The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, September 4, 1944
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Sore Waste Pop«rf /I is vo/uob/e to tlw Wtfr £tforf f «>,/, f or Co/fcct/ofi Doftif LE/ COURIER HEWS anA nun *-\w M/^wm«»w * mnA*\*>*i^._. n . • ' • ' *^^w^^^ W W W^i^r | VOL. XLI—NO. 143 Blythevllle Dally News BIythevllle Courier THE DOMINANT NKWBPAPKK OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHE'AST MISSOURI. . Blythcville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Negro's Death At Halespoint Stirs Comment \\ Official Criticizes "• Army For Negligence Near Firing Range A week after three Blythevllle men were narrowly missed by a machine gun bullet from a military plane which Hew over their fishing boat in the River . near Musgrave Mississippi Bar, Sam ARKANSAS. MONDAY, SKt'TEMBKR 4, 1944 Bass, a Tennessee Negro farmer, was killed by a machine gun bullet as he lay sleeping in his home near , Halespolnl, It was learned here today. 'pfM As a result of tho Negro's deaf)!; residents of Halls, Tcnn., region on the Tennessee side of the rjvcr have sought to have Dyersburg Army Air Field officers t.o hove targets from the vicinity of farming lands in, the Halespoint section, il was indicated. Death ot the Tennessee /Negro came a wejk after a bullet struck within 20 feel of the boat In which Abe Klnnlngham, C. B. Wood If, and Cecil Graves were fishing'oh Aiig. 13. In nn open letter, W. R. Gaba magistrate of the Ninth . Civil District in 1 juderdale County, Tenh.. has charged that the attitude of Colonel Carter, commanding officer of the Dyersburg. Army Air [field near Halls, has caused re- tentment among Halls residents. The home of (he Negro located less than a hundred yards from.the northern boundary of the Chlsholm Lake gunnery range at 910 Register !n Elementary Schools Today A total of 910 children registered tills morning In three grammar schools of Blythevllle for the open- Ing clay of the present school term, Registration totals In junior high, high school and Yarbro schools were not available at 2 o'clock this afternoon. • Enrolment in Lange School this year is 256, an Increase of live over last year's opening day figure ot 251. Central Ward registered 234 pupils today, a decrease o[ seven from last year's tola) of 241, while Sudbury school registered one less pupil this morning than last year, with a total enrolment of 420. , Mrs; Thomas B. Stnythe Jr., has Accepted the position of second grade teacher at Central Ward and Mrs. Jack Klrby, that of third grade teacher at the same school. It was announced today by W. B. 'Nicholson,- superintendent of trie schools. Hnlespolnt which is about directly across the' Mississippi Hiv- ef from Musgrave Bar, near Barfield. .•'•.', v 'In the letter, Magistrate' Gaba charges that a plea to get the tar^ moved one mile south contemptuously disregarded." "was Mr. Gaba also claimed many farmers near the range had : abandoned their homes, nailed,them up and left hundreds of acre's Idle because of danger involved by the pro.jcim.lty of the range. ; ", ' •'' T t '« undcrs'' • that -"-'•'-'• '| s ..,<• . Dialed •' •-•-;- .- , —; having T^'d __ , ."..,&„,,;;, "„. the pattern oil" llic bullet and tfiat the Investigation has riarrojved'-ito two or three airmen. Similar incidents Shave carried . a charge of manslaughter. . : :',•:•' /v-i",:." : Thi: open lelter;st»teri-_t,hflivsij'in'. other gretft cause, but because' r>f Indifferenc Major McCali 11 !• /*"!