Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1907
Page 3
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M*v» N* r «ar tiM Result With Ua- either of which off the block and (Chanut4 Sun.) • Clumute will ntit be dilatory In piet^ uip tfee challenge sent forth yeatortey by the | LaHarps football VfiTlfM*.' Ghanuteihaa been anxioua Christmas gime since the In- oi^tipn of the pigskin season and now tkat'LaHarpe has t^en the Initiative there «en be no possibility of either team side stepping on acconnt of cold feet Cfaaante has EUflBplent material this year to foria two first teams with three substitutes, rbold beat LsHarps ch^se her up an all ^y. The locals admit-that tije Smlelter town lineup looks decidedly good—on paper, but itfe firm In their belief that Channte has the Invincible itt>am on the gridiron. "WliHe the do Devils can not boast of former "Sale and Harvard coaches nor K. IT. stars like McDon aid Bnmer, they iiave perfect reliance fn the machine like pr ?clsion and ihe knowledge of the new style game possessed by such experlencJ »(l pjftyers as will constitute the Go OevUs' line. Pooler, the most phe- tsom«Mi1 kicker Kansas university «Vef worshipped, will be In the game again this year. Ix)fton, the heod- iSSt, slipperiest and most reliable player In the state will i don a suit. Peter s<»i brothers, "The j Terrible Swedes" who are held In well grounded fear by the LaHarpe delegation, will be on the field. The "Swedes" would rather play football than oat. and neirer fall to tear great gaping holes In the oppoBlng line. Chappel. tlie greatest end who ever filled a K. V. suit; and who was prevented from attaining a record more brilliant tlmn that of Bruner or McDonald becaiisi> of a serlou.^ Injury the first year, will face his old team mates. Priest, of this year's K. U. team, and captain of the track team, will be homo for ' the holidays to enter this pame. Ho Is a ten second man and peculiarly adapted and trained in the new styli play. Jones, a formidable man in th? line, as the doubty I players in brown discovered last yean Griggs, a Wash bum warrior, is a skillful', clever plj ^y. er with a star record In the camp of white and blue. BiJrd. a K. U. man and coach of the high school team, has Vn incomparable knowledge of the Yale andi^Harvard coacnes a decafl" ago., Ellis, whom LaHarpe hails a recruit, and the s^ar full back of O U. '04, will play with the Go DPVM:^. Cloherty, the 35 yard hooter of thf jap Warriors, C'ark whose adroiine .sH i3. well known to the rooters, Roland. Reese, RTneheart, McKey and a dozen O^ers ^re anzloin to get into the LaRirse scriinmagt again. It Is Chanute's him to win thi.< year and the eleven win enter the ccntiest with that -one determination. The lAHarpe line up is formidable appearing, but many of them obtain ed their training in -the old lime c]ase furBUktiim playing fhich is ineff .=ct- ive against the modem open styi» of play." This is one feature upon which Chaaute will -rely for victory. ' The Jocal manager will be glad to ; have a conference with the manag,»r.'; if th« LeHarpe elefr^n and arrange all preliminaries wlthopt loss of time. 96i 11 \$eyour warm Winter Clothing now! This handsome lot of new stylish Garments direct from Cleveland, O. 1; A COMPLETE Stock of high standard in every ready-to-wear branch has been as- senibled with the utmost care by this store. Each line has been marked at a price that wiil assure you the gratifying pleasure of practicing economy while choosing. We urge you to choose now when all lines are complete and you'll be sure to find your size. We invite you to share in the benefits of our undisputabfe unequalled facilities for underselling. 3*5 Styllxh Ha^« KlegantI) Trimmi'd hi onr own work ninni. Speclul prlreH for this neek from il .M to IfiM S04I fairs of Warm lilankrls from Alk- to il.'U per p .Hr B .'i Pleoefi TennlN or (hitluit Klniinels from 't lo I'i'ir yHrd Wiirm rnderwenr for ladies, misses and rbildren. Sep­ arate irornienls for i-hMdren from l .'t lo .'