Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1907
Page 5
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that in oai washlnc Wfi^iiae elebt to twelre ^tmgM of vater, rant ing in temperature from cold to bcdling hot? Toil could not poaslblf use this much water atfhome, and it explains one ta the reasona why our wasbiog is more thoroufh, mora Military than home work can be. UkUMDRY. PHOKfi m vi»L Wcjtt Street, loU, (^ne btdi^ fran square. Diieasetf of doauikie*ted •nim&lB successfully treatediduurgcs modercte.good bosstiaUsformtitnts Calls aoswercd promptly night or day, 30 years expetience. Veterinary Deotittfy a specialty. Hoattr Qrailmt* oil Oatiirio Vetar'• Inaty Coiloga, Prop. Hoapltai l>IWM 1068 | Raa. Phooe 139 Spencer's Tar and WildCherry Is I an Excellent Cough Remedy ' Get it at SPENOER'S DB. J. F. JAXESOir. The 'Saeeessfal tk»eer, Teteri Pann salesbr PcdlgTMd sales made aajrwhere. Vi icanr callx »ns#cred d»yj< Digbt. Office with OoaaU Broi. Phcae ii, residcocc 400 loi .A. K4jB5A^4e- R. S. miLFUJJkN, eekcral nacstona and Carbine a lU But Pkaaa Iowa Store Sifecial Line of Sample Hosiery All Colors, All Kinds. We will put up our Samp* le Hosiery witli anything in town for duikbility and beauty. You dan get any kind of a Stribe. Mixed Colors or anything you want. Don't forget the CITY JIBWa RatrieB is in town'. S. C. WillouKbbr,: an auctioneer, has located in lola, Botith Jefferaon eTery Saturday. All .partlea wishing to sell households should Mee him. Also farm selling a specialty. Residence 626 South Fotirth. DR. W. E. ROYSTER, who recently graduated from medicine in a Kentucky medical schtwi. has decided to locate permanently in Cbanute and has taken offices with Dr. J. B. Ed ward^. In the Sturderent building on Wpst Main. Dr. Royster needs no In- tiroductlon to Cbanute people, having been superlntendirnt of the city school!) here wrerigi years. His many friends In Chanut^ and vicinity will be pleased to lean; that be has located here, and will tylsh him success in his chosen profes^.ion.—Cbanute Trib- II ue. We expect our' Texas. Panhandle man, to be with us on Friday, November l.^th, to look; at our list of exchanges. Any one wanting to exchange farm lani^s or city tiroperty for Panhandle lands, should see bim while here, at oui^ office. Wbltaker A Donnell. JOHN WOOD today closed a deal for lots five and six In this city for t2,600. The lots are south of the Thomson hotel building. P. B. Waafk. Dflrtbk PhaM IK OlHee vita BurelTS Drag Stwa. Vf. L. BARTIiES has been made ad ministrator of the estate of R. B. Van Fossen who died a few days ago ai Humtwidt. The deceased left considerable property. Mnndis Fragnat Creaa Lotion if rood for chapped hands and face. CITY la^OlNE^ Myers and J. M Rodgers, head of the city gas depart ment, are having considerable difficulty on North Cottonwftod, north ol the Katy tracks delaying some ga.< mains. The grade has been changed there, making It necessary to chango the gas mains. 1313 Cold Cures in Mubdls' window SEVERAL from Morah went to lola last Sunday to attend the footbal game betweien a mixed team of L{i Harpe, Oas City: and lola playere against a Ctaannteteam. Cbanute was beaten by a noorevof 29 to 0.—Moran Herald. Jast received aaather big lot of Pit. Pat at Barren's drag stare. THE CLASS of twenty-five young ladles who were confirmed In the Sweedish Lutheran church last Sun day, went to lola Monday where they had their pictures, taken in a group —Easmore Leader. Dr. BeyMUs. flwM 114. A. 0. MUMAVA . Prop. MIRS. CLARENCE Lacey of Tola; came Saturday morning for a visit with her sister in-law, Mrs. A. D. Ef- flln. and other relatives—Moran Her aid. Wanted—Everyb6dy to know that W. B. Kelley t Sqi bar* moved their transfer and sto^aga offloa to 211 South WaahlngtoiC Offlea and Da} Phone 290. RasMenoa and nlf^t Phone 17. lola Bosioess College tliglitoi^OMf Peninanahip, Bookkaaplag. EngUs^ ture. ate. Shorthand Arith^iflUe, Snoentidn, , Pbysioal Cul- Lettar Writing. •btflMffak Oaa boiidrad pinate at Ory»> tal lea vlU maUi U gaUoos of «latUla4 watar nltaWa tor; '-mil • ladlw i-wlM'hold i 11 and i OB W«at.)iamaon; JtrOGB Foust and Court Stenographer Finney calne over from lola Monday evening e^nd convened court Tuesday morning. Mr. Finney Is accompanied by hU-wlfe.