leases and Theiimatism are mainly du > to the (act ' that the drinking of water, nature's eretitest medicine, has been neglected. Stop loading your syste n with pat. ent medicines and cure-a Is; ^ut get on the water wagon.; If yau. j-e real' ly sick, why, of course, .ta: ce \%e prop' , «r medicines—plain coiiim >n tlgetable treatment, which will not shatter the serves or ruin the stomac h." i When requested for sue i a prescrlp v 'tion for the cure of rheumatism and kidney trouble the answer was: "You i miist make the kidneys do their woijk: ' they are the filters Of the blood. Ttjey must be made to strain out of the . ^b1ood the waste matter at d acids t^at cause rheumatism; the irine must be neutralized so it wil no longeit be a source of irritation to the bladder, and, most of all, you must keep these acids from forming in the stomach.. This is the cause of stomach trouble and poor digestion. For these conditions I would suggei t. thejollow- ing prescription \. Fluid Sxtractl Dandelion, one-hair ounce; Compound Kargon, one ouncej Comwund Syrup Sf ^raapariUa, three ounces. Mix by BUking well In bottle and take in teaapoonful doses after ei ich meal and at hedtime. but don't forget the water. Drink plenty and often. But unless you go to t le trouble to ask the druggist for the I andelion and Sarsaparilla separately, i nd then buy one ounce Kargon Compound, in an original (unopened)' pacl:age( plainly printed, Guaranteed No. 198 under Na- tlonjl Drug Law, and mi: the Kargon with the other ingredl* nta at your home, you had better fiot use this effective prescription at al . It may bt, worse than useless, perhaps even harmful, and your mono wasted. Under no circumstances ac :ept the prescription al! ready prepiTed, nor accept any excuse' for offer Ing it to you ' that way. Purchase separately the Kargon Compound, No. 108 Guarantee, as explained above, s nd mix these three ingredients at hom^ yourself, or don't use at all. Ihls valuable information and simple prescription should le posted up - la each liousehold and used at the fll?t sign of an attack ot rheumatism, backache or urinary trouble, no matter how slight (Ottawa <Hera)d.) The preliminary heiring of the ^lored preacher, Johii^oii, of Tola, accused of stealing a pdj^K^t book be- ronging to Mrs. L R. uiay, of Oche- llata. Olda., ou' the road ibetween here and Kansas City, wu h^Id yesterday >at Olatbe. Jobnson wafved preliminary. His bail was lUed at |600, In default of which he west to Jail. He may get ball from some lola parties. There was no witnesses at the trial but Mrs. May, her Bon.;.W. B. May, who was with her when the theft was committed, ,the marshal at Ol^ithe. who searched Johnson, Officer Harlan of North Ottawa, and Sheriff Steed 6f Johnson county, and Agent ISo Orath of the Santa Johnson's trial wiU^occur In district court some time in January. Johnson's wife came through • Ottawa yesterday and wtnit to Olathe to visit her husband. Just why she was not present at the trial was not learned. It is said that she has found bail for him. Santa Fe officials, who are in a po sitlon to know, say that thefts similar to this one committed by Johnson have been occtirin'g for some time between here and Kansas City. Ahy place between here and.' Kansas City la a good place for thieves to work as straagera coming from all directions are continually coming and going in different directions by this route. JOHN.SOX CONFESSED An lald O{%L1O buMaiit tat BBOer groond. t^»aiiy tliiea womM caD « thtir (ami rpl^TsiciaiiB. •aOkHng. a* tlM7 iinacliie .0 ^(roBdy«pepBla,M «tharft^ heart diae sis, anoth« (torn llVer or kU- ney dlaeai tJ uother from nerroua priw traUon, an rther with pain heife apd tbara, and in tbU way they present alike to themselve And thehr .MuiygoinK or over- busy doctt rj Mparati dtoe*^'WwhJS be, assnml w them ti be snehMurMcrlbes hil pilta ai STpoUonfc Jn wlity. t«>«yj« euvse of ti fferlngrk ^PI a»>iunataMnt until largt bills are i paUent gi u no belt wrong