Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1907
Page 5
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i : 5 !WM Street^ l6Ui, lone l^lbdk- from »qtattt.:vPiieMCi >f d ^ekicated f WM *1f XtcwtfM^t rtrMt«d ,clurgcs n^dtktte,gbod bozMalblfbrpitients " 'laiaswere^ pnmpfl:^ jifght or V M yean expe teort. Vetcrin* OtBtittrj • 8p< ci«lt ]r« ^ iMuryGoltoii. Pr«i)>. ; 1MB R««/iHHmold9 ^pencer'st 'Tar and Wild Cherry S. C. WlirouKhbit, an .auctioneer, baa located In lola; Soitth Jeffenon ererr Saturday. All partlsa .wlaUat to aall households should a^kim. Also fam seUlBg a apedaltr. Rcaidaaee U« South FVMirtb. The kMt fmtijt rtek, iwe> rallkk* nif eenicdr atrike Qnii .SataNay natlBM aad alrkt. Fattaa la the Slaw Pokcw ' Wo expect our Texas, Panhandle man. to be with us on Prtdajr. November l&th, to look at our list o( exchanges. Any one wanting to ax- change farm lands or city property for Panhandle lands, should see him whitp hero, nt our odlce. Whttaker & I)onn>ll. THK FRATERNAL Brotherhood of America held a big meeting last nlgbt and three hew memt>er8 were inltlat?<i and twelve voted upon. Is an Excellent Cough Remedy Gist it at 'S DK. J. F. JAMESOir, The Saccessfnl Anc- tioneer, TeteriDarlan. F»nn 5 «lc«or pediRTtoi sto<k Miti made tnywhere. Veterinary calls answered day or night. OBice with DoaKla|w Bros.'l*hcnc 13. residenctii 400 lOI.A. : KANSAS. 17. QILFIUAM, Geaeral Ctatraetan ' Plagstoo^ and Cement Sidewalks aol Curbing a Specialty.;' I OMc* lU East Jat^iM Ara. * ^haaa Mi. Iowa Store Christmas Umbrellas at J. W. Coffey & Son Jewelry store, east side square. P. B. Waagk, Dentist. Fhoae UC Office oTer BarrelPa Drag Btara. REV. .T. \V. doRDON. pasfor of the Sf^ond Baptist church will leave Mon nay for Fort Scott where he will as- plst Rev. ^^. S. Jonos, pastor of the Shlloh Baptist church tn a series of revival meetings. Rev. 'Gordon ex- Pfcts to hold a revival meeting In Ida in the near futtire and Rev, Jones will ptt)bably come to lola and assist in that work. .Vnndls Fragrant freara lotion good for chapped hands and iace. Is 1313 Cold Cures In Muudis' window. Special Line of Sample Hosiery Ml Colors, . All Kinds. We will put up our Sansp- leHo^iwwith anythiiig . itrtown'fdr durability a.-pd beatity. You can get aiiy kind of Stripe, Miaad Colors or anything ypu want. Don't forget t^e, A.G. MUMMA, Prop. tola Bosioess College Might Of Omy S99Blpa Ponmanshijp. Arithmetic, Eloeutlbnr Bookkeeping. English. Physical. Culture, etc.. Shorthand. Letter Wrttlng. PERFECfiON WICK .Sift OIL STOVE SAFE CONVmENT - CCOMOinCU. THg STAWDARP Oa. COMffjAWY, IWflloi flier OM koBtfad pdonda el Ctr*- tal leavOI BMka U igaUona of diatmad watar aoltaUaufor tMmOr aaa. iTiy It TWT) HU.VDRED or more persons were In attendance at the barbecue and niock trial which was given at Groomer's hall last night under the atrspices of the second Baptist church. Over twenty four dollars was taken in and most of this amouqt will be clear profit. Christmas Umbrellas at J. W. Cof- fe.v & Son's Jewelcry store, cast side square. Dr. BeyaaMa. Fhoae m. Mt*. tU. GLEN niLLBE, son of Grant Blllbe. brought home yesterday from the Indian Terrlforj-, where he was cm- ployo^l In a foundry. Glen became Hi with ty. f.