Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1908
Page 4
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I ti^iMi It loUk, Kaaaa*. PMtaaoa^ M •wwi< nim Mattor. MTHtitlBf ItatM Mate Kaoin oo MJMciupnoir Bins. i> r- MM** la foil, CM CItjr, Umrn- ittl» w LaHupe. )B9 WMk 10 ceats 3o« Month 44 oanta 0 » Tear.. IB.00 Bj HaO. On rear latlde coaaty 13.00 8o» rear eaUMe eoaatr f4<00 Tbree Months; In sdraDce $1.00 One Month. In adrance 44 WPFICIAL PIEEK, CITr OF BASSE*. Telephone t Suiineai Office ------ 18 Editorial Boom 222 A. F. OF L. 18 26 YEARS OLD. Samuel Gompers Twenty-SFx Years it* President. Denver, Kor. 16.—Nearly all the d«;Iegatea to the twentr-<?iBhih annual convention of tlie American Federation of Labor today made an ex- cureion to the mountains near Denver as piests of local unions. Today was ti>e twenty-seventh anniversary of the founding of the organization, now comprising l ,5Sft8S5 members, of which Samuel Gompers has been preaident twenty-aix years. Ono of tbo expected controversies of the convention has been averted by the announoeroent of Thomas L. Lewis of tho United Mine Workers of America, that be was not a candidate for the vice presidency of the federation In opposition to John Mitchell. It is understood that Mr. Mitchell will run against l^ewls for tho presidency of the Mine TVorkcrs. from whicrh be retire* a year ago on account of poor health. It Is announced that n fight will be made against tho re-election of Dan iel J. Kcefc. as sixth vice president and mcml>er of the executive council Andrew J. F^mseth pres'dent of the Seamen's union, has been put forward as the candidate against Kocfe. Approaehing Saaslon. of Leslaiaturt Will ba' Unavantf^i.~Three Bank •III*. Jo TAFT HT'RRTES TO CI.VCIWATI. to Preovfnr Pwoiwl Bnsbicw; Callu "Predldent-eleet From CapItaL •Washington, Nov. 16. —Owing pressing personal business President­ elect Taft left here Friday night a« 7:65 over the Pennsvlvania railroad for Cincinnati, whero he Is due tomor row morning. It was Judge Taft 'i •^•^i»t«itioBr4» go on a later train {or Hot Springs, Va., but the receipt by him- of a telegram calling him to his home made it necessary for him to abandon hia Virginia journey and leave on the earliest possiblo train for hia home. ABE mCBOBES IX YOUR SfALF. Many ExpteaatloDs of BaldnegK Have Beea AdTaneed—The Most Correct Is That of MIrrotM-K. The lorm "microbe" refers to a pa rasltic plant or funri aioo c;iUcd bac terla. • A mlrrolib is so Kniail t!iat i can only be dctectetl by iho a!J cf ? microscope. Some microbe.* are harm I less, while others iiroduce various dis eases, and deiivo thc-i; titlvs thr •••igh the form of th»?ir rrowih or ljecau»e of the disease they create, which dis easkB are liifeciious or coatagiour. Prof. I'nna of Hambiu -g. Oerniany and Dr. Sabourand, the leading derm atologist of FVnncp, diHCOvered that a microbe caused baldness, and their theory has time and again been amply verified throueh n'^earch cxiieri- ments carried on through tljo observation of eminent scientists. This microbe lodges In the Sebum, which ia the natural hr.'r oil. and If )>enni {ted to flourish it de'troys the hair follicles, and in time the pores entirely close and the scalp gradually takes on a shiny siuiearauce. AMien this ban- pens there is no hopL' of the hair grow;th being revived. Dandruff Is a couta ,-;ioiiii din<^ase which a microbe causea, and later produces itching stalp. faiUng hair and baldness. Bandruff it; r.i:.spd by the micro'je diEoaaliig ili<» : ••baceoiis matter, which dries up and scales off. Sometimes