Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 17, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 6
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Soon to be one of the iMdlair railroad toinu of the Nonthwest Iron MouiUaJn, Mlsspnrl Pacific and M. K. & T. RailroadR now In oppration;-Santa Fft railroad now within half mile of South Coffeyvllle. Oklahoma, •oon to be extended to new town site. Cofrayrllle Memphis rallrond to he built soonl for which bonds hare been Toted in Cofreyvllle, KnnB., Vinita. Okla., and other towns. Street ear line now in operation wllliln eight bloclts of South CoffeyvlUe Foon to he extended to new town Bite, giving fifteen minute nervlce. 18 pawnenfrer tralnn dallf. The arrival and. departure of a paRsenKar train on an average of every* l"^ hoUiw. Union Depot of South rnffeyvllli*, Olilahoma. in a few yars will bn a srene of nctlvitr with throngfi Of tiasBengerK Btoppln^ nver In making roiinoctlony for dlffrront points in Oklahoma and Kansas which will be du (i to a number of railrnada runnlnR in almost every direction In Oklahoma and Kansas, and the number of trains ronstantty arriving and departing from the I'nion Ilopot of South Coffeyvllle. Oklahoma. Th ^'torffrsi Porilton In the Sontbirest. In bronn 'w Anniieinent Park, eli|ht Moeks 4l9tolt from nnr town site. Tbe Tfatlforlnni of the Famoa.« .snnrfain Sprlnss, eifrht Itlorkit distant from the rity of .South t'uffryTlIle, Okla. W'. Brown's borne near South Coffejillle, Uklabomn. on tbe fide of the llne- S Onn Cofferrllle, OkUhoma. with its great railroad farllitles, cheap ^s, free factory .«ites, no bonded in. debtedness, lo< taxes and within easy access to a number of tbe Inr^est factorIe!<, In south part. oF Coffey- vlile. connected with good street car service, will soon be one of the largest factory points of the southwest. .\ city with separate government, with the artvaiitaires of seixirnte laws from those of Kansas. Access to the groat gas fields of Oklahoma, which is held within the .state required by slate law. .Separate schools for the white and colored required by state law. the advantage of the Interstate freight rate. The lairs regardlniar tbe Prohibition question are entirely different in Oklahnmn than those In KnuKas. the northern bonnibiry of tbe cattle qnaranllne line. All of which assures South CofTeyvlUe. Oklahoma, of becoming the largest city in tbe southwest. An Investment In lots In the lieeinninu of a'city with lis future assured will certainly prove a profitable Inrestnirat. openini; \OT. S({, 27. S8,.l>czinnliitr ThnnksirlTlnar Day, K.xcuntlons on ail roads. Prices of lots ranKe from JlOO to $22.» each; one-fifth down, balance 83.00 per month. Don't miss the oppning dates, as all lots not sold will lake a sharp adv.incp after that dale. For maps and literature, or fiirthpr ^laniouliir.';. write, wire TheKaflsas Land Co. Tbe Big 3 Land Co. Etchso Bros. Land Co. Coffeyi'lIU-. Kans. roffeyvllle, Kans. >'owata, Okla. MT RELAY RACE TOOK $5,000 tN aiLKS. Big Dry Goods Store In Parsons Was Robbed. HPARKLIMi KVt:\T BKTWKK> . IliUBOLBT \.M> 101.A Y. M. A. Banqnet in (he KTciilnir- lUferee*! on Horseback-\ Nnjhiier'WIII Follow !?!•-(•(• In Aulos. Probably one of ilie most iiiier »j «i- ing eventK in ilip line nf Tliank.'^Biv- Ing day spon.s wlii IJL- ihn relay race •;between the ni.'mbers of the gjinna- Bium classes of the HumlM)!(U and lola Young Men's Christian Association. The race will be run from Humboldt and *lll be in relays of one-half mile each. Ei^teen boys from each of the assoclationa running a Iiatf mile dash ^at^hIch jtoint the race will be taken up by other boys of the association. This race unlike other relay races will not bo run against time but will be boy againsi. boy. The association wblcb wins tbp jireatesi nunn>er of half mile da.shes will he declared winner of the racp. .