The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1944
Page 6
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six BLYTI1KV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, fief/cas Given Return Match With Allen Revenge in double-baricled lots will bo the urininry motivating factor-in-.'the •pnmilwd action during the weekly wrestling program Monday ''night lit the American Legion arena. / Promoter Mike Meroncy has two more Individual matches down for the show, each with a 00-minutc time limit and three frills, and both arc fairly'dripping with ti'dcsirc- to-get-even vein. Staff Scrgt. Chris Belkns, the brilliant young mat Instructor at the Blythcville Army Air Field ami holder of at lens I nine worjd's weight lifting titles, to sny no'thlne of countless other athletic achievements, has k been granted the opportunity to atone for a recent defeat. He has been rcmatched with Roy Allen, the dynamic and spectacular leg artist, In one hnlf of the double header card. "Wild Bill" Canny, fresh from a triumphar.t campaign down Mexico way, has long been yelping for a chatiee for revenge ngnlnst huge Jack Moody, the former Southwestern of-Memphis'grid star. He can slop squawking and start to work now, for the local matchmaker Is throwing the two ring giants together in the same ring to compile the dynamite-laden ring dish Snaps Win Streak Belkns had a iwrfect record of 10 straight victories in full-length 'Individual matches until it. was spoitc< by Allen in one of the most thrilling, hair-raising matches of the year. The fans liked It and besieged Mike for another such dish. Unti now the schedule hadn't worked out Chris offered no alibis for the defeat. He Is not the drying type When beaten, he glyes credit to tin .victor. He tossed a bouquet to Allei for his performance that night am did not belittle the win. But he Is confident he can lake the kanga roo kicking star into camp the nex time. He admitted he 'matte 'som mistakes : and Allen was smnr enough and e'qulpt'to take ndvnntng of those mtscucs to register th third and deciding fall. The bigges blunder came when he left hlmscl \»ide open during a flying lackl forgetting entirely that Allen wa so nlcrt and accurate- with llioi nimble, powerful legs. After I brushed away the cobwebs the re alizatlon came home to him. It wa too late then. Allen was on his wa to the dressing room with the vie tory dangling from his tell. Claims Too Much Canny, no softie hi Ibis wrestlin game, claims that Moody took a< vantage of his condition to put o undue pressure on his head durii a .match several months ago ar wulcl like to' rcuay the debt. Mood a master of the headlock, did g Bill's noggin in his vice-like an that night and didn't spare tl pressure. He clamped on the squcc ers seven .times in n row, ns fa as Canny could escape. But the la time 13111 couldn't get free for the simple reason that his lights went out on him. He was unconscious when Moody let him fall to the floor after subjecting him to one of the most .vicious hendlocks ever wll- nessed here. Alert to Canny's serious condition Referc Meroncy didn't tarry long enough to officially indicate the fall. He lapcd from the ring and with the help of a couple of fans hoisted the big boy on his shouldrs find carted htm off to the dressing room for treatment. Moody Is -Lighter Moody, lighter than he has been in many months—he's down to-a mere 223—returned last Monday night after an extended absence but was thrown against huge Chief Sau- nooke, the 340-pound Sampson. He was no match for the powerful Cherokee chief, but has been more than able to take care of himself against men in his weight group He may have a few things to say —and do—about this revenge idea of Canny's Promoter Meroney announces that the American Legion has pu a corps of workers with hammers and nails and lumber on the arena seats. The