the cuilcie ::iirrounding the hair allows the natural oil of the hair to force its way betweou the flakes of scarf skin direct to the hair, and -the microbe being boiwpon tho flakes force them ai>art and they scale off t>s dandruff. We have a remedy which noaitively wil' remove dandruff. exterminHtlnfr the microbe, promote good circulat.ion in the scalp, tighten and revitalize the hair nxjts. .grow hair and cure baldness. We back up this statement on our own personal guarantee that this remedy, which is railed Rexall "93" Hair Tonic, will bo i-npnlled free of all cost to the user if it faiis to do ai< we promise. It will also refi 'ore griv and fade<r hair to itx orteina: ricb glossy color.' if loss nf rn!or has b«>en caused by disease, yef It fs in no sense a dye. Rexall "93" Hair Tonic sc- compHshes these results by makln^i every hair root, follicle and pigment opeka, Kor. 16.—In all probablUtr there will be at leaat three bank soar- antjr biUa introdn^ at once when the! Kansaa leslalatnre atarta. One will be the, Quiney bill,' providing Xor tfce< collection of a fund by the state treasurer and held under tho control and supervision of the state bank com missloner and treasnrer. Of course, there will be variations in different forms in this bill.,' Then there will be a bill providing for a mutual insurance company. This is tho sort of bill Mr. Stubbs favors. The state will have no control except general supervision. Another bill that may be introduced is one providing for both the Insurance and the state control plan and t^e banks can pay their money and lake tlieir cliolce, but it will be necessary for them to accept one or the other plan. ' In all probabPity the conservative crowd, as the machine crowd now prefers to be colled, in Kansas Republican circles, will control the house. Those oconle who have been around Kansas legislatures for several sessions, do not expect the next Kansar. legislature to furnish the amusement and tbo news tliat the last two rcg ular session and ono special session furnished. Without a doubt the last three sessions of the Kansas legislature were the most spectacular since the days of the York exposure. Four years aeo there was tlie state oil refinery bill. Two ye&ta ago there was tho freight rate, two-cont faro, anti nass and the primary law and tho Kan oas "Senate Lodge.'* In the special session last winter appeared tbc fights which rosu'tod in the passage of the primary law and tho defeat of the bank guaranty law, as asked for by Governor lloch, and tho Htato banking department and the v.: to of the insurance guaranty bill by •he governor. From the discusslon.i of prospective leeislatlou In tho campaign and at f-o present time the indication!; are that there will be ore ;blg fight In the legislature this winter. Tliat will 1)0 over the bank guaranty. There will be much other important legislation to come up. but the indications are that there is nothing which wil] bring about the spectacular dcTjates of two and four years ago. Texas Lands. See na about Gulf Coast Countr} lands that can be bought on monthl> nayment plan, lands that will produce from $300 to $600 per acre; also some exchanges. WHITAKEai & DOXNELL Over Our Way. IN MEMORY OF CARMACK. At Sunday Meetings Throughout Ten- liesttee His Death Was Deplored. Nashville, Tonn., Nov. 16.