Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 7
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iveniber 20^ '06 Qurateite . Male QUHctte Friday tvc/Nov. 20i < Mile Qiiartettc. Prcsbytcriaa Chdrch, Whitney Brbthert Quartette should be heard by all lovcn of vocal mittlc. Whitney Male Quartette has no superior on America's . mllsical plitform. New5 ff^lfce County 6- SOUTH FAIRTIEM. Chas. Barless • gathered apples at Lee Smith's Wednesday. Cbas. Daniels returned from Kansas City Wednesday evening. The work that' was''dont' on Humboldt road last week wlh be Breatly appreciated by all who tnivnl ov «»r It. j Thanks to our eniclent road bu .^'S. George Bludsoe Is ImproWng the ap pearance of his barn and house with a new coat Of jialnt. Ernest \JO\C and wife . and Utile daughter Snndayod at the Cady ^onic. 1 M. Sbelton wh «v HTCS on the Ike' Pord place •will have a sale November 1 19. , He Is going to move to Oklahoma f and Intends to dlsjKMe ot hla live stock. Mrs. .\. Jarnagun transacted bUHi- ness In lola ^esday. Marlon Johnson ia hauling lumber. He Intends to erect a new barn this fall. ,-\ Miss CretiC IJooth spent several^«|nr* last week with relatives in loin. Mrs. Jtrtin Turner \isited . at It. Browns Tuesday. Mr. Brown Is continually growing weaker. Win. Perry, of Bronaon. visited at Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Pool's Saturday^ The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott has been (lulte sick, but is sorat.' what improved at jiresent. ISA HoIIInsworrnr and wife spent Sun day e>-ening at Chas. Rogers. There wl!I be preaching at Kock Low Sunday morning and evvning by Rev. HiggH, of La Harpe. TO t'lBE I'OiD IN OSE/DAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it falls to cure. E. W. GROVES signature is.on each box. 25c. i. MOBIK. The funeral ser \1ce8 of J. C. Strong who died Sunday night, were held In the Presbyterian church Wednesday. November 11. at 1:30 p. m:. conducted by bis pastor, Rev. J. M. McArlhur, asr ^sted by Rev. E. L. Combs. The fraternal orders of Knights and Ladies of SecQrit}'. Ancient Order of United Workmen and Degree of Honor, of which -deceased was a member, participated. Rer. E. L. Combs and wife, of Scaniimiss a day the whole month. who arrived the first of the -; -.. - ™ , nion. Kas.. week,, returned to their home Thursday morning. On ffcount of the revival services be^ng held at Wesley Chapel, there were no church services at the Methodist Episcopal church Sunday nigbL H. B. Miller shipped his household goods this we^k and left for Kansas CMf Thursday afternoon. Rev. Dr. Hilscher preached ar. the Presbyterian church Friday night, November 6th. The regular monthly social of the Christian. Endeavor society of the Be FairtoYcyur Hands and Complexion Tlieres no excuse for letting a ddiniy clear skin suffer from the effects of rough weather. Any skin can be kept soft, velvety and healthy by ihe'u^c of our ROSC (KKAN .\ dellghifuliy i>crfunio<i Icj- tion. that Is not greasy or sticky and it cures clta |>8 In a nl^lit. . improves the texture <if the skill. Keep it at hand all the time during the chapping season. \. Price 2i ceut.-*. Bflrrell'sDras Store The B««ll sum: WEST SIDE .St»! I Rev/- O. m UcProid, pf Cblonr. <lrill 'preach at li'*. m, and-7:30 p. m. Sunday w^iooX at,«:l8'a. m. , JualbMeagne at 3 p: n. EpfroHh'leaime at «:S0 p. m. V; V S. B: KNOWLES . pastor. Frasbytarivn; Church. . FIrat Church: .Itev. 8. 