^ther' f none oiT'SMt Dickson Ave. many demands for guns and f Wanted—Everybody to know that V7. B. Kelley ft Son hara moved their transfer and storage offleiB to 211 South Washington. Office and Day Phone 290. Residence and night Phone 17. One of the finest Skin Foods made is Mundis' Cold Cream. THE JfANY friends of >rrs. Florence Hawley will be glad to learn that she is improving from her recent i'lness. Mrs. HawR'y is verj' popular among members of the R. N. A 12S1 and ladies of that order have been very attentive during her Illness. Free dirt at Luccock's. Dr. T\illey, Oculist The prices for Bintluce Saturday at the (<rnnd is only i:i and S-'>c. DR. R. O. Chrlitian. coiinty health officer, today received a telephone mes sage from Humboldt a.sking him If a public funeral could be held over the body, of a child that had dle(J of diphtheria. He lold them that funeral services, must be i)rlvate. qrgditki.tion tbat resinlts'iii ecoiUmy/ and gives coffee dxinkeirs&i the United States the cheapest good coffee in the world. ^ ^ JTe have oni own offices in Brazil, charter our own vessels that bring the coffee to our own docks in Brooklyn, own our own stores where tiie green coffee matures and improves. , ArbttcMes' Ariosa" Coffee is not touched by human hands —it is cleaned, sorted, roasted, packaged and weighed by< ingenious machinery, mostly constructedby our ownmachin- ists in our own shops. The package is for your- protection, that you may be positive that you receive the genuine Arbuckles* Arlosa Coffee eviery time—no matter where you buy it or vv^hat price you pay. We will tell you where you can buy Arbuckles* Ariosa Coffee if you have trouble in finding it. ARBUCKLB BHCS., New Tor* CJty. TO HAVE QUAIL HUNT. Local Men Taking Advantage Good Weather. of A number of local sports took advantage of the first day of the optn ing of the quail season and shouldered their guns early this morning an-l made for the country. Quails are said to be very plentiful this fall. The season la.sfs until Deceinljer loth. The local hardware dealers said today that lUlted In. ammunl tion. Rommage Sale. The ladies of the church will hold a riimniaue sale on Xovember 21 and 22 in the DeClute building on West Madison. Yon will miss the treat of the sea.son If yon fail to see Patton in ••The Slow Poke" Saturday matinee and night. Try a "Want .Vd. In the Register. Plt-Pat. the hi-rtt tafty, nt Bnrrell's drug store. Cure yniir rolrl by White Tine with Tar. using Mundls' GEORGE St roup, an employe of the city, was burned very scvei;cly about the eyes yesterday In a ga« explosion. The burns are thought to be serious. Mundis' White Pine with Tar cure your cold.T rill PROF. WELLS has been retained as director of the Woodman of the World band of this city. This band has re-. Organized "and will practice fwlce a week. 25c bu>-s a jar of MundU* Fragrant Cold Cream. MISS HALLIE Irving, one of the teachers at the Jjefferson school who recently teslgned her position and will give up her work today, was agreeably surpri^ this afternoon when one of the pupils presented her with a present, a gift from the grade. In appreciation of her work and their esteem. See Pattoa la fThe Slaw Poke^ at the 6nui4 Satahfaiy Butlaee aa4 alght 1.^. Ul •I Boys' and Child- Oven ren's A complete line of Overcoats to show yon, all the latest styles and colors. Children's OTerroats, 8 to 10 years, the nenetit ia styles ..iiSM to 99JtO Boys* Oiercoats, 11 to 18 years, all the new novelty effects, la all the new . colors »wO to W5J)0 Oomm mad See Them THE INFANT fAlId of C. C. Clawson of North Mala street^ Gas Cfty. lUed laatnl^t. Itrt^mneat took plaee tbla morniog in jtha new toU oein«-, J I • I ^ . - iailySiJfiflJJiiii i*^"^ .TPRE THAT SATIfFIES." CHeBditlaurSHiel^ ^Cl6mni C5^ When You Need The Doctot; In A Hurry and he cannot get to you quickly, that is when Jayne's Expectorant proves of inval-^ uable assistance. Pneumo* nia often comes with a sudden chill or a sodden congestion of the lungs—frequently at night It is then that DR. D. JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT