Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1907
Page 7
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1 Mdre Bedtitiful Coats at n». DOBA mUBB. OP li TH ^j .Xnt Og ATrBMWBD BtfUBBT. You can haitUy realize Bow exteiisive is the Vfriety of styles in coats to sdect mnn at $16.00. It is o^r determination to show at ^h!s price every new style effect worthy of attention! The le coats are worth f2000, on sale, Coats at $12^50 An extraordlnaxy value in attractive fashionable style Coats, n«atly tallor- beautifally trimmed, lull sleeves and lined througlioat with!;guaranteed satin, worth S16 i.$f2m80 For SI 0.00. Coats full 50 inches long, graceinl ripple back, trimmed to give the new sh'onlder eiFect, collar and doffs are braid at>d tilk velvet trimmed; lined throngbont with heavy satin; all 1113.50 to I15 values, while thev last, choice for..: $WmOO Spicial Three Day'^ Sale of Blanks ts. Comforts and Underwear 50 inch Coats $5.95. Good styles and fine qnality, well made,,richly trimmed and |nll 50 in. long. They are made of good Kersey, heavy Melton or broadcloth^; half liqed, braid and velvet trimmed, ip black only. Tomorrow for..... I.. $3»9B —• r—^— $ Styles Taffeta Waists. $5 Five styles of tailor nUde Taffeta in black only. All new smart styles, Values I6.50 and $7.50 each, made by best waist makto, ot superior ttffeu 6a\y. Sizes range from 33 to 44, all tomorrow, one price, $8mOO itlflH SCHOOL TEAM IftLt KOrCAID SATUBDAT. MBIT HI^ School Chans Uu Tweaty*thn« Boys aki SIztccB Girls aa Xoihan. WAIT ABi.TO ^ t BBOinBB omcB. As 4B aecbmodatToii. the Hjeftstsr raesArss adi for iU want cohuina .o^er Ura'telephone, btat ezpoeu the adver- Uacr. to call at th«. office and settle as sotm as conTenlont. as the bills are too small tawarrsot the expense of a ooUeetor. Teleifhone your want ad to either phone, Na 18 or S22. and It wilt recelTo careful atteoUon. Mrs. BOkr Attaekei hy Bskbcts. A leuer was received In this city yesterday from Mrs. Dora MUlor who recenUy mored to Kansas City from this city In she 'tells of her experience with robbers one nifht Sim says tiiat she was walklns down Baltimore street when she pained a man and boy. The man appeared to l>f a laborer and She paid no particular attfntloB to either. They nused tier and walked slowly but thi hoy stopped as he came up to ^er and without a word struck her a blow In the head with a stick which he ear- ried In his hand. She was rendered nnconacloua and a lady who was pass Ini^ came to h«r assistance an4 it waa not lonf before a pcriioabaii cams. His attention was taken up in caring for Mrs. Miller who was thought to be seriously hurt and the would-be robbers escaped. La Harpe Is Beady. The La Harpe high scbopl foot ball (eapi Is ready Wor the game with the Kincald high school't«am when they come here next Saturday afternoon. The La Harpe team has been working hard every afternoon getting ready for the game. They feel that they are In as good condition as they possibly could be this time of the year. The 'Kincaid team held La Harpe to a zero In a game played on the Kincaid grounds two weeks ago. The game Saturday promises to be a good one. WAirriBD— Olrl for general house[work. Inquire 7M East street . WANTED—House cleaning to do. J»hono 1112. ' WANTBD—Second hand Winchester i#p gun. Ingniro 106 South Second itreL .1 FOR 8ALB—Good mnahont Stude-^ baker buggy and good set of harness tor sale cheap It taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. FOR SALE^-Plgs. Inquire 134 South Osborn, Gas City. • FOR SALES—Light team, wagon and harness. Reasonable. 315 North Third •treet ' FOR SALE ;—Worth the money, fine Jersey milch cow. will be fresh in Jfarcb. lola Land Compauy. Kalikta of Uaee^ m masts In K. P.HalL 1 WSdaasdsy BUhts la aaeh mdlfcrX W. Postwalt,. fonimshdor; B .&Itor- ter, record ksspsr.; ' W. 0. W..-Csm^ Ma iOl msstsl is K. of P. RsU svory Fridsy aliitlw. T. Btoole. a C: A.H.DaTlSr (DMi* Visitors eordlslly invited. ~ jnriflBTs OF frnn*g .-wso ^kh Lodgt. No. 4S BSsU OTory M« Bight at K. ot P. BalL TWttag thsrs Invitsd. W. S. Thosipaoa. 