Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 15, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1907
Page 2
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2 fO lOEA PAlLt BECBWBB. FMBAT BYMDIg. yOTEMBEK IS. 1-7; L. I. iroi1knip ,:PmldeBt D. P.HO] |fecoai 'TlM .1 ^:(«t' ijfiiitorj Itr tit DiHrtStpttt Stall ffluiai AOM Ciiitj Ai. Ifc BBinpiAITCQIi CtsfclfT. MSLTnr ramnc, Asit. Cukicr. BstaUislied 1869. Meit lak irinub. r Assets $1,200,000 One Week Commencing Monday 60d»ARD CORNETS The ladies of lola will welcome with pleasure (he announcement that Mi $5 Balfour, Corsetlere, of the Gossard Corset Co., of Chica«;o, will take charge of. a demonstration and spetial fitting of the celebrated "Front Laced Corset" for one week, beginning Monday. To much cannot be said in favor of these most excellent cnations, designed for style ulrj fashionable and comfort in the true significance of the word. The woman who docs not know the Gossard Corset misses the at- lainmenls of modern corsetry in its every detail. We wish that every lady in lola Wv )uld consider this a p^csonal invitaion to visit our corset section on the main floor, next week and become acquainted with the many admirable features of the Gossard Corset—the Front Laced Corset. A few minutes' spent in this section will amply repay you for no other reason than to see what a revolution has taken place in the making of corsets. Remember this special demonstration and fitting of the Gossard Corset will be under the personal supervision of Miss Balfour, of Chicago. NEW YORK &TORC It isn*t the clothes that will get you the opportunity- -/>V //ie man. Still good clothes go a long ways in the helping. There are no better clothes for snap, style and fit than Made hy Leopold, Solomon it F.aendratn, Chicago. preMive dealer in mosr'every city. ^^ouMI find £} yX II well wonh your while «o look him up. .-''V ^Vvv^ C/C^bf^i^^ PROFESSIONALDIRECTORY AUorney-at-Lan. Noury and Stenographer la Office. Photie 4G6. • • H.A.EwJng, S. A. Card, a.R.aard • • * KVfJNG, tJABD A BkUD, * • • Lawyera. • • • Practice In all Oooftfc *» • I • W. Madison. PbdM Ml • K Gossip of Society .\Ii-s. C. K. Kiliierton. L'L'.'! S 'oiilh Co;- iH .rii. TliH i-(ioii)s wiTc huiiiillfiill:. (ii coriilcil iu pulnis niiil potlcil fiTiis itiliTSiK -rsi 'il with huge IxiniU'ts of xdlow aiiil «liit" rhiysiiiithiMiiiiiii.x. fli." and .Mrs. E. \V. My't-r gave :i n vl.'W or "A F'alilc for Critics." hv lliat jHti't. Mrs. .Myler"s synopsis was iiKisi coiiipr.-lionsivp niid was tin r- oiiKhly enjoyed l)y tlie eliili. Mrs. I.. DB. HcMILLBX, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Dlseav- es and Dlseasea of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office In Mrs. Turner's BIdg., West Madison. .!. Phone 654. Ida. Kana. DR. EDITH 8. HAIGH. Office and Residence over Barrein's Drug Store. Office Houra—10 to 12 a. m., t to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 eTeniDga. Sundays by Appointment Aliss Margaret Tholpii at V lights of Columbus lia'l rlldt last evpninp. * •> •> Mrs. C. H. Whcaton is siu-mlii.;; .i 1« W days in Kansas City. \ • + + * i.Mrs. .1 S Uoulson Is h<)ni.> liniu a vif't.l in ' Pennsylvania and tlie eas:. + + • Mr. anil Mrs. U. S. .\sp)n;t'l ar.' entertaining Mr. and .Mrs. K. .Ai^iii; all and (iailKlH''f-- »<" Selnia. I '.ilifor ni;i. + * + ^liss Fonlella Trimble wbo is .Miss (lira Foiisi's gnest, was entertained wiih a line party at tlie flraiul last t-vi>nin.c. + * + AI:s. C. \V. Tho'.npsoii. 