Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1907
Page 3
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(Cotttlnu^a from 'paga one;) ylcts in the, mines yesterdajv" hs said, "out or k lota', number of 1,132 con- vlcU In l!he prUon. We wJU havA practically that; nbmber of toen tn the mines thlrou^out the winter ai^d oth- «.T prison Industries will therefore ran shortbanbedi We aim to get oot about 700 tonft! of coal each ddy arid the state Institutions take all we .mlns. I think tjhe time Is coming wbi >n the irtate InBtitutlons will consuitne so niucb coal that wc will have to uso all cur available convicts in the mlups during the winter In order to supp]}- Ihe fuel needed b." the state. Each Ii-glslaturc adds a new building or so und more fuel is needed to heat It. Wlieii the pi ^lulioma convicts are tat on away Ironi "» as they will be soon, w? will; j;crtaln'y be shorthanilcd In the winter season.. If wo attempt to jopcrate tl >e twine plant, bride-yard, furulture! factory and several "minor nrlson. industries ana at the same time mlrjc coal for the slate lustltu tons." . . Script I." Topckai Topeka, Nov. ir>. —Clearing House C;>rti!lcales us medium of excljango iiiaUe thoir appearance In Topelta to <iay. an Issue of J.'iO.OOO being 'turn»d loose by the local clearing liouso iisKoclatiob this morning. ISaoii .bank issuing the certificates has deposited socuritias witli the clearing house as- isociation to protect holders of the' cpr- lificatea. The public has been aisur- (•<! "that those iloposUs make tho cer- tideates "as good as gold' nnd merchants ara accepting tboni wiciiput ciuestion. The Issuance of clej^rlng licuse certlBcates here was niadc.nefc < .<sarj- by the Sailta Fe's semimonthly pay day. The Santa Fe's Topeka Iiay roll amounts tq mora tlmu J20,- 000. The Santa Fe has been aotiept- 1 :ig checks at all stations in payriient freight bills and for t'ckets and is i-ierpfore without cash with which lo ray Its employees. Tho issue of "cor- liflcates will probably in tlio -end r .>ach $100,000. Hoch May Not Inspect Traekt. Topek.a. Nov. 15.—Governor Hoch jwill probal)Iy d «Tlinc tlip invitation i-,f .T. E. Shei)parii. of Ft. Scott, sficre- ary of tlie National Union of Kail- ay Trackmon, to make an invpection iripover the line.s of tlie JHssoinl Pa- i:flc failroad In Kansas, aithough h? |l>a;s not yot replied to Mr. Shoppard's Mti-r invliing hlni; He stated this ufter-noon that he Inlond.s to furjher lisouss the matter with the meni-jers Ji' the Stat.' Btwrd C'f Railroad Com- I ilss 'onevs before even replylnj:' to 1 1 :e invitation, .\skoa by newBpt\M>r i ^proseutailvos what he Intends tf, do !•» rapllinj: "This Is not good woaiht *r ,ior track walking. Is it?" It Is known P >}TC that the Goxcrnnr. nftor sl:iJht iconforoncie with thv* Railroad Hjjrd. ifS Inclined; to believe that the yis- jstMirl Paoiflc Is making an honoj ^tef- jTort to fix Its (racks but that it. Is belnv: hampiTod botli by shortage of lu '.att'rial ami the financial disturb- jant-e. In view of this belief it -is not thought probab'e that he will atteriipt |lo take the matter out of the bauds jof the •. Railroad Commisslouera '.as Jwas suggested by Mr.' Sheppard. Chtrtfi' for Boarrt of Trade. Topelia, Nov. 15.—Robort Morrls.'of ansas City. Kans.. was In Topsiia fsterday afternoon to make applK-a- 'on for a charter for a new Bband -of iTrade on the Kansas side of the ifpe Ms of GlNldreii bsstioa Mitt in toon f- '>ired by voms. of the biK p ^ski ^g omnJiNknlpi: In^itf cr the t&ct fli «t It was impot^le to Imve the dtjurter acted apoa yesterday he did dot file Iti ilr. Btorrls'ex­ plained that the purtxwe of the new corporation was 'to afford the packers .1 ni ^s of storing thelt* products and h^N|ig wai^'ioiise'^ Issued a (^at tlieml H 'tjiese Ma.n house cert :ficate8 luinld tUen b^ ppt up ai collateral behind loans untU financial matteiB are again n'ortnal. He also stated that some of th^ packers are jiow doing this wltl; the Kansak City. Missouri, Board of Trade. It Is prob- aii'c that Mr. Morrm will return to Tcpeha and present tne application when ail the members of the Charter Board can bo here To pass upon It. River Waters'. Impure. Topeka, Nov. 16.