may prove eflS^ve in saving life by preventing an attack of pneumonia. For 77 years 'this well-known remedy has proved successful in relieving and curing Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, I»leurisy, Croup, Whooping Cough, Inflammation olf the; Lungs and diseases of like nature. <M HMD AT, M4 tM» It tu« ftr JayM's TMIC TenUfW* la • «picn- did tonic tat adutta, aa well aa a aaia Wo I Cure far chUdren. W. C. T. U. TO GIVE PROGRAM. Services at M. E. Church to be Featured by Music. > The W. C. T. V. is to have charge of the program next Sunday night at \^.i> .Msthodlst church. One of the features of the program will be three u'usical numbers by flje Chautautiua Orchestra. There will also be a good program of recitations and other music. One of tho gold medal contest ants Is to r?nder a selection. The Cbautauqtfa orchestra will play at 7:30 and those who wi^h to hear that ft-ature of the program should come etiriy. DR. AND MRS. MORGAN WED. FOR STATE MEBGER KIt'AKAOl'A WAXTS A UNITED . miES OF VENTRAL AMERICA. ROOT CHAIRMAN OF CJMMITT^E MEET1.\« OK DELKUATEa FROM REPniLIl'S AT WASIIiXOTON. Seaor Eariqae Creel, Xrxk -an Amlias* sador, Re^rosents Ills Country as Destroas of Cnion. ' New York, Nov. 15.—Coincident with the assembling of the Central American peace congVess, which convened in Washington today. Or. Fernando Sanchez, minister of N'icaragua to .Mexico, who is in this city, not only expresses the desire of his government that the five Central American republics' shall be merged Into one nation, and places President Zclay of Nicaragua on record as in favor of it. but goes so far as to say the latter Is ready to resign his ofllce. The last declaration will surprise everybody conversant with Central American politics, as President Zelaya, who has held his office a dozen .vears. has Iwen regarded as the chief trouble maker In Central America, from whom only death or revolution could take away his despotic powers. | Now he appears as the leading advo- ' cate of peace and fraternity. Pleaipotentlarles Father. Washington, Nov. l.=>.—In the red room of the Bureau of American Ue- [iiibllcs. amid the smoke, not of battle, but of the flashlighu of photographers, the peace conference of the ve Central American republics convened today. Ellhu Root, secretary of state, and Senor Enrique Creel, the ambasa&dor of Mexico, representatives of the,two. governments which had called the con ference Into session, were escorted to the conference room by committees: of the plenii >otentiaries. j The Ave republics were represented Ijy plenilKJtentiaries as follows: Costa Rica—Senor Luis Anderson, minister of foreign affairs, and Senor Joquiu Hernardo Cairo, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary; to Washington. (lUalctnala— Dr. Antonio Batrcs Jau regui. Senor Victor Sanchez Ocnha and Dr. I..uls Toledo Ilerarto, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipoten tiary to Watshington. Honduras—Senor Po'.icarpo no.ill- 8aturtfay ,"MatiMa and Night. \ W. B. PATTON. In THE SLOW. POKE. •A Wlpstom riBT In Tour Acts. Matinee—!.'> and 23c Vrlcoa ulght-^:.'.. :i3. 50, 7Gc and Wm Piano SLIQHTLY USED OTHEftGOOD BARGAINS Roberts Piano House ftTEYER'S Maatfqaarlara toa Good Things to E«L Tete|>hoDe IS9 la. Senor E. Constantine Fiallos and Dr. Angel Ijiane. envoy extraordinary and minister pIeniiK >ientlary to Washington. Nicaragua—Dr. .lose Madriz and Dr. Luis Feiipee Corea. envoy extraordinary and minister pleniiwlentiary Washington. Root Temporary Chairman. At 2 :4.j p. ni. Secretary Root wast introduced to tlie conference a.n temporary chairman. He pointed but that in times past trials have been made for peace In Central America, and yet the agreements ratified had seemed to be written in water, but expressed condence In the history of tjie Cemrai American republics when a permanent step forward might be taken to- wai;d prosperity and peace. Let us ftupply your wants in Gro- ceriv;: andj I"rf.