71'1 South Mr »;'t, was at home to a «i<iii|i of ladies yesterday afternoon. . IIK' OC ea.'ilon being a meeting of the Violet eliii). A violet luncheon was a f.a turie of the affair. The guests w.r> Dave Sarver, Mrs. F. A. W'a-A- Mrs. Hutchinson. Mrs. Clyde Hi! randt. Mrs. Robert Morri.son, Mrs. H. Hecox. Mn. Chas. .McCuiv. Mr?. S. E. Vatighn. Mrs. Feli.v Casey Win Woodruff, and Miss HM rs. S. R. Vauel.n -will be ih.- hostess in two wpeks. •I* The Woman's Relief ('<ii|)s .s in sfssioii in 0. A. R. hal tliis ;iftT noon. A ^. Miss Lucile RItchey and Master Har«ld niichey will entertain a party of schoolmates this evenins- + • • . .-\ lielightfnl reception was ;:iven last ?venlng to members of fh«' Sun- ily.<j school of riassett chape! and fi lends of the iustitin:on. The yoiini; people were entertained by .Mrs. K. N .Tones. Mr and Mrs. Davis and; assi«;iaiit teachers of the Sunday -eh<jol The evening was iil.>asantly tided i;ie iiieihbers on missionary work and at HiKii ^jersonal church serv:.-e. .At the ch .S", her r.'marks the diniiic room was O! j The stair case wa ?i us "d to display jW. .Maylierry and .Miss .\delaide l.y- ; palms and ferns atid a liaiik of jireen-jons favored the miests with si -veral ' ery decorated the tliping room. .\t ! piano numbers and nt the c-lose of | • 'iiclire. the game <if the afternoon, j the afiiprnoon Mrs. L. .M. Stiidilardj* I). W. Reid won fir.-;t prize, a ; and .MJ-S. Lyons s.-rved Ices. <-akes ami I thrown open and the gues;s were <,.rv l'"'"'''<' li'd'in'. "nd .Mrs Ceorgej other dainties to thr guests. Mr neil ^ dr4: A. fricjk. Mr v:<. with refrishiiients. The tables \yi>r.e in churj;e of .Miss .lertnide .\l. s sinp^T of Moran, Miss Hess WharUui. .Mnyt.'T Wflrren HaIgh and .Vorval Hil- dfliTundt. The decoratlon.s were cliry- •sauJheinums and the room was lighten! by candles. Dr. Ha'gh's guests weie .Mrs. .M. .M. \\~li;ainson. •Rlam. .Mrs. Chas. Cole. .Mrs. II. .\. Richardson, Rev. .and Mrs. 1< tt. -Mrs. fieorgp Peck. -Mrs. 1). W Uof'twick. .Mrs. Hlldebrandl. .Mr;-. .\!c Clariian, Miss Flrazee. Mrs. Marble Mrs Prank (Barrett. Miss .Messineer .Mrs. Coffey and .Mrs. .los. Hiirlock. Look at Our Libbcy Cut Cilass, Rouk- wood Pottery and H .aiwi Painted China. bewail, Jeweler and Optic ar^ 104 North Washington. .Messrs Roam Coffey, .Martin atul .li.o. 1' Cillessen attended a ball at jluniboldt last night. The Knights of Coliiniluis Were hosts, this ball being the -.hlrd annual event of the order. / .;. .J. .Mrs. .M. "Holmes of Peor.a. 111., ha.s tieturiied hniiie after a visit wit!i Dr. flalpli. ' The United Urethern .-\id s.H-ii'ty ticld the regii'ar afternoon meeting in the church parlors yesterda; . •J. Mrs. H. H. .Imies. assistid by Mrs. Maniiers and .Mrs. Korschler «'nter liiiiied a Br>>n |i of huli.^s from the .'i'ethodisi chnrdi yesterday afti-r- yooii There were several papers anil I r- adi'.i.s:-!, the.-.e number-! being eon tiibu'ed by Mrs. Morrell. Mrs Mati- B. n . Ml-;. I.owi' •rnitik nn.l .Mrs. of*l* East b.!a, i ^^""'^ Nineteen la were 'vi'i hav.^ an exolianse sale of s.ilails j I'" * i !es«-lns and pastries a: ^5cllell and >5rrjall.''s store tomorrow. ti i pani|- (I with sniusemenis andyhe I'oni was seated at beautifiillv decorated; tables for refn slniK'tits .