Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 16, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1908
Page 2
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Niirtiiiiii 1 ^ 4* Mn. McClatn Home. Mrs. E. C. McClaln haa returned from a two weeks' visit in Kansas ' City. • • • Violet Club. Mrs. J. A. Powell of UTreeler Helffbts, will jflvc a party for tiio VIo- lf*t dull on Thursday afternoon. • + + Eastern SUr. Tliere will be a regular nipptlnj; of the ICasterh Star tonight In Masonic hall. • * •> About the Coiffure. It is no lonper considered fas: ion- ah!c to wear largo puffs In ihe eolff- nre. It makes no dfiference wlielher = they are one's own or bought and applied, j They are out of style. Tbe! little puffs arc tlie ones in fa^jon. They are bought by tlio string and pinned on the hair just above the collar. Tlie only comb worn with.them is a perfectly flat one on f£iM ^lc^ 1869. AUDKTORl Movmmb»rtO,20,Mt HAwLfeY MOORfe The best Juvenile skater In the World. : ! AUDI TOR I Un top olj . padou stand the head that pushes the pom- •ir forward. Its rim must not 'up. but must nestle down In the pompadour. Ribbons, silk and velvet, vsiiite, black and multi-colored, have been twined and twisted through ro'ls and puffi? to such an unlimited extent tiiat it is a happy relief to know this ribbon threadlns' is no longer in first fashion. •:• * •> W'.WTED—Ten young ladle."; to solicit subscriptions for good reliable newspaper In Diamond Ring ennteal. Contest will be ^bort, ending the day before Christmas. Diamond ring to cost $50.00 cash. Write giving name and addres.:;. "R. C." care Inla Daily Resisfer. • • •!• To Carlyle. Miss Cora Mundl.; was a iswAi ol friends in Carlyle on Sunday. •:• •> -J* To Vltrt Brother. Miss Ehinlce Goary and Miss XolIIe Geary of Richards, Mo., are here to visit their brother, E. W. C.eary. S09 East street. * • • To Chanute. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Arnett and Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Balllett motored to - Chanute pestorday. Thfi.v _werG giiests of .Mr. and Mrs. W. K. -n«»rtfe8m and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oerbit?. * * • Sorosit Club. Mrs. O- W. Holmes, s<?cretary of the Soroeis club, entertained a lars? number of the members on Saturday . afternoon for the regular jiropram. Several Ihterestln): papers were pre- pehtrd and five o'clock ten was served. •:• v * p. E. O. Chapter. Mrs. W. R. Heylmun will entertain the P. E. 0. chapter tomorrow after noon. • • Aid Society. There will be an afternoon meeting tor the Aid society of the United Brethren church on»Thursday. The society will meet in the v.ork room of. the church. * + * Y. P. C. U. to Meet. One of the events on the church calendar for the week is the meeting of the Y. P. J. V. society tomorrow night at the United Brethren church. A program of music and appropriate roadihgs J as been arranged. • •:• • Lodge Social. The members of R. X. A. camp 1281 will give a social on Thur.sday -evening at their lotlge rooms. The guests wl'I be members of R. N. A. camp 365 of this city. .Members of the latter camp will put on the initiatory work to receive a class of mem bers. •:• -t * To Have Bazaar.- The Aid society of the Christian church has bosun first work for tl-elr bazaar whicii is to be an exent of De- c«robw flftb: E.ich year the society NVHEN SELtCTINO A DIAMOND First, BriUIancy Look for— .Scfdnd, Colon I Third, CotUnr and Perfection The e.iscntlal points of a fine Diamond. We have received direct from the cutters, a fine lot of sjMidal- ly cut diamonds. Wiile paying particular attention to the al )0ve quallilcs. our price.', are the cheapest. iilT<' 4's a (all J. W. COFFfcY & SON ExclnslTe Jewelers. E.I.ST SIDE SQUARE. O UK of!e»io];« in ladies' and geota' Watches were never more complete than at the present tine. Ladies' i5-]>wel. 6 size. Elgin or WaUbatn in so year case, Hnnt- !ng, handsomely engrared—our price. $1fmOO Wtteft If-"ctora. • has a bazaar and a small sale of needlework. This year In connoc- Uon with the booths there will ho two meals served, Jlinner .ind supper. There will be a meeting of the society (1,1 I e approaching Thursday and the lirrt I'inviiii,- will be done. , + • • Mission Band. T'.io child-.en's .