— statement that Kansas streams are •greatly poluted by sewage and thereby contribute'to the spread of disease wns a feature of the annual report of Dr. S. J. Crum bine, 8ecretar>- oif tho State Board of ll <<altli. at the quarterly meeting of the Board here yesterda>-. Dr. Crum hue gave the results of tests made In tho Kausas river between Topska nuil l^wreiicn. Ho says that tho riv water Is not pure when the vtream reaches Top<>ka and that it doua not purify greatly between here and Law ronce where It Is again polluted by the sewage dl8chaFge (rfh>m tha sow ers of that city. H^says that the river h entirely unfit for a water sup ply witliout filteratlon and that other streams In the state are no l>ettar. ri'commendiug that the board adopt hgiratlons prohibiting the pollution of streams by sowace where tlie .'iti-eams are nsod for vvater supply. TIip Board yoslerday antliorlzed Dr. Cinnjbine to make b.icterologlcal tests of swabbingii taken, from drinking cups In trains, schools and o|her public placi 's. It is thought by ineni l)crs lof tlip Board that tluse tists will show tiiat dtsoa.--c Is often spread tlirongh the carele .ss use of public drinking cups. The' annual confcr- onco of county h.\-»Uh ofllcors with the State Board of Health is In iirogrcj^s lure today. State Republican Committee to Meet. Topeka. Nov. l."..—vT. T. Moore, the clinirnian of the Ki'publican state ciMi- Ira! • roniniitii-e. vlated liero ycster- li.ny aftprncon tliat a meeting of the coniiallloo will probably be held in Ti.pfka b,-fore ilif f\r^i of llie ii«'w >ear. lie stated that no call for thi' nu'oi'nv will bf issued until after tl;o«#dJpurnment of the national com iiiittoo In Washington December 7; thalrnian Moora saxs that he has had r.tilo correspondence with the meiu- bi r- of the committee rei;urdinK the nioi ting and that there Is no demand fii an en-ly m .H 'tlnp. ViXW'v here finilriiiaii .Moore called at 'Siiuaio Ileal" headquarters to lallc with \V. r. Stnbbs. but found Stubbs to be out • 1 just wanted to learn what he thinks should be done," said the chair limn. (•iiainnuii -Moore does not think the U.publltan conuulttae will call a dir el primary for the nomination of a state ticket next year, anil Is also inclined to be opposed to the plan for a special session of the legislature. Regarding a special sssslou he said: 'The question of a special session li one which Cnjvernor Hoch must d-c!de, and he undoubtedly will not ciiU one unless bo has very weighty and urgent rjasoiis for doinc; so. It vo\i\<} in \olvL' a large oxpeuditiire of pulJlic fuuLb and reasons which th? Governor considered vital would un dcubtediy exist before he caused the atata to incur this expense. The question of a primar> e'cction would not, in my Judgement, be considered sufficient The convention sys tem has been in use for nearly fifty years, and whila It Is not perfect. It has resulted in the selection of oBl''- lals and adminisstratlons that wll' I compare favorably with those of other , Mothers and all others who have chth .rea aboQt the house caaoot do their amflies a, better senrice than to leaiii >f iimpie and reliable remedies that cdticJct •hfldreaKadinents.; Maajr grown peo-, lie are suffering today for the ignotuce i *l °f^ftBtice of those who had chaige • >» their bringing up. , • states. Tlie present of&clals have, I prone to coastipadob. b»-ll,?ve. be.=>n satisfactory, and thosa ^Sl ^Ke ^bTofio ';'^^r ^te'--ng a firs, term would be renon- nally and ' soon chrorn: consttttaHua lua^ed In either event. ^ntiaaally aad as « c jsegueaceiadi*!''"^^^'""- "^^^ railrcad board has af ter carefu'. consideration formulated ^"Stef^lSlsi^l' ^SfSn-m^^ schedule which it evidently bellaves |^*i^^«Ko«*UKer^too Bocli to be fair and whlehft can enforce. oiHar wtth tke child's vivtui Thfv have had .