The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 26, 1986 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1986
Page 16
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The Salina Journal Sunday, January 26,1986 Page 16 Young girl's father has surgery to change his sex > Dear Ann Landers: I am a di- "vorced mother, raising a 6-year-old •daughter, keeping house and home J together by working two jobs. ".' My daughter has not seen her fa- ;ther for two years. Yes, he dis- * appeared but it's much more com- ; plicated than that. He has undergone .hormone therapy and had surgery to become a woman. According to his parents, he now calls himself Ramona. I don't know his-her whereabouts and his family won't tell me. I get $100 for child support every month, through his father. ; I had no inkling my husband was not normal until he announced one day he wanted a divorce so he could get out of the male body in which he was trapped and become a woman. What shall I tell my daughter? She is angry and hurt that her father has abandoned her. He sends cards signed "Dad" on Christmas and for her birthday. (No gifts.) There is no Ann Landers NEWS AMERICA other contact. Of course, I can't tell her why Dad isn't around. When she asks why he doesn't come to see her I just say "I don't know." The child is becoming depressed and hostile and needs therapy. But how can I put her in therapy without telling her the truth? When, if ever, should she be told? Please give me some advice. — St. Louis Woman Dear St. Louis: I hope you will find a suitable therapist for your child at once. She need not be told anything about her father's disappearance until the therapist decides she can handle it. Meanwhile, chin up. This isn't exactly a piece of cake for you either. Dear Ann Landers: Several weeks ago I read an article about the various uses for pencils. The author mentioned stirring cocktails, twisting tourniquets, cleaning pipes and scratching backs. He then said the most unusual use was developed by Ann Landers, who once advised women that the way to determine if they need to wear a bra is to place a pencil horizontally beneath one of their breasts. If the pencil falls to the floor, forget the bra. Did you really say that, Ann? I'm dying to know the details. — Chicago Devotee Dear Chic: Actually I didn't say it; a reader did. Several years ago there was a controversy in the column about braless women. Much was said about females who jiggle, bounce and flop around. A reader from Wisconsin suggested the pencil test. When I agreed it was a good one, I was flooded with letters from women who couldn't pass the test, but thought they looked just dandy without bras. They told me to MYOB and I've been doing it ever since. Dear Ann Landers: I have attended several weddings recently and am appalled at some of the modern rituals practiced at receptions. After cutting the first piece of cake the bride and groom take turns shoving the cake into one another's faces. This seems like a hostile act that has been perverted from the original custom of feeding (nourishing) one another. Do you wish to comment? — Disgusted in St. Petersburg Dear S.P.: I, too, have witnessed the vulgarity you describe and found it revolting. If this "modern" stunt is supposed to be funny, I really am a museum piece. January Clearance Sale — 30%-50%oif Ends Feb. 1 All Stock Not Included New Arrivals of Pykettes & Koko Suits in Red, Pastel Blues, Rose & Green — Sizes 8 to 20 Also Graff Denims in Grey & Light Mauve 114 AS. 7th Salina, Ks. Specializing in fitting bras, girdles, mastectomies and prosthesis. Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ,. : YOU ! could Makeshift scale weighs letters Dear Heloise: If you are mailing a letter that might weigh more than one ounce, and if you don't have scales, you can use a one-foot ruler, a pencil, and five quarters to check its weight. Balance the ruler on the pencil in the middle at the six-inch mark. Place the letter upon the ruler, centered at nine inches, and stack the five quarters (which weigh one ounce) centered at three inches. The quarters side will stay down if the letter is lighter than an ounce. — M.T. We tried it and it works! How clever of you to figure this out. — Heloise Dear Heloise: To speed up the process of changing handbags, purchase a small cosmetic bag to hold all of your small items (pens, keys, tissues, mints, etc). Then, when it's time to switch, the cosmetic bag and your wallet are all there is to switch. This trick also keeps my purse much neater. — Suzanna Brooks It sure does and it means I don't have to "dump" everything to find my nail file.—Heloise Dear Heloise: When I was away from home I had no container in which to soak and clean my dentures. 1 solved the problem. I keep a small empty oleo tub with lid in my overnight case. Makes it very private and works perfectly. I even store extra cleaning tablets in the tub after I've dried it. Hope it will help others. — A Reader Dear Heloise: Our TV schedule used to disappear when we wanted to know what was on television. Then one Sunday I had a thought: I made a hole at the top of the schedule and stuck a piece of string in the hole and tied a few loose knots. Then I took some tape and taped the other end of the string to the television. Now every Sunday I undo the knots, make a hole in the new guide and tie it. No more lost TV schedules. — Ellen Riegel Heloise's hints KING FEATURES Dear Heloise: In our house there's so much clutter that we lose a lot of stamps and coupons. A solution to that problem is to take some empty metal bandage boxes and wrap them in wrapping paper, construction paper or whatever kind you like. Next with a marker, write on the outside of the covered box what's in it. Now our family knows where the stamps, coupons, paper clips, and bobby pins are and almost any little object that could easily get lost. — Katie Ambrose Dear Heloise: When I was making plum jelly, it dawned on me I had no jelly bag or cheesecloth to drain the juice through. I decided to try a coffee filter. Much to my amazement, it worked beautifully. Put a coffee filter inside a strainer and set it atop a large mixing bowl. After simmering the fruit in the required amount of water for 10 minutes or so, I poured the juice through the coffee filter. If the filter clogs with pulp, just replace it with another filter. When I had the required amount of juice, I finished making the jelly and it turned out very clear. I gave a few jars to friends who commented on the clearness. When I confessed to using coffee filters to strain the juice, one of them suggested I send my hint in to Heloise. So here it is.