«• Wins Citation Former Local Doctor 'Wounded In Action j On Biak Island ^ l'li e former Dr. W. s. McCali. long a physician here and now a major with the. Medical Corps of the; Army, 'has been awarded the Order of the '.' Purple Heart for wounds received In action on Biak Island and the .Bronze Star, mcrlfl'l with, a. citation for meritorious' achievement. Practicing medicine in St. Louis since, he left Blythcvlllu a number of .years ago, Major McCali was' a veteran of World War I. '. Entering the Army in February 1941. he has- made an outstanding' record, according lo the citation. Awarded for achievement In con- nicliqn .with mllllnry operations jgainst the enemy -In the area, of iBtalc Island from June, 1943 to July, 1944, the citation read in part: "Throughout his operatioiis'agalnst the enemy at Salamaua. • New: Guinea. and' Bjak Island, he .worked 'one hard .hours selling up aid oiations -'antl caring for -the -sick and woundeti, often worklngflate at lileht only with; the 'aid of a flash- ;|lgnt. : •>;;.{:•;,.',:.=-: ; : .,-__ • }';"In. many Instances he accom- pllsh^d.hls task In areas Infested wjth enemy , exposed to enemy fire ''-^'' Order to Seize Coal Companies Issued By F.D.R. Action Taken After Supervisory Workers Refuse To Return WASHINGTON, Sept. 4. (UP)— President Roosevelt lias ordered Ihe seizure of the mines of four more strike-bound Pennsylvania • companies. Tho order, signed yesterday given after 115 supervisory employes refused to relurn lo their Jobs nflci a War Labor Board directive ordered them to end their strike. • The now Bci?,uic now brings to in the number of mines and collcrliin under government operation. A WLB spokesman reported 55 other bllu- minous mines arc seriously threatened by widespread labor disturbances. In Detroit, Senator Harry Tni- man made a bid for the support of the working man In tho coming presidential campaign. The Democratic candidate for vice ircsidenl said In a news conference lhat public works and unemployment insurance programs wcrs Ills putty's answer to the pinch of industrial layoffs. 'Hie Missouri senator, who will make three speeches later today, added that lhc government must sec to it (hat a full production pro- Late Bulletins NEW YO11K, Sejil. 4. (IIP) — The semi radio station Atlantic says llrltlslrlruops have occsplfd Antwerp In Belgium. LONDON, Scpl. I. (W)— A Turkish radio report from Bucharest says Itcnunla has brokfn relations wllli Hungary. LONUON, Sept. 4. (Ill*)—The German DNH news agency «»)';< American forces h»v« reached the Srlirlitc river estuary In the arm of Antwerp, all times, his" pleasing personality ' Shb^rii ""I 1 »ence,:by;.50-.and ^^'^ was a' com, Ho r^f '^ I, , r ' np \ n - : lh ™"8h We;; those about him regardless of what, ™\,° • „„' Halespalnt-bottom home'• he. had undertaken.. 'This exhlbl- »* nn.nnn hls . w if e ,. Nannie, lay ,tlon. Of Courage, loyalty-and indefa- •••••• • ,.tigable 'effort' by. Major McCali , ,nn ft , . " . r ..~~.. uungi.LLl, .1*113. Ilt}l|)ll -Dl UII5CUIIIU, o Iv 1000 feet from a public road 105'Greenwood, Columbia,.Mo., jmd mid so near homes of the remahi-'their other, daughter, M Vs. William rtnn 1 ?? , ra that ., cr °P s were aban- A; Crutches jr., lives at University rtoned, houses-nailed up arid .faml- city, Mo. - • • • • lies.; who were able, moved, lo other ciuarlers. '• • ' .••••'•' 'Charges that. Ihe ferllle land was left 1 Idle, because the : (lrinE of guns' made farming loo hazardous, have bcr-h niRde by Halls residents.'...-,'. Tlie lelter Includes "a few weeks SBO. an apijeoi was'.Coloiici Carter^ lo personally Investigate ih'e matter to'see for himself niouAls of shells In the fields,'gaping holes loft in houses and land. Only a few days before the Investigation; ff shell entered the Wesley Keen home throueh the roof. The Inves- tleallon was made but nothing done. A plea that this target be moved one mile south, in order lhat the crops could be worked and lift! he free from fnar was conlcnip- tously disregarded. * '"Colonel carter's reoly was a rlslve statement: 'If these people are never killed until they arc hit by one of the bullels, they will live a long time. 1 "Yet. one ot these bullets 'killed Bam Bass, a typical Negro of Ihc 01,1 South who was admired and re- snected by Ms white friends for his courtesy, honnsty and integrity. -And those people