Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 17, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1908
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5: £0 o TOLCXE XL MBEB M. EI61IT PieE& IQLA, KAXSAS, XOTBXBBB 17, IWi^TFESDAY ETEM56. EIGHT PASES. piiGi TWO con BOARD NOT NAILED J. y. BEER FELL TEN FEET FROM SCAFFOLDDTG YESTERDAY. it WAS A CLOSE CALL JiO BONES BROKEN BUT SPINE IS TEMPORARILY INJURED. B. A. Taylor Was Hart In Xachlfle Kite LMt Nltrht-Blrbt Collar Bone Brokra. J, N. Door, a carpontor fmploycd on tho new Cap. S«n'(jy resldennn on South Colborn itreot, met with an accident late yesterday evcninR which oitght have renultcd 1^ death. Mr. Deer was working on a acaftoldlns on the second story when he canght hold of a board whic^i he supposed was nailed to the scaffolding in an effort to brace himself. The board however, was not nailed and Mr. Deer fell to the ground a distance ot ten feet, striking on his shoulders and the back of his neck. He was taken to his homo at 408 South Cottonwood and a physician summoned. Although no bones were hroken, the spine was badly injured which caused a temporary stroke of paralysis of his body and lower Itq^s. Mr. Deer has the free use of his arms and head while the body and lower limb.? are numb.' The attending physicians stated this morning that it was only a question of time until the paralytic stroke would pass when Mr. Deer would be able to return to his work. R. A. Taylor, an employe of the Lanyon Zinc company, suffered an accident in one of the machine kilns last night which will put him on the retired list for some time. His right collar bone was broken In two places, his rleJrt cheek was lascerated to such an extent that it was necessary to take several stitches and he received ntunerous belt hums on tiie hands and atms.' He was taken to his home aJt '112 .Martin ntzeAt where hiii injuries wore dressed and he is resting as easy RS-TWrid be esppcted under thp circumstances. VANOeRSLUIS WAS IN TOWN. Former Manager of Elcctrie Park En- route to Erie. "Prof." Harry S. Vanderslnls, who is known to everytmc in lola, came In this morning for a short visit with friends. Ho is now with a vaudeville company. He went on to Erie this afternoon where his company shows tonight. The company was to have showed at LaHarpe but through misunderstanding the tronpe was not advertised and the date was cancell' ed. Mr. Vanderslula'was amusement manager of a park in Sandusky, O., last summer. HAD COMFORTABLE NIGHT. Frisco Phyilclans «ay Heney Is Still Improvlns. .Son Pranclsco, Nov. 17.1t has been rpported from I>ane hospital that Pran cIs J. Honey passed a comfortable nithu Physicians stated that Hcncy was somewhat bettor today. A TIRE EXPLODED AND AN A3IBITI0US .MOTORIST NEARLY LO.ST LIFE, M'as Trying to Make Speed Record for Twenty Honrs Exceed Shrty Miles an Hour. Birmingham, A'a.. Nov. 17.—Forcing his Renault car to a speed more than sixty miles an hour in an effort to lower a twenty-four hour automobile record. Emil Stracker was almost instantly killed early today on the fair grounds crack here when a tiro ex- l>loded and wrecked the machine. Leon Barrows of this city who was in the car with Strieker, was seriously injured. T PAY DUTIES SUGAR TRUST SAID TO HATE BEATEN UNCLE SAM. SIX SUITS HAVE BEEN RLEO TWO WERE RROUOHT TO fOTEB PERIOD OF TWO YEAB.S. AmonntK Involred Yary Between mojm Md 9400,000—Fraud In Welfrblng. A FIRE AT HUMBOLDT. Quick Midnight Work of . Firemen Prevents Great OamaflC. Now York. Nov. 17.