Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 17, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 7
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Seourina tha E«4ii for Star Pootbaif; PUyaci to DtfMt ttM Triplets. AcoorclinC: to nuBon .to^l^ ctt«tt ths.t^-Clumiite Is hlrliis pla7«9 tnm , all parts ot the United Status It | aeems th«r are.-afraid ot-loslns the cameorith the THpiets whkii la to 4w • played on the CbAnnte graunds, on Jnrker Day. . After proa^lstas to plar (none but borne players It 'll aald that itiro former 'Wteshbnm coUece.players, /a Itall back and-right end, have been hired to play irlth the Chanute team against the Tripletat They would not be so open to cen-) sure had they confined their search tor players to Kansas, tor it is the general opinion thst the Tri(riets would be easy vlotors orer any team in the state, but vben It hat been, found necessary to go to Michigan and bring Andy Smith, formerly of J, Fredonia, to Chanute for the gam«. luleiiiainipniig of it appears that someone is "scared." iroiBtil ^l .ofiwi ^m. It quUiUy calls In Addition to Smith, big Frank Rol- BU «iM6nto'4r0ttU« bj.idiiag. It land has been called home from Utah ttUi, tHth other •rm^ina, iiuli as where he is at present > training for aarroaiDess, heicUtobe, mint in the P ^^^^ flsbts. I lolnii. We lower Mrt of "P '^ of ^« ^9o*^ Chanute thrbodr. Ui «t • woman*s fsminine >" "loading," tbe Triplets management. fnsuch oases the one suw wmedy ««S whichmeedilr temOTM the caused Chanut<L is "wurlng the earth for >^ M2finMri{i *r«>mtW^ playsra for. the Thanksglrlng day and rMtorasthe feminine organlMn.;^^^ 0,^ Triplet .management would We expect Libn's Jhnre of your Coat atid Suit business this week. Our prices say we ^hoti)il ^et it, oiit 4ua (ittes and styles claim It^we believe If you will carefully examine the values we are now showing that you will agree we areentltied to it. to ft Jbei^thj, noi vnikt.m Ave., Bookland, Afe^ says : " I.was troubled for along time with dreadfnl baokaebea sad a pain la vxy side, and was miserable In enrr way. I doctored until I was dlaoonraged and ttaongbt I would nerer get welL I read what Lydia E. Plnkham'k VegsUbls OoBpound had done for others snd dasidsd to trjr Itt after Ukinf three bottles I can tmly ssy thst I never felt so weU ia my life." Mist4<V<tttiis I^n^df East Sari, Fa-wiites to Mrs. Finkham: had very asTere ba^kaebes, and preatfngHlowti ptdns. I could not sleep, and had ao appetite. Ljrdia B. Piafc> ham's Vegetable Oomponad cued me and fisade me feel like a new woman." FACTS FOfI tICK WOMKN. For thirty veaia I^rdia E. Fink- barn's Vegetable Cbminund, auide froin roots and herbs, has been the standard femedj for female ills, andhaspositiTelycaiedthousandso! .women who liave been troubled with dispUMemenia, infiammation, ulceration, fibroid tumors, irresiuarities, peiiodio pains, backache, that bear- ug-down feeling, flatulency, indices- tion,dlzziness,or nerrous prostraooB. K. U. WANTS FOUR BUILDINGS. One to be a $50,000 HospiUI for the Rosedale Annex. Lawrence, Kas.. Nov. 17.—^Three hundred thousand dollars for four new buildings, one of them a J50.000 hospital building at Rosedale. is what the t'nfversity of Kansas will ask from the next IcRlsIature which meets In January. The largest single appropriation asked Is to $125.00t>. to l)ulld one wing of a cono)f' of liberal arts and sciences buUdlnr- .Vcoording; to the plans worked out. by Ctancellor FVanK Strong:, and (ho resents for a greater A. C, this building Is to be the central hall of the entire group to be erected on the crest of Mount Oread. The chancellor says that to put up a building creditable to the state as a "main bulldinir," nothing less than ISOO.OOO will do. The chancellor and the architects tare ^rked out u plan by which the structure can be built In sections. If the university is given the $125,000 to be asked for from each of the four succeedlnir legislatures, the mammoth building will be completed on the semi-centennial of the university, S years from now. A second bui'dlng to be asked for is a $76,000 girls' dormitory. The state Federation of Women's clubs is behind the movement. The third bulldin? is a hospital at Kosedale. needed to finish out tbe equipment of tfcat rapidly growing annex of the university at Kansas City. Tbe