The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1946
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JULY 26,-1946 PAOE HIX1, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For SaU. JiLOilo) MiiiiH'npoliR Moliru' rninliSii nilli junior. Dor Wclborn, Ki.M'lanJ 1» linei p., Un» tier i.j --- , Be l Man Ik tsr j| nl _______ __ , 0o __ Count fir. tTorafi wordi W »l» lint. Adi ordered (or tliTin or lU lirnm an* *U;p«d l«!ora explratloa still t>< akarged •or tta number of tlmej lb« al appMred •Jul oxJloilment of bill rnada. All CIsiElfiod Ad-(l'rlllliii eOD7 lob- Bltte* by pereoni reiMlog out»ld« nt Ik. «1I7 mast be acconiyaalcd by CM*. Kitel ^9i»/ b« eulljr cotuiiated fraai th« atora A Mo- llmul. I'livlf. L.ii.l Imiul s:nv fili'r allj :L r.'ImilhillK lllH.'liilu- Ilk.' IHU. Sill' Wlllii- I'urrrll. Vnrbro. Ark. •JU |jk-5ii FOR SALE (o Iilfhctl liiddpr lor I'ASU liy DJ-OM Srhuul llunrd. I)i-c. No. .111. Uni- !nr>:i> frnmo school bullJinB known ps rVrn Sulj-ers Htliool. locaivil :!'« mill's X. K. Dyo»« Criilrr. Tlioii<tiiul< of l.'i'l of top Krtulo sidlric, fluorine *,,,l dill1FII<l<III. Suit •«< i. 11 . Hid* Ir. wrillne "ill W im.'IIU'tl ill 111,' offiCf Of SlLp.-ril*- ('til of [>>-o«s SrliooK !>>.•<«. Ai kausss until t'riilay August 'J, li . Adtertlilni ord.r f«r Imnhi U»«r- »lol» ukt» the ooe tlm« r«t«. . No r«apon«lbllity will le liken lor «ior« ri°, OBfl Inoorrecl Iniertloo of my •!»•- llflad id. For Sale Limited supply S" electric fans. Blythe- villc S«K, LV uliuni. Jlii,, •',,.,.„•.:.> Lighl and chirk tureen house and barn paint. Host i»Tju.e. S gallon con tamers. Pain I before Fall. I,owes I. prices. Phillips Kobmsou, phono iifiiiMl: Krlc W. Davis. I'rr'Ut- V e r n on H c n r >•, Si 1 .' n 1 1 n Service* liming anil paper da man, phono 2-134. r'4ir fir^l dr^siu tlons Sf« Jlrs. ^K Hotel, plume 2:106. Hire your iv-as!ilrtK tlotke fit 903 S. I.tKO. lirifij; poa|>, starch. 19-pk-^O Settleil white lady will It re 51 bouie ?or *inall family, Contact it 32,T North .Second Si. 15-pk--^ Flo uses in or oil mnd foundations repaired. Call J92 or iee Krank Crockett. iBlh and Vine, 7|l-pV-8[^ ID41 ln-a ICK COLD WATEHSIELONS —wholesale and relnil. Day or night. Buck Mehnrg, 30^1 Kast iMain, jihone i)18. 7-23-[)k-8-2;i Well )ieant)' S!u»| <-i|ui|.|j>:d cli:ilr>; I hit- it ir: tiiirrur.s; uiie book Man,!;' 2 KIWI;. UMB wit »turJluor; one fatint « Htid s>tool; a dryt'r.s; ht'ulrr—KUOI! condition stninl; 2 s«.-ts cold n;iv er.s, roils; clips;; &<:is;.urs; Mi[.]it>rs ai- omEzcrs; fliii.1 dEs]ioji^rs; iiiiu-hitiel.'s.i clips. Hliti|) b>- solil Hi uncf. Dwn- °t lt'iivhi)r ciij-. -Mis. A. Ouiini. !l'i\ l^lO, Uachvilltf. Ark. ^;:.],k-3;G Florence cine siiK rods; Mu bual with Knil Main. trailer. City Ciarn 2|J pi. ^o. Have your voice recorded. We uAve tbe latest eijul]iiiient for recording votci'd, bind and orclieiitrii inusle »nd inc9' i-Kgc*. Indoor and outdoor bound ay*- tenis for real And for eale. UlythCYllle llaillo Kuplily, wholesale only. 112 Ho. Klrnl, i>l,one 4li7. 7|8-ck.B|:S GI LOANS If you want a 4% GI Loan (o buy a homw, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH BLDG. Phone 2034 or 502. 