—Yates Center News. r " Free dirt at Lueoock'a. THE CASE of'Allx Elliott, a Gas City youth, who Js charged with tm ancy and Incorrigibility, which was to have been tried in Juvenile court today was continued by agreement of attorneys. Dr. WlUe/, Qewilst.' iw Praabytarfao tmnaaca adeioB n te tlu> t>«anta THE STATE treasurer today drew $5,216.91 from i County Treasurer M. F. 8&ly. This }s one of the largest amoanta ever drawn by the state. The usual amount drawn is about ft 000. Mr. Sickly sent'$6,000 to the Hnm- hcMt banka this morning, but recalled It f(R- the state. ' to JM Jili aoa. Oan, wbo ltti9.>lll;MDapk;>l«.|iia dni»; ; A aala «t iiUi mn bolk^ big jbiU not yet :b ««a ^ude but Mr. a :«iu> itere H m ^ U9da of some one tg. sel*. Mr. Ktime la one of tiie pioneers of the town and he baa been in buainesBv cevr alnoe ha cama here 27 years ago. TheylaaW frienda by the acore who regret t» see ^em leave Moran. but wbo wtll them unbounded auccesa In their weatem home.—Moran Herald. wish! new Ml ndia' Wliite Plna with Tar win cure your cold. A DAUOHTE3R was bom today to Mr. and M^a. Fields of 122 West Cami>ben atreet Have you seen Raffles? S. R. Bur.-ell will Introduce you. I. the E. POWIRliIy of Lone B'm Is in ity today on business. One of the finest Skin Foods made Is vfundls' Cold Cream. F. J. FRITZ, an attorney from In dependence and Frank Jone» of the American Concrete company, are in the city today on business, relative 10 the South Whlnut curbing. Cure your cold by using Mnndia' Vhlte Pine with Tar. MRS. MiERCHANT was checked out and left Bronson for Tola Monday. I Her dealings with Bronson peo pie have been altogether satisfactory \R was evidenced by the" petition ne- '^ntly sent to the Missouri Pacific ->ffici^ls asking for Her rateatition at -Ms iplaoe. .She Is still . interested, 'loweyer. in Bronson people, and has he Ifilot sent to her at lola that she nay keep in touch with us. In an- •>therj column she . gives Bronson a 'ar?we'l note.—Bronson Pilot. '1|bose Dellcloas Lenoa Ptes. The kind that "make your mouth vater]" are easily made with no fuss- ng a|id at the least possible expense f you use "OUR-PIE" Preparation. It 3 pub up In air-tight packages and •ontains the right proportions of the choicest Ingredients. Every package nspected and guaranteed under the ?ure Food Laws. Don't hesitate. Try t today and then tell your friends. At .grocers. 10 cents. SOME REAL ESTATE DEALS. -Inanicial Conditiena are Not Affe^inn Property Tradaa. The financial flurry is certainly not .hurting the real estate business as far as the Jaybawker Land company and the property owners are concern 'd. JThls week th« Jaybawker peo- :le hhve ctosed four separate trades. Ray Salgler baa traded his seven room house in Uncols park for a good eemj wagon and hameaa. Ex-Mayor Shnfford of Gaa City has traded his four roomed residence prop erty In Gas City for an 80 acre farm ti Howell county. Mo. Ray Cummlngs of loia, baa traded three three room- eJ bouses In North Oaa City for a 160 acre farm In Douglas county. Mo. Will iDavIa, an old resident of Gas bas traded his 6 roomed house on •Vorth McRae I street for a 160 acre farm: In Howell county. Mo. Start ris:htl To youns^er housekeep* ers, to beginners in. the art of bread and cake making:* no agency can render so much aid, ^o assistant will prove so helphil as Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder. Do not make the mistake of experimenting with others. + *•* * + "{• + + •! TE.\M RA.1 nrro BTTLDIKA. At the Grand Next Week. Rebecca's Triumph, Tuesday. Moonshiner's Daughter, Werfr nesday. Christian Science Lecture, Thursday. When We Were Friends, Friday. Si Plunkard. 