work should be flnlshert by starting time which Is 8:30. Officials are sparing nothing to sco that the fans are safe and comfortable in tlie small arena and are looking forward to increasing the sealing capacity after the war. borne Fawn, Eh? BAAF Netman Wins Matches At Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 2 (U.P,)— Lieut. John A. Kerr, the Blythc- ville Army Air Held tennis star, won his matches 'in both the first and second rounds of the Arkansas open tennis meet at Little Kock yesterday, and will meet Daniel Grant In third round matches this afternoon. The Blythcvillc racket-swinger eliminated C. Joseph Scott 0-1, (i-1 In the first round, and went on to down Nnnrwti Slcgel 0-1, C-3 In the second round. Grant moved Into third round play by downing IJabbs Sullivan C-l, 6-2, and James Anderson 4-G, C-3 and G-3. Little Uock's outstanding netman, Charles Cook, also won his opening matches for the right to enter this aftcrraon's rounds. A fawn lost nt the edge of a woods near Trapper Lake, Wis., was adopted and fed by Lady, an English seller, whose owner named the foundling Bambi. She is pictured snncking at canine cafeteria. Atlanta Takes and Leads Southern League By United I'rcss The Southern Association picture as changed again today. The At- iinta crackers won a pair last tight from Birmingham, while Memphis was defeating the Nash- •llle Vols In both ends of a double leader. The result of the pair ot twin jilts leaves the Crackers out In front by a game and a half. Memphis and Nashville are now tied for second place. Memphis defeated Nashville, 1 to I, in the first game, and 1 to 5 In (lie second Meanwhile, the Crackers won ihclr pair of contests, '1 to 2, and 9 lo five. In other games, Mobile beat the Little nock Travelers, 0 to 2. And Chattanooga gave New Orleans a sound trouncing, 10 to 1. DOPE BUCKET BY i. r. mum \O PAKAD1SK | When Staff Sergt Horace Walters was home on furlough recently after norc than 30 months In the Southwest Pacific I had Ihe opportunity .0 chat a few times with him, at .he office, the Lions Club when he told a few of his experiences, and prior to a wrestling match at the American Legion. Prom what he 1 told me about his living conditions on New Guinea it was easy to see lhat it hardly ranked as a paradise, n garden of Eden. On (he contrary, he describee! it as possessing everything that would make one appreciate these good ol' United States. Infested with every conceivable varmint and reptile, to say nothing of the Jungles and the swnmps with lUs fever, it ranks as tlio No. 1 spot where you would not want to live. So It's no loday s Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Mobile at Memphis. Atlanta at Birmingham. pnl v games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Chicago at Cincinnati. New York at Brooklyn. Boston at Philadelphia. St.'Louis at Pittsburgh. AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at Chicago, night. Washington at New. York. Philadelphia at Boston. Detroit at St. Louis, nighi. wonder the boys over there arc working doubly hard to sink the Rising Sim, and fnst] My pal, Joe Applebavim, who spent even horrible months there, talked n whispers at the mention of New He just wouldn't voluntarily talk about it. So, one day, I ips and asks him point blank, 'What about New Guinea?" "Well, what about it?" he shot rack without blinking an eye or twitching a muscle. "J. P.," he sex., -In my estimation the dirtiest trick we could play on the Japs and Nazis would be to take 'cm all lo New ami make 'em live there. If Hell Is any worse, brother, from Ihls day I'm starting to be a good boy." Scrgt. Charles (Peck) Hnrdln, another former Chick gildder and local product who went down In Australian sports history as a participant in (he first football game ever played In the Aussie nation, just recently was transferred