The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 16, 1964 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1964
Page 8
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PAGE 8 THE TIPTON DAILY TKI10NE Wednesday, Dec. 16,1964 Round Town (Continued from page 2) economy. The plain „ truth—as . the; .eiperts see -jtr4is itfiat the people "don't quite trust a business boom ... after so many years of prosperous liviiig. It may take some government stimulation—but our own economy is scheduled" to keep going. THE SAME EXPERTS say the British are still in trouble ... they have not kept pace with streamlining in production, they, have been 'featberbedded' < . . savings are not adequate ... maybe Socialistic trends are not so goodV-after all! CHRISTMAS PARTY World War I veterans and Auxiliary. Pitch-in supper, Friday, December 18, G:30 P.M. at Legion Home. Bring table service and 50 cent gift for exchange. P-65 1 Preacher ADMISSIONS: Wilbur "Garhart, Tipton; Robert iCqlburn' Sr., Anderson; Rebecca'-Burton, Tipton; Anna McFarland, Tipton; Guy Wilson, Kirklin- Cary Straley, Tipton; Bfertha Wellinger, Kempton. '* s "" DISMISSALS: Doris Ferguson, Windfall; Gladys Richey; Center;. ..Marilyn -Weir, 'K6k : omo*-Phyllis Irwin, 1 Tip t 6 if; Florence Hall, Kokomo; Marshal Wisehart, Russiaville; Jesse Ricketts, Atlanta;, Margaret Reese,' Tipton; Roberta Daily/ El wood; Verna Crowley, Sharps ville; Paul Roadruck, Tipton; Mary Lou Taylor, Tipton; Helen Simpson, Tipton; Murna Johnson, Tipton; Kay Bogue, Sharpsville. BIRTHS: Mr. aSd Mrs. Pat Wilburn, Tipton, girl.'5:45 p. m., December 15. . Mr.' and Mrs.'.Gene Henry, Tipton, boy, <>:02 a. m>. December 16. • (Continued from page 1) flowers, '.'writing -. letters and calling her up.". •. ;;'...- .'••.. 'In "1960, a district court judge revoked the ordained Baptist minister's license to - perform tyeddings because of what the court termed Wolfe's "disgusting" personal marriage record. [nxliana Basketball (Continued from page 4)"v? Huntertpyn 61 Harlan 51"... .*•'•' Leo~56 C-Eastside 33 Indianapolis Sacred Heart ' 84 Indiana Deaf School 41 Boonville 73 Lynnville 51 ..; Huntingburg 69 Tell City 61 overtime Fowler 67 Seeger 53 Mays 71 Fayette Central 49 Oolitic 74 West Washington 68 Pierceton Tourney Claypool 104 South Whitley. 91 Silver Lake 70 Leesburg 67 Inside Indiana (Continued from page 1) ing to pull Congressman (Char les A.) Halleck's. chestnuts out of the fire." ''They:.khow he is on a political downhill sleighride, but that his rigid opposition to the park side of the park-port compromise will prevent federal reimbursement to Indiana for any money it spends for Bethlehem's, port," he said. !"HaHeck is one of the staunch- estj.Jfoes'of the national lakeshore project. THREE FINED Three persons paid fines in Justice of the Peace Court Wednesday. A .Fort Wayne woman, Susan Mansfield, 21, paid $18.75 for speedng and Wayne L. Whitacre, 45, Kokomo paid $27.75 for the same offense. Albert M. Koker, RR 1, 'Atlanta, paid $18.75 for driving without a valid ' operator's license. —s OURS: THURSDAY-8 a.m. to 8 p.m. FRIDAY--8 a.m. to 8 p.m. SATURDAY-- 0 a.m. to 4 p.m. JBBSSBBBT 1 *•* BIG SAVINGS ON •AUTOMATIC GAS RANGES • LABOR SAVING GAS DRYERS •TOP QUALITY GAS WATER HEATERS • GAS REFRIGERATORS • GAS LIGHTS • GAS INCINERATORS ALMANAC \ By United Press, International Today is Wednesday, Dec. 16; the 351st day of 1964 with 15 to follow.. • The moon is approaching its full phase. The morning stars are Venus and Mars. . The^evening stars are Jujpiter- and Saturn. ' ;-,/v'-' Composer Noel Coward was born on this day in 1899U . "••';" On this day in history:. ' ?^ In 1773, the Boston >Tea Par r ty was. held by American colonists to protest; the "British,; tax; on tea. «.;;>-£':•.• -v. In 1835,'fire broke.out, iri^ew. York City, sweeping wholefpity blocks and causing: inore.rtfian $20 million damage. .-.rSi'..:> In 1944, the German launched a great "counter offensive in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium. In 1950, Preside^.H^rry Truman proclaimed!«%;is^aje) of : -e5h- ergency calUrig.^br^a' tfnited' effort against Conun'uilD?t?aggres- sion in Korea. .''•>>>/£;£?