Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1907
Page 3
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HABM0>1r. upity Mrs. Gload, reporter. The flrst snov or season fell Monday;. SEr. Frank Booe, aiid famllr, visited at iiarry Graves' near Odbnse, Bat- urday nl^t and Sunday and attended tHe S3rd wedding antii rers*fy of Mrs. Booe's parents, Mr. ai|d Mrs. P. Mc- Guffej-. Miss Stanza namyarj waar the guest of 3His8 Hazel McCi^IIocli Saturday night. tSfr- Gurley. Mr. S. Riemyon and Mr. Crater cut a bee treej Sunday. Tliey got several pounds, of honey. Dan Gomell, Jr.. an(^ Lex Bope, din ed -with Mr. and Mrsi Cary Cloud Sun day. Mr. Meeker, of Chaaiute, is out at his farm this week, repairing the • house, occupied by Dan Cornell. Tlipy •will stay on the satu; farm iinothiT year. * Zola and VIrgie Cloud visited with Esta and Ruth Runyan Sunday. Dan, Jasper and "rtlill Cornell assisted Gary Cloud Thursday on his farm and Frank Booe helppd him on Friday. 31r. Sharp purchased a nict> toani Of horses In Chanute Saturday, pay Jng $250 for them. Miss Grace Sharp is assisting Mrs. Wesley Davis with her house cli?an- Ing. BELFRV. William Finley is dead. Tho passing of this man. wlio ter of a centur>- been has for a qiiar- an honored cit- izcn of Osage township, will b<< loam ed with sorrow by all I who liiiow liiin The end came Saturday evcnin;: ;if ter a lingering illness. •WJlllam G. Finley was boi ti tn Mercer county, Mo., and ajt the aso <>r five removed with his parents to Cnroau connty, Illinois. He enlisted in tli army in 1SG2 and fought for his conn try's flag. In .^pr:l 1S6R he was mar ned to Mrs. HarriettjOvett who I>IP ceded hfm to that hearenly land tlir.*e years ago. He cam^ to Kansas in 1S79. He was at the tlni.- of his death seventy-seven years and nine months old. The funeral serrlces were conduct ed Sunday by the Rev. TNlmrion of the l^thodist church of Mora :i. A large number of friends wpn* in :if tendance. At his own request h<- was laid to rest In a snow white casket He leaves to mourn for him a brother • Joe Plnley. of New. Bedford. Tllinois a sister, Mrs. Margaret Himt «f Man les, Illinois; a stpp-daughier. Mrs Harvey Olmstead of this T)Iacc. and numerous other ralatiye .i. May It be said of hini. a^ liimynn eald of Valiant For Truth. ".Viid he passed over, and nil the truui;iel!« Bounded for him on the other sid<-.' Arcli lingo and famll..' of Ciirne!!. visited lait week nf Grant nmj .Mark Sbockey'-?. . H. E. Wrnn has retunied from li's jtrlp to Vv'csterti Kansns. Mr.'Cubblson has liis s.ore lini!dii;c )Rt Mlldre<l ahnnpt coinpleled. lifttle RiiS8?ll .Tones wlm liiis i.i.-i il. is back In school n;;ain. Fmnk "miittintiton of SlmsliiMie Idaho, ha- Iioen visitinr his iian-nt.-. Grant Mllltr cani(» out fro:n Inla The Story ofs Medicine. Iti name—"Ooldea Medic*] Discovery • was socgssted by one of ita most important «Dd valuable ingredients —Golden Seal roct. I Nearly forty years m^, Dr. Pierce discovered that he could, by the use of pure, triple-refined glycerlnel aided by a certain degree; of constantly maintained heat and with the aid of apparatus and appliances designed for that purpose, ex- tnMt from onr most valuable native me- dlcln*! root* their ctiratlve properties mneh. better than by tihe ase of alcohol, so fnunlly employed, j So the now world- famed "Golden Medical Discovery." for IhB ea« of weak stomich. Indltestion. or djv^ift. torpid liver, or biliousness and It aver slnie has of feieobol m iu A ilanee'^ will slow thiitlit is •alusMs Bsdlclntl In Mr j^i^rlcan (c was first made, ss without a partld* itot of lU Ingredl* bottle-wrappef, ' from the nost loond (rowlnr itled by Dr, K. V. Pteree, of