—The I'nlled States government has brounat six suits against the American Sugar Refining company to recover forfeitures and customs duties, amounting to |8,624,121, on sugar delivered at the Havomeyer & Elder reflnertoa in Brooklyn In tho last six years. The government alleges fraud in weighing the Bhipmcnts. Tie first of tho suits was for IVj million dollars and was filed with tnc courts October 16. The others were filed October 28. Tho filing of the action was kept from public knowledge nntil after the election, but was made known here today. The American Sugar Renfiing company has filed a general denial of the cbarge& Two of the suits were brought for the forfe'ture of al' Importations of sugar deRverod at the Haveineyer & KWer refinery for-« period of but two years .owing to tte atatnte of limitations, although the first action alleigcs fraudulent weiidilng for Bix years. The complaint! alleging violations of section 9 of the customs act of 1890. charge that the checker at the Brooklyn refiner;- so manipulated the platform sca'cs so as to conceal the true weights. Tho second and third suits Involve amounts exccedhig JoOO.OOO. tse others varj-ing between $200,000 and f300 ,noo. LETTERS IN COTRT ATTORNEY SMITH SCORES POINT IN LAMPHERE TRIAL. NEIGHBORS ON THE STAND SLATE TOLD OF MBS. fiHfNESS PROMISE TO MARRY LAMPHERE. Methods of tn Court to Prove Snlcldo Theory. TAFT TRIP NOT POLITICAL. Rumors Concerning Brother's Senatorial Candidacy Set at Rest. Cincinnati, Nov. 17.—"Jfy visit to Cincinnati is a matter of personal and family business. It has no relation to politics in any manner, but is of such a nature tbat ho public in terest attaches, which makes it Inexpedient for me to discuss in any detail." ' This .statement tonight was the substance of what could be obtained from William H. Taft, president-elect of tho United States, who suddenly chauKeil bis plans at the White House yester- ay and came to Cincinnati instead of Murderess Are Revealed fiotas to Hot Springs, Va. ^ ^ It has been conjectured that Mr. Taft had come either to induce his brother Charles to withdraw from tho senatorial race by offering him a diplomatic position, or to strengthen his brother's- candidacy by offering certain Information. LaPortP, Inrt., Nov. 17.—That Ray Laraphero had confessed to intimacy witii .Mrs. Belle tiunness, that be had chased Andred Heligeloin with a gun and that Mrs. Gunness had promised to marry Lampbero when he Joined some secret society and took out insurance were sensational facts testified to today by Wm. Slater, a friend and nelgtbor of the defendanL The :rst positive statement of the defense in court to show its lino of defense was made by Attorney Worden when he remarked an effort would be made to show that Mrs. Gimness was a suicide. A. K. Helgeleln, of Aberdeen, S. D.. was cn the stand, when Prosecutor Smith offered In evidence ani read to the jury copies of three letters vritten by Mrs. Belle Gunness to the witness during March and April this year, in which reference to "teat crazy I>amphere" are made. These letters portray the methods I';.ployed by the archmurderess in allaying the suspicions of the relatives of persons she had murdered. Even witn Andrew Helgeleln lying fHsmom- (.13 1 in her private bury ins ground she was asking a brother to come to LaPorte to investigate and to bring plenty of money with him. DENVER'S DiRTHDAY CELEBRATING FIFTIETH ANNI- TER.SARY OF ITS FOUNDING. W. H. Larimer of Kansas City, the First Treasnrer, Honor Gnest at Banquet Tonight. FOR QUIET TRAINS MILLER. OF LAWRENCE, SUG. GESTS DRLVKING MAY STOP. HE RIAY INTRODUCE A BILL SAYS CONDUCTORS OBJECT TO BOLSTEROUS PASSENGERS. Would Welcome Fropoaet Bule^ Farmers Want Broad Tires on Free List. ••>2nver- Colo.. Nor. 17—The fiftieth ;t:r;irersary of the founding of the city •f Denver was quietly celebrated to- iay. An artillery salute was fired on he capitol grounds &nd tonight s .u.;iquet will be held. W. H. H. I.«r- iier. of Kansas City who helped stalie it the first: claim token here and ns the first treasurer of the city, •.ni be the special suest of honor. He !he only surviving member of the ; rst cdniinistrstion. TO LET CHICAGO WG:.i :^:t YOTE. THE PRICES FELL The Humboldt HeraM says: A midnight. alarm of fire Tuesday Inisht I called the fire d.'partmnnt out for its second run of tho week. The clothing store of U Abrams on \ Imperial Deaths In China Affected the Bridge street was discovered to bc{ Markets.