-implc Urn? to study Mrs. ^c.tKaiieteBdcdtocaretbat rmrr treable. end pompare the rates with those of ^ C^^Ts ^ftSrit^'^ other states and go Into details.-They ^.iMiS'^!5£".&£»&"figfi h«'<: senatorial or representatlv. -H^SSi?*^-"*''!^*'^**^*'*^" d'tsrlct's special Iniarests to repre iiMi wbew»iomacbUfaisood«oikJwonMis^">'- '^l>^y bavc \K!en fr«>e to con '^^Sr^iiltS^StftSSSiL'^^'^^' 'he Interest of the sUte as a i*wSiSfrt«gW^MSM£fffi2MSi*^'"'*" ^""^ varied shipping Inter " ~ "^"^ JMs. The Board of Railroad Com ir.lssioners was created to attend If such measures when the legls'ature k rot In session and it has all the power necessary to enforce a Judicial daterminatlon of the fairness of rater and I do not tteUere the peop'e of Kansas want anything from the rail roads that is not Jast and fa'r. but. tiiey do want that mncti. When tht Board can not attend to these mat j ten wlthoot la special Msaimi of ibt l^Istors. tlie necesalty for its exlst- ejaee ceases. or Itire. What style Overcoat you will wear this season make your selection NOW while our style and fabric range is at its best. Copyright 1907 by H»rt Schiffhrr Mux Why should you purchaseVour Overcoat here? Because we offer you The Best Styles. The Best Fabrics, Th^ Bbst Tailoring, The Best Finish, The Best Fit that can be had in ready-to-wear Overcoats at $18, $W.80, $18, $20/$22 ,Bd, 9ndupio $38M0 -Strong values in Hart, Sohaffaer & Marx and Stein- Bloch Suits, at $18, $20 and $28. Lar^c lice Boy's and Cliildien's Overcoats $2.50 to $6.50. Mucsing Union S6il .s for Boys, 4 lo 14 yrs. 50c a Suit*. Mnusing and Vassar Union Suits fcr Men, $1.50 to $5.09. Sleeking Caps for Boys at 25cand50c TKICKETT TEI.L.S rtlE.H HOIV. (•"lu's Chlcaito Preachers POIUUTS un Closing Saloons on Sonday. Clllcngo. .Nov. l .'i.— l-'ive liuiidred CIii .aKO niinisti ^rs and church workers listened yesterday t" a snggestlim that the authi>rlltea be asked to show cause wliy they should not be removed from office fur refusing to close the ^aloons of the city on Sunday. Tlie suK.eestlon was made liy ("has. W. Trickett. assistant attorney general of Kansas, the i>rinclpal speaker at a meeting held at Handel hall by ho Chicago Law and Order league. When the mayor of Chicago says lie will not enforce the laws of Illinois he la guilty of trca .son and imlll- ticaflon:** said the speaker. .".Xnd if he majority of the people of Chicago are with him on Ihl.o. then the city of Chicago is In opeu rebellion against tlie sovereign stale of Illinois. Out where 1 live tln-re was a mayor who said the .sahwus In his town should not beclosod on Sunday. One mornlug he woke iiji to lind hini.self facing the iiroposiiion of sliowing cause why he should not be pro .-e .-ii- ed and removed for nialfeasanre in nice. He closed tho saloons." "You come here and we'll do it that way!" shouted Uie Rev. \V. A. llart- att from his seat on the stage. .\ftcr the meeting Individual mein- l>erp of the audleuce -weren't sure thejr enthusiasm for Kansas meiliods hadn't run away with them. Fine! Fine! It was a glorious w\ drees," said one minister. "Indici the authorities 7 .Mm—why. reall.v. you- er—talk to some one else, wont .\ou7 You know. 1. can't say anything about hat!" Tlicre wasn't any doubt about the igor of Mr. Tricketl's address. Are we to understand," he said, that you have officials in this city nd slate who have taken the oath of ofVice with a lie on their lips? It yo" nve wnch officials they are guilty of lalfeasaiiee 111 office. •Piil the ofllelaU^ie not the onlv' uea. Here in Chicago there are laws igalust leasing property for certain I ' i-uriKJses. and yet some of our foremost citizens—some of our foremost churcbmeu—arc breaking these laws!" "YesI'Yest Shame!" broke from he audience. Other siieakers at the meeting wore il'u Uev. V. J. O 'Callaghan, pastor of ft. .Marys (!atliollc church: the Rev. .las. IC. Siilclds, president of Ihe Illinois .Viitl-Salooii league, and Dr. Bari- I Irli president of the Chicago Sunday '•'lo.