Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1907
Page 2
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1 . tn lOU PAILT BEfitSTEIL TCTlWP.iT gTEynffi, TOTEMBKB 14, ItW. lu L. Xfortlinip, Fresluat p. P. XiOBTHBUr, F. .1. KOItraBCP, yiat-VmMnU \ Nfifitwy fir tl« OMrSUtcf Stttiifluiai A. U-SBtXl^AUGH, Cashier. Establlfli«d 1869. MELViy FRO]!TK, Asst. C M I I I W. AU-^UMN F I H E S. In qltn.T garti" iih ' Afltl all lip thi- Valf. Frbtij tlio auiuiim boilMi'ts See ihc siiiokf trail: P'.easaiit sumuu-r o\yf And all tho Hiini»n.'r flowers. Tlie red fire lilazes. j Thi' gray smoke towers. 1 SiiiK a sonji of EeasonsI 1 Sometliiii? bright in all! Flowers In (lie summer, fires in the fall! \ , ! —Rob='rt l.pui.< j 'Stt 'Vi 'iison. i • * i Mr. an J Mrs: Coorno Iluvis, as dieted by Mrs. llnrmon Hobarf. Buvr V. deligblful party las?t; <n-^uin.i; foi the AVfednesday Ruclire | club. After cards the hostess closed tl)p evening by serving the Ruests. Other than the club members'. Mr. a^it Mrs. Dsn is entertained Mr. and ' Mrs. W. E. Ralpton, Mr. ami .Mrs. .1. D. Arnftt Mr. and MI-K. M. U. Fmili. aud -Mr.s Frank Ro^jinson. •:• •:• •:• T Last night at f,.'veii o'clock, A is; Bevs Eunice MilhT. dautrhter of \\\ aud Mus. R. R. Mlllpr. Was united i; marriage to Mr. Miller \, :McCrar.v o this c'ty. The ct-renionyior the I'n's- byterlan eburcli was read iiy Rev. S S. Hllscher. a small croilp of frlci >| being pr.''sout. The hriile.'s costii w was of pearl gray silk, the color ol' tl.n co.stuiiie forming u Ptetiy couiri;-! •with'tlie <locoratloiis of tin; parlor pink and white carnatlouK. After tie ceremony an e'aliornii! menu wa served in s:>vcral cotirsej;. the colors pinlc and while predominating In tin- confections nml cakes., Tlie guests present were Miss Ttachel .Mentzcr. oi Parsonv;. M'i.-'s Bes.s Tl.vde. Miss Emma Hyde, Aris;s f^rac:- Davl .K. Miss Blanche Pon.sler, Air. George Long acre, Mr, and Mrs. !>. C. Morrow. Mr. and Wrs. McCrary left <)u the Ji:."." Santa Fe for Independence. The marriago of these.|lwo promin ent young peonl? is lUc |ves\ilt of friendship formed ubjic both W<TC students at Kan.^as University. .Mr MeCrar.v was president of his class when a Freshman and Mii-. McCraij graduated from the collelce In litiit She has be.^n teaching n the city schools for the past yejir and iias been usually populait with ja large cir cie of friends. Mr. McCrpry f.ii*m<r l.v lived at T^ea'veiiwbrth but came lo lola some lime ago to accept a position with the United Iron iw'ork.-:. II? in now superintending the construe- f Ion of a plant, at Indepemfeuco wlicr-.' the conple are at home. A lu"'.e inimltrr of frii'Uils ami iln' guchlK acco;iipaiilovl Mr. aiyi .Mrs. Mc Crear.v to the depot and jiwKl" ihilr Hey Thei^Iy "Wdm- arc you KolioK'" "Ooiniif ultIM 11 SHC 'k of Um won 't nsc ntiyl^iiiJK C I HC." • ttmwtofn Mig. A £h^« Od. m. *. mommiM. »mt. <l pari are coDhpIcuouij by the dhow' rs <if rice, old shoes ind the expression of good wl=!ies. "fhoir trunks aud -u'l cas's wen; di^voruteu with paper iK -aris, iiioiiocK and ribbons. Tlicre V. a uunihiT of liandsome gilts s ni U P fxprcss the"; cordial pood \. : ii' -li niimcroiis j'rieuds aud rel- nlivcs. . • Tr.c l,;'dies' Aid socjet} ol tlie Kast Ida cluiich will havjhUe annual fair i' nimmaiie v-alo; on .December sixth and s.nenth. Th" "cowmltteu has not .