Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1907
Page 4
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.••.•1 'A ilemi9iii .t ^ ClftCULATIOlM 41000. i - Tdepk Reporters' Room ... .1. 222 Businen Office U.......; U SCBSGBIPTIOir BATES. By Curier la lela, eis Cttf, Itujvm- Tille er L» bne Week 10 cents On* Month L 44 cenU One Year [.......... fS.OO Bj Man. One Tear, in advance 1 14.00 Threejllonths, In advance $1.00 One Month, in adranc^ Sintered at Ida. Kansas, Postofflce, as Second-;Cla88 {Matter. Adrertisins Rates Made Known on AppHcati|)n. ' OmCIAL FAPEH, SET, IITY OF BAS. •EMBEB OF ASSOCIATED PBESS. The lela Dailjr Beglgter is a Member •f the Associated Press and Beeelves tka ^ay report If that | great aews or* i*alMtk>a for ExcIn^iTe Aftiemeoa PablkatioB In lola. I OS SECOND TflOCGUT. The t'oafesslons of Uajtton. When 1 die it will inot because of disappointed ambltion.j >1 have done fnUr as well as I expected and a little better than anybody elbe expected. —— i •• I find thta "ihdeflnlt,ely postponed' 1» only another way of .good." I am always willing jto make a few exceptions. It la all r ght for Washburn students to glr^ a nightshirt parage when the Washburn football team whips K. XT. WSiile I doubt that they are, such things as the "Ideal" husband, I thlnlt he is fully as comnvon as the "ideal wife. ! I have noticed that If a woman can find nothing else to crltitcise about another wMnan she says her Hps are too large. I It is my observation that when man tharries very young it can usually be attributed to the fact that his town is very dull and there is nohting else for him to do. I have noticed that a bachelor nibbles a long time before he Anally takes the bait, but a widower lunges at the hook, swallows it'and drags the cork under with the same motion. - I A woman can tell whether a man really loves her by finding out whether he will get up on Sunday morning and go to church with her. Formerly, when a woman wanted to prove that she loved a man she knitted him a crochetlcd tie for Christmas. Now e buys a revolver and goes out and shoots him full of holes. I have noticed thatj a man never calls it "plantonic friendship", until it happens with a married woman or ouQ older than himself. My principal objection to dining out is that Is there are cranberries I not only have to eat them, but I also" have to brag on them. Wlenever I think of the orchestra I realize that I am not so badly olT after all. The orchestra has to sit througjt the show. I I have noticed that if a girl proves to b« strong competition for the da\ie^t«r of tlie house she is never invited more than once.-r-Dodd Gaston. " ' i Talk next day with ithe other man who went to the partjr and you wUI here a great deal about I the "cats" and very little about anything else. The OM Fashioned People. In answer to a querry In this df- S artment. the Pratt Republican says le old fashioned man who called it a "see-gar" went from Pratt to some point in Oklahoma arid is probably sUll there. A reader of this deiwrtment who says he is only a common plug ha.'? written in to inquire the whereabouts of the old fashioned wbman who told her friends she was "as common as an old shoe." I West Virginia reports an eight- months'-old baby thai: weighs 110 pounds. The center of I lying seems to have moved eastward latter it left Wichita.. . . Mr. Fish says It is expensive to be rich. Owing to certain rules existing thoiuse of profane anguage existent on this paper, we are unable to tell Mrt Fish what it 1 3 to be poor. ritten a book This should Mr. Carnegie has wi about the diplodocus. greatly; interest the two or three persons in this country who know what a diplodocus is. Title] of the latest bopular song: "The Eagles Do the Screaming, But it takes the Stork toj Deliver the Goods." More Beautiful Coats at $15.00 You can hardly realize how extensive is the variety of styles in coats to select from at 116.00. It^is our determination to show at this price every new style effect worthy of attention. These coats are worth |20.00, on sale, ^ $15.00 A VBry Complete Line of Furs at Our Usual Reasonable Prices : Coatsat$l2J50 An extraordinary value iu attractive fosl^lonabl^Btyle Coats, neatly tailor­ ed,'beautHally trimmed, tull sleeves and lined throughout with gnaranteed satin, worth $16.50, at .