Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 17, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
Page 2
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WE gatbef ap clotblnK and turn It orer to a cheap cleaner. VThexL ve take your clothes .they ate cleaned and pressed in our own vorks, which ts the roost modern Dr>- Cleaning: works In southeastern Kansas. No odor, rings or dust spots left when we do your work. Mia ikuiidry mat V Gossip of So^ty —FJtxgerald, Auto LlTery. Phonp. + • + Birth. Friends of Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Trout of Wichita will be iirterested in the announcement which their friends here have received of the birth of a son oni November fS. Mrs. Trout was formerljr Miss Phila Stevengon, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stev- enfion of this city. •> + + To Address W, C. T. U. j Mrs. K. n. Keys, prealilent of tlie \V. C. T. V. of lola. will addrPHH the Oa« Ctfy tnmperancc union at their meeting on thp approaching Friday. Mrs. Keys will also conduct a han'l- book drill. . 4- + * t For Mrs. Wettensel. ! These friends gave a line party at the Grand last night for Mrs. Ruth WVttengel of Caney: Misses Maggie McClelland, Gertrude Fitzgerald. Laura Kknoepful, Hattle Fronk, Agnes .Munson and .Mrs. Wettenpel. * + * To Visit Friends. Hawke's Cut diass Has no equal. Each pi.ce is stamped. See our Stock. J. W. COFFEY & SON Exclnslre Jewelers. T.\sr SIDE SQUABE. will have n bazaar during the month of l^ccombcr. It is not yet ^nowii. .« wlict date will be selected, but'this Mrs. W. J. Pickle, of Humboldt, and will lie dnclded at the meeting'of her aunt and uncle. Jif. and Mrs. J. B. society to be held on Thursday af- Weisner, of Greenfield. 111., were the ternoon. One booth will be given over guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ohlfest, of to a rumnia:c sale which will be of LaHarpe yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. much benefit to the poor and meals Welsner have l)cen visiting 5frs. will be served. ! ' Pfcklc and the trio spent the day In u js the ambition of the church to vlKlting the cement factories and iiavo all debts paid by the time the other places of^interesf. Sev: Vr-nr begins and thejAld society -....•> + * 'has pledged i2w\ to be paid by t!:at ~ • Wi«» Cooper Relurns. • • lime. Several entertainments have Miss Minnie Cooper of Vates C^n- been eiven of late and other events ter returned hon'e yesterday after; a vihl?h have been the means of eiilarg- week 'R visit In Inla. She has been a jne tl;o t-ea.«!ury. guest of her sister. Mr=. H. Thol^n.' .j. i * * * ! Current Evert Club. Ready for Sale. ! Mss. C. R. Sncher had the members To he in readiness for the rumraa?:^ of th^ Current Event club as ber sale which is to be !:eld on Friday guests yesterday afternoon. The pa- and Saturday, several committee! ' per of the afternoon. 'Should our and others from the Presbyterian ijirls '.:<• wnire earners?" was present church are collecting garment.s and ed by M.-s. S. .S. llJsrher. The round putting them in order for the booths', t.ible discussion was uml^r the sub- The- Aid society conducted a s-irai'ar ject, "Factory versus Domestics." sale last winter which was very sac- Two very beautiful jnusical selections, cessful. a piano solo by Mrs. Frank Martin • + • and a vocal solo by Mrs. J. W. IJol- Mrr. Wettengel Here. ion were pleasant featurfs of the af- Mrs. Ruth Wettengel. of Caney. is ternoon. bene for a short visit with ter par-, 4- * • ents, r. and Mrs. H. S. Cobom. j Eastern Star. + + There was a meeting of the local To Kansas City Next Week. chapter of] E^astern Htar last evening Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Doxsee are to in Masonlv! hall. Ouly the regular leave on Tuesday of next week for bnalness c^me before the lodge. Kansas City. Jfiss Doxsee will leave + A 4, In a few" days to resume Tier work at To Make Confections. St. Luke's hospital. j The Alta Seta Club will have three ?£• + * !.-.i).