Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 17, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 3
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m lOIA PAIET BECggnPMCTgftAT BTEyHfO^ SOTEMBBlt 17, 1908. SOAP (TRAMSV ARKNT) When traveling ^one"should avoid the xa^ ofrpablk' toilet soaps found on trains and in hotels—generally hi Ah scented to coiiceal ingredients injarioos to the skin. core a cake of Jap Rose and be assured of a perfect skin cleanser which lathers freely in cither hard or soft water. Tj IT CAWNOT BE IMITATSD S. KirR A Co., FREE CkiMroi N. Wmter Streot. CKica^o. kMka< , . . ... ., . ....... \ THE MAN AROUND TOWN ! INSTITUTE PI nri|*rii "ip A. i: T.. A. mcmbprs in the county. Ijl IJ\r\,'0!i lust Wednesday overreaitms niem- *'*"*'*'^^}hois <.f iUe Aini-Har -ie Thief Assorla ; tlon (i 'Kcoveri'il a lotif» niriii hiking 1 ——. irnvUliy acjo ^B tht-ir ilolrts. keppliiK Good Crowd In Attendance at Session i 'r 'he rul'!!c rmA», yet main- at Moran.—What Organization fiir.'ct cniir.'=f> tliroiiph oorn- avines t<.iwur<l ill" south- I „.,...!;1„ j ••\V. is Doing for State. i ^' " The Al'en I'ouiity Krinncrs* Ins!:-! lutc. which is in s<.'s?ion at Mor:ir..' will closp tlu*; cvi'innir. It is salii that therf is a eooil crowd in ait^nrl- nnce ami that tin- prncram i.* an rcllent one. Eacti yrar ihe int 'T'-:-* in the institute is iiuTca .-'in?;. This instinito nork i.=? of !rr'>at im- portjitice to «: olo roi.-r.ry an<l state, and it is pdiins to I"- a Iji^r thing. Over two !inn irt-d orsinnizt -'l in6tltnt«»s In Kansas with OVIT G,?''|| memliprs means that tii>' inruv rs orv in earnest in stiiilyinj; fanr .ini: iiK -tii- nds. The !< ul; i:i al col'-ce di- r»'c'.Ics the work a :i! Is seisdfnp: fvo or three Hix -al -iers to e \<M\ irsilt'ii.- ti. lielji wilh the proKruui. • r l«e a lior.seilii/'f." asserted M- cvc; :'.ie j.lio;;* to hlS «ATio>vi. vvnv. niH i:(7.r..>j v. \0 Mor«' l)<t»l!<» Ihe SiKiiincli—rnr< the Skill Tlii'iiii;!! the Skin. hiiiid }on wp.rU :. and tiK.n tlio ^kin ( ,:.s not t.".ke li'ivj •..•"I'.'.i ;•: • !.. re«tr-r" ' wrM".'!. The 111--; >!;!n ^Jn'ri ; ••. agreed tlia; Ih" ( M!"' ^• •• • .'l-:in is ihrn-ieh -'•v;:: The frn't ;hai i "e7 '':ii:i rase ami not a ii'.ind -i-' den! fn-m si'-Msiii'.: whi Ii s;> nearly all .•c/ft.ia snfftr - v. fpcliy healthv in a'; o'.'.irr v. ••ept a.= to th'.ir if ti;-:; pa'.ients v.ere ':-:'<y r;r. ai \r.v^ -.i-r] i>i , • ••; . noi ouiy Tlie .-.klu wouid 1 ' .1: Yo'j can prove iinru-l!.ri:;v U'f of a inie ski;; cui" l.y I'-.fiiv of wln;erereer. as com; (>i:r;;i'-J ir n. Prbi-criptto:!. Tlil-» iiiuld .f;'acl;.s ^a-^ dis'i-e ct .rms, numhiufZ tli.iii wti'.c iiMildiiii. up the healthv tifi.=;ie of the skin. \V-> have now handleJ this n;eri::ir :V .-[s and Ihnroujrhiy sci.n'if.c, rer-.-dy fi.r .^o loHK and h.tvf- .seo;; it^ « ir- Siilr .so many tiri' wi^ frr -.->iv e.vpre .-i- our cv.'"'! i'. ("Iiri.• Spencer i Co. . nr. ..t.-.y ;, : e ;! : : 1! i I 'e siirpri -T 'd. he acrs t^us- re--[:cpded liie <if)ier. i ;;;;i< iri .s (i::ir vrttn e .scRppd ilM'Ti :>'.