'Saturilay. + + + • • + + • + * •> * + * * Rebecca's Triumph. Is under the ausplcas of the "Y" :ociety of the M. E. church and un- ier the management Of Miss Lorr 'A >ach. Is a domestic drama In thre« cts. A play without sensation am Kith an interest that appeals to on' \ad all. A treat for those who lovf pure, wholesome fun. A WOMAKiS APPEAL. To all knowing sufferers of rheuma- Ism. I whether muscular or of the iointii, sciatica, iumbagos, backache pains' in the kidneya or nenralgta lalns, to write to bar for a homr reatni^iit which baa repeatedly cured til of these tortures. She feels it her luty jto sead it tO all sufferers FREE ITou cure yourself at hime as tbons- tnds Iwill testlfy-f-no change of cllm- ite being neceaaary. This simple IlscbVefy banlshea nric add from the )loo4. loosens the stiffened joints lurlfies the blood, and brightens the giving elasticity and tone to the vhole system. If the above Interest ou, for proof address Mrs. M. Snm- ners. Box R, South Band, Ind. MONEY TO CANCEL OLD DEBT. Moonsliiner's DaugAter. It is described as a play of domep ic Interest, and a play having beei cleverly conceived and wrought ou with constructive skill combined wit! 'xmslderabla literary talent The comedy Is refhied. never obtrusive and alwa>-8 in harmony with the develop •nent of the story. It Is a play which cannot fall tr 'I 'terest those who like incidents ir A 'hich there is plenty of action and ex Element. ITndoubtediy the greatest icenic production ever attjempted on in American stage. It. Is a play for he people depicting In a masterly Uyle the loves • and hates of the Moonshiner surrounded by a danger md excitement of eluding capture bv 'lie Revenue Men. Brimful of bright ^pecia'ties and containing the cele- trated Moonshiner's Quartette, wbo ?ing the latest music of the date. KItageraid Wagon Had Been Alone by Driver. i Let What might have resulted In a ser ious runaway occurred yesterday evening about six o'clock when the Fitzgerald Transfer team got away fron the driver. The team was standing ii front of the Fryer Brothers' grocer; store. The driver had completed un .'oadlng some freight and had gone in to the store to take a freight receipt it was supper time and so the horse: decided to go on home and not wal for the driver. "They started on a trot Jowu Jackson avenue when some per- Mn made an attempt to stop them fhis frightened them and they begai i-unning. At tbe Nortbrup Bank cor ler they endeavored to turn south bu *ere going too fast to make the turn rhey dashed onto the sidewalk an< he tongue struck the south front ot he "bank building just north of tb< tail leading to the Eiks' club rooms f the horses had gone a fea eet further south, they would hav. lashed into the Ug plate glass wlndov •f the Raro.say. dry goods store. The lorses luckily escaped any injuries, tnd a broken wagon tongue was the iniy damage done. WAS A FALSE REPORT. .'as Was \ot Struck Yesterday In the Deep Well. A rumor gained circulation yester- lay afternoon about four o'clock that t large flow of gas had been struck •n the deep well, whlcn is being drill- id east of the city near the Prime .Vesleru smelter number three. Tht -umor was without foundation as nr ;as has been struck. The drillers are forking regularly, however, and good )rogress is being made. I. F. I Randolph Ramambarcd by Pros! parous Iowa Man. I. F. Randolph, of 414 Bast Monroe ;tieet. was agreeably surpri8?d this weekj by receiving a letter from an eld debtor in his old^ home town in lowal' with a post office money order for ilO enclosed. Tb)e debt was of twenty years' standing. Mr. Randolph had several year^ ago given up hope ot ever col Icctiag the debt and' had put the man down. In his mlhd, as a dead beat. The jman. however, had been prosperous in buataieaa and ad sent Mr. Ran dolph a post office money order for tbe kmount. eSc bays a Jar of Mnbdls' Fragrant Cold CrascB. \ l>. B. KIKNB has nsde a aala of his stock oC grointSaa to A^^un Bros. * iBompany aai (hia faadly wUI leava We have a foil line fo( Banr eletle Night Robte and Pajamas In kew colorings aad dcsf^iis. #f.M to $MM9, Christian Science Lecture. By Edward A. Kimball, of Chicago, inder the auspices of First Church If