6-14-ck-tf Wbea you oil itoT* ae«di ele»n!t repalrmi; call 8UB4. All work Lawn inowera »h«rp«&ed «od re pain. All tjpem Bad kiodt. We ipecUUitt ia yowor mower ib»rpef|in4 tad motor overk*ulinB. T««. wV pick ap »nd deliver. BljlUftTlU* Mtckla* Bkop. Sell to PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. While Prices Are The Highest Bring Your Car or Truck to Phillips, Where You Can Get The Highest PRICE No Red Tape—Come in Today!! Political Announcements Tin Ororter N*** *M Man aulnoniet] to amoane* tb* (allowing c*iidld»t«, nib)** to UM Democratic primary: ttUrjurrr AND COUJCCTO* JACK rtNLKT ROBUCBON WILLIAM BERRYMAH CODJCTT JUDGI OKNE E. BEAOLJCT ROLAND QUEEN rOR TAX AS8KB8OB DOYIJ3 HENDERSOH W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CIKEK HARVEY MORIUU COBNTV COURT CLKKK ELIZABETH BLTfTHl COUNTY TREABDUB DELLA PDRTUC WATE KEPREBKNTATm A1£NE WORD f. O. FLEKMAN LKBLH "DUKIE" BFIOK U H. AUTBY W. J, WtrNDERLIOH (Far r«-«leciloa) H. E. 111UD) FISHER STATE BKNATOk J. LEE BEABDIN JEFFERSON W. BPBOrl CIHCIIIT JU1XJE E. Q. WARD I. M. GREEK CHARLES W. UOHT More limn ICO fishing lakes mid 70 ItKhtiifj slrcunis tiro 'ocuU'il in Mrdiclnt? Bo\v Nnllonul Foi't-stj !n southeastern Wyoinlny. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf Trails Bwap wbat you hAT« »nd don't «r»ut lor wbtt we k»T* yon do want. 8*t- iBfactlGU vaarmnUcil. £lb«rt lluffm«n Swap 8hi>i], 401 Enl lialn Street. rhoos 859. g-ck-tt £!bertn peaclies, fruits, inoloiis, £ r ° c( >M(.'K. Flculy of niont. New Inrutiim—Honlli Division St. 1'tuiiHi CG'J:! fur itoliv^ry. JUf: HtlKTEIt OltO. ' NO CASH MONTHLY TKRiMS FALL TERMS Paint Hotly Work, Uecondi tiun motors, Simoni/.ing and Seat Covers. Wrecker Service, Night and Day. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ford & Mercury Dealer 5th & Walnut Sis." Phone 453 79-ck-tf For Fine Porlrails It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-tl • picture frames made to order . O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf W«uil llrollicrs corn picker. Now. 10 Ft. Ktain ilrill, t;rass sci'il nttarliuuii.t, A-l ciindLtiuri. Knl.iry nut-, gooil condition. 6 iroorL farm v.'nvotis; J L;iU I^-od iniH; 1-IIIU fet-.l mill; 5 metal u-nierin ir^^l.s; i S l«.| W «leri,, B troths, a xG'xlS'; ^ :t^0->;;u. jiasolini! vvnti l>|]]ii]».s: J toil *|p:iin IMIIIV uiLiu'ral sal: V;iriuus tMirsc tlr.Avv ei|iii]>ni>'i>t. ll:irnr-f!. calllo ilphoruc tnlloo so!, olc. I'liono 2M9. Ulyllirvilli Kre.l Kkvm».i. 7;l-ck-S[l I5uy your \v:'fer softener from a dealer who doe: their own installation am guarantees soft watci from now on. Planter's Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-tf DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. &-3-ck-« OtJ kodikl O'Steon'i and camera, for ^arts. Studio. aL7-ck-tf A'e pny cash for ujed farailur*. one piece or a ko'osi; full. CaU 2302 Al•in Hardy Furnllnra Co. 4|10-cV-lf Will pay cash for one or two vacant lots between Main and Holly and west ol Sixth. Mail price and lo cation to Courier News. 7-22-dhlf Wonted (o Pent or I room midmiMicil lit liK'iu. \ii oliitdri'n I'.