Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 17, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 4
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•BttN* atlola, KansM.TDatoffloa. u SeiDOttd -ClliW l &tter. 4 «f«rtliiBS B«tM MmU Knows on Applloatkm. . SUB8CBIPTI0H BITES. Tllle w LaHarpe. la* WMk 10 eenta Jna Montli 44 cents Oti«>-T«ar.< i $5.00 By XaO. On> rear taiMe eoaaty .ISJO •••^ year raUide cMaty. HM nirH« Uontbi, in adranca $1.00 One Hontb. In adrance .44 •FnCIlL PIPEH ^CITT OF BAS- Telepkaaet Boaineu Offlce • - • editorial Room - - - 18 222 CHANG PUT ON TRIAL. Korean Who Killed Stevens Arraigned on Murder Charge. San Franclsro, Cal., Nov. 1".—After a series of delays and postpone- mentf^ tbo case of In Vt'hen Chance, the Korean accused of the murdor of Durbam WJilto Stevcnfl, Amorloan advisor to t*€ emperor of Korea, was called for trial today in Judge Cook'n conrt. Chang was well represented bf <»tinse] and will make a vlgorona defense, "patriotic insanity" \yc.lm one • of tho Rrbunds oxpMfpil to bo advanced in his behalf. The crime with which charged was committed in this city on March 23 of this year at tho Ferry depot at the foot of Marlcpt street, just as Mr. Stevens was about to depart I for Washington. Chang 'ay in wait • for him. accompanied by a companion named M. W. Shung, who received one''of three bullets intended for Stevens, and was seriously wounded.: Two .shots struck Stevens, both in the hack, and he died from their effects three day.s later. Affair Car store Isn 't tbe hlg' gest in tills conntr}- and onr stock Isn 't tbe highest, bnt what we do ear* rj has beea wril selected and wlil make mirhtr handsome presents ^er those friends of years. Car Tariety Is large aid the quality of the rery best Come now and let US lay away somethlog for yon. Leffler, ISa Jewekr STAND BY ROOSEVELT. Presbyterian Ministers Decline to En- dorso Lutheran Conference. mym WAIT. Jake Advaniaire of an lola Citteeu's Experience Before It's Too I.atc. Wiien the back begins to ache. Don't wait until baclcaehe becomes chronic: Till seriou.s kidney Iroublct drvelnj;; 'Til! urinary troubles destroy iii.L'hfs rest Profit by an Io!a (•Iii .'-i-nV fxprii- ence. Mrs. Nettie Morrisun. of r.lO North Jt-if^rson avenue, loia. Kus.. ^a>^: I was attacked very suddenly with kidney trouble several years ago. There was no warning aud in a bhoit time my condition became very serious. The physician who treated nio said that he had only had out- vMjr .'>e case in aU bis practice, .\llhou^b he relieved me to the extent that I was ajile to get around my back wa.s tiill weiJ; and tliere was a pain niy kidneys that caused me (« (iuffvr a good deal especially when 1 overexerted my self in any way. The coniracilon of a cold alwavB increased my Fuffering and a difficulty with the kiduey secretions exUted. I tried several remedies hut never fouud uuyihiug that brought such r-oeltlve rojief as Doan'.i Kidney Pllle. which my daughter pro: cured at Spencer Co.'s drug store. I noticed a change for the better in tbe first dose and after using two boxes the symntoms of Inflammation disappeared. The action of the kid- niey secretions became corrected, 1 could rest better at nlchts and my hack WHS strenethened. My oxpericace with Doan's-Kidney Pills was indeed a most gratifying one." ..The Register want rolnmn can sell it rent it or ret It the nairkest. [X)QS WIN A RACE. New York, Nov. 17.