—In large number of towns and cities throufhont tho state services were held today In memory of the late B. W. Carroack, former. United States Senator from Tennessee, who was !;llled Monday by Robin J. Cooper, In a street duel. Resolutions highly "ulogistlc of tho I former sepator wore adopted by the various gatiiorings and In several Instancps the manner of Carmack's taking off was severely condcmnr:!. The exorcises in Nashville oonur- red In tho Rayman auditorium, which was crowded, while many were turned away. The roiohitions adopted deeply deplored tlit- traced;.-, plcdeed a renewal of allesianc*; to prohibition; nxleclared the deteraiipation to drive liquor from Tcnnessoy: condemned lawlo.s.sntS3. and dt-mauJe!' 'mpanlal enforcement" of the Ia» iirainst nil violators, whether of hi^ or low degree: declared for tho con tinuance of tho prcbont memorial rommittco. to .secure a suitable monument to Sonator C'lmiack and e:;r tend .sympathy to tht> widow and f;on. OOlSON PLACED AFTER DEATH rtB\Mmw Home tor Men . WAKtUMreO TO WEAR THREE MONTHS WITHOUT OARSURO ia hmei, ioo or moie. Every pair of is warranted wear. In case of disFatisfaction return the iraperfeci i ^oods and they will be replaced free of charge. StmOO per Box CoL.r^ Black, Blue TdD; Pearl. See window Display. Exclusive agec3 for ^ Wunderhose in Ida Jopiln Jutige . Knew iiome of lola Couple When They Appeared for a License. I^e .Toplln Cilobo Says: A pood looking couple applied at the probate court for a marriage 11- censo postcrday attemoon. , Judge Hubbard remarked that they Wjcre i from Kansas, and they admitted that i their homo was in lola, Kansas. Tfcey I wero dircptfd to tho recorder's ofTico | whero a Ijcensf was sccuroiJ and j Judge Hnljhard pi>rform'>«l th" cerr- raony. • "Our fo'k.s will bo proatly .•snrprised when they learn thnr we are mar-] ried." rcmarkod the blushing bride. In answer to a question she .stated that it was not a runaway match; Ihcy simply wanted to take a littlo trip and selcctod Carthage ar. tho nlace to consummato thc-ir lovo affair. Tho bridf- is u UH/UIIHI - i.f :i (•roiuin- ont faniilv and >fv. Smiili In )iii:;i- ness. af Tol.a. In another columnf dio Globo .<;a.v.< a license was issuvd to Minni.' L. "irapson and C. H. Smith, both of [o!a. Tlio directory show:-; thai .-i v^innie Simpson livs at 4:;i S^nii:!! 'third str-'ft and a C"I\do H. S;ii!r!i at Soiiih Third stv^er. OLDfiOLDBI COFFEE What is your ideal of excellent coffee? Don-'t yoii Eke a mild yet exhiiaiating aroma—a coifec tliat settles quickly and pours dear—full-flavored, rich, satisfying, sustaining? Then j'ou're a sure believer in OLD GOLDEN goodness —it's a coffee of special blend, scienlificaily matured, balanced- and roasied. It win please you—if pleases everybody. Get it h-ym your sriacei: 25c Pound TONE BROS.. Das Melnas, la. DIAZ TO SAUNA Rerentiy .Vcrepted Invltntinn to .Vd- dress Mirlners at Temple In Snibia. K. U. WON {GAME TIclnrlonA Over Xobrniika In Foot Ball i'ontest on Saturday. Tho Kansas Clly Journal says: Sallna, Kan., .\ov. 16.—The largest \ Lawrence, Kaw., .N'ov. l.'i.—Fresh and class of candidates to be taken into a' with scarce A scratch, the only excep- Mystlc Shrine temple In this otate at tlon being "Swede" Carlson, who sus- nne time will be initialed by Isis tern- talncd a battered nose In yesterday's )le of this city when U niukeH It.s- pll- argument with Nebraska, Kansas rc- -'rlniage at Dodge City this week, the turned this morning on the special •.lass lx>ing mad" up of more than 100 train with the rooters, novlcca. Aboui soventy-flve Sallna i When the tm'ln pulled into Tien will nmke the iillKrimas-; in n irence at 9 o'clock this morning, near- ipcclal train leaving here this ivenlngj'y all th4 university students were a: nd the Hpi«cla! xiasion Will be held the