The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 12, 1996 · Page 39
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 39

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1996
Page 39
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FHE'SALINA JOURNA11 SATURDAY, OCTOBER. 12; :1996',II..' SATURDAY October 19 AFTERNOON | 2:00 EB Computer Connection BD Pet Department 03 Nature of Things 60 Rifleman SO Road Rules EB Absolutely Fabulous EQ Prime Cuts EB Movie 'Silent Witness: What a Child Saw* (1994) Mia Korf, Bill Nunn. (CO) (2:00) ED Movie **K "Josh and SAM." (1993) Jacob Tiemey, Noah Fleiss. (2:00) GQ Adventures of Slnbad EB Unsolved Mysteries m Cyberllfe EB Renovation Guide m Weinerville S3 Investigative Reports BD Caliente ® Travels In Europe QD Inspiration of Painting QD Betty Jean Robinson TCM Movie ** Tension at Table Rock* (1956) Richard Egan, Dorothy Malone. (2:00) TMC (2:15) Movie ** "Clean Slate' (1994) Dana Carvey, Valeria Golino. 'PG- 13' (1:47) 2:30 Q Cabin Country O Hometlme ODD OS College Football Regional Coverage — Ohio State at Purdue, Southern California at Arizona State or Georgia Tech at Clemson. 13 Audubon's Animal Adventures EB Moneyweek (CC) SO Fix-it EB Rifleman EB Road Rules EB Tracey Ullman EB College Football San Jose State at Colorado State. BD College Football Scoreboard EB Final Take: Where's the Cure? m Next Step SI Renovation Guide EB Beetlejulce EB control (D Burt Wolf's Gatherings & Celebrations QU Sewing With Nancy QD RayBrubaker (5) College Football Auburn at Florida. 3:00 O Texas Parks and Wildlife Q Star Trek: The Next Generation 013(3(10) College Football Auburn at Florida. Q Baywatch (CC) Q Ghostwriter (CC) O (3:15) Movie ***» "Empire of the Sun" (1987) Christian Bale, John Malkovich. (CC) (2:45) 13 Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School GO Movie *** "Victor/Victoria" (1982) Julie Andrews, James Gamer. (2:15) EB (3:25) Movie *** "La Bamba" (1987) Lou Diamond Phillips, Esai Morales.'PG-13'(CC) (1:48) EB Inside Business S3 Mission: Impossible EB Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast §0 High Chaparral £Q Road Rules EB Movie *x "Stewardess School" (1986) Brett Cullen, Mary Cadorette. (2:00) EB Golf EB Auto Racing Barber Pro Series. (Taped) £B (3:05) Movie ** "Better Off Dead" (1985) John Cusack, David Ogden Stiers. (2:00) EB Xena: Warrior Princess (CC) EB Movie "My Breast" (1994) Meredith Baxter, Jamey Sheridan. (2:00) EB Beyond 2000 EB Hometime EB Legends of the Hidden Temple E3 American Justice EB Benson BD Pellcula "Oye, Salome" Sasha Montenegro, Lalo "El Mimo". (2:00) 3:30 O Inspiration of Painting O Newton's Apple (CC) ID Movie ** "Congo" (1995) Dylan Walsh, Laura Unney. 'PG-13' (CC) (1:48) B) Without Pity: A Film About Abili- ties (CC) EB Managing EQ Other Side of Racing Q] Hollywood Report (CC) EB Motor Trend Television EQ Road Rules EB Auto Racing Star Mazda Series. From Las Vegas. (Taped) EB Movie Magic EB Hometime EB Global G.U.T.S. 4:00 O George Burns and Grade Allen O Star Trek: The Next Generation Q Vitalclse Session O Entertainment Tonight (CC) EB Early Prime BD Fall Guy EQ Country Crossroads EQ Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ED Movie *** "A Lion Is in trie Streets" (1953) James Cagney, Barbara Hale. (1:30) EB Inside NASCAR EQ Road Rules EQ 1995 Auto Racing Thrills and Spills EQ Movie ***"Hellraiser" (1987) Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins. (2:00) CD Scooby Dooby Doo CQ Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (CC) QD Management Today EB World's Greatest Stunts Part III EB Rescue Squad EB Land of the Lost EB America's Castles EB BET Shop TCM Movie **» "Rock-a-Bye Baby" (1958) Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Maxwell. (2:00) TMC (4:05) Movie *** "City Slickers" (1991) Billy Crystal, Daniel Stem. 'PG-13' (1:52) 4:30 O George Burns and Grade Allen O Community Connections O Magic School Bus (CC) Bj] Claymatlon Comedy of Horrors EQ Movie ***» "Forrest Gump" (1994) Tom Hanks, Robin Wright. 'PG-13' (2:22) EB Evans & Novak (CC) EQ Southern Stage EQ Road Rules EQ Horse Racing 2Day at the Races. EB Dexter's Laboratory 03 Scan EB Ren & Stimpy (CC) 5:00 Q Wild America (CC) B Emergency With Alex Paen (CC) a Star Trek: The Next Generation Q Santa Fe Days Parade B News(CC) Q Genesis: A Living Conversation IB News IQ Avonlea(CC) B3 (5:15)' Movie **K "Moon Over Parador" (1988) Richard Dreyfuss, Raul Julia. (1:45) EB (5:15) Movie ** "Mad Love" (1995) Chris O'Donnell, Drew Barrymore. 