8. HUsdier. the pastor, wHI ^rsach in the otoro Ing at 11- o'clock and- at 7:10 p. m. The cventng subject will be "Thp Anxious Question ot a Troubled Man.' £ -er}-bod]r In invited. Good musie d a soul stirring service is prom ised. , Sabbath Hchoo! at 9:46 a. m. ' Junior WMtminater anild. at 3r30 Christian Bndearor at 6:30. Little Builders' Chapel. .Mrs. B. N. Jones suporlntendcnt. Boys, Sabbat! school at 2 p. m. Rcgtiiar school at 3. Preaching senrice at 4 p. ro. Ev ening service at 7:30.. led by Mr. Ber ry, and w.-vf'ral young men. Bassett Chapel. Wm. Davis, super Intcndent. Sabbath school at 3 p. m AX. 'Timothy's Episcopal Church. Sermon tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Subject ol sermon. "Lessons from the Recent Political Campaign. Special mnsdc. Stmday school at 9:45. Ho'y Communioo at ":3(^. m. All are cordially invited. REV. J. D. KRUM, D. D. Lutheran. Til" nigular German Lutheran ser vices win be held in the G. A. R. h.ill Sunday. Nov. 15 at C:3"i p. m. In vltatlon to all. J. W. WBRUNG. Pastor. KE. Presbyterian church will be given Friday night. November 13th, at ine home of .Miss Viva. Wright T|he Ladles' Eutcrprl^ ol the Methodist church served chicken pie dinner In the nslior. building on cbcUrm day. , First Church of Christ, Scientist. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a.m. Subject. "Mortals and Immortals.' Tcstlmonla' meeting Wednesday at S 1). m. Services In Christian Scl cnde tall. 110 East Jackson. The hall Is used as a reading room from 2 to 4 p. m. each we«'|i day. Tli<» public IP cordially Invited to attend the services and to visit the reading room. MRS. EHkl.MA E. ADAMS, First Reader. .VL John's Carfarh, Suiiday services. Masses at S and 10:30 u. in. Sunday s.-hool at •.':30 p. ui, Vesiwrs and Iwnedictlon ai Sermon ai T:"" p. ni. on .\p08tle'! Cre<>d. Isl article. rWid jirenmen drawn froni reason for the exl-^iencf of fJod. :;o. SILTEB £EAF. The f.irmerp are very busy in this locality storiiiK away and selling their Ixjunliful corn crop. .Mr. and .Mrs. Gerard Easlwoijd returned to their home in Bourbon Co. the first of the week, after a short visit wiih their brothei-. Mr. Joe Kast- wond. ..Mrs. Lust and Pearl have returned from their month's vLsit with home folks In ItAva. Fridaj- Nov. C ended our second mouth of sclieiil. There are 22 on the roll—!i iK-ys and i:;4drl». There were 7 absentees and C f.irdics on acniunl of bad weather. Three birls and one boy making the tardles and the girls making one and one-half days abs^ence and the boys five and one-half days absence. Seven girls neither absent nor tardy and C boyjj neither .nbseni nor tardy. There were 17 who did t:t;t U. B. Church. Sunday school at 9:45. .Tr. Y. P. C. 17. at ^'f^arbing at 11:00. Preaching'at 7::!0. Ever >lK )d}- welcome. • • O. G. AlISSAMORP. Pastor, Baptist Church. \V. H. GarBeld. i>astor. ^•••iiday sc'.:ool 9:45. .Morning service 11:00 , Senuon. "The Recovery Joy." B. V. P. C. 6:30 p. m. Kvrning service 7:30 p. m." S.rmoti. "A God of ljo\f and Jus tie"."' .MARY DENNIS, Teacher. THE EM) OF A FAMOIS HALL. New York. Nov. 13.