Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 17, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 5
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PuUy eanlpped for aU kinds of Brreylng, esUniatiDg, pateat draw- /ig, blue prints, maps, sldewaUu, cqrblng, and ^rm drainagA. OBM Orcr Tamoni." —Cnnningbam & Amrit, 8 per cent monej. MixR Baldwin at Chanute. MIKS B <Ttlia Baldwin is hoinn from lola to spend her vacation at the homo of her pannts. .Mr. nnd .Mrg.^Wr W. Ualdwin, on East Fotirtli. She has boon cuiploycrt as milllnor in a store tlierf.—(.•h 'M -ryvalo Republican. -Pap«r ITanglOK. Phono 1423. —fiff. y.iiir Slundis'. VnM r .ird AllMims at Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than moRt Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET Jacobs to the Pen. Sheriff Dps of Neosho county, pa.'i.v ed through lola yesterday afternoon on his way to I..anslng with Henry .facob.s, who will spend the next twen- t.v-one yoar.=; there unless pardoned sooner for .cood behavior, .lacobs is tho vlas City .smelter worker who re- ren'iy went to Chaniit"' and was shortly after arrested for misuslnj; his 15- year-old step slaughter. — Soda Water, the Oar Way kind. . About Jack Fotih. ! .Tacl: Foteh, the wonderful and sei- j'liiifii' ssrt'.-i. i." (<> O'i a wf'>k'.> en- Wo handle only the best of Fresb p-^'^nr"' '•^ the Star rink, commenc- „ . . , ... :i!i>; this cv.-nin? and glvinR his final tf.cats. Smoked and Salt Meats. Wo Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will pay tho highest loarket price In cash or trade. Como tn and 8ee us. We are eoJe agents for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial yon will use no other. Fryer FliOTie 801, 80S. Bros. lolo, Kansas. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Mmifaetarcrs. WbolMol* aad K «t«9 Ooolera CRYSTAL ICE And Dii tilled Water ntm C «li iUns* Iraiy f«r Viffaiefh Fhoae IIC PRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. perforr.-.anee Saturday night. Fotch is known to many Chantuo people. \\o ki^eps the audience in a constant uproar ihrouphoiit hi.> cakewalk and 'omi^ feats. Ife does the wfnsr dance and hroad jump to perfection. Along with ih.^se laughable stunts ho does faiif-y skating at each p.^^rformancc.— Chanute Sun. —Fitzgerald Stflraep and Transfer Co. Household and piano IUOTIK; larzcst »^tore room in city. Pbone 3^ Stoves Set ap and connected, also anj other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. t'h^l^l^ Is Not t«t f>o. The county hiirh .•-(•liool will not tiotui thi' cliuru.-. to the Southeastern^as Trach'T.'i' a.^snriatiou, 10 be li"ld ;ii Id!:! .Vnvrnilpfr :.'<> and 27, It lieing (Oil e,\!i'>ii-ive to send .«uch a I;u(;t< Itody <.f studeni.s ihat distance. (ti solo ill ooiuer: f(.r tlie j r'zo hi solo. The ci>i;ii'y Iii .i .'h Fcliivd rhnrns won first priTi' at ('<>i't% >\i'lf* l.!r-t .M';ir.—Inde- pflld-'iire Iteiiorlrr. —It—Our Way Soda Wat«r, iiitt^i i «... Tlie ."cliriol will \->r- represented ItTsol (Work. hnv.'.v<r. .\<i.«^ FtTU Fair wi Suntu I'e Men Here. Stipnrin'endent of .Motive I'ower P.urk. of fhiciigo, and Mechanical Su- peiluiendent .McCoff of Topeka. of the .Srint.-i l-V pas.-^rd throiich hefe yerter- (1:1 y (III iljcir way so.iili. —Oysters any style at Onr -way. TOREV Trojan Safety Powder MEJiyS JCST WHAT IT SATS. Better tban any other powder on the market. So glycerine In Its conpoglUott. Does not freeze no matter how cold. Absolutely no danger in handling. Use Trojan instead of glycerine and save the of yoor men, and your company from damage •nits. CiW.Coverdalc In Jail at Chanute. Miss Gr.-ice Jones of lola. spent Saturday and Sunday in Chanule. Grace is a buxom lass wit!-, tlooraing cheeks who manages to get into jail over>time sho comes to Chanute. It cost an admirer $10 to get her out last iiisht aft<:>r she had languished In the city bastilo for fwenty-foiir hours.— Chanute Sun. —ifundiii' Drug .Store has iu.