Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1908
Page 8
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Thanksgiving Unen Sale IS NOW GOING ON IN FULL BLAST O NCE A YEAR we hold this great sale of LINENS—distributing tlie most beautiful and useful of household necessities at remarkably low prices. Thrifty housewives never overlook our linen sales. Hotel aud boarding house keepers can better supply their wants at this sale than at any of the previous offerings—more to select fr m and at lower pricey. Richer, prettier and better LINENS never graced a table than will be seen at this sale. Come and buy your next year's linen supply and save not only dimes but dollars on your hyusehold linens. • REMEMBER THIS THANKSQIVINQ LINfcN SALE BEGAN THIS MOANING. - (All 25c Tabic IJnens. Wenched or untalpachfd, r>2 to S8 JnchoR wlUf. special prlc<>. yard 20<* 36o Table Linen, hleached or unbleached, n4 tb^'.R Jncbes •wWc; sjipclal ssale price, yard 'i'Xf:- ' 500 TabJe Lin/>ns. bleached or unbleached. 6«' fo ^8 inches wide, In doi, floral and Grecian border do- algns; special sale price, yard 30c ; 65c Table Linens, bleached or iinbloached, fifteen pieces in this lot.- some 67 and 7<ic linon«; special sale price, y^rd 75c quality 70-Ineli Hleached TaI)I»» Wuen.<! in rich tew floral designs; .special sain price, yard Vt\K' $1.00 Table Unens 70 aud 't inches wide, b'eached Or sllrer bleached; special sale price, yard 79 <i I $1.25 Bleached or Silver Uleached Table Unen. ^lalB or floral pattera.'?. tJS. 7" and 7:? Inch IJncns; special sale price, yard OSC $1.50 Table Mnens 70 and 72 inches wide; special sale price, .vard $1.21 $2.00 Bleached Taljle Linen in lieaulifn' poppy and satin stripe desisne. 72 inches wide; on sale for. yard $1.49 $-'.."iO Table Linen 72 inches wide. |QHcen of the .Meadow, floral desipn; special sale price yd. $].0H 22 .and 2»-inch Napkins ro match the above Tal>le Liur-n: special prices on ewry .Vapkin in )hf house. 7 .=ic Napkin.s on sale fur Ow<* %\M Napkins on saU- for SI*** $1 .2'" Napkins on .siile for iJSf' $J ..'iO .Napkins on pale foi- $1.1!) $1.7 ."i Napkins on sale for ijtl.^.'S $2 .'Hi .Napkins on .sale for .$1 .02 $2.2.". .Napkins on .saU' for $1.89 $2 Napkins on .sale for $2.19 $2.7r. Napkins on sale fnr $2,*iJ9 $3 .tM) Napkins on sa'e for ii>*i ,'ATt $r..r.o Napkins on swle U\\- $2.98 $4 .(W Napkins on sale fr.r $S.!129 %\M Napkin.s on .sale for $i).!)8 $r..ri'> Napkins on sale for $4. LI $G.O0 Napkins on sal<- f.>r $4 .9 .1 Napkins on .sal<' for $ii.85 Special prices on all Matched Linen Set.'s. Cloths and Napkins ro match. z <:.S\72 Linen Cloth leaf VaHern, $2 .00 repular price. On .•tale for .- $1.62 Napkins to match $3.50 rejnilar price: ;on sale $2.98 Flour de Us pattern size .Sx."J, price $2.25; on sale for $1.89 .•^xlO same pailerfl as above or spot Roman with Iwirder $2 .riO reRiiIar price; on sale for $2.15 Napkins to match above, refiular price $.'5.00 dozen; on sale for $2.35 Popiiy design or Rose Trail, size 68x8t> .and 72x72, regular price $:{.fiO; on .sale, for $2.35 Napkins to match above, size 2^s2L rcfuilar price $1 .00: on sale for $3.29 Ail ?:!.7r( pattern Cloths on sale for $3.19 Ali H.OO Cloths on sale for ; $3.29 All $4.50 pattern cloths on .sale for ;. .$3.89 $5.00 pattern cloths on sale for $4.15 $C..")0 pattern cloths ojt .sale for $5.25 $10.00 Chrysanthemum button hole edge and scalloped round Table Cloth, .size 9-4; on .sale for $8.15 TOWELLNG RV THE YAR» One lot of nieach<?d Toweling; laches wide, red border, regular price, yard 7i4c." special sa?o price All 5c Towel Ins on sale for 4^4 <^ All 7»4c Towellnp oh sale for 4Je All 8'/Sc TowolInK on s.ile for. ..-If*- TOWELIXG BY THE Y.\KD. All luc TowelinB on sale for. ..H-i*'' All 32^c TowelnR on sale for. ..40c All 15c Towellnn on sal<' for... 12?