Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1907
Page 8
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HISTORY OF HUMBOLDT Mr4 Vroomau Enters Capltal'ii Story Telling Contest (By.l Mrs. .1. H. Vroonian In Topeka Capital.) J Hkving for our theme the story of a Kwii which has celebrated its GOxh ann versary, we will doubtlesB omit mai; y things which would be of interest (o (he readers of the Capital, for Humboldt truly has a history, having beei twice liurned and once disor­ ganised; in fact the school work of this town is unsurpassed. T( > the unaccustomed eye Humboldt presents the appearance of a health reso-t. Its cool shady trees,' brick paved side walks beautiful residences iind well kept lawns excel those of any own of its size in this part of the Wesi. The people of Humboldt are exceptionally refined and educated, fheir new : ;chnols and large new opera liouse are the pride of this town unsur- passf d. Upon entering Humboldt, one is St nick Dy tlie quietness and'order that prevail, little thinking that in >le33 than a mile fro^ the cityrls lo- oate(! one of the largest oil tankfarms in th» world, owned and controlled by the standard Oil Company. Here, 100. tfc lind taste and skill have been appli >d in making everything attractive, Mud the same rule of order and •'leaii^lness prevail which we find In tovni \M two 1 3'; -J ImicMo. NOT . 14 .-rDI ||Ulot Atto^ meitrot John R.Walah. Jie liitB^ tt ^l being today. He, o 1 leliMt tli« aefloni of the formar prei U ent «j )t Uie Cl|c«ip National .liank In u unaaiinred to ^«8. %xA eotiUntie^'MB c d Ir^a^ With th^ atAtemeot of the hold lig by Cbl- ca^ tonka of bonds of t u Southern Inllana rajlroad. The BStalsh co^- nepstion with the Wlscon^ \t.ixi railroad were aleq upon In severe terms. Attorney Dobynea also { discussed the ananclal troubles of thej Chronicle, the- Walsh newspaper, de ilaring ithat the' paper was over a million doljara behind at the time of the mispenslon He^said Walsh made iile^l loans to newspapers. A Hard Debt to Fay. "J owe a debt of gratitude that can never be paid off," writes pi S. Clark, of Westfield, Iowa, "forj my rescue from death, by Or. King'^i New Discovery". Both lungs were soi seriously aff^ted'that death seemed iimmlnent, wh^n I. commenced takini: New Dis- covijry. The ominous dr'.i hacking cou^b quit beforie the first bottle was use^, and two more bottjes made conjplete cure." Nothlne, has ever equaled New Discovery f^rl coughs, colds and all throat and plaints.' Guaranteed by al SOc'imd $1.00. Trial bottlel in k Mich Commented lung com druggists free. ERGOT AXONG WEEPS. ;»(ed Just north of the city; are grand brocki plants, where the famous Humboldt vitrified brick is inanufactured wl)lch is fast finding its way Into all parts of the world. Wated south of the town Is a plea- snrv esort known as Leonard's lake, which is soon to be connected with llnmVolrtt by the Electric Railway. This ako Js the rendezvous of fishers, lioate s. and the pleasure seeking peo- iilo iu tioueral. Am ms the pretty homes of Humboldt, it would l»e difficult to judge which Is the most pleasant The housek that are large» new and modern. <r those that are old and vine covert d. Tru y In point of. trees, flowers apd vines and well kept lawns, Humboldt ' has's iinething of which It may well l)p prnid, one secret of their excellence, perhaps, lies in the fact that the tomn has the'newest, most up-to- date and compliete waterworks sys- tMus il the state. . A no her si)ecial feature of I.lum- boldt is Its elegant park over 30 years old. In which is located the band stand wliiTG the town mtfslQlans give their woeklj conoerls to crowded streets, jind wiere through the hot summer r«'.ison the various churches hold Sun;l:iy