^t received a flno line of Post Card Albums I Chanute Gains Confidence. The lola high sdiools boys' basket ball team was defeated Saturday ev- •i.ning at Oarnett by the lattcr's high school five by a score of 43 to 17. This ives the Thanufe high school team double confidence of winning at lola Thanksgiving evening:—Chanute Sun. ~PreBti Oysters—Oor Way. McDaniolK Married. The friends of Fred .McDanlels who has been the an^el for a lot of ball players for teveral years, will bo in- tere.'ited In knnwiu;< that he has joined the ranks of the benedicts, and taken unto htmseir a wife. Tliinking matrimony inmlije enoijgh Fred has alro waslii 'd hands of the b.-iselKilI business. So more of it for him, he sajB. —Independence Star. W. T. Steele to Kldorado. \V. T. Steele, district deptity of the W. O. W., went 10 Kldorado yesterday ItLJhe interest of ihat order, lie recently returned from Wichita niut f-ays the locals In (hat oliy are preparing to tiike a class of five ntindred into that order on Deeemhep 4ih. jnBiouPAtt?aBjEttSTES.-f€t5 >*T mmG, TKfftmXtR V, im 0000000000000000b o o A .¥ r a r K r X13, o 00000000000000000 AITDITORIIJ.M-Tonlght. race between Duggan of Tola nnd DIrd of la, Itarpe. Wednesday night— Basket ball lola high school vs. Auditoriutn team, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night —Hariey Moore, juvenile skater. BLRCTRIC THEATER—ifoving pictures. MAJESTIC THEATER—Moving pie tutes. OR.V.Vn—Irene Duckett Stock com pnny. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. bnlldlng. Steam heat in each room. Baths free. Cherryvale Will Come. Prof. N. A. Baker, principal of the hlfh school, in president of the Southwest Kantias Teachers' association and ho will attend the meeting of this association at Arkansas City Thanksgiving. Cherryvale Is In the South east district but when Mr. Baker was at Cedar Vale be was In the Southwest district nnd was last year elected president of that association. The other Cherryvale teachers will go to lola to attend the meeting of the southeastern district but Mr. Baker being an ofBcial will go to Arkansas City. Mr. Baker delivers an address there Friday morning.—Cherryvale Republican. Pr«J Rowden. Potaloes for .Sale. Will exchange .^mall see<l polatoc;, bushel for bushel, for corn. Price for same iiSc at home. Largo sorted |iota- toes 7rte. Also turnips 20r. .\. I.. Town.^end, Hor.-:e.=]ioe P.end. Phone P52—12. l»r. E.*.tey Receives fall. r>r. Kstey. pastor of the First Presbyterian cliurrh of Topeka, nuA formerly principal of the Humboldt schools, has received .1 call from the King's Highway church of St. l.nuis. He is at preseui underided as 10 hpiher or not he will aee^pi the call. —Our O.'^nler.^. Way. Varl Co\ to Kansas fity. Karl Cox. of fc;isn:u>re. president of the r)ealer.-> .Vs.s -ociafion in Kansas City attending a meeting the association. The principal sub- ieer. for discl•,^•sion at this in.->eting is the new r.-iili-o.m rate hlU which poos Into effect in Ih'u- .^late the first of January. '-Prank S. BeatUa. V. S. Phono 185. Oard's .»w Home. Roil Oard who is building a modern residence on his five-ticre tract south of the city expects to have the build- ng ready for occupancy by Fetunary Ist. The new home will have all the modern conveniences Including y^clty water, light .and gn<!. •Dr. J. B. Pepper. Dentist KIOBO ICS. ralbert<ton at UnmhoW. The Huinbold Herald say.-.: Uev. Ciilhertson, president of the Emporia college, preached at the Presbyterian church .Sundn.v. In the morning he •Id the story of the woik in the col- ego in a most luteresilnc uay. The college has galnetl sixty per cent In attendance during the two years ltd has strengthened its faculty itntll is on a iKir with any denomiuaiiou- il school In the state. It I.s- the leading l ^resbyteriaii college in the stale and -should be supi>oried liberally by he church which is well able to care for it. After the nioriiing sermon a „ tinher of pledges were taken for tho supt>ori of the college for thf* coming -r-Be a Booster—Home Industry— Veosho River Cat at Our Way. Foiist fo Erie. JitdL'e .laiues V,'. Fin.'ey wetii lo rie Ibis morning, although nothing as on the docket for trial in dLstrlcl court today. The October term will conclttde early next, week, he thinks. How early depends on when Judge Foiist will be here. The lola judge has several matterR under eon.sidera- ion, and there are a few cases left on .he old dockets for him to dispose of— cases which Judge Finley can't touch because the latter was of counsel In hem before his appointment 10 the bench. Judge I'lnley has one big case !efi—that of .