—An effort to pass a resolution Indorsing ttc position talcen by tlie Lutheran Synodical conference in regard to President Roosevelt's Ftatement that any refusal lo vote for a candidate for high office because of his membership in the Roman Catho'k church would he "unwarranted higotrj" on which the Lutheran church took Issue with the president, was defeated at the Presbyterian ministers' association today afti-r an exciting session of discussion. \Va.=;hin£ton, Nov. 17.—No comment was made at the wliito house on the letter to the president from the New York Synodical conference of the Evangelistic Lutheran churcli of America, asking Mm to recant his donun- ciaiion as 'unwarranted bieotrj''any refusal to vote for a candidate fo" offlce becau .sc of membership In lU'^ Roman Catholic church. Ir was iuLimated that tho uresident woii 'd have nothing to .say in regard (o the letter. A Beautiful Silk Flag. I>) you want a Beautiful Silk Flag fe-t? Up-to-date; 40 stars; made of fine twiil<-d i^V.k; ix-aiitiful color? .V nice Cliristmas pros-'iu or a so«> vonir for the home. Send $l.tiO and you will receive the Daily and Sunday Journal three months and one of these flags. Address TilK KANS.XS CITV JOniNAL. Ci'.y, M.... PRINCESS DE SAGAN DENIES. Ten Mile ConUst With a Fast Horse in Alaska. Seattle, Wosb.. Nov. 17.—A sr>«cisl from Nome says: One of the most lntei<-.-ting races ever witnessed on Sf^ward peninsula and perhaps the mo i imi<iu'' that ha occurred for year*, was a rsee hi- tween a race horse and dog team here Saturday, tho dog winning by ." H yc onds In a ten mile Ben Preymer. nn .I .ilc»> lterp <-;V mare, Dolly, noted for IIT sji.-e'l. in Alaska. r.iced with C'olie Mills doj; team from this olty to tiie mouth of Dexter creel: and -''tiiru. a dj-^tanf. of ten miles. Tl>.'^ irall w .-u; Jn TOO.-! shape and tim*^ wa.s m .Tie Ii- ho;.' horse and dogs. The mnre :.c ',i!ii >.»rt while running on n llfti'; hi !!-it1«- .-in.i lost some ground. "Wltliln three W'^ei ir an'othT :nf.' will be nm as a eoni^i'iuf-nce .if d'^ } .•satisfaction at the .rci-nlt. ani enouct ; money was in wip;iit today to mnUe ; the side bets SJU.IMHI \v>i;eh fovnd ready takers. Her Attorney Says She Has Not Sued for Divorce Again. Pari.*. Nov. 17.—The atforno>s for PiinetK.s llelli- Do .'?.->^:;ii). wlio wao Miss Anna c;oulit. of New York, today ehar:ieteriz<'d as untriif tho statement puljilsbed in a luciii newspaper today that lie jirinees.s had aclua'ly entered suit for separation from the prince. I^ wa .4 said ihc princess contemplated thi.s step in ilie belief that it would Increase lier chances of su& ccs<i in her pending suit for the custody of iter three children, the offspring of her marriage with Count Boni de Castellane It is understood that a biich has developed in the negotiations looking for a settlement of the custody suit. The case will probably come up for hearing A\"iednesdny. NEWS OF U ttARPE JAXES PHIUIFS OF THIS CITY, I^STADTED BROKEX LEO. WAS RUN OVER BY WAGON HE THOUGHT THE TEAM WAS BrUSIJfG AWAY WITH A BOY. It Is BeUered -That SmaU Son ofL. W. I .OW Started Fire That Burned Bam to the Groand—Personals. While attempting to stop what he thought was a runaway teanu James Phillips, an employe of Mr. Ilanna, a farmer living north of I.a Harite, yesterday susuined a badly broken leg. He and Mr. Hanna's son were returning from Gas City where they had hauled two loads, of hay. As they drew near the lianna residence the young man attempted to drive around Phillips. .Mr. Phillips, thinking that the team was running away, Jumped from his wagon jind tried to slop the horses which were being driven by the Hanna lad. The fact moving hors es knocked him down and pulled the wagon over him. His left leg was broken just above the artkle. Ram Domed. The barn nf-LrW. Dow. of til2 So«ith Wa.shington street, was burned to the ground yesterday afternoon iboui 2 o'c'ocU. The fire department was called but by the time they could wt conections wiili water ihf- flames had gained .