-clnI roeetlnge this week at th Have Bazaar. home of their teacher. Mrs. S. S. HII- The Aid society of Trinity chnrch scher, 306 South Washington avenue 6\b. »gMitfUlrteheanwl of the canUU"S}t meeUttsa have been ^tnagM^to pre-jwUng. ;The«reh^^ The dab la to Mra a caatf .boptb. the mmmafo sale tnls As Yotir Fellows See it If you Jud^^e a man by the clothes he wears—as nir.o out of ten men unconsciously do: what then at>out your jewelry? Isn't a man who wears cheap Jewelry as surely "labeled"' cheap as if the word were written on his shirt from iu letters of crimson. The <oucli of refinemeni tliat is given by good jewelry—^a good watch, a ring, a pin or a diamoad. is unmistakable and it is the reason why good jewelry only should be "worn. We keep only the good kind and you will find our .prices of a modest profit kind. Diamond rings (rtnn 17.00 up. pare fbr the ules. The ' meetiags will occur OQ Thursday evening, Frl- day afternoon and Friday evening. ,• ^ • • • ,- WANTED—Ten young ladles to lo- fMl snbierlptMhB for good reliable newspaper in Diamon<l Rlns contest Contest will be short, ending the day before Christmas. Diamond ring to coet 160.00 cash. Write glTlng name and address. "R. C." care lola Daily Register. * • + . To Williamsburg • Mrs. Sue Franjpton, wlio has been visiting her sister. Mrs. Al Ellis, has gone to WlIllamsDurg. She will return in a few days. + - + Make Chrittmat Gifts. ' Beginning now and running until Christmas, the Young Women's Chri.Rtian Association offers to any girls who are interested in making their iifts course in gift making. There is no cnarge for this instruction and the class will be an evening one. once a WT>ek, meeting at the Aa- aocatlon roomc 20H4 S. \\'^hir.Ston Strrt. Miss Seyle, general secretary RRka those who want to avail themselves of this! opportunity communl cate with her by phone 564 or otherwise, as soon as poseiblc. + > • —25 per cent oft on all dress Hats at Doggett Mil'inery's special sale this Afeek, Thursday, Friday and S.iturday. + + + Mothers' Club. The Mothers' Club of Little Builder."*' chapel will meet tomorrow afternoon. + + * To Entertain Relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tholen are expecting to entertain a large number of relatives ofl Thursday of next •week. It is a custom with the family to have a reunion at holiday time and the relatives are to come to lola this year. Miss Crockett to Leave. Mis^ Grace Crockett, who has been In charge of the •millinery department of the Richardson jDry Goods company, will leave soon for Kansas City. Miss Crockett .has Just completed a most succegsful season here and will spend the holidays at her home in Western Kansas. AUDITORIUM TOJriGHT RACE! PREI) BIKD, of LaHarpe VS. GEORGE DUGUAX, of lola. Wednesday Mgbt. BASKETBALL High .School vs. .luditorium. Thnrxday. Friday and Ratarday >'ight.s Harley Moore The best Juvenile skater in the whole world. the CbrlsUan churdi and are progresfl-' ln« rapidly. A Snap. ' We have a 4 room house. oh cap lliflft, comer lot, that we can aell fo'r |6S0. $50 cash knd balance |15 per month at 6 per cent: This house rents for |8 per month; WHITAKER & DONNELL. MAV MANAGE BLUES InHiate Two Members. Mrs. U W. Mayberry and Mrs. W. G. Anderson will be initiated into membership in the P. B. O. chapter today. •:• * • To Insoect Corps. Mrs. Anna Heacock 0/ Paraouo will be lere on Friday to inspect the Woman's Relief Corps. Mrs. Heacock's visit lias been postponed several times but the Corps is expecting her to be here this week. An invitation has l>cen extended to the 'Tates Cen: ter Corps for the day and it' is expected that at least twenty-fiive gue -3t :j wil' be here. Dinner will be served at the G. A. R. hall to members of the local corps and the visitors, "nje presl dent has requested that all lola women who attend bring baskets of food to be served. Dinner is announced for eleven o'clock so that the afternoon will be sufficient* time for the business to be transacted. —One iol of Hats your choice for Sl.OO. while they last. Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week at Dng- getfs Millinery. • * + Visit in Thayer. Mr. and :Mrs. O. W. Adams left al noon for Thayer. They will visit Mr. Adams' brother, there. • + • To Visit Sitter. rs. L. L. Jobe and daughter, of Bloomfieid, Mo., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Jamison, of Wheeler Heights. Mrs. Jobe 1 sMra Jamison's sister and win spend Thanksgiving here and posslblr remain for the Christmas season. • • • Sewinn Club. Miss lE^dna McClain will have her isewing club tomorrow afternoon. • • Here from Paraont. >Iri. W. T. Neeley of Parsons was a guest at r.llss Carrie Wilkinson of this city on Sunday. • • Mr*. Wilcox Hare. Mrs. A. H. Wiloox i>f :.CIaTeIand, O.. arrived today to' Ttdt-ber daughter, 1^ O. O. Cnrtto of m^eKr Helghta. • - • • , • • Cantalft .RftiMrMiti lut iilplit,:.tfeet« was very «ae> Johnny Kllni,- Vay Leave Chicago tabs and Come to Kansas City. The Kansas City Jonrnal says: If Johnny Kling, member of the Chicago Cubs, wohld's base ball champions and the greatest backstop that