Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1907
Page 4
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MM Qiic* .w BCIMCBIFnOH BAXKB. 1 )7 Cwrtor !• I»Im SM City, LaajM.j B» ' 10 cent!I a* Month ....44 c«nti n* Year \. Br BAIL QncTesr, in advance S4.0t> Three MoaUis, in advance $1.00 One koBth,! in adrance 44 Entered at J • 'Se AdTertising i • •• lola, Kaaaas, Postofflcet x>nd <claB8 Matter. ; Rates Made Known oa Application.. oFncuii PIPEB, ICI1T OF BA^ SEX; ; New Yorii Mb . Ob MMllMlMi «b M. „^ ApM III hob tht Scott's Emolsioii K I* Oie Nbmc^ Cod Uvcr OIL scorn EMULSION b MI ofhent md ^ucUmMnL K has a powtr hi It that giva ^or and new flesh to ttme who sufkr from consmnpiion and other wastii^ • AIDranM*tWi>.Md$140L HBBBEB OF ASSOCIATED FBESli iTke lela Dallj- Be ^iter li a aeaiW •f the iBieelatei; Frees and BeeelT«| the day rep^ri if that great newt oi> fiKtaailMi far ExelMlre Afteneo^ News Iff the Count}^ FBAIBIE BALL. ' Ella Peck In having a selge of ttie toothache. FMna Beabni is helping her with her work. Wonder if any of the Allen County I people have heard from Mr. JeBriea yet. With' Bcarlet fever. Bniullpos and wbobplug cough around those who have aniall childrea have to atay pretty close at 161a. C. R. Peck and family have had an unusual amount of company since oijir last report. Last Friday Mr. C. Howe and son of Ohio came, also Mr. Jim Marshall and family and Ira Peck of tnort Scott. Saturday J. C. Klggs arid Wife and Cora BDsh of lola. and D. 0. Beahm and family of Paola camn. Sunday Wat Crook and family of Salem came, so they had quite a reun- loo of their relatives. We are indeed glad to hear that Maud Riley is getting bcttpr. C. J. Preston killed a hog Tuesday. This cool weather Is fine for butcher- the little icold snap mado us reaK lr«i that real winter will soon bo hew and that wei should prepare for it. . Sam Baker dehorned cattle foi* Pr^k «ardln and Walter I^tle onv dfcir last week. Mr. and Mrs. Oladfelter of the Tea Mrs. M. L. Seymour and Mrs. Amy and Coffee store of lola were out and MjJere called on Mrs. George Andru^ ''•"ner at Grandpa Turneys Sun- Thursday afternoon of last week. : "^Vs. Jones heard Tuesday that hor Bob Stewart was one from Humr mother-in-law who lives In Nevada, bolilt vIslUng in the country Saturday .Mo., la very sick, > ' Q ,,_j-v The railroad company has laid off Bunaay.^ a Jot of their hands, so Fred Beatty IBS Ora Oard went to lola Friday has beeH httaking corn for Mr. Shock- ling'and visited with home folk^ er. until Sunday evening. She was ac< con ipanied by one of her pupils, Miss' Majid Andrus. ' . ^ [rs. George Lytle was callink on peter Young and wife spent. Sunday an ev NEOSHO TALLEY. Pesirl Hardin' Wednesday afternoon, at J. Hassted's near Plqua. Miss Jeanette Seymour Is in. lola B. B. Butler Is moving the larg*^ at he preserit writing. vlslUng with i;S!ol*n?*i?n/lli„^'tT*''": l'"", .i^^ fri«l,H« r«UtIvP« ' L*°l'^J*'"?'''? *° ^.8 father ids and relatives. lJ>'dia Murray and Leonard Donald took dinner, with Pearl and Frank Haridin Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Koehler and ty of LaHarpe, and Mr. and Mrs Williams and' family were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Seymour Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Bollinger, of spent Tuesday with Mr. and George Lytle. ^ Miss Ethel iLindBey was the guest of Pearl Hardin Sunday night. Seme of the neighbors took adran tage of the cool weather and butch ered some hogs for early meat. fadil Tip Ida, Mrs DISTRICT ?fO. tS. 1- Marie MDore, reporter. Irl Boman and family and F: N. Moo^ and ftimily visited at R.. D. Lake's Sunday. , Mrs. WhlqulBl and sister called ou Mrs. Roberts tuesday. Mrs. Ubby was on the sick list last ^eek. Mrs. Hansen and daugbtcr Olsa via at Mr. Larson's, Sunday. Senreral froni here attended ths pie soda! at Sk >Tockel FYlday night. Cllft Scott visited at Chas Uke's Saturday. i Chas. Thompson has a nephew from Xeb^aska visiting him. Mr. Roberts butchered a beet last Monday. Itrd FIQDA. Drl {..and has been very sick lor the past keek. ReV. Irwin ^preached his farewell sermpn at the fresbyterian church on last Sunday week. The gas drillers have moved from the Lon Osborb place to the Murfdiy farmJ-; i We -see that! the revivals are stlU in progress ati, the Liberty school house. i j James Elamj is thinking some of; starting a butcher shop in Piqna. i Meidames Crook. Slack and Fes-' row took dinner with Barnhart's on Tuesday. i Reif. Sherrili and Mr. Clark took supper with James Elam and family onto the place on which he lives. The first cost of this building was proba- hly near |2,000. and its erection Is one of., the few things performed by Josh Butler that did