Y„ and wlQ be mailed free to iskiDK SUM bv posUl card, or ressed to ths Doietor as ubov. — endorMsa rata, copied from leal bool s of ill the dlflir- pncUoi, It will be* found .. JlenH eo iposlnt the " Cold* DtsooTtn" M advised no) — ears of tn i abero mentioned but also for he euro of All cm- M, son ttanou llBferlng, or •ooufhs, and all thoao WSSUDI u which, t( liot promptlr sod fiOiorlf treated an lablo to termlnsto U Mnsnmptlon. Tsk i Dr. Pitres's Dit* J In UBM and p irasv«re In its uso yen sive it a fali trial and It Is not tt disappoint *: '00 much most not -itid oflt It win not !perfo« - ... It will not euro coBsnmptioB !t»»dv«needsta(ei. Ko aodtolna wUL — «h*«fMtUnstkaikHid sp«o iftakm in Mme. A COMPLETE Stock of high standard in every ready-to-wear branch has been assembled with the utmost care by this store. Each line has been marked at a price that will assure you the gratifying pleasure of practicing economy while choosing. We urge you to choose now when all lines are connplete and you'll be sure to find your size. We invite you to share in the benefits of our undisputable unequalled facilities for underselling. Si.'i Styli^h Hulk Klexand} Trimmed io our own work nioni. S|>frlul prJrc' ^or this ne«-k from — *lJ>*t l« iTtM :i(MI Palr> of Varni Blanket!) from iOt- In i7 .^b jn-r jmlr 9.J Pieces Xenniii or Untiug Flanoi-ls from .J Iu 12»ac jard Warm Underwear fur ladie^. nii^se<« and children. Sep- arutf ^iirtiicat.x for children from I'l to 'lOf; uplon tmlts from i7tc to Mci ladies Mrpamte garment!) from ioi: to the all wool il^o; union istiIts from 5Uc to the all nuol .McnV underwear, the 'Av quality for 37^c. Everything new and pretty for the Fall and Winter Gown with the new Trimmings. will find only the correct things at You t13 Emmi Mmafmon RICHARDSON'S 2 dodrm Wemt Tihamp' man HoMb I Artistic Jewelry Novelties! ai.(J took some pjciures of tlie bChoo!. Koiicrt Zorens who h:is liceu vis ting at Cato, iCus.. eanu- lioine Friday The s^chotd has oidercd ii biwk i-as.' from Jlonlijoiiierj. \\":ird 4i Co., with the money 4—<(:'.ved as a preui-i inin Oil \,)-'.\- extiruil of seliixd work] at till' .\'"11 «ou\ty fair. f .^iiv. Ce-T^e llijxtnii visited Ii" r ^Is | ter. .Miss i.ou I /-ord, in lola )«jt J week. . • ' .\ miiulier ni our p.-oide atteudedj the revival :U '"V^ancl and report i-u • i ceEsi'nl mo'itint^.s. UllK- -Mc- yit^iLed Georgia .May Kri-^! day. .Mr.'^. S«e ;,i uitil clflldron. wito liavo been visitiiT'^ the former's Kl .-.Lti-. .Mrs. Sam rcwiiijj:. have relumed to Everything in appropriate their home at Ka.s. jewelry designs. Just the suit- Ollle Zorcns hi assistlnK . MJ-B. ^V;•! ter Mi'.ier with her housework. jaWc gilt that yoa may ^ave cienny and \i*:iynion shuciiey ii...ijiQ miod is now represented iu MabfijI Lingo srient .\fonday "^Pnl':-'ijQor dlSplaV. at N'J T. Curleyi}. ' - F J" •Mr. Wilson of'Klncaiil. wlm is to be Mildred's postnnster. is eiv-iijig y building for tlie ixisi ofllce and :i store. • Jlutli .McKlnnwy of lola visited friends here over Sunda .T. Mrs. BIbens and dauRbter. .Vi>li;e. called on frlend.s In Colony Tuesday. As there was; no school Tuosduyj we had school ?nt5irday. Goorgo Vandyvoer is entertaining h s (jister from. I'linols. Mrs. Kmmn \pilttlngton of Klncaid. v!Klt(il at wry lust week. •Riiport of He-fry Sdiool. for niontni i?n.<)i|tK November \:' N'i|mber enr<illed> IT.. AVeraKe'dally attendance, -ll Number of v'sltopj, 4. Those n6lth<^ absent nor tardy. Glenn Curley, Koward Shockey. John BIbens. I^na Stepiiena, I>ena %>'J-nn. Llbble AVinn. Minnie Curley. Nellie Shockey, Ola ^orrfens, Oral Heath, Ray; Sprln^toij, Roy Sprlngstdn, and| •Vera rnrley, J t^nli;. .Mrs. I. Uniin llQ^ four eniplo.w i> of the piiie line. Jeddu selupiil !i'i'is>- Iia? fnrrii lure. Til • i.adie-' .