\ ct decided upon :i placV though on.<.' down lowH bt'ircs will proli- he seU>cted. . ' .Miss llaclicl .Men :7 ,i..r lias reltinicd to lior home in Parsofls after attend r.g Hie Milhr-McCiciirj- wedding. •:• <« 31 rs. I;. Bush aijd Mrs. George OcC'lutc lav ! an infoKmal party ycs- tdday afternoon for' ladles of the I'riscilia club. The giiestK vpeiit an !ionr with nccillowork. and -Miss Ber ra Sickly and :\Iss jMay Bush assisted with a five o'clock Iunch<>oii. Among iliosc in ntf«'nd:incc w-rc .Mr.-^. F. Ridd'.-. Mrs. M. F. Sickly. Mrs. 1. I)<dai>. .Mis. S. A. rofrMian, Mrs. A. C. T"noni]isoii. Mi>. W. S.' Goodwin, Mr.i. 'J(d. Laiiyoii, Mrs. Paul KJelii, Mrs.' I. T. Wood. Mrs!',T. \j. Jones, Mrs. A W. .Vllcii. Ml..-;. Thrasher. Mrs -iuiali IloWi^dn Miss t<aiicy .MHch-ll. Mr. aii.l .Mr-. A; W. llowlaiid e,i II riiiiiieii ai diiiiier ijoday for .Mrs. •'.rl^ius and Miss Nejlle Perkins of fa'lfo-nla. ' • •:• •:• .Miss .leaiH 'll • 'ryirr ,Mji;- die eliiiriri- iiig 'i (i:-("ess of a L;:'t>i.|i of rrieiids last i'\i>liing. The eoiuiiaijy was ener laiiii.d at wlii -t and ^evpral niiis cal iiiuiibers were i;lvi;-n. .\}lsR Tyler scrv e-; a fnilt luiiclioii tp Miss Naniii F:.d^lis, Miss Olive Ocnjn, Miss M.-irvel Heani mill Miss Bertha Swl.rart. •^ •>•> : .V giiiiiii iif ;.oung iiien enicrtaiued tiielr girl ,lrieiiils at the Royal Bowl iiig Alleys last evening with a I)>«,\ bill party, .\fter {iKi-pauK-s, whi<'ji wire iilayed progressively, the com patiy ailjiiiirued to the 4^rause cafe t" served with a liiiK*eon. Anion tiioes who eiijoy.nd the occasion wer< Atiss Blanche \ri-lglif. Miss On Halpli, .Miss .losepliine; Steele, :Mis( Irssie Wilson. Miss HlOssle Lcffler Miss Henha Sickly."Miss Xancy Mt cl-.ell, .Miss Grace Thompson. Mr. Dii uiont Siikl.v. • Mr. .1. T). Miindls. Mr .Max Sterrett, Mr, Grorge Loncaerr Mr. D. foblentz. ]\fr. "AHin Lefner. .>!i.-;i!ij Pees and Mr. Carl Smith. .;. Mi; y.c.e Atehli'.on^- Ml;,s A'.,'lii Leach aiiil oilier meliiJierh of the -Iclel.x are todi.v ,dl«lrll>inliig pn I'muiK liir Iti.'lr ida.v, '/Rebecca's Tr litll)>li," \\li |i'li \s\\\ lin lire »,ented nt III! (liiuiil. .\i.i\ I 'liilier lyih. The mm] \>'ll 111 r ndered In :\l jdani ll.iher V. I'.illiiiilie Mild I'roj' lloernlllg, Tin I'MN I iif iluir.ielei M iiud i,. nopsis fn' lows: •Mr-., |)e|;Uiie (Ilii-l .'Sh _. . lOlsle Ites. i .Ml' lioleniiiii in vliidleallM' Avii- man I Kiilherlne Folwel' |;< liiceaI \lllai ;e hdioo mlsires.o <'larlss:i (a spliniler) , rirace t"oo |ise\ K '.lMe UoMliei', ^(iti \rU^\\ serviiiid Beautiful Hand Painted China! |.\ };ood assortment of liandiioiiie lilies and single pieces. The decorations are exclusive and heautlfully executed. .•\ most jacceplable present for .the ladies. WcNElL BR01HERS, . Zoe .