station to greet the team. Follow- Tno.'sday and Tuesilay evening, closing |ing the precedent set two years ago vlth a banquet. ithe students had a tallyho waiting at When the meeting was first planned the station, and In this the proud and 1 special invitation was sent to Presi much envied mr^mberii oi the foot ball dent Diaz of Mexico to be present, and squad were pulled to the Eldridge In a letter received from hlni by the house. Before the fot bail hoyp officers of the temple he accepted tliel dared eat their, each was Invitation, stating that he would prob called upon for a short version ot ably be in AraericA in November and!"How \\-e Did It." The only thing would make It a jiblnt to attend. .\o ,thal kept Lawrence quiet today was further word has' been received from the fact that it Is Sunday. Tomor- hlm, and It Is not known here whether^row there'will bo no school in any of he will be present or not. [the departments cf the university. ; Chancellor Strong having declared a BEST ZIXC PRICE OF THE YE.VR. j^'^^'jlf ^^g.^j.^j ,„rt « « t. ^1.1 «-i.n T«-j o_ „i morrow they will be led in the parade Ore Beaches W2, Hhfle Load Ranges ^,.3^ j^^.^^ Uudolph. I T!ie score was 20 to '1. YOnt Kind i>f t>)sl«r>i. "Firsr caicli y4 ):ir niM/li" !.. ili'- \.ay in old English recipi' hosin.';. The modern version, apprl^ ;1 Ui i -y.--- •ers. is " buy •Soalsliiri;"."- "Spalshlpt" Oysters liave \\v\\ di^:- inciiv.-, sJilt. oysiir flavor. T.'in r.\- :on is ihoy are jiaekt d in saivanized Ui'ol oontaiut-rs, sealed, airiif^lii. wiih 'ce aroiiud the coiitaiucr.s, but nor in he oysters. No waii^r '.r. used. ".Seal- hlpi" Oysters <-annf!( b'nai, nor rol- cst dirt, nor .'^vniis. "Seulshlpt" Oysters fiie guarauli'od. i "^he White Porcelain bearing the "^lue ••Sealshipt" Tnide-.Mnrk, from, vhich you buy "Sealshipf Oysters, Is I • our protection. You ran depend on! vhtir wholei-oinenfss. purity. frcKh- j less. You ran ho as particular j liwui. your oy.jicrs as about any oilier | 'ood—".Si-alsliipl " 0-ytiT;-i are for p/ir- icu'ar p<'oj)lc. We sell ••Sfa!.'ilji|ii." only—woiililu't 'ell any other kind. ['ryeV lirnihfrs, Itto llinze, "Our Wa>.' PITTSBURiG MINE ACCIDENTS. One Workman Killed, and Another Seriously Injured. Friday, 13. From *54 to !P«0. Caltna, ILit.x, Nov. 1«.—The 7lnc < r^j market in the Kansas-Missouri di.^-; Pitt.sbui*g, Has.. Nov. Vi. —Oiif^ miner was killed and another seriously iu- iured' in two separate accidents in mine No. 16 of tho W' dal and Jliuing company lioro Friday afternoon. Both aooiiloni.; occurred at •ibout^ RAISED $75 FOR HUBERS. trict was slightly stronger than dm- Wichita People Attended Bene ing the previous week and thn prire . ^.^ Entertainment, of best grades reached the' hi.uh point • of the year. \Mire a hulk .' -v-, Wichita Eagle 8nys: l!»itrlcts output sold on a has s pr eo ^he Wichlu public showed its sym. -f »8 per ton-of fin ,.er re-.t ro'n,.r,' n f,,^ ^ Turner, moth few lots of the best grades were sold ^,^3. o. K. Huber. who wns mur- It $39. maklne a hieh .-rice of $J2 ,,^red by her husband la:U Monday This Is the highest price sinre No- ,^ attendance at thff vcmber, ISO,, when the top i.nce was orpheum benem malintje vestordav. »41.50. The advance In price an,.c:tr« 3(.v,.nty dollar.'; an<l twenty-nvo cepls to have been small Indurfnirr.t lo the ,.,.,.ei,„s. whi'-h. toKoUier with operators who are holdlnir llip'r vv.t- j. ,,„„.^,.,,, y^^^ Waterburv, owner put for further advanco and H:!P r.f u .^.^teV. was prrsentcd to Mrs. the surplus output was inovrMl. Turner. The money Is for the purpose of Tho load ore market f<T 'ho wrri; w«s -rrrjiio. The i-rW-s ..