olan of the university is to make this "hospital a "state hospital." the center of all medical work over the state. An electrical engineering building and laboratory is the fourth structure to ho asked for. , seek players eisiwliere If they Uwugbt It necessary.. HowoTcr, there Is no alarm felt hero and no plugging wilt be done. BOLUNOBR HAS ONLY ONK ARM. Over Exertion In WIWs PAts Tri90sr PIrtgflr Out of Buslmss. If Sheriff C. O. Bollinger is compelled to "wing" a dangerous prisoner today, he .wlH Jjare tft do it 'left handed." Yesterday he put on his hunting belt cleaned his gun and Joined a party for a day 's sport In the ylcinity of his farm In the east par^ ot the county. Re Is not used to hunting and he brought down to many rabbits and game birds that te can barely lift his right arm today. There were four In the party and they killed 99 rabbits and about SO quail. Mr. Bollinger said he shot a number of quail which were not recorered because he had no dog with him. As Mr. Bollinger went through tte country shooting promiscuously si I tbe farmers bsstened to him to explain that they voted for him and worked valiantly for his re-election. AFTER IN8HRANCE MEN. Ci ^y Clerk Says Many Have Not Paid Occupation Tc-. City Clerk C E. WcncV • • i' preparing notices which will be s-trved on the Insurance men ot the city notlf.v- Ing them t^ pay their oconpatlon tax or license, j Insurance men. maiotain- Ing an offloe or selling insurance within the limits of the city of lola. must pay $3 per year as sn occupation tax. Mr. Wendorf stated this morning that a few of the insurance men had paid the tax but the majority had not. If the men who soli insurance do not respond to the notice their LAOU^OOMTS worth $12.BO and $15 SpeoMat You will find these in Black Brown, Navy, Tan and Red, some are full natin lit»d' 48 to 62 inches in length. The very newest style creations. They all [come 0if| flin in Ladies' and Jnniors' sizes, this week values up to $15 will go at, each ^lUlUU Every ^« $tOk7B,$i^M, $17.75, $19. Ladies' Tailored Suit in our Store at Greatly Reduced Prices 100 fine Silk Shirt Waists on sale this week at Half Price. $5.00 Heavy Black Silken- derskitts, choice .. w.. .$3 *4lt Spmoimim Cliildren's 25c heavy ribbed school hose, at pair IBo 50c and 65c Dress Goods, a special kit this week at .. .349 Speoimim Yard wide black Taffetta, worth $t 25, at yard 89o 7- r-2 light Outing Flannels regular width, at yard...... Bo MpmoMm One lot Ladies' soc^Vests. and Pants, sale price'eacb ^|j^sp One lot Childreh's 3Sc, and 63cunderwear ateachn^ii' NEWS OF m CITY ETEBtBODT SfTST JTA.SK FIREM.iN'S B.ILL XOT. 2mU Tbe "SemttftH ot the Local n'omen I'hristfain Temperaace raloa Will Oive a Social In >ear Future. TTOl dire .SoclaL The members of the local Women's names will be turned over to the po- Christian Temperance Union will give lice department and lejnl action talc- a social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. en, says the city clerk. METHODIST REVIVAL Monday Was No Off Night.—A Fine Meeting.—Increase in Attendance. . ITH.tT CACSES DTSPEP.SIAI Joe Coleman one day next week. The e.xact date has not bee'n derided iiiion. iHit will be announced later. Everybody If Bit Vask. Kver.vone who attends the hip nre- iiinn's ball on the evening of Novem- ilier il'itU which will be held in the make .Ind IncMentaUy ConstlpaUen. Coated Tonne, Xerreisaess, HMdache. and Otker Syaptomi Did you ever know that the stomatli , ,„ . ... is a churn? That Just as soon .as yo,. " ^ roqulrei «o mask are done eating, the healthj- .stomach ' T^^.Ll rh!** ""nJ commences to roll the food around. " ''^'"f!^- .^^ '^JH^ and mixes I: thoroughly with il .n ""'•'•h '"''^ The roufile wear- Juices of the stomach? >'"5 ""^ <"f's"""<^ be awnnied And did yon know, dear reader, ihaf If the stomach is ruq down or f!ab)>y. so that it cannot do the churning, that < dyspepsia is the result? It the food Is not churned, it lays heavily on your (tomach. turns sour, and causes all kinds of' distressing symptoms, such as headache, coated tongue, constipation, etc. And so. as ever>' physician will tell yon, the way to cure dyspepsia Is to fix the chum, or in other words, build Held BehearMil. Th.