The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 12, 1996 · Page 43
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 43

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1996
Page 43
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VTHE'SALINA JOURNAL DAYTIME October 14-18 AFTERNOON 3:00 BD Most Wanted Jams (Mon-Thu) Weekend Warm-up (Fri) §Q Movie (Mon) ** "Gimme an 'P" (2:00) 6257207 (Tue) * "High Stakes" (2:00) 6224979 (Wed) *x "Girlfriend From Hell" (2:00) 6284351 (Thu) * "The Naked Truth" (2:00) 6188123 (Fri) **» The Black Bird" (2:00) 6155895 EB Auto Racing (Mon) Musclesport USA (Tue) Motorsports Hour (Thu) BD World Children's Baseball Fair (Mon) Midnight Madness (Tue) Horse Racing (Wed) Golf (Thu) EQ Auto Racing (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) 03 America's Most Wanted: Final Justice ED Movie (Mon) **** "Jesse James" (2:00) 268801 (Tue) **x The Return of Frank James" (2:00) 142863 (Wed) *** "A Lawless Street" (2:00)920697 (Thu) ** The Gunfight at Dodge City" (2:00) 804659 (Fri) ** "Five Card Stud" (2:00) 771321 EB (3:05) Taz-Manla EB Way It Was — 1963 Rose Bowl (Mon) Main Event—Rex Layne vs. Bob Satterfleld (Thu) EB Beverly Hills, 90210 EB Class of '96 (Mon) L.A. Law (Tue- Fri) 00 Market Wrap Hi Muchmuslc Countdown (Mon) Z Music (Tue) Delivery Room (Wed) Classic Concerts (Thu) The Box (Fri) m World Class Cuisine 3D Essentials 982559 03 Lovejoy Mysteries (Wed-Fri) BD Crlstlna 59153 CD The Mask QD Homestretch 03) Scoop 7849 OH John Hagee Today (5) Rlckl Lake 59191 (10) Oprah Winfrey 97795 (27)RosieO'Donnell33191 TCM Movie (Mon) **x "Affectionately Yours" (2:00) 2470733 (Tue) ** "Maid's Night Out" (1:30) 2440592 (Wed) ** "In the Cool of the Day" (2:00) 2414177 (Thu) **!4 "One More Tomorrow" (2:00) 2318949 (Fri) *n The Footloose Heiress" (1:30)2388708 TMC (3:15) Movie (Mon) **» "A Million to Juan" (1:35) 47131733 (3:05) (:05) (Tue) "Lessons for the Lovelorn" (1;35) 75194115 (3:10) (:10) (Thu) *» "King Kong Lives" (1:45)75048982 3:30 B Wishbone B Dating Game O Adventures of Batman and Robin (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) BOD Imagination Station IBB] Jeopardy! ID (3:45) Movie (Fri) * * * » In Cold Blood" (2:15)73049437 19 (3:35) Charlie Brown and Snoopy IB Movie (Tue) •**» "Necessary Roughness" (1:48) 567979 (Fri) * "Leonard Part 6" (1:35) 880963 81 Movie (Thu) *K "Dream a Little Dream 2" (1:31)366833 ffl Movie (Wed) *** Tap" (1:50) 792697 3) Early Prime 89 Ramona (Tue) Brooklyn Bridge (Wed) BD Walt'Til You Have Kids HI Movie (Mon) *** "Poor Little Rich Girl" (1:15) 3989Q66 (3:45) (:45) (Tue) **K "Top Secret Affair" (1:45) 14036931 EB Powerboat Racing (Wed) 6j) Racehorse Digest (Wed) 63 Auto Racing (Wed) 09 Top Cops EB (3:35) Real Adventures of Jonny Quest EB NFL Night at the Classics (Thu) g Z Music (Tue) G9 Great Chefs of Hawaii (Mon, Wed) Great Chefs — Great Cities (Tue, Thu) Great Chefs pf the West (Fri) 33 Gargoyles QD Marilyn Hlekey 4:oo B B fflfJD Where in Time Is Carmen Sandlego? B Kansas Live Q Big Bad Beetleborg* (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) Monte) Williams 54004 Lovewell 1995: Around the Bend (Mon) Heartland Early Education: Preschool Activities (Tue) Strictly Salina (Wed) Ask the Better Business Bureau (Thu) Etching the Stone: A Look at Lithography (Fri) B Extra (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) BIB LTD(27) Oprah Winfrey 25172 536585024029998 IB Judge Judy IB Rosle O'Donnell 508530 O Movie (Mon) *** Twins" (2:00) 1898375 (Wed) *** "Steel Magnolias" (2:00) 1832719 IB Tale Spin Qi Movie (Tue) **x "Bebe's Kids" (1:13) 800134 (Fri) **x "French Kiss" (1:51)656012 Composers' Specials (Wed) SD Fall Guy EB Christopher Closeup (Mon) Center Street (Tue) Scriptures Alivel (Wed) Illuminations (Thu) Nuestra Famllla (Fri) EB Family Challenge EB Wlldhorse Saloon EQ Real World EB American Sportswomen (Tue) Golf Colorado (Thu) College Soccer Weekly (Fri) EQ NBA Fantastic Series (Mon) NBA Jams (Tue) Destination Extreme (Wed) Inside the Senior PGA Tour (Fri) ED Wings EB (4:05) Saved by the Bell EB Sports Challenge (Mon) 1991 Stanley Cup Film (Wed) Legend of Sandy Koufax (Fri) EQ Family Matters • EB Class of '96 (Mon) Commlsh (Tue- Fri) IB Z Music Top Ten (Tue) Big Ticket (Wed) Straight Ahead (Thu) Twitch (Fri) EB Travelers EB Great Country Inns EB Are You Afraid of the Dark? 89 New Mike Hammer EB Teen Summit 553356 00 Primer Impacto CD Tlmon & Pumbaa (Mon) Quack Pack (Tue-Thu) Mighty Ducks (Fri) (ED Day & Date QD Praise the Lord (5) Hard Copy (10) Inside Edition TMC (4:10) Movie (Wed) *** "Only When I Laugh" (2:00) 4575245 (4:20) (:20) (Fri) ***K "Jesus of Montreal" (2:00) 4435673 . 4:30 B B OS Bill Nye the Science Guy B Power Rangers ZEO (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) B Strictly Sallna (Wed) (4:35) Catholic Rural Life In Angelus, Kansas (Fri) B Access Hollywood (Mon-Tue, Thu- Fri) IB Hard Copy IB Movie (Tue) **x The Grass Is Greener* (1:45) 2031283 (Thu) **K '"Three O'clock High" (1:30)8291369 IB Ducktales B Movie (Mon) *** "1492: Conquest of Paradise" (2:25) 795462 EB Showbiz Today EB 30 Good Minutes (Mon) Family Times (Tue) Perspectives (Wed) Midpoint (Thu) Today's Life Choices (Fri) BJ (4:45) Movie (Mon) **** "A Streetcar Named Desire" (2:15) 65239240 EB Freaks, Nerds and Weirdos (Mon) To Be Announced (Tue) Rockumentary (Wed) MTV Unfiltered (Thu) Generation Under the Gun (Fri) EB Bowling (Wed) Golf Colorado (Thu) BO NBA Inside Stuff (Mon) NBA Today (Tue) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) EB Wings EB (4:35) Saved by the Bell QQ Home Run Derby (Mon) Main Event — Harold Johnson vs. Archie Moore (Tue) Sports Challenge (Thu) Legend of George Gervln (Fri) EB California Dreams B Spotlight (Mon) PPV Sneak Peek (Fri) S Homeworks Ropko's Modern Life CD Step by Step C2 wishbone (S) Jeopardy! (10) American Journal TCM M6M Parade (Tue, Fri) TMC (4:50) Movie (Mon) * "Murde Bite" 1:40) 52061559 (4:40) (:40) (Tue *** "Miami Rhapsody" (1:40) 46332680 (4:55) (:55) (Thu) ** "Survival Quest" (1:30) 8811712 4-45 EB NFL Night at the Classics (Thu) sidO B Reading Rainbow nn O BD B IB O(6) News S"Smelmproyement (Man) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Tue, Thu-Fri) B Beyond Black and White: Conversation About Racism (Tue) Community Access Presents (Wed) Access to Art: Contemporary Sculpture (Thu) We the People (Fri) B News (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) B Little House on the Prairie IB Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers IB Movie (Wed) ** "Congo" (1:48) 326061 (Thu) **K "Batman Forever" (2:01) 137123 (Fri) *** "Bye