•' .T FredoniH." anolher ! i !;''p <",)iiver'»Rri''i!. • \<: ti!-:ri';( I.S i'' '}>,' .\. M. T. A. we u;::;hr lo nr'"*; liini and Ue"iver him i,:r-r ui ';;.-t :ii'." lirnily dechued .in- iiiticr vi ii" on t'l'' wire, and the hunch :t^.'^^c:i'-(l. ili .'.v- arn»d theni.selve? vKJ 'ii :n;scill :'!iMiiis colleciion of «.iIioti>. ar ;iii,i:<^ aad inoderii. and s -V ()i ;. d •io '.'i <i!i'-l!if' iiiysterloufl ^;';>;:.:<r n irh .•; de-i rni.'iied cinnmhiid ••1 iiii'Mie:-. Till' ;,,!->i;cet'ha .-.ii!y did •. .•;:'"( ir'\:r.' > niiii'^ e^lie for hlni 10 ' . 1 • rn" f<:< ;i a;rav <ir ar'lllery. (••I •• •:.:< ;)lactd under :ir- il-'-;. : :,d 1 :M'r;i."tl of l-ei!i« a '•.hl .f a;i v.-i .-juied prisoner •I 1 ••':> j:!';. !!,• ;.;-^ri -s; rd hi-, .'•••I 'o ):r:d d'Jr .iiadfd il he was ill rc'iiicf ;•<.;• hi,-. car!or..^ lo pro- 'II,r. • 'etf i:;.' ;•!:!;>>:!;. jj.- st..;if!> maln- ;ii :i lie ".<;!" a ;il|'e iln.' walker |. K -nsas .Wnnral. Mi'it tiU home fl,:;i.j;e, and hi,^ ioi;i;:ie hl'ic p.'-;, :i> A toDiia. Th'.a ox•\ :';.i\-irr-;;-nivs:;Tioi:.« :r,i!ar • (•"I.';:!- ins fad ^,f aldn;.; Ihe >-• i.ii=, li:i: !l-.e wilv f,Trniers ii ;:c ;-i:;'i!:c"d. and insisted h'-n !;.;ck the n«arC3! s!;:Ii.;:, v.'.i.^i.,^ 1)" was cow- i'leii; ::":.d ar.d reiear--p.l. The ;.-:it:i'd, ;.s t!ie sfmrce or il siiii'S 'I;-:- fimers in ,;c-.l.:.-;:c.'d. THE man around town '; — The bitternesa .ciigeiidered llarl&g the late campaica hat'abbot'diaap- pean>d. The successful candidate* have gotten back to their normal temperature and are no longer trildl.v extiftant over the other f .ellow's defeat. The unsuccessful candidate, on the other hand, has sufllclenlljr recov ered to fnpllc afrain and allow tia features to resume their natural appearance. ' The f>llo,w who won hli« bet has quit crowliiR and the loser has ceaxed mournliiB an empty iwck ct. jflut there Is one breach growing out of the campalun that hasn't heal ed jot. The •hello" with which each •Breetcd the other for years Is heard no mori». Tliej- pass one another with baleful evos and shrugging shoulder.^. On fac^s that were once marked with I 'ympntliy Is the expresH- ion of hate and revenge. It 'r .apiH 'ned this way. They live Jnst across the alley—two kids less than »eren years of ase. They hatf played together for years. The awing in the back yard of one was the common property of both. ICnives. tops and n 'arhles were loaned back and forth 80 frequently that their owner ship was uncertain. The father of one of t "-e Iwy? was a Democrat. Of course the boy was. The father of the other was a Heinibllcan. aiid of course he had a Republican son. Dur ing the campaign the boys frequently got Into .trcument .ii hut they never allowed It to endanger their friendship. The nepiihllcan boy freauenfly chlded tiic youtl-.ful follower of Bryan. The latter, confident of his father 's Judgment that the Xfbrati'.tan would he the next president, resolved Ih.nt he woijld say nothing, hut wiien the news came after th" election, my! how ie would howl. His confldcnre In the re «nlt was so strone that he didn't tnlnd the jibes of his chuni at all. As the day of the election grew near, his confidence Increased and he could hardly keep from "shooting It back' 'at his playmate. But he controlled and consoled tlm- self with the Idea that h.