•society of the Ro- fonnei church, the .Mission Band, will meet on Saturday, Miss HatUc E^hertr.n Is the prospective hostess. 4. .J. Aid Society to Meet. Mr>j. Wt r. Koii.«f will Jave the Misfilonnrv society of the Iteformed church on Thursday afte.iioon. • • 4 Ai':' Society Meeting. Mr.'. W. H. aarfield will have the Aid .soc'ely of the Baptist church on Thur.=irtay elternoon. Some i<l to be cousldorrd. + • * Self-Cenial Week. The Chrlstiah Eudoa\or .society of the Probyteilan church is entering i :pon a weeJv of self-denial. E.ich member of tlie sooiety is to make a special contrihutiou to the treasury -ind tlie fimd will go to the siippoit of tiicir niis8ionar>-. Mrs. Barrett, who rec-ently returned from work in Slam. • • • Few Club Meetings. .Ml clubs of Ilnildcr's chapel, with t 're exception of the Mothers club, will i>ostpone their meetings this week. The evangelistic meetings in the eveiiin?:.« will renulre the attendance of members. V •:• •> Whist Party. Mrs. F. .T. Ilorton will give a whist Wty on Thursday for members of her clul). The regular meeting of the cub should occur next week l)ut the time was changed because of I lie Tlianks-iving season. •:• • •^ To Sapulpa. Mrs A. P. Harris and Mrs. Olonn Finney rave gone to Sapulpa. .They will Ejiond two weeks with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hllle.s. • * • Guild Meeting. -Mrs. Frank I.. Travis. 911 Xortlt Sycamore street, will entertain the guests of St. Timothy's Episcopal church on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Forry Returns. Mrs. Frank Forr>-..who has been hen- for two weeks'with her sister. Mrs. James Richardson, has returned home. • * + Qui Vive Club. MI 'S Melvin Grltton and Misa Geor* i -la C.rltton. of \\Tjeeler Heights, Will entertain their Sunday school claas, the Oul Vive club, on Friday. even- '••g. Tb<»ro will bo a short program 'Villi mufilc. I • > <• Missionary Meeting. Women of the Presbyterian church who belong to the Missionary society ire planning to make the meetings of that organization more interesting and- tteir membership list It is the usual custom for the me«t- ingn to be held at the charcb. but rc^ ccntly the plan has been chaiiged so that the society will be enteruined in the homes of mombers. Mrs. Lee Massengale and Mrs. A. A. RIchard$ will hav« the society on Thursday a& temoon' at Mrs. Massengaie's liomc. • • * Entertain Clasr. Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Kaurman of South Buckeye street wUl entertaJi} their Glass from the Presbyterian Sunday school tomorrow evcnins- "Hie organization is known as the Theophic tians and the lessons arb taueht/by Dr. S. S. HUscbcr. • • To California. Miss Velma GIbrei 311 Soat^i. jPlrat street, left today foi^Callforaift tor M Irdeiinite stay. Miss Core wiO .CO to San BemardlDo from loU and til^en vlait varioas places .cf la.tere*t ......-. ^ O JU >DinOX .\I.,8HOBT HtOSDBS. O Or^ i- • V . o oioee 0 0 04^000 0 0 00 00 Pted Horaaa Too Much. Dr. F. 8. Seattle, the veterinary, aaya, there is much sickness among etittnltry boraes nov, due to heavy f^dhig. The fanners have good crops and are feeding their horses too mi^ch. Howard Wlieaton on Vacation. Howard Wheatoii is ott on a vara tlon.and left Saturday night for-Excelsior Springs, where he will spend a week. OOO'OOOO '^H'^ evening oa snspiclon. hat- inwi Chantue Pioneer Dead. The body of G. N. Lindsay, one of tho pioneers of Neosho county, was brqusht throiightlola on the plug Saturday ni:ht enroute from Kansa.t Clt.v. where he jdied. to Chanute. where the funeral' will be held today. For more than thirty years G. N. Lindsay had been Identified with the commercial and industrial interests of Chanute., He was conspiciiou.] among the early comers to Chanute for the spirit of enterprise with which he al ways welcomed projects destined to redound to the welfare of the city. Ware for Mayor. The Kansas City, Ka».. Olobe. recently contained a story launching Eugene Ware, the Ft. Scott pioneer," who is well known here, for mayor. Back Home Now. Mr. and .Mrs. E. J. Rollins have arrived home from lola. Independence and Coffeyvllle, where Mr. Rollins was doing some . contract foi- the Kress stores.