Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1907
Page 2
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hi} #j line Igelk CflllMlilJSjiang ^jinclay The ladies of lo a will welcome with pieuure the announcement that Miss Balfour, CoMtierc. of the Gossard Coisft Co.. of Chiq^ will take charge of a dtmqn ^ration and special fitting of the cclebr4 |tc(|l "fVonl (.i^ed Corset" for one week, begiiininii Monday. To much cannot be said ^jfavor of these most e ccellent otations. designed for style Ultratashionabic and comfort in the true significance of the word, the woman wh > does not know the Gosiard Corset misses the attainments of modem ccrsctry in its every detail. We wish that every lady |njiola would consider this a personal invitation to vbit our conet section on int main floQr,'next wiek and become acquainted wHh the many adm^rablt features of the Cossard Corset—the Front Lac^d Corset. A fe«^ mlnuties ij^nt in this wction will amply repay you for no other reason than to see Vhat a revolution has laken fAaCe in the making of corsets. Rememl^er this special demonstration and fitting of the Gossard Corbet will be under the psTsonal supervision of Miss Balfour, of Chic^o. §lil^p of Society ^~ft^hldi::I^gh^r Ciun has re- inson. M TK. .1. T. \Vooil ^nld the club rov44'J*iOVltaUo'ft from th- Cherry-1 nicniht'is presfiit were Mrs. Ueorge '•^'^.^I.^SStre'T^l'e^? ZK;:••• ^?<^«'. ^ iof. ijiembers TnltJatet and tin- '>^'»I>. Mrs. K H. Fiinston. Mrs. _._i "4Hnite4m has been ask<i< par-: A 1». (liar .^s. Mrs. TlirasU?r. Mrs. K. ;^toatfclA will be leid next ,. stPve.iKou. Mrs. M". K. Northnii., tt^^forllfie excursioi.. i " - ^T". Horvllle. '-'"'..y *** -^I- sickly. Mrs. ^. W. Beck, Xitoig Mable VmiArsdale s lioni.> .\;rs. A. X. Mltehcll. Mrs. R. Clai- ,_ttm in Bajtt^Mj^. ,„,,.,„. Po„^, „„d Mrs. E. i . Mrfc ^lUam Newtnan nt Imlepen- " Hrvmer. 48 spending a *eek with tola \!- • • * • . • • A- H. Brown and M^-a. A. H apbelt were: Kuesfa ot Mr^ ; MJFs (Jertnide Ragle and Miss Car' rif Clayton will' entertat;i a number LEdward this evfnluK with " .Miss Edna [buncan. Miss Alfa Dun I c::it. Miss ] ,iezie Ressler, Mlsa Nor nia Ressler, Miss Trean Ixiwdertnilk, M.fs l.oit Duncan. Arr. Harvey Hei- !<r. .^fr. Fred Klllian. Mr. Eronson. Ml. and Mrs. E. BiissinK. Mm. .John! Fdusf and Mrs. WoMer (• Teala w«jre at home to a number of frienils last evening at Mrs. Fousfs resldenee. [ 502 South Washington .•Vvi 'miP. . TJie gnests were member.'^ r.r the Friday Knchre eliif* and their li;i .'5bands. \A'ho were entertained at oanls. I • • • of the most enjoyable of the cliil) Events scheduled to occur Just (l»f)ve Christmas season Is the ex- j hililt of art work to be given under , (he auspices of the Art club. At the nM ^etiiiK yesterday the members de Maude Frances, of Colony, Mrs. H. H .lones, Mrs. Birchey, Mrs. Carrie Bird, Mrs. M. C. Daniels, Mrs. A. C. Thompson and Mrs. Bruce Osborne + + • Mr. KYed Aspinnll Is home from I«-iwrence to spend the week end with h:;t parents and meet Mr. and Mrs Edward Asplnall who are guests al the family home here. ••:!;il. S':- Btinaeld. of"Chjnute. ye.s'fe|-day. ; . •••,4; r ' Tlie Alt* SeU blub Is hviiiB the t?" , tot; taetlnKJ>t the fall at t^^ , . . , , . . . m m^hm^^iiibk^r this Jrternoon. i 'X ^^sied .u muslo.weru entertained sixth and s folk party. + * * I oi^niribute s .\ nimiber of young people who are ^^^^ ^j^^j^ ^^.