$t2,50 For $10.00. Coats fall 50 inches long, graceiul ripple back, trimmed to give the new «honldet effect, collar and cnSs arc braid and silk velvet trimmed; lined throoKhoat with heavy satin: all $13.50 to $15 values^ while thev last, choice for $W»00 Special Three Day's Sale of Blankets. Comforts and Underwear $0 inch Coats $5.95. Qood stjries and fine quality, well made, richly trimmed and jtill 50 in. lon^. They *e made o( good Kersey, heaVy Melton or broadcloth J half lined, braCd and velvet trimmedL in black onl^. Tomorrow for J.. $BmB8 5 Styles Taffeta Waists. $5 Five styles of tailor made Taffeta in black only. All new smart styles, values $6.50 and $7.50 each, made by best waist makers, ot <superior taScta only. Sizies range from 32 to 44, all go tomorrow, one price $8mOO afternoon It vHI stop worrying be- caSise the wor^s. "In God We Trust, have been renyjved fi'om the $10 gold piece. / There is talk of a new summer park Topeka, ca'used no doubt by the remendous dividends paid by the one now in existence. At any raKi the St. .loe school teacher who goraniitted suicide because she eouWn't make up her mind which church '^he wanted to join, succeeded In solvjng her dilemma. The i)rescnt Caleb Powers trial is his fifth inste.^d of his fourth as i.s generally stattjd. Power.s has been ried three tifnes by the courts and oucc by McClihes magazine. The public is always pretty well satisfied with a divorce of the newspapers print tne detail.-. Countess Ca^tellane says she won't marry again. : Which indicates that the Countess's^ scorched fingers have not yet entirely healed. A lawyer has been'employed to assist City Attorney Drennlng. A law— aw, go ahead s]nd say It yourself. MRS. PERKINS SUED. Modern Woodmen Want to Know to Whom to Pay Policy. lAwrence. Kas.. Nov. 14.—^The Mod- ejru Woodmen of America, have filed suit In the district court for the pur of determining who is the person or persons to whom It owes $3,000 the sum of a po'icy upon the life oi LJ. H. Perkins. The lodge had. such a |>olicy U|K>n Perkins' life In favor of his sons. It d}cs not know just how to go about p tying the policy so as to be within tic law, and consequently has filed Slit, .Mrs. Perkins is named as defendant, being brought In in her capacity as trustee for her two elder sins. This permits the three so; ti interplead as parties to the case, and the suit is expected to result in a ji dgment defining the exact direction i; which the lodge should move in njaking the payment. It is altogether friendly suit, and is for settling a v4xed question at law. GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS Are college styles designed particu- larlylto interest youne men who desire original and snappy cjothes. Both' models and styles of fabrics are exclusive. You =11 find them to out bf the ordinary >ew!. of I'arMons Fire Kcrdred Here —Cooper Lumlier Yard Burned. S. .W. Cooper Lumber Yard Burned. The S. .M. Cooi>er lumber yard at Parsons was totally destroyed by fire yesterday. The tire was started in small barn which adjoined the Cooper lumber yard. From the Cooper lumber yard the flames spread to adjoining lumber yards and residences burn ing them to the ground as they went. The S. M. Cooper Lumber company formerly owned a lumber, jard in this city. Mill Play .Saturday. Saturday has l)een set for the date of the basket ball game between the Gas City and Parker high school teams. The game will be played at Parker. The boys have l)e€n working hard every evening this week. The boys are In excellent condition for the game. Word was received from Parker to