in the Halespoint bottom, thoiunnas of miles from nny battle, front, know the fear of death from our own American skies." More Arrested By FBI Agents In Gas Thefts; ••"." ••MEMPHIS, ;SepV/4.' • (.UP)—Six niore gasoline truck drivers have bfen arrested on complicity charge's iri connection with the " theft and sale of Army aviation gasoline in and around Memphis. The latest arrests bring the total of persons taken Into custody In connection with, the case to 19. iThe six drivers, operating'out of Memphis, the distributing point for 2} Mid-South Army air bases, were arrest«d by order of the Memphis FBI. They are listed as Wllliard A MIHIcan and Waller H. Howard, both of Memphis; Charles A. Cleaves no address given; Walter Valles. of Humboldt, Tenn.. and Willie Pelrcn May arid Ollon F. McKce, both of Jackson, Tcnn. The men were employes of Ihe Dealer's Transport Company and the Newman Transport Company, firms holding contracts for'distribution oil gasoline to Army air. bases. KOMK, Sept. 4. (Ul 1 )—Nr»rly GOO escorted American heavy bombers altackeil enemy submarines hi llu- (lenpa lnirbor »nd widespread (icrmah escape routfs through northern Italy today. TollWbead. At Least 128 For Weekend By United I'rcss At least 128 persons havo died li [iccldenls thus far during the La l»or Day wcckontl. A survey discloses tluil UiousniuU of pcisons country all parts of the SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS';• British Tanks ApproacH Great Port Of Antwerp^ Fleeing Finland Patten's Army''i Norwegians Aid Red Paratroops Harassing Foe • As Finns Surrender Germans Try'Escape To Northern Norway LONDON, Sept. 1 (UP)— Russian troops nre reported parachuting Into Northern Norway to cut off the German fllshl from Finland, which gram maintained when pence comes. He advocated the federal jpcratlon of converted war plants if private Industry failed to make- full use of (heir possibilities. In Washington, Senator George Aiken of Vermont predicted there Is. a "good chance" that Congress would establish a permanent committee for fair employment, practices before the, November elections, i '.Meanwhile the lawmakers prepared to peep Into the secret Ar'.ny and Navy plans for taking G, I. Joe out of his foxhole and putting him back an Main street. .Members of the House Military Affairs Committee will meet'''to- morrow In a closed session to hear Brig. Gen. William Tompklns tell how the Army will handle the problem ofgradual demobilization. ' VVarnec/e Of Air Blows Yet To Come By -Hulled- Press Office of Defense to stay nl' home. ignored pleas by (he [Is now .out of. (he war. Transportation With vacationists sllll lo return home by automobile, bus and (rain, the traffic loll alone stands at 57 dead. Klght persons have been drowned. Other types of accidents have caused many other deaths.• As thu nation olvicrves Labor Day, military and civilian leaders have praised American ; Inbor for Its war production record. But the tributes' have been coupled 'with warnings thai the final blows for victory require a continued light on llic production line. ' General Elsenhower declares thai each American worker has had'a .share in lhc successes of the United Nations In Franco. Bui Elsen- hower atlits Uml now. as never before,'there must lie no shortages of tanks, trucks or ammunition.' War Mobilization. Director Byrnes calls labor's parl In the World ,War Two "one of, llio greatest achievements pf our time." Byrnes nays Ihc enemy Is on the ropes, butVour fighting men will need more "-mil more tools lo deliver the knockout blows. ., Li I bourn .Woman, Suffers Injury ..'"' At Bells, Tenrv Jumpliie from an' auiomoblle caused Mrs. O. W. I?stes, 59, of Lll- .flcllub: reports reaching Ix)ii- ilou.Kiiy the paratroopers, ulcled by Norwegian palrlo'ls, are Iwrnsslnn German . ti-oops flcchu; aloun ttic nai'row Norwciilnn strip Ixmtci IU llie'barciils and norlh sens. Karller, a sv^odlsh broadcast Bali a steady slicnni of Column military cars loiidccl with trooivi had been spcn moving .frpili. Northern Finland Into .Northern Norway And ' a Narvik report says Norwegian patriots, armed with airborne supplies, have attacked and destroy - c ( | several Cicrmnn dcfciiec 'jxisls h fight Inj;- along Ihc railroad in the Narvik area. l*carp Hlls^lnll Scnl 'Ihc Germans besan gctllng. on as Finland abandoned Ihc War am her alliance wllh the Naris niu surrendered (o llussla. The tease- firing' order ciSmc at i!