Into New Guinea from Australia. And lie, loo, Is nil fed up with tlie place. In fact, he dislikes the island so much that he sent a poem to Ills wife which served to better express his thoughts atict sentiments. Whether he actually composed It 1 not known. It really doesn't nuvt- er. Bui here 11 is: I'VE DONE MY HITCH was sitting here and thinking of the things I left behind. And I hate to put on paper what is running In my mind. V sadder place this side of Hell, I'm sure cannot be found, Whoever found this damned old place is sure welcomed to the ground. There's a certain consolation, so lis- .ten white I tell, When we die we will go to Heaven, for we've done our hitch In Hell. We have b\ilit so many kitchens. where the cooks stew their beans We have stood a million guard mounts, we have steamed out our latrines; We have washed a million pots, and we've peeled a million spuds; We have rolled up in our blankcls, and we've washed our dirty dnds; The actual count of reveilles we've stood Is hard to lull, fn Heaven there will lie no reveille, when we've done our hitch in Hell. We've killed a million bugs and ants; that 1 have cried for cats, And shook a million bugs and snakes out of dirty sheets. And we have picked the regal cactus <mt of pur khaki punts, While each embarrassed GI Just pains and gronns niul p-ints. When our work is Mulshed—then our friends behind.will yell Those men all went to Heaven— 'cnuse they did their hitch in Hell. We've taken that bitter alabrine, and yes those awful pills, To ijrolccl nil our systems ngnliul fever and chills. We have seen a million nck-acks . burst up in the sky, As we dive in our trenches as the daisy cullers lly. Put out Ihose liyhls and cigarettes, we hear tlie Scrgt. yell, This isn't a picnic, it's another hitch In Hell. When Hie final laps are sounded mid we've shed our earthly cares, We'll pull our best parade of all upon the golden stairs. The angels there will greet us and on their harps will gladly play. We'll hear Gabriel blow his horn, and Sulnl Peter proudly yell Front scats, you guy.s from New Guinea, you've done your hitch in Hell. Arkansas Youth Promising End Melvln McGaha, 17, One Of University's Brightest Prospects LITILE ROCK, Sept. 2 (UP) Folks at Faycllevlllc, home of the University of Arkansas Ilazorbacks, are predicting great things lor 11- year-old Melvln McGaha of Little Rock. Evcil head coai;h Glen Rose, usunlly silent on such mailers, Is making no Ijones about his enthusiasm for tlie big end from-the capital city. Why, tlie observers arc even pre- ilicLlug that "Big Mac" will rank with such stellar former Razorbacks as Jim Denton, Wear Schoonover and Den Wlnkclman. That's how good they think McGalia Is. When Melvln showed up at the university last fall he weighed a scant ICO pounds. They didn't pay much nltcntlon to him then. But when grid practice opened Aug. 21 this year, they saw a new McGaha. He had seemingly "sprouted" like a toadstool—standing six feet in his slocking feet and tipping the scales Yesterday's Results SOI1T1IHHN l.EAGUH Night games: Memphis 2-1, Nashville 1-5. Atlnntn 3-9, Birmingham :!-!>. Chattanooga 10, New Orleans Mobile 0, Little Hock 2. NATIONAL' LEAGUE Brooklyn 8. New York 1. Night games: Boston 3. Philadelphia 2. Chicago 3, Cincinnati 2. Pittsburgh 3, St. Louis:2. AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington 10, New York 1. Philadelphia 3, Boston 4. Night eauics: Detroit" 0, St. Louis 3. Chicago 5, Cleveland 4. Hanging Around at 19C pounds. And he Is still just us fast on his feet. It was Little Rock high school's veteran athletic director, Earl P Quiglcy, who put the Arkansas coaches wise to Melvln. "Tnltc the boy—you'll never regret It," said Quigley. "He didn't play much for us because he was so young and so small. But he will grow Into a big man mid will he a great athlete." Men In