the effect that the team in that city has been working hard an» is In excellent condition. be considerably and an entirely Persoaals. Kverett l^pllng left yesterday for Bartlesvllle. I. T.. where he will'ac­ cept a position In the smelters in that cit.v. A. Hinkle came in yesterday from Altoona for a short visit with friends Dr. Licavell left yesterday for west? ern. Kansas. On a short business visit. I William Davis left yesterday for West Plains, Mo., on real estate business. Mayor P. H. O'Connor left yesterday for Bartlesvllle. T. T.. on a business visit. Mr. and .Mrs. William Harder of Deering are visiting at (he home of a relative in this city. iOTES ILiTOB A.\D COCNCILMKX ». SPECTED DAX TESTEBDAY. REPAIRS WILL RE MADE AT ONGE LOCAL .1. H .T. A. MILL SEXD DELEGATE TO COt.XTY MEETLNG. newkleparture in clotjies making. Made ai ctothes should be made by Liopold, Solomon & Eisendiath, Chicago. Sold by one good Generally speaking, ii you try,it in the dark, you will only succeed in kisains the girl on the I ear. It looka now as though Harry Thaw wooM bare to haTe^hls \Wl t'urke)' auttetohloL . I Thla ^eparOMBt aonjea notice juow ttet: proaptir at 4 jo'dpok tonoi^roir Batbi of Agl Minis. EtelDsfre ApartMt for Kadiea Denicoinb Bath Hoos^ and lUoeral Well (1.600 Feet clothier in your city. Deep.) Lo<^ted at 4th and Scott Aje.. Fort Scott. Kansaa. TUa i^Mer rotriUToly Cares BfeeaBuUsB^ Brl^t*a D 1» C«M> Stoaueh TMible aa4 Agae. Pivt. J< L. Btakap, tke wuX C«lehrate4 Maaaafitt aH HTirtyath* ^ bt b ti* Qiaatry, ta atteniuee fiflaf aaaaifa. wAn9 SHiPPW or BITS («) fuiLQir BOTTUS OHLT. L ft A fJAP DINNER TO EVANS. Viscount Aoki Will Entertain the Am erican Admada'* Commander. Washington. Nov. 14.—^Another evi dence of Japan's feeling of friendship for the United States will be given Saturday night when Viscount Aoki. the Japanese ambassador, will entertain at dinner, in honor of Rear Admiral and Mrs. Robley Evans. The ambassador and Admiral Evans are old friends and the dinner la ostenstt)- ly a personal tribute to the admiral, but it is i>ound to be construed of international significance. In connection with the forthcoming departure of Admiral Sana's fleet for the Pacific TO CUBE X COLD HT ORB DAT Tako LAXATIVE BBOMO QHIBIIM Tablets. Drocgtata rafoad no&ar tt It falla to ear*. B. W. OROVR« alf* uturt la CD aaeh IKO . Mct Ml8» XontoBiery TI'Ul Go to Abilene -BUis Out for Game With >'eodesba. Conncil and Jlayor Inspect Dani. The city council and ma>'or inspected the dam south of this city yesterday evening. The matter of making extensive repairs will come up for consideration at the next meeting of the city council. The members wanted to know the particulars so they could act inteligently. it was found that it will be necessary to make some retKtlrs on the east end of the dam. MiHS Mont^mery lias Kesl^rned. Miss Mabel Montgomery who has taught in the La Harpe schools for the past tw« years has resigned her ixisitjon here and will accept one In the city schools at Abilene, Kansaa. Miss Montgomery is a good teacher and will be a great loss to the schools She has many friends here who wish her success wherever she may go. The boarti has not yet secured a teacher to talie her place. AdverUsiBir Foot BalL Bills were being circulated in this city yesterday advertising the foot iiall game between the Tri-Clty team and the Neodcsha team. The bills state that the game will be for blood. Uoth teams will be in excellent condition for the game. "Two Orpbans" Tonight 'Two Orphans" will be the attraction at Peel's opera houso this evening. This bill has been shown here a number of times and each time it was greeted with a large bouse. The bill Is a melo-drama when properly prb- dnbcd reduces the audience to tears. The company whicb Is to produce it is said to be a good one. A. H. T. A. Will Send Delegate. The local order of A. H. T. A. will elect a delegate at thelrx^ext meeting to go to the meeting of county delegates which will be held in the future for the purpose of considering the purchase of a blood hound. It is believed that the local delegates will l)e in favor of such an arrangement. Personals. 