-uch headway ihat It wa.'; impossible m siive the building. It is helteved that the fire was suirted-by Mr. Dow's little four-year-old son. The boy war. playing about the barn a a short time before the fire was dls- overed. The loss in not covered by nsurance. Tiie barn contained some hing over a ton of hay. .Most of It v.^s burned. MhH Kanna to Enti -rtuin. Miss Grace Hanna will entertain ••fends this evenlug. Arrangements .!ve been for a good time. Two More Ga.sscrs. Two eas Wells averaginc; each about 'ree million cubic . feet, have been iToueht in. One of the wel's was • ruck ou the Ward farm three and •np -half miles southeast of the city nd the other on the Woods farm one- islf mile east of the Ward place. Tlie '•fell on tho Ward farm is iho third •Te drilicd in in the si .x wcelct. '''lie Prime Wvstern Spelter company buying the gas from these weiis They will be aitaclicd to tlie Priv.ic Wtstorn mains immediately. OVERCOATS - Our stock of Overcoats never was more complete than now. We show a complete line in all the new patterns aud plain colors. At $5.00 we show you a good, black Kersey Overcoat, well ^made and trimmed, good lining and velvet collar, all size?. Price *5.fi0 At $7.50 we will show you b?ack Kersey, Vicuna grays aud fancy patterns, long full cut coats, well made and trimmed. Don't fall to sec them. Price At $10.00 we will show you the finest lot of Overcoats ihai you ever saw: they come iu all colors of fancy ovcrcoatinKs and plain blacks, blues and grays. Be sure aud see ihe^c Overcoats at iJKI.dO Higher gr.ade Overeoats :U from *1.'..00 lo *2s..'iO Children 's Overcoats to if:j>t) I^y's Overcoats ifiM lo Barciaf Shields Clothiag Co. "THE IIOI'.SK OFQt'Al.lT^' STANDARD COIN FOR CHINA. Ku-Ping Tael, About 70 Cents, Adopted—Half Tael for Circulation. Peking. Tuesday. October 13.—Tlie api>eal by t.-e crand council to the viceroys and governors for advice on ihf suiijoct of a standard monetary 'mit and «-oin for the ''mpire has resulted In th'' iiHoption b;.- .edict of the Ku pin.-' taf-l. valued ,al about 70 "•"nts. gold, as th.- f,t;uidard money ui;;t. and a ro'u of ihf value of a^slf t.T-! (o I"'"" ih<- roin of !Tfn<'raI circuja- lioii. MRS. 'CHICK- STAHL NOT ROBBED Death Wae Due to Natural Causes An Autopsy in Boston Showed. H.jston. Nov. ir.—.-Vftir au autops.. and almo-!t twenty-four hourx of inve;. ligation the local police announced to day that they wcr<> patisO<»d tiat Mr.=. f'harles W. (Chicle) Sfahl. the widow of the .Vin«'rican league baseball play- •r. whose body w.t.s foimd ye ,<ierd8» in a doorway of a house ID .Sourl: Itostou. died from natural causer •ind' tlinf shf had not Iir< n robbed o' iny jfwelry. ^^F^w^g'W^'W.