pvdning meetings. HesI les being an oil center of Im- |)ort.an3e Humboldt has gas in great qiianti ies, practically every resident burns gas for both fuel and lights. Poultry raising is one of the prln- c;i[)al industries of the country sur- roundi ng, it Is said that the merchants of Humboldt p.iy. to the farmers, for «'ggs ajloue, an average of $1,000 per j ^t »ek. •If fir and all while, place choose Poworfnl Herb .Said to Hire (Tansed \ Death of Aninul ice found of which or cow in many the pleasure, the comfort, things that make life worth we were asked to choose a o live, we should cerialnly Humboldt^ Kansas. K^got, a poisonous substi in dorn and weeds, one d it is claimed, will kill a tio! instautly. Is to be found places this year in Allen county and has,;, already killed three calves belonging to .lira Brlster. a farmer living near l..a Harpe, la the' statement of L. H. Gorrell, the veterinary anr- geoL of La Harpe. Mr. (Worrell says that 'i-itbin the last-two weekis he has made investi- gntipQS soQth of La Harpe and west of I^la and in both places folund ergot. He ^yg that the poison ia found in the irowfpot weeds which grow along ravl|ies and in the small o>rn stalks ravioes and in the small corn stalks. In somQ instances he found the ergot col lectfrd in the Joints of the corn stalk. "On^ stalk of that corn contained ^oi^h of the poison to kill a number rtf horses," said Mr, Gor-ell. N^r Mapleton, Kansas, onla day last week, a farmer lost about six horses in le^s than two hours timi and the deaths wiere due to the ergot poisoning. Mr.. Gorrell believes [that the farmers should be careful aboiit feeding the small cornstalks which are fpun^ at the edge of the fleld| near the ravin?s and low places. An examination of the slbniach of one cf the Brlster calves which died last Veek showed death to tie due to this ^olso 'n. ' ! Register M'ant- Ads. Pay becanse tn Allen'Connty nearly everybody reads the Rtigister. The; Alia Seta club will meet on Saturday afternoon at half past three at thevhome of Miss Flossie Munger. The diite has been changed from Friday until Saturday to suit: the con- .veniente of several members. Ladies' Patent Colt Blucher Shoes, heavy or light sole, college cut, also vestlftg top with plain toe, button. Special price while the lot lasts 1S^.50 Ladies' Gun Metal College Boot, heavy sole, large eyelets, swell last. Special price S;i2.50 Ladles' Dull Top Button or Lace Shoes, all sizes and widths. E -Kceptionai values, pair SISi.OO Misses' and Children's School Shoes, good wearing qualities and a neat fitting shoe. Price Sl.S.'i Women's.Warm House Slippers, felt soles and uppers. Spe clal for Siiturday, pair .10^ Children's Stocking Caps In ail colors and sizes, u value you will appreciate. Special price MTtit Ladies' Hue Linen Handkerchiefs, embroidered and heni- iried. . Price *Jt7tt Ladies' Plain Hemmed Handkerchief in fine quality cambric. Special for Saturday, « for 23^ : Pony Stockings, light or heavy ribbed. Just the proper thluR for growing boys and girls, all sizes. Price '•iTit Women's Knit Underwear, sep urate garmenU or union suits, all sizes. Price -Children's Black Cotton Stock Inga In all sizes, very fine ribbed, a value you cannot pos.slbly duplicate for less than J5c. On sale Saturday for t ,l(k Children's Knit ITuion Suits in all sizes, fleece lined, drop seat, the greatest value on the market for the moiie.v. Special I"'ff' a.!