treatment, bn^ oymp* tomt. and]iMtiiatla^!pomrprt f nstead of prdoniedbilserr. R hat bjynfwell said, that "a dfa ease kaown is half cured." . Dr. Pier Favorite Prescription U a idenUBe i icdldne, carefully devised by an iexperi need andvskilKul physician, and adapt id to woman's delicate svstem. It is made of native American medicinal roots and Is perfectly — harmless In i jjverfui Invlgoriting tonic "Fv vorite Pr^rlptlon" imparts strength to th« NVholefsystem and to the oraana dis- tiactly feminine In particular, for overworked, "(Svoroout," run-down." debili- tau-d teachers, milliners, dressmakers. «eam8tre34c», "shop-girls," house-keepers, •then), ana feeble women gen- —_., Pierce's Favorite Prescription li the greatest earthly boon, being un- e£ualed a« an appetizing cordial and re- tit >ratlve (onlc. As a sobthing and strengthening nerv- Ii« "tavorite Pn-scripiion •* la unnquaM a^ li inJL-aluable in allaying and duing nervous i -ttluable in allaying and «ib- rous exclUbliity, IrriUblllty, •fuiptoniH commonly . attenJunt u functional and organic disease of the it «rus. it Induces refreshing sleep and jelleves mental anxiety and despoijdencT. Dr. PleSoe 't Pleasant Pellets invlporaU ib» ttomicb, liver and bowels. Oa» to ^^ad<^ Eaajtoukeaseandy. vfBs wirei son »'a8 lola Colored «lni.iter Charged Stealing, Admits (Snllt .1 f ' DEER f REE^ Deer €reek school commenced again Monday after one week vacation on ac count of i.the scarlet fever. No more new cases reported. Hasel Longshore is im|i>rovlng from her recent illness, [ Mrs,. J. C. Coffield aild Mrs." Tom Daitft of lola spent Sunday with Mrs. S. Gantt. | ,Mr. Prank Frase contelnplates moving to their new home iu Gas City the last of the week. Miss Pansy Mull spent last week with her aunt, Mrs. A. B. Mull. Misa Stella Clark sp'ut Saturday and Suud:iy with home ulks. Several Gas City boys were in the Vicinity hunting Tuesda> afternoon. Mfss Lena Wllkerson i.s home this week. Ottawa, Kas., Nov. iK—"Rev." Mr. Johnson, a negro who saya he Is a preacher, spent last night and today in the Ottawa jail. This afternoon at four o'clock, after he had confessed to the theft of a lady's pocketbook on the -Santa Fe train 204, which arrived: here at midnight last night, he was. taken to Olathe to be tried In Jojinson county. Johnson took the pockptbook while the. train was running ^through that county, according to his confession. •Mrs. F. R. May, who was going with her son, William E. May, from Kansas City to Ochelata,' I. T.. to locate, was Johnson's victim. Mrs. May and her son changed thejlr seats after boarding the train and Mrs. May left her pocketbook iu the seat vacated. The pocketbook was a cbatelalne bag containing a little over' 913 in currency and a watch and same Jewelry valued at $50. On missing it Mrs. May made a search foi: the pocketbook, but it was gone. i;he conductor Henry Record, iud the jmrUT, R. D. Hatcher, were notitUHl-and tinaliy learned from a passenger lhaf Johnson had taken it An otlilrer at Olatbe to meet the train and John searched. • The ixicketbook ^•fx found In a sack of clothing he cArried. | He refused to accompany ftte officer without a warrant, however, and: stayed on the train. When th/ latter started Johnson made - a bpiak for the door, but Mrs. May's son caught and held him. The officers here vr/r notiflei^ and Johnson was arrested by Pollc^ Hrldwell and Officer Ilar- laO or the Santa Fe when the train a.rlved III OtUwa . .Mrs. May and her son, at the company's request, remaln- ^ to prcsecute the negro. Detectife E. E. McGrath, of the panta Fe service, arrived at noon, from Toi|>eka and investigated the case. There was some doubt as to whether Johnson took the pocketbook when thei train was In Missouri or after It had crossed the line into Kansas. Johnson's confession which was ob tained this afternoon, seitleil that point. Johjison. it is said, has been watch ed for some time liy union depot detectives at Kansas City. They believe he has been