\tchison Halen PoUocU Cvt) la colored servant VI. g (a vagrant The Cookinn Ulilia Grimes Jennie Woodman .Margaret .McClelland .Mabel I-'o.iler .. Ixjra l^-ach Club. Fay .McDowe 1 Saille .Morrel .. .Mellie Dunbar . . . Kuiliia Stevens . . .Miiie Lei'ds Marie Gray (irace Greenwood .-Jii.sle Green .Mabel Fiuley .... Ruby Holler Clara Cran.i;le Grace .Marr Iletiic Dunlin Pearl Allen ... ICtliel Ciin.-oi! Clara Hilderbriinir Tresa Le. mm FDR POPItS DISCUSS CIIMMISSION Rev. G. W. Cassidy Had Charge of Chapfl Exercises at the High School. Rev. G. W. Cassidy who is preach III- this weiir at ih - Baptist church a<;dressed Hie liigh school pufdls at the chaiiel exercises this moi-ning Fioin till' continued hearty apii'aiise Air. Cassidy made a hit with the p\ pils. He wrote th3 word "Strive" on the blacklioard and spoke of slri\ing T.en uiide- it he wi-ote "Honestly, and said they should strive honestly Then as if ilnrj was no room below h:> wrote above the word "Patiently m.d urged the necessity of being pal hiu'.^ien •'I'pwanl" was written oi> t!;e lioynl as designating the dir.'ction oi ti.e striving. The speaker thi ayked Iiow many words there were on ll:e boaril. The response came Umr bill soiii,' Miiil fivi> for they had dis civered the word PUSH. This was ll.e thing tlicic were to do as tlu strive, honestly. I'allniitiy, upward. 100,000 JAPS IN V/AR GAME. tOUPLK IMEKMI, r\I.'tsITh >i ( VI SK KVEK\«III;KK. The following r '^uiarkaliie i -Taicine'.il was recfnily made by L. T. Coojier. It concerns I he (ireparaiioii \|lii<h lia- been so widely discuHKed i|)roii<;hiinl j the country during the past j>car. and, has sold in such eiioriiious yiianiiiies in leading ciiies: "It la now !i «ell-kiiowii Ifaes tli.ii wherever I have liiiroduced j my .Vew Discovery medieiiie, hundreds of people have brouuht liitei'ua! )iarasiteJ. or tapeworms, io ipe. In m^iiy cases these people did not know tlse nature of the parasite, and were con^enuentl.v extremely nervoiis until I ^>\idained the matterto iheui. in soinei cities so many havelhad this experience tliat the public generally became "I lake this opportuuli.v' ofj Ing what these creatures What I have learned about tlUiu lu IIK' past. • ! "Tapewonll^ are iiiiii:h tinjire com Bipn than would be bUl'itosed, alarmed, explatii- ure. and I veil ture to 6»y that ten per ceiji ol ail chronic itoiu«6h troublo.or •1'- k&own as * *run4own' condition, la ORUS(>d by. th<>m. An iiKilvidual may aatrer for yearn with ow wJiat. [of (liene great parasilct. iiiul not I5tr aware of li. • Collirary to gen.-nil Relief, tho a|i- IMiii.; is iM't gii'al'y hu;ri?ased—It oiil) iieiome.s IrreVuKir. Th'Cie Is a gen (•rai fei linf: of fuliniiess^piowevcr, and .1 ;:iiawliig seiisullon In the pit of th> stomach. "•'.••oj .ii- :iff !iciod w itii line of llie.-<' pia'-lte.; are nerviiiis aJtd dejircssed. Their c-liicf sensaiion l9,one of languor, and ihey tire ver.vfcasily. Lack of energy and ambition aljecl llie bod.> and the mind becomes dull and slug- gi-ih. The memory lief-^mes not n g ««Hl. and the eyt-siglic-is geucrall .i. ixajrer. "The .New Discovery. 