>0r; union snlts from S .'ir to .'iltc; ladles se]iarnle tnirnionts from 2'te to tlie nil wool union suits from Mv to (lie all ffool .Men's nndenrejir, fhe .Vic <|nullly for H'iie. Everything new and pretty for thef Fall and Winter Gown with the new Trimmings. You will find oj^.ly the correct things at 113 Emmi Mmdimon MveniMm RICHARDSON'S 2 tiQorm West Thomp' mon HoMm WAGON RAN OVER HIM JMHEX HER T «rK .4rHK8. PHYSltLV>'S H.WE DISPCTE. But Five Yea' Old Boy Suutains Only Bruises. A Woman Finds All Her Enervy and (oroiier and .Uslslants l>i«<airrw tn f o! » i ..A«bIOo« SHppIlg^way. - | Death of C .1- Barne). NAMES COLONEL CODY KIGHT DIE IS A WRECK. The Jf*w Fun Food aad Drag Law. ;W« ire pleased lo announce that Foler^a Honey; and{ Tar for coushs c0ld«JiSB dlung tronjbles Is not affect- M hjr the National Pure Food and Dnig Law as It cointalns no opiates (u* other harmful drugs, and we recommend It as a safe remedy for child- neb and adults. Bujreirs Drug s;oie GEORGE Marsh, a little boy living to East Ida ha? returned^ from Christ's hospital at Topelsa. where hej underwent an opeijatton some time ago. 'He may hav^ to refUm for n second operation inj the near future r{alp;i. tn.j .-VP year old son of Cforse Cronv'weil. who !ive.« ahoiii ii.iir miles southeast of Oas City, had iiiiraonloiis escape from serious in .imy if not de'aih by falling under th<- whoeLs of a heavily loaded' wagon i; fpw days ago.' Mr. Crowell was husk iiiS corn in jhe .field and the little boy was playin;; on the wagon. Whie Ihe team wa^ belns driven through the field the iiltle boy fell under the ipar wheel in such a way that it ran over his body^rom his. shoulder to his knee. The v,-agon contained thirty bushels of corn and how the boy es- f-Hped with no broken bones seemi^ 1-eyond explajiation'. The ground in I ho field was very .cofr. which was if the boy's f^vor. Other than a fe<* If^iise."! the hpy seems to have snf. f<rpd no injuries whatever. Miss Meeting. .\ nmsi meeting for men wiM l)e held HI the Y. M. A. hiillding Sunday afternoon at 3:50. A strong address Is p.xpected from Rev. G. W. Cassidy on the subject, '-A Man." .Mr, Cassidy is the pastor of the First llaptlst church of AVichjia. .All men .nre invited. To Whom It Hay ronrem: Noah Gibsoji will present his ap- Qllcation for a parole to the Prison l^ard on the 4th day of December. 1907. Cimmunications favoring or jro testing againsifhis parole will be fcon- sldpred by the Board. W. H: HASKELL. Warden. and i Honard fJould Swears to the Co-Ke- 1 , .New York. Nov. l.'..—Though Chas.; spondent in Divorce Suit. | pains that come when thekid-,, ,jar,u.y. former president of ihe' Collision on a_ Michigan Railroad- Uoth Englnesi Destroyed. lola women know how the aches; SanU Ste Marie. Mich., Nov. lo.— KiKhi people were killed in a wreck .New York, Nov. 1.0.—.\n affidavit set on the Pacific railroad at Chalk river neys "fail make life a burden.' Back- 1'I' ,"7 " ... ache, hip pains, headaches, dizzy >n'':'<erbocker Tnist ronipan.v. ''a-",,f„_.u on information i-nd belief • spells, distressing urinary troubles.: been declared a suicide ILV the coroner.' 1},"^^ p";]^^^^ >>if<ht. Express train number al] Ul of glck kidneys and warn you i according to Or. fJeorge A. Dixon, the | Katherjne Clemnions- relations with! ''^liifh left here at noon yester- of the stealthy approach of diabetes., fj^n,,,^. ,,j,vsiclan. one of the first doc-' Wllliartf F. Cody CHuffaio HW") werelda.v. I.-; reported to have crashed int< I Pms"?e?l'netrr%ure^^ - summoned. Barneys {rn^r ^ltpSteTrlrv b^ ^!^^! T"*" """"" '^'^^ r'""'"^ disorders. Here's proof of if -.nv.ords lo him were. -Doctor this wasj ^J'^'^;; s>upreme court toad> i.> •lo'^aru jj.,.„i„„j5 .^.^ ^ars and destroy- an lola woman's worns: ! accidental." The coroner's assistant;' i he affidiivlt declares thai .