operating as a train thief for some] time. ; : 1_ ThU 1 Is Worth Rememhrrlair. As no lone is immune, every person should reincuiber that Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any »-as»> of kidney or bladder trouble tluit Is not beyond the reach uf roi 'diciin>. Huirell's druK store. HBOUT THE NEWiPUN (ConUniied from Page One.) OF RSQNAL Pe sonal knowledge is the wimimg Lctor m the culminating contents of this conpetitive age and when of am{Je character ft places iU fortunate possessor in the front ranks of ' The Wen Infemed of the iVorld. A vast fu id of personal knowledge is really essentia to the achievement of the highest excdlei ce in any fieki of human, etfort A Knoirledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and Knowledge of Pre ducts are all of the utmost value and iii questions of life and heajdi when a tnie ai d wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that Syiyp of Figi and Elixir of Senna, maniiadured by the Caljfonua Fig Syrup Co.. is an ediicai product which has met with the approval of the ^ost eminent physicians and ffvcs unirenal tatiifaction, because it is a remedy of , Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Gnnponent^ Parts and ha i won the valuable patronage of miDioDS the WeB Informed of the y/dAd. who knc w of dieir own personal knowledge and frdm actual use that it is the ' and best of fan ily laxatives, for which no extravagant or upieasoiiabie claims are This valuable remedy has heen long and favani >]y known imder the nami i of—Synqi.df' Figi—aod has attaiaod to wodd- wide acceptan » ai the moit ficeUent fanjily lazadye. As its pure laxative princ^ e>, obtained from Setma, are wdl known phyac^ and the WeD hfoimed of die worid to be die ixk we have adopted Ate more daborate name d—Synp o(~ Figs and Elixir of Senna— as more fuDy desoiplive of tfie leoiecQr, doubtlea it w2l always be called for by the diorter nam^ of—Syrap of Figi—and to get ib^ beneficial effecte, ahvayt note, when purcKasi^ the fuB name of the Company—Cuforaa 'rFig jSyrup Ca — prated on die front of avtty package, whether you caH for—Sym of Figs — ot by die fid naiae-jrSynip of Ftgi tad Efadr.of Senna. . 111 ^liXilSVILL SAN/FRANCI$CaCAL i-: \> NEW YORK.N.Y 1 >, 'expected to make good or quit." (5.) f "Can men be found who are honest and efficient?" "Can't three men be corrupted easier than eight?" "The same objections can be urged against any government where any .power whatsoever i« jdelegated to a man; he can abuse It. Our citizens are not dishonest. We haye lost hundreds from Inefficiency to dimes from dishonesty. The management of municipal utilities takes time and careful study and no man, however Clever, can learn It under our present political plan." "You do not condemn coundlmen then?" "No. Remove all Incentive to do honest, efficient work for the people by paying no saRiry and criticizing uMjust 'y. For political reasons, assum ing Oiat all councllmen are thieves, and refusing credit where credit is due, you bring about a conclusion, where men will not serve for love nor money. It Is the system that Is pernicious." "IJoes the law trj' to prevent loss from bad choice in commissioners?" "Yes; It provides that each shall bonded for 16 .000 In a surety company and that the bond must be approved by the district judge." "Can't they raise their salaries when they get In office?" "No! No mam is permitted to enjoy any Increase that he haa himself ht-Iped to ralsip. He Is limited also to the amount of money hp can spend by the 'budget.'" "What Is a Budget?' "The budget Is the annual appropriation madis by the commissioners for departmental expense, based on the estimated revenues. This cannot be exceeded. A commissioner is liable\)n his bond in such a case." "How are the employees of the city chosen?" 