— No Trouble Feared. on fire. Tho alarm was turned in by | , t Vernon Cox. Sam Musgrave and Haw- 1 TokJo. Nov. 17.—The .mnounce- Icy Braucher. They had been working nient of the death at Peking -of both (at the Herald office and were passing the omporor and the dowager empress the store when they discovered the caused a heavy faM in the stock mar- smoke and at once turned in tJo kot in Tokio. but official view.3 are alarm. optimlsrt'c. . Tlic firemen responded at once, and ' It i« generally believed that the em- Wlllam B. Strang, the man who;a stream oC water was sent into tho pcror died after the dowager and built the Strang gasoline electric rail- j room which soon oxtinguisbed the some newspapers express this opin road car. and whom many lola people' flames. It was so dark that the flro ion. while others assign sinister met when the car was on exhlbliloa j could not bo located as it had not causes for the emperor's death. W. B. STRANG FAILS RaHroad Bnllder Selling Off Property IB New York—TIsIled lola WHh Car. broken out. ! The Emperor of Japan, who is at It was found to havee originated In tending tno naval review at Kobe. William B, Strang, prominenc in [tho corner of the rear room near tho sent a message of symWthy to Toklo. railroad construction in Kansa.T fif-1 partition. A hole was burned through a» did the njember.-) of the cab- teen years ago, whose fortune a fowjthe floor and the partition scorched. Allthe flags in Toklo arc at Tho stock was damaged by fire but half mast, received a thorough soaking from thoj — water. .Mr. Abrams carried $2,225 insurance. ' The building Is owned by E. IT. hero a few years ago, has lost his fortune. A New York dispatch says: years ago was estimated at |3 000,000, lias been forced to sell his collection of paintings, which cost him more than 1200,000. The .sale of 120 canvases, begins at Silo'a auction rooms tomorrow night. ;Loltzbach. who had on it insurance 1 ••His friends say that having made for $1.S00. The fire was in the aamo; a fortune at railroad building, fori room that was destroyed by fire four I which be had genius, Mt Strang, in;years^go. The HeraM office was lo -jTWO MET THE GAS EXPLODED DEATH IN KANSAS his mature age, lost all his money injcated there at the time and the real enterprises which were Ifirgpiy office of Schaffner and Son perlmenlal. land lie store of F. Gamlowski occu- "About four yoars ago Mr. Strang put a great deal of money in an in- pied the front rooms. The fire occurred before the waterworks were vention which' became known as the j installed and the building was des- Strang gasoline railroad car. It was|troyed as well as the fronts of the not successful. other buildings in the block. He built what is known as the The same block was destroyed by Strang road, now electrified, between fire more than twenty years ago. Kansas City, Mo., and Olathe, Kas." fire at that time was the most disas- Kansas City, Nov. 17.—Two are The Strang car operated dynamos trous in the history of the town. dead, six more or less seriously in by a gasoline engine, the car being i Everything from the post office cor- Jured as the result of an explosion driven by ^eetrlcity. The ostensible Jner up to the store of Wm. Cunning-j of gas in the basement of a commiss- purpose of Strang's visit to this terri-, ham was destroyed and two of the ion house here this morning. The lory was to induce the railroads to|largest stores in the county were,dead arc: CITY BUILDING. Gas Had When Escaped and Exploded Ignited.