0 .0.: Chrts Bitter, K. oC R. sad «. M. W; A^Tho M. W. A. |^ Us maou every Friday night la M. W. X ball. VlaiUag hrOthors lavltad., Anderson. V.C.: W.A.Cowaa. Olarfe. BOTAL BBIClBBOBar-Tola Oaiatk Na 36S. Royal Ne^bora. masts ond and (oarth Tnssiaya d-'month. Mrs. F. A. Wsgasr. sraets; Mrs. MaryHuttoai 418 Wast tH^i Rseordar. F.A.A«-aoldsn JMX. Ooaaefl Nai 4 <t,/P. A. A. meou arat aad tblrA. Wodnosday nighta In asch noatBTl* K. P. Hall, a B. Lacsy^ ptsMtl Miss Msbls Rhortack. ascrstary. TOR SALE ;—f1800 stock of igrocer- les and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street. m Gin NEWS ITEMS BQTS ARE ABTEBTISIMG TRI-CITT- ' 3iE0DESHA GAME. mi PROMISES TO BE HOT OKE GA8 H. ritr BASSET BALL TEAM WILL PLAT PARKEB. J. UrklB, of Wichita, Will Locate Bore—Personals. Gas City T8. Partner. ' 'he Gas City basket ball team will lea v^ early In the morning for Parker, Kinsas. jwhere they will play the Parker high school basket bail team thi B evening.. The; Gas City team has be in woi-king preparatory for the gane for kome time and is now in excellent Aoiiditlon for the game. u. J. LSrUa to Locate Here. H. J. Larkin. of Wichita, was la the city yestvcdav confering with real es- t Lte men with the,Idea ot buying Gas Ity property and locatiig here. If gie deal can be completed he probably will »open a new genen 1 store here, ^e recently sold a store which he conducted in the outskirts of WlchiU. He ^iil move his family her* In the near ftiture.. Byaa -KIng Nnptals. :- At the home of E. S. Ryan at Gas (jlity on the afternoon of 1 the 27th of October, 1907, was solemnised the mar riage of Miss Nellie Byai of Thayer ifo., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Ryan of Thajyer, Mo., to Taylor K. King of lola. Rev. Hark- ^ss, pastor of the East,lola Metho- (Qst church officiated and read the i^arriage service In the presence of a ^Toup of relatives. The bride's dress ^OsB a very pretty plaid trimmed with 8llk braid. After the ceremony the bride and groom left on I the car for lola where they are in the boarding libuse business at the Baltimore. The cardial wishes of many friends for the lappy pair; also the tethcjr and mother which could not be there. Advertlslag Ga ; Circulars are being dii this city advertidng th cgune which will be playi t^ic park next Sunday afternoon be tsreen the Trl-Citj' team a nd the Neo- (fesha foot ball team. The circulars ributed in foot ball at the Elec say that the Neodesha team was defeated last Sunday by t|ie Chanute Go- Devils by the close score of 5 to 0. This indicates that the game will be one of the hardest fought of the season. Add Brennan, of La Harpe. is captaining the Neodesha team. Crosby formerly of this city. Is playing with the team also. ^ Fmosals. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Rainer of Deer ing. Kansas, is visiting in this city today. L. O. ililf left\yesterday for Topeka on a business visit L. R. Haner of Kansas City was here yesterday calling on the merchants. SILTEB LEAF. I Miss Lula Banks spent Saturday of )a.<tt week with her grandparents in lola. Mr. Lust ha« ratumed from Texas Mr. and Mrs. Bert Glenn are con templating^ returning to their home In Oklahoma. Mr. Gurley lost a fine calf last night. ^ Cornle Hall has retumevi to hts home in Elmdale, Kansas. Mr. Gleam he'.pod Mr. Wenexl kill a hog today. Made lis i^ewi Iiork mHERE is a. Style and Swing to the 1 1 real New Yorker that you can't mis- J take." I It% his clothes." i sell New YorK Clothes made by the best tailors in New York. For more than Bei^^min & Co. ble CloSies for la thirll of a cientiinr^ have been Fashibnable New Yancers. Cbrrect (3oWes fois Men Baclnaly* A|Bat Ham. Mon Boys Than GIris la Choras. The high 'school chorus which wilt represent the La Harpe high school in the musical contest at the South- j eastern Kansas Teachers association during the Thanksgiving vacatim is peculiar and doubtless will be the only chorus in the contest which Is composed of more boys than girls. There | will be twenty-three boys and only sixteen girls in the La Harpe cfaoma. The members of the chorus are working hard and are rapidly getting themselves ready.for the contest. La Harpe believes that tbey will have an excellent chance to win first prize this year. FOR SALE;—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, saf6 for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. FOR SAL£— Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street. FOR RENT—80 acre farm, improved. John A. Morrison, 208 N. Second. FOR "RENT—Furnished room in modem house. Inquire 202 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT'—Furnished rooms, also live room bouse. 