Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1907
Page 5
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We^ Street. lola, one blocic ffdin square... Disease:; jf domeiticat^ animals successf ull jr treated .charges tnoderate,good box sulls for patients DaHs aaswered pre mptly njght or day, 20 years expcrleuce. Veterinary Dentistry a sp< cialty. Honor Qr^diiate of OnUrio: Veterinary Collej^, Prop. Hospital Phone 106M Res. Phone 139 Spencer's Tar and • . 1 WUd Cherry CITY \Vc exi)ect bur Texas, Panhandlel vaau, iv be wi^jl ua on Friday, Novem ber 15th, to fjjok at our list of exchanges. Aotf one wantlns to «x- chaugc fa mi ^ands or citr propert} for Panhandle' lands, should see him wbiU* here. Jii'oiir office. T ^Tjltaker & Donuell. • . ; au Excellent C|ouv,'^h Reiuedy Get it at MRS. .MAUDE Fuusloii. counly sup-- printfiidont. visiting the country bcbools .this -wvek. She will be gon^ until Friday w Saturday. She Is In the south part] of the county. P. E. naifli, Itaatltt. Fkeaa V*. (ilBee «Ter l^mU't Orav Stem. .Mil.. A.\I» IJliUS. VA Asplnall. Mr. Civirvo AMpinikll. .Ml ^tso.s Helen u'ld Annii .\s|>lnnll; will urrl\c ihls rvfii- lUK for ;i vlBlO wltli M'"- »">' Mrs. U. S. Asplnall. 'liif fuiullv Is i-nroiilr 10 ilU'lr lionii> In -.Si'inia. Culiftirnlu. nfmr II visit in Ohlit, ' i::i: i;old Cures In .MuuUU' nindtuv. nt the (•rand -V Woman .M )!.t«T} iuulirht. SPENCER'S I )K. J. F. JAMESOXi The Snccesuful .Auctioneer, Veterinarian. Fann-.^alrsor l*edij»rrt .'v! ^Jtxk ^^k•s midr aiiywlirn- Vrj!. r- mary calls answered das or nicht. OlJice with Doiiui .t^^ Urxjs. Phone i: rcsiilenrc'4>j (OLA. KAN.sAr;. , R. S, GitlnUAM, Vemeral Contraetor. riagitone and Cement Sldewalki ao4 Curbing a Specialty. VHce lis Ea >t jJacksoa Ara. Fkaae IM. .V I.KTTKU ;ll«>m Mr. Ben K.'illilv will) ipfi lola ^^sfveral woeks URD for CliiiKco. ciilleit ihero by the lUncos of iii.s ivifc. .si;il(\«; thai- Mr.>:. Keiibly haB now lii'cu in l)i>tl for ililriy-fonr days i.s y.'t iinUblo to sii ^iiii but I B S (JIIK'\vllUI illlll ^llVeii. Ili-nienibi-r. Kurrt-U's UniK Sion- lor Willi I'apor. THK HOrSlijiist south (if ihf .MIJ- Icr randy Kitrjirn is boinR moved to Cnin'^rou .strtv;! .Tnil iliai .space i.-^ to be used for tboibulVdinp f)i ;ni :idditii>n to tlie candy kitchen. Dr. BejaoHs^ Pbaae IM. Bea. 114. M. .V. riKCKpY. the owner of ;li(' old oiiiut houge block a few days a>;o found soine^ money and be want* i!' returned to l.^ip owner. The person wbo b)si the t/lowey may have it by cailitif,' ui)on Mj. Beckey in his olTlte ill the court lunise biiiUlinp and iden- t'l'v (lie luotiMV. ~.\ Wuiiiuu of .Mjsterj* toniicht. at the tinind Special Line bf Sample Hosiery All Color:., All Kiuds. Wc will put u\> our Sample Hosiery with anylhiug iu town for durability acd heauty. You can get any kind of a Strij^e, Mixed Colors or aii)llhing you waul. Dou't lhr )iGi the Iowa Store A. G. MUiMif \A, Prop. Wanted—Evegrbody to know that W. B. Kelley & ,Son have moved thuir transfer and (torage office to -11 .South Washington. Office and Daj Phono l.'1'O. Residence and uigbi Phnuo 17. rilK L.Vl'llE'.tS bei;au work tliit mnriiinn on tlie*'new l"bonip.sun hotel bislldiiiK- ll is expected to have the. jjJasierers nl work iu a very few da \K and thai the new biilidliib' ^1'!bi' ri .uh I'tir ii .sir hy Gbrl'-tnias. 