- Choral club of the city ';:u?ir regular practice In the .srUoiil building last evening. hcla Monday night Is considered an off nicht. but It was not so last night in the ^lethodist church. A flne crowd came out and a splendid meeting was the result. Rev. Hamilton toolt for his subject. "The 23rd Psalm." Having been In tto country where shepenls have their flocks as of old he is alile to a life the beautiful P.^alm for pie. A class meeting was held In which there wa.<? Intense enthusiasm and wo believe nmch good accom- plis'.;od. The prayer meetinss that are beins: held from day to day in the six dif Ifercnt jdaces are attracting much attention and doing great good in- that those attending have a chance to begin activity in the Christian life be-; WANTS TOLA T. C. Harden .Suggests That This Tlty Join the Western AssociatloD. Some of the local base ball fans are happy today. It is all because there ing surrounded w tn none out fellow jj^ ,^ ^jjanee to have league base ball, workers in the vineyard. [ .V jetter was received here today from It was a delight to see tlio ereat T. C. Hayden, formerly manager of increase in attendance and now we j„cal Q. K. league, stating that he i :ope this may be continued and that was chairman of the clfcult commit- ever.v member coming will do >h.8 ,5,^ western Association and best to l.ring an unsaved friend with ^.^^ looking for towns to take the him. f^t ».s make a despernte^effort pj^ccs in the Western Assdciatloa o get the unsavt|d to come. -This Is | ,n.,j,. y.^^^^^i by the sale ot Tqpeka ,, iv . V. . —. . . --V , — I iiiiiuf vacani oy me sale 01 'i^opeica all. tbe opportunity that ought to bo Ini- • wichlta to tho n 'nutArn li>asn» Ch.J |st^Is the Shepherd of the soul;proved. I was glad wltcn they,said jden asls''Tat Sion-. t.Fr ffnt-of the members were present. and as the shepherd of the sheeji Is responsible for the sbeep so He becomes responsible to tte extent of his ability, limited by the free will agency of the person for his chlldrfn. The shepherd guides the sheep, knows his sheep protects, and does high for them all necessary things. The large I valley and the shadow of death Is a junto me. let us go Into the house of the Lord. A cordial invitation Is extended to all to coiiie. .T. M. .M. deep dark gorge in the mountains In Will Orfunize Tonight. A raeetiag of those intere.-:ted in th' «ir;;ani7 .ing of a liand will be held r(»- morrou- evt-nin;: in tbe opera bouse, sic-ep that will let him lead them and up the nt ^Ioh M^th^^'t wTirpr ^P ^r- iM " permanent organizat ion, care for him will fear no barm. The rJ: win tie effected. the country where the Psalmist lived and many shepherds as well as sheep lost their lives In the same* but this Shepherd fears no harm and the iy mix the food. If you have dyspepsia and want to get rid of It before it gets rid of you. go to Cbas. B. Spencer & Co.s. the druggist, and get a large bo.x of Ml-o- shepherd prepares a table before me In the presence of my enemies, that j is he goes before and kills all the dan- Hhs Layman Entertafaied. iJiHt evening Miss Nellie La>Tnan' gerons snakes that Infest the green entrrtained informally for a number.grass where the shepherd wants the naTahreU ""The'cosriB onl\"oo'ceu7i I"^ '''•iends at her home 126 .North sheep to feed and then too he watches na tablets. The cost is ono oo ceni>- 'o,,,^^,, T,,^ evening was spent with.for any wild beast that may be hiding and every reader of the Register IK welcome to his or her money back If Mi>o-na does not cure. Winie^. in dens, etc near the place where he expects his sheep to feed so ttat when the shepherd is ready practlcal- ily no dangers are left to disturb the Our good shep- M. r. T. r. JTeefhig. .Mr.s. J. U Kauffman, noi West Fir-^i ftreet. will entertain the W. C sheep as Uiey feed. T. r. Friday at half past two o'clock.; herd makes ihiues ready for us and there Is no danger when we let him .Mrs. durt E. B. Key.B. of lola. will ron- a handbook drill. Fridaq, November 20, 'Oft Qitratcttc Male Quartette Male Qaarteite Friday eve. Nov. 20. Mile Quartette. Presbyterian Church, Whitney Brothers Quartette should be heard by al> lovers of vocal music. Whitney AUIe Quirtette has no superior on America's musical platform. tave his way with us. He anoints with ott the bruised places and from his water flask fills the cup for the sheep since they are Personalfi. G. W. Adam.o. county coinmi.ssioner- elecf. was