Bye, Love" (1:46)232447 ED Movie (Mon) *** "Sakharov" (2:00) 9585608 (5:15) (:15) (Tue) *x "Double Dragon" (1:45) 94669689 (5:15) (:15) (Wed) **» "Unfaithfully Yours" (1:45) 94629061 (Thu) *ss "Wagons Eastl" (2:00)9416524 EB (5:15) Movie (Mon) ** "Blankman" (1:32) 61821004 (Wed) *** "Sweet Dreams" (1:55) 508603 (Thu) ** "Like Father, Like Son" (1:38)319765 83 (5:15) Movie (Mon) **** "Breaking Away" (1:40)31073207(5:25) (Tue) *n "Manny's Orphans" (1:30) 32761196(5:15) (Thu) "Prisoner of Zenda, Inc." (1:40) 31904123 (Fri) *** "It Could Happen to You" (1:41)435741 EB WoridView EB A-Team EB Old Country Church Songbook (Mon) Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Tue) Highway (Wed) Joy of Music (Thu) Americana Sunday Sampler (Fri) EB Superstars and Their Moms (Mon) Carol Burnett and Friends (Tue-Fri) EB Movie (Wed) *** "Magnificent Obsession" (2:00)420871 (Thu) **** The Heiress" (2:00) 304833 (Fri) *** The Film Flam Man" (2:00) 288895 EB Club Dance EB Ren&Stlmpy EB Garry Shandllng: Alone In Las Vegas <Mon) Tracey Ullman (Tue-Fri) EB To Be Announced (Tue) World Championship Wrestling (Thu) American Sportswomen (Fri) EB Up Close EB Jimmy Houston Outdoors (Mon) Men's Journal (Tue) Bass Profiles (Wed) American Angler (Thu) Sportsman's Quest (Fri) EB Renegade QH In the Heat of the Night EB (5:05) Family Matters EB Kentucky vs. Louisville (Mon) Legend of Ernie Banks (Tue) Way It Was — 1947 Army vs. Columbia (Wed) Way It Was — 1955 Thoroughbred Racing S ) Saved by the Bell (Mon-Tue) Saved by the Bell: The College Years (Wed- Fri) CO Class of '96 (Mon) Supermarket Sweep (Tue-Fri) EB Business Insiders B Animals A to Z (Mon) Blondle & Dagwood (Tue) Company of Animals (Wed) Year by Year (Thu) Diamond Collection (Fri) IB Go for III EB Furniture to Go EB Clarissa Explains It All 03 Quincy QO El Doctor Candldo Perez TCM Movie (Mon) **** "Night Must Fall" (2:00) 4211375 (Tue) **** "Intruder in the Dust" (2:00) 4288047 (Wed) * * "Law of the Tropics" (1:30) 1297968 (Thu) ***» "Murder, My Sweet" (2:00) 4142291 (Fri) *** "Summer Stock" (2:00)4119963 5:30 B Nightly Business Report BBSK27) NBC Nightly News B Mad About You (Mon) Roseanne rue, Thu-Fri) IBCZ)(S)(10) CBS Evening News B Sallna & Its People (Thu) S National News (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) (BOD ABC World News Tonight 8 Goof Troop Movie (Tue) ** "Oblivion" (1:29) 555134 IB Movie (Fri) * "Leonard Part 6" (1:30)2156654 B Movie (Tue) **» "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde" (1:32)720486 EB Movie (Wed) *** "Career Opportunities" (1:25)780852 Q3 One In the Spirit (Mon) God Squad (Tue) On Main Street (Wed) Faces on Faith (Thu) Lifestyle Magazine (Fri) S Carol Burnett and Friend* (Tue-Fri) Movie (Tue) * * * "A Uon Is In the Streets' (1:30)715554 EB Superock Dream On (Tue-Fri) Coach Fisher DeBerry (Tue) Sportscenter Lyn St. James (Mon) Granada to Dakar Rally Highlights (Tue-Fri) EB (5:35) Family Matters EB Legend of Franco Harris (Tue) EQ Saved by the Bell (Mon-Tue) Saved by the Bell: The College Years (Wed- Fri) EB Debt (Tue-Fri) QD Business Tonight IB Milestones for Mickey (Tue) Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home (Wed) EB Home Pro EB Tiny Toon Adventures EB Screen Scene (Mon-Thu) News (Fri) 3D Noticiero Univlsion 6:00 B BCD (ID Newshour With Jim