Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 8
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BEGINS MONDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER I6tli O NCE A YEAR we hold this great sale of LINENS—distributibg the most beautiful and useful of household necessities at remarlcably low prices. Thrifty housewives never overlook our linen sales. Hotel aud boarding house keepers can better supply their wants at this sale than at any of tne previous offerings—more to select fr. m and at lower prices. Richer, prettier and bix ter LINENS never graced a table than will be seen «t this sale> Come and buy 3^ur next year's linen supply and save not only dimes but 4ollars bnyour hyusehold linens. REMEMBER THIS THANKSQIVINQ LINEN SALE BEGINS MONDAY MORNINO. All 25c table Lioeuti, bleached or unbleached, 52 to 58 inches wide; special price, yard ..' 20<$ - 3Cc Table Linen, bleached or unbleached, 54 io 58 laches vide; special .8aIC' price, yard •••S7C 50c Tab'o Linens, bleached or unbleached, 62 to 68 .inches wide, in dot, floral and Grecian border de- .•IgBs; special salc^ price, yard 396 (tec Table Linens, bleached or unbleached, fifteen pieces in this lot. some 67 aud TOc linens; special sale price, yard 456 .7&c quality 70-inch Bleached Table Linens in rich new floral designs.: special sale price, yard 546 • $1.00 Table Linens 70 and 72 inches wide, bleached or silrer bleached; special sale price, yard 796 $1.25- Bleached or Silver Bleached Table Linen, plain or floral patterns, 6S, 70 aud 72 inch Linens; special sale price, yard 986 $1.50 Table Linens 70 and 72 inches wide; specinl sale price, yard 81.21 $2.00 Bleached Table Linen Ih beautiful poppy and satin stripe deslgne, 72 laches wide; on sale for. yard 81.49 $2.00 Table Linen 72 inches wide, Queen of the .Meadow, floral design; special sale prico yd. 81.98 22 aud 24-inch Napiiintt to match the abwe Table Linen; special prices on eevry Napkin in the house. 75c \apkins on sale for 05i6 $1.00 Napkins on sale for '. 8l6 $1.25 Napkins on sale for - 986 $1J>0 Napkins on sale fur 81.19 $1.7 .'i Napkins ou sale for 81.35 $2.00 Nopkius on sale for ,-81.62 $2.25 Napkins on sale for 81.89 $2.50 Napkins on sale for 82.19 $2.75 .Napkins on sale for < 82.29 $3.00 Napkins on sale for o -82.33 $3.50 Napkins on stile for 82.98 $4.0u Napkins on talc for 83.29 $4.50 Napkins on bale for 83.98 $5.00 Napkins on sale for --84.15 $6.00 Napkins on sale for 84.95 $7.50 Napkins on sale for 85.85 Special prices on all Matched Linen Sets, Cloths and iNapklns to inatch. z 68|t72 Linen Cloth leaf pattern," $2.00 regular price. On Hale for ^1>^ Napkins to lUtttCIi $3.30 regiilar price; on sale 82.98 , Flour de IJB pattern size 8x8. price $2.25; on sale for 81.89 8x10 banic pattern as above or spot Roman with border $2.50 regular price; ou sale for 82.1ft Napkins to match above, regular price $3.00 dozen: ou sale for 82.35 Poppy design or Rose Trail, size 68x86 and 72x72. regular price $3.00; on sale for ---82.35 Napkins to match tiXxyii, size 24x24. regular price $4.00: on sale for ..: 83.29 .VII $3.75 pattern Cloths on sale for 83.19 All $4.00 Cloths on sale for -83.29 All $4.50 pattern cloths on sale for 83.89 $5.00 pattern cloths on sale for 84.15 $6.50 pattern cloths on sale for 85.25 $10.00 Chrysanthenmm button bole edge and scalloped round Table Cloth, size 9-4; on sale for 88.15 TOWiSLrNG BY TUE YARD I One lot of Bleached Toweling 16 inches wide, red border, regular price, yard 7%c; special sale price 56 All 5c Toweling on sale for 4^6 All 7%c'Toweling on sale foj 66 All 8%c Toweling on sale for... 76 •TOWJELIKG BY THE TABD. All 10c Toweling on sale for ...8 !36 All 12%c ToweMng on sale for.. .106 .