-M r'n-M i,,.;.,!,,^. to defray Mrs. IJubcr's funor- from $f.O to $.,4 per tf.n and tho ship- c-xptiis.>s. and lo pav the back r^nf ncuts v.-eve comppn-u'volv li-ht. Ph" ^.^ 4,,.. .j^j.,^. -^.^.r- advance of $<> paid his; week has had „^.p lie pfffji'l oil tho •-Ui'l'.is of Ifiid oro ' .vhich ha." l-t '0 !i bf'-' sp'er:>.' vo ..ts. HAT THREE FEET WIDE. State Combats Defense's Theory the Gunness Case. in I aPorte, Ind.. Nov. The trial of iiay ].,amph<:ro I.s now about to set- le down to the presentation of proof that the defendant net f:ro 10 the Gunness homo and thi.'reby caiwed the death of the woman and her three hlhiren. Fi-oeecutor Smith stated tonight that ho was ready to meet the poison theory but he would not enter into de t^iiU. There is a rumor that it may be the intention of the state to snow hat in Homo manner the iioison might have gotten into the stomaciis after tbo Are and before they reached Dr. Haine?. No positive announcement has been made by the defense as to Its exact ihecry and none will be made, says \ttoniey Worden. until the state has tinished Its case, but enough haa been told to indicate that, the flefense is puiiMig its faith in the poisoning proposition. THINKS SHE CAUSED DEATH. Attempted Woman Dynamiter Critically ill in Denver. ^ gland strong and active, and by slim n !R «ne a toatural flow of coloring pigment Into the hair cells. Rexal: •^3" Hair Tonic Is entirely free from grease or sediment, is exceedingly plea^tent to nse. and wtlJ not gum the hair or soil tho clothing or, pillows. We want everyone troubled with hair or scaln ailments, even though they are bald in spots, to try Rcxail "W Hair Tonic on our guarantee. We iexact DO obligations or ?H -onilscs. and rimplr ftrk rcu to live It a thcroagh trial, and if not satisfied, tell u& and wa will r^Rd the money pftld ^Hn Two sic«>s 50e and tXJW. 8. R. Barrell. Tba S ««tl! Btora. West Bide Bqoare. Denver, Nov. 16.—Mrs. Allen F. R'^ni^ who threatened last Monday to kill Mrs. Genlrieve Chandler Pbipps with dynamite unlesa 920 ,OAO was immediately given her, is reported by members of her family who have had her In charge since her release from Jail to be in a critical condition, and said to bo steadily sinliing as her stomach refuses to retain nourishment. She is said to be laboring un- •'er the Impression thai she had "Bused the death of someone and to evince hearirendinc remorse. Mrs. Read's sister. Miss Jessie C.-impben. admitted .Mrs. Bead ; may have left Buffalo prior to November t. when a woman giving the name of .AlW rhptiey Brown franduleotly obtained bondb worth $20,000. T!ie Ct'.swa Herald Says: Til" 'nayor and elty council of iriimholdt. yesterday filed a complaint _, , _ . . _ . »• "'hh the state board of railroad com- ^locke Entrance to 'Subway Station ^i.^jo^.^s in which they express fcr- in new vorK. i^.j,, opjnifjns Q ,, ij,^. proaent depot the V- •,- , X- . !.• « .1.- Santa Fe h.-u^ ar Hiitnlioldt. They Now \ork. Nov. U..-A th.r >-s.. ^ • •neh tut. destined to bo worn by a ,,,^^^,>„^,,,. p^^c-h will do Thov want {"'•L ^^i ^t^*!;!^^ !;e ^nt "'!.^LrT;;;!' --";;,:,:2 "e JiSolrwiJ ^'a^, s ly obdurate ticket agent lu the sub- o„nv.-ni.-ncfs-one tliat will con^ :!:;^,^^e:^-th[r.r :l ?^t"i:.;' ^^'••^ ^--^ tion for 25 minutes. Israel Coli-n. the l>oy f-ntrusted v.ith safi- dt'livory of the hat, irii-d to ''nti;r tlie stil)\v.ty ix-ariiig it gingerly in thi- ilironu. Inn til.- ag';ii! thoiii-lil oli;c^r«i:-,v Not "•Vfii t!i" hoy's arKUiiietit tliai "if it w<T" iin til.'