Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1908
Page 7
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VEfiY HRST SIfifR OF KIDXEI TROUBLE 18 TStALLT LX THE BACIL Glres a Spleoiif Thoairii lUrmlMi fiMipe to Prepare 3Ilxtiire Whieli ADJODP Can'Home at . SmaU CMt. Take care of backache. A great many cases of kidney complaint are reported about here; also bladder trouble and rheumatism. An authority once stated that pain in the back, loins or region of the kidneyR is the danger 'signal nature hangs out to notify the sufferer that there is something wrong with the kidneys, which should receive immediate attention. Only vegetable treat ment should be administered and aln 'Solutely no .<!trongh- alcoholic medicines, which are harmful to the kidneys and bladder. The following prescription, which simple. ImrmlesK and inexpensive. Is known ami -.ccognized as a soverti|gn remedy tor kidney complaint. The ingredients can be obtained at any good prescription pharmacy and anyone can mix them: Compound Kargon. one ounce; Fluid E.xtract Dandelion, pnc-hnlf ounce: Compound Syrup Sar sapariila, three ounces. Shake well in a bottle and take in teaspoonful doses after each meal and nt bedtime. This preparation is .«iai <l to restore the natural funeiinn of the kidneys. .•=0 they will sift and strain the poisonous waste matter, uric acid. etc.. from the blood, purifying it and relieving rheumatism. Backache will be relieved, the urine will be neutralized and cleared and no longer a cause of irritation, thereby overcoming sucji s.vmptonis as weak bladder, painful, frequent and other urinary difflnil- tlee. This U worth trying and ni.iy i>rove just what many people here need. • SUES BY FORMER WIFE. Jane Rice Would R«cover AlUged Interest In Property. NEWS OF 6AS CITY ciTT conrcit wiiL XEET im. DAT XlflHT IS BEGCLAft §EMI07f. ROUTINE WORK TO CONSIDER A BIG CROWD WILL LIKELY AT TEND LECTtRE COl RSE MUBEB. 3rany (ias City People Attended the Foot BaU Game at Elr«frlr Park Tertrrday Aftfnioon. Coniiea to 3 ^eel. The city council will meet in regular session Tne.sday night. As (ar as known there Is nothing to consider besides routine business. Have Good $eho«l!>. If possible the schools are better this year than ever before. So far this term everythltig has iiassed off without a single objection. Undersherlff A. hr noatrlglit will today serve a summons on Albert Murray, colored, to appear In court at Greene county. Mo., at the January term, where ho is being sued by his former wife, .lane Rice, to recover an interest she alleges she has in some property ithe defendant deeded away. According to the petition the couple were married in the TO's, she securing a divorce in 1S9T after which she married a man named Rice. A note accompanying the petition and summons states that Murray is in the employ of one of the concerns here. Try the Regifter Want Ad. Way. THE E\D IS >0T YET. .Siill .\nnther .\rti»n Brevrlnfr H.< Re. suit of Frtterly Case. Another law .•iiiit. growing out of the Fetterly i>aae in Judge HoUgh'a court a week ago Saturday, is said to he brewing. It i.-^ known that one of the parlies in the case i.s asking the county aiiornoj issue a warrant charging a wiiaesa with perjury. The county attorney has .so far not seen fit to issue the warrant but is takiiw; the matter under advisement. DEATH FROM APPENDICITIS. Martin Beebe Died Early Yesterday Morning. Martin Beebe. age 72 years, died at his home 2H'. South .lefforson avenue at 3 o'clock yesterday morning. Death was due to an acute attack'of appendicitl.s. The funeral services were conducted from the , residence at 10:r>0 o'clock this morning and the interrmont was made In the Highland cemetery. Bli; Crowd Expected. A his crowd is expected to attend the first number on the lecture cour.^e n^re next Wednesday night when Dr. J. T. McCrory of Pittsburg. Pa., speaks. The speaker Is reported one of the best In the United States. Already many season tickets have l>een sold. The lecture will be held In ihe Christian chnrch. ytaaj From Ga .<i City. .