^ u|)on the dates of Decembei Fkyett« Stoddard is • tor tlie Liftle Gleaner p{)4fg ||]y fntertaioed yestei day after ! .MCiit int tbe bl^e^t .JCrs. W. H. Rich-' ^jlfMrilnt&iid Vadl.s m street.s j ^ifM ^iMnVlfr^. A. W. \llen and ' «el« assiste I by Mrs. a>||^^cClMft«i^ Johi T. Wood Uie!^;||Q^jg^a and; I t Ave o'- ^»y&0l^v^ \ns seked with ?venth. Bach member wll ime articles painted sincr 18 organize*). There wil ......... ,u ......^„....„...^. ^j^j^,, ^^j^^ ^^l^jj ^„ painting the home or Trt-an I^wdermllk last „„^, T ^^^^ evening and as a result of the n^eet,,,,,. , ^ „^ Ing a Mandolin club w^ orjtanixed 1 giving a K this af- „^ • .M «.».w„„ v ..iu «^ -^,,,^1^. j,^ receiv.-d both after .The meetlnga will be hejd once each ^^^^ Tm^UiBBlon BAnd: a chlMren's or- week. No |ii-esUl?nt has ]>een elected l^^t^ <*. the Reforme.1 chtirO.j ,„„ ,hhi will be a fe«urh pf the next; ' ..... g^J;!^^^^ -^"J; I rehearsal. Members of tjte cluri are.j The Art clnh was In .^slon In the '^Ifih-t- ' . ; ' M. C. parlors from two uati JSboUl .'pirent}- club [was most, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i Ave i .clock| yesterday afternoon. Sev iiilt«IMNnats',1iuii«^ ' Thfj H. Kfte ^on. Mrs. club had Heyjmun. j lira. S^tsih R QWO. B. F. Rtjh- HByThBref "Where are you going?" '''OoinK after a sack of Ua Sm Pmimnt Flour. . My wife won't use anytWng •jjise." >• era"; of th? btit-of-town menii>er8 werr nre-ent to assist in making the at t<n'lance unusually large. Miss Anna Krances of Colony, read a paper on .v;ich.iei Anigelo and Mrs. McDanleU gavf a description of the Cmbrlan school of al -t. There was a bualnesF i:s.->Fslon to <|onslder several events foi the coming ,month. The roll call^yes Icrday was j anyiwered by Mrs. Major .Vi :sH Mary Chamber'ain, of Hum- holdi. Ml.'<s Anna Frances. Miss lj9toa |Mag !Oil Rid It U as vMd «.« depoxltliir tke fTiBODr} In • badu^Wklle^tk* dia^Md May unt pay iilerriit an the Monrj dlrerll; like the ha^k. It glm tki> wearer a |irr«tlgre tkat payn dlvMMiia ner) 4a) la tkip yinr. Wv arenH a(i|aM to kavv aar faU treUtiii of 4iaMMNi4a (Htmpami wHk aaylhinrr In th^ ttn ^f. W« kaair thai HI* iKmeklj tkrjn rivkt ai4 w« ran ami >VIL|< jeU U MM right. VTe KvaraalM trttj ftm kaaaift II will alwajra tarn ant ta he «Mell|| Lodk at Our , Libbey Cut Glass, Itook- wood PoUery and Hand Painted Cblo^. Sewili, Jeweler ni Ofticlir 104 North Washington. referee, in bankruptcy on the eaUte of C. I. Devlin, has announced that a dividend of twenty per cent wjll ImmedUtely be 4>ald to creditors of the JCoiint Carowl company, one of the Devlin companlea. Wliile this is the first dividend Mr. Loomls Is of the opinion that' others will follow jrnpidly and that the creditora of the Mt. Carmel company wl'l loose but little. It Is eapected here that the affairs of ail the Devlin companies will be closed up early in 1908. The credlton of many of the companies will realise but little on their claims while the creditors of a few nf the Devlin companres will be paid almost dollar for dollar. The Prst Nat'onal Bank, .the Topeka financial 'pstllutlon which went down in the Devlin crash, has now paid depositors sr. iwr cent and there will be one more dividend at least. Suffraglsta Will Not Unite. Topeka. Nov. 16.