^iy And many Other painful and ^^•^^l iMCv distressing ailments rroin jJl^fcMl^PM P^^J whidi most mothers suffer. •'^fl^^^^-^^m^S^ ^m:^^^^ ^ avoided by usin^ •yK^V^^m Mother's Friend. Thisrem- •^••K^^^jy^i^S I edy is a God-send to (>xpect- •^^^Mi^^^m^^^^^^ got mothers, carrying them tl^rough the critical ordeal with safety. No woman who uses Motker't Friend need fear the suffering incident to birth; for it robs the Ofideal of lis dread and insures safety to life of. mother and child, leaving her in a condition inKMT^ favorable to speedy re- cjovery. The child is also hewhy, strong and ec IMJS ^Wfitiaf ID »STEOP,\THT— DB. W .n. .tLBItlOIIT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. Stale Bank DIdg. Phone Ito Duly Osteopath In La Ilarpe. .Scenes ile lias Visited. Holla of this city who is low traveling around the word as 1 nicnil>er <;f the Tnited States navy, aas sent teeues of )>olnt8 of interest 3ii has \lt-iied while away to rclntlvcb. Speah Well of Dr. (athell. The following is a comment on Dr. Cathell who .speaks lure on the evening of Nov. 18th: Right Reverend Monslgnor Flavin. D.: I am pleased to hear that my close neighbor and good friend Dr. Cathell Intends entering the lecture field for which ho Is eminently qualified. He Is a profound scholar and a most Intere.sUng .<»peaker. He has tbe peculiar facility of lllu.siratlng his subject by anecdotes full of wit and hianor. so as t captivate bis audience and keep thulr minds concentrated on tbe principles which he inculcaics. The bureau that engages his services nay be congratul.ited on liaving a uos-t f loqufiii and foreiVde orator. Personal*^ Mrs. Weisner and .Mrs. Plckell, of Huml>oldt. were the pne.c(i? of relatives. E. H. Toljey has shippe^l a ear load tl cattle lo Ivjtusas City. W. O. Dano and Gene DauforJh were lut hunting yesterdav. Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Hackuey left tod;iy for a irip through Oklahoma. Mrs. .\. ^f. Kirkpairick returned >-e£ferday from Kaldwin, Kas.. where he has Ijcea vlsl;ing .'or the past •cveral day«. Chas. Laury returned ycsterda' 'roin Independence where he has ')een on a business visit for the past ic -veral days. Fred Place, of Enid. Okla., was here ssterday visiting friends Want Senate Seeretaryshlp. GOOD RACE TONIGHT Ff«d Bird, of LaHarpe, Wilt Against Geo. Duggan. Run The attraction at the Aud'torium urnU tonltht win be a race between MO. Duggan of Tola, and Fred Bird if LaHarpe. Both hoya are fast an I Is expected the race win be prettr • ven. •|'o:r.oTow rlrh' tV.' T< T I'l hr -i •uii,< r.f f)a»ket Hal' let ween the lol.i High School team and the Auditorium teuui. The saiu'.' v.lll be railed at >:•;'•. (irompUy .'•'id will h- over by Jl .i. Tj«fre vlll l>e no delay In itartlug tile time. On Thursday. Friday and Saturday 7iicht8 Harlcr Moore, a Juvenile skat^ •nr\- is offered. TravelinB awn who have a ^Msn tills young man.aay t!ial ho Isi ^hao^tely the beat on ^the road. I f I HARLEV MOORE AT THE AUDITORIUM THURSDAY. 8ATURDA Y NIGHTS. FRIDAY AND FOR THE OPERA HOUSE. Grand Prize Distribution to Humboldt House, Be at The Humholdt ftera'd says: Tho directors of the opvra hni!....' ir.ri Thursday r-vening aud elected the sumtr olflcers as last year. O. C. Brett was elected president; J. M. O'Hrien vice j.roKident: ('. H. Schaff- iwr, s'^rptary aud ('. .\. Hess, treasurer, li. .\1. Cunningham was elected as manai:«:-r. The directors intend^to maUo an effort to pLacc Ih.-- opera house on better foundation tinanclally and expect II) give an entertainment and grand prize distribution soon. They have itsuid the following communication: T.e Humboldt Opera House Co. has dec-iiled to give a grand prize distribu- lion, such as has been conducted by 1 . u Ihe Humboldt Band, and is given solc- ?"* ^L'*'"'"? J^''"^-'.