—Several Seriously Hurt. use the car for branch line passenger runs. Tliere has been some suggestion that the railroads themselves brought the caT out to discourage trolley line building. HE WAS NOT MARTIN wiped out of existence. EPIDEMIC OF "COLDS." Antonio Picano, 45 years old. Michael Obrien, ten years old. Tl\e building was a thre«> story jStruclure, occupied by the Kel'ogig & • I Phillips Commission company. It was The "Red Nosed," and "Weepy Eyed" [partly wrecked and had been ordered Man Is With Us. jtom down. Tt is thought there was a leak in tto gas pipe and Picane Ig- The physicians are all wearing a'nited the escaped gas. The Charter Committee Adopted aa Equbl Snffrage Clanse. - Chicago, Nov. 1.'.—The charter com iilttee. by a voio of 6 to 4, adopted a resolution today 'leclaring for a hl!i viving womcu the right to vote for all Tiuinlclp .al oificers and on all questions of policy having to do with the municipality. Tho bill will be draftd by the commltec. submitted to the charter convention, and if approved will go to the lejiflslature. Like th^ charter. It will be subject to adoption by popular vole before golug into effect. Women representing 101 wo- nien'ji organizations, headed by Mis*: JaBP Addanis were proscnt and spoke "or the resolution. MRS. MOFFIT DEAD rimMEB llOLA WOMAN DIES IN HOSPITAL AT PORTLAND, ORE. She Was Danghter of the Woman After Whom Uie City of lola Was Named. THE VOTES Df/lrlal Canvass for .VlttKonrl I;* Be. ?un—State Officer!* FlrnL Jefferson City, Mo.. Nov. 17.—The official canvaKS of the .Missouri election began this morning. Belated re- urns from JacfcKon county came last night. It will "be late today before the totals for any office will be cast up. The vole for state officers and In the primary for United States senator wl"l be counted bvfore the vote for presi- •Jentia! electors. CALEB POWERS TO OTTAWA. smile, the druggists are havine a run j on quinine and cough drops,.the laun-l drymen aro having a big run on soll-j ed' handkerchiefs and tho dty is full of red noses and chaffed Hps, caused _ by what appears to be an epidemic of Policeman Roy Phillips hasn't the' colds. Tho physicians say t*;at there utmost faith in descriptions given of ar® nioro people suffering with colds Prisoaer Arrested by 0/fker Pidl^M Not Ideatifled by Befomatory OfrteisL men wanted over tlie country tor various offenses. Sunday night he arrested a young man who answered in many particulars that of the fellow wantad at Hutchinson where he escaped from the reformatory. Mr. Phillips'was confident that he had the right man and notified the reformatory officials. Last night an official came, went I to the Jail and looked the "find " over. The prisoner was not the rtidit man and Mr. Phillips' hope of getUng the ISO raward offered for the reformatory aaeape vanished. The.Aas in Jail gave his name as Harrr •twra. The man wanted at 0B.tchiwoB was Frank Uai^tin. He eaeaped last 1 and sore throats at this time than is usually the case in the "cold season" which arrives in this city during the month of December. ROYOE SELLS HIS PAPER. last Jime. IlkAlwiia tn Tevtm.] Warren Whits of the News C^s the PhllllpslMirg, Kas., Dispatch. Topcka. Nov. 17.—John Q. Royce, ex-state bank commissioner, has sold his newspaper, the Ptailllpsbnrg DIs- pat':h. to Warren White of PbiUlps- taurg, who is tho owner and editor of tb« PhUUpsbnrg News. Mr. WlUta wHl cooBOlidate the two papers under the name of-the Phllllpabnrg News-Dltpatch. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight and Wednesday; warmer tonight. Jim Hanahaw to Cmporia. Jim Henshaw ot ^ Onr Way form .travit'tinpl;^;^ . Data recorded at local office, V: S. Weather Bureau yesterday, today and a year ago: Yesterday Yr. 2 p. m 60 4 p. m. 59 6 p. m 50 g p. m 47 10 p. m 4S 12 midnight 40 Maximum temperature ...60 Minimum temperatnra ...24 Proclpltatlon, 7 p. m. ... 0 ago 43 49 44 38 34 .13 51 21 0 He Has Been Secured for Chautanqna Ax$>emMy. Ottawa, Nov. 17.