-;«»<• el y of the I'. 11. eimrli met at Mis. Oscar Kieft-r's Tliiii-sday afternoon and worked. .Mrs. E. .Myors gave a (lulliintr party last week. About twenty relatives and neighbors were Invited. Mrs. Simon Klotzbach and children are pr.>pariiitr to po £o Pittsiiurf;. Kan sas. to spend Thankssivin.?. Mrs. .T. Strubhart gave a (juilting li.irty last Tliur.-iday. .^bout twenty- a A. LEFFLER, JEWELEK. five neighbors and relatives; were tliere. from near Chanute. .Airs, \jonp: and children from Missi uri. are h.'re visitinK her parents. Mr. ami Mrs. Wni. Shipley- .7 .Holt has sold his farm to Mr. nick of UTiiarpe. Mr. Holt has not (Vcided wlieiv lu- will locate jii.Kjk tiiflr dinners and nent to spend Burris farm where Franklin Smith l>i<ar ivt.i. i t*!*.^ "'"h them. There were alxmt lives. \:< pii-sent. They were pre.senied «lih, .Miss HueriihiK. the La Grade tcach- wu nk-e rocking chairs. • r. and .Misy Churchill, the Rising Star •Mr. .Morris and. fan^lly of Indiana, leaelier. took their schools to the chai) ire vIsiriuK at his sister's. .Mrs. I'oi- ••! Tlinrsday night. Seats biid beeu glazier. ri\ed for theui on each side of the MIS . I'rank Delaiii-v of Ga.- Cil> is eliunii. They marched in slugle tile vibjiiii;; lier .sister. .Mrs. Hiid Slur- inu- school on each side. It was a wood. lieaiitifnl sight. Hoy Ut-nnoy and wife vihited ai Mr. .Mrs. .1. K. 'luriier and .Mrs. llcttie .vno« lion's a few days last week. Kiis of ilumlioldt visited Mr. Win. .Margaret and Frank Know Iton and (;iil>'iiwaier's Satnrda.v. ;eorpe Knowiton and wife visited. I'raiikliii Sinilh is laid up with a .eiaiives here last Sunday. jbadl.v sv. oiun f<M>i. l>r. Lamb«>ih .Mr. .Miller e.\pecls fo i>e rp;idy lo >;o! nronoimceil it inllamiuatory rheuma- o work in his new shop next week. It'.sin. .Miss iidith Leavitt is sick with ii>ii-j .Mrs. Tim Itead was over from Kin- sllltis. [raid Satiiruay and .Sunday visiting Itiilph Colglazier is liome froinl.1,,1,,, y„„„j. ;,,„i attended services at Strawn. Kansas, where he has been;tin, ch;iin.|, .vorking for the past two months. ; •vi,.^ .\..:ide took Miss Hoerning '• .and .Miss Churchill to lola Saturday. •{• i~i>iivunv 'i ' ^Ic-tlng.-s cloned at the chapel Mon- UUONsO^. 1 !day night. There were uineleen conversions and reclamations. PBAIKIE DELL. r Cleve Skcrrill M able to be out again after a slegu of typhoid fever. ;Thc ladies tirclo meets with Mr* Sayder this week. Several friends and neighliors went iij and helped Mrs. Baker celubrato her birthday one day last week. .Mesdauies .McClelland, .\rnuld. Maker and Meyer? and; Ethel .Myers .-pent ti-e day with .Mrs. cook for thresheril K. K. Drake hai of frieiid^j to Jerr[ Itakcr and helpcJ gone with a parly iin-ii^ I., ut. I, Okiahonia. on :< hnntingTrip. 'I 'lif^i e.\i eci to be gone one week. V ! .Mr ISarn^ii left i Weduesda^v morning for Kansas (icy to visit hjs am. KImer. at that place. He expects to go on from tlp-re to Illinois and Indiana for a visir among relative.- and ftiji'ds. iri making a ctMv she«J Vera Olmstead came home from ' C"..!,!.... ....I.... r_j L- (;E.\EV.\. i.asi Saturday being .Mr. and ilrs. L. Clirlsiy's fortieth wcdditiR an- nlverary their friends and ueighobrs JEDDO. .1. M. Lindsey has purchased a Iriiiu ji.'W piano for hU ditughtprs. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Myers of lUim- loldt have been visiting relatives and friends III this neighborhood the past week. J. Gurvals has rented uue of the Thomas farms, grain rout. George Rhodes ha« sold his (arm to Frank Knox. Air. Rhodes Intetiids to move to I^Harpt*. as soon as he geta his crops gathered. G. Holt shipped four cars of fat cattio to Kansas City Monday. Bruce M&xwell Is attending school in Humboldt. Mlrs. Ira Downs U rery Elck. , The plp« line men ar« camped^ on It. O. Thorna«' farm. They hare jflre WORMS iboxM and PBOM! "I wTHalo Irtreakamr lost. know I h^'i'up.-lrMmrT ininri~bi4 la *'RS !'r^«nni. IM FraakUn8t; Brodkhja.M T. &«&TFbr lUBL PalalataU. PD*U*,THU OMd -jrai.kM. W «ak.ii «* •old ta ba'ST Tha gtnnln* tnai^BlMd to aan e» ton VM*T M«k. attrlinf Barnsdr Co.. Chica«e or UWMLSttI,TE«MUIOI »p.,Nc.S«. t.bfM|i«p ..Miss Mildred Hul>er of 1^ Harpe is he guest of her aunL Mrs. T. U. Wthster. this week. Th erevival services whidi „ lecn held at the Baptist church, for! -'^l''. .1. R. Turners visited at Arthur he last three weeks by the converted Edward's Sunday, .lew. Rev. Scherman. closed Sunday ^.Mr. IJouCiier o. toncreif. " j lola Friday eevniug accompanied bv ,,.„jMis.s McKinney. came home Sunday evening. .Misses .Maude and Minnie alght. most were preached but there were only a few conversIouH. Mr. D. P. nruce of Fort Sco.t was|^j,;.;,i Snnday evening atiiome. in Dronson Friday afteruo<m on bubi- ness. Miss Bessie Noble who has bet-n visiting In Iowa for the past several! months returned home Friday. [ Mr. Frank Wright who Is attending, schtx)! at Emporia emne down last i week for n few day's visit with home, folks returning Saturday morning. Mrs. Whitsill and daughter of Colorado Sinings. arc here the guests of; .Mrs. Eslella DIc.kersou. | Chas. Love, .Ir., left for lolii Mon-1 day afternoon to l>e gone a couple m"' days. Adam.-, brothers have been this! wwk Iniprovlug the lnt>>rU>r of ihelr j store building by placing In a new! deck floor lu the rcai»of the bnihilng. • This will add much to the ap|>euianeei tnd cori\enlence of the store. j Hoy ('ampli(.1l returned to Fiii|H)ri:i; Monday after a few dajt' \ i .sii here' with home folks. 1 Word was ifcti^ed Weilne.-jay from .M^rs Ifcirih of the <leaih of .Mils. Sarah Rice Toop. her sister, at L'iyises, .Ve- braika, Mrs. lianli and Fraink ;have bt'en in I'lysses for two weeks with .Mrs. Orile Chitwood went to Bron- '•^'^'^ I'""!'- <"• -^I- '^'ce of BeiitonriU^ .\,kansas was also present; at her I^irge crowds were present J s..:i Wwlnesday to visit her parents, i-^-''''"''"^ ^^'^ J*'^" present; at her eevry night and good sermons jOrJie drove down'Saturday and they ' dealh. .Mrs. Toon and lier ;brother. .Mr. Rice, Tale\ 1 Kansas. Keglsler Uant Ads, formerly lived near lola, Ic tt Word. BABV'S VOIGE ^VESLEI GH.IPEL. Mr G.\> llennlnr h.i» l>oiirbt th<» la the Jor of the household, for irithoot it no happiness ra;i IK -completcj How. •wect ilhc picture nsL>ti)cr antj babel Anyel* smile at rirul ro'jJineiid th« thuu^lits uiid aspiiiiii((Ps ot' tlie ^othiS? bentlingover lliecradle. ''IKe ordealtiiro-j^ the t'Jt^>cctiiiit moilier tniist (Jasa, ho«N ever. r. «o full of danger ntnl suiTeringthut t >h« looks forward tu tli^tiour wlicii slit* shall fed the cxquiMto thrill ot moliicitiood \vlt)i iiulL'scribubli.- Alreud and fear, Errrv wummi »liou!ti know thsl ll.e dinsjer. pain ami horror ofi child* birth Luu )iu entirely avoided li^ the ii&cof Moilicr's Friend; a scientifle liiiiinciil Tor entcrnal use only, which toughen* and rendart pliible all the pnrts. and aii.«is:s nature in mm L its hublime work. By its aid jfl U C D r V thou»and^ hare fll I Wk W^-Wm passed this •Treat cri<iia in {>er- WWW VP I If I •• H VP ^ect safety ami without pain. '% • Ad at |l uu prr duttle br dru;gi»ta Our brick af pricelew valur !•> all o: fre*. AddncM mHADFICLa mcoaukiom •OL.I atteMa.' mm

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