••* >*-"• A thought ioriflie day ^"English literary critievJphni ColUri^ said: "Truth; H'alvyayf f t^e ; .object of philbs6phyj4btiti ?igf; v 'always the object"''of' philosophers." « 3 DAYS ONLY | . 17,18,19 SENTENCE STUDIED Two men'involved in a Kempton t vern brawl-appeared in court Wednesday for sentencing on charges of disorderly conduct. The sentence was taken under advisement until December 16, and the two, Arvil Brown and Vancil Stephenson, were released to appear at that time. NATO * *• - ' ' - "'* '" '" . ''i' (Continued from rpag» 1) ' told his fellow NATO defense ministers that in an-, all-out nuclear; war Russia and-the Unii- ed States could each, expect to suffer at least 100 million casualties. -•.(For Europe, McNamara said, the prospects in-^Micljiar war arKl '.grim indeea^^s^implied thjrt because of jlf^e^paphica) position it might'i&ejlOS u f f e 4- eVetf^mpre"disajf^jjsly;, in pro^p^i^on-than 'tfie'^o'^u'clear giants?- ^",'^'"->V '! ":i ^ejlesson ';h^arew > ;was that -^ti^.''^tiiati(^'JS&bpe had no hopV but. to '.'depend'' on Amerf- ca'sl-massive-nuclear might and "the..related • AHied; deterrents! The: ; JmpUcaJ[j^^hi|as that creai tioh of puny^-lndependent forcei such as that contemplated by De Gaulle was totally unrealistic. . * { .^McNamara was one of the early"'^speakers at- ,this mornJ ing|s council' session, now in iti secbidrdSy. } '.He took>the floor in closed session-after the NATO Defense' Planning'Committeeand working'-'; group - -reported on, what, they; had. accomplished- "since the May,, 1963,- Ottawa meeting at- which they were:-directed to. study the entire question of the, strategy, structure "and 'defense budgets of the Western Alliance.". Smorgasbord 5 to 8 p.m. FRI. — SAT. NITES Harvest Room ARCADIA, IND. RECEIVES" PROMOTION : Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Purvis, -309 South Independence street, have received the - message that their son F.'Ronald Purvis has beea'^promoted to the rank of sergeant. At the present time Sgt'.-jiiPtfryis is attending special school training in airplane instructions in Minnesota! Sgt. Purvis and his wife, Carole,'^iejsicie at 1389 Hanfprd, IJnc61n£p'*rk," Mich. By GAYLQRD GOO*fN ;United Pi^s tnternatioVMil I' •! t .^ASHINGTON/ ^I^-NeedyT 1 i5 »j^hes.i m' -^ashjhgtojB; .3D,C4 -I .j|^^^jst !^'K ^Wasl£agton^ nolf&et foxf askance -through, loqally ao ^int^^; ,self -^service •centersV'^M-;.*."' The \wetfar£.srecipients ; how caff .^icic ^ui^w|iat.;-they heed from availajblV' to^fs; and carry them, to ; a 'cheqtbut - counter," just as' they- would-in h- cohve'n-' tional grocery store. ? jiXgriculture Department officials said the self-service system permitted-recipients to be more> selective 'about the foods, Hwdslhg >only 1 ' the;' item's' they- nesd .V . Officials £.said labor in h^B'dling the commodities was reduced becausi? of theself service. Accounting chores also jj^era eased, they said. " : .tv,-' 'Qbmniodities,.' 'taken*.' from., priced support and' surplus^ re-! moval' stocks, are 'distributed to eligible' ne^dy families through „-cooperative;. arrange- me&ts. be t -we en;the .department's : 'Agricultural Marketing Service" and • 'state' and" local distributing agencies., . -.. . ' i ^ffice , 196irthe state o'f Wash-' irigtbh has' Been' helping' recip- ientS-'ih'38'countieS by'dtstribut- ing^ the gpyernraent - donated ACTUAL PAYMASTERS The Actual Past"Masters Association of Tipton £ounty area will hold- their annua1~rnjiting at the Masonic Hall, at-AtVarita Ledge No. 703, Saturday," December 19. Dinner will be served at 6:30. ••".; ' -WINDFALL Mrs. . Ted. Barrett.... , .'