^ would get to do the crowing after If WHS all over. -"^ Wlien the news came on the night of N'oveniher 4th that his Idol had met with an overwhelming defeat, the little Democrat c<mld hardly bear h 's ertef. Tears flowed down his cheek nml his heart arhod with pain. Then OP thought of how hi.s playmaf wonid losi: him. This was terrible, but he •ecalird that the little Jfepiibllcan was VInd hearted and sympathetic and would not likely taunt him much. By morning he was fairly reconciled to his n-y' poliflcal disapiKiliitment. When he arose and looked mit of the vindow he sa'd: "Xo. sir. I l ";t .Johnny don't roast me. He will know 1 feel bad and he won't say anytliiog It all. We lave ha 1 such good times too, and been frh tids so lo!i;:. I know le win he Jjlnd t<> me." .Meanwhile ''fh<. fjepirhlican I*<>v t »as wild wfh d.light. He .slmi .ly conl't not control !iis L'Iet». ".My, won't -oast .finally." he Kai.i to himaelf. Yes. lie was cotisid-raie of his friend. <nt ills Joy over Tafl':« lii ction pas: d lieyond the I '.'itit where synipat.'iy lerlr.s, An .l «i;.ii Jimmy came out >f fie hoiiHe the next morning and tarfed tt>'.vard the swing .as he had a lundred (iine,s before. Johnny yelled out: "Tnft. Taff. he Is the ni.-yi. '1 can 't vote, but daddy can." Jimmy (iiiin'f lik > it. It wa:; not ^xac !ly v.-hr .t he had prepared himself ;"or. but he bit his lip and prosse i m toward his friend. Then Joi.nny 1, - 11 SE'v.ATOR ELKINS DENIES IT. :cEt :es St::tefner!t Relative to Daugh- tcr'= Pumorted Engagement. N'.ir, 17,--Til • 1 srji r-..i;! d.Ti'.'-htrr - c.-;v< GOOD .TOKE 0\ A. 11. T. A. Arrr,<.t Pdrolla Pipe line Malker for a Horveihicf". Th.. rhnniit" Sun bay?; Wi!..^on coiin;y farmers niio do:r! belong are enjoyin-:; a prod Joke i -;i and the n-i! il-;-.. ! -.- !J! V.,---.- s'in.ris-, r;,.- n-i'orl' '! -.Yl'lrly cnmn:<T,t' ,T! denia; iropi '.vas !r <:n '>ra "y as r-,-\:^t^' of til."- !!;::•.. I 'ld ;':osre3si 'd ;';iat far. tKH.; :.s ro int »rviow th.- .iuke . nnr.o'inci laer.r n, Kkip,,; had th'. .-.flee; that s ;.r!w.-n his of .\hri;z7,' was pnMic with 1 '••I;(j*hal had l)Orn d upon without oftic-' any ijuarter. and it ",rr.-d that :'"e dnk«-'s vo'j.'isr American wo- AIl at- on the Sell Clears Only to Makers who 53pl]+hmncr"h Mereantne Cigars have alwaysbe«jsold|W .