—Waneta Thornton I'm sure glad you did. Thank you for writing, Waneta. —Heloise Dear Heloise: I read a hint in your column some time ago in which it was said you could keep a sweet onion fresh by wrapping it in a paper towel. Well I just happened to try this with a head of lettuce and it nearly trippled the life of the lettuce in the fridge. No more slimy, rotten lettuce and you can actually use the whole thing before it's too late. My last head of lettuce lasted three weeks! It also helps if you core the lettuce. —K. Linderman And don't wash it before storing it. Extra moisture will cause it to spoil. Dear Heloise: My husband is a construction worker and when he packs his lunch, instead of packing separate salt and pepper shakers, he combines the salt and peepper in one shaker. I also use this mixture for cooking and it works out great! — Nancy Tedermeyer NOW...YOU SELECT YOUR PACKAGE! from available finished portraits Select 2-8x10's, 3-5x7's, 12 wallets from finished portraits On\y'iA95 14 includes 95<t deposit Sears Portrait Studio Now. when your portraits are ready you can select your own package by choosing your favorite combination of poses and backgrounds from available finished portraits including: Traditional Background, While Background, Black Background and Double Feature Portraits No appointment is ever necessary. Adults and families are welcome 95C for each additional subiect Not combinable with any other package offers Also available: Instant Color Passport Photos and Copy and Restoration OFFER FOR PORTRAITS TAKEN THRU FEBRUARY 1 Studio hours MUN Sal 9 30 5 pm. Thurs 9 30-8 pm Sunday 1-4 30 pm Ute your Sean Credit Cant WmFRE Groceries for Life! In the $100,000.00 Grocery Sweepstakes from Dow tUp to $125 per week Manufacturers Offer Expires May 30,1986 OFFICIAL RULES-No Purchase N«c«*Mry These Couples Have Made Selections In Our Bridal Registry Kristy Koop Greg Davis Feb. 8 Geena Sanneman Joe Kcjr May 24 Tonya Beaver Troy Jordan June 21 coumw curaoMO 111 N. Santa Fe <XX<X,X X K XX< V XXXKXXXX 'V "< r* )o B I OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM ' ENTER THE $100,000.00 GROCERY ! SWEEPSTAKES FROM DOW. ! GRAND PRIZE: Free Groceriest for Life ! 2 Second Prizes: Free Groceriest for ! one year. ! 25 Third Prizes: Free Groceriest for a J month. ! *Up lo $125 per week ! PLUS-1000 $25 Prizes. PLEASE HAND PRINT Name- Address. City . Slate- . Zip- Store Name 1. Hand print your name and address In the space provided on the Official Entry form which can oe found at par ncfpMMo, • grocery stores or hand prim your name and address on a plain 3" x 5" piece of paper. Each envy musl be accompanied try • a UPC code cut Irom any package ol ZIPLOC' Brand Plastic Bags or HANOI-WRAP ir Brand Plastic Film or the UPC code | or product label Irom TOUGH ACT Heavy Duty Balhroom Cleaner. Instead of a proof-ol-purcliase. you may submit with • your efflry a plain 3' x 5' piece ol paper wllh "ZIPLOC". -HANOI-WRAP II"' or 'TOUGH ACT" hand primed. Mallyour | entry In a hand addressed 9Vr x <lr envelope 1*10 envelope) lo: S100.000 Grocery Sweepslakes. P.O. Box 4KM, tor, NE 68009 I 2. Enter as often as you Ilka but each entry musl be mailed separably and musl be received no later than May 30,1966. . The Dow Chemical Company is not responsible for lost, late or mlsdlrecled entries. « 1. Winners will be selected In a random drawing Irom among all eligible entries received by the D. L. Blair Corporation, an I independent ludglng organization whose decisions are llnal. TX aria fnariei HH a* keel eel K eM Itm It, 1M. AH • prlns will be awarded. Limit one prtn per lamlly. 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Blair Corporation as undellverable will be awarded la an alternate winner. | 5. There will be one Grand Prat ol Iree groceries lor life to a maximum ol 16.500 per year lor choose the alternative cash • title ol 550.000): two Second Prlns ol Iree groceries lor one year lo a maximum of 16.500 (or choose the alternative • cash prlie of 16,500); and twenty-live Third Prlns ol Iree groceries for one month to a maximum ol $540 (or choose the • alternallve cash priie ol J540). There will also be 1.000 Fourth Priies of K5.00 paid by personallnd checks. No othei • substltLrtlonol prizes permitted. | I A list ol major prln winners will be available atler December 1.1986. To receive this list, send a separate self-addressed, stamped envelope lo: 5100,000 Grocery Winners Ust. PO Box 4841. Blair. NE 68009. I STAIRS Trademark ol The Dow Chemical Company Proud Parents & Grandparents Example Remember your favorite little ones on Valentine's Day with their photo on the special "Cupid's Kids" page in the Journal's classified section. Children's Names Parents or Grandparents Name, City ** • -r w-m Per Photo Only W Prepaid Deadline Is 12 Noon, Friday, Feb. 7th (For good reproduction, photos must be clear & no more than 3 children per photo please.) Send or Bring Photo with Payment To... ThlTJournals Classified Ad Dept. P.O. Box 740, Salina, Ks. 67402-0740 Please Note: Ads must be pre-paid. If photo is to be returned by mail/ self-addressed, stamped envelope must be sent with order.

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