\liss'">K bmh locomotives. Among those " Engineer .lo.seph h Bay; Engir.Gfer North Bay: Firemen es whose names are unknown; Express "Messenger Clark, a brakeman whose name is unknown: Irug store and began using them. The; That Ijarney was bv no means ruin-I England. CJould says he expects lo trouble had I'^in ^brougm on.Jjhijtk. | financially appears to be proven by! show that hi.s wife confessed the truth Prendergast an dhis father. Prender- •jy ft .strain 1 suffered while lifting a'-i• • •• . • - 1,^^ Uove. Sharp pains caught me In thejtl* statement as to his business af-. ^^^P ^3^P „„ ,,pfore Justice ,„vr. «f ,h» rn «rt who rlglit hip and the aching gradually |f.,hs which were made public follow- 1 Q-Corman today on the application »f!Sa.«i was an emplo.^e of the road, who extended around across the small ot'j„„ |,|g tragic death. The cahse is Clarencp Shearn. • counsel for .Mrs. hud my iback. ' ^aslajd "I* '!!;''„1'',?!? H i h^Heved to have been something deep- """"I. have vacated an order which jtaken to .Montreal for treatment, and then when I began to get arotma: , ,., . .Mr. tiould recently got iioui -I "S^'XP ' Canadian Hiciflc officials here ; thelameness and weakness still clung " than a money loan which came i „f <^=na<>''^^^^ II L -rV to me. The use of Doan'8 Kidney Pins with the nnanclal crisis In which j M,.r ,.s witness in .Mr. Cnulds suit ju', tne wretK comp'etelv rid me of these troubles jj,ar„gy ^ many others were in- and the severe pain in the hip and back has never reappeared. 1 have: greii confidence In Doan's Kidney j Plllk and am glad to give them myj recommendation." j For sale by all dealers. Price cen|s. Foster-Mllburn Co.. New York, sole agents for the Stales. j Remember the name—Doan's aud \ fake no otbeK volved. but Pnenmonia Follow* a Cold. never follows the use of Foley's i for a separation. I Mr. Sbearn argued thai .Mr..Ci<iiild's j affidavit does not divulge the nature; |(;f the alleged relations between bis i wife and Cody. Iiud been recently hurt and was being The refuse be.vond giving out the above brief details. 'rice ..0. Honey and Tar. It stops the cough., ,.. B„ffa;„ jhea's and strengthens the lungs and : fnited prevents pnenmonia. Burrell's drug I reason jciore. ;wnere TO KERl'ILD Y.\RD. CHILD ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. !S. M. Cooper Will Pontinne in Rnsl- ness In Parsons. •* Con-d of Rright's Dlaeatie. Mr. Kohert O. Burne, EInora, X. Y., writes: "Before I started to use Fo"We desire to have this order va- 1 ley's Kidney Cure I had to get up from continued .Mr. Shearn. "for the | twelve lo twenty times a night, and I that in an actioti such us this i was ail bloated up with dropsy and the wife lived with the defend- 1 my eyesight was so ampalred I could' I ant for eight years, and has brought | scarcely see one of my family across action for separation. .«hou!d be di- 'he room. I had given up hope of Hv• ing. when a friend recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. One 50 cent bottle worked wonders and before I had taken the third bottle the drppsy had Children of Family's Cueats Were, Playing With • Revolver. the company, was seen this morning he said: "We will commence to re- 'Milld as soon as our insurance Is adjusted. We own the property where our yard was located and will erect as near fire proof as It Is possible for a lumber yard to be. We have built up not only a large trade here, but "a first dtps trade, and we like Parsons (Savonburg Record.) very sad accident occurred in .)ip Portervllle neighborhfKjd .vester- 'cy afternoon. The ladles' sewing so- (ieiy of the Swedish Lutheran cb 'urcb was sp .'^iiding the day at the honiv of Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Berpsten. Whil'* the ladies busied themselves quilting a number of sma'ler children were at play in an upstairs room. The little: son of Mr. and Mrs. Antoo Larson, seven y?ars old, picked up a 22 lepeaiing rifle which had been laid behind a tnmk. r,nd which It s,iP i r^rniiln in u»^«es<, in this citv. posed »'.is not loaded. The rifle was discharged and the ball struck Ray-j r.iml I:<';);5*en In the forehead, .d!