1 In freeinj Ktoniacli .uiitf,bowels of ai.1 impurities see'iu:>i[ fo^ii; Uktn\ to ,thes^ great wi)i-a|[^|n)C al )^DHt imn^lutely ex- pelKaHpi %<MQ^lhe syst^ot. I wbili lo a^Wn who ha^ the cxpt^ ieju'c Just related with'aiy prepara- '•hn\. Ilial ilicre Is. no eaafe-for alarii' iii. ii.•Ill-liter, ami thst it wl|| au a iliit liuai! (t i /jufcjj !t4t»>faUon to £f-'Od Jittlth"' ? The Cooper medicines vre a boon to Htoinach RiiffererK. Wi-iwll them.— S IJ Hurrell. -i I Synopsis. Alt 1. Home of Mr-. Delaine—Tli sM-viints iinarrel—Helii ayd Clar.i Dk'liiiiii's sec-et —Rebecpa entertains il e |-('ooklnK Club"—Cra/y Meg's ae .iiion. Ai|i 1'. The iiieiii<;—Letters found i'l tjie old oalt tret—Cru/y M'g and tl .e ' trysting placi—Clarissa, tin %1 Initer. and her lover, Theoidio 'Ii: Moniague. .\(it .Mrs. UoKeman entertain^ lie "I'ookiiu- Cliili"—-Crazy .Meg'i; •tea'4h—Rebecca. Ih:' waif of 111. vM)«)(;s. triumphs—Reconciliation •>! ilie sisters—.Mother and long lest ciiildj meet. ! + * * .Miiis tliace Davis. Miss Melvin <;r:t •on and Jtrs. P.: X. Jones were chap •lonts at a merry imrty at Biisseii ehapi 1 on W"ednesda.v evening. The iffair was L-iven for Miss .\da Allison •vlif> helebrafed her birthdav iinnive'-- -;iiy. I The classes taught by .M:„'- Davi;j. .Miss Grltton and Mrs. Jones •vcre among tlie guests. Look at Our Jbbey Cat Glas.s, Kook- y;ood Pottery aud Haod ainted Cbltia. iewjili, Jeweler and Cpticlas H..I North WaslihiKloii. Ol IKIII at ;>'\iH o'clock .\ll..;i .Maud • Simrgeon and Air. Kurl IJi.vlei M I < null- il 111 mm riage. The . • i . Il" will be pCI'l'<inl |lMl III tlie II ; I le e| .,r Dr. iiliil .Mrs S, S ||IIM-II. I .lib 1 lew Intimate li I-IUIK . of ib rile and grtioin In iiUeutliince. Tlie >v II l>e Ml home after Ihls neel, .V Mill Simlll CottoinMHid :.l|eel. 1 f \\|.diie |i of till' illirerelil ilepiii' lyenta of tha \\\ C T. C. held u vi" c Ir; nieeting yesterday afti-rnoon be Infiine of .Mrs. S. S. Variier. Tb (leeilijr resiilled In tlie tirgaiilz .iCoi. I' a loaid which will sii| \ise lb vi _rl> (if the union. Ity-Iaws w-r.' .ii'l'; iind id.nns discussed for Imiiieii; lie ns >. .\tnonc tliose who have nietn t: r.tlii I in this special organi/alloii lie: JMrs. R. 15. Stevenson, .Mrs, K. ! Keys. .Mrs. M. .M. WJlllanisou. Mi r. W. Finl-y, Mrs. Keliil. Mr?. Ku •on. .'^jlrs. S'r0 <Je and .Mrs. (". K. XaKiii.j j ... .Meliib:'ls of Ilie Bas,'«e |l ehaiiel will iijo.v Ji jMiclal this »'venliig. •> <• •> Hiiiiiur has il thai two |;.-umlnetii •voclet.y young people are lo be mar ried nine time before ChrhitinaH. The vcung man Is t^ngap'd In biiHliiess In Ills city and thr" brlde-to-bo has for several months held a position down 'own. it Is understood that the young •nan Irj already busy fltting up a neat IHIlc (jottage. W ILL TEACH DANCING. Drisadier General Pershing Will Se the Autumn Maneuvers. T<>!,io. .Nov. I I—The Japan •^ a:my leaii'iners bi-ginning on No veniber I.", and c< for four :l::..s. will be aUendeil by forty f;ir eign iiHache.s, ineliidiiig Brigadier General Persliing. from the Pliilii liit:es. IIlid Lieutenant Ctdoiiel Irons •la'ioiied ill tills <Hy. T;. I > forces .engaged wil! nnnibi'i 11)11,01111. •rbe.