Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1907
Page 4
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niiioi^Diiul CBABLES.F. Bcora CmCDLATION- 4.000. TelepkoBis. Reporters' Room BuBlnesa Office SDSSCBIPTIOiN By Carrier !• loli^Ctei City. Lanyoi TlUe One Week One Month One Yea One Tear, in advance . Three Months, In advaface $1.00 .44 Ono Month, in advance ^ i. Entered at lola, Kanaan. Poatofflce, a» Second-class Hatter. Advertising R6tes Mai e Known on Appllcatlo OFFICIAL PAPER, C]|TT OF BASSET. 222 18 BATES. l^arpe. 10 cents 44 cents ........ »G.0O 1 14.00 ADDITIONAL SOCIETY. KEMBEB OF ASSOCIITED PRESS. The loU Daily Regist ;r Is a member •f the Associated Presi and Receives tte daj report If that (xeat newsier- guiiaflon for Exrinsiire Afteraoou PnblicaUon In Iota. • ^ BI6 GAS PIIJE HERE Fore* of Men Will Begi fi Laying New Line on Mon lay. The six inch gas pipe dered by the city sevej'al wesks ago • and which will be iised o connect the city's mains with the big gas field west of the river, arrived this morning over the Missouri Picific and will hii^ unload3d some tJm< today. Gaa &tperlntendent Rodgers expects to hare a force of men it work early. Monday morning and bc'Seves that he can complete the worif of laying thi' line In two days' time. The putting in of the six inch main tx. the river will be laipe enough to supply the city mates TIMI plenty of gas an"^ pressure. The city already has iji Its employ a force of pipemen and Mr. Rodgers says he will hava no n«ed of any ex tra men. WILL APPOINT POL|CE JUDGE. Mayor "Wheeler Will Select Man to Fill Vacancy. Mayor .t. A. WTieeleK of Bassett, announced this morning that he would appoint a police ceed Judge Paters who j -esigned some time'ago. and left for th s west, at the meeting of the city coimcll of Bas sett next Monday ulght. Bassett has been' without a police judge for the pist three weeks or Peters left. Register Want Ad.o. Fkj becanse In Alien Connty nrarli er ^nrbody reads the Register. MRS. FRED Godsey df South Ohio street was taken to the hospital today and will undergo an operation. A SON was born this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Owens sylvanla hotel. which was or- Misses £lBie Reesor. Katberine FoL- well, Zoe AtchL^n, Orace. Cooksey. Helen Pollock, i'Maljel Poster, Lora Leach, Fay McDi>we11, MaiVaret McClelland. Ruby Heller, Clira Oan- R'e.'iQr^iCti .Marr. ^Hatile DuCam. Pearl Allen, Fcbel CUII'ISOQ ,^ Clara Hllde- brandt. and Trefisa Lee attended a l!:)e party at the Grand theatre this afternoon. • + * FollHwIng la the program for the Current Event club meeting on the approaching Monday:• Music. Roll Call.) Civic Affairs. Debate—Resolved. That all cities of proper sixo should be governed by commission. Affirmative. .Mrs. Sucher^. negative, Mrs. Stoddard. • How to develop civic pride in rhild ren, Mr.s. llelgble." Current EventH,- leader, Mrs. Armstrong. Parlor meeting, Mrs. Eyir. \ The club will meet at the home of Mrs. Eyler. , <•^-I- Mrs. A. H, Hecox^ Mrs. Hutchinson, Mrs. C. W. Thorfipson, .Mrs. Hllde- brandt, Mrs. S. E, Vaughn and .Mrs. F. A. Wagner were participants in a line party ro see "The Slow Poke" this afternoon. <'<'-> Miss Alfa Duncaji will he hostess of the Heau Knot clfil)- ne.xi week. fHECK TALTE IS BElKfi mTALL- ED ON irEST SECOND STREET. IT WIU COST THE GITY $300.00 IMntOVE .«ENT WILL BE BENEFICIAL TO WATEB SYSTEM. Arthur <J«ies Is Slowly Inprorlng From Reeent Opemtlon— Peraonals. W. 0. >V. BA.ND RKORRAXIZED. Ixidge Will Emplby Prof. Wells a.s Instr^irtor. Installing Check Vahew The check valve, is being Ifistalled today ou West Second street. This Is an improvement recomended by Burns & McDonald, engineers, at their recent visit In this city. This will be a great benefit to the water system in this city and will add double pressure. It is believed that It will he well worth the $300 It will cosst. The water between lola and Gas City is shut uff until this can be completed. ArtJinr fines Better. Arthur Goes who was oiMjrated on at the St. John's hospital some time ago for appendicitis is rapidly Iniiirov Ing. For a time after the operation his life was despaired of hut it is now believed if there is no change for the worse, he will recover. NOTES FROM