-nn Call :.>i.|. uniirnt Cotton PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Ely the ville, Ark. TeL 453—454 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All TT]K« Except Cancer DRS. NIES&NIES CBnle 514 Main, Blytherine, Art, Phon« tm HOIK! Courier News Wont Ads FOR SALE. Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. GI at Stulc Line Phon: Ulythcville 714 M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration Air Conditioning Service Engineer 1211 W. Main Phone Day 2200; Night 2808 Radio Service Tig" Anfel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, Mfr. Plione 2071 20C-08 W. Main Wanted: Three or four room xmfurnished apartment for newcomers to lilytheville. No pots other than two small children. Call Courier News, Phone 401. 17-tf Found .-ntcli Hen . I'lionc. -J'37t>. Kuili- ri|iii]>pril i:»r.ij lluililini: is fur |J7, M.inihi. ter cl. Hie ne ivlint Ilioy'll c IL ru^- willi -iilitii: JiKy f.i i.- \V:ill|il>|>er electric rc St. nft.-r Pri. 117 Ao lVi I.I for . S lie lirlli liii of Ktrul.-. M Oil' IIOIIM*. •o>t fu<-.- <i< Innil Wrll itnpniviMl. Ko '. riLiluiiiL: l.'" . On ali-il . tnixe'l sa .nrns. Pr s « ,'^l ,>f llnllniul, ii.!y lonin soil. On il.ilOO. Terms. flriors, hoi !•! n'o I r.intn linii«cs urie",! In sell. Can t've imine'' I'.issptsion nn nny of \ "ArriT'milti of lllylli I't. Knir irtivi..vnii«'nl'! liHT.-.l soil NVorl'i nipucv. 51 •• SI tcr<". Mi"i--H «<i'.il li< - ; ry 4r,.cino loan. 1 li^vo otlti-r fnn stock f:.rm* l»r<o b-^lorp liuyilii.- l.UTIIKK CliiAS', Kealtor. Oflici- lilion 2.i7I. rc<iilrnn- plioni- .MS. 3."> |ik-2: I'lrMlv ol ^tarlor, proper, chopi .1111 KcirtK-li prnin ll^liy rh-cV^ al n\ lini.-«. l.c-«ia Poultry. 41:1 K. Mnir il (.'oiinly, vvost vv laix.'d soil. o Jl 1.000. will car is liilc.l inchnlins .intl small. Wt-c liny yonr rn:il nnu- and avoid tlic rush \0 or.ler loo hr^-e. Plione or le:^ yi>nr or.lers now. l.fwis Ponllry, II K. Main. I.I,one 94!V or While'i Co Ynrd ^10 \V. Onrry. iitinnc ISIl. Personal isl,,. s ri'ile Tiuirsdny. lo On kid- Ask for .1. I'nlif. (':.[ S7 Marion. ^l-j.k-'J 'ristwiloli willio k-k's .lewelry a ry. C'af] 20liO. l liniut. d Kill wn Iralhnr billlnld contnlniin: v papers anil money. FiniTer ple ill 36'IU. .Mr.s. ,1. C. Unrfess. 2f,p,k For Pent Call .S:>5 Jays or 2' lnr>:c unfurnished Lot water. All fur • for hale. inclu.linF and new Fr^'i.laire 2fiiiti nights. 1'lpkj!'. rooms. 1910 W. .ipt. l.iKhls ami water fu 5 W. Sycamore. ^;i. Bedroom adjoin]*? Dath. Call 2739. licdroom 311 N. Blh. Phone 2336. 2pk3|a irkcr's llooms. »-«lb fans, ftr.2 7| s;i Husinoss property for rent Office space, entire sccont floor at 138 E. Main St Hardwood floors, Venetian blinds, oulsiJe entrance Phone SOI. 25-ck-2!; < t.'