1. N. Dickens left yesterday for the northern part of Missouri on a bual- ness visit. Eph Morgan Is visiting his uncle In this city. He will leave for his home the last of next week. Henry Bonger came In yester- May from Wellington. Kansas, to visit Joe" the tailor. Wanted. 500 men and women that are living for this world but are not getting ready for the next, to hear the gospel preached every night at the Presbyterian church. Do >'ot Mbs Them. Rev. T. S. .Mawley who Is conducting the metings at the Presbyterian church is an unusually strong preach er. It will pay yon to hear these sermons. Indeed, you can't afford to miss them. TELEPHONE TOUB WATTT ADS. TO THE BEGISTEA OFFICE. As an accomodation, the Register rccehres ads for Its want columns over the telephone, but exiiects the advertiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient,'as the bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone, -\o. 18 or' 222. and it will receive careful atteollon. W^.ANTED—Girl for general housework. Inquire 706 East street. WANTED—Middle a^ed woman for general house keeper. 716 South Chestnut. WAN.TED—House Phone 1112. cleaning to do. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second stret FOR SALE'-REAL ESTA1L FOR SALE—Good runabout Studebaker buggy and good set of hardess for sale cheap if taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. KNIGHTS ^P MACCAtaBSr-. Knighia of Maccaheea of the World meetalln K. P. Hall;: aectmd uid fOnrth Wednesday nighta In each month. J. W. Postwalt. commander; R. B. Por> ter. record keeper. < W. 0. W Camp No. 101 meata la K. of P. Hall every Friday idi^ W. T. Steele. C. C; A.M.DaTla, CleiW, Visitors cordially Invited. K>1GHTS OF PTTHIAS .—Neoaho Lodge No. 43 ^meeta every .Monday night at K. of P, Hall. Vlsltlns brothers invited. W. S. Thompson, CC; Chris Bitter. K. of B. and S. K. W. A ^The H. W. A. Lodge meats every Friday night In M. "W. A. hall. Visiting brothers inyltsd. W. H. Anderson,-V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. BOTAL HEIGIIBOBS.—lola Camn No; 365.'Royal Neighbors, meiets see- on^ and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hotton, 413 West Street. Recorder. FOR SALE :—Light team, wagon and harness. Reasonable. Sl.'i North Third street. FOR SALE—Grape vines, fruit and shade trees. A. II. Brown. 515 South Cottonwood. VOK SALE—Worth the money, fine Jersey, milch cpw, will bo fresh in .\Iarch. lola Land Coni|)auy. FOR SALE—$1800 stock of grocer les and store fixtures. 403 South Kentucky street. F. A. A^-qoIden Leal COnncU Na 462,.F. A. A. meets first and jthird v/cdnesday nights In each ntonth In K. P. Hall.; C. B. Lacey, prpaldent; Miss Mable tlhortack, secretary. FSATERTfAL BROTHERHOOD.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeta second and fourth Tuesdaya of each month in A;O.U.W. Hall. VlalUnfl members cordialy Invited. W.H.AIH derson, president; Golda ElapoL aecre* tary. i ^ Junior Order Uatted Anerieam ¥•> cbaalcs.—Meets every Wednesday et- cnlnrat 8 o'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiting menihera invited. R. A. Widick. Councelor; C. B. Black, Reo. Secretary. FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. FOR SALE—Mare, 630 North Main fSas City. FOR SALE—Good mare with Call at 210 West street foal FOR Ran'Mi WHO I'SES HYOMEIf The Best People in lola Say Charles B. Spencer. Gaaraateed in Catarrhal Troables. .No other remedy or medical treatment has ever been as popular or made so may remarkable cures in lola as Hyomel. The best people attest its curative virtues, says Charles B. Spencer who the local agent. The lair way in which Hyomel was sokl. to refund the money unless it gave satisfaction, was the l>est proof when it was introduced that It possessed unusual curative powers. Charles B. Spencer took all the risk of the treatment giving satis- fractlon. and left it to the purchasers to t>e the judge. Later, when Hyomei was used and recommended by our well-known phy- sciains and business men and their wives as a treatment that absolutely cured catarrh, no matter how serious long standing, the sales rapidly grew and today there Is no other remedy in Charles B. Spencer's large stock that Iiaa such a large and staple sale. The first breat of Hyomel'a healing ail kills all catarrhal twison. ~ Tr>- Hyomei foday on Charles B.