1 lei- dirt at Luccoc'k'B. UKMIEltT Howell left this iiioriiint: foi Vates Center where he Is cngngtid III 111.' bookselliwK biislncsis. JM-. lllej. <>tiuU»l. .lOi: Hl'SSON-of Gas City bat, traded a South Oas jiroperty to Mr. I.#wls of lola for a go<)d team of horses. {^iire >oiir ee.ld by usluj,' Muudia' Wliite Pine with Tar. l,t>.\ liOW'KRS of rul -Vorlh .Scoiid .stn -i 't wbo ba?;"been very s^ick \»itb t\plioid fever frJr some lime. i.s re- ;.oi .vi; 1- li'lnv,- worge this inorniiig. His !....; i .J 'iiry ias; ii'sb* was iir:. Mufidi-' Uliiu eo\'!.' Pliii. wU], Tar wil; &ic»ess Ltes In WliatREXALL Has Done: i In a little over three years REXALL Remedies have become the most widely known and trusted medicines in the world—have scored the biggest success in the history of the dru;; business. Why ? Because they're made of tJtc purest dru^s—. but not that /r/ow. Because the most,skilled pharmacists that can be employed make them—but nui that nlcur. Because they are based on die jirescripliuns of the most successful physicians in the world—Init 4iot that a/ouc. Because they represent the combined wisdom and experience of over a thousand of the foremost retail druggists in this country, of which wc are one,—but not that a/ofie. Ail these things have been indispen.sablc. 77/.T C URE—that's why. Kvery one of the three hundred REXALL Remedies is a tested and proved success for tlie particular ailment it is designed to cure— one for lach liHiiiah ill. They're not "curc-alls.C Xot patent medicines, eitlier—we'll tell you the formula of any one of them if you want to know it. ^ We can hold up any REXALL Remedy before ^v?^ and honestly 5ay: "U'e know what this is made of and all about it. It has cured thousands. It will cure J w/. Our reputation, the pus- session of your good will, our whole business existence depends on this REXALL Remedy giving satisfaction to you." Isn't that what_jw^ want to buy, rather than the sort for which you can hold no one in sight responsible ? A fewof iheaoofamousREXALL Remedies, one for each human ill, arc: The K CM UI Aimricanitis Elixir is a tonic ticnro lood <.ui»»u*«l chleHv o' 're* Mnnphorus. <.;ivc5(*o»ph»te». Iron Pyro- I hmpluie and Cabsajra. The wondwful nsult* o( thU ftnrA\ %t* due to til- (ict tha H mupplie^ PbuJ^hor- tu the nrrve rclU in u lundillun In Ktiicli it can ha lmin««liiitel) *uil tiM <i ukeii up t>y llmm. Th« (ilyiiiiiho «niha »»v»tlUal nftvMlv »up build<-rt, are orni U ibp n<«"l rtcent In thl» bianrh of t.iii( valuatilo additions .,. Ih medicine and un<)iirstiohatilv a nwrerAi* ilrnt rrmeily than Ibe «ell known Hypo ph»^|>hitrs. •rbe Imn Pyroplioaphalft ire the molt ra%dy assimlfatnl tunnvt lroi> whirlitiva tunc and colnr.aml the oimblntdalkaloldl <il Caltsaya ilatlc bate a tonic rff«ct on at- roost alt th« fuiKtlons ol the body. Tfic. and »1 JO a bijttle. BOUU NMR TOMC The faroous Rexatl "M" Uair Tonic ij roiiipcned in chief of Knurcin, BeU Napb- thul and Pilotarpin. Ursorein n one of the latest and most rFr<>ctiveEerni-killersdiscuveiedbvMience, an.i in connection with Bc-U Naplithol, nliich is both germicidal and aodseptic. a cuinbination is formed which not only il;slrovs the gernis which rob the liair of it* nutriment, but creates a clean and l.ejlthv cmditiim of the scalp, which prevents the development of rev. gernw. Vilocarjiin is a nrll known agrm for re- rtoiing tlif hair to its natural color.whero th<> loss of t-olor has been due to a disea;o i .t tlie scalp. It is not acokjriDii matter or clyf. This combination of curatives mixed with alcuhoi as a stimnlani. perfects the ni 'Jit erti 'Ctive n;medy tor hair and scalp troubles known today, f'er bottle, COu •HEXMX" OmOLKS Tto Nmr Lan«»* If you suffer from constipation or a sluist'sh liver, want yon lo try this newest membrr ot the Retail ianiily. Jt lias never failed* '•krxaJl" Order'.