in the city yesterday on far from the source of water supply, business. | Brother Hamilton made a beauti- Miss Ella MHIs and daughter, Miss fui exposition of this Psalm and ev- Edlth. returned yesterday from Kan- ery heart was touched with the ap- sas City where they have been for the peal that was made for all to let ttis past several days. [shepherd have controL One brother Con. Sears went to Kansas City yes- came to the altar and found joy. oth- terdiiy on a business visit. THE .SI.KEPiXl SKK>E.SS Wlirrif .UE.l.V.S DEATH. How uiany readers h;ive Iieard of this lerriljle di.sease? ; ll prevalJ.s In iliat far-away country—Africa—especially the Congo district. Ii Is caused by the bite of tlie tsetse f!.v. When it biles a person, the .sle&i>iiis syiuptoms begin and,finally the siiffeser sleeps until death occur.«. Contrast this with ihf peaceful, balmy sleep of health. Is there anything more wearing than to lia awake at night, tossing'about, nervous.'with cold feet, hot head and mercy knows what else? Short ot letting the tsetse fly bite us we would do almost anything for relief. How can we . prevent it?. Mr. George Hayes, of Union City, Pa., writes: "I had lost my appetite, was all run-down, could not sleep nights. I had tried everything without relief. Viiiol wa-i recommended, and to my surprise, it helped me at once, gave me a splendid appetite, and now I sleep soundl.v." What Vinol did for Mr. Hayes, it will do for every run-down, nervous and overworked penson who cannot sleep. TI.tOL !.-» sold In lola by S. R. Bnr- rell. Druggist - . John Foster and Ed Wilson were in Humboldt, Ivas., yesterday ou business. Constable Con ley of lola was here yesterday on business. L. Lleuranee came in yesterday from Ft. Scott where he has been on a business visit for the past few days. »EMBRICH TO RETIRE. Opera SUr- Will Close Htr Career With This aeason. New Vork, Nov. 17.—Announcement was made here last night that Mar- oella Sembriefa; for many years r lead tng member of the Metropolitan Orera company, and aoconnted one of fbe W<MM';S greatest aopranoa.^ will retire from the jitage at t^~ close of -tbe preamt-seasoiu It i«'said she «{11 say good-bye Jptiie'stage ofthe-llet- rop^itaa ia Febraarr. sailing for E3a* ?i09e'<to^-a9pear'bri'fftvitattan, In tfee with wfakb f h To the Matwcn .^le. A nbmber of local parties are out west of the river today attending.the ers asked for the prayers of the peo- Maxwell sale. question-, •Why not loJa? • . He says tTiat he think.x base ball would be a success •lerc it lola would decide on one ball park. It will be remembered that year part of the games were jday ed at the Electric park east.of the city and the rest at the fair grounds. An effort will he made to learn the attitude of tbe lac»- fans toward leagiie base ball and a reply to Mr. Hayden's luouiry forwarded. The letter followa: •Hello Boosters'. Here Is your cliance to put lola back on the Base I'.ali map. I. as chairman of the circuit committee ot the VTestern Association, am looking for towns to take the places made vacant by tbe sale ot Topeka and Wichita. Wliy not lola? I will work for you and If lola will decide On One Ball Park I think it can be a success as we had unusual bad wehtber last ^year and a'so a bad circuit. Stir the bunch np and let me hear from you. "Yours respectfully. ''T. C. HAYDSN. "Chairman Circuit Committee. Western .\ss*n. Base rial! Clubs." Topeka, Nor. 17.—-Numerous, candidates are looming up for the position of secretary of the senate.'. f\>nr ac- i1\-e candidates arei now out hnstling for support: Z. G.jHopkln's; editor of the Wellington Mail: Dan Dyer, of Smith Center; Z. E. Wyantof Waverly, and William Kret.singer, Of Emporia. Friends of J. S. Longshore of Topeka are trying to indflce hini to gel into the race. IOL.A STKTE L. E. HOBTILLE, President A. yr. BECK, . Vle»-Pre8ident Dlrectetat L. E. Honrille. A. W. Beck. J. A. Bobinsop. Geo. E. Nlcholaoa, H. L. Henderson, . Frank Riddle, J. Campbell, IHTRE8T Tin OV TDavspoaon 1. S. CilFBEIX, . Cashier. L. c. Bosnrgoir;. Ass't Cashier. gtockMden. ^ L. E. Horrlle. A. W. Beck, Frank Riddle, . H. Lb Heiideraon. J. A. Roblnson« .U h. Fonalef. Geo. E. Nlebolttm. L. C. Robinacli. L. A. Robinson,^ H. T. Erana,; John T. Waikfia. -^/^ Frank Wood^viiia

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