Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1908
Page 5
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A Uaoy Place. About (be busiest jilacc lu ihe cliy Is Kress' 5 and 10c store, where Mr. J. J. Xewberry. a member of the New Tork Staff of this live concern, .nnd >fr. J. W. Wesley, from, the Macon, Ga., Kress Store, who will be luaaagcr of the Independence store, have l«en working all of this week with a large number of niou, upening tlie stock of merchandise and iireparatory fur Ihe opening, which will occur next Sat- urda.v. Sov. I'l.—Independenc*^ ile- portcr. -Drf. Latkrep. Oiteopatka. Fkoac JIi !>8 Preston Hack. .Miss Sarah Prestou, wiio hub been visiting her cousin, Mrs. M. 12. Weaver of 321 Chickasaw, returned yesterday to her home in lolfu—Uartlosvllle 12a- terprise. L'nruute Uoiue. W. U. Oascbc. president of the Ai- iianco Cu-opei-alive Muiuul nsuruuce Company, was fu fola SJaiuiday while enroutc to Us home in Emporia from Brpnsou, where he bad been to ad- uit a loss.. —Get your Mundis'^ Post Card iVlbums at Printers are £a*y. Muskogee Red is now on his way to Lcbo and the printers in Salina do not work with so much ftar and trem­ bling.—^Saltua Journal. •'Red" Downs at Topeka. Jerry (lied) Downs, the tormer To- pelta baseball player, who was a member of the Detroit Americans during the past season and iucidentally secured a big bonus during the world's series, has returned to "Topeka with his wife and "have rented the property at 1619 Polk Street., Downs will winter in Topeka.—Topeka Capital. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind. -Dr. P. £. nangb, VeuU^t. Plioae 3^ Iraoe -Iniproiluff. Hoy Crane, who was operated ui>oir at the Hospital SalurdJiy for nppcndi- cii^s. lb getting along nicely. 11»> lives In Loauuu. Sicud Mn. V. B. Vvrr. .Vt a meetlug of the Pythian Sjinters last IVIday evening, Mrs. C. II. Core was tilectcd as delegate to fJio district convention which la to be held In Yates Center day after tomorrow. Several applicants were also elected to the rank of the sisterhood at this meeting. —mm ti kaiteg "U. S." flaw. Here on BasineM. Earl Swatzel left this niornlnt; for Yates Center and lola. He wlW remain for the uetx two days on busl-. ncss for Ihe Interstate Mortgage and TruKl Co.—I'arsons Sun. SiOVBS Set up and- connected, also any ofter gas fitting. Good work and xeasouablc charges. Phone 29. The Perkias Ca!>e. Judge Barker and Alex Miichull returned last night from Minneapolis. MiuntKota. where they went to argue motions in the Perltius Insurance caa- e.<:. Judge Pollock restrained the estate from bringing a law action on the giound that the pending equity suit would settle the questions thot were raised In the law cate. » « • • Tlie motions were argued before the coui"t and briefs were ordered filed. The aciorneys at once made out their briefs and liied iheui wiUi the court. The latter iathnated that a deciston would be rendered very soon, and the attorneys look for It ne'st week.—Lawrence Gazette. —FJtxgenld Storage and Tnnsrer Co. HoasekoM awi piano botIb?; iarfCiit Ktore room in city. Phone 35& J, 0. THOm Mimatet dMerfuIly slven on oil work 'njr ^r^ttk Befc «t» 8. Baekeye. A New aunday OrdliMnce. The council met in adjoncoed see- -akm Fridaf'aigbt and passed a new Sondajr doting law. The new ordin- anee foUowa the eute law very closeir: in fact the first four secttons of the ordlaance^are Uentioally the same «8 the atate'law. The conncil was. alaoost OHaivona npon the question. ^ :|||«MaiigMei«| Are Home. Mr. mJ Jlxs. CSiarleg McXeughton nl^Mtnii^Mibmar ai^t from Blinne^' v «|^hother pQinta in Minnesota '" "bare .be^ for tbe last - Mr. Mc ti^ to Jookaf- aetdennt tatmto Tills Way la "Euiporj"* \ nmu stood in the iCrcts siure today for ten hours, reading one of the books displayed for sulti in the book rack. When a polite «;lerk offered him a chair he gi.<t inbuiied.— Emporia Gazette. i Aboat Baausay'b Taxe*. II. W. Kamsay, the big dry t-oodn num. pavs taxes in Guthrje. Oklaho- iiui. fola. Pittsburg and Atchison. Kas. uud Cartilage. Mo. Hu tays he pays less lu Atchlbon than la C^uiinle, lola or Pittsburg, and about the tanie in Carthage as he pays in Atchison.— Atchisou Globe. —Oysters, any siyje at Uai*na/. 1 Brirk PlaaU Basy. The brick plants have both received lorgo orders for brick since the clec- tlori. We don't s.iy the result of the election caused these orders to be placed, but the orders have been received since the election, suid you can draw your own conclusions.