—The Kansas Equal ^ffrase aasociatkin ^111 no kmg?r affiliate with the national a& soclation of female suffragists. A decision to this effect was reached at I meeting of Kansas suifragistB here yfWerday. Kansas suffragists feel that the West has been snubbed by the national association, which they say ta run for hnslness and not for principle. Miss Olive Bray was the inly member of the Kansas assocta- lon present at the meeting who vot- <^ to continue affiliation with the national association. The Topeka neetlng waa not as well attended as vas anticipated but the female siif- 'rnglftts are not discouraged and will "onduct an energetic campaign to el->ct m'smbers of the legislature favor 'Me to female suffrage next year. They will atart out right away to ^ake a campaign and are very hope'<il of success. Mrs. Lee Monroe of •"opeka. was elected president of the ''Tansas associatAn and Vtr^. E. E. ^oudrtush, secretary. ••••••• .•••••••) Notary and Btaaoitf^ar la i (WoaT Pkona • a A. Swing. 8.A.qard. G.R.aart • Lawyers. PracUea In all SM V. MadlaoB. A farew;»ll party was given' it onor of .Miss Bess KInne Wednesdaj •venlng at the home of Mr. and Mrs 1 B. Miller. Progressive peanut.' .as the amusement feature of thr •venlng. A small pan of peanuts war nlaced on each table at which four rn=ons were seated. The two at •Ither end of the table who were abl< J get the greater number of peanutr rom th? pan were advanced to tht )txt higher numbered table, acconl "hg to the number of peanuts the> lart to their credit. The nutsj werr aken from the pans by the means of •ticking ih3m with a bat pin; Th' ir .es sticking the smallest number .ere sent to the lower numbered ta les. A three course lunefaedn was •< rv.^. Miss Klnne was given a liool a slight token of remembrance ot hose present.—Moran Herald. Miss Klnne vislti; several lo'a girlr >nd Is well known here among thr xclal set. • • • Th? Wpman's Relief Corps was ai] i:h<-r of the organtzatlons which met esterday afternoon. Several new Tiembers were received and after fa -<-port of the executive committee thi afternoon was occu)i:ed riy a discuss 'on of plans for the entertainment of he guests who are coroiiiB for the re lew on November 29. It la expecte<' that at least one organized corps will be Invited. • • • .Mr. and Mr^. Glenn PInney are In Yatfs Center this week. • • • Mrs. noorge W. Fague gave a |harrolng card party yesterday for 'he Friday Euchre club. Thlagt i« k^SSL JeweSnlViM JTatekaa, OltMaada^ Wik Tat fliaaa, lUai PlalaM fhiu and SteritBK Mlver. . Ike Olft .Stare. The RelUMe Siarr. lli;NElL MOTHERS. Uias Orace Boatwick, Miss Aibogast. rrs. Cooper, Miss Abbott, Miss El'a Travis. Miss Knowltoo. Mr. Alexan^ iar and Mr. Salser. + * + • A merry party of young people were nt-artalned by Miss l.ncile Ritcfaer •j^ Master Carl Ritchey last evenliig. The guests were et.tertained by Miss Wble Wiriams and Mias Kate Rit•hey. who assisted in games and with he delicious refreshments. Those vho were present are Ruth Masaen ;ale. Mary Shields, Eula Cummlngs. i:dna Wlood. Lois Talbert. Viola Ray Stella Osborne. Harry Wltlttaker. Rosoe WV»d, Jud Carpenter. Leo Day ee Bowliis. Ollle Steele and Willie Milne. / • • • Mrs a. W. Adams gave a child •en's party this afternoon from tVro •nttl live o'clbck In compliment to -nembera of her dasa In the United Irethem Bnnday school. There' was t series of Jurenile games and hinchaoD, placea being laid for Mable <>wis. Loralne Templeton. Miaggle Al- 'en, Beatrice Mllner, Rva