- o'clock tills morning, pjWT. A. Flnnlsli pence mission Is believed already eiiroule to Moscow. • •••••. "Hie Finnish 'ultimatum told thp Nazis to leave tlie country by Scp- tchiber I5lh'. or face Internment An estimated army of 160.MO Ger man troops was garrisoned In Fli\ land. ; This Is the second tlmp ' Fliilnm hns surrctnlerccl lo llic Hovlct" Un Ion In tour' and' a half ycnrs.. Al though Hie Russian .terms. -have no yet been disclosed, the Finns ar expected 'to withdraw llielr forces tc the 1Q40 frnnllcr. And Premie Hn'ckzcll disclosed that Russia ha< not dcmanrtcd his country's, uticon dltlonal surrender. He also reveal ed that Ihe Soviet tcrins were made Radio Tokyo has warned the t)0 " r ". Mo.; to break, her'lelt leg i.^nown In advance to" the United open Japanese that the worst Allied air blows are yet to come. The Tokyo broadcast predicts that the Allies soon will steady attacks from China ai Ihe Japanes mainland. The Philippines already (ire under fire In record-breaking blows, by our Liberators and ' Lightning fighters hurled some 240 tons of bombs on Davao. Mindanao on Friday and Saturday. And the Japanese have been forced to move (heir alrforces from the southernmost Philippine area to spots farther to the north a!»l west. The. two raids on lhc Davao area of the Philippines Included the heaviest tonnages ever to hit that area. The Lightning Fighters that accompanied the bombers on lhc second raid flew their longest combat, mission in the. Southwest Pacific. All planes returned. American fliers of the I4lh Air- forces continue to harry Japanese troops driving toward our air bases In southern China. above the knee yesterday afternoon | ht Bells, Tcnn., Rcmovi condition today was satisfactory. .Tliis was the second lime the mine leg had been f-aclured, Mrs. fetes having only recently discarded crniches following a car accldeni 13 weeks ago. Mrs. Esles, along with three oilier occupants, Jumped from a slowly moving car as it backed down an Incline when the brakes failed to hold.' Miss Nyla June Estcs, 21. was driver, of the-car rclurhlng from Hulcyvillc. Ala. Miss Estcs was backing Ihe cur to nn Intersection where she should have turned, when llic brakes lallcd to hold on the Incline. Her uncle jumped from Ihc car nnd other occupants followed, except the driver. No one else was Injured and Ihc car was nol dnm- ngcd although it traveled about a fourth of a mile before coming lo B halt. States; The loss of'Finland, along will •'• Romania nnd the break In rela vcd lo Walls Hospital n( , r '-"OniHiila nnd the break In i m loday wns satisfactory. lfon , s . wlth Bulgaria. Is cxpectei Super-Spinner Temperature Climbs To 93 Degrees Sunday Summer weather Is back again even though the calendar shows' It is September. 1 The official thermometer climbed to 93 degrees yesterday and humidity from the recent rains added to the discomfort of those who ventured forth In new Fall clothes, as well as those who donned their less formal apparel. Election Investigation Shows Little Progress LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 4 (U.P.) — ?