-' rectly ov?- th'^ Hght eye. Dr. Cav ' enaugh h.;sl< itjl out to attend to the little fellow aud found him dangerously it not luta'ly wounded. Ray- i.iond ih past tour years old and a v .-?ry br: cut child for his age. Word was rcce'.vpd from the home (iilri n.oruing that j|e was s"l! alire, l-il it T,D.i fear.-»d that he v\uU not recover rectly confronted with the woman who made the statement tv.elve years ago. prior to their marriage, the plain , tiff had maintained meretricious rela- .M. Cooper, formerly of this city, jtions with some other roan. She should whose lumber yard was destroyed hy|„,nfront the jury and be subjected fire at Parsons a few days ago will,,, ^ross examination." rebuild. The Parsons Sun says: ; The S. M. Cooper Lumber company;' Kirst Church of Christ Scientist, this has oiiened nn office in the store of i,.i,v. win give their annual lecture on gone, as well as all other sjrmptoma of Brighfs disease." Burrell's drng store. CAR MEX STRICK. the .Steele Hardware company, and; Th",irsday evening. November 21. 1907. I-onfeiTlUe Employes Want-Increase of wlten ,Mr. S. .M. Cooper, the head oflg, ;he Crand theater. .Mr. Edward A. i , Wui^os and Other ronressions. " '•'"'Kimball of Chicago. III., will deliver! the lecture. Mr. Kimball is a very distln.sruished lecturer, and thoroughly understands his subject. This will be a spendid opportunity for the pub- I.«uisville, Ky.. Nov. li'i.—The union men employed by the Ixuilsvllle Street Railway company, struck today for an irdstic Jewelry No?ellies! Everything in appropriate j jwelry designs. Just tlie salt- able gift that yott may have it mind i;; now represented in oar display. 0, A. LEFFLER. JEWELER. Aad these are loaded with police. All fije suburban .service is suspended. This is the second car strike o^ car iiien in Louisville in seven months. The disorderly element Is in evl dence this afternoon. Sewer caps ver€! placed on rails and a barricade built across the street. A moh of two hundred hooted the police who were called to remove the obstruction. Many arrests were made up to tioon. ' DANCI.NG PROVES FATAL Many men and woipen catch colds at dances which terminate in pneumonia and consumption. After expoaure! If; Foley's Honey and Tar is taken it on the same site a substantial brick i nc to learn something of Christian! In wage^ and the reinstate- will break Up a cpld'and no serloun omce building and yards that will be; gdence. from an authorized course. I „f .-everal dlaeharged men. The ""WulU need be feared. Refuse any The lecture Is free and the public is cordially Invited. I , , w J J hat the genuine Iti a yellow package, [company employes eleven hundred B,jrreirs drug,store. ! men. of which nine hundred are mem- and wain to make this our home. That: jj,„ ,„ Bassett Is verv low with i%^ ! Is what we came here for. and we wjll i ^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ WILL .lACKSON a colored man Hvj^bers of the Amalgamated Association • :MRS. GODSEY. an East, loU lady. of Street Railway Employees. Very w^nt to the hospital today-(bp an op- few care are running this morning er»tlon. I' For KxcbgBfff. Farming lan4s in Panbgniile. Texan, for ftrm lands, or •took, or for loll). Oa» Olty or Lft Harp* r«Bt»la. A Irregularity is bad in every department of life. In m^s, in sleeping hours, ;^ but especially when it is a question of womanly habit. 14ot only is its ^gn off . female disease, but. unless cured, it will cause dangero \iS; troubles, becauso of the poisons thi |S allowed to remain in the system. ^ If you suffer in this way, get a bottle of Wineof Cardui Mii.UcliidaJolnoii,einahCiMk;Wls..v^^ ~1 lor |Mll «B (14) yMia villi lRi|a- larity .ciirii «imtp «ia. AlbstlliMCaiduUaBdMvlpaiaMM'*^ '^aU drai^ |« |l MUM. WRITE US A UnERH ^'SSrSIS^^S&rSal^

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