\ large crowd from here attended the foot ball game nt Electric park yesterday afternoon between the Trip let.s and Burlington. The game wa« an easy victory for the strong Triplet team. ' Ch <>ral Club to 3fpct. Tl>e Choral club of this-city will meet tonfght for regular rehearsal. The club put on a concert soine time ihlH winter. The music to be Used in this concert l.s being rehearsed. PernonaN. fiuy Taylor came In yesterduy from Arizona. He has l)een working for a drilling company In north .Vrlzona. ColunibiiH Mllen and family have moved from .N'orili .McRan to South Gas. \V. If. Monnlger came In yesterday from Mildred. Ka.=. where he has been working for ilio ji • «"veral days. .Mrs. John Foster \\\- ; 'r; been quite ill for the past st ^' • ! days is reported much better. John Griffith, of nurllngioh. w.a3 here yesterday the guett of friends. Miss Bessie Webb returned to Ft. Scott yestcrda.v. She has been the gntiest of friends. HESSIAX FLY ^S PBEYALENT. Great Bnmaee l!> Wrosght to Siimnrr Connty WHeat. Wichita. Kas.. Kov. Ifi.—Profes.sor T. J. Headlee and Professor G. C. \\TieeIer of the State .Vgricultural college addressed the Sedgwick Count.v Farmers' institute Saturday. Professor Wheeler told the farmers and Iwys who were in the corn growing contest how to s'>!ect seed corn. Professor Headle<* told of the Hessian fly. He said that in the nelghbothood of Welling. Snmncr county, he found lots of eariy wheat damaged by the Hessian fl.v. this year, he said, the damage wrought by the insect was greater i:. Sumner than in any other county in the state. M present the fly Is In thf volunteer wheat and early sown wheat It is down at the rots and this shiniUl be plowed and harrowed so the fly could be desiroyed by Its natural enemies. Real Estate Tmnsfen!. Of\n Totmsui and wife to Theresa Clark, the undivided half interest In lots 11 1 and 12 block 82, Humboldl. Conslderallon $ri.». ai high ai you can— dierBaBO danger—as low as vou plea*e —tiiere's. no smelL That's became Ae annlcfVw .dence pievenit smoke or »cO—• tiiat means a steadjy flow Rowing heal for eveiy ounce oiF'fuel burned IB a oa Yoa can cany it aboul and cate for it just as eas|y M a lamp. Bra» oil foot holds 4 quarts bunting 9 houn. Handaomeiy finished m iapan and nickeL Every heater wairanted. T ^i ^Lamp^„«^ winter evenmgi. Sne^, briSant 1^ to read, iew or but by. Made iof braai, nickel plated, latest improved cental draft burner. Every lamp warranted. If youidakrcaiv* not wpply Reffectioa Gi Heater or Rayo Lamp «vnle our nearest agency for descrjptire dttdaf. ......??.^.^^^:S!SLS!^-^ s- We expect the Lion's share of your Coat and Suit business this week. Our prices Hay we shdifid get It, out qualities and styles claim it—we believe If you will carefully examine the values we are how showing that you will agree we are entitled to It. LADIES COATS worth $12.SO and $1B Speciaiai - - - ^ You will find these in Black Brown, Navy, Tan and Red,' some are full aatin lined* 48 to 62 inches in length. The very newest style creations. They all come in Ladies' and Juniors' sizes, this week values up to $15 will go at, each.. .. ||^IUll Every Ladies' Tailored Suit in our Store at Greatly Reduced Prices $W.75, $t3.50, $17.75, $li9.iS0 too fine Silk Shirt Waists on .sale thi.s week at Half Price. $5.00 Heavy Black Silk underskirts, choice $3m48 Spmolmis Cliildren's 25c heavy ribbed j school, at pair I80 50c and ^150 Dress Goods, a special lot this week nt ...34o Yard wide black Taftu-tta, Oae lot Ladies 50c iVests worth $1.25, at yard 890 \ and Pants, sale prfce each 38o. 71-2 light Outing Flannels regular width, at yard 80 One lot Children's 350, 50c and 65c nnderwear at each 28o AN EASY VICTORY KrRLi>firo.\ PL.iYEn «0(>D FOOT B.VLL lUT WERE OITCL.VS.'SED. TrfploU (iotllni: in Fine Form to - Take on the f hanute Tram Tbanks^Irin?. " It wa.s not the weakness of Burlin.s:- ton but the Rtrensth of the Triplets. Pla.vinR collCKe class I'CMH ball the Triplets, a foot ball team composed of lA Harpo. Ga» C^ty and lola player.s. defeated the sironp Btirlinpton. Kas., city team at the Electric park yesterday afternoon by the decisive score of 52 to 0. A1tho «f?h out-classed but am oiifwefphed the Burlin.cton feani showed the hever-.say-dio spirii from ihe .mart until the finish. Tlie result of the Karao at ernro)n w:ifi a surprise. The Tri|)Iet •Icinry was not the surprise but the '.verwheluiintr score. C'huiitite wltli vhoni ;lie locals clash on Turkey day. ver.> only uiile to .'•core three foiich- •,ow;.<= one week aw. In Hurlin.iilon's Irsi tftinie of the season. X .ifiirally he coafiusion that Chanute will be 'iu:ui)Iod will l)e drawn. The local p 'ayers played such pood foot ball that it is very aifrfcutf to rive individual crrdit. E>ery man •esMuod 10 W(n-k a.