\n 15c Toweling on sale ior ...l2ia6 All 17Hc Toweling ou sale for.. -146 All 25c Toweling on sale for... 196 All 50c Toweling on sale for. ..426 All 95c Toweling on sale for... 726 TOWELIXG BY THE YARD. All Towels ready made at liberal price reductions. One lot of Bleached Red border Towels, size lox30 inches, regular j)rice 7isc: special sale price, each 56 dozen 556 Barber Towels full bleached red bor der, jirice each 46 o«" dozen ..396 - TOWELING BY THE YARD. All 10c Towels on sale for 8^6 .A.11 12Vic Towels on sale for.... 106 .\11 15c Towels ou sale for 116 All 171^0 T'owels on sale for 146 .\11 20c Towels on sale for --166 All 25c Towels on sale for 196 All 35c Towels on sale for 276 •if I0WELI5G BY THE YARD. All 40G Towels on sale for 326 All 50c Towels ou sale for 396 All 65c Towels on sale for 526 All 75c Towels on sale for 576 ^11 85c Towels on sale for . ..~.. .636 All $1.00 Towels on sale for ...796 Don't Fan to See tbiti Line. DR£SS LINENS Special sale of Dress Linens, -A,re LLueus and Linen Sheeting in white only. ^ 25c Dress Linens on sale for .J06 30c Dress Linens-on sa'e for 246 35c Dres» Linens on sale for 206 45c Dress Linens on sale for .326 50c Dress Linens on salt^ for ,..396 65c Dress Linens on sale for 476 ;.'>c An LineiiB ou sale for .'i46 S5c .\rl Linens on sale for .i 636 Jl .OU Casing on sale for 796 $1.25 Sheeting on sale for ..986 Lunch Cloths, Sidelx)ard and Dresser Scarfs at special sale jjrlces. 50c Sloths and Scarf* ou sale for . .*. 396 65c Cloths and Scarfs on saio for 476 75c Cloths and Scarfs ou sale for .196 85c c :oths and Scarfs on liale for ({36 $1.00 CIoth.s iuid-Scarfs on sale for 796 $1.25 Cloths and Scarfs on sale for 986 $1..".0 Cloths and Scarfs on bale for 81 .19 $1.75 Cloths and Scarfs on sale for 81.35 $2.0t> Cloths and Scarfs on sale for -•81.59 $2.25 Clotht. and Scarfs on sale for . . .i 81.89 $2..'0 Cloths and Scarfs ou sale for ! ;8l.98 $3.00 Cloths and Scarfs on. sale for ... .i 82.35' $i.50 Cloths and Scarfs on sale for 82.98 $4.00 Cloths and Scarfs on salcfor 83.19 $5.00 Clotha and Scarfs on sale for 83.98 $6.00 Cloths and Scarfs on sale for 8.?.00 $6..50 Cloths and Scarfs on sale for 85.29 Rich Hand Embroidered Doilies, Centers, Scarfs and Lunch Cloths, .Mount Mellick, 65c Doilies or Centers, on sale for .'-506 75c Doilies or Centers on sale for 556 S5c Dollies or Centers on sale for 626 $1.00 Doilies or Centers on sale for 796 $1.25 DOfies or Centers on sale for 966 $1.50 Doilies or,Centers on sale for .., 81*.19 $1.75 Doilies or Centers on sale for- 91<*^<^ $2.00 Doilies or Centers on sale for 81.62 $2.!i0 Doilies or Centers cn sale for $1«98 $3.00 Doilies or Centers on sale for wi.iVi $3..".0 Doilies or Centers on sale for 82.98 $4.00 Dollletf or Centers on sale for 83.19 $4^0 Dollieij or Centers on sale for 8.'|,49 $5.00 Doilies or Centers on sale for 83.98 $(>.00 Doilies or Centers on sa!e for j.8.1.(M) $6.50 Doilies or Centers on sale for 85.39 One lot of Stamped Shadow Embroidery Waist PatteruR, worth 95c; on Halt* for -'596 One lot of 65c and Hoc Pillow Tops, stamped for shadow embroidery; on sale for 426 SCARFS AND SaUARES Jar >ane3e and Mexican Hand Drawn IV'ork, Ccarfs and Squares at very low prices; v $1.00 Scarfs and Squares on sale for 796 $1.25 Scarfs and Squares'on sale for 986 $1.50 Scarfs and Squares on s^le.for .81.19 $1.75 Scarfs and Squares on sale for 81.35 $2.00 Scarfs and Squares on,sale/or 81^62 $2.25 Scarfs and Squares on sale for 81.89 $2.50 Scarfs and Squares on sale for 81;98 $3.00 Scarfs and Squares on sale for .82135 $3.50 Scarfs and Squares on sale for 82i98 $4.00 Scarfs and Squares on sale for $^^^15 $4.50 Scarfs and Squares on sale for 83.49 •I i—Stamped Linens at special prices. 