Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1908
Page 3
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fi68 It will be Impossible after the Lines 50 inch semi-fitted Coatei, handsomely tailored, of best black Kersey, elesrantlv trimmed, SfBmOO to Db|ilicate tiiese models bave been txbausted 50 inch black Kersey Coat, trimmed with silk braids, silk velvet and battons, the best value we have ever shown, on $5,O0 60 inch in same stj'le in fine Imported Broadcloth , S18»00 52 inch Empire Coats, all wool Kersev at.. .St2,Bp 52 inch Empire CoatP, fine impoited Broadcloth St2,BO 52 inch Empire Coat?, come in bine, brown and gray stripe, finely tailored y:. with same cloth S/O.UO K 50 inch semi-fitted Empire style, handsomely trimmed with silk brnids, silk velvet and buttons. Cheap at $10 00, on sale..., S7.S0 sale Misses' and Junior cloth Coats in every new fctylc,'handsomely tailored and trimmed ill a wide range cf prices, from $12 .50 <lowu to S3»7S ].">» Bsarakin Coat:?, in white, gray, blat'. red and browns, from $2.00, running into the larger sizes up to. SSmOO We pride ourselves in saying we will show y u as fine a line oE Cloaks as you will find in an3' city store. MILLINERY! SPLENDID SHOWING Our mid winter sliowing of everything new and beautiful. Everything pretty for dressy occasions in the beautiful large flat effects^ trimmed in plums, roses and foliage. Our Miss Crockett and assistants are trimming up some of the prettiest thmgs we have ever shown. Priaea ranging from S3 .30 to $7mH0, If you are after a pretty Hat, one that is chic and up'to the minute with style, you should visit NEWS OF LA HARPE THE L» H.IBPK inuil S< H(»OL n\I.I. TKAM nKKKATKIl KI.SMOKE. IT WAS A VERY FAST GAME riTT tOrMILMEKT .Sl> REGII-VB HE.«»«IO\ WEn>ESD\V MJJHT, KcT. Jfarklej. a Repn>enUtlTo of a lloiw for Orphans of Ft. StoH, Prraehed Here Yesterdaj-. ronncll To Meet. The dt.v council will meet In rep- ular session V\edne«da>' night. There are several Important irimters to nm- rltJPT at ihi» meeting. hi- KIsniorc hluh lirhool fam on the Kltiiiioro srounds Saiiinlay nflernoiin li.v ihc yrfiff lit Ifi to 0. The same was fuhi an'l extltln-.; from the i*iart lo thr- fi^il^ll. '•he lin.^iij) follfiw?: Ilaipllton. rlKht end: OilLort. ripht tark'e; RpeJ. rlifhf k'liard: Da.vtoii. cpnti»r: Thoiupson li'l! (ciia;<l; .Morrison. Irfi t.irkle; •jruves. Ifff finl; Kelser. fiiiarter hark .McrrtT. rl «lit half: Peterson. Irft half. .Ii;ry. in\\ back. AFTER "BOB WHITE" THE QUAIL SEASON OPENED SAT­ URDAY NIGHV. To Hold Bnsiness Mrellnir. Thp W. r. T. r. of this rity will holtl tliei:- remilar nioiahly ni«'(^t.:np W'etl- nesflflv afiorncon at th»* Ftientl.-" ••Iiiirch. TliTe arc several mutters cf Inifortanop to he Cfjnsldered at thi.s ni'^eiinn: atiJ a fiiH attendance Is de- Many Hunters Went Out Yesterday. • Although it Was Sunday.— t i What Law Is. .V large (ended the trio park Triplels. a HarjH^ Bnrlinpfon Crowd from la Harp«*. crowd from this city at- foot ball game at the Elec- yesterday aften:oon. The team composed of Gaa City, and lola players, defeai-^u by the score of 52 to 1. iA Harp<> HiKfen MOB. In a wen played fodt ball game the lA Harpe high school team defeated FOOD FOR A YEAR Milk amtr. 300 100 a». 27 dos. SWJOM. This represents a foir ration for a man for one year. Batwnt pec^Ic eat and eat ind yet grow tnlnner: This means a daective dlfiestkm and unsuHabie food. AToMHdkiUar bottle of Siott's Einiilsion eqioils in nourishing properties ''ten pounds 9f meat. Your physidan can tell you Iiow ji does it fi^'lU* arfwTtiMMM. tamOm ««h vmtm » HMT <*i(fe it awnn. nwaJdr«p tei •STEOP.VTHT— , DB .ivr .n. .VLBRIGHT. RepstereU Osteopathic Phyjlctan. State Bank Olde. Phone 145. Only Osteopath lit La Harpe. Kei. Marfclejr Wan Speaker. Rev. .Markloy of V\. Scotr. addi»'.<.<;'»<I :hc aiidience a: the Merhodiat Kjil;- roi>al church ycrs'erday mornin.«. iS repreaentlns a socIe:y which has for its ji 'irpose the a.