~he Senate's Investigation of alleged irregularities in Arkansas'* primary elections if at a standstill.. Hopes that the investigation would soon reach a climax dwindled when n Senate subcommittee, which was scheduled to come to.Little Rock Thursday to .conduct a hearing, announced that It would postpone its visit because of the press of important legislation in Washington, Although Investigators for the Senate campaign expendllure corri- mittee last week began a probe of, alleged voting Irregularities, It !s. believed that the subcommittee,; when It does come to Little Rock,' will confine its hearing to reports of alleged excessive expenditures In the recent senitortal campaign, Funeral Rites ; Will Be Held For Aged Woman Death ended a lengthy life last night wtien Mrs. Mittle Morgan, mother of several Blythevllle residents, died at the ago of 61. , Making her home at 024 South Lake. w n ere a daughter. Miss Etta Morgan, and a son. Clarence Morgan, also reside, she had been In ill health for six months. Reared In Mississippi, Mrs. Mor gan carne herd 40 years ago from Hcrnando. Funeral services will be held tomorrow, afternoon', 2 o'clock, at Cobb Funeral home, by the Rev Bates Sturdy, paslor of Lake Street Methodist Church, with burial at Elmwood Cemetery. She also is survived by three other daughters, Mrs.' Elberl Taylor and Mrs. Bertha Thompson of filyttieyille and Mrs. Llllle Sudbury of Tiptonvllle, Tenn. Guard Seeks Recruits. :'LTTtE ROCK, Sept. 4 (UP) — The Arkansas Stale Guard Is going to co'rYjiuct. an Intensive campaign during the last of S6ptember to recruit more men and officers. L Colonel Hendrlx Lackey, commander, says the campaign will be aimed at bringing Ihe guard lo its pose' a serious threat to the Na? .war.'.economy. '!lie Finnish mine were the last source of nickel fo the'Nazis., The Germans also depended heavily on Finland lor cop per, other minerals, and wood. In Romania, Ihe Russians wen mopping up ihe last German re slstancc today. Soviet armored for ces now control tlie northern ban of the Danube, dividing Romanln from Bulgaria. Simultaneously, Husslan flyln columns arc racing westward toward Yugoslavia and north along th Hungarian border. In the sec-saw battle for War saw. the Ciermans say Russia troops have launched another new offensive northeast of the Polls capital. Inside Warsaw; Ocncrn Bor's 'patrlols are reported contlmi Ing their almost hopeless flghl. / previous announcement said th battle had been suspended bccaus lhc patriots were short of food am ammunition. Other sectors of Ihe eastern fron remained quiet. 'Largest airplane propeller ever to fiy in the U. S., and probably •'in the world, is the big black one pictured above, at the C.i Id well, N. J., Propeller Division plant of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. .Recently used in substratosphere tesls on a large Army bomber. the 18-foot, 2-inch prop can harness 3000 or more horsepower. Because F.tecl blades arc hollow, they arc 20 per cent lighter comparable oius of solid aluminum, increasing the plane's usJiul authorized strength oj 1600 men. . .'!±±rj...___."...load by approximately 650 pounds,- • .. TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS— Allies Seek To Outflank Strong Siegfried Line Uy JAMKK'llAKI'KH. tlnllcil 1'ross -Stuff Wrllfr Anicricn lias hpi'rpvml Hitler's atriitt'sy to cotj(|iier liini _ In 1940 (he Wctinniichl noiitly onl-fliinlted tlio Mnginol. : ine to pvcr-nin nil -Franco. Now Anioriciui ttink unnioi tno ' nilflnukmg IliMcr'a. -me, in.-a drive lo over-run (ill GorniHiiv. coiiiitci'-|)ai'l, the Siegfried tears Aachen, Enemy Reports Belgian Fort Cities Already Bowled Over, Front Reports Say The powerful SlcB'trlivl Unit walls* lie Heidi off from frn'nce nnd llcl- ilum, Starting 1 nt "Norllicrn Italy, I thrusts,up lo thc'cl,ty ol-Aiu'hcn.,' inrlli lo Ihe son, th.ut.. Is, opposite he Dutch; frontier. ;]Jul It's clear luil lhc liiosl powerful' (letonscs stretch from Aachen .south.