ever donned a mask, can per-iuade Charles W. Murphy, owner of the Chicago National League team to allow him to became a manager In a minor league for the coming season, he will undoubtedly sign a contract with'Oeorge Tebeau to become manager of the Kansas City Biues. . Kling jiaa no Intention of buying the cii»b, he simply wants the position of manager. The talk circul-^ted serera! weeks ago that Kling would buy the club was without foundation, as there was no chance for such a deal, Tebeau refusing to dispose of bis base- hall interests here. Te'beau's estab- llshiug An Butomabiie business and base bail headquarters here show why he does not care to oell the clab. This city will be his future home, and he intends to hold on to his Interests, But there Is some chance of Kling becoming manager of the Blues, to work for rfeorge T^ebeaii and not to own the cub. The only thing that stands iu the way of such a deal Is the refusal by Chai;les W. Murphy to allow Kling to play with another team. Of course he could run the club, but he wants to play ball and unless he can get a release from .Murphy he will olay with the Cubs again next season Tebeau is dead willing to sign K<!ng any time he can break loose from his Cliinago contract, and Kling Is dead willing to sign a contract with Tebeau If he can get loose. There the matter stands, and until Kling has a meeting with Mur,ohy in the near future he will not be able to tell his friends here whether he will be able to perform for them next year. CELEBR.ITE KA.XSA.S D.IF. OaBfinet Will Be Given by Association In Chkago. Lawrence, Kas., Nov. 17.—AVtord was received here today by J. L. Brady that Kansas Day. January 29. would be celebrated In Chicago. A banquet will be held at the Auditorium Annex. This will be given under the Kansas .-Vssociation -In Chi- lago. The banquet will contain many. Interesting features. Special tables wl.'l be arranged for K. I'.. Baker and Washburn colleges. Those who have been asked to speak ire W. K. SlubbK, William Allen WTiite. 13. W. Howe. J. L. Brady, Geo. R. Peck. George K. .Mcholson a:ul Rmt 'dW Wiltman. CHANGE IN BUSINESS. "Billy" Cain Purchases Hit Partner's Interest in Y. M. C. A. Shop. "Billy" Cain has purchased the half Interest of Gene Tarman in the Y. .M. C. A. barber shop, located in the Y. M. C. A. building on the north side. Cain & Tarman have been In th$ same location since the building was ""•"nlete'f and have uulK ;ip a business rated as one of the best in the that line in the city. Mr. Tarman has gone to Pratt county for a short visit with his parents, after which he will return and-"hold down" his old chair in the shop until spring. Mr. Cain has a large number of friends in the city who hope to see the business continue In the pnosperous way that it has in the past. -TO LOAN—16.000. priTate money on fatin land at 8 per cent.--Ipla Land Co. WANTED—Two young ladies to solicit. C. P. Florence, Rooms 10 and 11, Evana Block. WANTMtt)—All kindB of second hand household' furniture.—the lola. Furniture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop, Phone 25. W.ANTED—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone 463 or 1092. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. OfBce oyer Iowa Store, ioia; Kas. - BALBSUBN ft XOEStB^ S i 160.00 por week.aad over, can b« mad* selling New Campaign Ntnreltljis from Dow until election. dSells to Stores, County: Fairs, Picnics and Prirat« Families. Gdmplete line of samples, charges prepaid tor 6O0. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO.. 80 Wabash Ave,. Chicago. , WANTED—Young men to prepare for coming examination for Railway Mail and other Government Positions. Superior Instruction by Mail. Established 14 years. Thonsands of successful students. Sample questions and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Inter-State Schools. 391 la. Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Bfisiiiess Dlfectotr* * JOHN «. WOODDf, M. b. * Ffayslclan and Surgeon. * * Over Barren's. Phone 108. • * ««**•«*•«***»«•••••.• * DB. JOLOBED CCBTIS • * FlijsielBB.MA Swreei. * * Office over Bn 'Tell 's Drug Store • * . Office Phone 654. * * Residence 214 R Jackson ^ * * Phone 669. . « * • • DB. keMIUEir. Special attention glren to tha treatment of all Chronic Dlaeaa- ea and Diseases of Cblldtaft. Teflephones:. Office 32. .Rea. 231. Office over Burrell't Omar Stor* West Madison.. Phone 68T. Rea. 7W: • DA 0. L. COX, • Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat • Spectacles Properlr Fittod. * Offlca A. O. U. W. Bid* • POR SALE- FOR SALE—Two Bush & Gerts pianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are bargains. John V. Roberts Music Store. Offlea Tel. 108S. NIgbt Tel. 4M • DB. B. 0. CHBISTIA!! Pkyslclan and 8n«eM • Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Rldg. • FOR SALE—A 22-acre fruit andj* tijuck farm, 2 miles north of Gas City. '* Good bottom land. J. W. McWilliams, Gas City, R. R. 1. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Good property, close In: Call • 110 West Monroe. fOR Rmt' MlmomUmmmomm FOR RENT—House. North Btickeye. Inquire 208 POR MXOHAROE F. n. vABior, * Bnrsery and lUaeaaea oC • Women; * Offlbe and Residence Pboaa 671 Office 7 North JeSeraoa>- • - -a • • JEWELR8. B. F. Pancoast. old rcUabla Jawalar. 110 East Street. Lodge Dbectofir rTTni*s,-j?« .•^•r-. \'onday Six Clear La Harpe residences ?7000 j njght" at k. of • i-..- bi» and $3000. Cash for merchandUe or th^rs Invited, w - '•,;.•;••.,.,„. K. ft K5I6HTS OF I Lodge No. 43 farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola. Kas. IMST FOUHO LOST. STRAYED • OR STOLEN— Bird dog, white and brown spotted; named Dick. Notify 901 North Cheat- nut. LOST—Dark gray Overcoat between Jefferson and First on Broadway. Return to this office. Chris Rltter. K. of K •*.ail a;* K5IGHTS OF MACWABEES^ Knights of Maccal>ees of the World meets in K. P. Hall. aeoQnd aad Amflll Saturday nlgbta of tmA iiKmtl. X W. Postwait. commander; R. B. VW' tar, ^cord keeper. W. O. W^amp No. 101 meeU^ K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele. C. C, A. H. Davis, CI««t. Visitors cordially Invited. •_ - .g. ir.'w. A^The M.W.A. Lo4fl meeU every Friday night in H. W; % Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F .fl Coffleld, V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clfi».;;:, ROT AL ITEIGHBOBSii-Iola 00000000000000000 Experienced Anctionrer. O To get acquainted with the O O public I will sell all public sales O S Jan. O.NoT 385, Royal Neighbors, maett^iip. O 1,1909. Reference furnished from O .^d fourth Tueadays of .MSI O those for whom I have sold. Sat- O month lira F A. Wanar onSh O isfactlon guaranteed. Graduate O urs. Mary Hatton. 413 W«at BMS O.of Missouri Auction School. <^ MeooT^r n««»n. «ia weac O Telephone 835. O " '—- O E. E. VICKERS, O O 409 East St.. lola. Kans. P 00000OOP000000000 R.4D1AXT with attractiveness is stock of Jewelry. or appropriate ornanientatlon. PINH AND BROOCHEH in exclusive and handsome patterns. OUR TELEPHONE Is constantir ringing t&ese days. September, yon know, la the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY FBATEBHAL BBOTHBBHWA^i-. Ftatemal Brotherhood Ko. 380 mMt* second and fourth Thursday oCiMii month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Vliitli^ members curdtally invtted. W. tLWif derson, president; Golda Elam, Urr. THE LOCAL MARKETS Reaeral ContnctlK Flagstone and Cement^Sidswalka aaa Garbing a Spediltr. 0»ee .118 Eaat UAam kn. FlioM nL . . Prices Quoted by Card &'Taggart Produce Company. The following .local market report is furnished by Gard & Taggart Produce company aii^d will be kept running In The Register every day. The prices . , quoted are the prices which they will our present I j^,^ poultry, eggs and butter de- S» many new and-llvered here: . , J , . ^ J . , Eggs, current receipts per case...28c, graceful designs, it is hard to make Q,^ ^g„g f^j. _ _ 7^1 a choice. Back Combs in plain shell Old Cox 3c Spring Chickens 8c Spring Ducks 6c ; Spring Turkeys, 8-lb 10c Old Hen Turkeys tOc . Old Tom Turkeys ... ,^.^..10c .Old Ducks 5c Good taste and skillful workmanship:Butter, less than 6 per cent salt...25c, .Rf al Estatp, liisuriiace cltyiliid i^arm L0UI8 Low Rate, Annuail Interest — Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on aniount.paId. LOB ; ar Shall Time Laus. : conspicuous in every article. 59,-ty. De Chaulnes Son- Bom. " , New. York Nor; 17.-^A oablagraml ,from Theodore P. Shoata Ircfiin Ptris, received Here today, annoanced that a U son had ke«B'bontt* hla.daushter» .th«>II |ittM8 .d* OhaalaM.- ThrDuM If you are conlempIatinc>tfae': erection of a monnmeBt or'ttb- let, call and see onr.ntw and up-to-date stock of Foreign'ands American Granites. We carry, the best 'that can IM obtaload on the market. Our; ahogi^ls;: equipped-with a new cQmpre«H': ed air lettering machine fpr4ifrt& taring and tracing. Our-prwea-; are the very lowest tor .tint class work. Call and lieo us and get prices., We want yoar;-'baai-.:j n.ew. ••• -V ^--a^^;! \

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