604 North Jefferson. BIss MostgSBMry WMl BSBUUB. Miss Mabel Montgomery who handed in her resignation to the members of the board of education will remain in La Harpe and teach the rest of the school term; At a meeting of the board of education called for the special purpose of considering the resignation, the board by a nnanimoua vote decided becaasa of her good work while in this city decided not to accept herj resignation. A member of the board is quoted as saying that Miss Montgomery Is one of the best teachers they have ever had in the- La Harpe schools and to lose her services would be to injure the school materially. Miss Montgomery has agreed to remain in La Harpe. Stertiag B«ed Better. ' Sterling ReCd, the high school boy who sustained a very palatal Injury | while playing foot ball abont two weeks ago is a great deal better today. He is now able to take his right wrist which was thrown out ot place, out of the xxflfltrin vbgk vb^ Tbgk he will be able to return to the. game In a short time. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Sags cleaned by Thei«ialtig Factoi^ FMONB FBATBBBAI. BBOTHBBBOQB^ Fratsmal BrothoTfeood Na SW a , second and fOarth: Tnaajsys ot sacir noatb In A.O.O.W. HalL VistSi members eordlaly .Inrltsd. W.ILii^ deraon, proaldant; Qolda Blam. tsers* Ury. - • . _ I ' Jaalor Order Dattad Awerlcaa lU$ ekaaica.—Moeta overy Wedaaaday sf« enlng at 8 o'clock In K. P. BalL AU visiting members Inrltsd. B. jAt Wldick. Conncelor; C. B. Black, Rao. Secretary. : . • \ JKWBLBBB. B. F. Pancoast. old rallabla lswslar« 110 Bast street 1 ! fITAMMBB. I ! CompleU court at the bast seBoal for stammerers in Amorlea at~a^ halt price this fall and wiatsa. WkBa for Infonnatlon at oooa MeKla lehM tor Stammerers. 2706 Bsst Uth Otsek Kansas City. Ma \ 4 Has Stooa the Ttst BccatoeltB the Best AccefTt No etber Wm.Obcfdorf,A«t I REGISTER WANT ADS. pay be- canse in Allen county nearly everybody reads the Register. Guaranteed the largest circulation of any paper In \llen county. •...»1 SANTA FE TO PAY CASH. Pay Roll of $3,000 Will be Distributed^ Tomorrow. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. George Stevens, of Moran, visited Mr. and Mrs. ^ate Ketchem in this city yesterday. Mrs. Graen went to Kansas City yesterday where she will have her eyes treated. ; .1 A Sl^fleaat Prayer. "May the Lord help yon make Bucklen's Arnica Salve known to all." writes J. G. Jenkins, ot Chapel Ijllll. N. C. It quickly took the pain out of a felon for me and cnred It In a wonder-'l fully short time." Best on earth for sores, bums and wounds. 25c. at all drug stores. PRE8IDINQ ELDER AT HUMBOLDT The Santa Fe Railroad company will pay their employees tomorrow, thler regular pay day indirectly in I cash. The men will be given their cheeks the same as usual but arrangements have been made to have them cashed at the depot Heretofore It has been the custom of this company to pay with checks and let the employees get them cashed at the bansk. But since the banks have refused' to pay out cash this arrangement to have them cashed here has [ been made by the company. The Santa Fe employees in lola will draw 13,000. He Visits Yhlrty -Uve Charges Four] Times Caoh Year. (Humboldt Herald.) Presiding Elder Bernard Kelly was !D Humboldt Wlednesday on h 's way to Mapje Grove where he held a meeting ^fednesday evening. Elder Ke'ly in spite of nearly seventy years of life, is sUll as active as manyt younger men. He has thirty-two charges in his circuit and sixty-flTS churches. He Is supposed to visit etiA of these eharfea fOnr ttanea a year, and he does it It keeps Um on the go all the tmM and he most visit two chsrges every Baadsjr nA spend 'some time alaa Bealda^ thla he must keep tra^ of the rseorjla o( each ehnrdi and aettle aU Uttle differences, that may coma np bets the dwr^ aad the pastors. ^ It keep a yooa^n- maa hastUag bat Bl der KSlty seesu to thrive vk tkel itettafMdkmstlw '•aim a fMd taaie miii P0» TttE NEW BOOESI^ Are a little late gsttlm^. the Old Corner Book-Store this year, but we give yoa^ better price on the big sellers. Buys such big sellers as: Beth Norrell, by Randall Parish. Dangbter of Andersia Crew, by Geo. B. McCutcheon. LItUe Shephard of Hills, by Har old Wright The toaager Set, by Robert W. Chambers. Beleaa's Path, by Anthony Hope And many others at e^nally low prices. Most of the l^POr lar authors have^ew booka thli^! year, and yon can get them o( Evans TBE Book: GBBI8TBA8 FBESBIIS. Nothings better than a magMiae fnr a friend. For your magatiaes isa J. E. BEHBBBSOir/ Pkoae W. 114 H. ~ Livingstob 4^ tCM CSaltcetors aai All kinds ot work a spaelal^^ • §aatk SycaiBMa^ • AauaaaHloa rat ap t« comply mtk para fead law. : Its Sosth EcBtacky. Pbuo ^ TeBoSHniM^ The Allcmcoiuty Htrdw^re aad Implaaant man.

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