'PG- 13'(CC) (1:35) EB CNN Worldvlew (CC) EB A-Team E0 Highway EQ Hardcastle and McCormick • EB Farm Aid EQ Road Rules EB Daily Show EQ College Football Mississippi at Alabama. ED Taz-Manla (CC) EB WCW Saturday Night (CC) EQ Highlander: The Series EB Movie "Lightning in a Bottle" (1994) Lynda Carter, Dee Wallace Stone. (2:00) EB How to Succeed in Business EB Discover Magazine EB Doug (CC) EB Home Again EB Anabel 5:30 B Newton's Apple (CC) II IB GO (27) NBC Nightly News (CC) B Healthline |Q Salute to the American Teacher IB Movie "In the Line of Duty: Street War" (1992) Ray Sharkey, Mario Van Peebles. (1:36) EB Pinnacle EQ Adventures of the Black Stallion ED Movie ***» "Oklahoma!" (1955) Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones. (2:30) EQ Best of House of Style EB Daily Show EB Sportscenter CD Real Adventures of Jonny Quest EB Strictly Business EB Rocko's Modern Life (CC) EB Home Again EB Notlclero Univlsion 6:00 B Internet! OBDia (23(10) News O Home Improvement (CC) BB(5)News(CC) B That's Entertainment B Cheers (CC) B Aerial Britain IB Simpsons (CC) d Movie *** "Sunday in New York" (1963) Cliff Robertson, Jane Fonda. (2:00) 19 Movie ** ii "The Land Before Time" (1988) Voices of Pat Mingle, Gabriel Damon.'G 1 (1:06) EB Capital Gang EB College Football Colorado at Kansas or Kansas State at Texas A&M. EQ Our House EQ Super Bloopers & New Practical Jokes EQ Buzzklll EB Politically Incorrect EB College Football Big 12 Game. EB College Football East Carolina at Miami. EQ Movie ** "Hellhound: Hellraiser II" (1988) Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence. (2:00) CD In the Heat of the Night (CC) EQ Family Matters (CC) EB Weekly Business EB On Jupiter EB How'd They Do That? EB Aaahhlll Real Monsters (CC) EB Mysteries of the Bible EB AmorGlgante TCM Classic Comedy Shorts TMC Movie *** "Trading Places" (1983) Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd. 'FT (V.56) 6:30 B In the Mix (CC) B SIskel&Ebert B B Major League Baseball Pregame O(5)(10) Wheel of Fortune (CC) B Inside Edition Weekend (CC) ID Chiefs Update IBS Andy Griffith IB Simpsons (CC) ED 30 Seconds Over Washington EB Inside Politics Weekend EQ Road Rules EB Politically Incorrect EQ Illinois Instant Riches EB Tim Russert EE Rugrats (CC) TUNE IN TOMORROW ALL MY CHILDREN Bobby and Palmer plotted against Kelsey, and in order to get Kelsey to return Sam to Maria and Edmund, Bobby agreed to stay married to her for the three years stipulated in his trust fund. Bobby caught Kelsey at the airport after she threatened to take Sam and leave town. Bobby and Kelsey panicked when they realized Sam was missing. After finding Sam, Kelsey realized she is not mother material. Maria and Edmund agreed not to try to adopt another child. When Janet told Skye that Jonathan fell down the stairs and died, Skye fumed she was not there when he met his maker. Mateo was furious to leam Hayley had used her money to buy Hal's bar. Noah insisted on paying rent after Dimitri let him and Julia move into his hunting lodge. Noah found a photo of his mother, but told Julia he does not care where she is. A mystery woman arrived in town. ANOTHER WORLD Nick agreed to team up with Rafael to arrange things so that Nick will end up with Sofia and Rafael will end up with Maggie. Maggie turned to Rafael for comfort after Nick raked her over the coals In a public outburst. After Cindy and Gabe assured Lorna their past dating means nothing, Loma was upset to find them lying on a mattress laughing while Gabe was helping Cindy move. In hopes of getting on the hospital board, Grant told the members Michael kept mum that he knows Jake broke into the hospital computer to get Bobby's records. Vicky reminded the board members that Grant killed Ryan just as they seemed on the verge of naming Grant to the board instead of Michael. Gary accused Josie of not facing her fears by quitting the force, then got upset to leam she went off her birth control pills. Unite<;l Cateaoiv 76J ? 7 825-6OOO AS THE WORLD TURNS Paul told Sarah about his turbulent romantic past with Emily. Barbara was surprised to learn Sarah has a key to Paul's place. Sarah pressured Mark to take on the job of renovating the warehouse where Paul is setting up EAS. Paul insisted Sarah keep working with him after she found an investor to fund EAS. Calling on his experience as a race car driver, Mike remembered the passenger side door of Umberto's (Diego) car was open before it crashed. Mike later told Margo and Hal that he had proof that someone jumped from the car. While Hal refused, Margo told Mike that she would secretly continue investigating Umberto's (Diego) "death." Diego (Umberto) overheard Margo and Mike's conversation. Furious that Kirk is a free man, Lucinda vowed to ruin him. Ben told Mike that he has feelings for Zoe. Lisa fumed tnat John keeps putting Martin down. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Stephanie was elated when Ridge stunned everyone by proposing marriage to Taylor during the Forrester fashion show. Devastated, Brooke confronted Ridge, who said he knows about her affair with Grant, and that he saw her and Grant kissing. Brooke cried on Lauren's shoulder after Ridge said he never wanted to see Brooke again. When Sly started to get romantic, Jasmine saw his birthmark and realized he raped Jessica. Jessica and Jasmine went off together to tell the police that Sly is a rapist. Supported by James, Sheila apologized to Lauren for all the evil things she did to her. THE CITY Danny talked Molly into releasing Jocelyn unharmed and then turning herself in. Alex and Jocelyn reconciled their romance and agreed to live together. Sydney, who left New York City to live in London, arranged a multi-million dollar deal with a doctor to find a liver transplant for Nick. Sydney gave Tracy Quartermaine a controlling share in the loft building when Tracy threatened to sic the IRS on her. Sydney gave Tess a share of the loft, as well as the um with Jared's ashes. A jealous Caria sabotaged Gino's date plans. Ally was upset to witness a touching moment between Tony and Carla. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Kristen realized Stefano pressured a French doctor into lying to John that she and the "baby" were fine. Stefano expects Kristen to help him in return. In Salem, Kristen fumed when John said Marlena was moving in with them in case a "pregnant" Kristen needs her help. Stefano said he would help Peter get Jennifer back. In Salem, Peter paid a visit to an upset Jennifer. Jack fumed when Jennifer would not rule out a reconciliation with Peter. Celeste urged Lexie to get rid of a safe-deposit box full of expensive jewelry Stefano left her. Vivian and Ivan escaped from the French prison with Andre, who split when the cops showed up. Abe and John rescued Ivan and Vivian, who threatened to jump off the Eifle Tower. Franco wore contact lens that made his eyes blue, like Jill's attacker. Andre threatened to reveal the real reason Franco is in Salem. GENERAL HOSPITAL Bobbie, Monica and Alan were devastated when the financially-strapped General Hospital was forced to close its doors. Tom fumed when Alan pointed out that Steve put the hospital millions of dollars in debt by buying expensive equipment to keep it competitive with other facilities. Stefan told Laura that he loves her, is leaving town, and will take care of Nikolas. Alexis told Stefan that Luke is checking up on her. Lucy fired Alexis after learning she works for the Cassadines. Brenda broke up a fight between Jax and Sonny, who told Brenda that Jax is using her to get to Ned to further his plans for ELQ. GUIDING LIGHT Phillip realized Annie is addicted to pills, and so did a stunned Josh, who found her pill stash. Rick put Annie on medical leave after confronting her about her drug addiction. After Josh belittled Reva, Buzz believed he does not want Reva back. Vanessa was encouraged the medical treatments she is undergoing may cure her illness. J's feelings were hurt when Nola and Quint thought he was behind Bill's plan to use the money Vanessa left him to leave town. A judge freed Roger after Dinah dropped the charges against him, and Roger nixed bringing charges against Dinah and Hart. An upset Roger learned Blake aided Hart and Dinah's plot against him. Amanda warned Alan that she is all he will have if Alan- Michael and Phillip learn that he is the "A" Spaulding that framed Phillip for the bombing. Michelle used J to make Zachary jealous. ONE LIFE TO LIVE Marty was happy for Dylan, who admitted he has regained the use of his legs. Before Marty could tell Dylan that she planned to leave him, he surprised her with his decision to let her go because he knows she loves Patrick. Realizing how much Blair loves Starr, Todd decided to stall divorcing her and seeking custody of their daughter. Todd had to put his plan to keep Blair away from The Sun on hold when she convinced the reporters not to strike. Alex was surprised that her divorce was processed so fast. Kevin urged Cassie to write a story about how Alex has misused city funds. Elliot panicked when Carlo insisted on sitting in on VI- ki's next hypnosis session. Becky Lee ran into a stunned Bo before Drew could tell him she is alive. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Dru was excited when Silva ran a check on modeling agents Tate and Ty, and said they are legit. Neil admitted that he Is not excited about Dru becoming a model because it would be a strain on their life. Jack met with former love interest and Jabot model, Diane Jenkins Richards, who said she was in town on business. Chris was surprised to learn that his sister Patty was married to Jack, but left town after Jack treated her horribly. After sharing a toast to their divorce, John told Jill that her decision to live in the Abbott home, even on a trial basis, will be good for Billy. After a series of mishaps, Nikki and Josh were finally able to say their wedding vows in a Las Vegas chapel. Victor made Nick promise never to tell anyone they arrived too late to stop Nikki from marrying Josh. Tim realized Danny still does not know he asked Phyllis to marry him.

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