«<' .\U l7'Ac Towclinm oi\ sslf for... 14<» Al' 2r.c TowelinB on sale for...|!)o .Ml .'iiic Towclins ini sal'» l (ir.. ..f ^C^ All 3r>f Towplin;^ on salf f<»r.. ."J-'f? TO^EMXi BY THE Y.VKP. .Ml Towels ready made at liberal price re<luctIons. One lot of UleacUwl Kod border Towl.^. size I-'ix.1<) inches, H 'sniar price 7 '3<;: special .s;i'e price, each Ttv or doz<n .LlC Itarber Towv-ls full Weaclied red lior di^r, price each 4f" dozen ..!t9l^ TOWELIXfi BY THE Y.\RD. , Al! luc Towci:! «u sale for SJa^V All V2>~c Towi'ls on sale for 1()<«. l.'.c Towel.s on .sale for lift .Ml l7^aC TOWPIS on sale for 14<' All 2nc ToweiK on s;ile for IIJC'* .Ml 2.'ic Toweic, on sale for 19^ All :'..'c Tdvvels oil sale for JJ7<* tOWELIXG BY THE YARD. Ail 40c Towc's on sale for 32«^ All 50c Towels on sale for 39^. Ail fi5c Towels on sale for 52<! .VII 7 '.n Towels on sale for j57ift All R5c Towels on salo for Ai; $1.00 Towels on sale for ...T9<* Bnnt Full to .Sen thin JJne. I C f i DRESS LINENS Special sale of Pre.s.s Linens. ,\re Linens ami Linen SUeetloK In wlii'o onl.v. 25c Drees T.inens on sale fur 'iOC* lioc Linens on sa> fr)r 24f' 3.'jc Press Linens on sale for 45c Dress Linens <m sate for 32C 50c Dress Linens on sale for , 39«* 65c Dress Linens on sale ftir ....47f* 75r .\rr Uinens on sale for ."54^ .N 'C An Linen.s on sale fur r .03f' $l.i>0 Casinu on .sale for T9C $1.25 Sheelisis on sal,> for ...9Hc Lunch CloUis. Siiielioard and Dre.'^scr special »ale pric »-i.. 50c S!ollis aud Scarfs <ut s;i!<' for "5c Cloths and .SoaiLs on .«aie for T5c Cloths aud Sctrfs on sale for ^.'lo Cdths and Srtirf.s i>n hale for •I.Ou Cloths and Scarfs on .sale for .... f1.2r> CiiV .Us -.nsvl Scarfs un sale for .... *.).5iv Cloths and Scarfs on .sale for .^1.75 Cloths and Scarf.s on .s.ile for '2 .(10 C'otlis and Scarfs on sab- hv: <2.25 Cloths and Scarfs «.n .sale for :. *2 .5i) Cimhs and Scarfs on .snle for ....... ja.O't t'ioths and Scarf.s ou sale U>v Scarfs at :M><47<* .. ..59<* mu' 7ito DSr- ...$1.19 .. $i.:w ..$1.."»{I ...$I.H9 ...SI.98 .$2.35 %?. .V CUnhs and Scarfs on sale for $1 .00 Cloths and Scarfs on sae for $2.ti8 $.3.19 $5.00 Cloths and Scarfs oii sale for $:t.98 $»;,oo Cloths and .Sciirfs on sale for $.}.<M) irt .r .i) Cloths and Scarfs on sab' for $5.29 Rich Hand Embroidered Dollies, Centers, Scarfs and Lunch Cloths, .Mount Meilick. 65c Dollies or Centers, on sale for .jO^' 75c Doilivs or Centers on sale for 55*" S5c Doilies or Centers on sale for <i2c* $1 .00 Doilies or Centers on .sale for '59^ $1.25 Dol ies or Cciifer.> on sale for 96(^ $L5i» Doilies or Centers on sale for $1.19 $1.75 Doilie.s or Centers on sale for $1.35 $2 .00 Doilies or Centors on sale for $1.62 $2.5« DoilicR or C'eiiters on sale for $:J.0o Doilies or Centers on sale for $2.3.> $J.5u Dollies or Centers on sale lor $2.98 $4 .00 Doilies or Centers on sale for $J {.19 $t .50 Dollies or Centers on .sale for $^{.49 SCARFS AND SQUARES .lapancse and Mexican Hand Drawn Work, Ccarfs and Saiiares al very low prices;; $1 ,00 Scarfs and Sfitiares on sale for .79^ $1 ,25 Scarfs and Sqnarei on sale for .-. .^^t^ $1 ,50 Scarfs and .Squares on sae for $1.19 $1.75 Scarfs and Squares on sale for $1.35 $2.00 Scarf.s and SquareK on sale for $l.tt2 $2.25 Scarfs and Squares on sale for $1.89 $2.50 Scarfs and Squares on saje for $1.98 $3.00 Scarfs and S'luares on sale for $2.35 $3.50 Scarfs and Squares on sale for $2.98 $4.00 Scarfs and Squares on sale for $3.15 $4.50 Scarfs and Squares on sale for $3.49 .Sr,imped Linen;; at. .•JiH'cial price.s. 15c Stamped Linen on sale for lie 20c Stamped Linen on sale for 15<^ 25c Stamped I Awn on sale for IBt" ;;0c Stamped Linen on sate for 22 <i i35c Stamped Unf^n on sale for 25<; {4.5c .<tamperj Unen on .«alp for JJl^ 50c StampeU Linen cn sale for 39«'* $5.