- - ' Hence, • American KI r a I o g y comes into focus In'Iho llghl of a N a 'A I -hrondcUKl Uml 1 Iho First Army Is, within 18 ,miles ofAnch- on. L oo p 1 n g around the chti of llic line, Ml can pour : (lo\Vii behind II Into the war - busy Ruhr and Rhluclatid. Thus, the newsreel of conmicst IB running In re- Jume-i Harper vijrsi'.' Tlie Firsl 15 pounding' Into Germany alfmg tlie same route tlio .Oiirnmns followed Ihto France In 1014 and ,1!)40, . llironiih the -nulglan fortress' cities .of Nii,- murjimj Llcgo, ,anrosij ri cprhcrof Hol|and, and thence'Jnto llic IMclj, rnwrrfiilly. Buljl.Line ' -i The singtrJcd Jinn Is,' Hliiio'sl talnly, tha nlost : powerful idcfonsb wall In Hie- world., cAiisCructlon began ou thp fortress belt-back in mm upon direct orders from'rAdolf Hitler; And\lt wns sharply .stopped up during-llic Sudetcnlancl' 'crisis In 1OT. SoillV 800,00{h'conscripted laborers wero,assigned* to tlie; pro- Captain Sanders Dies In France Doll Woman Learns Of Husband's Death On Battlefield Llbcralkm'of France cost Hie Illi of, Capl. Doii -K. Sanders, who wit killed:In 'notion Aug. M, lhc Wn. DepurLuidit has liolllled his wife Hit former Jvil.w Helen' May Armstrong ol Dijll.- With Ihe nifiintry, Oaplaln Sunders -had written Mm. Blinders o Inking purl In llic Invasion wllh hi:. last Idler dulnd July il,''receiver, thrco wcckh ago. He had been sta lloncd .In lingland since April. • Captain Sanders, who was alums 21), lived in-St. Louis before enter Ing thi) Army. He was graduate: rom University High-School tlior mil recelved'a degree from St. Loul University hi '103H. •lie wius iis.spclHted with Ills futlio n (ipccu'tloh'of Clayton 'Hose Flora Coniputiy of SI. Louis until Iniiuclci h 1041. 'V..M - •, i 11 jecl utid It later. completed ••« year ' Wilson Schools To Open Sept. 11 Members Of Faculty Arc Announced By Superintendent Bird WILSON. Ark.. Sept. 4-Wilsoi schools will open the 1041-45 cs n on Monday. Sept. 11, with opening exercises to be held In th high school auditorium at 9 o'clock Students of grades 7 through 1 will register Friday morning at o'clock, while those of grades on through ilx will not register untl Monday morning. Foolball practice started his afcrnoon at. 3 o'clock. Supl. Carl Bird has, announced the following faculty: M'iss.Mary E, Martin, , first grade; .Miss. Mary Alice Shuttle, second grade; Miss Jane Carter, third grade; Miss Flora Belle Farley, fourth grade; Miss Ruby Berry, fifth grade; Miss Mary E. • Symond,',, music; Miss Vlrgle E. Rogers, English and Spanish; Miss Louise Phillips, junior high school; Miss Sarah Lewis Green, commercial; Miss Evalyn King, science and mathematics; Miss Nclda Colhran, home economics; Roy I. Stobaugh, physical education and coach; George W. Palchcll, principal and mathematics. Three new teachers have joined Ihe, faculty, including Miss Norma Anderson, flrsl grade; Miss Eleanor Ferguson, sixth grade, and Miss Evelyn Hughes, librarian, Unlike lhc BOO million.'- dollar Mnginol failure, llic-Siegfried .line IB nol >a. continuous-: non-slop wall. Rather, It Is n systeni'.'of '.mutually- supported strpngpolnls, ,n'.strict." pf concrete forts ami-',pillboxes ill bnc-linlf ijillo Intervals 1 . In between, lie miles ofinlnes, .tatiglcd'barbccl wire and saw-toothed concrete lank bjirrlcrs. In places,the'dcfc:is6 z'ohc Is 100 '.miles thick. . . .... 'Actually, Ihe Sleglrled . line is three'lines. One lies flush with the frontier, the second l.v embedded In lhc hills behind 11, nnd (he third, still decp'6r inside the Reich;".The whole system Is Interwoven .wltli communications trenches.' And, to lhc rear, lie great- underground barracks linked wllh lh c forts by subterranean passages. Deeper In the cfirlh are hospitals nnd storehouses. • Possible Wrak Mnk Lltlle Is known of the wall running south from the north sea along Ihe Dutch frontier and connecting with the Siegfried Ilii'e n't Aachen. Presumably, 11 Is of the same typo as lhc parcnl line. However, It was constructed, If at all, late Inline war when Germany was short on both men nnd materials.' Almost certainly. It Is a blurred carbon copy of ilic powerful defense works to the south. Actually, many of Germany's so- called defense walls were made out of thin air liy propagandists rather than out of concrete by the Todt organization. For Instance, Hitler let It be known that he 'had strung a line along tho Moselle, from Namiir south through Sedan and Verdun. Yet. the Americans arc well beyond that area and no word has come back that.,they ran Into any powerful fortress''zone. 