The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 16, 1964 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1964
Page 2
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,1 PAGE 2 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Wednesday, Dec. 16,1964 TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE , ••>;>,•: : .•' .• SUBSCRIPTION BATES; ,By ( Carrier, JaCity, : Per Week *_-—•-_-* - ^..^_3S. cents By Mall; One Year/ Tipton and Adfacen* Counfi«„.„_ „$8.W '•' 11 1 j Member; Uiiittdi Press. International News Service 'Entered as Second Class Matter .Oct. 4, 1895 at the Postoffice in Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3,1879 PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY 221-223 East Jefferson Street. Tipton, Indiana. Telephone OS 5-2115 ROUND TOWN . AND THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Maney MANY U.S. SERVICEMEN of World War II, remember BASTONGE . . . and the commander of the U.S. troops in the area .'.. who became famous with one 'blurted' but colorful and meaningful word, 'nuts'! — R T — THIS WAS THE answer to a demand by the Germans to surrender . . . or be annihilated Because of the following SNEER . . . the commander herled the challenge back at the Germans ... the commander hurled the last sentence . J . which gal vanized the'firey general M'c Auliffe into action was: "All the serious . civilian I o s s e s ' caused "by" this artillery fire would not correspond with the well known American humani ty." This did it ... and the word took on new meaning fired the troops up —and they held on until December 26 . • one day after Christmas—when American tanks broke the back of the opposition which had surrounded, the small town of Bastonge. ROUND TOWN A LITTLE OLD LADY starting across the street against the light . . .rescued—and not too happy about it either—but something to remember when you are driving in the downtown area. Watch for children and elderly people . . . they sometimes .forget the danger of • crossing . . .especially against walk lights . . . when motorists feel they have the 'right of way' and aren't watching out for someone who may have forgotten. — R T — JUST FIVE DAYS to send that SHOES FOR KIDDIES contribution if you 'are so inclined. The committee thisj year would like to see a record : set . , . honoring the deceased Hugh Carter—who, always pot the baU rolling in years gone by."'Send yours to Shoes for Kiddies, P.O. Tipton, Ind. There .is no set amount. •' FORTUNATE WE IX TIPTOX and TIPTOX COUNTY are indeed fortunate in having 11 doctors to take care of our ills. When one realizes that there are counties in the state where a large scarcity exists— even where there are actually no resident doctors, we are indeed fortunate, and added to this, fortunate because the doctors we have are excellent ones. LESS TALK MORE ACTION! THE REPUBLICANS are still 'talking up a storm' in regard to the election results ... and whose fault it was that they suffered so great a defeat. Some keep saying that the approximate 27,000,000 votes -was a victory within itself, and denotes that quite a few people are ready to 'switch' if air does not go well. If they would but conserve the chatter ... it would be a better advantage them.' lfs why they were, defeated, that. should concern them. You don't argue and fight among yourselves — then win! iThe-score was 42 to„27— a pretty-'good margin in - any league. The. way to do ."something about it jiiight .'.fee'; to , 'press'-..; .•.using- a 'roundball' term . then find a way to get " that ball—and score! — R T — YOU DON'T WIN by creating hysteria, especially 'When the opposition js .doing' a good • job • of doing the r same at the time. Teamworks does .it! 'And ^ they v should stop' 'crying in the buck~ et! ; ;.. ; .like a.' basket^ian'. who ' points out that -the7reason 'HIS ,boys lost—was ' because -% thfey -jusf;weren't hitting, the.basket! . 'And why? BecauseUbey could.. • h't get -.'the- •baii'... Possession is nine tenJIis of'the law —they used to sayanimaybe you could say th/gi-^possession in politics is the same. . •'. - , — RT — WHO WILL DOMINATE the badly: seaKred 'loyal' opposition? ;WHY NOT GUESS? Yours will be as good as,the'so-called ,experts,,they've- been' 1 wrong' on everything "else, iMeanwhlte- the 'possession' f«am has th« ball— don't forget Mat small i-"', ; but important -item!' The w old pro- Lyndon—is -hpf -jotng" to fall asleep In the meantime! j JONES.'SAYS JENKINS LLOYD JONES ... noted editor, and- speaker says '-'The;.true- Liberal should;,, in my opinion, boggle at social theorie.s-that degrade the human being. He should question the political practices that penalize the DOERS and fatten up the DON'TERS. He ' should recog nize that the forced reproduction and encouragement of incompetence and irresponsibility through political subsidies will eventually produce a society in which there will be less for all Such a liberal will, at the same time, reject the law of the jun gle.. . . 'survival of .the fittest" Neither competence, nor strength nor intelligence will be allowed. to impose raw power upon the mass. He will cherish those checks and balances which halt the depredations of, as Old Joe Pulitzer put it, 'predatory capital and predatory labor Unquote. WE MIGHT ADD . . . 'predatory government' to the two. HIGH SOURCE SAYS THERE ARE MANY rumors going about regarding the de valuation.of the dollar, the English pound . . .BUT these are not true—after a recent survey in this country and abroad. — R T — IT IS CLAIMED that the price of gold will remain at $35 an ounce. Silver—DITTO—at $1.29 an ounce—for now. THERE WILL BE no world financial crisis in the near fu ture ... no serious drop in the (Continued on page 8) Get the jump on Christmas! -~See our complete BULOVA selection' NOW! A. LEADING LADY—Trim and tiny with graceful advanced styling. 21 jewels$49.95 B. MIONIGHT CltPPEK-Rugged as all outdoors. 17 iewels.-Selt-wmdinj.. Waterproof. Stioc^sistint. Luminous hands and dial. $59.95' • -: * '.When case, crystal and crown are Intact. 1 HOLD6( ANY BULOVA •TIL OljferSTMAS \- ; , letour,watch marts snow you { . ,our other„finejflulava watphas -• , .\from ^$24 .75 • lei Happy Holiday OPEN 8 a.m, TILL 9 p.m. WEST §EDE COURTHOUSE John Carney Reg. Pharmacist 10% TAX ON COSMETICS DRUG STORE FILM DEVELOPING OPEN 8 a.m. TILL 9 p.m. TIPTON, IND. Ken Carney Reg. Pharmacist ldfo Tax on Cosmetics MERRf CHRISTMAS FREE! ALL NEW! <£iD 1965 CALENDAR With Valuable Coupons A different money-saving couppn, each month! Plus gourmet recipes,. household hints and features galore all in. beautiful color! (pets!!) '1985 ALMANAC Historical informa- • (ion, horoscopes, and other useful guides for the whole year." Ask for yours NQW .while our supply lasts! \ PACKAGE OF 12 CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS 59c ftS-_____«_»_„»„3i„3_tX 1 620 - 120 - 127 Rex FILM *»**»„„„„„„„„Sl„»„3i3l*: CHOCOLATE BOX ANDY Pangburns Millionaires r ~ $1.00 Pangburns Ragtime $2.25 Pqngburn Selected ___ $2.00 Whitman Sampler $2.15 Whitman Assorted _-- $2.00 Whitman Miniature $2.00 Stover Assorted Chocolate — $1.60 Stover Assorted Creams ___— $1.60 THE GREATEST GIFT You won't find it under the Christmas'r greatest gift is your good health. 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