—The program com mittec of the Chautauqua assembly has engaged some excellent talent for lext years session. Sylvester A. Long, whoso lectures on "Lightning ind Toothpicks" and "Drop It" de- ighted the Chautauqua audiences two years ago was onsaged for two ap- pearancos this season, the subjects being "Hungry Peop:e" and "The Man of Destiny." The Parland-Newhal! company who give an entertainment similar and fully equal to that of the Dunbars were engaged for the two opening day3 of the as.sembly. A contract was also made for one appearance of the Hlnshaw Grand Opera compan)', one of the strongest musical The HInshaws The following story taken from the vVallace (Idaho) Press tells of the !eath of >lrK. E. fl. Mofl"i(. formerly or -his city. .Mrt-. .\Ioffitt was a daugli- :j;r of .Mrs. lola Colboru. one of l)ie first rt.-iideiits of tills cliy. the woinan 'or whom the cliy was iianind:. The announccmeui of th? deaih of .Mrs. K. li. MoUit ot this ciiy '•• TUP VOoterday afieriioon from IVirtla-id where «hc han been iiDdergoIng medl cal trcatniout for some time, . and nused the slucerox: xorrow among a arg« circle of friends. .Mrs. Mofflt .as one of the flrat women to make a :onie in Wallace, and she held an en- (nblc pace in the estfeni and affec- lons of those who came when the, .own was joun.c and who still live lere in the enjoyment of the things hat tiniA and development of a new nd rich country bring. Mrf. 5Ioffit wa.s born In lola, Kas.. vhere bhe was married alKiut twenty ears ago. She was but 47 years of age, or would have been on the 5th if next month. At the time of their narriagii Mr. Mofflt was engaged in he hardware business here and rought his bride to Wallace. She vas one of the very first women to ome here but entered with spirit up^n the making of a home. She took xa active interest in church and char- table work, particularly the latter. In his she was inconspicuous, but many >f the poor and needy in times past ^.%ve blessed her for kind deeds and hecring words. It is recalled today that in the time uben Wallace bad but two church or- ;.:niration3. the Catholic and the Epls- 0 |ia'. Mrs. Moffit was tireless in her •fforts toward the upbuilding of the "riter and much of its influence and -.trength today is due to the efficient lid she gave it She has long been a 2 a. m. 4 a. m. 6 a. m. 8 a. m. 10 a. m. 12 aoon Today Yr. ago .35 36 ...35 40 65 ...63 Precipitation, 7 a. m. 35 34 35 36 3S 4)1 0 Ta St* John'a HoapHaL Mrs. J. Slaefc of Bartlaarille was brofiAt to thta 4dty this morninc and attractions obtainable. gave a 45-minute concert which is fol x^Z'2^^Zr'alZZ''„iy7u~ LTn^s^'oYfcetrfS^^^^^^ w:^.i:iLrci?^rf?cra?hirt; minutes of scenes from Martha. This -,._ K ._ /.a».h ^T^'^^Xr^'^-rS:" "^o ^itn/C one 11 the other 1.. Two of the highest priced lecturers on the p atform were engaged in the .'."rsons of Senator Gore of Oklahom.t ;'.nd Caleb Powers of Kentucky. Sen- :itor Gore, who Is totally blind, hss :i :-/>; ut3tlon as an orator equal to tbat jf any other In the country. Cale'} l>owers In his lecture. "A Struggle for Life." tells the story of h<s repealed • cd Mr. Moffit 8ur\ive her. and in ad- litlon to the8& are her mother, Mrs ' "'(Ibura. iwo sisters and a brother In •"i,>t.5.aii*-. ^1 sister, Mrs. D. C. McKls- -ick In Wallace, and anfther Mrs. " Northrup. In Murray. The fnner-l ;' frk'- !)!ice In Spokane on Satur- dji;- Tnnrrinr. nnd Interment wi'1 fol- there i^rokecutions and Imprisonment on the I GOVERNOR HOCH IS LECTURING. ••b3r.i?e of beinK »cce .5 «ory to the killing of Governor t;o«>beI. flE KILLED FIVE I Kansas Executive Hero Yesterday on Way to Fill Public Engagements. Kapsas flty. Nov. 17.—E. W. Hoch. governor of Kansas, was at the union depot last night on his way to Iowa, wMra lie will deliver a series of iec- Ckleaca_ Arierer Will Pay far Crla^ torea- The "Message From Kanaaa" - Wtth Ufa—To Be Haaytd and "TliiB Country of< Ours" are tfwo DecMBber IL new subjects which Mr. Hoch will in- Chicago, Nor. 17.