lA HMPE tn do mm »mt mioi Imi BfaUk ArMft^inc mntlnalBK •>•« of tbtm ami TtKoanMidlnc khan W, arrrl«a<la. I fMl So* whM 1 riaa in tkS ^'**^#f.jC. WIU...;« Kim bestFbr CANOnrcATiMime ttaMr aisiiaia, WMk.n nrCrlpv. IM. ao. Mc. NiifS •Kid In liDlk. Tli« k -3niiln» tkblat (UBI)*! UOO; Qa«r%ni «««l la catn »r yuat ainumy ba 'fk. Sterline.Rvmmiy Co., Clilca(0 or N.Y. J0 MKUAL SILE« TEN MiUlON BOXES .Moved Yesterday. The hardware stock formerly own_ ed by C. D. Eakin was moved into the The lola W. O. W. band which di.s-'oi>«ra "'o"** building on north .Main banded during the summer, met last '^reei ye8terda .v. The building has been fitted up and repaired imrposely for the hardware store. Since Mr. Shannon has owiied the stock he has enlarged it and now it (s one of ilic best In the city. night at the lodge rooms and reorganized. The lodge voted to employ Prof. llariy^P. Wplls of Burlington. Iowa, as instruciou for the organization. Prof. Wells comes to lola well recommended and. has had thirty years experience ip band work. He met the band last night for the first time and put then\ through some hard work. The baud m^ are well pleased with his work las^. ni^ht. The pew band will meet evejiy Tuesday and Frl day nights for practice. The following men have jolaed the new band: Bartless. .less Morey. Coutant. Ferry. Bert Hodges, W. R. Morey. Roy Guinn |t>r. Twadell, Swanson. Konantz. Schroder, Pettersoi), Harry Hurlo'ck. S. O. Brunner, Skinner and Morain. Any 12 Yesr Old Girl Can make those ^^leliclous- Lemon. Chocolate and Custard pies as well as the more experienced cook if she uses "Our-PIo" preparation, which l.s now being sold by nearly alf grocers. Full directions on each- package. I'le is not a luxury, but an article of daily diet and you might just as will make good pies as poor ones. Order a few packages today and you will be soj well pleased that yoii will tell all your friends. since Judge of the Pnnn- TO BriLD SEXTON'S HOU.SE. Temporary Stimrtare Will Be Bnllt for Sexton's Tools. A temporary sexton's house will he built on the new cemetery north of the city. The matter was presented to the council iast night by Mr. Amerman who .said that the sexton had reported to him that it was almost necessary that some kind of a structure be built at once where the tools might be kept over night instead of bringing them home, and alsif for .^ihelter during a storm. After some discussion it was decideJ to build a slrucfuri? such as was formerly at the old , cemetery. Last .summer a very nea: sexton's honso was built at the old cemetery. Nightmare No woman's bippl* nest can tte completa witfaoul children; it it her nature to 1OT« arid \yant them osinucli so as it ia to luve the beau* tifui aiid ;pure. The critical ordeal throaf;h which the expectant mother must past, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, suffering and danger, that th« very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror. Tliere is no necessity for the reproluction of life to be either painfu^o^ dangerous. The use of Mother's Fi 'lend to prepares the system for th^ cotningevent that it is safely passed without any danger. This great 4nd wondeif ul remedy is always ap- - ^ ' ^ \ ^ plied externally, and MM^f ^^^Mm ^^':mm^ tias carried thousands MMW mMMMmMSW if women through the " ^ j ^ trying crisis without siffering. <tMd for fne Ixmk cnnuln ae tnioraMOam *t fIteiUm value lo «ll rzpccuni motben. Tte ftntdlalC R ^alater f i., AtlaMa. ————J———— ' \ North End Chnrrh. The regular services at the J'niieil Presbyterian church, north Main street. Sabbath. .Xovemher U7. Illhle school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11. Subject. "What the Altitude of Those Who Are in the Church Should Be! Toward Those Wlio Are Not." Junior Ivcague at .1 p. m. Evening services at 7::tO: Subject. "The Purpose and Power of Confession." Special music. Al! services brief and (loipted. Voii are cordially Invited to be pre.sent. REV. W. .\. LEEPER. Pastor. W. C. T. t*. Met Yesterday. The W. C. T. IT. held a very interesting meeting yesterday afternoon al the home of Mrs. .Arnold on norih Main street. An excellent program was rendered and all who were present report an instructive and interesting meeting. Rev. J. W. Bail Likes New Place. Rev. J. W. Ball, formerly pastor of the Christian church in this city, writes to- friends in this city that he likes his new work at Mount Hope. Kansas, very much.