* Infaiifs Cashinero Ho.sp in all *iaes, while or black. Special prlc««, (Miir Children's Mnnsing Underwear in all sizes, a separate style garment for boys and girls. The boys* are made open all the way down and .made with or without drop seat, collar band heck. Price, garment, 50* and fuit Ladles' .Vlunsing Union Suits In cream or grey, light or heavy weight. If you have neveV worn Miinsing Underwear try it now. It's sure to satisfy you. Price, garment,' $1.00 Other values up to Sit^t.OO Good Quality Window Shades, either light or dark green, t! feet by 36 Inche.i. Special for Saturday • *J50 J 'axl2 ingrain Ruga In new fall desighs, tan, bhie and green. Spe clal price for .Saturday. iitT.H.') 27xri4 Tapestry Rugs in tans, red and green; Values up to $l..'iii. On sale Saturday, Cholc.. JUl.l.'i Children's Sleepy Dolls with 'mltation kid bodies; dolls are 14 inches tall. Special price Saturday i... 25* Extra Quality ilnbleached, hemmed Turkish Towels. Special price 10* Children's Bear Skin Tam Oshaintee Caps, well made and lined with extra quality drUI. made with ear tabs. Price. 95* l.adie.s* l.,ong Ixjose; Fitting Black Coats, velvet and braid trimmed. Special value at , $7.50 Indies' Light Colorud Plaid I.iOose Fitting Coats in ail sisea; coats in the lot that have sold aa high as $10.00. On sale Saturday at ' S .l .TS Ijjdies' W«x)l Shawl • Fascinators -trix-l.'i inches: Just think of It. a yard and a quafter square. Sp»H;lal value ... 25* ThB IJOByllgM xiSiore The Slora NEARLY KILLS BABE Cat Becomes t-ike a Feroclout Tiger When Discovered Smothering a Chile. Appleton, Wps., Nov. 14.—iLast ev^ ning the members of the family of •ex. Perfedin,, 977 Oilmore street, were playing cards with a few neigh bors \ho had cocsregated at th<^l home. Emerson, the l6-monttas-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Perrod'n, bad been put to sleep In his carriage, and wheeled back in the parlor while the people were playing cards in the Bitting room. The father of the child heard stifled coughing from the room and, ap prehenslve that something was wrong he sprang into the room with a Ugtat to meet a sight that frightened him. Crouchod like a panther with ita claws sunk Into th6 flesh on either side 'of tbe infant's neck the family cafK head lay on the baby's mouth obstructinsi breathing either from the nose or mouth and already the child appeared to be dead. The animal acted like a tger that bad drank of blood and showed fight everyone that neared it. Invest! gatlon showed the baby- was uncon Bch>us. It lay as white as marble in the carriage and at llrst it was believed it bad already passed away, but stimulants eooa revived it and today tbe child has completely recovered. HE DRUGGED A MISSIONARY. Rich PeitnaylvanU Woman Wa« Trying to Reform an Opium Eating Chinaman. Pitltturg, Pa., Nov. 14.—Mrs. W. Reese, 30 years old, who tnmed misalonarr to save Chinamen from tbe drtig habit. Is opw lielleved to be a victim of drugs.) She Is rich and pretty. Mrs. Reese told a detective today that her Cbbiese compantonsk Al Sing Dean of^New York, had dmg- ¥ed her and bronght her to Pitts burg and also that' be Is .back of a pro^oaed raid upon Flttaburg by- the notorious Hip Sing liOng, a Chinese assassin aodety, Mrs. Reesb says she flnt me^ Dean vhen lie vpl^teered to act as Interpreter for her Chinese Svnday adool class ia the First Loth- eras divdl la Altoaoa. Her bnsband. a«r oC a l4rce.b(«aii Anticipatiflg Santa Clans -AT > The Cbristmaat dtore This stare is a vast emporium of pretty and 'useful things suitable for Christmas gifts. A satisfying sense of fitness permeates the whole place. Wht| Early Buying I A Be»t to bay intel.igeatly cue must buy early for comfort and satisfaction follow in its wake, Exclusiveness has always b^eu a^strong point at this store and many articles and designs cannot be reproduced nor can they be found elsewhere. Kxcltisiveoess' is what makes n gift appreciated and imparts to it that rare value. In the Hue below are many divisions which give Latitude in selection and contains