'tiic truth of the matter is simply this. Fast-breaktng .. modern warfare lias relegated the defense line to the same category as Ihe bustle. The Germans should knav this by now. Gone by the board arc their Fatherland 'line, Marcth line. Kharkov line, Dnepr line. Kiev line,. Prut'river-line, Oiistnv line. Hitler line. Gothic line, Man nerhclm line and Atlantic line. President Roosevelt once said For- Ircss Europe locks n roof Now il Also lacks walls. Firemen Answer Calls Two (Ire alarms Saturday, firs' within more than a week, rcsullc: In very slight damages, Kerosene stoves caused bolh alarms. A stove at Joseph Tin Shop Railroad and Clilckasawba, bccanv overheated In the afternoon,' am firemen were called to 701 Soutl Lake Saturday night when a cooklnj stove fire flamed high. Weather . ^' ARKANSAS-Partly cloudy Ihls afternoon, tonight and Tjicsday Scattered thundersliow'crs In north p wcst portion this aftcnioon and to 'night and In west portion Tuesday, - .yjlillp;'; Mi's. SuliikiB employed ns a tfclmloliin nt Walko losplta! Ih 'i3l. , lliat Mic me ier' future liusbrtn<i. :Hc wns ion) chbrlly before they wer imrrlod In a ceremony soliiiiuill'.C' July 21, 1042,'ntrlrsl Biiptlst Clmrcl Pollowlni? lliclr innrrltige, Mi'i Eiamlcrs accompanied Ciaptaln Hiuid crs to Paris, Texas. They also live ut Army posts in Georgia and Lou alnnn belorc lie was usslijiicd over sens duty when she returned to DC! o make her home with her mother Mrs. K. W. Nolan'd, nnd family. Mrs Sanders Is • itn expectant mother He also Is survived by his piir ents.- Mr. .and .Mrs. Frank L.. Sand crs of at. Louis, and' a brother, P(< Frank L, Sanders Jr., of Cam rowrtdr.'Mo, /• Nfrfi. Sanders' brother, StafT Scrijt. Charles F. Armslrons Jr., ulsb of Dell, is overseas as nn aerial »un- ncr on a Flying Fortress. i .Stationed in Bnghind, mcml}cr.s of this family also rud been worried about failure to hear from him recently but a letter todny reassured (.hern of his safely nl the time. ; ALLIED HEAD- Q.UAHTKKS, flopl 4 <U,P.)~ Pow- eiful niltlhh tank forces are within 0 miles of Antwerp, llic gateway o Holland uml Belgium. , Singing 10 uilles nuoss Flanders', ho Tommies ho,vo captuicd the •apltal of Brussels and fanned out lesond it virtually ending the lightning buttle ot Belgium. Finding only negligible resistance, ;)io British have plunged through .ho big tuiiihporl Junction of Mcchclln and the manufacturing city .of Boom,: which sits -oil llio ' edge ot Antwerp, H tlio nrlllsh cnn cnptmc Ant-' werp before lh« .Qcnnnivt blow up Us ' Jn.'ilnllntloi!.'!, .' tlicy, imvo .won one of the i Idlest prl/cs of the campaign, a majoi poit to supply the imirch eastward into Germany. Allies Ncar'Ulle Ono ot the greatest ports of caslem Kmopc, Antwerp Ls ilia iicrve-coittcr of .n; network bf'mlls mid ronds and rlvcis In n colu- panlon ilrKu to the west, oltinr Allied tioous have rcnchcd the out- skhls of Ullc, and now are repotted .weeping It clear of the enemy \ AH ovci Hie west, the Allies are" im\lit|( nt n speed probably neyer criiinllcd Hi warfare. As, an ex- s ample, It took the Allies 'nine clays ,. to dilvc fiom Paris y to Brussels, i. the .OeriiiRtis rciwifcrt 28 .