'They are appoirted by the board. It Is expected that each commissioner will be allowed to select his own men In the deparOnent over which he has direction, as he is responsible for tVe economical management and would naturally get the best men he could find." "Can a commissioner raise an employee's salary." "No! The salary Is fixed for a year and caimot be chaiised until the Ime of the appointment stops." "Can employees be removed?" "Y «>s. The chief of police and fire chief can be ^moved any time by a majority votn* of the board. Other employees must he given an oppor- tiMiity to dtfvnd themselves against charges of liicomiietency, dishonesty. Of othor .<<ufficlent caose. The Idea Is to select men o» their merits and not for political pull." "Won't this commission be nx>re ex- ixnslve than a council?" "It facllltatrs public huslneaa and Rrla the thiiyc done, tcaving time to tl .Q citizen: it Insun^ economy of expenditure by flxlng the amount that cnn be spout In advance. It gets your money's worth.—makes your dollar In taxes go further." "How often da these oommlsslon- era meet?** "Twice a wi^jsk, ordinarily, but two men can call a meeting any time. They cannot however, transact busi ness in an absent member's charge, without noUfying him to be present." "^•hat effect will this commission business have on our ownership of gas, water and light?" "If anything will save' municipal ownership this plan will. It makes it incumbent on the men to fix the rates on a(hual cost of production, based on facts and not guess work and prevents the shifting of money from one fund to another. Everything must sUnd on its own bottom." "WJiere will you get these facts?" "From the records In the account^ ing department which have been recently revised and which irill, within a few months ahow the cost of oper- aUon in detail," "Will people believe you when you say these records are facta?" "Some will, soma won't That Is the reason I un anxioua to get expert auditon,. under the employ ot the state to regulariy audit the accounts and make public the cond» Oona. so that the facts cannot be questioned." "Well, that sounds reasonable, but Isn't this whole business experimental?",- "Ben Franklin says a!l government W an experiment This Is an expert-, nient In seir-govertment It maker every man liia own refomter. It is up to you. Mr. CiUsen. You can'b get a good government without exerd^ tne good horse sense. 'Politics, fs a human relatloo: it Is never any »et ter than the men who form If Some •aid: 'How can I hear what you say. Wlien wtuu yoa are Is aonndlng In i -• •" 1 • \ . ; , , • • 1 PISO'S CURE Coarfhs Crack Ike CdutttatloB A rackingcongli issometimes Ibe tanpaaorr of coosomp-. tioo. ' Stop ttw cough witli Piso 'f Ciire brforv yoar life ii in danger. It Eoira to tlie •ourcc ot Ifie (rouble and re' mores llcallbr conditions. PrompIlT fcIicTes tlie worst conith or <old. and hat petma- nenUr cuml coantloss cases oi couKbi. colds and diseases . o( lbs ihfoai and loon. COUGHS- COLDS my ears.' You must choose nu'n for liierif." •Say. ycui seem to belivve in this sclu-nu' all right. . Wliat convince<l you?" "Well, sir. down at the jiublic library. Idee, but a library is a feood thing for a poor man.) there is a srtat bunch of stuff about this, by luon who kut^w and men who do thlupj. niar'ea Eiliol. president uf ilarxanl Unlyi^rslty: Tow Johnt;an. of Clevelaiul: Brand Wliltlock of To 1«HI «\ atul doxens that I havtMi 't thm* |.> >ianu>. Thri>- nr»» all fi>r It" • WVll. I'll Ihink It over and tilk til iny wife iilmut It. She's |>ri>tiy wisf im most things. "if I want to a&k any nwr? nui>a- tions. how will I go at It?" 'The newspapers are going to run an open coluirin and this commlttee'ls Rolng to try to answer any questions that are In earnest We have no time for trlflers. a .nd when we can't atjs- wer we will say So. We want this thing put up to 'folks' on Its merits. .\o man wight to «lgn' a petition or vote until lip knows what he is do ing." "Wlien did you say the next meeting was going to bp?" "Friday, November 22, at eight o'clock." >'<) PAROLE TODAT, RILL. Judge FoD .