- lu'^y's ii.•;!•.! il woulc! •io through," iMJuld uiovo tin- dctiTHiin- •'d agent. .M''an«iiilo ilic impati 'Ul (•row<l grow in proportions and lust itB temper, i'inally the police wer.^ .summoned an<l the tieket agent was arrested. Tlie hat In th» aImo.'!t a total wreck. HE FLFA03 GUILTY 11. i'. .Intob^., lornnr tJas Cily .Han, Adniits lie Un.nged Hl.s .Slep- Baiisbler.—Sentenced. Ti!.' Clianiite Tribune fnys ot Henry} inch'* w.ts C. .lariili.-. i!i.' fnnpi'T (ias City man, v\h<) was chiiru^d with abusing his , >ii'|i-dau!;hlrr: Praises B. .F. Culley. il.'iirv .I;ifiili.=. Miios'Pd ' lust wpnk It. F. Cullcv, who Ji.i.H been M !-. for ram- on a charKO tiled by his l.*;- grrsKmau Scotl'x i»rivatf pecrviary y<nr-ol(l foster diiu}:btov. pleaded giiii- lor several years, has boiisht a con- i> to tin' charge in iii.Mricf cojirt this I rolling Interest in the Olathe Mirror. niornin;r. Ili- w::.^ sentenced to im- .Mr. Culley is a hustler and will mak" iirisonmout a' hard lal)or in the state A good addition to tho ICansas iu'ws- iKMiiientiaiy fur not fpwor than five l>ai>or f r a t !• r n i t .\. — l.,<^avcn\vorlh or more than iw <Mtfy-one years. Ja- Timep. roll-: is tlO years old and gray-headed. tho same time-. Aupiiio Perpe, Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves ioht 7:10 p. ra., ar- rlvps St. Louis 8:2ri ,1. ra. Through sleeping cars. This train connect.^ with the oast bound tiain .T at St. Irfiuls. For fnrther parllpulnr!^ call and see u.^. in It ilian, aged about 40 year.s. was rrush3d to death tinder a fal' of a mass of rock. Wlien found ho was dead, his body being terribiy cru.^hed. ind tnanalod, all rib.s luMn,"! crushed in. Porpe has been in the coal Hold for ibout four ynars. }lo ha.^ a wifp in Ttaly and was ju.-,r about to semi for her lo Join him. At about the sanio time Di<rk Foi-.;- 'er. another miner in the; same niln<'. '•.'ns seriously biirtied by an explosion ^f gas In his workiinr pliice in tin•nine, ile \v;is hitnieil on t !'e fnt 'e jmd hands. C p. Hale, Agt. J»IIFH{ (tiM'U 1\ <! TO II IM.YS. PA/.O Ol.NTMENT L -uarantevit to •nr.'' aTiy e;i?e iif it,-li:;i:r. ! !ihil. I'U'Td •t;.: or iir-'ti-uli!!;.; iiiie .-s i ;i n to 11 (iay? r m:jne: rcfviult'il. "•Or. •<ArJ5AS AGGIES DEAT OKLAHOMA J.iyhawkers Made Touchdowns Almost .It Win. Manhattan. Kas.. Nov. It'.—Tlie foot ball p.ame hero yo.ster.flay between the •Cansas Acgies and the Oklahoma Ag­ gies resulted in an <-a;iy victory for he Kansas moni tiii' final sieoro b'iing lij to in in favor of tSie .layhaw.kcr;!. The Kansas .\pgie.-i bi-orcd almost at will, going around OHalioina'.s end ime aitcr time for ."0 and Ui yards. Oklahom'a's first scorn came utier an .SO-y;.i(l run b;. O'al'atiher and t?i- •^econd ou a fumble. Kansas scored 1 touchdowns and throe goal .H in rtie rst ? air and loiiohdow n-; and two ^oal.i in the last half. Speer. it:uiiUds iiid TowliT proved to Ix; tiie IjL -t '•ronn(' ?;aiiii f' fur Kaiis:i: a'f KHI. h voi-y man on Iho leani played a M:iv :anie. Wado refori-oil ami during ilie a .-;t half Kansas was penaliz»?.l twiee tho length of the field. FOR KILLING AN ELECTRICIAN. S.S.S. CUIIES BLOOD POISON No of contagious blood poisAi is ever cured until the last particle of the vims has been removed (rem the circulation. The least taint left in the blood will sooner or later, c-iiuse a fresh outbreak of the trouble, with all itahideoas and dertructiye aj-mptonts of nlcerated mouth and throat, copjK -r colored splotches, lallingr bair, sores atidtdcera, etc. No other medicine i^o aurelV cores couta^^ioua blood poii^on