\U the partlcipanf? in the-racawi.l be given a bSnquet at the local associatiou in the evening. •Prof. E.V. Berry, physical director of the lopal associatiou. and Secretary C. J. BUss, of the Humboldt assocla- tUm. trill be the referees and will fol- loiw tbe runners on horseback. Th-^ race .will be started at the public square In Humlxjldt at 2:Z0 o'clock lu the afternoon and the winner of tb" last haSf mile dash will lie py; to arrive In this city ai ;{:-i2. • the entire run in seviT.iy -two^-- In order to make the race in the seventy-two minutes li will bp iiPtf.s8ar> forcach boy ro run his liidlvldnul half mite in. four minutes. A number of (luriies fxith in ilnni- boldt and Inla who hn- interested lu •f. M. C. A. spcnK will follow the course of the ratp In automobiles. I'arsoiis. Kas.. Nov. 17.—Straburg- er's dry goods and ladles" furnishing (loods Btorf. the larjest In this iiart of the state, was burglarized lant nig" t. and J.">.(iO<t worth of sIlUs. furs iisirif h pliiiitx, glover, and hosiery tsk ')ii. The burglars riit <?ieil through the basement and weri; I'vlrti -'Utly well ac quainted Hjfh the store, as only fh coslll' 1 Rooilrt wcif takf 'H. This store is located on the principal busi neas corner of the city, untler street liphts and an eb'ctrlc light burns all nlsht Inside. Several hundrejd dollars worrh of furs were taken from the show window opening on the main street. There i«; no clue. There have been several sill: robberies in th! part of the state during the paat few months and it is believed that a gang of silk robbers are workltvc In this part; of the state. SIKS FOR A P<»L1( V. Patrick Cvnuoly Brings Action Against Insnranre Company. Patrick Connoly iMought suit In district court todiiy against the Unlou Central Insurance conipany to recover $1,000 which he says is due him on a policy. He says in ills petition that In October. IS.SC, he entered into a contract with thr- comjiany by which tie took out a ten-year policy for M.OOO. He says that he has added by the terms of the coini>:iny. iiut the f.nnij.uuy has refused to pyy him the 'icy although it matured some time He says he has no copy of the and Is iinnhip lo sectm' oup. KENTUCKY BANK FAILED. Monticello's Institution $20,000. Was Short Dr. Core to Caney. t)r. C. B. Core went to Caney this afternooii where he goes to assist in Installing an order of the K. P. A. there. 8. R. Kutz of Topeka la to be present Ion. In th( conrae ef •week 1 noticed "> lo ditappeu mni u tbe eod a( ili l.not troDble me nail. CncareU 4M* for Be. i ui eptlrelr cutMl «Bd he&Tfbr Washington. Nov. 17.—The comptroller of currency has bf en advised of the closing of the doors of the GUI Kcns' National Bask, of Montic.ello, Kentucky., on accomu of a shortage of over $2fi.bOO In the cashlei-'s department. The bank 1 ud a capital of Hfty thousand and total resources ot a'bout one hundred and ninety-four thousand dollars. GRAND CHIEF TO COME. CULBERTSON TO GO Cniiut) Clerh Exiwcts to Attend An- nuNl Meeting of County Clerks at Jlutchlasoti. County Clerk K. K. Culbi-iiaoii Is p\pectlug to attend the nuiiu:il nieot- liig of the couuiy clerks of Kansas which convenes at "Huichliisoii l;o- ceuiber J6-1S. The county commissioners of KunaJs iiirct wiili the clerks. A dispatcU says: Hutchinson. .N'ov. 17—Arrangii:it::ls for the auuiiu- miieiing of the county clerks and county commissioners of the state of Kansas, are t>elng made Til"- two associationM will couveue in Hutchinson for a two days' session. December m-l.