—It developed to day that the rea.soh for th»j abandonment of the big Madison Square garden is to be found in the fact that, despite the great uole of tlic place It has failed to be i>npular in proportion to its cost and the expenditnres nec- essa,ry for malnieiianee. The ground in Madison square is excee<llu;;ly valuable and the owners felt that they could not further maintain the garden at a loss. , THoa H. sbwLUS, President j: P. «COTT,;Caah (tr. AtLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Gipital $30,000.00 f —^ • , - : DIRBCT0K8 A. W. Back. 4u. C. Baatty A. J. Fnltcifi, W. 3. KvaRa.'J. O. Rotf|ai% > W. L BarUc% Thoa. H. BowlMa. MFBTVitoCPOilT ioXK* fOR RBNT PROM IVTO^ Ptk YEAR. - ilt^^ The Clirl.sllaii f 'biiri-h. Bible school at in;0<i a. in. .Morning fervlm at it a. in. with tiornion on "Tlie Best Tonic nf All." Junior meeting at a :OU p. lu. V. P. S. C. E. tnccttiig ar il:,'.i> p. tr Evening service at 7:U0. with ser mon on "The Plans of Jesus." R. H. ELLETT. Minister. Reformed Church. Wni. H. Sbultz, pastor. Sunday school at 9:45. Preaching at U and 7:30. Prayer meeting and Bible atudy or the Sunday school lesson Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. >bodT welcome. of Lost Second Baptist. Siuid .iv school 10 a. m. Pri adiin? 11 a. ni. B. Y. P. U. 6:3" p. in. Preaching 8:00 p. ra. Special attention given to visitors You arc Invited. J. W. GORIX),V. Pastor. Vesper service T. W. C. A... 201^ South Washington street at 3 o'clock. Special music. All women and glris InvlteS. Address by the general secretary. WOULD NOT COMMIT THEM. Judge Potter De6lded Against Gaynor Engineering Company. Judge c. 8, Potter, who was heaping depositions In the case of -the Gaynor Engineering company vs. the Monarch Portland Cement cotnpahy, a suit for a'receiver, refosed to commit John Osbom and W. A. Byarley. of Humboldt, to Jail for contempt aa the attorneys for the Engineering com pany insisted be should, on the •;rouuds that It was not within his ijower. Tte two mitnessee had refns- ?d to testify, claiming that they had been ihfortnad by au attorney that there waa nothing at issue and that tnere was no chance for their depositions being taken to appear in court. .After consideration. Judge Potter decided that he had no power to make the men testify. GET WITIII5. Piles Can't B« Cared From the 0Bt> sMe, External treatment won't cure plies. Nor will surgical operations. The cans? is inslde-^d drcnlation. To cure piles yon must free the ctr- .^latlon bf blood to the lower boweL Dr. Leonhardt'a Hfini-Reid' is the only internal tablet reqiMy'for piles. H removes the cause.-fl at Chas. B. Spencer ftjCo.'s. Gufcaizteed to care OD ;' talittfln B, Buf- Wllt bai^lljl MUliBran Next Monday amf TH«i^<^HBig«d Program .l^ie.anhoah^ meeting of'the Allen County Fanners' Inatltttte wiU be held at Moran Honday and Tuesday, Nov imber 16th and 17th. The following is the program: Monday Morning. 10:00—The oiwd Roads Question- Mr. J*. B. Fergus. Oiicusslon. 10:46—Improvement of Live Stock- Mr. P. E. Crabtreo, Kansas Stale Agriculturar College! 11:46—Rut Farming—Mr. J. W Hamm. • • . Monday Afternoon, 1:30—Farming From Esthetlcal Point of View as Well as Practical—Mrs Geo. McLaughlin. ;:(i(JL.The DBlr>' Cow and Her Feed and Care—-Prof. J. C. Kendall, Kan sas State Agricultural College. 1:00—Tree Planting—Mr. Ben T.oWc ': 1.5—Soil Fertility—Mr. Crabtrec. 1:00—A;Uournraent. Tuesday Morning. 9 :Q0—Placing Boys' Com. 10:00—Reports from the Boys. '0:30—^Improving the Com Crop—.Mr. Crabtrce. '1:30—Importance of Pure Seed— Jlr. R I. Crowell. iTuesday Afternoon. 1:00—Business Meeting. 1:.30—Dairying—Mr. Richard Ewing. 2:30—Some Household Conveniences —Mrs. K. J. Thompson. ?:4.