>s have dll the virtnss and non>-of the defect! of those laxatives and cathartics atriMdy known. They ars harmless vanilla-rt.wored tablets that efli-i t a If adjvistment ol Nature's functioBfc— no ctipin^, no nau^ea. no tairginK. I'l-asant tu thr laste—they iiive immediate relief. A trial will pri>vc to yoa that they ar« the best laxative and cothartic ever proscribed. 10c a box of twelve; SSc a box of St. THIS " REXALL" GUARANTEE IS ON EVERY PACKAGE "This preparation Is guaranteed to give satisfaction. Iff it does not, come back and get your money. It belongs to you and we want you to have it." S. R. BURRELL, Druggist The %1Catt Store AT TH£ SIGN OP THE ...HAMMER (Under this heedinc the Reffldtcr will <o plcaaed to print tho views ot Its sub- •crlbcra on any subject concerning wtdcti they may wlsli to write. U you wUih tr kick al>out anything, or air your views or iny subject, tell It through the Register :ontributors should aive ttieir names and iddrcascst^cy will not l>e printed. /»d- ircas all comtnunlcaUons to the Resistor.) WWA. BK \0 STIMKK. (ill i :iiipHHee».- II Desired (s Said. >>ill l^el Kai-c. Io)a Bosiaess College Might OP 0 *j^ SeMlon I Peumaushlp, Arithmetl'-, Elocutioa Bookkeepins:, English, ture. etc., Shorthand,' Physical Cul- Letler Writing. PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE SAFE C0NVENIEI4T! lr »oardt«ler<)oo "thaiK 'J. t. wiileto THE STANDARD diL QOMPANYJ Mitmu Water One hnudred pounds ol Cr7>- tal Ica will makel dletllled water famlty lue. Tri It FRANK RIOOLB, Mgr. Tli.i: i'v till CM^i-.'il -.-irikeoii tl|P •,r,ir> ' ( 111'- ban.!- • i tin' ^nir^. .wali-r .111(1 .•ict ."ie d'-i^nr: .1.-i;' of tli<- <-ity ;• v. .i-.-ll m-i iiiati-rfalize -iiiii- .\iii'.-ii. .Jr ill', las( tnit^t- V.]): 1.1 itie lotiifiil '^les -rs. Itodgcrs, .'.•A;.; .I;I <I .-^inti*- ;.-'t .t.) f "i a "raise." '•tiii>iii,';'.il:'i- ar^:inii>'iit tlie i.i: v.:i- ;;iaiiieJ. Tlio em- (..(ij^. . ...... <(..:. f \. li.i- .s 'T'' ,;m< il:-^ • .1- i.a-'ii lo believe tlial a .-•lit.- 1. ll.-.- |-'"-i-i()it:iii.(J. It i-. no'.-,'l lii-.ii arr :;iit:enii-!i'^: liavi' Iner made •.vl;eii-!.> :i: iii |ioj 'e.s v. ill jjti tlie adva;!ei.. tt!i->; s\;ii:t. ~\ Uuinau of .M»sler}' (onfirht. at tlie lirand i\> i.oiMii: VISIIIM; UUCIOKS. .IcfuiuiidutioDs I 'roiuistHl for State -.Mi'dlt-al .So^tiety Delixatet*. •y—— lir. P. S. Minliell says that aeeom- wladi'iH «-iui <.t-sl|.> tc .s»ri;red for the "Je!"';.';'!* \:ir> wljl alleiid the meelluK of the Slab: Ak^ical meeting Hhich eotivelie.s liere ne-ii .Mm. Dr. .Mllilj,'!! made a lativas nfilie t <iv .n-a few days a;,'i> :•> .-i.-cei tain ijli.-lber or not rooms roiild In- .--t.iiiidfi 'r the visitor.-^ aiir" is saiis-d wjili lilt- lesult of tii,r e.'tiiva.~ Tue ini^nin;: of the society me;u. wH! ' iii;n s>v.