^ "^J"" Iv for the benellt of the company. A list-of prizes which wlM be published soon will he t!ie largest and most ual :!t' list ever offered at an entertainment of this Ulml. W(! ask the ecv operation and support of every citizen ftul those desiring to assist in any way or donate prizes of any kind, will please call at the oltlce of the s< lary. II. Schaffner. Frair Women Aided Free robust cannot be too careful of licr he.*jlth. The foundation of all health is in tTic stomacli. Without good digestion the body is not nourished, and then soon becomes feeble and weak. In order to have good digestion regular bowel movement is abroiutely necessary, and it is at this point that so many women neglect themselves. In any of there condition.^ yon rannnt do better than to take Dr. Caldwell's .Syrup I^paln, the remedy that t!iou«anda if delicate women arc usin?. It Is the great faniUy laxative, and In a.ldltloa to Its wonderful power to cure c!iri!iic ronstl- piUon and chronic iiiOiscstlon, It con- taiiia tonic properties tliat etroncthen the atoniueh muscles so that in lime ihey will work naturally aptln without the aid of medicine. CRETONNETTE WORK, ! rtUsisst Effecta Arrivsd at in a Short « Tinr.s, ^ Votaries of the lighter forms of fancy work, who are ever nhslons to ob• tain wonderful results In a short space of time with very little trouble to 'themselves, will find in cretonnette work the Ideal of their dreams, so magical are the achievements qnlckly arrived at. while It offers at the samo ttee ample scope for the exercise of Individuality, originality and skUI, the effective grouping of designs and arrangements of color schemes calling Into play the ingenuity of the worker. : The materials for cretonnette work ar.-» simple and rMdily obtained. All that Is necessary are a few odd rem- DOn .Y IX OHETONSK. n.-iDts of cretonne po.'ssessing bold, ' nrtlstic designs, some white curtain j net, \\ pair of sharp embroidery scle- I e.ors and a little strong gum arable. ; Silk or sutin for liolug purposes l? also frequently called Into requisition, as well as some of tho numeroas edgings used by fancy workers, whether I iblffon, nichlngs, fringe, ribbon or I lace. 1 Supposfi a set of three transparent ! mats for a polished wood dressing ta- j ble Is desired. Many modem toilet : tables are covered with.a sheet of I plate glass, on which mats ornamented i in tbe manner about to he described I ,iro psMicularly pleasing. I A duehess clotli usually lueasures ! aJiout 12 by 15 Inches. This is first ! cut out In tbo uof. a tiny portion Is J turi:ed in all .-.round and tbe lace or oiiiffon eti.ging nddetl before any decoration is .ittempte.!. A len.gth of cre- ton;ie is u-.-xt .'-elected, on which are depicted bold, realistic ruses in shades of pink n."d eri !.n3fiii. The worker will j earefr'ly ••m «nit \ flovfjr.o, buds and i foli.Tgc; and glue Iheni ben-i-ath the net. taking care that all de'ii-uto stems and sh.'irp •.•orner.s .T re well secured. Bit by bit, .ndt-i 'i '-r a fev.- Ie;:ve.s here, a <;lns- ter ..f In.i-^ there, .-i niosn n.-jllstlc loei- in .ij spray ccn be evolved. If the mat is a \cry Iar.:;e one several sprays of varjing lengths should be arranged wUli studied carelessness. For small maL«, be they round, square or heart shaped, large single roses look well. Seen through the softcuing veil of not, the bright colors of the cretonne are picaiingly subdued, v. hi'c the binrr.:rt effect : -ds an elusive charm. .V toilet set, including saehets uf varioc: sh.".pes and sizes, nil hnrinoiilzlng with tbii tints of tbe room, is remarkabl.r clilc and dainty. Sachets must, of course, be lined v.iih silk or satin. Tti these cases it is intturaily far easJer to apply the eni.cut Mowers, ct2., on to the founilation nial then cover with, itho net. Cretonnes are really so lovely now- adnya|that there shoold be no diffl- Spencer's Eyes "Bueged Out." Wnion Postraastcr C. l!. Spencer came down to the offlce this morning he no'ieed several loads of dirt being hauled toward the site of the now federal building. He says that his flist was Any druggist will ..