%—Beautifying Farm Homes—Mrs Abe Mull. t:00—Care of .Milk and Butter—Prof Kendall. Premiums. Boys' com contest—Best 10 ears of ?om, Ist prize 112.00, trip to State mtest at Manhattan: 2nd prize. (2: •rd. $1.75: 4th. »1 .50: 5th. $1.25; fith •1.00: 7th 70c: Slh, nOc: f>fh, .50e; lOfh lOc: 11th. 30e: Otlier premlumi* open to all:—Best lisplay of wheat, $i:00; oats $1.00; peltz $1.00: rye $1.00; kalBr $1.00. Bejst display potatoes (peck) $1.00; rweet potatoes $1.00; pumpkin $1.00; squash $1.00; cabbage $1.00. Best display of fruit. 1st $2.00; 2nd '1.50: :!rd $1.00; 4th 50c. Best loaf of bread by girl under iH vears. $1.50; 2n,<i $1.00. Best dozen cakes by girl under lH vears, 1st $1.50; 2nd $1.00. Best pound butter, $2.00; 2iid. $1.50; Ird. $1.00: 4th 50c. Best ^n ears of corn $2.00: 2n(l. 1.50; 3rd $1.00; 4th 50c. Total $52. -An- tal>cork Fire Kxllnffuisher Co. other rullinswood Fire vhere 300 children lost their live^ •an't bai^p^n where proper protection s provided, Stati-stics show 9 out of lo Ires are put out .is soon as discovered t means are at hand. Equip your chools, homes, barns, public buildlug.«^ •vith Babcock extinguishers and fear no fire disaster. They throw a chew- cal stream 40 times as effective a." "vater. 80 per cent of fires are put nut with chemical extinguishers. 90 ler cent of them Babcocks. Proven by years use, the most efficient and re lable.- Can you afford to take these \wful fire risks when loss of property nd lives of dear ones are imperiled? Write today for FREE oitalo.gne or 'Ire protection and estimates for equip Ting any bnUding with Babcock ai>- paratus. We want reliable meii to act as igents—$100 a month made without nterfering with present business Write for particulars. Babcock Fire <ExtlngnIsher Co, 373 Wabash Ave.. Chicago, III SCHWAB DEFENDS THE TRUSTS. To Berkely Students He Also Said, Wealth Does not Mean Happiness." Berkely, Cal.. Nov. 13.—"Wealth does not mean happiness." said 6has. M. Schwab, in a lecture before the students of the TTniveralty of Califo^ nia today. ' "f have occupied palatial residences N^w York and Boston." said Schwab, "and thought at, the time i was enjoying myself, but I know now that only' the clang of steam hammers and the bloilting of-factory whistles means real happiness. I believe in high wages, but I demand bard work return. The United States Steel corporation always paid men high wages. This is'possible only with a corporation of the forin of organizations which you call tmsts. The trust has* come to stay. It means high wageSk economy, lack of waste and Is. hcnoe, indiistrially solid." MILKS TWO COWS AT ONCE. important Labor Saving Device for the Dairymen. Wjmhington, Nov. 13.— .An Important new class of time and labor saving machinery baa lately been Invent- to aid the American farmera. These novelties are nothing less than maohlnes for milking cows automatically l>y means of joompressed air or electricitT- Already the innoTationa have been Introduced in a number of large dairy barns, and so important is the subject.considered that tbe>Ilnit- States department of agrlcwtore has undertaken a series of testa and experiment^ with the purpose of finding out which are the best of the^ew- nagled maeb^es. For farme'iy' who have only a fow-vowa there lias been dvfipU a foot power'hinicer by means of which two.cowB caitbe viflked alm^ nltanebnafy In halt the time' it for- •IE' eREAM Made from healflifpl , grape cream of tartar Will make iwice as much goM bread; biscuit and cake,pound for pound, as the low priced imitations made from alum and alum phosphates, and will make the food appetizing and healthful. , Dr. Price'^ Cream Baking Powder is not only economical but mak^ the food more wholesome. THE K. C. MARKETS 74,800; same week last'year 46,400. Buyers are active and market c4n bo regardt'd strong, consirlerJng the big ran. although closing prices are ' 15 to 20 cents belovr a week aga The (/tinljty is improving, and weigjits ^e hjjavicr, hut loads that average above "'ii> pounds are stil! scarce. Top today $5.55, bulk $.