- He fnoved from this city some time ago His friends her are glad to learn that he likes his work. Frank Delany to BartlesrIUe. Frank Delany has purchased a halt interest in a barl)er shop near Itortles- vllle. Indian Territory. He will leave for that city where he will take .up the work, at once. Frank bas many friends here who regret that he is to leave here but wish him success wherever he may be. Personal.s. Andy Morris left yesterday for Pittsburg, Kansas, where he will accept a iwsltion in the mines in that cii.v. .\ibert Drnmmond left yesterday for Monte Valley. Mo., where he expect? to make his future home. J. Adams who sustained severe injuries by being struck fn the ntouth with a wrench Ls a great deal better today. D. H. Kelley returned yesterday from Bartlesvllle. I. T.. Mr. Kelley expected to get work with his team and wngon but failed. TO CCRE A rOLD IN ONE DAT Take L.\XAT1VE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money It it falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 25c. WA.NTED—Dining room girl at Pennsylvania hotel. MK AND MRS. Fred Ne'son are :he parents of a battj- girl, bom yi-s- lerday evening, NovamDer 15. ^ • G. Ri CARD went to Bronson, Kas., ttils morning on business. Ilflffss J. Katheirbie Hariley, Will give private lessons to pupils ia lola, Gas City and LaHarpe in SHOKTHANO | Miss Harthy is a Graduate of Oxford Cpllege, Oxford, Okiio, and has had many jy^ean. experience as a teacheir. S&e Itas l)een associated with the La Harpelsohcols for the past fonr years or .since her residence in that city. Mis^ Hartl :y was for many years emplojjred in the city schooh in Toledo, O, and wan a teacher in the commercial depattment of the Oxford College for yeai*. She makes a specialty of th^ Mem PUinan ^:0ymiem Telcfiihqoe jne at No. 89, LaHarpe, or leave oatmlwr at Raster OS ce and I will calL First M. E. Church. The iiastor, J. .M. Mason will preach !•..' II o'clock and open the doors of the church for those desiring ad mission to the church. Tlio Sunday school. Junior League and Epworth I.#ague^ at their usual time. The evening is to be in charge of the W. C. T. U. A good program is promised. To all of these .services you are Invited. Presbyterian Church. First Chareh— Rev. S. S. Hllscher. the iiaslor. will preach at 11 a. m. Subject "The Sorcerer's Mistake." .\lid at T::tO p. in., subject, "The Age of Freedom; Christ Neglected." Sabbath school at 9:15 a. m. <"hristian Endeavor at 0:30 p. .m. A cordial invitation is extended to all of meetings. Little Builders' Chapel—Mrs. E. N. Jnncs. superlntendeni. Sabbath School at 3 p. m. Coral Builders meeting at 7:.10 p.m. Bassett Chapel—Wm. Davis, super­ lntendeni. Sahhatli school at 3 p. m. The Christian Cbnrch. Itevival services will begin. The pastor will preach Sunday. The morn ing suhjcci will he "The First Dls- ci|iles," In the evening, "\\'!hat Is Concerned in Salvation." On .Monday Brother G. W. Kitchen of Chaniiie will join us, and do the preaching during the rest of the meeting. Mr. Boatright will have charge of our singing. E^•eryone who can do so is invited to join the hcorus for the meeting. The assistance of all will he greatly appreciated. Oilier Sundav meetings as usual. R. 11. ELLETT. .Minister. First Charrh of Christ, .Scientist. Sunday school at 10 a. lu. Church service at 11 a. ni. Subject, "Soul and Body." Testimoniul meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m. Services hold in C. S. hall at 110 east Jackson avenue. The hall is used as a readlnl; room from 2 to 4 p. m. each week day. The public Is cordially invite<i to the services and reading room. I l» MRS. EMMA E. .\D.\MS. First Reader. The Reformed Church. Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sermon, "On the Verge ot the Eternal." No evening service. Sunday school at ' J :4.'> a. m. A cordial Invitation and a hearty welcome. IXiriS C. HARNISH. Pastor. I .4inyon Center. Sundav school at 3 p. m. JESSIE M. VONSTEIN, / Resident Worker. BapUst Chnrch. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Morning service at 11 a. m. Sermon. The Christian Home." B. Y. P. IT. at 6:30 p. m. Evening service at 7::!0 p. m. Sermon, "Why Not a Christian?" Rev. O. W. Cassidy of Wichita will preach Imih morning and evening. W. H. GARFIELD, Pastor. .Saturday Nlitht Sertlee. There will be a service at the Baptist church tonight at 7:30. O. W. ('a.ssidy will preach. The revival services continue with increasing interest. Ljist night two persons made a public confession of Christ and other expressed an Interest. LECTFRk COFRSE COMMITTEE WILL SELEiDT EXTRA NFMBER. ARE PUYIN6 FOOTBALL fbOAY LA BARPE AND KINCAID HI«H SCHOOL TEAMS ON M'DONALD fiBOFNDS. NanU Fe Aitent DistrlbRted Cjirds Here Yestwdny— Chireh Notices. Time Have Selerled New Lecture Number. The lecture course committee have agred ou a first and second choic^ for the extra number in the La Harpe Itctiire course. The committee has made the selection but has not as yet found whether they will be able to get the lecturers they want and for that reason refuse to give out the names of their choice. DLstrlhatingr Time Card .<i. W. E. Ralston, Santa Fe agent at lola, Kansas, was in the city yesterday afternoon distributing time cards giving the new schedule of the Santa Fe trains. The time of several of the trains have been changed making it necessary to get out a new time card. The cards were left in all the important business houses in the city. Are PfaiyiBir Foot BaU Today. The La Hariie and Kincaid high school foot ball teams have locked horns on the MacDonald grounds ponh of this city and are battling for honors. Both teams were in excellent condition for the game. The lii(".i''atlons .ire that the game will be \er.\ close. Presliyterbin Chnrch. I'reaching every night including Sat ii.lay night, by Evangelist T. S. Haw- vy. The weather is good and the room is comfortable. Come to the services. The gospel is the best thing lu- world hqs today, and Mr. Hawley knows how to present its beauty and ntt>-! Come and hear him. Christianity must appeal to every one. Contp and hear it considered. Mr. liawiey w'll preach Sunday morn Ing and night. S'lnda.v scho<il at 10 a. m. Junior mcct'ng at :'. p. m. Young People's meet'ng at i;:30. JOHN H. BRIGHT, Pastor. Mitbodlst ProtMtant Church. Regular services Sunday. Sunday school at lO.'a. ni. Evelr boy and girl who does not attend Sunday school anywhere are welcome. There will be a class for you. If you haven't good clothes come anyhow. Clothes that are good coough for the public schoql are good enough to wear to Sunday t-chool. Preaching at 11 a. m. Subject of sermon, "The ^V'hole Armor." Junior at 2:.10 p. m. C. E. at G:30, Topic, "Wanted: Men for Gideon's Band." Judges 7:2-7. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. Subject, 'Disclosures of Calvary." Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. Everytrtidy welcome. E. C. CORN, Pastor. TELEPHONE TODB WANT ADS. TO THE KEfllSTER OFFICE. As an accomodation, the Register receives ads for its want columns over the telephone, bnt'expects the adver tiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills ace too amall to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or 222, and it will receive careful attention. HELP WAMTED Salesman. SALI':S.MAN W.\NTKD—Sell retail trade, your locality |6.'i per month and expenses to start.or commission. Experience unnecessarv. HER.MINGSEN CIGAR CO.. Toledo. O. WANTED—Two men to make condensers on condensing machine. Plant require 500 per day and will pay $1.10 per hundred for pugging clay twice and making. Married men preferred^-l Apply Vanatta and Statford, 410 Sonth Third street. lola. WA.NTED— Middle as^d woman for general house keeper. 7If. Soiiili Chestnut. WANTED—Girl for general housework. Inquire 706 East street. WANTED—House cleaning to do. Phone 1112. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. inquire 105 South Second stret. FOR SALB^'REAL ESTAIt $1800.00 Down Buys I GO acres .locatinl 0 miles from .\Iorau, Allen county, Kansas. All level no rock, black fertile soil;­ provements, in a well improved neighborhood: on main traveled road, R. K. D. and telephone: splendid orchai^: good wnter. .