-' if he had hf-<^n under college trafninf: for many week«. For (he locals the back field ,did aobly. Itrrnuau. .\lleii. Kankin and Cainpbe.l. playtn.<r masnifioent foot liaM. .Streot and .Tones, tackles, were alivays pood for galnw. Kills and Barker, -.^ot 'down oii punt.s in fine shitpe. Time and time HK&UX they cut off fiid runs and stuiwhed Uurllnu- onV attempt nt f«rnard passe.". Kor the vIsltAr.s. I'ar.^ion. their little quartrr lt ;K -k. shon -ed Rrwil .-"peed. W -.vcii.nli llurlinutou's captain and left half, stopped many a play which looked like sure much downs. Hiiriiii?i"ii won the tos.s and chose ;o defend the north Koal. Brennan for the TrIjiJct.s kicked to 40 yard line. Biirlintjton was held for downs. Allen wa.< .''••nt ihiou^'li for first touchdown :r game, which was made in le .s3 than three minutes of pla.v. ' Alien kicked joal. HurlinKion 0. Triplets C. After ki.-kinK: off and holding Hur- linKtou for downs.' Ellis advnnceil the ball .'lO yards on a forward Tamp bell carried the tail over in the nc$t iown for the .•^eqpnd touchdown. Five iiinuiea had been played. 'Allen missed Koa). Triplets II. Hurllnsjion 0. Curllngton killed -to yards to Trlp- 'el.''. ,\llen. who was slvtn the ball, weiit through tackle for a 61) yard run to third touchdown of panic. Sev•»n minutes had been played. He mis»- 3d poal. Triplets 16, Burlinsion 0. Burlington Kicked off 4ij yards, rirennan returned the ball 15 .vards. Burlington hold Triplets for downs but were In turn forced to punt. Triplet's center blocked the kick and fell on the ball. Street was given the ball three times in succession and carried It over for the fourth touchdown. Trip. 'et»! 22. Burlington 0. Tripleti! kicked off and before the ball would be retnmed. Barker, the Triplets' rig^t end. carried Burling, ton's jilayed bnd the ball liack across their own goal line for a safety. Triplets S4, BurUnstlon 0. After the' Trlmets made another touchdown the first half was called with the ball within 7 yards of the ris* itore' goal. , Tte second half was practically a r «petUlop o( the QnM. Only one for ward pass was triod by the locals and Barker toade 3M yards. Burlinprmi tried several forward jiasscs and onside kicks but were broken up before iliey w«'ri.' even wt-li formed. Rankin and nrounau for the IOC.TIS ran exceptionally goo(L interference, being in every play, .\llen and C'anio- bell made the longest ?:ains while t'treet and Jones, were always; p:ood for five and si .K yards. The game yesterday was i)ractical- l.r -nronon stral.irtt old-tttne" foot ball, the forwanl p.iss or the on-aide kick was used but little. The special iraiu from Burlington which arrived here about ll:2r> ov(;r the Katy. carried a much smaller crowd than was expected. About one hundred people cjime on the oxcur- sion. Howeve.'-, the crowd at the game was very good, there being about flvo hundred people present. The line up of the teams: Burlington Position Triplets Patton right end .. E!Ms Bradford ... risht tackle Street Hilscher ... ri.cht guani ... Danley Fostni.shf Center i ... Palmer Hussey left suard Petit Cummincs ... left tackle Joneft Engley .: left end nark.»r IVarson quarter Brenuan Staffels rigat half Rankin -Vewcomb left half Campb.-U Armstrong ... Jull bnclc .\Ilen Visit Brother. .Mrs. (',. W. l>;ouard. of Cottonwood Falls, this state, is a guest of her ; brother. .1. -M. Lamar. rtuN ICast Lin- 1 ••oln sriv^.'t. I > Visited In Bronsoii. .Mr. and .Mrs. L. R Ghidfelier and l^auiihter. Eunice, were in Itron.^on ycmerday vi.<itln.:r with the family of. hoss llali. A Son Bom. -A leu-pound son was horn yestcrda.v to .Mr. and Mrs. Jce .Mekla.«s of GUi Soiitli State street. .V Dantrhter Bom. A daughter wa.^i horn today lo Mr. and .Mrs. .loe Pears. Mrs. Bene Fultz Won. In the cake contest at the Horticultural society Friday afternoon the first prize of two dollars was awarded to Mrs Belle Fultz. for a delicious carmel filling cake. The second went to .Mrs. Daisy Berkihiser and the thiitl to'Mrs. Shield.s of LiiHarpe. The judges whose duty it was to taste the different cakes in the contest state that all were splendid. - WILL BE >0 HAt E WVi: OkniaIi;ee Quiet ToUay After Battle Between Whites and >oirroo< Yesterday. Okmulgee. Oklii.. Nov. li'..