­ Spencer's offer to refund the money ifl the reatment does not give you satis-- faction, and you will soon become its There's nothing else that gives such quick curative results in catarrhal conditions. LOW FARE RATE IN OKLAHOMA. Governor Elect Haskell Thinks It Effective at Once. Guthrie, Nov. 14.—That the passea- ger fares on all Oklahoma railroads ill be automatically reduced to a maximum of two cents a mile by the statehood proclamation is the opinton of Governor-elect C. N. Haske'I. "The low fare law goes Into effect immediately," he said: "the companies will have a chance to present their side to the corporation commission at any lime. The beginning of the statehood regime is the begTnntng of the low fare era." Oklahoma agents are of the opinion that the three^nt rate will be continued In effect until new ordera are isaued by general paaaeaser ageata. No notice to the effect baa been ft> ceived yet. * •,_ FOR RENT—Furnished room in modern house. Inquire 202 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms, also five room house. G'tl North Jefferson FOR RENT—Two . unfurnished rooms. Inquire at 220 North Fourth Mrs. L. Marple. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for housekeeping or sleeping. 212 West Madison avenue. LOSTmmdFOUIW LOST—Black leather purse, containing $1.00 in script, some small change, and 3 foreign coins. Return to this office. Reward. LOST—On street car. brown wrist bag containing street car book With name S. C. Balthrop on lH>ok: also some small change. Return to cashier at New York Store. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rtigs cleaned by Thei«hRigFactoi7 rNONB m Y. M. C. A. LECTURE COUR^S^E 19 0 7 AND 1 4 0 8 Earant W. O'neiL Xor. fi! "Popular Fallacies." Jndge Wnils Brown: Dec. 1« A^llo Qointettc and Bell Klngcrs. Jan. Dr. Jebn X. Driver, Feb. 4 "America Facing the Far East." Danbar Male Qaartette Xar. IS ScwwB Tickets, AdaHa ILM. Hl«h Scbaal 7 &r. CtaMfta la 4ar II. Uc. Tkkc«s timMfftaia. 9USUUESS omeoTmiY JEIWGLERS. B. F. Pancoast. old relUble Jeweler. 110 East street STAHMXat Complete court at the beat school for ' stammerers In America at onf half price this fall and winter! Whit* for Information at once. itfcKiai SchoLl for Stammerers. 2706 East 12tb Streetr Kansas City. Ho. POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood tfw Test Becaose its the Best Acce|it No Of ber Wm^Qberdoff^^l TflE NEW BOOKS! Are a little late getOng the Old Corner Book-Store this year, but we give you a better price on the big sellers. «L10 liuys such big sellers as: Beth Xor^ell; by Randall Parish. Daughter of Auder^n Crow, by Geo. B. McCutcheon. Little .Shephard of Hills, by Har old Wright. The ToBBgvr Set, by Robert W. Chambers. Helena's Path, by Anth^ony Hope And many others at equally low prices. Most of the poini- lar authors have new Ixwks.tltis year, and you can get them^ of i Evans Bros;; THE BOOK SELLERS. \ . CHRISTMAS PRESENTS I Nothings better than a magazine for friend. For your magazines see J. E. HE^TDERSOIf, I Pfcoae W. 414 K. Baekieye. Livingfttop ^ Co ; CaitnetMiMiB ^lMml All Uada oC work a apeoiatty Seatb Syeaai^ Fkraa ItU EmUm'm Hmrdwaty AmninaltioB pat ap to comply wHh the pars fend law. IM Seaik Kentacky; Fhoae 4S. T. B. ShdniKiii The Allen' county Hardware and Implement man. North Side S ^iMTt lolf. K ^S

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