-siistance of <ir- pii.l?!?. Ul Day S*«<iloii. The Uidii's' Aid society of the Presbyterian church will hold an atl-d;iy se3 .<^!on In the parsonagf^ next Thursday afternoon. The time will be spea: in Ketiinc out work which ha- accu- iiiulaied. Penuiiuils. V.rii Morrijoii. of Kieniore. .spent' vfcterday here vIsltlnR nis jiarenta. Frank Knox left .reaterday for Ch!- raao on a buslnesa visit. .ViM Maude Barker. .Mr*. R. Ilelnj and I. Helm vIMted relatives In Moran yesterdya. The fjulle*' .Aid Boclety, of the M. K. church, niceta next Thursday «f:or- noon in the church. ilany IJI Harpe people atended .\. iX VCooi'n public sale Satiirda.v. Rev. J. H. Brieht. pastor of the Prea bjterlan church, rciurncd yesterday ,frotn a trip through Texas. He preach^ at the church yesterda.r inornin?. Ollflllan li Town. .R. S. Gtlflt.'an. the contractor, came In yeaterdajr from Fort Scott, where he haa a big paring coatract He aaya that he will fintita the NaUonal avenue there this month scd will al.-w finish Sycamore street here this month. A force of men have begun work at Nevada. Mo., on a contract he aecured there recently. Wlieu iho clock struck twc-lvc o'clock Saturday nichf. ilie •'lid offlcial'v taken off the quail .season for lf(i>S. Hunters arc now permitted to hunt th<- game until December l .'i. AltiouKh yootenlay was Sunday, many uimrods crjuia not resist taking fidvantage of th" first i !,iy and shotibi- cred thi-ir s"iis a:iU took to the n .?ld.s. . I 'lldertlit' proii'Ctiou of tii«- ic.cst.iit admira!.>!«,' slate jiauio law, quail ha\" !>tTome abundant in Kansas. N'-'arlv ovcry .st -ction of it)- ^lau- is lib'-raliy supplied with th» birds and tii«' hiin:- :ne ihi.s ypar promises exct .-Peiit sport. While tho same law Is stringent a:; roaards quail, it is sufficiently liberal trat no man who detlrcs to shoot th<- hlnlK for siiori and lor t\\r> purpoM.'^ of serurlnp food for himself and family l:as no t!ii)uiiil for coniplaliii. But'at tin- li.iin • time t!n> statuto [H strlcf 1 i:fiu!-.:i lo pri^vcnt flK- cxicnninaiion I 'f (!!<• i)iril.s !)> wanton slau^lit'-r, T!i(ri- Is oMi' provlFluii of the sanio t;»w that offocttially sqitelches the ••:.'an:<- hos," this term Iwlng used to it <'Ml )fnatp a man v:io Is not sattfi- n-d wl h kl'Iin;: a rca«onabl»! iiiimbor of bini.s. but who glories In tho slaui^h .( r of myriads of tliem and who l)end8 ev> ry effort toward .settlnj: new roc- fi :d; for larpe numbers killed In a •.irTrl" i!ay. The pres«^nt law deprives s'lcli a niati of all the pleasure he can ii ./.:si!.Iy rot oiit of quail huntln:^. Un>'-'V i-s provi.^lons no one porson Is i.Tinittrd to kill more than twenty of tJii- blriis in a single day during thf fjB.-on. Section I'J. chapter 2ti7. session :av.=; of 19r>.=>, wliic:: Is tho pam: an.I fiPli law. is the statute coverin? tiii^ iioinr. It rea'.'s: "it shall bo unlawful for any one person in any one calendar day to shoot or kill Kame bird.^ in < xcess of t;>e fo'IowinK indicated number: Gc'Sc. IV. prairie chicken. quail. t": plovfT. 1!<): wild duck, 2''<: AviH ::<••«.'. Ill; wild brant U'." METHODIST REVIVAL A Red Letter Day at the M. E. Church Yesterday.—Rev. Hamilton's Sermon. 8er.-y Conducted Services. l-of. K. V. Berr.v. physical director of the Y. .M. C. A. assisted by a T ;-imIier of the yotmger members of r'lo a.-?oc!3tlon. coi\dticted services at ' <• l.iitl." Bifildors' ch-ipel la.^ even- Tlie World's Best Piano P/ices Range frim $590 ip $1508 J.V. ROBERTS, Distribator Yf-.-rtdrday a red retter day at th» First M. E. church. The morning service was attended by a fine «-on5re- gatlon and the preache.- [in ^ached nn unusually strong sermon on thf sub- je<t. -Our Father which art in Heaven." It is a Kreat thing that .lesus In teaching t: Is prayer did not say -My Fat. er. It could have boea so and no one would have doubted it since. He, .Jesus, could cure the leper, quiet the storm, raise the dead. etc.. et?., but ir ..?t( ad He says "Our." Since then Go I is our Father certain things follow as being true, amonp them bein;:. 