—Quiet prevails ill Oktuul«ee today following x-.-terday's balile between officers and ne;;roes. in which five iiersons were shot to death. Tpnu a statement of the county prosecutor, there hn« not been at any time any danger of a race war and nil llktllhood of further trouble is over. The state militia will not eoiui- heie. Local officials say there Is abstduiely no need ot them. • 1 •. r. V Register Want Ads. Bring Results. DIB\T ( VKKY on (OSXRACT. ThU I -i fironnds for Suit Bronirht hv T. -M. Slack. T. .M. Slack has brought suit a?ainst .Tolm Sieinbach to recover $.'>fil damages which he claims is due him as the result of the decfndani tailing io comply with the terras of a contract. Mr. Slack in hi.s petition that he traded-Allen county land to .Mr. Stela bach for Scott co'unty land, and that It was agreed that In the event either failed to carry out the terms of the deal h*> was to forfeit $>. .Mr. .Slack says he has performed his part of the transaction but that the defendant has not. He aUo says that there l« coming to him $<;i In rent from the farm which ho fradc<l to the defendant. He therefore «8k> for .hidaUK.-nt. for a total of l.-.Ol. v. M. C A. Fridaify November ZO^'Oft Qurafette / Male Quirtate A\ale Quarittte Friday eve, Nov. 20. Male Quartette. Presbyterian Church, Whitney Brothers Quartette should be heard by all lovers of vocal music. .Whitney Male Quartette has no superior on Anierica's musical platfofm. ^ PETITION 18 DENIED. E. E. Stout Can 't Transfer Land to LaHarpe District. County Superintendent .Maude Fiiu- ston announced thi.s afternoon tliat she had denied the petition of B. E. Stout and others, living in fee southeast part of the Gas City school district, who asked that their land IK* transferred to the LaHarpe aiStrfct for school purposes. The petition was presented several days ago. A protest was made by citizens living in the Gas City school district, lie petitioners stated as the groimds for their request that the LaHarpe sc::ool was much nearer their pragerty. Those who made the protest dUmed that the distance was not such as to warrant the change ?nd also that the twtmdaries of the district were old and well established and should not be changed. CHANGE OF VENUE. Is Petition of Ruef in Bribery Trial.- Much Interest in the CUsC San Francisco, Nov. 16.—^Thc Interest here has centered on the bribery trial of Abraham Ruef. The crowd assembled In Judge Lawler'3 court room long before court convened. Ruef was brought to court in a steel lined prison van escorted by ti^ttops of "mounted police. Attomey Dosler filed an aJHdavit signed by Rnef ask- in? a change of venne to a court In some other part of the state. Court then adjourned nntil tomorrow. Real Estate Tranafere. !- T>anyon Zinc Compftny to' Ber£- It. Wiggins, Not 1. block 3. nortfr Mld- 'and addition to Lanronville.^ Copsid- cration 1808. Lan.von Zinc company to Bert-Wiggins, lot n, block 32 i& town of Green- .T. P. Potter and wife of LOlIaspe to r. r. Corbet of Liberal, Kas;. a n«rt of southea,st one-fonrth of "5-24-19. . GAVE $1,000 BONO. C. .W. Burton. Brother of Cx-^hator Charged With Embaxzlemeot of'Bank H^ney. , : Eilwardsvllle. 111.. Nov.' C.-TC- Burton, formerly cashier of the "Xrl" City state bank of lladlson. 111., gave bond here today in the -sum of ^>nc thousand dollars to answer an iiAict- ment charging embezdemem foand against him by the grand inrgr^of Madi!;on county. The ' indictment .•naines SS .'Jst.ei as the sum wrongfully taken. Burton is 'a brother of Joseph R. Burton, .former United States Senator from. Kansas. Tfie bank closed last February followtos an Investlgatlou by the state andltpr. Breaabt Xessace Hene. > Dr. J. D. Kmm in hla sermon at the Episcopal church yesterday morning, devoted considerable time to a discussion of the energy and time spent in the recent campaign, applying it to the' church. He pictiired thf results in the etent Christians ; devoted as muob enthusiasm and interest to the church. • . . . ' H*T. XcProaA Here. Ben-O-.n. MePrond, of Colony, filled the buipit at the Trlnlt .v. church .'n Bast lola yesterday. Rev. MpProad is an excellent talker and is w «>ll known in this city. IJis aermon was enjoyed ^y a large congregatjion, - TagpitagM4,Mo. _ Attorney P. J. Oyler la in Spring» field,'Mo.,-todsje OB. lefal baainess.

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