\nawalt /^aln.'^t iferrl- field. This will probabl\ take two or three da.vs to thresh out ,and he does not want to set it for hearing until he knows exactly when Judge Foust is rominp, so as not to intrude on any jf his time.—Chnntite Tribune. —Merchant's Lnnch at Onr Way. TiNiting at nntrana. Mr.=. We.iver of BartlesvlUe, Okla., and "Miss Preston, of lola, came Salur day to visit Mrs. T. R. Blitman. The two ladies and Mr. and Mrs. Pittm^an went fo Independence yeaterday to spend a few days with friendv.—Ha­ vana Item In IndepeDdenco Star. t -JBU per eent tooney; no commlo- flkmt BO delay .^~3nilty Trsrt*. —Regular $.1 and $."> hals special sale Thursday. Friday and Saturday. Dogprtt Milliner.v. (Are Three Franks. •When Prank Travis came down to his office this: morning his partner Frank Smith handed him the morning mall .ind remarked that tho firm bad three members all bearing tho name of Travis. One of the letters wa;: addressed to Hon. F. L. Travis, another to .Senator F, I,. Tr.avis and a third to just "common" Frank Travia. Travis explains the respective ad- resses in this mnnnf»r: The first letter was on .a matter of business, he second for a position in the Capitol building and the thirtt a "pl'^ase remit." this has 6 • 'fo and From Cliannie. Prof. U. I. McKlnstry returned afternoon from tola, where he been on professional business. * N'. W. Henry returned this afternoon from Colony where he has been looking after his gas interests. * * * Mrs. W. T. Neiligh. of Parsons, who has been the of Mrs. Homer Iseit, .•eat to /o!a Saturday nfreniooti.— Chanute Tribune. rested at Csanute for breaUns Isto a Santa Te car near this ^Ity a&d "^flio T9,9 soBt'to the-reform tcbool, \f tbmptet] to get avray from the officcf rblie la Topeka, but v^s r^capt'ured o -fltgn painting phone 1I3R. Thorpe on Visit. Chtude Thorpe left on the plug this momln«: for Leavenworth, where he will visit his father, who is In the old soldiers' home there. Before return Ing he will-visit in Kansas City. —Always time to eat at Onr "Way. Adams to Thayer. 5Ir. and Mrs. G. W. Adams left this afternoon for a short visit with relatives and friends in Thayer and Earlton. Mr. Adams will do some special work for the M. W. A., of which r>rder he Is district deputy. Low pressure gas heaters at K. C. PlamblnBT Cn.'s store. > Owen Pipe Line .Man. The right of way has been secined for the laying of a pipe line that shall be used as an emergency line for .sup- pl.vlng Muskogee with gas when a break, occurs in the main line from tho R.amona field, and within three weeks all danger of .Mtjskogee l>cing suddenly deprived'of gaa will h.ive been eliminated, according to the statement made to the Muskogee Phoenix by Supt. .1. F. Owen of the Caney River Gas company.—Independence Reporter. —Insist on harlns -0. 8." floar. ^PEClAI SriO'>VTN€F OF Dining Room Fiirnitif For the Thanksgiving Shojptjef \17E mean to do oiir best toward mak*.; '^^ ing Thanksgiving Day inore than . i;sually enjoyable this year. J net «s good service adds to the qtiality of the dinherj. So also does dining room furniture.' We--, have made a special display of dining .1 room fnmitnre for the convenience of the _ visitor to onr store. In tables, chairs, buffets, china closets^ sideboards, etc. All of this furniture represents the best and lat- i est prodnctibn of the season. Prices guar- - anteed to be the lowest and quality the highest. See display in south window. Sleeper's Furnitore Store —nr. P. E. Wangh, Dentist. Plione 8S Trou»>le.« of the S, Th^s ytnry i.