<«t Defenf Hearing on Wm. Bailey's Parole ApplleatloB. Bill Bailey's {application for parole from Jail, where he is serving time for the violation ot the prohlhltorv •aw, will not be passed upon by Judge oust today as was expected. Bailey's application has been filed for over a week and hearing was set for today. Judge Foust on his return from Yates "enter today said he would defer consideration of the application one week. Mrs. Bailey was up from Humboldt today In the interest of her husband. APPmOy TO CARLYLE. Fifly Utn la Tract Wkleh Was Added to the Tawa Taiay. A new addition to Carlyle was filed :loday with the register of deeds office. It Is to be known as the Lumberman's Portland Cemefit Comnany's First Addition. There are fifty lots In the tract. This is the third addition to Carlyle since iwork was begun on the new cement plant at that place some time ago. Christian Science Free Lertnre on rhristian .Seienre by i-:dward .4.Kimball oirhlcago, Ills., on Thiirsday evening. Xor. '.ilst, 1907, at eight o'rloek, under the suspires uf First i'hnrrb nf Seirutist, lola, Kansas, at the GRAND THEATRE Lectnresihip Daritag Mr. Kimliall is a menilier of the Hoard of Mother Churrh of Christ .Scientist, llost^u, Mass. twenty years he has served at ditfereat times as Reader, and Lerlurrr and for live jt«ar< was Tearhrr «f V the Massarkuseds Melapbysk -Ml ('ulle>re;1n Roslan. The Public is Cordially iovilsd. of The the last Praclit loner hrlslliia Seizure la THE LANDS OF And of rultlilnieiit, where climate 1^ also an asset, (ire nlonR the Santa Fe, and easy to reach. There are irrigated fatiiis. sections where dry farming Is practiced, and places where rainfall is depended upon, in some localities ail these inprho<ls may lie followed. Read al )Out the various sections, "riien visit iheni. Homeseekers' Excursion tickets are sold semi-monthly: to Texas, Pecojs Valley and certain portions of Colorado and ArizoJta. limit twenty-one or thirty days, dependent on destination. Their si<e will save yoa something. The Fecos Valley, Tfce. .Sari Joaquin Valley, .New .Mexico aid j Arizona, Texas, Ciilorado. ALL FREp W. E. KALKTOX. Agrat, lola, Knnsat. DR. J. D. KBCJI WILL PREACH. Ottawa Xhfater I* CMdaet Serrlees at 8t ThMtkjm TWMWII. nr. J. D.^ ^mm.| ol Ottowa. will preach tmnorrow looming et eleven o'clock at[ St Tlniotbr's 'Episcopal church. Dr. Khim is one o( the beat ministers of his denomination In the state. The New York Observer (Presbyterian) In its account of the. centennial celebration of the First Presbyterian church of Seneca. Falls. New York, has the following to say of Dr. Krum: •When Dr. J. D. Krum of Ottawa, Kas., rose to tell the story of the bnUd Ing of the church there was a deep and intense attention to every word that portrayed the need of its construction the dlificulties that were encountered and the courage and* faith that overcame them. In.the speaker though twenty-eight years have passed since he I served the, church, all felt the presence of a at'tong resourcafnl man who setting his hand to a toak tinned not back but marshalled ably the meanif at han^. his command eom- ptedng this line edice and proTidlng for two thirds of its cost" BRIE IS .SUPBEXEI CASE HEBE. i P. J. Oyirr flu Received Paper la TeM Cane «f OM Moldier Pref. ereace Law. Register Wiat Ate. U a Word. City Attorney F. J. oyier has received from the clerk of the supreme court the brief In the test case of the -old soidler's preference law which was passed upon last week. The case was from Wyandotte county on quo warranto proceedings. .Mr. Oyler is especially Interested in the case as J. B. Gosfaorn. has a suit in district court in which be hopes to compel the mayor and council to appoint him city attorney under the old soldier pref- eitece law. The-decision says In substance, that it Is up to the appointing p«wer to detenalne the qualifleaUons pllcant and that if t|ie InV( nf tlie applicant's ability and tion is made In good faith be reviewed. ••,•1

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