not recompense him. Mrs. James S. Taylor went to Lawrence Saturday, where she remained a day or two, and then went to Kansas City for a short visit with her sister. Farmers who desire to protect their quails from the hunter and his dog will Tiave to be on the lookout on and after the 15th. At a meeting of the Xeosho Valley Telephone Company on Saturday evening, James S. Taylor was admitted as- a member and stockholder. Me will be connected on line 999. A gentleman from Indiana and one from Missouri left the ftrst part of the week for their homes, after making a visit of some length with their cousin. Mrs. Thonias Ogg. P. E. Drake and his mother are expecting to make a visit In Oregon In a short time. \ Wallace Bale and wife visited in Humboldt Sunda}-. . On Thursday the nolKhbors and friends df Mr. and Mrs. Fetor Young, ,t» thi «Mhir !,oC ohiMt thirty ooko IlK'.od IhMk'.«»' •!«• wiphoala .to. tto iMt tiit tholratajr or Boro than B«Twi jroiW ''|MiBOk M- haa not boon vlrlthoot •^MtNTSnt atMdnjr thwOtea bMO •alhorjlBK otrantth to the Ua oT frlMd ahlp. that cannot now be hrokaii. and ooly atabbomly yielda to the tnerita- Uo tact tiiat they will soon remove to other parte. It Is hoped that after their aoa, WlllUm, has finished hte cotletaXooarse at the state UntversUr the faiSny will again return to their farm, that the commnnity may enjoy their presence as in the past The frienda who surprtoed Mr. and Mrs. Toung by their nnexpected presence, liealdes supplying a good dinner, left a few usefu) •presents as a reminder of a!n occasion that was so marked with friendship and good will. I Something over |6.00 was taken In at the Pie Social at the school house last Friday evening. The money will be applied., on the payment of a bill for the school house. i S. T. ESnfleld and wife were with their son. Will, at the FeatheringiU farm, north of lola. over Sunday. Henry Puckelt, who went ^o Missouri recently, has returned to J. W. Bales. During his absence he had the smallpox. Parties from a distance visited at Frank Contryman's Inst week. * | Mrs. Hansen's father and mother, ^r. and Mrs. Smith, of lola. are spend lag a week In the country. | Mr. and Mrs. Young evince gratlfl- oatlon for the attention paid them on the eve of their departure for Lawrance and wish to assure their friends that no expression of kindness has beeh unnoticed hut has been considered with the greatest of gratitude. Earl Golden who wns recently wedded to Ivul) .Miller of this place had his skull fractured, while getting his dinner in a restaurant In Coffoyvllle a few days ago. The cause of this dangerous wound was bmughl about by the proprietor of the establishment becoming angry at a customer and forcibly hnrled a mlsHK> at him. He missed hls.,^m and struck Mr. Golden. Neal Van Fossen who resides at Leon Is exjiected here tu attend the funeral of his brother, Itubc. who fell dead at his home near Humboldt on "Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. .Mrs. Frank Dickey and .Mr. and Mrs. .Miller, of lola. attended the Vouur sur ^)rlsc on Tuesday. T PLEASAJiT VALLEY HILL. ] • Mrs. C. L. Hawkins of Neosho Cq. came Saturday for a visit with her sister-in-law. Grandma Osborn's family. She spent last,week with her son. J. S. Hankins in lola. George Ellis's children and grandchildren who live with him have all ^bout recovered from the scarlet fever and no other children in the nel^h borhood have taken the disease. The school .was dismissed for one week last Friday for fear of spreading It more. Mrs. Mary Beahm and daughter. Pearl, will go to Paola Thursday for a visit with her son's family who were here visiting the first of the week. Mrs. May Nostrand and children spent last Sunday at her grandpa Barnhart's In Liberty district. Barney Ravens and Will ilelman went down to Humboldt Sunday to attend church. They 8pe "nt the day there and had a gftod time. Ralph Ellis sold his cousin. Hert Ellis, his spring colt the first of the week. E. I3alrd bought a new heating stove last week, which his family are enjoying this cold weather. From whkt Ed Ellis writes the money panic Is lust as serious at Tulare, California as it is here. We understand that all who went to Galifornia from here have gone to work for good wages out there. Hen Brown and wife are now In New Mexico, hut have not settled yet and do not know how much farther or what direction they will go from Taos, where they stopped for a rest up. Complete with the rock bottom prices which we are , enabled to qtiote on accotint of our bnying power is your positive assurance of seouring values far and away above the ordinary in car stock of Winter Clothes For Men, Youths, Boy or Child. You have our word that any Overcoat or Suit bought of us is the very best money can buy whether you pay $9.75. $12.50 $14.75, $16.50, $18 or $20. Full and Complete Selections at Each. Price Named. Copyriaht 1907 TheHouMotKuppenl W.L. Douglas Shoes TheBest 01 Earth $3-50 AU Leathers Chiciff> Underwear Heavy fl»'ece lined underwear, that .