^y .Lcw .wxo VVllU aCll XlUUUgll] and by them to Smokers. ADistribaPor'saguis ~" Maker to the Distributat-and then jier. The Aistributorarousthiave a profit, mUStSPll Vmi in<^ l#accxrQlir<» L******^*''^'*^»°^*'^ Ofcoursethatprofit 111 UCiLJ>CUyUUlU%less VaiUe>c^^ That is one reason why Have an Advantage Over Oiheir Erasids ^ tlitlrown. CijTFrs li'x'. these rrake ttecjfant frirntis. .Scoreaof men have imoked no*.:-.::-T bi:t (;.,L;ars ti:..:; v:r uva-m making thcna over eighteen yars ago. If you like ihcrp, cnU v ^s tliink yr>a will, yrju can alv,-ayn dtnend ca .Meican.ilc C.rit H tot o oaiiifyins s.iioke. Ask your Cigarman for a'Mercan- { out of Rice's Glass Harniclor i <tl.i»< H i--;.;.,r ;< t'-- orlifiru^I CT -il <y Fcrtln n-.ak .T-„ th- :• MercantileCif:=r Co., on a rr:.^r:.:-j-'.- ;-r.)rit nad p-.;t th? il: ;- tributor's t-mit iii '-ti 'tiii.- tilc"qu«l!ty. Kr-,ol;c one "Mercajitilc" art! s-c t:,jtt r .uperior c-jal-ly. "Mercantile" Uniformity Cigars made Iroia tob:^:co boupht in the open . market mi(*tvsrywide|/in qiishty. We bi:y'.;:<: ' ff/e same quaUty of Havana :tobacco Ircm ti-.e satr.e ••(;(,, plai.tations —Jtar in arid year out. • . c-^ial «'.is -i i ii;Vr J.irr An a .--tliiht 'pi' ''i"i.<-: . t ('•'.'J {Ij The tream of each Reixaon's crop, pcrscn.^;;v •i.-i!.l=..<<.-.--jt;,ct'.-: ;.Ts :im.-c(m .!:ti. nh:'-t:i\ jil; elected by« metnhe, of the firm c;, the icUn.i 'i/lS^^^V^.;:;^!' t:;^^^^-^^^^':^^ ^ The leaf tobacco.fully npenc ._.:r. then storea and i c-i; ..t • • ir»' «. ri-. -i:.'i.lpit,;;ii:>-i- .\ i:- Ij'-/ cured until it attains the c.-.act degree of mellow- -l-- at.-.:--i._:..:s to ^L;. -.vUo L,U>- M..rcan:i;i: n-' ^demanded in "iVIercant^Ic^." Thui M. rca.-i- "-'u'^^a^i^^Z-: : cxrrv .Mc.-ra:,(nr ^:.r:.t^. sr=d '' Ui.t Cirars pi .:,scrs an .-\roa'.j ,ta ;-ie and fiavor cU ' H.;uarac an -1 we arrancc to sapyij vtj. r. R. Rice Mercantile Cldar Co., S(. Loulsr-VIo. F=ctory ,303 -rir,i Diat -of M'ssoorf roif I.IFK OF JOH,\ Bl.'OW .V. hatherlni' .Mojo VWts Ilumboldl for .Uaterial for Bunk. su j;. ct have fail-:"'!. It's in the Packing Soak .-v juiry firh/iii in ico wstfi s week—tht-D c-x/.. and scr^e it WouliI ittiistc as ilshou'. i? NritheT do oyster? Ireitcd //;./ VE\ . "Sealshipt' Oysters teste rfjf^—hove all the peculiar delicaC.vof PVS I CT^ yim v;ci at il:e sbon; becau.-ff i:o TC" or wa-jr touches thciti-no ; r.i •.r..-al:\o is used or Seeded. The ice is paclte.'. n 'rtnJ the sealed galvaaidv.l steel ci;is. •'Sealshipt" Oyft!rr>» ere clean- fresh, tborotigUiy p.-lntahlo .i.-/;. Ke\y tr .ivt r.1 ^•rp.-.-nit ni-tiis 2 — r :Trn in -•SrjI-.-liitJ: s< -.I.-H.-*—--i irirrcj.- • fnn boot ot*^«t cr»«^T» .Asl; au , r. ..r t .iUir -ipe <!••»! '« '.1 -I t -.,;iv „r'. - . piniof "Sc«ll1i'r-'." ••,' 1 •<! . Ko water. -iU to'.a i;:- -sang out again: ^ • "Stewed rats and fried cats Are good enough for Democrats." This was tr )o much. Jimmy whirled ir .d with his fi.sts clinched and hi.; •dcr «hi-.e v.ith rage. wtMit back to lis iiome. llir.-»v : iniself on the lounge ind rrie-l his he.irt out, Johnny tried dav or tv.o lator !(» "make u )i ' but 'i:iin;.- su..( red at him. In spire of •jvertures and apologies. Jimm.v still refused to sjwak to his friend. The swin^r stands motionless in the b.-ick aid. and the pile 6f leave.