>f.Il yen a lir.tlla for thou'-'hr was that the cont-act had iS ?o'1 ;^l 'e •'reS ^^'!e";;',?.V:.'^•",^;^^^^^^^^^^ ^-"-l-l the buHdin,^ and kiiow what it is buy the $1 slz.-. Jlr.s. t :'-u .1 tual work tad commenced but Ainapda Bttinnan, of Ahnnido, Va., who njion c'oser invesiigation dlseover'^! ?ATnV."''h 'l?f ,e ,rprnlU '^f ''r ^%,"h 'L 'r '""^ Mayor noblnsoniwas filling In his Pine, of Marlon. Xnd.. Is also an enthusdnst lawn, of this wonderful remedy and sliu wiiihod the had tbe fortune to tell tlie whole world about it. Both Xtiew ladiex, ns well as hundreds of oth <^rs we <<iuld name, first became acquainted with Or. Cnld- w<)U's S >TUp Pc -paln throuuh dot-tor's offer to send any sulTercr u t:v^ tctt bottle direct to the l>om<\ lie win send you or nnv othnr twRfror * sample liotllc frc; r ,r 1 ti.iiKe <iii nrr.iit of your name and uddrexa. ft IM wonderfully eJPectivo In tire Htomo'-li trnuhSes of children and 1»4W«». KUII ont-riir.- the period of m>.-n.'slruatiiiti uud old f illis, idl of wliom netd a K'-riSlf la* Uli/!. U tli-10 la u.iyihli .s .t'wul your alln-.cMt that you don't Get K. U. Directions. The ta'iorat'^rv directions for exper 'nmr;.' iili< .>ielo;:y l>y . Ur. Hyde «>f the- T'r'J'e-il i^el-.ool of the T'nivprs'ti of Kiii^:i'.i have been Intro'Iuced l.i •he • hv.sif .tnrV (Iepartn:cp» of the rc -v nifllral '<-':<'ol of the University o' Nt.i-; Dar.nlii. Dr. Hyile published ihfie liirftious for use In tho Uul- ><r-liy of Kaii'aii. 8QFABE CrSHION COVERS, cnlty In making: a choice^ of suitable designs. Bazaar workers will do well to make a trial of this easy and inter- I 'stiug work, which bids fair to liecome OTcoedlngly popular this winter. A Comfort When Traveling A bottle of spirits of camphor Is n friend to be relied upon when traveling. fi»r it quickly relieves many dls- con^forts. If day be warm and everythiug see- ticky and grimy, bathe the face wlta camphor. It frdes the pores of accumulation of WTiste matter, brightens tbe eyes and Is cooling and Invigorating. A little camphor in water would often relieve a sick stomach caused by train motion and heat. Camphor will kcei) .-iway mosqultoe*. says a writer. If tiie exposed poition ot the body bo bathed with It, aud it is excellent to use as a wash when one 1ms l>een tdtten by an insect. any medical aUvlco. write ^_ away the hardest p.tona, to'Ui'o "do"ctor,"and"iio wiU '•"''^ constant gnaw of Tow,8er masti- noawer you fuU?; -Tkero ta cates the toughest bone, no cianse for tlils Sbvvice. The constant wooing lover -Vcarries away the bluBhine njaid, .-. a^iB^^^^-S^^^M A Quick Dttssrt. Sometimes one is called upon to make :i dessert In a hurry, and for thia open a <:nn of apricot?, peacheaj bcrrieti or nuy fruit :it hand. Put on to beat and in the meaittiiuo mix one pint of prepared flour v»ith one l>eaten egg and »ne scant cupful of milk. Drop thN (Ike dumplings la a stew over tho fruit, cover .closely and steoin from ten to .fifteen minntea. Watch tho fruit closely, aa therft i» danftr of ik< bnminf irhlle the dnmplh^Ba wre eook- ^lug:;i Servy-.ttei^tilt^^ fo-

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