1st. He Is planning for our happiness. We are limited In our ability to accomplish for our children our best wishes but <3od is not. hence His plan will be carried out far as God is concerned. We may thwart the Father's purpose but it is our own doings aiid not the Father if there bi' any failuTV. 2nd. H»» sytii- patbizes with us. We are all aware oi the help of human sympathy. Her« a rtory was told of a boy away from home in a store wh<»re there was no m^rcy sho "T> but exactln? toll at ev- ivs turn. The bo.v became homesicl: and v .Tote to his mother. Then she in rc!)ly seeintr the condition p.dvlsc^ bli:r to change his place of la^or't6 that of a friend of the famll.v. When the boy beian. the employer a .-'keft about his family and made him :;3lf ,agrefab'e and told the boss to be easy jon the youn?; man till he got onto thlnps. This made new man out of the iMiy and with a will did tho yo'ini; fellow take hold in order to do for emplo.ver what was wanted. Ood knowa us and knows our need of sytnpathy. If Cod Is our Father we Inherit his attributes wbich are Love, .To.v, etc. Hia-borne is our home and we shall pofiseaa the rfcben of rtis home. There wp» a profouQd Imprfias Ion made and manyiiwere moved fo teara. Two adalta came forward *t. tho Intervention and-the aeKices were diamls«ed. In the evenfnK the church waa running over with people, L Chalra a^ all available apace were brought Into use. to accomodate the t>cople. The flrat service was conducted by tho pastor and a song service led by Bro. Anderson. 11 ,\ At both the momfnp and evening services the pastor urge^j the members of the church to attend every iBQeting possible. i l|n the evening Rev: Hamilton tfiotr bis text, L«ir of the Iiord Is perfect restoring tho soul." Ho dlscusHfd the wonders in the Hear<n.<i anti then went on to show that the law In the spiritual world was as .r rfect as the law In., the universe. Ood hn.^ for an object in man's cteatlon thp development into all that Is possible for him to \K. It is necessary for him to become a member <rf God's family and to remain a member in order that God can do for him wUat is Inleadpd. The speaker urged all to begin early In order that\there • be time for the development necessary; warned against the sin against the Holy Ghost and that sin Is a ain, so that God ceases to strive wltli men. The pastor followed with an exhortation and when the opportunity waa given seven people came to the altar and all but one professed conversion, or the restoration of peace that always comes with salvatloa. We are expecting great times this week, come and help. Services this evening at 7:30. J. M. M. I'L.VY .VT IIUXBOLDT. The oia Tolley Ball Team to Go in Aatos. The Bu.«iness Men's Volley^ Ball leant will^o to Humboldt this evening for a .i;amc with the ¥. ITi C. A. team of that city. Humboldt was.'defeated in the same played here las't.weck and hope to get their revenge'on their honre conrt this evening. The"members of the team acompanleid by a numBer of the members of the Business Men's synx .class, will drive to Humboldt in aufos thi sc!veiilQg. Pit>r. C. 5. Bliss, formerly of this dly^, is coaching the Humboldt team and one of the hen games of the seaison IS-C.-t- pected tonight. BIG CROWD COMING Newspapers in Southeastam K«nsaa Say Many Taachars Will Come to lola Thanks0iylna Weak. According to the newsj&pers from the different towns in soatheast^m parts of the state, titers will be a bU|; - delfgatlon ot .teachers b«re TtianMgiving week to attend Uie an- nnal me^tipe- ot the Soatbeaatem Kansas Teachers' AsaoA.iatlon. Tbe papers are prlntlttfT tbe entire |^ gram; and incidentally 'pralalns lOla for tije plans to ei^tertiln tBer gneists. Tbe counties'represa^ed ;ia the Sojtttli eastern A *^atIon ,are: . .^en.ij^n' dentin.-Bonrlton.. duuUanqaa, CSbi^ kee."€ravford, Eltt.- vFiiuiliUn. Ore^n, wood Johnson. Labette. Linn. Lyon. ^MiaaU. -Hontiromerr;- Keosbo. 0 ^ce> Wilaoa and WwOMoa.

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