=i where the wo once made cav«» Is settling (jpwn vn a heap, Wliat once was supi>o:ied o be only a petty quarrel Is now 0 !it,'nifled estrangement. In after v,.ar.s t ,<> incident will be a source of iiiiicli amusement to .Tlmmy. hut toda.\ it ji hl.s heart's tragedy. FREYER BROS; OTTi) HINZE; CDR WAY T'jc {r^r -Jii.'.'"F.11.] --i:-" 0 ;T .tt;-s arj always sold from a Vwiiiu- rc.r>,:liia i>-i;.' t/ CaseU-yin? the "Sca '.shJpl" trade n*.:-k j': \ .v.. Ihi-i is 1-r your j>i.-3ttctica—lock for it. The ri.iipl" Carrier S>;st<fm ir pciented. lafringe- Bccu vii'l x '^o'-ccuteu to lie fu'l'ertent e£ the law. NATIONAL CARRIER COMPANY '1 can now see where I wasn't sharji," said Janitor McPhee of the court liorse. as he raked uii - the leav's. "When the Democrats and Republi- eanA were achin? for bets before election I ought to have encouraged item TO. make a wager like that made at Humboldt, that is whichever pany lost In lola should rake off tne 'eaves. That would have saved mf •torn this big Job of cleaning this park ind instead of me spending a week or two raking and burning leaves. . -outd sit out here under the trees mil boss the Democrats wr.lle they oibd." ho continued. • The.Joh of raking the leaves from •he .-ourt hous.' lawn is no small one. Mr. McPhee haH been busy every day ^or a week or two. He rakes the ipav< s into idles and then bums them, 'i.. Hill not he through for some time. Thf lluinliold; llir .iid sa;.-^; .Vli .ss Katherlne .\hiyo of .Ncv. Vi .rl; City wns in llumboidt Prid:t> in M -nrch of ;i!n- leri.T' for .1 i;!'.-. of .lohn i'.jnwn whicii Oswald tlarrison Vi !!-.ird. fn-^idcii! o.; 'he New York Kv"ii:n;i Pc.u r-<iru;..T:i.\ exiKTts IK pill o 'l ilic ri .irke; in <iu;e 'or the fiftieth ;;iinivi .:-s -i:y of John nrowiiV hrintinu'. .Mr. Viliard. wiio l .s i -Kr .Tnd .-on ef William I,'.>.vd tl.'irrison wa:; out for a f'-v. d .iys In October and visiUfl ilie Old hwiif c-r .Uiliu lirowti near Os^-wiitoniie, lie d .;es no; rime lo .li.ither ail liie data Iiimself. ii', and s<"!iilin^ Miss Mayo •AV. >ve;- iI:, (•.-.litn; .\ in .-...ire;! of pcr.sons .vho "Kti'V,- h:i llniwti, tr v .l :(r niay ;;!Vr> ;',i!!:s IT i.-itc; : < < ;ici.r;;;;:.-: !h'. '>vci;:s o," ills life, \Vi ii . he;-.. .Mi -3 .'i;iyii ;;::..rviewed ^'.iptaiti .'^tfwiir; ti 'i !:udin,' the ear!.' hlsti 'i events of ih-. s 'ate sim' ~aiid on >!rs. T. .\. Illackiii;:;;. nhosf husli.iiid w:is proinin"nt in liie •\-ir!» veins 1 f 111" .s'.tle :ind who h.'vs r ;T;;;I:H.;- of va!;t:!l >• papers th:;i ma; "ontnin sot:;eth ''.i:,; <.f inTrre.-t, ,\Iisri .\I;i."-o was on h. r way l>:icV 'rotii (• I 'il 'iir.Tia wher:- sh.. visited sev- i 'r :il 1 : J O!I;I B .O.V . n':'- ohildr.-n Wh( Me !iv I'lif tli»re. TO ( IHK rOI.l) l\ 0 \K BAT. T;ike r..').v ;i ;ive liro-nio Quinine T3I 'els. Pru'-gists r^funil luor.-y if 1 '.liis !o cure. K. V.. cnOVK.- =:i:.\ \\V^ I "• f.\<\\ 1 >I1V, -"C. DON'T LIKE HUMBOLDT- Chantue "Teddy Bears' Say They Were Jobbed in Football Game. can reverse yesterday's score- The; .safety wa.s made during the first half. ( .\Ioyor\or'd a punt ))y Humboldt; two yaids lioni the .