as S. S. 8. It goes down into th: Md and steadily and sntpel^drivq^ont every particle of the infection. U •onitely and perfectly ptmilcs the blood, and leaver this vital fluid as, ticbaadtiealtliyasitv-as before the dcstnictiTC virus of cct!ta ;nDus bloo<l poidon entered the cinndation. S. S. S. quickly takes effect on the blood, and gradually the symploius disnnpear, the IfCaltli i.s iniprovctl, j^c skin cleared of all spots, sores and oilier blemLshes, the hair atuj .s ccmiW out, the tnontli Slid throat heal and when S. S. S. ba.? cleansed the r^y^Xtvi^ai the poison no trace of the disease is left. S. S. S. ctircs contaji-iou.s blood jioison because ii is tfa« gi^ea^t ol all bIo >Kl porilicrs, tv.?t<;d aad pnrrcu for mare thaa fcnt>' 3 -earo. Book on this discnsc with .>{t:^^tion3 for hon:£ treatment, aaid any medical advice eent free taall who v/rite. XBB SWZFT SPECIFIC CO., AXLAirXA, OA. Prominent Springfield Citizen is' Greene County, Mo., Jail. in Trojan MV..\s< uii.'.T IT s.vYS, lie no; th;i:i a:i;" other powder 0 :1 the ij'.arket. No gijccriue in It.s coi,-[;.'>.>iit)on. Does not frccie no matter how cold. Absolutely no danger in handling. Use Trojan instead of glycerine and save the lives of yonr men, and ' your company from damage suits'. E.W.Coverdalc \(JI:NT Boom (), .S(tien.'!ion Oidg.—lola IB&EI Sprincfleld. Mo., Xov. - IC—Charle.-: j Sheoard. the electrician from Vert ' ''cott, Kas., who was shot at Icr.OV- "lock last nrght by Dan Rainey. 0 wealthy citizen in tho Metropolitan 'lotcl bar. died from h'.? wound at '•lu o'clock this moniinn at the, ?pringfl<'ld hospital. Uainey was •ransferred from fie city jail to th? "ounty jail today, and a charge of first degree murder will ho loJgel ngain.'.t him. Tho shooting of Shenard followed a »>oast made by Shepard as lo who war? •he better man. Shepard wa<5 shot cn- hrelv through the body and the bullet fell from his s^irt v. hen he was strijiped In tho doctor's ollice. EXUJIANtJE OK SELL. List your property with me. 1 have a large list to match from. .Xo expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho county, Kas, to'exchange for good lola property. J. T. MILE8. Boom 10, Old Coart Hoasey FOR $1,0i)0,000 ENDOWMENT. Washinoton University Cnroor.-^tion President Gives First S250.00O. £t. Louis. Xov. It).—Announcement was Tode today that at a recent hieet- Inc of the board of directors of Wash- in:;tou iiiiivcrEity, St. Louis. Robert S. ItrooKIngs. president of the Wa -sninK- ton nnivondiy corporation, gave %2n0.- 000 toward an endowment fund of v.:!ch the university is £rek-| injf to rahe. The general education 'ooa,itl has al- reruly .subsorlbod $200,000 to tho endowment, making a total of 1450,000 in sIghL There remains, to be r.i'.wd >£AGAZIXE» .\>D PEEIODICALf can be secured of J. E. Ilendcrsoa who deals with th9 publishers an^ furnishes them at the lowest prioa possible. ^Trial subf^crlption to Vaai Nordcn's; 3 months 2r ;c. Phone 98. 414 N. Buckeye A Beautiful Silk Flag. Do you want a iJfantifuI SUk Flag. S.tS feet? t'li-to-ilate; 4t> stars; nmd« of flue twilled .silli; beautlfur colon. .V nice Christmas pre?ent or a MU- venir for the J;ome, Send ^l.'i't and yiou will receive tho\ Daily and Sunday Jcurnal thre* ni'ontbs and one of these flags. Address THE KANSAS CITV .lOI-TflNAI/. Kansascrity, Mo. Fred Place. Here. Fred Place, formerly a r§porter on an lola newspaper,, came in veaterday for a short vislL He has been locat- to cotnplc-te tho subscription, .$550,000, i ed atEnld Tor sonle time.

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