~h Canned .Meats, I Pure Crenrn Corn, .t.cans for 2.'>c Good Toin^loos. iier can l<ic. IL"2C. l.'.c and ITi^'- to I Peaehe.-. pbr can. 10. !•'>. 20, Ih and ;{.'.(: Gallon ro.iehirt. jier can ...^5 and .'ioo Dr. Prircsi:rt.-ikfast F^XKI. 3 t>kgs. 2.'.c Korn Kinlis. « i)acV:ace3 2 .'ic Pen You Iturkwhear, ha.=; the genuine buckwheat Ravnr, couldn't l)e made I>etier. per sack .'iOc E.VST PIDK PHONES 30S-.301 lola I'ebple With Weak Lonss Aced VinoL Many iieople inherit weak iunc.^ which are likely to be attacked by consumi)tioh. So also are lungs weakened by disease or by a stubborn hacking cough. No matter what the cause. Vinol strengthens weak lungs and gives one the power to throw off wasting di.s- eases. The rea.=»n tbat Vinol bas such I)ower to heal and strengthen is because it contains in a highly concentrated form ail of the curative, medicinal and strength-creating eienients of cod liver oil. actually taken from fresh cods' livers,- with the useless, nauseating oil eiiininaied and tonic iron added. So'stire are we of what Vinol will do,that we ask every ijer.son in lola j^aufferlng from weak lungs, stubbftrn hacking coughs or any wasting dis- ase to try Vinol on our offer to return nioeny if it fails. S. It. Hurrell, Druggist, lola, Kansas. The choir of the Pre.^liyterian church will have a rehear.-;ai of music for the approaching Sunday, at eight o'clock tonipht. - The characters i:i the play ••Rebecca's Triumph" will rehearse at the ilachelor Theater toniclit. Tickets for the play are on sale at Crabb'* drug store. FRYER BROS. east Side Phones 308 and 301 FtTZaERALD Stenge ahatrmnefer Cempmuy Office and Storage Ware Room at Its West Street Phone 356 TO MAKE ANNUAL DONATION. City Schools Will Rememljer Orphans at Thanksgivina Time. Following the custom which has been in vopu» for years in the lola schools, the jiublic .^CIICKIIS will on the Wefln viiay before Thankfigivlng make h d'inafion of money and all kinds of p-o'. i.-iion* to Uie lola Orphans. On W<'dne.-<lay each pupil in the i^chool wl 1 Ije askffl to bring some- tUinir as a. donation and in this way a great an.ouru of p.-ovi.-ilous can be gotten tO !ie:U"r. I-m year this plan was cTrricd out i.nd enough was do- nr ted to k»ep tho Orphans" Home in provisions for se.-eral months. Figures in WOodson County Divorce Case Married Again. Paople will receive .with a great deal of interest the announcement tbat Dr. and Ifrs. Morgan were married several weeks ago at Spokane. Washington, and are now making tb^lr "home at Fredonia, Kans. wh^ the doctor Is practicing medicine. The marriage is Interesting) in that only this summer Dr. Morgan was granted a divorce .In the Woodson ccunty court. Mre.^forgan appealed to the Btipreme court "and the-trial was 'set for the next term of court In the meantime a reconciliation was effected: Dr. Morgan formerly practiced medicine in lola and Neosho Falls and Is well known la thia aectioii. of the osos Ladies Solid Gold dnd GoMFilled Watches Many new and charming styles are now shown for the first tinie in lola. Each watch fitted with onr own v guaranteed movement, which can be zelied' upon to keep correct time—^year in and year ont A twenty year Crown case; Hunting, fitted with 15 jeweled. Nickel, Elgin or Waltham, only .$1t,00 I. 1 'tTv

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