—Ft..Scott Republican. SoIr« Brown Stock. The o'd drug stock which been rtored In tho Ouiental block since it.i sale by Dr. H. A. Brown of lola, is being packed up today and will be shipped to Albert. Kas.. a little town of 300 population in Barton county. Tho stock was purchased by C. W. Deighton, who will move It to his home in Albert, and open a new drug store In tho little burg.—Chanute Sun. Went to Arcadia. Sheriff Char'as Bollinger of Allen county, accomiKinled 'by his wife end fnmlh- were In the city yesterday on their "wav to Arcadia, where they will visit his mother.—Ft. Scott Republican. Ike Cannon Wat Here. E-x-Pollceman I. W. Cannon, who is In the real estate business at Chanute. was in flie city yesterday. To Get Pointers. Mr. Clark, of the Chanute foot ball team was among tie ( hanute delegation' here yesterday to waich the Burlln?ton-Trinlett game. ".Sealshlpr Sense. Thii is the life of a very interesting little hook about •Seal^hipt" Oysters, it gives much valuable Information about cooking and .serving :he "delicious bivalve." and contains new reciiies for preparing. Wlial will apiieal to every oyster lover is the detailed description of how "Sealshipt" Oysters differ from other kinds—how they are shucked :nto galvanized steel containers ar.d. ^acked airtight with ice around the containers; but not In contact with the | oysters. The "Sealshipt" shipping carrier ^ystem is what accounts for the cleanliness and delicacy of flavor of "Sealshipt" Oysters. The price of "Sealshipt" Oysters is higher than that of tub oy.sters; hut hey go so much farther that they iclually cost you less—besides having •he full, delicious, sea llavor whlcl 'Mtt oysters cannot have. We have 'Sealshipt Sense" backs ind will gladly give yoti one. We sell "Sea'shlpt" Oysters exclusively—out jf the handsome WTiIte Porcelain Case •rearing the lilue "Sealshipt" Trade- Mark. Fryer Brothers. Otto Hinze, Our Way." later-found to be another person. Diekaraon Returns. C. L. DIckerson returned tb^. morning from a two weeks' business trip through the northei*n part of the state. Bollinger to His; Farm, fllierlff C. O. Bollinger went to his farm today to see bow bis erops are turning out. Ho will do a little bunting while there. ^ Mr. Bright Here. Mr. George D. Bright, of Fillmore. Mo., is here today visiting with Mr. H. A. Jones, manager of the Geo. D. Bright & Co. store here. Mr. Bright is verj- well pleased wl,th lola and the business his store Is doing. Visit Douglass Boys. W. C. Douglass left Saturday with his horse Stelnworth, for lola, for a short visit with.his sons before-going on to Las Vegas, New Mexico, to visit his son Charles for a month or more —Burlington Ropnblican. Echo of Campaiein. Wallace Anderson and W. J. Ihrig ai-o this afternoon returning the chairs, which were borrowed several weeks ago for use in the Republican headquarters, to tho different offices where ti.ey were secured. Return to Lawrence. Mrs. Marj- Maxsted. mother-in-aw of Captain Harr>' Bntler, of the Salvation Army, returned to Lawrence today after a few weeks' visit here. She wag accompanied by Mrs. Butler who wl|l \-isit hqr a week. Bert Tyalor in Town. Bert Taylor, formerly one of the proprietors of the Our Way, is in the city packing his household goods, for shipment to Parsons where ho has se cured a position as conductor on one of the roads through there. Visit Brother. F. V. Gates of Tcrris. California. Is visiting his brot^e^. G. W. Gates. .Mr. Gates is president of a hank in his home town. The brothers have not met for twelve years. Bowling Game Tomorrow Night. The Booster and Lightweight Bowl ing teams will play a match game of thirty frames at the Royal Bowling alleys tomorrow evening. Bock 3luki >8 ImproTement.«. The lola Fiirnlture store building on the south side of the square-Is being repaired. A new roof Is being put on and the room will be wired for.| electric lights. An additional room 1« also under construction. The purpose of the room will be announced later. Wheat IX)ol(s Fine. Hon. 1... It. Pearson, who was up from S.ileui township today, says that the wheat is looking fine. He says that only about JO per cent of the usual crop was puf In this year, however Stall If EiaMf] WANTEi>—Good colored - giri for general bou'sework. Inquire at Famous clothing store. TO LOAN—$5,000 private money on farm land at« per cent.