Lehrer News B Major League Baseball Playoffs (Mon) Home Improvement (Tue-Fri) B Heartland Early Education: Preschool Activities (Mon) Strictly Sallna (Tue) Ask the Better Business Bureau (Wed) Etching the Stone: A Look at Lithography (Thu) Vitalclse Session (Fri) B Major League Baseball Playoffs (Mon) News (Tue-Fri) IB Movie (Mon) **x "Diamond Head* (2:00) 2344424 (6:15) (:15) (Tue) *** "Outlaw Blues" (1:45) 22448660 (Wed) *** "Inside Moves" (2:00) 221 5968 (Thu) **» "Oklahoma Crnde" (2:00) 2275340 (Fri) *** The Great Santini" (2:00)2242012 IB Movie (Mon) *** "An American Tall" (1:20) 8442820 (Tue) ** Thumbellna" (1:34) 529863 (Wed) **x "White Wolves" (1:22) 307697 (Thu) **x "Doctor Dolittle" (2:24) 513456 (Fri) ** is "Frankenstein and Me" (1:31)5820944 m Inside the NFL (Fri) EB Moneyline EB In Living Color (Mon-Thu) Baseball, Minnesota (Fri) EB Inspiration, Please! EB Jack Hanna: Ferocious Big Cats (Mon) Waltons (Tue-Wed, Fri), Animals Are the Funniest People (Thu) EB Dukes of Hazzard EB Singled Out EB Louie Anderson: Louie In St. Louie (Mon) Politically Incorrect (Tue-Thu) 5463554 Dennis Miller: They Shoot HBO Specials, Don't They? (Fri) EB Oak Tree Today (Tue) Coach Sonny Lublck (Wed) Coach Tom Osborne (Thu) Boxing (Fri) EB RPM2Nlght EB Highlander: The Series QH In the Heat of the Night (Mon-Wed, Fri) Pro Football Tonight (Thu) EB (6:05) America's Funniest Home Videos CB Jimmy Connors vs. BJorn Borg (Tue) 1971 Masters Film (Wed) Way It Was — 1960 Summer Olympics (Thu) Cut to the Chase — The World Series (Fri) 03 Family Matters • EB Class of '96 (Mon) Hope & Gloria (Tue-Fri) EH) Money Club EB (6:20) Movie (Tue) **« "Hocus Pocus" (1:40)39778592 Room by Room (Wed) History Alive (Thu) ' EB Beyond 2000 EB Hometime EB Doug EQ Equalizer EB Hit List 0D Canclon de Amor 64248 QD Lifestyle Magazine (Mon) Charisma Magazine (Tue) Jerry Barnard (Thu) TMC (6:20) Movie (Tue) ** "Dangerous Minds" (1:40) 61177825 (6:10) (:10) (Wed) ** "Getting Even With Dad" (1:50) 34950332 (6:25) (:25) (Thu) ** "Rave Review" (1:35) 31382475 (6:20) (:20) (Fri) *** "A Million to Juan" (1:40) 61008741 6:25 EB Cyberlife 6:30 BCD Seinfeld B Mad About You (Tue-Fri) B B O(5)(10) Wheel of Fortune B Strictly Sallna (Tue) (6:35) Catholic -, Rural Life In Angelus, Kansas (Thu) Community Connections (Fri) B Entertainment Tonight (Tue-Fri) B Inside Edition (Mon-Wed, Fri) Tailgate (Thu) IB Entertainment Tonight IB QD Home Improvement EB Crossfire 403511 BD No Relation (Mon-Thu) Baseball, Minnesota (Fri) EB Courtship of Eddie's Father EB Best of the'90s (Mon-Thu) Week In Rock (Fri) EB Dally Show (Tue-Thu) 5487134 EB Track and Field (Mon) Golf Colorado (Tue) Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Week In Review (Wed) EB NFL Prime Monday (Mon) PBA Bowling (Tue) NHL Hockey (Wed) Weekend Klckoff (Thu) World Series Special (Fri) EB English League Soccer (Mon) World's Strongest Man Competition (Tue, Thu-Fri) Major League Soccer (Wed) EB (6:35) America's Funniest Home Videos EB Bzzzl GB Designing Women (Tue-Fri) QD Steals and Deals IB What's Your Hobby (Wed) CB (6:35) Next Step EB Hometime EB Rugrats TCM MGM Parade (Wed) TMC Movie (Mon) * * x "Sleep With Me" (1:30)565191 MUSIC movies, television, art, etc, We're on top of it* Sal ina Journal

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