15c Stamped Linen On sale for 116 20c Stamped Linen on sale for .--156 2oc Stamped Linen ou sale for 196 30c Stamped Linen on Kale for 226 35c Stamped Lioun uu sale for ••2.^6 4.')C Stamiied Linen on sale for r 316 50a Stamped Linen on sale for 396 (i5c StamiHid Linen ou sale for -476 75c Stamped Linen on sale for .526 85c Stamped Unen tin sale for tfl6 $1.00 ^Stamped Linen on sale for 796 $1.25 Stamped Linen on sale for --986 In Our Big Ready-to-Wear Departmentt: »Children's Bear Skin Coats in ail colors, size 2 years to 5 years, price 81.95. 82.50. $3. 84.50 k 85 Mi6s?.s' dark plaid and plain colored School C^ats. size C jears to 12 years, worth $5.(.'0: on sale for ,..82.49 Misses dark t)!ald and plain colored School Coats, size ti to 12 years, worth • up t<>_$G.50; on saic for.. 8^^.49 Ladles' Black Three-quarter Lengtli C<iats. neatly trimmed: special values at 85.00 and 87^50: other values up lo 84O.00 Ladies Rubberized Auto or Utility - Ooats in plaids and plain colors, spe- •fiaX price 85.00 - Other values up to 825.00 ,i F^ncy Satin Striped Scarfs in all „ "ioiors 2% to 2% yards long; spedal %^4 >....r • 82.50 Setrfing Silks bq the yard in all colors, iwice yard (J5. 75 ASD 956' Crepe de Chine •Scarfs hemmed and hemstitched ends;^ ^ni»rice 81.50 ' Fancy Neck Ruchings in blue. tan. vpfalc'creftm and white., priced at 16 'taxi 26 inch. ^ - Japanese Silks In white or black 19 inches wi<Ie, price yard" 296 L^idies Tailored Suits In blue, green, brown, red and black in fancy worsteds, cheviots and broadcloths, satin lined jackets, regular price $20. Special price for .Monday and Tuesday: choice 814.95 I.adieb' and Misses" Tailored Suits, satl niined jackets, gored skirts, colors grey, hiite. brown and b!ack, regular price ^'."•.liO; on sale Monday,aud Tuesday; thoice 810.95 SPECIAL RIG VALUES. One lot of Salesman's Carpet Samples made up iuto Rngs, size 27x45 inches, fringed ends; special ...986 27x54 floral or oriental pattern Rugs, regular $2.25 value; on sale for 81.89 36x72 inch floral or oriental Rugs, regular price $4.50, on sale for 83.95 Pink and svhie. blue and white coral Ibth Rugs, - Larze size $2.00 value for 81.49 ijiiull size $1.75 vu'ue for 8U29 -$lf.60 Pro-Brussels'Rugs iJi gree'p colurlngs. size 9x12 feet. Ua bale' for 88.95 .Munsiug Knit Underwear for women \and children. Silases' Union Suits in all sizes in white or grey; priced at 506. tSc. 81.00. aud 81.50 Women's - Munsing Union Suits in white, cream or grey in all ^weights: Pripe 81.00] to 83.00 L «S8 expensive Union Suits for child ren In all sizes at, asult .256 Indies' good "quality Uniou Suits or separate garments In all sizes: price garment . .' 256 Children^ 20c quality heavy ribbed Stockings, ail sizes, from 5% to 9%; on- sale -for J ... 156 Pony Stockings for boys laud girls, all sizes in light or heavv ribbed; price pair |.-••-256 Vax Stdckings for boys 4ind girls, all sizes, price.. 30. 35 and 406 • Chlidrens Topsy Stocking? in sizes 5^ to 9% on sale for. pair 96 Infants' Shoep in.sizes 5 to 8, kid or calf skin, broken sizes, values up to $1,25; on sale for ^•'856 inf^nta' uOc Soft Sole Shoes broken sixes, all colors: choice 396 . ^ ' BlTTE3fBrB0 8CABF8 ASD SgUABES. $1.00 Battenburg on sale -for 796 $1.25 Batlenburg on sale Xpr .....896 $1.50 Batlenburg on sale for 81.19 $2JM) BaUenburg on sale for 81.62 92i5^ttenbnrg on sale for 81.89 12.50 Batt^bdrg ou sale for ...82.09 .... t'EXTEBS AJfb SOABES. Hand made Fliet Oinpure Centers and Scarfs. $4.00'^^alue on sale for -83.29: $5.00 value ou sale for ........83.98 $6.00 ralno 9n sale for .8il.CO,. Art Needle Books tell how; price 1 1

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