^An>ong_those from Windfall who attended the Christmas |prpgra,m, "Messiah," presented by., .Kokpmo Civic chorus,- s at Main "Street Methodist church in 1 -Kokomo on Sunday afternoon: were Messers" and Mes- daines Raymond Land, Ted Barrett," Mesdames Donald Martin,. Ronnie Conway and Kenneth Jester. Mrs. Judy (Barrett) Roessler. and. Mrs-. Trudy (Land) Regnier were the' .soprona and 'alto soloists in the. |program. A, capacity crowd attended.". . ' ; a Christmas tradition... GANPIES ASSORTED CHOCOLATES 1 lb: $1.60 3 lbs. $4.50 "2 lbs. c $3.15 5 lbs.. $7.50 ~" THE • -GIFT BOX;; checolates •' . and . ' - , • butter bof» : " 11/2 lbs. $2.40 21/4 lbs, $3.50 LITTLE AMBASSADORS , finest . .miniature ; i .. chocolates^ ' 1 lb. $2.15 2 lbs. $4.25 CARNEY'S DRUG STORE toods/ ; i'n ; 32 : Jelf -service units Jbeated - throughout -'the state, [families ^ pick up' food " items ihe'y; n6e'd, from;-, among"' avail- able'commodjties. As the'recip- * ient enters a ^self-service center, -.his. authorization card' is checked.;.'He then takes a cart, picks - out ;the ; dpnated foods from ^shelves, "and bins, and checks -out with the distribution clerk^. : • ; ' The District of Columbia began the self-service system in July, 1964} using the Washington state system as a model. A.district official said the self- service system "is ..highly successful.' Participation is high and people are pleased. Recipients can maintain their morale and dignity.!'. Mr., and Mrs. Robert GH- shr.w and- family attended a family i supper, Sunday evening at Ihe home of Mr. and Mrs. .Walter Wimmer and family. • Mrs. Richard Ferugson has entered Tipton County hospital for observation and treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Miner of Lafayette" were weekend guests of. their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ned Kemper and Mr. and Mrs.. John • Mack Miner and iamily. MERRY BUILDERS Members of Merry Builders class' of First Baptist church will, meet vpn -OFriday at 7:30 p. nr.,'- at the home of Helen Stoops, 328 South West street. Members are to bring a white elephant gift for the-exchange. MEETING- TONIGHT American Legion Axuiliary mejnbers will, meet tonight for a.pitch-in dinner at 6:30 p. m., at. the Legion" home. A .SI gift exchange will, meal. Member's' are reminded to bring, non-perishable food to fill basket, for.- needy family. . i Send greetings daily with a Christmas gift subscription to THE. TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. ./^LANTA ^Mr. and Mrs; Billjt'Frampton and;- fanfflyT." ofl.Snderson were receftt guests pf\Mr Vi and Mrs. Joe i&ng' aha; daughters. Thanksgiving.., day dinner guests of'Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Redmon and;daughter Sandra were Mrs. Elizabeth Redmon. Messers and Mesdames -Bill Lewis and family, of Atlanta: Ronald Stewart and family, of Elwqod; -Larrx, Knapp and 'daughter, of Arcadia, and Mr. J[phn Fox, of Tipton. Mrs. Fern Long and Mrs. Flo Applegate have r e t u r ned home following a stay in Tipton County hospital. Mrs. Fern Bishop remains about the same she is in Tipton hospital. Eddie Lynn Cline, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Cline is in the hospital. NAMED CHAIRMAN WASHINGTON (UPI) —Mrs. Clifford Davis, wife of the Tennessee • Democratic congressman, has been named chair­ man'of'the Inauguration Hospitality Committee. The . Inaugural Committee said Sunday that Mrs. Davis would supervise the "distinguished ladies reception," the in- augura.l information service and production and distribution of the inaugural guidebook. EXTENDS SERVICE WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Association pf American Railroads' announced Tuesday that •armed services personnel traveling in uniform by rail will be able to buy reduced fare tickets for another year. The reduced rate, which had been scheduled to expire Dec. 31, was extended by all of the nation's railroads, It is estimated that the lower rate for round-trip tickets could save a serviceman as much as 1.9 cents a mile.. MASS ARREST CHICAGO (UPI) — Two 19- year-old youths today faced grand theft charges after they were seized Monday while trying"" to remove a 400 pound safe from Holy Name Cathedral during 6 a.m. Mass. Tipton County Library open Monday-Wednesday- Friday till 8:00 p.m. CMf The World's -Best Entertainment.,1s At The Movies ! ! r " NOW THRU SAT. Matinee Saturday At 2 P.M. A 1 Western in the' grand tradition: Beautiful Technicolor 'seehe'ry,. and a rugged,;realistic, action-packed story I I SUN.&MON. C0 Shi S iV A 1 timely story, dealing with the problems of today's college students. ;. - .-• ASTORY Of THE REVOLUTION IKtaCAMPUS MOflAlS

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