^eJls regularly for 50c, special value, 39c Notice! .Wc will accept all local Clearing House Certificates and Cliccks in pay ment for goods purchased and on accounts. They're as good as CASH! Outfitters for Men and Boys Popiilar PHcc Clothiers 8. M. COOPER'S BIG LOSS. Former lola Man Snared in $200,000 Fire Loss. Parsons, Kas., Nov. 15.—By a most disastrous fire In the history of Par- .sons, 1200,000 worth of property was di-stroyed here thts evenfng. The heaviest losers are: Kress & Co.. »40 ,000: Dodge-Bryan Lumber company, $:10,000: the Cooper Lumber company. |:IO ,000; the First Baptist church, a complete loss of $15,000; T. B. Ham's livery bam, |15.000: O. E. Reid's repair shop, J506: Pullthcr'a second-hand store, $500: Medaris Jlarblo Works, $500; Adler & - f- is MlEs Mabel Rohrback of lola. visithg her gi'andparents and other relati res. WE8X 0|P THE BITEB. Mr. Terrlll UJ taking a vacaUoD. We have k subaUtnte carrier. Oan people; li^ould much rather do bnsim isa with money than script Mr. I Morriaon^s mother la up from Pitsbi rg and la vtatlng him. WH iam Prsaion made a flying trip to Lai larpe Saturday. On flrat maw thto (all felt oa Nov- vembir}lth.i ^ i W« haar that Mr. Crocker will Uje IB 'thi I lieCabe tern aaather year. Jar Craekar was o«t traa lola Boa- day. Our Tnrmv lltyMmg mai kanllac kar viiw tnm pootam Oowty. Keep a package on a low shelf. Let the children help themselves. iliieeda Biscuit are the most niitritions food made from flour. i^ways fresh, crisp, clean. In mmsturt and dmti froof paekatHM. NATIONAL BISGUIT COMPANY Joyce, new brick building. $1.S,000; Parry WTiUe building 13.000; M. W. .A Hal and contentu, 12.000; Soe Schrecks blacksmith shop, $1,000 Cohoon & Olson, cabinetmakers ?I.5o0. Pracllraliy all stocks.and buildings were insured. The Are originated In p. barn where Ijoys were smoking cig arettes. A stiff south wind carried embers from the lumber yards over the residenci' section and a conflagration waa prevented only. by hard work of citizens with yard hose and buckets of water. i>ow water prea- 8\ire mailp the fire department's ef fcris almost fruitless ror an hour. It seeiiied for a tlmo that the town was (loomed. Work of reronstructlon will Im' lioguii at onrt>. JOLA STATE BANK 8. .M. t 'oopiT formerly owned the Fjwter I.unrber yard in this city, dla- |l0 ^slltg of It last spring. His many friends will regret :o ieam of his loss hui arc pleased to know that Insurance was carried on the stock. DEAD MAN ON PILOT. Orewsome Sight on Katy Flyer As it Pulled Into Walnut Last Evening. (Chanutc Tribune.) The M. K. & T. flyer, due to pass through here about half past nine o'clock, carried a gruesome sight Into Vc'alniit. On the cowcatcher was _ bu?gy top, seat and an old man sitting upright, as though riding there for pleasure instead of being cold in death. The l>ody was that of Adam Beach an aged farmer residing some distance southeast 'of WVi'.nuL He had been to church at Walnut, and started home, no doubt thinking the flyer bad passed! on time, as usual, he paid no attention to the trains. The paa- senger was late and hit the rig square ly. • The top, seat and ^man were caught on the pilot and remained upright as though set thera carefully The rest of the rig was demoliahed and the horse killed. The train was stopped immediately and when the crew- saw,the poslUon of the body it was mnlnto Walnut without remor. ing the corpse. A ho:e m the sknll showed that death waa Jntantane- ous. Both legs were broken alaa Mr. Beach waa well known througb- ont the community. Keep tt Mi «f t^ «taaa<A by uaiac W-o-WL- a «M«rt««< to era an ataS •«>»_55"W«t or coau Mthtar Chaa. OAPtTAL0t2,5Op MMLA, KMHSAS. A. W. Beck. L. E. Horville, J. A. Robinson, H. L. Henderson, I. if. Careful Hi)i$ewivcs WHEN m .B'A ta NMk* thMM rwt preaf. ttn aar MMl tar itovM. plfH (irvli* aciWH. He Foa^t at (iettjsbarg. David Parker, of Fayette, X. Y.. who lost a foot at Gettysburg, writes: 'Electric Bitters have done me more good than any medicine I eter took. For several years I had stomadi trouble, and paid out mifdi-money, for medicine to little puSpose. Until I began taking Electric Bitters. I wmiid sot take |600 for what they have done for me." Grand tonic for the aged and tor ramala -weaknesses. Graat altar- ulvf and body builder: beat of all W laait baek and weak kMaeya. Ooanuf taad*^ alKiMglata; 6»a y

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