Service Pvt. Cecil B. Neel, son of Mr and Mrs. Tom Neel of Leachville, Route 1, recently received a diploma In parachute rigging from Robert W. Douglass Jr., commanding general of the 1th Fighter Command in Hawaii, where he is sta tioncd. Private Neel, former prcsl dent of the Box Elder 4-H Club was graduated from Lcaclivillc high school In 1941. Most of the heat in the air abmil us comes not from the sun, from the earth, which has bcci wanned by the sun. Senators Blow Lead Then Win Trim Yankees, 10-7; Detroit Raps Browns And Reduce Lead By United I'ress The low-ranking Washington Senators kicked away n five-rim lend, but then Jolted to a 10-1 victory over the New York Yankees. So the backward mce to (lie American League pennant continues. The New York Yankees and St. Ix)uls Browns arc, right now, the heirs apparent to the crown, but they both seem to be doing their best to keep away from the title. Washington blew two leads, ir fact, before winning (he game, Arnold Thcscnga, « former semi-pro pitcher, started for Washington but was batted out by Uio Yanks. Pan Waner made his first start in American •, League livery, contributing pinch single to the Yank attack which drove across the first run. Boston moved up again, defeating the Philadelphia A's, 4-3. Jot Bowman held a 4-1 lead going into the ninth but was relieved when the Athletics began hitting. Detroit hit Into three Brownie pitchers, and Hal Newhouscr spaced six St. Louis Browns as the Tigers took another knock at the Brown league lead, C-3. Ncwhouscr gave up a pair of runs in the fourth inning but was in little trouble. Dick Wakcfi'eld whammed out n home run with a man aboard to back Newhouscr, who won his 22nd game of the year. The St. Louis defeat slices their league lead to a mere two games. Detroit is now second, one percentage point ahead of. the New York Yankees. it took the bounding Chicago White Sox a dozen innings to win, ut they did, defeating the Clevc- iiitl Indians, 5-4. The game was a hrawlng duel for Al Smith and Joe Inynes, with Hayncs the winner, in the National League the Pitts- inrgh Pirates won a 3-2 game from he high-flying St. Louis Cardi- nls. LefJ,y Fritz Oslenmicllcr won \ throwing duel with Max Lnnicr, vho failed in a try for his 18th win the year. The Boston Braves won two games vith the fading Fils of Philadelphia, nking the first 3-2 and the finale -4, The Braves'shoved across two mis in the eighth to,take the starter. In the second game Buck Etchison sparked tlie -Brave batting with three-run homer: The Chicago Cubs moved into the First division., with: a 3-2 triumph over i the Cincinnati Reds Bucky Walters was foiled in an al- tempt for his 20th win of the year Great relief chores by Paul Erick- Cleveland . Philadelphia Chicago , .. Washington Says Groceries Owned By Army Went Off Post LAS VEGAS, Nev., Sept. 2. (UP)— i Pittsburgh A first claw private, testifying at an „""- """i 1 St. Louis NATIONAL I.UAGUE W. L. officer's court martial, charged that New York .412 .•113 .4GB .•113 Pet. .745 .590 .562 .450 .153 108 17 .389 taking'home groceries without ciish ^'"'^S 0 • < or ration points was customary at ,;„?,, ,',,'' the Las Vegas Army Air Dase. Philadelphia Pvl. Elroy Moi -gall said Lieut, Col. i U1 ™ R1V » _• Harvey Rnnkln, base quartermaster,1 „,. ~, „."„ .. and other married servicemen and ' 1 ,' rc , s , fo1 , A , Cllr <"'' I' 01 ' 3 w " olllcen workins at the cold ttoniEc ^W ^ X,*™^ wW warehouse tilled their off-post, tables call> '" !945 ' OPA says ' with foods taken from the mess The father of a minor chief of supplies. „ lli[> Clierokee Indians designed Die Uankin, defendant in the court governor's mansion in Haleigh, s. mnrtinl, Is also charged with paying C. above celling price for chickens bought for the field. .CM .ti'fi .410 .433 .421 .393 .308 Baseball Standings KOUTIIOKN LEAGUI: W. L. Pet. Atlanta 40 21 .050 Nashville 33 Memphis 38 New Orleans 31 Mobile 26 Little llock . 