>f;i\ huudreil vUllora i -1 llie eili. MANY HEARD REV. CASSIDY, Interest in Bantsst Revival is Mani. tested bv Good Attendance. U saUooa of auitabl* tor A large atidit <!iC(. greeted G. W. Cassldy iiiBbl at the Baptist c!;uieli. Tbere ^as a very good In ti-rest iiianifesleif and several express- cJ a desire to liaye the Christians pi-ay for lUeui. ' • Ti .'!,n !;!!t Mr. r .jsvjijy w;!! urejieh on tht subject 'T^e Measure of tlod's Love.' Mr. Casjidy ;s an erangellBt aiid able speaker^and is being enjoyed by all who attei^d the services. In order that no mi=apprclien.siun liiy arise from the PTcplanation pivi-n .Mr. C'ri-ed eoncernini; tlie arrest of ii; son Kddie Fredrieksoti I v.isi( t< 'Ktke public (be followint-: On tlif evening of the .rtb of October, l."",!?. i^bo.-tly after m> .said lot liad Ijecti arrested and lodired in ibe oiiiiiy jail. .Mr. Cn-'^d tiotiiied me by libnne tliat be bad made the arrest ind npoi; I I H - eliar.:;e of sioaliiii; mer- "Ir.niUii'e if'tii tin- New York Siore in lola: be fiirtber told me tlial be bad ;ul'i< i<ii: evidence au-aitist tbe bi>> a.' ll- lia'l i'e'»n si-eii lakiiii: tli<- "stulT." a-Jv'd ui'- to (unif ii|i to tbf .(uve- lilf •'ourt In ilio niornii!'.: and make omi>!;iint tlnre .so (liat tbe boy roiild le si -Ill to ilie reform sclionl. 1 did iioi wail until mornini; Imt M'lii' till to (lolice beadiinarters at .nee but was told that .Mr. ("riKl VM.S it llie istitiia i'e station, where 1 vent • ml lai 'M- found bini. lie Uien told me luain thai lliore could be no doubt of he bo;.'s K'li't of Ibis cliar^'c. 1 a.-iid if lie was «iil!ty of llifs eliaiKe b-' vioiild have lo take ilie eoiise- liieiie<-s." I never to.'d .Mr. Cru-d l/iaf tlie boy was over Pl >(iirs of av;e. b'lt !iutili«-d biin iliat he was under tliaf In tin; morniiii: I Ix-^ati oi make ia- .estij^iilioii toncerniil!; ilie>!»! Tiilil fif nr. boy ;i:id soo.i found that hen.' was pv .slllvel .v ti" "vidciire '^rainst liim; tbut notjun;; was claimed by the proprietor tif the N-w York Jtor., lo luive Oeeli taken I 'liitii thai itore. and tliai n -i one had seen tbe boy take atiylblng uor «itb an.Mbin.!; ;bat wa-i kno'wn to have been ^'toictl. iirsf 1 reported lo Mr. Creed but he till insisted tliaf the evidence tras -iilbeiiMii to convict upon. This last nlerviev. Was alxjnt the middle of tbe •otenooii of the, day Bfier tbe said irrest wliile the boy was .still in the ;ounty jail, and In this Intervifw i Asked Mr. Creed to release the boy from the jail, but he refused to do so. l.'pon the trial the evidence was found insulTleietii to eonvlet ti'e boy jf blealing tbe taid merchau-Jiie -lud later the part.v >ho purchased the mercliandtse appeared and made it IcnownjuBt bow he oame to lose tbe same in the crowd at tie merry-go- rnntid. I conteail ili .it '111 riip 'si ".I.- mad'- vvitboiH .•'illlieleiit eviile'ic of a rriiiif 'latlii.t: I"en coiniiiitted. without aii> .varratii or le^al proees.s whatever \w\ in plain violation of the risbts if lli"» boy. .I .\MK.S l-RKURICKSO.V. CITY EXPECTS ANOTHER WELL. Gasser May be Brought in Today on Young Place. Tbe eity is exiiecting to brin^ it another well on tho Yoimg tract to d.ty. If the well proves a good one it will mean much to the gas situa- lioiu The city offlciaTs are watching ilio progress on the veil W'tb much ini '-rtst. City fj.