^i >a! aiii! was riod back ovi r tlie chalk niarli I JV two Hu:iil;oldr player.^ who had oiit- rac'-d llio |e.ii,.er down th..; field. The .•-•tar pl.-iyiiig h\ tii-- locals was done! \'\ t'.ra.v. WHAT IS HKM-IMIIB: Taldei. rake:! Turps InlernallT. Piles, Tliut \ I'i 'es ilM-niorv'inidsi :>:o siiting ni.'ir.' crininKiii o..»:y d:>y- l>»<'aii^»' we: live iintKi !!ir..lIy. overeati:!?. over- wi ^rking. tnkitig little exercise, era In-f •\':\\- ciii'i:;-: a (i'.j.lle:iin;i of v .-ins a:ii: iissues in l!;.' lower l ^owt .I. • 1!!(( H 1 s !.isnatio:i is the ca-i.-e of pik-s." an.'l I cii 'Mii'lnii thiii pi rtiu ::;(,-;ir y '.•nrf.! with oinini .'Uts. lir. l-ooircarrlts liflui-iti..i(i is Ihe on- 'y iiiriiiKii ;al.'n-i reni';dv tiiM (.ures •-.itfs h.' frf .in'.; tiie c !reu !:;;itiii. .=:;>!(l ind-.'r giia;.",n :ee at riia !'.. .S; ncer li Co .'s. I'ri .-t- Dr. l ^-^nniiaid: Co.. ^la::o;i \\ linlfa!^.. N. \. DEITY QUESTION PUT OVER. .'etc for T'.o Chantite "Teddy p.^ar;;" c'aim Hiiluboldt ro;)I)ed theui of the ;.rame pla.vcd there Sunday. The Sun say .T. flie "Teddv Bears" lest a hotly contested game to Humboldt yesterday on the latter's ground.? by a score of 2 to i<. the spore beinp made on a safet.r. The "Teddy Bear.s ' claim they were rntitlerl to I'.oth a s .afety and a toiK ^iilown but Th-- oflicia,''? ijobhod them and the rooters joini^d w ;th Huinhohlt in playlnt t:e -.ame. I>,ir- iUK the last half Chanute carried the •jail over Hunibo'dfs goal for a clear touchdown but the rooters pnsheil the lo ."a !s back over Ihe line and the r.>f- ''ree refused to allow the score. The local team also complains beins; slng- • • hv H:!mt.o ,"dt rro ;ii ;h.> .-tart of the gai'ie- It is possible that a re- *i:rn came wil' he played on th" 'ome grounds, at which, with impartial officials, the "Todiii 'S" b" f':rv The Story Of a Medidne. Its name—"Golden Medical Discovery" was suggested by one of Its most Important and %'aluablo lofrodients — Golden Seal rocc. Nearly forty years ago, Dr. Pierce div covered that ho could, by the use of pura, Iriplo-rcfined glycerine, aided by a cer^ tain degree of consuntly maintained beatfand with the aid of apparatus and appliances designed for that purpose, extract from our mest valuable native medicinal rboU their curative properties mueh better than by the use of alcohor, so generally employed. So the now world- famed "Golden Medical Discovery." for the cure of weak stomach. Indigestion, at dnpepsla. torpid liver, or blllousnoss and i kindred derangements was first made, as i It ever sinM has b^n. without a partlcl* i of alcohol In its maKv-np. | A glanee\a]isth «/uX IfX of Itsingredl- 1 cuts, printed 0h*1»crL bottle-wrapper,; will show that it is taa^ i valuable modleinal roNsMound growlnz , In qnr American, foreal^ All these In- 1 on Exc!u"sion Amendment Un 'jcllecvrs is Postponed. Wio>i:a. K.'.'.. .'NON . IT.—.\t tlie •'ei .;i: .• n;' ; <• Wi:-l',I;;', Minlnerinl as- ')(ia;ii:i lod:iy ihe i ,i ,-itli-r of exclud- •\z :il! ir'!r ;is;ors who do not li. li'-ve In till. i:r .ii\- of Ciu:.