24 Birmingham 1 24 Chattanooga 24 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. St. Louis II 57 .554 York . CO 59 .539 Detroit ; 08 58 .539 Boston 50 00 .535 son won for Chicago, (he Chicago thrower limiting the Reds to jmi- two hits in the last six innings. Art Herring, the 35-year-old Dodger righthander, won his second ;ame over the New York Giants ill Lhe last week, allowing them just four hits in an 8-1 game. Indulging Uieir long-suppressed desire to jeer at their Nan oppressors, citizens o£ a French city, liberated by Allied forces, parade through streels will) German soldiers hanged in e.fliyy. New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows NiRhlly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System FOB SAL'S CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIZES Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber Osceolo Tile & Culvert Co. Phone «S1 Saturday 'OKLAHOMA RAIDERS' with Tex Uidcr SliKIAL and SHOUT Saturday OWL SHOW "HI, GOOD LOOKING with r'thlie Guilhn & Harriet Hillmrcl Selected Shorts I Sunday & Monday 'UNCERTAIN GLO isifh Errol l-'lynn Fo\ News & Short / Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD arid KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON TOO RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 Open 7:30 Show Starts HeM uouriet new> want utt PRESCRIPTION Fruheat Stock Guaranteed Beat 1'rle** Kirby Drag Stores i i i '1* I I I Last Time Today 'Cowboy ii the Clouds' fltK' with Charles Sturrcll, Pub Taylor and Julie Duncan SERIAL: "Desert Hawk." Short WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Sept, 4, 8:30 p. m. to»«»t Admission of my WrfdUnj Ann* in Amertc*. Adnlts, 36c, Tai 9o—Total, 45c. Reserrtd Beats, Uo, Tai So-Total, 150. Children'. Buta IZc, T« So, ToUl, 15c, Reserved S«ats On Sale at the Legion Arena Erery Monday from S p. m. on. DOUBLE MAIH EVENT 2 90-Jllnute, 2 Out of Z Fall JIatohcs SGT. CHRIS BELKAS ROY ALLEN THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS I!ox Otficc Opens 8—Show Starts at 8:15. SATUKDAYS * SUNDAYS iiox Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Saturday "STAGE TO CHINO" with George O'Brien fliaiilcr 7 of Serial Disney Comedy Saturday OWL SHOW 'ISLE OF MISSING MEN with (•ilbcrl Itnwlantl, Jnlni Howard, Helen Gilbert & Alan Mowbray Selected SHorU WILD BILL CANNY vs. JACK MOODY Sunday and Monday "THE UNINVITED" with Kay Millaml, Uulh llusscj' « Donald Crisp UKO News & Short ,1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I'M SAVING WASTE PAPER' I Hi K3 S) 31 E£ Xi i All «TM titt country W!TM aad nreethetrt* «rt ooJIectinf *••*• J»p«* Thty »«Uro»nd thu out Aghctaf BM desperately MM! &k aided Saturday Midnight Show The Ghost Ship! with Hichard Dix, Kusscll Wade and Edith Barrett Selected Short Sunday and Monday "M. v ^h Unknown • with Paul I.nkas, Karl Ksmond and Feler Van Eyck Paramount News Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. s Sat. starts t2;.|5; Snn. starts 1:K Night shows 5:45 • Except: .Monday, opens 6:45 " onlinDnus shows Sat. and Sun* ' They u* nokfaf • weekly habit ol MT old Mwiftpen, boxM, vrap- ptafh Tb«f «• not burning ot SAVE ABUHOU kwm wax utklM u*ed by our Dn fMr p*rt aloof witfc tfaeM patriotic tn Modiog it to auk* or wrap •OM thu 700,000 jtftant WOMB. Oft you* slub*, tMt tad church fKMpt behind thti BOTwnao*. Collect w*m p«p«c-bw»die It-tad tun k Ut .' '*'. and help Last Time Today . Double Feature "DOWN RIO GRANDE WAY" ttilh Charles Slarrctt and I, "SEALED LIPS" with William Gargan CHAPTER 1: "G-Mcn vs. the Black Dragon" Comedy u.s. VICTORY WASTE PAPER CAMPAIGN Sunday and Monday "THE SPOILERS" with Jlarlcnc Dietrich & Randolph Scott Universal N'cvts .,. Short: "This Is America"-

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