*i. .1. U l^ogsdon, of Howard, coiuny clerk of Elk county, is president ol tbe association. F. K. Lang, county clerk of Keno county, and the members ot the board ot conn ty cotumlssiuners or this county will have charge of the entertainment of the guests. About 250 representatives of the two branches of officials from the 10.1 counties of Kansas, together witlt rep resenuitlves from counties from other .state.'', are e-xpected to be present. The purjiose of the meeting is to compare notes and to effect a uniform .system in the bnudling ot county affairs. A legislative committee has been apiiolnted which will ask certain concessions of benefit to the clerks and officials from the state legislature. HASKELL TO PRISON OFFICER& Kansas Warden Delivers Annual Ad- dr<n to American Aacoclation. BOTH WILL LOSE. Richmond. Va.. Nov. 17.—At the morning session of the conference of ih<" .\merlcan Prison Association today President VT. AY. IJnsliell. warden of the Western penitentiary, i^anslng; Kas.. delivered his nnnunl addrcMs, rc' viewing the associations work for the year. The rest of the session was taken ttji with an* address by Robert W. Withers, member of the Virginia house of delegates, whose subject was the convict road building system of Virginia. He pointed out the advantages of the .system both In road construction and to tho convict. Redfleld arid Bronson Schools Were Enlarged, Believing Barnes Law Would Carry. UK'S I.OOKI.NG FOK A .SY.STEM. Oklahoma Secretary of State Visits Kansas Stale CapitaL Gunther-Ilobart. Frlnnds in lola have received invitations to the marriage of Hyrou llo- bari who former'y llv»?d here, but now resides in Memiihis, Tenn. Mr. lobart will be married t'miorrow in be First Congregational church to .Ml>"s Marguerite Kllse Oiiuther, of Mmiphi.t. Mr. Hobari is widely acqitainfed In ola and a large niithber of friends will _ iio Inicrc^tted in the annoitncement I nf his marnam. Th" n. Scott Tribune says: If tl>" Kansas sitpreint? court af- tiniis ti'c decision of .Itidgo Foust nf Allen county, who held that the election two years ago of tho Barncfl cotinly hleh school law. Invalid. Dronson and Redfleld, two of the thrifty smaller settlements of this county, will be loser to a considerable sum. At the adoption of the Barnes amendment these tAvo places set about to make arrangements for the High w.fl.yiVT* pvniniiTriir school branrfcps being taught in their MAHAZiaES FEKIODICil.'^ schools. At both places tho school- '^'"^ secured of houses were remodeled and two| J. E. HendersoB , rooms were added to the schools. It: "^bo deals with the publishers an< cost in the neighborhood of $2.000; farnlshes them at the lowest price EXCILIXOE OB SEII. List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acroa In Neosho county, Kas, to exchange for good lola property. J. T. MI1E8. Boom 10, Old Cenrt HoBse. Topek.n. Nov. 17.—Assistant Secretary of Slate .Myers of Oklahoma, was here today consulting slate officials concerning the administrative and leg islative machinery employe<l in this state. Ho they have no system to their legislative machinery in Oklahoma on account of the state being so new and he is making a trip to several state capitals to find out how thihgs| are done there. F'rom the Information be receives he hojies to fl.siire wmt a system for Oklahonia. Wille the New Jentsaleni scheme failed to carry at the recent election In Oklahoma Mr, Myers says that fJuthrle lost its opi»ortunlty to sectire the permanent capital of the new state when It e'ected a negro to tbe legislature recently. The [teople of Uklaboma wlli not stand for negro domination, he said, and the town that foists a negro Into the leglslallvp halls simply harms Itself. possible. Trial su'jscrlptioo to Va* Norden's, 3 months 25c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye Will Attend Meeting of Degree of 'Honor Tonight. Josephine Weathprlr, grand ch"I«'f of the Degree of Honor, will Ije here this evening aild will attend the meeting of the local order this evening. Refreshments will be served and a soda! time had. A full attendance is deidr- efl. Pay Last Dividend. Newton. Kas.. Nov. 17.