-! cam" up.-but it '.v.-is d< (il. d 111:! t;) bring III" mat- i.-r *.) a vo 'o for four wo<;ks. Tile < nnstltutlon :is it now n-t-Is allows ihe pastor of any evangelical ohurcli to bocoinv ,1 ;ii in. 'r <t t !ii- as .iociation. Tiie amendment which was prisvut;-:! toih'.y pro -ioc* .,• to o:;- diide ti ;e pastors of the .-hurcl'. I'liivors.-ilist church and otiier "lenominat.'otis wliose crf^cds do not exact belief in th" d"ity of Chrint. Tcke our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward T.f.ives Io!a ?:]9 p. m., ar­ rives St. Louis 8:25 'a. m. Throu;;b sleeping ears. This train connects with, the east hound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see us. C. P. Hale, Agt. The World's Best Piano Prices S^cgc fr.Q $500 ID $1300 J. V. Roberts, Distributor .>.:!5.-S.;iJ ECHO OF RACE RIOT. 'Aan Connected with Springfield Trouble Commits Suicide. Sprlmtfield. Bl-.-Nov. 17.—'Rather h,iu suffer the dlsTrace of arrest on •. charire of forgery. Rollo T. Sturgis. )r." of t.'ie state's chief witnesses ii ^ainst Abe Baymer, alleged leader >f the Springfield race riots, shot and killed hlinself yesterday. At the: time of the race riots Stur- •4i8 wa.^ 2 waiter In l-ope-'s restaurant, the first place wrecked by tte mcb andjwa.^ Injured In an effort to protect bis employer's property. He Vso lostj his personal possessions in the deaUnction of JjopefB pUee and his porestjr led to the fotgerr. Ad. w «y* icyts; leso endorsemenu i been compiled by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, ^. v.. and will be mailed free to any one asking same by postal card, or letter addressed to the Doctor as abovsk From these endorsements, copied froia (taodard medical books of all the dlffor- ent schools of practice, it will be found that the fngredieo»composingUie"GoId- ca Medical Discovery' are sdvised hot only for the cure of the above mentioned diseases, but apo for the core of all catarrhal, bronchial and throat affections, aeeompalned with caUrrfasI dlschaiscB, noaiseness. sore throat, lingering, or •ang-on-cuughs, and all thaso wasUns itfcctions which, if not promptly ana properly treated are liable to termlnaio :n consumption. Take Dr. Pierce's Di» c6v«ry in time and persevere In its CM until you give it a fair trial and It Is not Ilktqy to disappoint Too muclt most mX be expected of It. It will not perform minnn. ft will net core eoosumptioa lUtdAraneed stages^ . Ko medium wilt itjs »<^g»^faelJ0Mthat iewt M Highest Quality More Converts Every Year Every day in every year that comes, more hotsse-^ wives are giving up their exorbitant priced Baldng; _^ Powders and turning to K C, the honest and reliabliC^j which, has stood soinrell the test of years. iTbey an'i ;odf that G POWDER costs one tiiird'the price of powder anywhere near K C quality, and makes • better, pursr. more hcaJthful HaUaeMyl^ rperfett J ?^esults g

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