-rk \VVndorf .said today that l-c bail re<-»;iveil but few complaint? >f-terja\ anil loda; of shortage of ;-as. Since tbe temporar>- line was aid to til? wisi add the pressure is 111 nob slrotiKcr. >otice. There will be a meetiiif; of the Antlers ai Ihe K. I', hall Thursday night.' Nov. N. ISnV. Come out and ha\e a gtmd lime. DIVORCE AFTER HALF CENTURY. Boys' and Children's Overcoats A toujplele line of Uver- enats to show you, all the latest ilyles and colors. i'hildrruS Oterc«al>, 3 l« 10 }fnn>. (he acne*.! in stjle> .^iJiO tn $»M Vo}> OM 'rcoBt>. 11 1 (1 l"* jmr>, alt the new nnyelty ei"iett«. I D all the Bfw fiilor> #:{..V> lo *1.'>.(W I GoHW mnd Sem Thmm Che Bait lay Shields "THE STORE THAT SATISFIES/ Jcel Canady Says His Wife Abeiidon ed HInn. .\r'''r nearly a half eentury y( married life Joel Canady today began 9blt in dlhtriet.eonrt for dlrorro from Jan," Canady. .VecordHig to tlie petition tbe couple' wav married in August. I<;r,|. in IV'law-are county. Ind.. and lived loc^tlier until IVreniber. 19111. when the defendant abandoned him and l;as .^inoe refns-d to live with hitn. MRS. NANCY E. ANDERSON DEAD. Fomier Humboldt Resident Dies Chanute. fOOK SWrr AT A lUEF N^flhtwatchman at lola Portland Frightena Away Maraud- , era. i A special aightwaticbman at the lola Portland eenient pTant took a shot a't a strange colored man who was found loitering about tbe place about one o'cItKlc Ibis morning. Tlie man has been seen about the plant ou Bjveral occasions after night and rrcontly it was found that a lock on or.e of the doors had been tampei^Kl with. Of late an extra watchman hM b «H 'ti detaUcd on thi> case together with .Mr. Fre<toriek»on. Tho latter kept an eye ou the plant Inut night i:ntll one o'c'ock and *'«s then relieved by tht< extm. ifr. Fredorlirk- son had not reached homn when he heard n, shot at tho p'nut. Ho. hur ried bnck and foumi that tli*> fotonki ntnu bad approached tho plant and the nlKhtwatehuian had taken a shot at him. The marauder started lo run in the direction of the ifelvin home and Marshal Frederlckson went in pur anil. He roundad np a coloretl man but he proved not to be the one wanted. The Beaatifnl Foar Aet Mrarna, Auy l:i Tear Old (iirl '•'an make those delicious Lemon, "hocolate and Custard pies as ^vell as the more experienced cook if she uses "Our-Pie" preparation, which is now being sold by nearly all grocers. Full lirections on each package. Pie is lot a luxury, but an article of dally iiet and you might just as well make ^ood pies as poor ones. Order a few r>.-iokages today and yoiu will be so well pleased that you will tell all your •riends. SECURE LABORERS POSITIONS. .^rank Wood Receives Letter From Bureau of Immigration. I Russell Piano 1 SLiam LY USBD $150 OTHER GOOD BARGAINS Roberts Piano House Frank Wood. sJeretary of the lola cmmerclal club received a letter this morning from the chief of. the Bureau of Immigration and' Natura-- ization in the Department of Com- aierce aud Labor, requesting that he «?nd them tlto names of employers •vho may want help. The letter continued, stating that in addition to comnnm laborers there are many skilled workmen in the different grades among the aliens. If any of tho faclorlps or confnir.t- ors need such labor t»s can tie SMur- ed thixiugh this department, they need let, Mr. Wtwd know and he •ATould make arrangements to put fheni in oorrepondenco wllb the ehief jf tho department. STEYER'S OROCERY HMtfqiiwrtwa ••• Good Things to EaL Tele |>hoDe 199 Rummage Sale. The ladles ot the Presbyterian •hnrrh will liold a rtimniace sale on November 21 and 22 in the DeCliite 'milding on West Madison. CAN HUNT QUAILS TOMORROW. Many Local Sports Will Spend First Day in Country. The qnail season opens tomorrow ^nd a large number of lol-a sports- are preparing to spend tbe day bunting "Bob UTiite." A large number of hunter's licenses have be?n taken out 'ecently by sportsmen who take es oeclal delight In quail hunting. Tt Is =;ald that quails are plenttfn!. Wiat f^ffjct tho reports from- Southern Kansas to the effect that quails are dis- 'aped this fall is not known. NO CLUE TO MORAN ROBBERS. Officers Thmk That it Was Work of Local Parties. The olTicers were yesterday unable U) make any progress toward the "apture of the parties wtio broke into th? -Vdaiits store at iioran Jiomlay rdglit. on the c'-uc furnished them yesterday. Tbe officers, both at Moran ind at Io!a. are. liowever. of tbe opinion that it was the work of parties »ho knew the situation of the .store. Re «i»ter Want Ads, Pay beeause in \llen Connty aearly ererybody read-x the Ki^ister. Well, Friends Panetikes are in order. We have tho materail to make them of. Ralston I'. C. ITonr, per pkg lOc Ralston Prepared U. W. I'lour, per Hii; lOo Peruna \\1ioIe Wheat Flour. 12 lb sack 50o Good Fresh Meal, per sack 20c Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maple. Fancy Table, WTiUe TSUe, and Sori^OH. FRYER BROS. Oroceryltod Mea' Market . Phooes 308 and JOI FITZaERAlJO Siormge andTrmnmfmr Company Office and Storage Ware Room at 118 West Suctl. I'houe 35S A. ii. .^H Ll. v^bo lives five miles mulli id town U 'l^irtised in tbe Register rd.eiitiy fur a farm band. He seen rod a hand lii'- next day and has sineo turned auay nearly fifty. Yesterday lie eanii» into tills oflice aud asked that the K'^-'i -4 'pr- tell tbe public b'> bad a '. 'I.'- farm liHiids litr iie--'il|^. :NrU. C. A. .NO!.:, of Altoona, Kas, has seciir>'d the I'O .siiion of manager tlic -MtoKiia K .ick coiiipauy. which b;.s it.- ofliet 's in tiie Craiid theatre iiuildin^r. .Mr. S. i" .Morris is the retiring manager. Ue^Jsler Want .ids. Bring Results. it'hutiute Tribune.! .\lrs .\aney E. .-Vnirerson died yes tt rduy aft.'-rnooii at the home of her Mill .1. Q. .Vnderson. ^AZ South Central avenue. Death was cans'Hl by old ape. Mrs. Anderson was 79 years old. She came to Kansas hi 1862. and located at Cherrjvale. She later mov..>d to Huiuboidt and r^ide<I there until five years ago. when she inovctl to Chanute. Threo daughters and ot ;e .son are left to mourn her death. They are .^frs. Sarah E. Powell, of Taeoma. Wnsh.: Mrs. Anna BainL of Ottawa; Sfrs. Mary B&an, of Fort Dodge, and J Q. .\nderson of thhi •••iiy. Tbe funeral services will be conducted loinorrow tuoming at nine o'clock by Rev W. JL ^ray. Interment will be made in the De'Wltt cemetery, three miles northwest of UmmboldL Useful Gifts! For the bride, sweetheart or; relative, you will liud au array of gift giving goods, not only beautiful but useful. No matter which way you turn, soiiiethiug confronts you that will be just right. You know, too, in dealing here you gel just what you think you get and. at smallest poseible price. I*. Tytn 84>tft Ft uHl K K. ft. T. Wateh laapeeletl. J^^l

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