something suitable for most anyone you may have on your list: Watches, Diamonds, Rings. Clocks, Silver- war^. Cut Glass, Hand Painted Chinaware. Toilet Sets. Smoking Seta. Military Sets, Cuff Buttons, Jen el Cases, liat Pins, etc. J. W. CdrrEY e> son, Jewelers East Side Sow*'- AN fflANCE OF DISEASE JUiD SUFFERING No truth is more forcibly manif^ted in physical life than the old saying •* like b^ets like;" for jost as t^e offspring of healthy ancestry are blessed with pure, rich blood, insnring health and strength, so tho children of blood tainted parentage inherit a poUated circulation to harden their existence with disease and suffering. Swollen glands about the neck, brittle bones, weak eyes, pale, waxy complexions, running sores and ulcers and general poor health, are the usual ways; in which Soofula is manifated. In some cases the blood is so filled with the scrofnloos germs and tabercnlar mattet that from birth life ia made miserable with snSering. Others who ialierit the disease succeed in holding the tioable in check during young,^ittainnia life, bat when the sjrstent has began to weaken and lose its natanrimli^. and espedallyafteri^ spell oS sicknea*. the ravages of the'diocMtJ'ilt icte> mence, and in a great many cases terminate in Consomption. 9.8. S. is the very best treatment for Sotrfnla. It renovates the entire eiicntBtion and drives ontv.the .actofnloas and (nbercnJar deponts. S, S. S. is the greatest of all blood piuifierB, anl it tul^^^j^goea to tbe very txittom of tbe troatiMad^removcs the cause and cores thedisevie, but it snptdics tbe BtiBPi V ureeTADi c anaemic blood with the healthful PURELYJVEGETABLE properties it iaii^wed of. S..S.S.ismade . eotui^y of ibeiltlif, cfcuaioK roots, berfaa and barks, and ia an absolatelv «Bfe remedy te Titasr or <Ad. Bookloa the blood and any medical advice, riMatgcrbfalaJnyenw** ^^^^^ ' ^^^^ ^^^^ MAY GET MONE .St loats Company Has Fuis in His* sonri Which May JBe filrea .StoeUoIdcvs. The thory or more jpla andiA]||p county people who lost money! whMi tbe Home Co-Operativo company'of i^ Louis wetn Into bankrutpcy some time ago, may yet recover some it not all 'of their money. Attorney J. B. Gosborn a short time ago brought .suit in the'^ federal court against the company to^compel it to pay the paid up |1000 policy of John T. Weatherby of Gas Crty. Mr, Gaih- orn tbe other day received a letter from the company saying that tbe eom pany still had funds in! Missouri and that there was probably enongb'to pay off all clairoa wtUch coqld bo proven. The Home Co-Operattve oompaay several years ago had many pollelM held by lola people. \Vhen tbe company went into Imnkniptcy, the lo|a Btodkholdcrs joined their clalma and turiied them over to T. E. .Martin, tbe local agent for the company, to bring suit for "mh, instead of tbeir filing separate aalta. Before Mr. Martin had accompUahed that work, death claimed bim. Mrs. Martin took up the suit where her bus band had left off. The suit was. however, dismissed in the district court with prejudice. The company bos suggested to Mr. Goshom that, if tbe lola policy holders will assign their interests orer to ome other party, a second suit migbt be brought and the lola.pplfcy holders secure a part of their money. ~. WANTED—Dining Pennsylvania hotel.- room girl 'at WELL ON Tin! tODNG fLACt. Capacity af OM and a AdC Cable Fcc^Ta Be Cmmttti At OMC. ' Tba ^^oty thjs morning brooi^t .te a weU on this Tooag plaiee. llr.Roi^j^^ said this afternoon .thai the'''Well wood probably have a eaipaeitr o|^ii> and a bait'million. HalaioC fba Mfi^. ion that tbe weU waa .«r01ad ~ •dca pT tbo Held. ThfyfiM eoaaeeted up .ahortly. . Tibo - mtaiouUKt tbe matter, r 1.

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