-inj; league. •\t liie close of tlie meeiin« a leso- ]liUi 'cjti offered by the Kev. .Melbourne ; I', 'toyiitou. urging the raising of |18,- loiM) fi,i- the flrst year's work in the 'a !iii -.->al<)on flphi. was ado|»ted. i \ delegation headed by Arthur Bur ' raui' Furwcll called on Slate's .\ttor- hu v Healy in the iirternoon and asked hi^ e«j-opei-atlon in prosecuting vioia- to,>. of I he .Sunday law. inforunMl the delegation," Mr. ii: a > said, "tiiat I %yould begin |iro- <i vtiings ill the luunlcipal court jiij-'uinst any violators of laws, but i '•.•oi'ld not at Ihe present time lumber II • docket of the crimlual court will- eases against saloonkeepers. No nil I! I Ion was made of procedlngs a^alll^l tlie city administration." .IppendlrHLH I .-i -due ill a largd measure to abuse of 111." bowels, by em|>loying drastic pur- Kailves. To avoid all danger, use only Dr. King's New Life Tills, the safe gentle cleansers ami Invlgorators. I'liiarnteed for headache, biliousness, malaria and juuudlee. at all drug stores. '.Tic. WOULDN'T SUPPORT WIFE. r. M. G. A. SPORTS Girnrd Barber Arrested But the Jury Wodtdnt Convict, Oirard, .N'ov. J.-,.—The casJ of the .State \-s. J. M. Willoughby, a barber for non-support of his family, was trfd before Justice \V. B. Crawford a Jury of six being impauelled. The Jury disagreed, standing four for coii- viciiou and two for acquittal. Tomorrow was fixed as the tiuK for a second trial. \ brother of Mr. Willoughby arrived froiii Coffeyville and satlsfaetor* arrangtmeuls wefe iiiade with Mrs Willoughhy yesterday for the support of the family. The ease was then dis- in ssed at her request upon the payment of costs, $31, by Mr. Wil'oughby. Kegbter Want Ads., Ic a Word. WA. A. M. HAaERklANN ALL WOMEN SUFFER from the samepbyskaldistarfeAneea, and the nature of their dnties, in many cases, qtiickly drift them into tlie horrora of all Kinds of female eomplainta, ocgaaie tronblea. uloenh- tioa.falliBY a^d^dusplaoemeats, or perhaps irreffularity or anppreasioa causing backache, nerronsneaa, irritability, and sleeplessness. Women eieiywhere should rs- naember that Uie medicine th»t holds the record for the largest nnmber of actual enres of fenala ills is ill III III • Lydia E Piiddiatii's Vegetable C Bade from simple native roots and herbs. For mora than thirty jeara it ha* been helping women to be strong, r^latinff the fonetiona per- netly and OTeroomin; pain. It has alsaprored Haelf inralnable in pre^ paring for ebUd birth and the Chsnge otUfe. _.Mrs. A- H. Htirermann, ot Bay Shore. L. L, writes:—Dear Mrs. nhUiam:—"I solfered from a dimilaoeaient, excessive and. painfnl fnneUocs bo that I had to lie down or sit atiU mart of the time. I^dia B, Pinkhain's Vegetable Coroponnd has made ne • well woman so tJiAt I am able tO: attend to mv dnties. I wish every svfferinf woman wawld try Lydia % Pinlcham's Vegetable Gompooul Md aes what relief itjriUglvethem.'^ ^ MM . Pinkham'f Standing invitatioo to Women WI^MB snAerioff from any form of female lUaaas are inrited towrlt* . jnalkbam. at Lynn, Mass. for sdriee She Is the Mra. Pinkhaas who beck; advislnp sick wpmen tree of ehargs fbr more than twenty and before that she aadsied her nwtber-la-Uw Lvdi* B. Pink- Un^^£'tb'b«ri^" eke is espedally well qtuUSad to raid* >otc.<i .ilMut (•anies and i-Iients at L««il .VssociatloB Booms It is an assured fact tiial a good -'.x hi bit ion of basket ball will bo seen It the Y. .M .C. A. rooms TlRiiik.'-glv- ing nisiit. The lola high school Is planning 011 geUiii^ a uaine with the 'haunte lii^li school team Tor iliat light and if llie gtiuie is iiiatclied It nil be iilajr-d at the Y. .M. C. \. rooms lu isise llie Chunule game Is not nialelu'd. the i'arker. Kansas, team .las asked for a gauie'ou that dale On next Thursday night au exlii- dlioii liy llie gym classes will be giv- '11 iiniead of Ihe regular educaiional let Hire. The next Thursday night will be Thanksgiving night and therefore ihere will be n olecture at that time. sou countljs; Sanjuel J. Stewart, of flumboldt. The first day's ly.ceting wijl be held at Topeka and papers wiTI be read by .Mrs. .Niargaret Hill .McCarter; of Topeka and D. E. Ballard of Woshlng- ton. Governor Hoch will speak* at t.