Christ, Scientist. Mr. Kimball is * member of the Board of Lecturers of the Christ; Scientist Boston. Ir the last twenty years he has served U different times as reader, prac ritloner and lecturer, and for five rears was Teacher of Christian Sci nee In the Massachuseris .Metaphysi 23! college in Boston. When We Were Friends. A play without sensation but witl au Interest that appeals to one am' ill; a treat for those wh^ love pure ^ho'esome fun, free from thrilling es -tapades, and the usual round of worn oiU effects that are Used to try to please an audience. Instead, t^s is. <i play that no one can fall to appreciate, a play with a refined atmos phere surrounding It, of good healthy norals, not bverdrawn but true to na ture. The pretty story ripples along carrying the audience through com edy element and emotion to fill th^ heart and aometimea overflow the eye, and yet strong enough to make a ccnstant accompaniment of laughter, to the inore serious element. The In ci(i«nts and episodes In "When We Were Friends" are not so far remov "d from the ordinary—they might and do happen In every day life. The characters are all attractive and lend an additional charm to an already baatitifnt story. YESTERDAY was c'eanlng npr" day at the Jail. .Jailor Hoover Kerr had the prii^neta raking up the leaves and burn tag them. The jail yard preaenlai an improved appaaranoe. One dozen Beautiful New <»mporte<f Dress Hats on sale at Mrs. Turner's .lohday. the 18th. FIRST TEAM W0.\ TROPHY. .{axket Ball roatrat at Y. X. C. A Settled Last Sight The number one basket ball team jf tbe Y. M. C. A. which Is captained ly Warren Allen won the Y. M. C. V. %urn wood championship trophy ast night by defeating team number hree. The score was 18 to 10. The Ineup of the teams were: First teani —Allen, Wheeler, Heylmun. Hersbkor x\\z and Nelson. Third team—Oard- •er. Murray. Peres, Osborn and W. Osborne. :iTY FOUND 80IVIE HONEST MEN. ?our Warranta Issued by Were Retumad. Mistake The city council has reason to be leve in the honesty of at least some r tta? men with whom it has been 'oing business. During th^ recent In .•oice of the city's property, when the ierk's office was in a state of confus on. a mistake was made whereby 'ioth the original and duplicate warrants were issued to four different parties who had claims against the city. The parties to » the warrants were sent returned the duplicates however. The duplicate warrants were cancelled last night at tbe council teeeting. The amounts of the warranta reached possib'y la .io' Vlan Were Dismiaaad Aftar Final Ballot Showing .» for Acquittal, S fbr doAvletlon. The jury In the case of the State .'S. Mr. and Mra. E. S. Harris who vere charged' with working on Son- lay in vioUtion of the state law in* diamtaaed laat evening at 6 o'\k»ck by JnaUca C. S. Potter after :hey notified htm that they could not ^eaeh an agreement. The Jury stood r for aciulttal and 5 for conviction m thd last ballot taken before the final report waa made. The flrat ballot taken after the Jury retired to the Jury room stood 9 for acquittal ud 3 for conviction. After the next bal'ot the jury stood 8 for acquittal and 4 for conviction. This-wiU necesaitate the trial of ^the case the aecond time. Justice Potter said this morning that the date of the second trial had not yet been settled npon. 'Jffr. and Mrs. Harris were arrested ast Sunday while in charge of tbe .4ose theatre, the moving picture piouse on West street The state al 'tged in the compla<nt that they were working contrary to law. The attor- aeys made two points in the defence, fhey alleged that the law dlstingulsh- id between labor and conducting a ^uainess and also that Mr. Harris ub- THrved Saturday as Sunday. '•The following are the men who rmposed the jury: C. R. Sucher. ""hn Carter, J. P. Duncan. J. Al'stot, V. H. Parman. J. W. Fuller, L. D. tuck, J. A. Adams, J. V. Merchant, Ueve Bryant, O. W. Marden and .niliam Rutledge. . W. B. PjATTON, "thm ilm^ Poke A ^'testern|pia3| InlFVjur Act;;. Prires ...... ...3*. 