.iln Ijalh. Wonted to Trade HIST fiMC Pickup Inirk (or no n linn 10^7 nio.lrl rnr. Foril iprefvr A|,|ily »t Tajlor's Kisli Market. K. Main. 2li-p1i-2« Guaranteed Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Ely the ville CURB MAUKET 130 East Main Street 'INSURANCE „,„ 2311 For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITALJZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • F-L.ATE GLASS ' ajTOKNADO > SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108N. 2nd C1IAS. IJirrNEB W J. Pollard A G K N C Y Safe, Sound Insurance Protection Properly Applied Fhone 3545 ' Glencoe Ho Save IMppuv Today, Any Day STOP AND SWAP KLISKUT HUFFMAN'S 40! K. main ' ' Plume 8!i!) You Musi )!c Happy or No Deal CITY GARAGE & Welding Shop Auto licpairs, Welding Ph. 87'1 400 E. Main "End of the world" rumors cftu be traced back locnrlleKl Expert WORKMANSHIP There ii nothing that will fclvt your car that "New Car" apearance ta much an a beautiful Drive in and Let Us Make a Price on Your Car new paint job. Your car In worth real money, it today and you will b« proud to drive rt after lia* been thoroughly repainted in our well- equipped paint ihop. You can have the cholc* of latest modern colota and be auured of SEAT COVERS FENDERS 1ft «fc» to Mm a «K wMi M Mai Dirty. If your fenden «» »B b«nc«id ap . . . and •habby looking, oar bodf men will •traighten them all oot ... rcfinlsh (hem like new. Wo are w«fl •quipped to handle all typri work. WASH AND WAX H JOBT car I* w*H wuuii] tfc» Ad •ad srime wfll naili oH with hardly. •ay effort at all. 8m tfw ftntah by. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Perfect npalrhJK for CodKjfo CT- qiilflile footwear afjurei! witou rebuilt in our modem ihop. JUflLITY SWOC 5HQ • rir w» M *» i N . s T. ; DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" UOYAI,, SMITH, CORONA rnfl REMINGTON I'ORTARIX 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3382 (Every Transaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your, brakes checked for safety. W« hav» a complete lubrication department. We carry all sires of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stoclcj of ParL) For Chry.ilfr Product* K. Miln rbooc Zltt BOOTS AND HER BUPPIr^S [ 1 CftM'T HELP \T \f YOU Next! BY EDGAR MARTIN Wonted VVmili-il: Ui<lo to Xishvil uiiil.ij.. rhnnp 2UJ. Help Wanted M id-lie aged colored woman TO cire f cliiMrrtn ami help n-ilh ho»sewqrk. C. or write "Ed," co Courier Jscws, Wlitlc wnrtinn liRitvecn npes 2"> and In Vrrp hmiKf fnr m-in r\f\* 3~>, M IJP irooil, clean tnn\. woiilrl rousiilcT 1 ine our cliild. I.lghls an.1 wnlor f niylii'f,. (!no<l pny. Box 5'J TJIIXO To Our Service Department For a Check on Your New or Old Car The very best in Body Repair and Paint Jobs — Complete Motor Overhaul and Tuneups — Our Super Service Station is fully equipped with trained personnel to take care of your needs. Langsfon-Wrolen Co. Sales—BUICK—Servkr U. S. Tires Mobilgas OPEN 24 HOURS WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY V. T. HAMII.TOll /, FOLKS, BUT } Do WE HAVE STREET IS CLOSED / TO DRIVE•-YOU'LL HAVE TO PRWE 1 / PAS- DOWN MARET STREEf /PLACE WHHRE? ' y THOSE SEAPXM- LIGHTS ARE? J=V~-" .' ) NOW THATS WHAT I CALL A PEPFSCF ..-< SHAME — PEftFKr, THAT IS / Busier Seems Impressed RY MERRIL1, BLOSSE^ ALLEV, SHAKE WITH T^E 8=ST A2E S INTO <E fi£LP Of =L*T|V|TS' ! AH, TH:S IS OSSOA

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