\ will be divided Into two armies, one aitiieking and tin otber defeniilni; Tokld. Tlie maneiiy ers. wlik-h will be the most exteusiv* .-Ilie - tlie war wHli Russia, will dost v.'lli a grand re\ lew by the emperor •111 .Voyeliiber l:i. t)n the saiii" il.i.v fi hinclu'on v il| 1 • given to till- fureigners in atteiidi ance liv .Minister of War Teninclii. Keglster Mant Adi"., Ic a Word. CAN'T LEVY ON A HOMESTEAD. The New Ruling Handed Down by; the Kansas Supreme Court W. r. jwiithrow Will Open School in i Iota. W. 'i'. WAithrow. a local Insuruuc-.' organiser and manager of the Fraier- I'^iloii dances, .has decided ual to o|i :-n II ji a dHnclntr Viclioul In lo'a. He liu: iioj tii },et secured a hall In ^hlch •0 hoM the scliool tut vxtwcts to ae- euro a jpUce within the n «at f»w daya. T1)«« schpol will bo known aa the lola Cullost] of Dancing Topeka^ Nov. 11.—One;? a home I.laid, alwajs a holuestead in Kansa- is the new rule, according to a deeis ii.ii of the siiiiremc court. If a mat and wife have a lionicsti-ail. It eaimo be lakeii for ilebi during Ibelr llf • lime, and when one dies the home stead still n-maiiis Inviolate for tie lebts of one. coiiltacted befor • o alter llie ileatli of eitln-r. This ileeis Ion was given by Jiistlci- Mason ii (e \trs ng the jiidgtiieut of the district •I 'lri. of .lacks'.n county in tii.- sn'' (111.Ill li> .Mr.-. .Mary IC. Weavi i ai^aiii.--t llie l"lr>l .N'iilluiial Hack -i Cbleai II. Ml. mill Mr; Weaw r iivil in 11"' b n. He owned oii" lot and •.•lie DWH ed ninl luljoliilng one. tJu tl;t;e bil- Slooil ibelr linnie. Ilefol • I. Is ilea. I Mr. Weaver VMy wife ll denl P • be lol wbli'll be iiwneil. .'iliil llli'll \111.. « II beiineallied ler all Ir- pr ;i liv. He died 111 I^M. Ill T 'l'.'i tin I'ir-l N'lilioinil lliinlv oblaitied a Jml.'. •Ill agiilnit .Min. Weiner fo" a debt v.blch site hiiil colliriii'teil since lo i ii -biitid's deiiib, Tito bank. In ord'-r to collei'l the lllone>, |e\ lei(, oil III lomesifM 'l. .Mr.'>. Weaver iMiHMin ill iiijieici ion ID prrvenl lln- ;-iile «• bei 'loiiie, lint on tlie tiiial trial of lli ' ;'si' the injiini'tioii wa-- denied. Sir IMipea'id to llie siipieiiie eoillt aiel '':iTe Ibe ilijlllielinii w.i- •.•railleil. nn.-stlon bav II.-MT lieeii <le filled liefori- and il is probable tliai l! will uffect nini\> cases now in 'tlie ronils where jiidgnienis wen' seciiri il and attempts made to take tlw home st<-iids ill order lo collect tbe ni <i |ie_\ As er -tabllsliing a new rule of law an I 1 precedent for the coiii-ts to follow. JiisMce .Mason ill hi., oidiilon Miy.N "When a "If.-. afi.-r tlie denib ..f I er liiihbund. eonl'iuii!.- lo reside upon Ibe family boiiiesleud. itltboiiKh her own cn-illiors. an well as agiilnsi tbe fredltois of ber huHbaiid's estate. ||. iispeetiM' of the time the indebted lie .HK was Incurred iiiid without, regard lo which siMiiise )|>1J the letrrO title t« llie pniixily ilur'U'? their married life. ' Committee Will Present Legal Phase at iTonlnhfs Meeting. The seCoiiil meet ins for tli,- dis-. -.issioii o\ the coniinission forin «jf ?ity government for lo'a will be held •might In,the rest room of the court louse. -At tbe Inst, meeting a com- nltlee consisting of Jive attorii.