50, 75c, $1.00 f0 f . A81 FOB WHAT YOD WANT nd ask emphatically. Do so through he Register's want columns-. If you , rant an employer or an employee you ,-an find him in a.hurry if you take his course. The Register will tell ^-onr wants to many thousands of people as quickly as yon can tell them lersonally to a 'dozen people. You an't afford the slow way. - io SHOW FINANCIAL (XJNOITION. :ity Clerk Will Soon Be Able to Make Monthly Showing. tClty Clerk C. E. Wendorf hopes that >y next month the business of the iffice will be so well organized that I statement can be issued each month 'or publication showmg the financial -cndltlons of the city. The report vill show the receipts and disburse- v3nts for each month so that the pub- 'c will know how ita money la being !sed. Heretofore the city clerk's rc- •ort did anything but show the exact inanctal condition of the city. The tlerk. street commlssroner, and sex- on filed their monthly reports light. rO USE CINDERS UNDER WALKS. Crushed Rock to be Discontinued as Base for Walks. Cinders Instead of crushed rocU will likely be used as a base for brick sidewalks In the future. At the meeting of the council last night n •-esolution was passedJnstructlng tbe 'ity attorney to prepare an ordinance imending the present aide walk or- Imance and directing tbat cinders In- 3teaft ot crushed rock be used is a base. It was the sentiment of thn "cuncll that cinders would serve Just is well as crushed rock for this purpose. Register Want Ads^ Ic a Word. A BIRTHDAY party was given at he home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Wlliamson Tuesday evening, November '2th. In honor of Mr. L. May's 28th lirthday. At ten o'clock a five course uncheon was served. Those pres- »nt were Misses Dora Potta, Anna Plipplns, Eva Burse, Hellen Flippins. Mattle Euell, Nellie Smith, Ardena iJuell. Mable Green. Dora Green, Lrene Banks of Independence, Kas.. Mrs. tohn Collin. Mrs. P. Smith, "Mr. L. 3mlth, James Manley, T. May, Herman Green, Tom Green, Russel Walls. Lonzo WaMs. Mrs. L. May of Chetopa. Kas., mother of T. May. Everybody reported a good time. SLIGHTLY USED OTHER QOOIj) BARGAINS * i Roberts Piano Hoilise ^TEYEB'» OBjOCERY Haadquakan tea Good Thiii^ to Eat. Tele |)hoDe 159 Let us supply your wants In Groceries and Fres --li CAnned Meatij. Pure Cream Corn, 3 c.ias for ::!ic G<KM1 Tomatoes, per can • UV. IJVic l.^c and 17'/^r Peaches, per can. 1(1. L'o, 25 and :!5c Gallon Peaches, per c:in .. .15 .-ind 55t pK Price's Urealtfattl I'vod. \tkss. 25c.' Korn Kink.s. C pacltaKfs i'vii You ilnckwhcar. lias tli<> iiiiekwheat llavur. cDuldn't be made Itcttt-r. p.-r saik .! .SOc K.VST SII»E. ... ... PHONES 203-201 .. 2S«; enultie FRYER; BROS. fas'jSide Ptaoiies308 and 301 FITZQtRALO Storage mnU Traaafer OJice and Storage! W.-jte Room at Its West Street. • Phone 356 WiCK^qiL StdVE ©1.^- SAFE t^NVPNIEMT ECONOMICAL It joar OxalKt duo'tbuuCi ,t, wrtt« to THS STANDARP OtL COMPANY, FT»R SALE—Tw*lva plga. Inquire 134 ^tb Oabom, Gas Ot:f, Kaa. IN HAND^OF COMMITTEE. Council Turns Drilling Matter Over to Public Utiiitiea Committee. The matter of drilling mora gas wells Is up to the public utiUties committee. This was decided upon last i.jght. From now on the committee will have complete charge of the drill 'ng. This committee is familiar with the gas field and conditions and the council believe that they can handle •t. satisfactorily. MRS. J. W. Gordon, district preal- «ent of W. H. and F. M. C. will leave for HlllsdaJa Wednesdatr to attend th« district boisrd meeting the 20th and 2ead. . I..- Qopd WaNb Values If )ou purpose buying a watcb. tiow is the most oppor:une titne. and yen can profit mnch by tbe special balues offer m well known watches. Incladed in onr stock are the newest and choicest designs in wdtch cases, made in solid»i gold filled, fitted with our special mad:e gtunntecd movemeots. Or if yottipropose baying a watch for a Christmas Gilt, now is the time to get it, and il you desire, we will be pleased to lay it away until the proper time for delivery.

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