—John Watte pf this^ city, who Is receiver far the Amerloan National bank of Arkansas City, Kas., which failed aomeJyeara ago. coimmeBced today paying to de- Doeitora . the seventh aad Una! divt d«nd.,-l Tbe total amount of .claims iris |ja76922 .26 and the total of dlrldtodi ydlft.te |Z3$,983J8. ntekloc almost 8S per;(Mat paid^to daUoafita. Cleanses tiie§).jiteinEWect- ualiy.Ut&ptus Lolas and nead- ac)ie« cli^^ to Const! potion; Acts naturally, acts \vmy as a Laxative. ^. \p\ w Best orMenV";' »r; anaCnilo- bunganu '-^»a« _ titsTjene}icial%ct» bwthe brenume which jbll name oflne Com•I CALIFORNIA EG Smvp 0 Mwm it istBoniibetuiied^iirtrlei log B4nicdr^i CUcac^jr.t.. jjfi Real Eatite Transfer. Sarah Shlgley of Humboldt, to Grant Shlgley, parts of loU 10, 11 and 12 In block 5, all In Humboldt, consideration 1200. each for these two rooms to be constructed and equiiiped with fixtures. The two towns made a harrl fig'rt for adoi>tiou of the Barnes law and since the county voted it down, considerable rogfct is heard, emanating from these two jjlaces. The only hope Fort Scott, Bronson and Redfleld now have Is that the suprpme court will knock Judge Foust's decision out. If this Is done the law will stand as enacted two years ago. If Judge Foust Is affirmed the county high sc'nool here Is a thing of ihp past, at least for the , , ^ n rr v ^ «r time b^lng. Allen county passed the^""''J Tetini .Not Ised to >arro»v P.ames law at the late election but I I curt. J. a. THOM PmtniBr am/ Panmr Hmmgmr Estimates cheerfully given on all work ' -I i <9. Hes. 408 S. Buckeyew III JIBOLDT WAS WIXXER. the appeal In the ."luprcme court was not •withdrawn as the other ccftmtles where the law has been In force and the last election went a.=alnst it, want The business men'li volley ball team was defeated four games out of five last evening by the V. .M. C. A. team of to see if the first election Is legal j "">"'"'''l' on the Humboldt court. The T;IC only hope here is that the stt- ''">-^ >^">' d*-'*"*! is due to the fact that the Humboldt jvery narrow and the ceiling tinuauul- preme court will hold that tho election two years ago confirmed the law. Were Quail Huntkig. Paitl Kl.iu and E. P. Brlghiim re- 1 practically the ,same "score" as' ...o, urned last nlg.:t from B.-onson where j made by tbe two teams last evening. ly low, whilp the home court Is wide and high, tlumboldt was defeated on tbe local Court a short time ago by that they spent the day quail hunting. They bagged 40 of the birds. The odd series will probably be played I here shortly after Thanksgiving. On Trip Through Oklahoma. Arthur Crouch wto baa been here for the past several days vlslUng his psrente. Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Crouch, left today for a trip through Oklahoma. John Percy In Town. John Percy, superintendent of the county poor farm, was in town today. Mr.| Percy is now gathering the coun­ ty's' corn crop. Continued ifalaes Case. The case of the state vs. Jamee Halnps, colored, which was to hax'e been irlpd In Justice C. S. Potter's court tliis niorninif. has been continued until November llTth. Haines is charg»-.l with disturbing the peace of Mrs. Mabel Brooks, colored. For ^thma CoBtiBBe XaBle Caa& The case of the state va. Mrs. Hanna Maule. charged with shooting at Geo. Olllasple with the Intent to kill, which was, to hare been heard ID Justice C. S. Potter's court this mom- tngi has been cdntlnqed Indefinitely.' The bond for co itlnuance iraa glveii this afternoion bu^ no definite' date for tlid trial vasaet A quidc and powerful reniedyU needed to tireakiup aii attack i^cfoqn Skiaa's Liniment has cured many cases of croup. It acts insdndv—wliea applied both inside and outside of the throat it breaks up the phlegai, reduces the inflammation, and relieves the difficulty of breadung. ' tirl*!^- Me,. wtM MUiiji^ 'f'^^i^ i

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