\ snap at only J35 per acre. Owner must raise |1600 In cash, within thirty days and is forced to sell. Will accept BANK DRAFT as first payment, and will pilve time at 0 ler cent interest on balance. Possession March 1. 1908. if sold soon. Never was such an opiKjrtnuity given you to buy a home. Shall we hold it for .vou? Write us at once. lOLA L.A.ND CMPANY. lola, Ka.s. FOR SALE—Three rooilied house. FOR SAI..E—Seven roomed house close to works. %^>Q cash, balance payments at |8 per month. Hamilton Bros, close In; small chsh payment and balance easy payments?. "Bee Hamilton Bros. FOR SALE—Good runabout Studebaker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap If taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn, fOR SALE'-mimomUammous East lola MethodLst Charcli. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching at U a. m. and 7:30 p .m. Epworib League at 6:30 p. nx. Sermon In morning by pastor. Evening Rev. A. M. Perry will take for his subject, "Parisism in Modem Society." We will strive to make every service ntensely evangelistic. All are welcome. j The third lecture on the lecture course will be given Friday, November 22. A. yi. HARKNESS. Pastor 'Second Rantlst Church. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Praise service at 10:3.=; a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. . Sermon: "Walking by Faith." Preeehinc at 8 p. m. Sermon: "X Wise Choice." The public Is cordially invited to worship with us. J. W. GORDON, Pastor. The Fraternal Aid team will give a ball Wednesday evening in M. W. A. hall. Nov. 20. aiuslc by Shields orchestra. BeneDt of Fraternal Aid team. Ail members urged to be present. Everybody cordially invited. By opder ot Comniittee. mCS CUBED IH < T0I4 DATS. POZO lONTMENT is guaranteed to core any caae of Itdilnc; Blind. Bleed* tax orProtrndlos Piles In 6 to 14 days or mauKf retniuled. 60e. . Methodist Episcopal Church. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preach ing at 11 a. m. Class meeting at 12 in. Ji^nior League at 3 p. m. Epworth I>>ague at 6:30 p. m. Preaching at 30 p. m. Notes: The Bible drill on personal work has become an interesting period at the Wednesday evening prayer meeting. If you will attend these meetings through the winter the Bible will take on new life and meaning to you and Christian service will-4pean mtire to you. Christ sought individuals in flls ministry. Nineteen times we have a record of personal Interviews among •.em. The woman at the well, the Magdalen, all his apostles were won individually. John and James as they mended their nets. Zaccheus he won >om the branches ot a sycamore tree. Dr. J .0. Peck, one of the, greatest of modern revivalists, said: So great Is my conviction of the value of personal effort, as a result of life work of winning souls, that I cannot emphasize the method too strongly. If It were revealed to me from heaven by the archangel Gabriel that God had given me the certainty of. ten years ot life and that as a condition of my eternal salvation I roust win a thousand souls to|Christ in that time; and if it were fiirther conditional to this end that I might preacli eveir day for ten years, blat might not personally appeal to the unconverted outside the puli)lt or that I might not enter the pulpit during those ten years but might exclusively appeal to individuals, I would |not hesitate one moment to make tHe! choice of personal effort as the sole nieans to be used in securing the conversion of the thousand souls necessary to my own salvation." Vet how few do any of.this kind of work. You are invited to all services. IRA M. BENHAM. Pastor. Ferseuls. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Stout returned yesterday from Chandler. Oklahoma, wher they were called because of the death of Mr. Chandler's father who died last Saturday. Lewis Vickeni of Webb City, was here yesterday visiting. Ide eHlms was in Bronson yesterday visiting bis brother. J. W. Gren and mother, of Center- vllle. Kansas, are the guests of Sfr. and Mrs. S. T. Green of this city. We have secured the agency for rOiao Laxative Fruit Syrap, the nev. lazatiTe thai makes> the liver livolf, purifies the breath; cores beadaidie '•toA reinlates tbe 41sestlvie orgiiu. Cores ebranic eonslliAtim. Ask as aboot Itr BorrtU'rDroc store.. FOR TRADE—A well improved SO acre farm, 3 miles from Hallowell, Labette county. Kansas, to trade for residence propierty in tola. Address, Lock Box 17. La Harpe. Kansas. _ t FOR S.