—Humboldt Uuiou. B«tara«4 te Uaraett. T. A. Hamilton returned yesterday from a few days visit with friends at lobi.—Gamett News. —Mundib' Drug Store bos just received a fine line cf Post Card Albums Te aad rn»a BartlesTJUe. ^fr. and Mre. B. H. Toang of Kcel- er avenue went to lola yesterday to Tlsit friends. ' •» • Mr*. A. W. Cox returned to her home in lola today after vfeitlas her hnalyaiid, Dr. Coa.— BaztlaBTine Enteriicfie. . -^-"^iniSlfe^wS^ . A taUbna was i :aM «rad by Sd. P. fkHig. SeeMah- oC the^ I. O. O. P. iodte. ia-Co^. aa'atondar^tOght; 6atlBC that a man by the name of J: ^rry had died auddeolr in Z>eav«r, Colo., and that he had a lod (e receipt froia the Colony I. 0. O. F.- in his pocket At first it was thought to be J. D. Perrj- now of Hobart, Okia., as he is a member of this lodge, but his brother telegraphed to Hobart yesterday and received a return message from his brother, J. D. Perry, assuring hhn th^t he was still alive. It is now supposed that is was Jim Perry who formerly lived northwest of Colony, as he had several years ago "been a'mem- ber of the Colony I. O. O. K. Lodge. Colony Free Press. —Sign painting, phone 1128. Fred Rowdcu, Muiuer Messlnifer Ws!< Here. Homer. MessUjger. the star back of last year's Morau high school foot ball team and the crack pitcher of the ^^o- ran base ball team, was tunong thdic who came from out of town to see the Durllngtou-Triplett contet:t y,-stpnl;»y. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. This the Feature. The feature of the May .Mu:fii: I'es- tlv.-il at the University of nest spring will be the Itoyai Dresden Orchestra, considered one of tlio finest in Europe, which will be ni.iking its American tonr .11. time. that hate l>een in (hi- SIX BEST SELLERS hi July. August and September Mr. Crew's Coreer, by Winston Churtbi;' Tile Beenler by Itex ISeacli The Lare of the Xasi by Harroid McGraili The Cea)>t of a Chance by E. and L. Chamlieriaiu The Firia; Uae by Robert Chambers The Uabltaads of Edith by Geo. li. McCutchcon ^ The Hal/iray Houiie by Warner Hewlett The Prlatadeaaa by Merlun Craw foul The Cbealar Staircase by Jlary llineburl The Six Bttt Selltn in Ucio- her wtrei The Ffrlag Lioe by Robert ChanibiMi The Xaa From Broadway by Geo. B. McCutcheou Together by Robert ilorrick Peter by F. Hopkinson Smith Mr. tren's I'areer ~ by Winston Churcliill LKUe Bre^ Jug ef KIlMere by Merldeth Nlcbo 'Bon Most of those $1.50 books at $1.10. All 9*1.30 bookb at $1.:!3. And yon can get them ot "log — A Weight dock aiid Shelf ^Ptnb^ A Jfautel lor the Parlor An Uraaweut for the Uail A Pbte Kail fvr the Dining iieout V Uouksheii for ihe Llbrarj .ipprvprlute for the Deo iibelf 3» inches .long .bl 6 wide . - Height-iUH':iia-he», uut la- clHdiiig Pfudnlniu JlatcrLil. »oUd"shpif''wiff*3. ply liitiHt ip shA-k iu^nud front lira»s haod»<. 'iignres/ ehaiu.f. etc. ..: Dsrli browii iu1>»i<>»iilniiiii. Tills great big ComblnatioxL Clock and handsome, piece of fumitnre will be on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17th, at $3.50. This will make an elegant Christmas present lor any one and we will hold lor Christmas (Delivery, if desired. This olook is absolutely a good time-keeper and better than a spring-clock. ' : V Price $3.50 ON DISPLAY !N OUR SOUTH WINDOW rs Store Potatoes for Sale. Will e.\change "email seed poiaiofr, bushel for bushel, for corn. Price for same 55e at home. Large sorted potatoes 70c. Also tnniijis 20c. A. L. Townsend. iloreeslioe r.end. I'houu (that the Kansas National Guard would receiVB $31000 from the government to pay . for clothing and ammnnlticn J for The Slate iroiis. General Hughes did not knpw at the time whether !hio was a single approprlatiou or .whether a like amount would be received each year. He began iwesti- I gating and finds thai the same amount lull I be received by the Guard each 'year, hence the Kansas National Guard vrill receive about S6I .OOO each year from the government. It has for ] some time been receiving about $4.000.000 budget appropriated by cou- »ebb Kent llvuie. Superintendent A. H. Webb ot this divibion of the. Missouri Pacific Pacific, pasted through iola. Saturday while enroutft to his home in AVichita after liaving been to Tort Scotr on "f-'jjress for all the state Guards and thai Low preri.sare ( MM beatters at K. C. Plumbfnir Co.'» storci .., Much Interest Here. There, was much interest liere Saturday afternoon in the outbome of the Kansas-Nebraska, foot .faaU-.; eame. The many friends of th«. . Kwpas team were more than delighted ;when tbey heard the resHlt. haying been of the Impression ttutt tlieir: fa-vorltes would l>e defeated. ; v..: ficial btisim-s.