—lola Land Co. WANTED—Two young ladles tolo"- llclt. C. F. Florence, Rooms JO and 11, Evans Block. WANTED-rAll kinds of second hand household furniture.—^The Tola Furniture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop; Phone 20. WANTED—To buy a good second hand buggy. Phone 463 or 1092. . WANTED—lola pfoperty to exchange for Kansas and Missouri labd. Golden. West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. SALESMEN & AGENT8-S t.; |50.00 l>er week and over can be made selliiig New Campaign Novelties from now, until election. Sells to Stores. Comity Pairs, Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO N07ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave, Chicago. , • • • ' • « JOHNG. W00DI\,3I.D. • * rhyslctan and i^nrteoii. * Over Bnrrell's. Phone m • • • • DB. MILDBED CUBTI8 • PbjaJelan ud SirgeoR. • pfflce over BuTell's Drug Store • Offlcd Phone 534. * Residence 214 E. Jackson * Phone 569. » • • • « DB. HeXILLEK, * iSpedal attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic QUess- * ' es and .Diseases of ChildML • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office over Burrell'* Dmg Store • West Madison. •••••••••••••••••••• Phone 687. Eiss. 701. • DB. 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat . • Spectacles Properly Fttted.' • Office A. 0. U. W. Bldg. .. • WANTED—Young men to prepare for coming examination for Railway Slail and other Government Positions. Superior Instruction by Mall. Established 14 years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions j* and "How Gov't Positions are Se- '* cured" sent free. Inter-State Schools 2S1 fa. Ave., Cedar Rapids. Iowa. Offlcs Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4M • DB. B. 0. CHBISTLUf Physician and Ssrgeoa • Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. * fOU SALE'tKlmom *lmni*ou9 /FOR SALE—Two Bush & Oerts pianos sJiRhlly nsed. loft with nie for , ' sale by Ch.inuto parties. The.^e af^ * bargains. J<!in V. Roberts Music Store, i e FOR SALE—A l':;-acre fruit and truck farm. 2 miles north of Gas City. Good bottom land. J. W. McWilllams, Gas City, R. R. 1. ' P. D MIBTIH, Bnrgery p .nd Oiseaset of" Women. Offlce and Residence Phone 671. Office 7 North Jeffeirsoa. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Good property, close In. Call 110 West Monroe. fOiR tiatl' mimomllSmmoum FOR RENT—House. Inquire North Buckeye. " • • JEWBLRS. ; B. F. Pancoast, old rellablo Jeweler, 110 East Street Lodge Dlfectont, , rommitee .Meets. The officers of the Republic:in_ coun ty central committee are meetiiig In ths county commissioners room this afternoba for the purpose' of closing up the business of the late .campaign. A number of h\'.\s are to' he allowed and other details attended to. A Prisoner Escaped. The police received word yesterday to be on the look out for a prisoner who escaped jail at Gamett Saturday night. A man was taken into custody BAD1 .4XT with attractiveness Is our present stock of Jewelry. So many new and graceful designs, it is hard to make a choice. Back Combs Ita plain shell or appropriate omainentatibn. •riXS .IMt BBOOCHES in exclusive and handsome patterns. Good taste and skillful -workmanship conspicuous In every airticle. 7"\ Vomc Xorthrup III. Baster Verne Northrup, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Northrup. Is suffering from a severe attack of tonsilitis. Deputy G. W. Adams Home. District. Deputy G. W. Adams returned home yesterday from Parker. Kas.. where he has been in the Interest of the M. W. A. Foot Ball Tomorrow. The loia high school foot ball team and a city team known as "The Club" team will play at Electric park at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. VOTE AT HIGH MARK Recent Election Featured by Large Number of Ballots and Big Pluralities. Topeka. Nov. 16.