Stillwell. The after ['''U'** >^*(<> (^>>rl"<li>(* Atsbaugh. Rdith what iif aaM H phatlrally that git tor as tear |waa and we slate Ni> yaa i;pB aa rii|k la. Ila^apd Ntlneas. r.oon was spent at Progressive euctfre. Kaltle Parre'l. Hattle Ad* tn>". Btla Loen, Hester' Alger, Dora Mr. and Mrs, Fred Nelson, 701 Bast Donovan. Louise Wydlek. Rdna Free- Inckson. announce the birth of a daughter, Rlltabeih, on Friday, No vember IB. • • • Mr and Mn, P, B, McColloeh, of Gas City, entertained a party of •nan Ada ^^lieeler, Vniilee MlMa- •nore, Bernleo Sharp, Jaiinita duy and Kate RlHer. • • • The Young Ladlea' Sewing club will -niertalB a few gwitlemen friends at /rienda last evening wirh an Infonpal th* home of Miss Birdie Hoch on party. The evdM;>waa^«9mpllmeBi next Wednesday erenittr. o teacher*; }0>a!ll^ i;. ; The Trat atage ri^e^raal of the play sWly re- "Beb«^a Trlttmpli'' waa bdd at the '' ** Bacbetor last ereatag. There will be (a. rcVftTMl' Moa4ay U> Ol* Or»Bd. Mlaa algned her plaoe at the '^aCteracat iidhpol. waa agre^ibly awpriafd la^ DB. MeMILLlN. 8pe«lal attention given to the treattnant ot all Chronic Dtaeaa- es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office SS. Res. SSI. OBoa tn Mrs. Turner's BIdg., West Madison. • • • Phona 687, Rea. 70L • .D8. 0. L. COX, Rye. Bat'. Nose and Throat. * BpecUclea Properly n'tted. • Oaea A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • . Offlca Phone 1083. DB. B. 0. CHBISTUM. Plyiietan aai Bargeaa. Rooma 7 and 8. Brans BIdg. • • • • • • Rea. Tel. 198. Ofllce Tel. 163. * OB. J;B.PS]^B. Is permanently located over * B. C. McClaln'a Clothing Store. * and la prepared to do all kinds * * uf ap-io-date dental work. • * iSventBg work bj appointment * • Phone 664. ' Iota. Kau. * DB. EDITH S. HAWlt^ • * Offlca and Bealdanoa over Bar- * • reira Drug Store. • • Office Hour»-10 U K M a. B ., I • * to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 mnbiga. , * * Sundays by Appolstnaat * • • • • • • P. H. MAB%IH, Praptlca Umltad to 16 N. Bnckeye. • • • • e a a PboBaB7l. • DB. vr. B. Hsrunn. ' Physlelai. k BargeiB. • Ofllce N. EL Coraar of BdVtnk • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Itora. * Rea. Tel 38. Offlca TaL (OL • • . : : e • P. L. Lathrop, • Mra. Bessie O. Lathftsp. • 08TK0PATHIG PHTnOIJnL • Special attention gfTeaJirs» * eases ot Women and Cilmia. * Over East Side Hardlrln. • Office 'Phone, llahi 4«1 • «BO. A. BOWLUI, Praaldent TNOS. H. BOWLU^ ALLEN COUNTVSTATE«ANK Capital $30,000.00 \ DfRBCrOKS Baeli. L. C. Beatty, A. J. PHnan. W. J. BvaiM; J. O. tt#4e Aa ft#WllMb Th#fc .-M» •APmr DBPOBIT BOXBB FOR RBNT PBOM |l|a'» PBR ViAlk THAY ARE FRESH. A choice aisortment of this lir brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lo:wDey'^ die lain here, our pereonal pledge of tbeir fieshncas.goet m\ them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see bow well it pleases yon. CRABB'S/D^UO STQBE, Corner Washington aiid W«st Sts. The SANTA FE will aell U0MB8EEKERS* tIekeU Nar. Itth, Dta. li aad^lTtfe, 1M7 ta palaU la Taiai .Oklakaaa aB4 MiM tatrttM^i Kew Kasiea aad Arkansaa at T«rr law ratM.. WIXTBR TOPBMT tJekeU oa sale daUy Rav. Utk, 1M7 U iMBi Ntk. IW, with iMl ratani liaiK Jaae Isl. im ta B MM ^ ft•a, Ft. Warlh, flalvMtoa. Tasa^ Carhbad and Daalif. X. M. •tlMr rales. Plrase see a« fer farther parlralars.

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