-=. —Paper Haaslng. Phono U2S. t represents KanaaK fchare. The appropriation of $--1,000 i.s based upon the Fred Uowden.; actual number of men in the service 'jn tin- .-stut'' militia.-rTop'ka <'ai>ital. ^11.1)00 in Twu Days. j Tuunty .Vssessor J. U. Coniiollv la, active tlie.^e days |)ickinK up taxabk- j items tliat have no place on tlie ta.x; rol s. Yesterday he caused to be placed upon these records $r>.000 of property that was about to escape taxation. Today be found $0,200 which was eligible for taxation, but which was not recorded and the same is now —Frank S. Deattle. V. S. Phone 139. j: a . HobtasoB Ketnrax. . | .1. A. Rcbinsou has returned from • tile Hankers convention ai Parsons.; l.ast Friday between the morning and! —Six per cent money:. DO cOBOldt- 8lon; no delay.—"Smith db Tn-ti*. Consider CommlMion. / iTlie commission form^pf city gov- t ernment which was agitated here a ^ .vear or two ago is now. heiog talked/ of at Atchison. It looks Hlje the prop/ o?ltion might .bi» tried rh^re. , —, . J —Merchant's Lunch at Our W»y. . Removed the- Aymtng. . ^ - -— A force of men i:emoY««l the, old afternoon sessIouH the viaitinj; l>ank- wooden auning lit OonO of the fle­ ers were taken through, the Katy Clain store i5aturd»yi;v.;"Rie awni^ shops, a special train being placed at j ha^ stood tUere foe -aiiWj ^y ears. x their diaposa! by the railw'ay fo take-j on the rolls and will be taxed.—Fort them 10 the shopH. In the evenint?! —Be a Booi-ter-r-^oms. tndUftiT— Scott Trlbnne. 'ilie bankers visited ilii« L-yrie theaier>Neosho-River OnrjWay. —Always time to eat at Our Way. iin a body fo wltn«s8 the first peilorm- 'ance and then adojurned to the Mai- elaborate | Here From Parsons. .\lr». Jesse Southard left yesterday morning for fola where she will molfe^ her future home. " * • Jlrs. William, Palmer left this morning for lola I where she will join her daughter. Mrs.; Southard who has gone there to tive.— Pai -Eons Sun. Few- Casea. Filed. ituoiuuss iji the. office.,of llie> clerii thewhon betel, where an _ ibuMf|Uet. ai'ionipunled by a musical! of ilie. court liaa beeti^niuite dull late- prograni and short toasts wiii',s»;rved. j ly. very few cases J »ttvlj »K-- been filed. —Our OyHters. Way. -Dr. J. t. Pepper. DeaUlbTkMf IU. l)r ippoIntM Dr. Lljcbt. I.iglit. ot Cliunutc. who Is ;known lo lola physicians, bus been M IS . Vkcinia. U. Surreti le'.i ion the[appoinred by t;ovenior K. W. Jlorli t ufiernoon train for Chanule. Kas.. to assist in enuallzing the valne of Hu,'"' visit her son. Max C. SlcrreU.—Netu-jacre of Texas land which iu being da Mo.. .Mall. Kooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building. Steam heat in each room. I'.athit free. vidcd iuio homootpads by >•. Texas iuiniii-niiliioiiaire. Dr. IJght will leafw tomorrow for the Black Hill near San Antouio. Johnny Hutehtnitori; io Here. welliX .iohiiny Hutcbinsouu who for the itii ^t ti'veral montb^ Ajc^aijbeen with the .Mit-Williite reetstv«nt at Em- |M>ria. hai$ roturne<>. to and entered thf «mu;«y of the. Dwr ^Wiy. Bert Worn II, who left thiai-.clty about a .Vear aj-'o to. work for ,V?llhlte, liaa ran^hjgoae to .Okialioma.' whertt his father ha» hou;rh» a farui. for hioi. Shat Off Gaa Users. Telegraphic iOBtnicUona were re-; celvad at the gas office today to cut' Off all consumers vbo use steam fur power purposes, and all kilns. Only, two Ottawa conatuners of the gaa com ;* pony will be affected by this order—i The Foreei Park Milling company and j the city, which uses gas at the water' and light plant. The brick plaut.! which was far the largest consumer I of gaa in Ottawa, stopped operating; (or the winter several weeks ago.~Ot-; Uwa Herald.. . ;t : —Near Poijt Card AUmns at Mundia'.) " • -wbrd ^ftl) ' W£ OOM't gather up cl|ptiiing anduiru it ..ov«r'to-.A ^eap cleaner. AVhen we lake your, ciothes,they,#e cleaned aiid pressed in our^ow^ .works^'-w'liich'48 the most modern ,D^y-Gleanins-wor^ '.lii-^json;*- eagieru K ;ansas .<.Xo odor, rings or du»r .,spot8 J^ft when i^ ^

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