—The state of KaUf sas. In the recent election, cast 375,000 votes. In round numbers, as shown by official returns. This is 75 .000 more than were cast four years ago. and brcaKs .all records for the state. In 104 out of 105 co-jntlcs. Stanton being the only one out, the total Republican Snd Democratic vote on go*- emor was 359,077. Tbo total of: the same voto on president is- 358,097. With the vote of the prohibition, socialist and Independent tickets added, the grand total; of votes in ICansas will reach approximately 375 .000. ' Copies of the official returns received by the Republican State Central committee from 102 out of 105 counties in Kansas' show that F. S!. Jackson, Republican candidate for attorney genera], is leading bis ticket by 445 votes. Charles Barnes, candidate for insurance commissioner, is second, Tom McNeal, candidate foir state printer, is third, and A. W. Benson, candidate for Justfco of the supreme court; fe fourth. The three Aunties which bave not yet sent in their complete official returns Sedgwick,. Cbferokee : and Stanton..,It is-expected. tfa«tt Jaoksoh will mn behind bis tidcet in Cheipfcee and probably In Sodgiriclt^,Stanton is ifUAh • sm^Oi coaniy.tiiat it won't cut moAcflgnEe., It is-vofslble. however, that, vlth SedgwlfBle^ud Choroltee re- portbd.- Jat ^soh may be oompeMoA to hand ov«r the lesdeishlp.of tho ticket to Brines tor KeNeatr Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and f3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart. loin, Kas. KNIGHTS OF PTTHIW.— Ne ^OsJ Lodge No. 43 -r."..;* ••y-o \rhaii|j| K. oJ •• *'f-:' :.4.hf*! • thers invited. v\ -> <u->.-^,iu .'i.Q: iChris latter. K. of U. and 8: • 1WIGHT8 OF ][ACC2nBf«^ Knights of Maccabe^ (A :.tilft~ WciiM LOST fOUHO STRAYED—Red heifer calf, 8 meets in K. P. Hall, secohd ud fduttti Saturday nigbU of eadh; Bioatk. J. W. Postwalt, conunander;' K.' B. Itpr^ teri record keeper. / .' •'• months o.d,_rope around "ecU. NotifyJ; ^.T^.SdaJ'nSf S.eepers. 1J.. U , o .^i- n n A w n.«ia r» IX)ST. STRAYED OR STOLEN— Bird dog. white and brown spotted; named Dick. Notify 904 North Chestnut. LOST—Dark gray Overcoat between Jefferson and First on Broadway. Return to this office. T. Steele, C. C„ A. H. Davis, Clef* Visitors cordially Invited. M. W. A,^The M : W. A. Lodge meets every Friday nighi.ln M. 'Vfl. jL Hall. Visiting brothers invited.^..€1 Colfleld. V C, W. A. Cbwan. Qerfc!: . BOYAL KEIGHB0B8r ^Iol4' Caia» No. 365. Royal Nelgbbocs, meets ond and fourth Tuesdays ot monjtb. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mrs. Mary Hutton,.413 West" O Experienced .luctioncer. O Recorder. " 2 "JUTliS" SJdu'S o: -to"."^w- H. O isfactton guaranteed, a of Missoiiri Auction School. O O Telephone 835. O O ^ E. E. VICKERS. O O ^ 409 East St., lo^a,- Kans. O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO deraon. president; Golds Elam, ;tary. OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. , We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY < FliM till General Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks aa* Curbing a Specialty. 0»ee 113 East Jaeksei lyti. JihoBs m : I.. . THE LOCAL MARKETS Reil Estate, iiiiuririce .ityand Farm Loans Low Rate, Aanuttl Interest Payments received at any time without notlee, and-in.-- terest ceases on amount paid. Lonf or Short. Tfae leans. ' ^iitiifigftaii^&^ Prices Quoted by Gard & Taggart Produce Company. The following local market report i»* furnished by Gard & Taggart Produce company and ^ill be kept running Iti Tho Register every day. The prices, quoted are the prices which they will ' pay for poulirj-, eggs and bntter delivered Here: Eggs, current receipts per case.. .28c.; Old Hens, fat 7c,£ d:d Cox 3i;5. Spiing Chljikens Sc^ Spring Ducks -. 60;^ Spring Turkeys, 8-lb lOc Old Hen Turkeys I0c>j bid Tom Turkeys ..s ...10c Old Ducks Sc Butter, less tban ^f per c^nt salt.. .25c If you are contemplating tbef erection of a monun^entnir tablet; call and see our new'«id up-to-date stock of Foreign and American Granites. ; We carry the best that can: be,.obtidned:^ on the market Our. shop-Vis'^ equipped with a new compms- ed ait lettering inacblne fo)p>let<' terJng and tracing.. Our jn^cas ^are :tbe very, lowest;Hffuflli^ ..class-i^ork. Can.•lid-iesi.aB"' get prices.. We,vant.VbHr . ness. -,, JJCXff .PhoneUM.'r' *r

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