^ai f asked her hand, ."he said to me. Thinrk you tliat I y<yir wife would be. Your' health Is gane. your system w rong. Uo drink some Jlollister's Uotky •Monnialn Tea. ' Durrcll's rug islore. IMA.HO Ml. Wliai ii.-oiiilfes lo I'e one of the :no .-i evenly niai:-lied basket ball teams that could be found any place in the couuliy are to meet tonight at Mie Y .M. C. A. court. The two teams are numbers one and three of the Y. \1. C. .\. ve teams. Both loams have !)e«'ii ttorkiiig hard for weeks and both ire going In for the piir|«it-e of wiu- Tiiiig till- elianiiiloiisliiii Irophy. The team winning toiii ^rlit will be c .i 'itled to the honor of being the cliamplon ;eani of the Y. .M. C. A. The lineup of tlie two lealii.-^ for imiighl is as follows: KIr.-fi team—ICd Hejlmuii. .Mart Hershkowltz. Alfred .Nelson. Floyd Wheeler, Warren .\lluu. captain. Second team—Herii O.-'borne. Walter Osborne. Fraitk IVre.-;. l.'>o Mnr- n<y. and <J;iidiiei-. CiUitaiii. The iiieeliiig to select a captain for the lli-st Y. .M .C. A. basket ball team win be held some tlnic next week. The rsr teajii will probably be jdcked in a short time after the e'ection of iho rapt.Tin. Tliere are several iday- ers who are mentioned for the place of leader Warren .\llen. oai)lain of team number one: Frank Gardner and Harold Fulton are the other men mentioned. It is thought that these three men will also securi^ places on the tlrsi leam this year 4nd Rankin and Robert.s. !bc other tw-o members of last year's team, may also get a bectV althoiiL'li I hey have mtt turned cjut fci practice tills year. PLANNED UNIQUE REUNION. Capt. Stewa.t to Meet Surviving Men' bers of 1857 Legislature. Tojieka. Nov. 1.1—The prjgrani of the thlrty-secand annual meeting of the Kansas State Historical sccleiy now completed, provides for a unique rouoion of th^ six surviving members of the first free stale territorial leg- 'sliiture of IS.'.T. The surviving meiiii>ers. who liavi ail signified that thy will me. t li Lawrence J>ecember 7 and hold a leg islative session, arc: H. O. Learji- ard. member of the counci'. Lawrence: H. Giles Moore. Leavenworth, and R. G. Elliott. Lawrence, reprascn- tatlre of L«aTenwortn county: Governor B. X. Morrill. Hiawatha, repre sentative of Brown and Nciaaha couu- Ues; Dr. A. T. Stiil. KtrksTitle. Mo.. ro|.rrp<>iitailve of Pnnglap nml .Tnhn- Chas. Jackson VK visiting wih friends at Chattanooga. Okla. E. E. Gates and wife, of I^llarpo were the guests of -Mr. and Mra. J. N. VIckers Sunday. M-. and Mrs. S. L'. Sp.Iinian spent a few liays the last of the week visiting relatives In .Missouri. The illustrated sermon for the children given Sunday afternoon by Rev. .McFroud was very interesting te the old as w-ell as young. }>\r. a:!d .Mrs. Dicii, who have spent th? siiihmer at Dickens Brothers have returned to their hOnie in Iowa, and .Mrs. Belie Smith. ;tlieir sister, will ki.-ep lionse for tbelii in the future. Tlie Spragiie Brothers and their Ii:miiies want to Gaa City Sunday where they met at the home of ;thelr sister. Mrs. E. O. Banta for the pur- IHise of having 0 surprise birthday parly for their mother. Mrs. G. L. Smith. The surprise was cotnpkte. ar elegant dinner wa's served. Mrs. .'?mith reeeived a fi>»c sec of furs, as a gift from her sot»». The occasios ':• ono .long to be renumbered by ail those present. Mrs. .1. .lackson gave a quilting warty last Friday, which was attended by about 20 ladies. Tx^o quilts were 'n the frames and the ladies worked dlligonily to get \hf^,i Loue. and left them nearly c<ini)il»t»-d. .Vn slaborate '' nner w -as servoj which was one of •Jie ii:<>s; onjoyaliie; features of XXM •lay. Kverybo-ly had a tine time long o be r^mem'bered. irtistic Jewelry Naveltifsl EvtrytLing in appropriate jewelr}' dcbigns. Just the sttlt- that 3'oa may htvc Q mibd is now represented in jor display. a A. LEFFLER,

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