-ys '.as appointed to collect all Inforiua- ion possible on the subject and prj- ^ent it to this meeting. This committee will deal especially with the 'egal phasr^s of the question. The roninilttee has been working on the •natter .since the last meeting :ind •.vill be ca'led together some time th's '.fiemoon at which time th.'-y will •onslder the best way of presenting l.e inforniafion. The public i.s cor '.tally invlt<'d to attend the lueettns tonight.- TT. H. AliD££80K. * Attoraer-at-Law. • Notary and Stenographer In • Office. * Phone 4i.5. OEATHS JUST ONE YEAR APART. Mrs. Laura Martin Died Yesterday.— Baby Died One Year Ago. A very sad death occurred yt-sL^r lay morning when T s. l.aura Mart ii f Gas City, passe, away. .\ year igo the ^Marlin family, consisted of members. Just a year ago yes•« rilay the little tliree-ypar-old child JI:>d. The death of the mother left 'l.e husband with one cliild who is low dangerously 111. The fiinera! of -Mrs. .Martin is to •e h(.tii this afternoon at two o'clock from the residence and will hi' in •1 arge of Rev. Harkiiess of the East oln church. Interment'will tak.> pl.-ic" 'a the h)!u cemetery. Fancj^ Back Combs! NEW Ct)NSIOXMKNT JUSTIN XW. COFFEY & SON Exclusirc Jenekrs. East Sltlc CLOSE ROLLAWAY SKATING RINK • • JI. A.EwJng. S-A-QaTd, O.ILOard • • • j ;n «0, UABD * UABD, • • • Lawyers. • • • Prfictlco lu all Ctmttt. • *, • • 9% W. Madison. FtaoM tSI. • DK. HcXILLK.V, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg.. West Madison. • ] • Phni .1. Phone 687. Res. 701. .DH. 0. L. COX, Bye, Ear. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. \V. Sldg. Office Phone 1083. DR. K. 0. C11BISTIA5. Physician and Sorgeoa. • Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg, • • • •I. 1 * . • Phone S&4. ' lola. Kaas. DBi EDITH S. UAieH. Office and Residence over Barren's tJrug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 "p. m., 7 to 8 evenlnga. Sundays by AppolntmenL JI. MABinr. Practlcj* Limited'to SOtcny. 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 57«. DK. n. E. HEILMUN. Fhyslriat. A Sttrgeoa. Office K. Corner of Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Store. Rea. ttl 28. Office Tel. 502. • RrtS. Tel. la.t. Office Tel. 163. «K. J. K. PKPPEB. • Di-nUst. • Is permanently located over • E. C. McClalp 's Clothing Store, • and ts prepared to do all kinds • of up-to-date dental work. • Evening work by appointment. ••••••••••••••••••• • 11 I * * - i • I • V. L. Lathrup, Mrs. Rpswie G. T..athrop. (».STE«P-ATUIC PHYSICIAH8. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office; "Phone, Main 468. ^ttachmrnt Was .Api^ied by Constable IhriH.—Party Interrupted. Aiioiit nine o'doi lavt night whlb. 1 iiii'rr;. party of skaiers were whirl lug iiboiit the '•|tol away" sKallirJ iak on Ibe norlii sld:- of tbe square, be doors of Uie building were thrown i|'< II and In stepped Constable W. .1. I'.rig. lie watched the scene for a cw niiiiiile.-; and ^\\ advancing to ! e (.||it 'i- of tbe I louii of skater.^ iii- oriiieil tl:».