—Herman fiillik, troduce this season | in fcia lesture convicted of the murder dt five mem- platfonn work. He will speak tonight ban of tbe Vural family, waa seatenc^ at-HJoniiag, Wedaea^y nicht at Flared by ^adga .Baraea ifiday to liaav 09 «at City and Thursday, night at Hi " T^wa. Topeka, Kas.. Nov. 17.—One object Representative -ilex C. Slitcheil of Lawrence has in coming to the leglft* iature this winter is to secure tbe en> actment of a law prohibiting the drink lag of liquor on railroad trains. Inasmuch as Mitchell will likely be the administration floor leader of the house, legislation backed by him 3tands a good show of passage. Conductors on trains out of Kansas City with whom I liaie talked," said he, "are very much in favor of a law against drinking; liquor on '.rains. They say that drinking on the drains Is often the cause of loud and boisterous language, sometlines amounting to a disturbance of the i.eace of tbe passengers, but the con- luctors are powerless to prevent it." Representative Mitchell is also deep y interested in many other proposed measures. "The farmers of my district," said he, "want wagons with broad tires, .>.nd to encourage their use suggest hat all wagons with broad tires be .xempt from taxatioiL "The county attorneys, who have to =;nfcrce the law, are in favor of the reenactment of the law providing for the taking of testimony before tho~ • ounty attorney upon subpoenas to furnish evidence upon which to bring prosecutions for the violation of the . rohibitory :aw. "I think, also, the state ot KajuaB 'hoald .have,a Jaw _jjToylding --ifor S» tixHtion of' iiibecttancea. Taxes opon inheritances are biecom'ing. very gen- n\ tkroughout the states, and aro provided for by nearly all of them. '1 have in mind a general amendment to the bridge law of the "state. The genpral law providing for the construction of bridges Is to the effect that the board of county com- Tilisiouers shall not have authority to build any bridge, tbe cost of which i'.vj.n be more than $2,000, without •tromittin.!? the question to the voters r the county. Authority should be -ivon to tbe commissioners" . of the '^uunty to construct bridges which hould cost $5,000 or $6,000. ROOT IS WILLING Secretary of SUte Would Net Refuse the New York Senatorhsip. —Writes a Letter. Washington. Nov. 17.—Secretary Root made the following statement today regarding tho senatorial altuation In .\ew York: "I believe the Republicans In New York, wto have expressed a wish to bring about my election as senator aro entitled to" a definite statement a.s to my position. 'I am not seeking the office of senator. I do not believe that great office ought to he given to asyoae' because he wants it; but if tiie legislature of New York, representing the people of that sUte. feels that I can render useful service to the state and Uic country in the Senate, and calls upon me to render that service. I tdiail respond to its call and accept the of- flCf^." R00SEVELT8 TO LIVE IN ROME. The President's Agents- Aro Looking for a House. New York.-Nov^l7.—A special cable to the World from Rome says ttiat it is learned from a trustworthy source f-at President Roosevelt Is planning fo take bis family to Rome in 1»10. 'nquiries. it adds, are now being made for a suitable vria and this, it Is thought, indicated a long stay in Italy. REMAIN IN OFFICE Cbanrellor Yon Badew WiU Ifat Be^ sijni—Had Conference Caacenilag State Affairs. Berlin. Nov. 17.—Emperor William .:i4 Chancellor Von Buelow were In on Terence for three quarters of an hour In the New Palace at Potsdam his morning. His'majesty accepted proposals made by the chancellof con corning the future conduct of state affairs and it is evident -that Prince Von Buelow will remain in office. The uaderstanding reached by the choi­ ce'tor and Emperor William la satla- factcry. - An 11 Paun« bauthtar. An eleven poqad dansAter was born tbls morning tei Mr. and Mrs. Oahel of CoBcreta -JDrt. Osttvjmth*. remits.

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