\LE-^abbage stalks and leaves at fl .OO per farm wagon load, delivered. Phone 1066. FOR SALE—Pigs. Inquire 134 South Osborn, Gas City. FOR SALE—Light team, wagon and harness. Reasonalile. 315 North Third street. FOR SALE :—$1800 stock of grocer- .ies and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street, FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 Nortli street. FOR SALE—Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street. FOR RENT—Furnished room in modern house. Inquire 202 South Cottonwood. Its Economy To have yonr Carpets aod Rugs cleaned by The iob Rag Factory IMPRESSIONS Are often permanently formed from a single purchase a new customer ihakes in your store and new customers are invariably made during a special sale. We advocate special sales, but only the sterling kind that cannot fail to make a good impression. A disappointed crowd hurts more in dollars and cents, in the end, than if you haid not advertised. Bad ifnpressions are hard to i live down—tb^ returns from good impressions arel |iever all. in. Advertise and see to it that the impressions formed shall be good ALr- WAYS. (jpooK oumroRY. KNICnrS OF •AGGABBBSr- Knlsttts o( Maccabees ot che World meets'in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nisbts In each month. J. W. Pbstwait, eommandtr: R.B.For- ter. racord keeper. W. X>. W.^-Camp No. 101 mMta In K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. St^pele, C. C; .A.H .DnTl», 01ai% Visitors cordUlly invited. KNIGHTS OF PTTHIAS^eoaho Lodg« No. 43 meeU every Monday: night at K. ot P. Han. Visiting bro* thers invited. W.S.Thompson, G.C.; Chris lUtter, K.^ ot R. and a X. W. l*-Tho M. W. A. Lodge meets ?every Friday night In M. W. A. balL YislUng brothers invited. W.H. Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. BOTAL NEIGnBOBS.—lola Camn No. 3$6. Royal Neighbors. meeU seo> ond ^d fourth Tuesdays ot eacli montiii Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Button, 413 West Street, Recorder. F. A. A.— Golden Leat Council Na 4G2, F. A. A. meeU first and third Wednesday nights in each month In K. P.; Hall. C. E. Laceyi president; Miss Mablis Rhorback. pecretary. FRATERXAL BBOTHEBHOOD.r-< Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeU second and fourth Tuesdays of each montlr in A.O.U.W. Hall. Visttlna members cordialy Invited. W.H.An* dersoi^, president; Qolda Elam. secro< tary. ' Junior Order United American M»- cbanlts.—Meets every Wednesday ev- enlng'at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A. Wldlck, Councelor; C. B. Black. Rec. Secretary. BUSIRESS omtEOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoaat.'oId reliable Jeweler, 110 East street STAMMER.. Complete court at th» beat !>.BCh«3^^^ for stammerers In America at one- half price this fall and Winter. Wbita for information at once. McKle School for Stammerers. 270fi Bast I2tb Street, Kansas City, Mo. P0L4R BEAR FLODR Has Stood the Test Becacoc its tbe Best Acce|jt No Other Wm.Oberdorf, Agt TflE NEW BOOKS! Are .a little late getting the Oia Corner Book-Store this year, but we give you a better. price on tbe big seUer.s. $1.10 '-^ Biiys such big sellers as: i Heth Xorrell, by Randall Par-' 4sh. Daughter of Andersin Crow, by Geo. B. McCutcheon. Little Shepbard of Hills, by Har old Wright I The Tonn^er Set, by Robert W. Chambers. Helena's Palh, by Anthony Hope And many others at eqimlly low prices. Most of the popular authors have new books thia- year. an<l you can get them of Evans Bros. THE ROOK .SELIIERS. CHRISTMAS PBE^NTS N'othings better than .a magazine for a friend. For your magazines see J. E. HE5DERS0X, Phone m. . 414 Baekeye. Livingston Co jCeatraetors All Unda of work a spedaKy f Sentk SyeMMT*. ' »••« Ittt I I ; Atamanitiqn pat ap te comply with the pare fea4 law. lOS Seatt Keatacky. FheaejlSS. BECOSTEB WAKT ADS. FAT be- caoi* la Allen .County nearly everybody reads tbe Register. Ouanutteed the larsett eirculatibn of any paper la^ AUVBCooaty. i T. B. SI The Allen.'coi|nty NtrthSideSqiMr^ l^la. Kin. Hardware Implementj m an. 5

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