|n that the lig mils' lop an! Ibe idace e |osi.. as be eai- •:ed |i :i |iir-. fiiiln Judge l'ollfr'>; coiirl • aitiiili till' projiert.v Fhe inlniite.. iler till! plac • VMis cloiied, tbe -.knt IS ba\liig depurted. Till' .illaeliiiieiil wii-. U|i|ilieil for ^i- .;i'' !-'iiriiIi llbic!,, ileK.'i •.idler, ilsly iillei: 'll w^igis to till' e\ii"ii I- *lii Tbe iiiiiniii ei', Mr. William.. ill 111'-senl (int of lown. The i-ase a. been tei for I' o'c uk .N 'oM -mber Mb. 'I'll" I'liik ll owned b> Sprltp; ield ,Mo.. pa "lies, and II is sii|ipoKe.! iiiii tliej will be h..n. In 11 ivw ila\ < .1 siltle tbe inaKiT. i •EG. A. B0WLU8. Prasldent. TH08, H. BOWLUG. Ca^Ur. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK dipital $30,000.0^ OIRECTORS A. W. flecK. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton,: W. J. Svani, J. O. Ilttfftr% Bao. A. Bowlus, Thoi. H. Bowlua. WEISSU£ OUR OWM ORAFTa OR Ml iiUROPCAH POUIT9 •AFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM «2 to |5 PER YEAR. TIl .W AkI-: I'Kl '^^n. ,\ i-lio!tc ii .vsortralcDt ol ihi.s popii- hr hrainl Ht CRAUB'i>. WIJLII vott Luy j.iiwney'.s Choco-. liitoN litre, «iiir ii«r?<iiinl plcdnte ol llieir lieiihm-ss };iH .'Si with lliviii, (lit J mil iii>t c iiiily lit Cfaf.l.'rt iitJil ^cl• liow wi-ll H l)icllSl'^ }Pti. CR4BBIS DRUG STORE, Cornet Washington iiiid \\'v.l;Hts. M. 0. \\. Itiinii .Nollcc. .Ml liieniiiei o. vile \V. (>. \V. bainl re r .'i |ilt .,;..d lo meet .-it llroderson & toiiiln's r|j;ar vtoie I'rIilay nlgbi at o'ebx'k sharp for iiractice. Prof. Veils lias been sc.'tiled as inslnicior. {TO TEACH JEFFERSON SCHOOL, iv:rs. E. W. Myler .Will Succeed IVIiss Hallie Irving. .Ml'-, i; W . .M.iler lias be .n emidoy i b> llie M'bool board lo teach llii- II L-rade III til' .IcfferMiii hulldlnK- ^ulilcb wiis 'eit \acanl by the reHlgna- 'loll (if ,Ml..s lliillie Irving. It wuM re- (lerti^il thai .MlrH IrvliiK'w ttiicceshor iniis to receU • 11 lilKher salary than |\.i>s being iiaid III her. The niciiibi-rH the sebiKjI board deny (his fact iind >uy tleai Mr*. Myler is to re •elve $.'/.'. a iiioiitli, the same as was paid Art's Irving. Mrs. Myler is a graduate of the late normal school and has had- a pr-al deal of e.\|ierleiice In teaching. liHV iig taiifbt at Baker I'liiversity. hi;;!' schools and county Institutes. Urs. Myler will begin her work ne.vt ^.'onday morning. MISS IJKS.SIE Co.\ who for three efli'b liai; been clerk and bleiiogiaph 1 in (he purehttitDi; agentc ofttce oi he Lsn>on Zluc company, has reitsn A her position. 8ha will be auceeed- I d br Mr. Hoerntni: of New York and 1 -oodoii • The SAyt\ Fi; iiill ii^ll IIO.Hf;SF:KhF;i{.H' tUkvl'i \oi. tftfli; Drr. Id and lith. 19U7 to p<tlu(<« in Tt^iai ,t)klab»inn and- Indian terrltnr/, .^c'lt Xvtiro and Arfcaunah at »«o ralirfi. >VI.>TKI( TOIKI.vr tlifiietfi «iti Milt* dullj >in. tatli, IM? t«> April WHh. IttOM. with tinal reliirii limit Jnne M, IMIN, to liiaumaut. Kl i'a* M, H. Uortb, tiulM'Mi^n. Tfxus I'arMtud nnJ Dejnlnif, .\. M, at low rati -K. Ploatte (tee us for further parirulars. i W. E. RMLSTOM, 4a »nt

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