* l f" '-- ' .sclH to Pin Is in 1S40. And they called It IjIrUkriogi • s 'rtio British, now standing ylr- tuully ln,tlie outsklrls of Antwerp, stand only 15 miles short of the Uiitch frontier. However, he 'Amor- , linn Kirst Army un the • British light flank h reported moving acrdss a.tbrncr of 'Holland toward Clcriiuniy, Ffonl icport-s say the First Army 1ms toppled . .the baslioVis of Chnrlci'ld, Mons and MamUr and h closing on Llcge The aefm^ns iio further. They say the Americans arc battling on the -cast side of Maas Oanal, on a paint on Uutoh soil about IB miles from Germany, Nail City Reported Taken Another unconfirmed report, Mils one frojn .Stockholm,- says (he American -Third Army, on the First Army's 'fight flank, has taken tijp Bomber Pilot Missing After Raid Aug. 2Q Second Lieut. Elwood Victor Wil- rnn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wilson nnd former employe of the J. O. Penney Store. Is missing In action, Ihe - War Department has Informed his parents. 4 -Liberator bomber pilot In Ilaly since Aug. 1. he has been missing since a raid over Hungary Aug. 20. The 22-year-old officer was graduated from Burclctlc High School in 1341. Entering the Army in September, 1042, lie wns com- mlisloiicd In January nt Scymnre, Hid. One of four sons and four daughters, two of his brothers ixpecL soon to he In service. Burl Wilson, ID. leaves this month to enter the Army and -Douglas Wilson will be examined this month tor service in this branch^ Another brother. Ezell Wilson, Is 14. His slslcrs are Mrs. Cecil liutni, Mr*. Jack Vowcll, Miss Vclner Wll- jon and Carolyn Wilson, all of whom also reside wllh their parents In Ihe Recce Community except Mrs. Vowcll who lives at 1509 West Ash. Police Force Alerted LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 4 (UP) — All members of the Little Rock Police Department, as well ns auxiliary police, have been alerted to Insure safely In LHlle Rock on V- Day. '. v Chief J. A. Pltcock, In a bulletin Issued for all department mem- bers—lias ordered the entire force to report (or duty as soon as the news of Germany's defeat Is announced. Early grapefruit from Ihe Isle of Pines, near Cuba, has already reached the eastern markets. of : I'crl, just inside. Radio France says Cicrmarr fclty the frotittcr. General Pntton's Third Army ; ,alno [ins mopped up both Nancy anil Mclx., thf! latter only 20 miles, west of Qormany. General, Elsenhower'himself has made Ihe first official disclosure Hint the Allies luive penetrated into the Gratia Dulchy of Luxembourg. In a m6ssagc broadcast to that country''AIM Belgium, ho sald'thelr ;icople were drawing close to the_ liour of liberalion; ' ''••'' ' : "' The fog.' of n sccilrlly blackout sllll beclouds the activities of the German-bound .Third "Army, ill . much more than nn hour's jeep ride from the German . frou- :lcr. .Radio France says'Nazi au- .horllics have ordered the evacua- lon of civilians from the, Mill house area of eastern France and other rectors along ' the Swiss frontier. The Nazis acknowledge that those areas will become a fighting zone at any time. ' ''. A London newspaper says the Germans also have ordered the immediate mobilization of all men in the Rhineland. area up to 62. They will be sent straight into tha Siegfried Line which stretches across the Third • Army path of advance. , ' "" Robot Coast Toppling As for the push along '• the robot coast, London newspapers are publishing unofficial, reports that Dunkerque, Calais and; Boulogne have fallen. Radio France also has broadcast the report, which has yet lo be confirmed. Coastal , observers In southeast England say Dunkerque, scene .<>{ the 1910 evacuation, is burning again. Great billows of smoke are mushrooming over the, French city, apparently the result of last-minute German demolitions. Deep inside France, the FFI is getting In some swift work. The British radio says French" partisans have rounded up an entire division 61 11,000 Nazis .near Bordeaux. And Geneva reports say. the PFI has executed 54 German SS- mcn and Gestapo agents accused of various crimes. A Vichy. broAdj cast also says 'the French have seized the properly of Pelvre Laval "for the benefit of the state.'- ,1,

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