-Jeventv tive w-'ie ill attendance. Tlie lad es The C. W + + * B. -M of ilie c:.ri5.tian -Mr .fnil Mrs ,\danis are ho.nie from ;• viVit w:th Mrs. Sager. of IV-.x.y r T. churjch was vrettily entenainrd ye-= tfriiiy afternoon by Dr. Edith Haieh ' jio ir^eel Mrs. Mints Holires of Peoria.'" One 01 the latest plans for the b-n- 'Jit of inmates of the Orphans' Home Hoch tiie second, a cnndlestick. Th luncheon was served at tables set fni four, the menu belug carrieil oiii ill yellow and white. .Mrs. .\. P. Harris. ,.Miss Mary Hil'.es, .Miss lleiilali i .McCanc.^ and Miss Louise Heylmiin served. The occasion was one of the \lrj; I most successful of the season, the enjoyment of the guests being duej K II I-';. I '"'R'''>' Kracions hospitality of; the hostesses who enfertaineii iliej ollowlng guests: Mrs. .1. C. Mittle-I >.ich. .Mrs. C. R. .Siicher. Mrs. .lol 11 Foust. Mrs. B. F. Robinson. .Mrs.; i.eigh Hunt. Mrs. A. H. Brown. Mrs.' OscrtT Curtis. Mrs. Mont Palmer. .Mrs ; Stii.ler. Mrs. W. R. Heylmiiii. .Mrs.| II. -Martin. Mrs. S. R. Buirell.j .Mrs. tilenn Finney. .Mrs. A. I'. Hai-. ris. .Mrs. l>etraus. .Mrs. W. F. D-wi-y i Mr.s. F. C. .McClain, .Mrs. ( Fagiie. .Mrs. C. C. Aushermaii. .\lis • il.'orge Bowlus. -Mrs. W. L. Crabli.^. .Mrs. H. V. Dresbacli, Mrs. (Iscar Foust, Mrs. S. A. Coffman. Mrs .1 II. Canipbe!!, .Mrs. D. W. Held. .Mis. .1. '.'. Wo;jd. Cieorge Hoch. .Mrs. K. S. Bealtie. .Mrs. C. H. Shield.-;. .Mrs U. Shields, .Mrs. P. S. Mitchel;. .Mrs. \V. T. Watson. .Mrs. .(. W. Uol ! ton. .Mrs. t)- O. Slone..Mrs. • H-. Ho • bjir:. .Mr.s. <•. B. Spencer, .Mrs. F. K. Smith. Mr.s. F. Riddle. Mrs. F. Ben- iiette Smith. ^Irs. Piirl Chastaiii. .Mr--. W. C. Teats. Mrs. 11. H. Funk. Mrs C. K. .N-'wton. Mrs. E. C. Cham p;on. .Mrs. C. H. Apt. Mrs. C. Cul bortijon. Mrs. O. U. Bushfield, Mrs S<'hwartz, .Mis. Col. Lanyon, Mrs. M Sclioeiibnm. .Mrs. T. S. Stover. Mi:F. .1. Horton. .Mrs. neorge Fry. .Mrs l';.iil Klein. .MJ.S. D. P. Nortliruji. Mrs, F. A .Northrup. Mrs. I.. U North- tup. .Miss Belle Horwltz. .Miss Ho salia Charles. Miss C'ara Foii";t and M*ss Trimble »f Kansas Cit.\ •:• •:• TI.e S..iM>i> cliil«'s <:t iu: nioiitbly Af terno-.'ii me>'tiu,e was neid at the ho.n • of .M:s. W. K. I.v«>us s.-.i .North stre«-t yeNtef.iuy The pn.)Krani w,as cnusually instriicivp ajid admitted of •1 Ki-eat deal of interesting commenf diirlni; the so<Mal hour. The roll call vhich preced;»il the papers was aus nor-ii by quotatiiHis from i>oets. .Mrs. C. V. Denilis read a p;<per on "Low- There was a brief biisine.<«s s.-ssiori which was iinevi'ntfiil. ami was tor the puriHise nf reviewing geni'ral dub plans. * + • .Mr ami .Mrs. A. Halllelt ent- rt:i:u ed a f'-w friends Inriiriiial'y at cards l:;st evening. Phone 687. -Res. 701. .DR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Pitted. Office A. O. U. W. aidis. Office Phone 1083. DR. R. 0. CHRISTIAN. FkyilebiB and SnrgeoB. Rooms 7 and 8. E^ranB BIdg. r. U. MARTDT, Practice Limited to Surgafy. 16 N. Buckeye. Pbone 671. DR. W. S. HEfLMUI. PhysielaL A SargNi. Office.N. B. Corner of Sqiure. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Store. Rea. Tel 38. Office Tel. 60S. Roa. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DR. J. R. PEPPER. Dentist •' Is permanently located over E. C. McClaln'a Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds of up-io-daie dental work. ^-1^ P. L. Latbrop. Mrs. Besrio O. Lattarop. USTEOPATiUO FHXSlClAMa. Special attention glTen to Dto- eaaea of Women and Chfldraa. Over Bast Side Hardware. Office 'Phone, Main 468. • Evening work hy appointment. *; • ' THAY ARK FRHSH. lar brand at CRABB'S. A choicL* aissortment of this.popu- When you buy lyOwney's Chocolates heie, our personal plrd^e of their Jreshness goes with them. Get your next oandy at Crabb's and see how well It pleases yon. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. W. K. Palton ill -Tht' Slon P«ke.~ 111.. Who . , , , o,^lgina;ed tvHh inenilier.s of the Bai>was a j;iie«r of th.^ hosi.>ss. / ., ' .• ... V, . , , list Aid socety and resulted in a meet Mrs.I Holmes is vice prcsdent of the . ^ ^ , , o. . ' !!• r. ^. r - . "'^ *he home yesterday There sfato ( . W . B .M of Illinois and so i • , • " wfTf: several parmpnts completed for V. as C. W. B asked to .M of Illinois and so alk to tl;«> assembled HoyThBreJ "Where are you going?" "Ooingi aft*r a sack of U» $m PmUmt Flonr.r Mv wife wbn 't ^lrtjanythi^g^(48e.•• #£h^a». mm I ti;e little iieop 'e. Those who attend- e,; were Mrs. S. A. Oard, .Mrs Ida ;B^ckey. Mrs. Crlgler. Mrs. .1. M. Mnn , d<)n,;_Mrs. Farmer. .Mrs. Price. Mrs. ! C, Doxse,^. Mrs. Randall. Mrs. ' W'in. Major. Mrs. Oscar Cowan, Mrs. \Vlllam8 and .Mrs. G. W Apple. \ ;>•••• H^rhart Allen of L«Hnnt will spend the ;Week end with his parents, Mr. and* Mrs. G. W. Allen. i . The roost elaborate and pieaaant ; <^r^ party o^- the week wla glrm }f9««erd«]r tftenioon at the borne «( Beautiful Hand Painted China! -A good assortment of handsome plates and single pieces. The decorations are exclusive and beautifully executed A most accejitahle present for the ladles. McNElL BROTHERS. 'l"h <-ii- is soniethii'.i: at,otit Mr I'ai- liin's :'er>oii;i!l!.\ that as.-erts i.'selt' III ever.. he is seen \x\ S<inieh (>w ne seem.- lo c;ii r\ an atnio. , re around uilli liim t'lai freshens the ibeaire and ibe audience liK>- a dr.aighe of piiie -ir from the h'llside.^ ^ where daisie>; gf 'iw .\iid the j^rt i.f t!.e big-hi ir:ed wa-^' Kariv Ware, ilie "Slow Foke." M) (['.laii.t. pi .-liireMnie. afroril> the iiril'.tatit yoiinn acJor unlimited opportuiiitie- It's a charm striiii);er than his talents It's a ni.\.-(terious elusive Iragrame that one does not often find In the ibeaier or in ibe world. Us all the] wonderfu! ma^ir- of that W. B. Paton's per.sunalln. ' It is the force which reaches over t^he' fooilighiK and: spreads out anion.:; us and makes i:s j better. The world seems a i-retty decent place to live in then, and we want to forgive our enemies and j ourselveti by doing something real j good. The |iari of Harry Ware, the, "Slow Poke" has been" the cronuing effort of Mr. Paitons career, and hl^ appearance lb this cir>- under such faTorable auspices bespeaks for him a hearty welcome. The eiigaceihent here la ajk{toantced ^1^^ tamorrav .niKht wftb a miti^eei Bthe'attw^iu^ The SANTA KE will sell HUXESEEKER^' ticket* Ner. IWh, Dee.34 and ITtk, 1 M ; to pointti IB Texas ,4>kUiMM and Indlaa TcrrttMy, New Mrxiro and Ai^nnas at Tery low rates. • ^ WINTER TOIKIST tlrketx on <tale dallj NOT . litb, IM? to April Mlb. IMS, with final retorn Ihnit Jane l^t. 1908, to Bf^nniont, El Pa* !.o, PL Worth. (iaiTPotoB, Texan..( arUlad and UemiteK^ N. M. «t Uw rale*. riMisr sec nt for further parlrulars. W. £, RALSTON, Agpnt J

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