«n Doilie.s or Center* on sale fur $3.98 $0 .<io Doilies i >r Centers on sa'e for $5.<M) $6..-.o Diiilics or Centers on sale for $.^..39! Linen on .sale for 4«^ One !(>( of Stamp'-d Shadow Knibioid'^ry Waist 175c Siamped Unen on .sale for. ,y4^ • " 'Sue Stamped Linen on sale for filc -f $LOi) Staxnpcd Linen on sa'e for 79(4 $1.25 Stamped Linen on sale for 98 <'i Patterns, worth ;t5i': on sab' for ."590 One lot of »>5c and 50e Pillov.- To|)«. .stanii)ed for shadow cnibtoidery; <>i; sal<> for .' 42c In Our Big R.eddy-to-Wear De|>artment Children's Boar Skin'Coats In all colon, Hire 2 year;* to 5 years, price $1.95, $2^50. $3. $4..'»(» A $5 Misses' dark )^Sa;rt and colored School Coats, size C .vears to 13. years, worth $5.00; on saJe for $2.49 Misses dark iilaid and plain colored School Ccais. s;ze 0 to 12 years, worth up to $«.50: on sa;<> f.>r $;t.49 Ladles' Black Three-qn.trter Length Coats, neatlv irimmed: special values at $5.<H) iiiid $7.."iO; other values up to $4<).00 Ladies Rnbberized Auto or Vtllity Coats in plaids and plain colors, special price $,'>.aO Other values up to $25.(N> • Fancy BiUiii Striped Scarfs in all colors 2H to £'j yards lone: special at $2 .,W Rcarflnit Silks bq the .%ard In all colors, prl?e yard <J5. .1 >B 95c ^'Vincy C/ppe de Chine Kcarfs heninied: aud h>^ntMtitched cndK; prlot. $1.50 ' FSmcy .Nrvk nuchluRS In blue, fan, piiititi crcnm and white iirlcd at 1^ ' «1U1 2f au Inch. «• Japanese Silks In white or l)la<k ifl lache* wldi', price yard 29t* U-idies Tailored Suits in hlite, Kreen, brown, red and black in fancy worsteds, cheviots and broadcloth.s, ,'iaiin lined jackets, rejjular price $2o. Special price for .Mondav and Tuesday; choice $14.95 I-adies" and Misse .s* Tailored.Suits, .s .'iti nlined jackets, Rored .skirts, col- w.-i sipy. blue, brown and b'ack, regular prifo i;i5 <t'i; on sale Monday and Tuesday; <;,.,ic,. $10-95 .SPECIAL Hi :»J VALIE*}. One 'oi of Salesman s Carpet Samples made up into Kutrs. size 27x15 Inches,, f rinsed ends; special , . .98('r 27.\51 floral or oriental pattern RiiKB, rennlar $2.25 value; on sale for $1,89 ••:C.\72 Inch floral or orb-.ilal RuBS, regular ju Ice $4..50. on sale for $3.9>'S I'Ink aiid whl)*, blue .ind while coral Hath Rui!s. ' * \A \n.' sl/e •2.oOVnliie for $1.49 Small size $1.75 vane for $l .2t> $.12.50 l »ro -liruBs .'ls UIIKK In Kreen cohuinKH. ^lz'• !(xl2 fci On sale for $8.95 •m-jv'tiitiMi ii .Muaslag Ktilt ITuderwear tor women and children. Misses' Union Suits In all sizes in white or grey; priced at 50<*, 756. $1,00 and $1.50 Women's Munslnff Union Sufts In white, cream or grey in all weights; price $1.00 to $3.00 Less expensive Union Suits for child ren In all sizes at, asnl? 2.'3^ Ladies' good quality Union Suits or separate garments in nil sizes; price Barment 256 Children's 20c quality heavy ribbed .StockiuKs. a« sizes, from 5Vj to OVJ; on sale for .15^ Pony ;Stockln;.'s for Iwys and girls, all sizes In llcht or hwn-y ribbed; price pair 2i5^ Kay SiockinKS for boys and Rlrls. all sizes, price. : M ». 35 «nd 4 <»<V Children's Toptiy Stockings in gizoa r>Vi »o l«'/.- on sale tor, pair 9C Infants'.. Sho«s In sizes 5 to 8, kid ' or calf skin, broken sizes, values up ti> $1.25: on sale for 85*^ Itifants' T'Oc Soft Sole Shoes broken sizes, all colors; cljolcn 39<^ ' •«_, • BATTFNBfKG SCARFS A>D SQl'ARE.S. '11.00 Batienbnrg on sale for .. 79^ V $1.25 Battenburg on sale for 80c ^'1.50 Battenburg on sale for $1.19 $2!oO Stetteuborg 9n sale for ... $1.62 $2.25 Battenburg on sale for '..$1.89 $2.50 Battenburg on sale for $2.09 CEXTERS A YD .SCARF.S. Hand made FMlet Glnpure Centers and Scarfs. $4 .00 value on sale for ...$3.29 $5.00 value on sale for ...$3.98 $0.00 value on sale for 0 ...$.5.00 Art Scfmo Hooks te'I how; price loe

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