-; no; uritteti liy the rfoeic.y Kditor. w\s a intuier of fact he "dear giri" never said a word lioui the mater to anyone, hu;. the tory came to a reporter in a round biMit way ana i.. 'Muen i.ierely ;< show that the lit'e of the .-^ciety editor .•5 not always a l)ed of American eaiity ropes. Recently she called up woman by phone atid asked Iter if she knew whether or not her neighbor- was; iu, ir also hajijiens that the two women are not enthused over ftacb other, and the reply she recelv«»d as something like Ihi.s: "If .voti had asked me if .Mrs. So and So living in another part of town Itnd taken a bath this morning 1 could have answered list as well." Hoping to smooth tho matter over the S. E. nplittl that she called up several times nnd could "M no answer. The r« [ily this finte as that .'ihe .supposed b^r neighbor as up stairs sterilizing tho baby. It can re.tdily be seen therefore that the E. did no: get mtich news out of his converijaiion nnd that there are rocky roads to travel ovon in the pursuit of society new.'. Two Drunks Today. Mike W.l.-ih ^ni\ Harry Thornton were arrtilgned In police court this morning on the charge of being Intoxicated. Th-^y were e.ich fined Tlifv could not pay their fines and weri> returned to jail to work them out on tin streets. —Thiir.'da.v, Friday nnd Saturday onl.v. 7r>c and $1 cap.=! will he sold for lUc and "'>c. Hoggett Milliner.v. Hear Attachment Case. The attachment case instituted by Mrs. Hannah .Mauie against her tenant. Geo. Gillasple. Is to he heard 10- ilay before Judge Trimble at Bayard. Mr.-?. .Vaule c'aim.? that Gillii.^ie is aking more than his share of the ur.'iin from her place and she i^j ask- in;; thai it be attached. I Any Prescription can bo filled here. It makes no difference if yottr prescription is written on some other druggist's blank. The doctor probably didn't notice whose blank he did use. About all the druggists furnish the ^doctors with prei^crlption p.ids and the ones used are those found to fit the doctor's pocket case or that otherwise appeal to him. You cannot get purer drugs in yottr prescriptions than we use or inoi-c care,fii!. or.fprt or prompt service. _ Birrell'sDrai(St<»re I The BesaU Store. , WEST SIDE ^QlAltR if i tFir>t Published. .N'ovemljer 12. IfxW.) PfBLIPATION .NOTICF. Ill the Probate Court of Allen Coiin- ly, Kansas. In the matter of the estate of William F. Hammond, de- cea.sed; and. in the matter of the estate of I'hoebia E. Hammond, deceased. To all w-hom it may concern, .uwl more e.-^peelally to Julia- .A. Evans. Sarah II. Isom. David I.,. Hammond, Nora E. Simpkins, John It. Hammond, U'IMiam C. RoJins. Harry F. Rollins, noia E. Uolilns. and Kl.«ie .M. M; Kolliiis, heirs at law and beneficiaries under the will of Williatu F. Hammond, decease<l; .ind heirs at law of Phoeiiia E. Hammond, decea.sed, late of "Allen- County. ICinsas. You and each of you tifi- iiereby notified that I, T. N. Funston, Adniii-.:s- ti-alor of the estate of each of the above named decedents, did on the mil day of November. I'.ii'S. file :'i pe- titiou in the Probate Court of .\!Ier; County, Kaiwas, praying that I nii.irj)! be authori7ed and empowered to tioll at private sale th'- followin.g tk -KcriiK -d land ffir the purpose of payitic the debts, and c(>.~; of admini.-^'ration of each (if i-:n<l .-.~fan-s .-il >ovt- uaiiii>'t. towtt: All ri I0L.S fiv-- {:,) :iud ill block lonr i i.i of llaaki'i's .\(i<i;- tion, to the <'ity vf to;,-). :HHI in .Viloii County, Kansas, according to the recorded plat' thereof. Tliat said pcti- •ion will lie beard :ii |he Pi -o !>aie ^'ourt Kooni in tlie Coiirt House of .\1- leii Coiiuty, Kansas, iu the City of lola, ou the "JMli day of .\ov.»tiilit-r. IW^. at the hour of in o 'clock .\. M_. at. which time and jdace each of yon and a;J other persf>iis iutere.sted therein, are notified to be present and show cause, if any there be. why an order of sale a.s (>mycd for should not be granted. This llth day nf Novemiwr. ISUN. T. -V. FL-.NSTO.N. II-I2-lli-l'i'. .\dmlnistrator. TO CALL A MEETING Republican City Club to .M ^aJt Soon and Plan^for the Spriitg Election. * .\ meeting of the Republican cit.v duo will be callod by President L. L. .Northrttp for'ono nigiit cither the latter part of ihi.t week or. tb* first of no.\t. The I;ist meeting of- the club W.1S held in the old headquarters on West JIadisou but this room was given up yesterday. A hall will be secured to hold the called meetings until regular headquarters for the spring campaign is opened. Tlie committee on enrollment, ap- point.jil at the Last, meeting, Dave se- .-iirrd many auditibnai members and l)v the time of th<^ iie.xt meeting a big iueml>ershi|> is iiroraised. ^Yliik- Oi'^ sprii>.g election is sey- eral. mon'tb-'^ .tl\(;rii.,i5.-i-fonsider- al)i.: talks as to candid.-ites for mayo.- and jio'.icf jitdg<-. Several parties ha v.- iK-cn suggested for ))olico Judge. COMMITTEE OFFICERS MEET. The Republicans Closed Lip the Business of the CampaigrW~ (First Published .Nov. 7, WS.i \»TI (E OF FI\AL .SETTLEjr£>T. The slate of Kansas, Allen County, Fs. in the probate court in and for said coHiily. In tho matter of tho estate of Orville Williams, Deceased. Creditors nnd all other persons interested in the .aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the I'robalo Court in nnd for said County, sitting at the Court Htiuse. in lola. County of Allen, State of Kanstis, on the Sth day r,f Peeember, A. I).. IDftS, for a full and final settlement of said estate. EMMA WILLIAMS. \dminlstrator of the Estate of OrvlI)« Williams. Deceased. 11-7-14-21-28 DUCKS ABUNDANT IN OKLAHOMA and Last Week a Party Killed 700 Shipped Tbem to St, Louij. Wagoner. Ok.. Nov. 17.—^Vil<^ dticlts in the annual migration are .settling upon the Verd!?ris river and other water bodies of this section of the state In almost incredible numbers. Hunters are out all over tho country. Last week tho men of one family killed TOO ducks and .shipped them to St. Louis. tA large acorn crop and numerous corn fields along tho streams are responslblo for the ducks remaining longer this year than nsnal. For two weeks they have flocked in here in rapidly Increasing numbers, and ttesc niuibcrs' appear fo lncrea.=e rather than decrease. TP.TINfi P.\TTERSO\ VXSiE. rmitortant .^nit Xow on in Woodson Connty Conri. • A. F. l^orence returned frpni Yates Center this morning where he ha^ Ijeen aiending the Wood.son cou &ty conrt. lie sa .vs that the case *>f Wnji paterson vs. he ^tllssouri Pacific be«an his morning. This is an action in which Patterson.sues the road for several thousand dollars damages under the demurrage law. Patterson is °9rhay dealer and says the road did not farpish cars within tUe-ttme 'itrovided 3hfc "}aw after an order fgr. them wag t ^i/ie. The ease was tried at the last \Ufinn and Patterson won. ^ Howerer, ifft'^pcefnn thehre WM abme Httle ^^nria* jm,;.«l»j ^g^g -Jiir^>nd|R Tiit- o '-ijCf -s of the'Hepubifcan county cent nil committee held a meeting >os!<"rday aftortioon in^ the countj' eonimi.s.'iioners room and closed up the business of the laty ca'ljfipaign'. Sonif of tli.> bills were late incoming iu anil the officers w.iittjd until yesterday to bold their meeting." It is likely that ;i small assessment on the candidates will have to be made to meet all e.xpenses. that have been In the SIX BEST SELteRS in .Inly, .Vugust and !>epievb«r .Mr. Crew.V Career. by Winstijin Churchill. The Beenler i by Ue.v IVi^ach The Lure of the Ma!*k by Harrolil .McOrath . The <oaMl. of a Chance by and L. Chamberlain The KIrlBg Line " by Robert Chamber."* The Husband<> of EdHh . by Ceo. n. .McCutchetUi The Halfvfay llousi- by Warner Hewlett The Priroadonna by Merlan Crawford . Tlie Cireular by Mary llinehart.. The SK Be.*t Sellers in October weret The Firing "Line by Robert Chambers The .Han From Broadway by Geo. B. McCutchenn Together by- Robert. JCwjftiJk 'Peter . .• -.V.'vj •* . ; by F.rappki^W Smith / hy .,•Wa^oa <;&^'#ll . I.!ttte itfowii .dPl^dere by .'liacUb 'ai ^^HBon Most ^f thes'e"$!t^ hooks at $1.10. All *1.50 boc *s lat 11 .26. And you can get th^^jai^

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