\50 to $5.!H). quite a nart-owing In range of bulk of sale»' sintie a week ago. Indications 'arc tiiat. ri -rciiifs of partly finished hogs , i.s aI ;oiif o'f 'T. and quality will con- steers, and n in,„rove. s.ade lower on cows; but averages 1,,: j^^^ -|. o A V i nrn, n*; fi^oa niT ^ .".a .CO -K Same week lar,t Cear ai.90(J. Ih*, ri^; "It- 5 *w•H^^L P^'cKers for both sheep M n fir^-Ti' , J a-"lnv;'a'^" insl.stent. and llmit^ril tions favoring ^tronsor prices next Kansas City Stock Yards, -Nov. 13.— Cattl'-. this v.LCK r,7 v ,iii; Inst week 38,7uil; same week last year 55 .310. .Ma'ket ha.i been subject 'o vlolfiit fluctuations this' week, and paclicr:; have been forced to show their n »"crs- • sity for supplies. Prices arc cIo.«itij». 15 to .•:o cents lower than the hl?h time Wednesday ou steers, ami • I'.i *-tT- I. «•»•.- fori l"'''-'» paid alike for fed" stock, ^ows-d-i?eif^*^;,n,ms $2 .-lO to «3.85. V c.ilvts an- a sbai v.i'.M:. Thlrty-fivf hundred quaran ' t"i^O tl.e'^,;:^rme V^n'^a^Vto 5b ip<-s incleded thl.=; week 30 Ui 50 cts. Mgher, steers $".25 to $(.95. Country buyers are observing trend of the market and prices aro stronger, stock ers $;!.00 to $4.40, feeders $".75 to $4.50. a'few fancy steers up to $5.13. Hogs, this week. lOO.GOO: last wce 'K Trojan Safety Powiler MEA\S JCST WHAT IT S.VYS. Better than any other powder Ion the market. So irlyccrlae In its composition. Does not freeze no matter how cold. Absolutely no danger in handling. Use Trojan instead of glycerine and save the lives of your men, and your company from damage salts. EoW.Coverdale AGENT Boom 9, Stevenson BUg.—lots |pg trades 30 to 50 oents higher. Iambs $1.60 to $5.1ij, light yearlings $1.25 to $1.50. wetl.ers $3.75 to $4.25. s*of;k and breeding ewes • $J.50 to $1.00. Packers' purchases: Cattle Hogs Sheep A. D. n. & P. Co. 1187 .Armour 5080 300ie -3217 L'Hdnhr .. 6178 164S3 J7<9 Fowler 1S16 7« Morris 17623 2625 Ruddv 5S8 5. ft S. 6168 15324 5491 3wift 6S63 21734 3671 Total 34072 101180 17500 DRY CLEANING- Was for yedra a'^ade secret. By this method the nfogt delicat^ fab^^ ^n be . cleaned without tnjuc^. The secret is now- out. Any bidif can 4o 'heir own dry cleaning by using DKY- C'LEA-N'-O. Full directions on each 'an. A 50-cent can will do $10 worth of dry cleaning. ' Yon will find- DRT-CLEAN-O the very best preparation in the world /or washing a'.l wooled goods, tmderwear, iresses. dress skirts and every thing made of pure wool. The goods will wear longer ami be more satisfactory, keep their color land nattjjal gloss and flufflness until they are' completely worn out. Made only by Putnam Fadeless Dye Co., Quincy, 111. For sale by Chas. B. Spencer & Go.,' J. D. Muh- dU £ Co., W. L. Crabb, Dir. H. A.' Brown. S • . If you are sick, don't worry, but l>egih i^ cmee to make yourself welL To do this, we bitt repesfc tlie words of thousands of othec sufferenit .&Din: womanly ills, %7hen we say: If WIS Help'Yi aeiiy-TCqaiM to milk one «ow. For 50 yearsr this wonderfulfiMnale wmfidy^ K^l been beneflttng sick women^ Mrs. Jennie Meitic*^ ^ of Cambridge Ci^, Ind., says; "I^sutfaSBd »eat with female; trouble, and i^e doctors'did na They wanted to opei-ate, bat I tcwl Cap^^'^ made me feel like a fieW woman. - fjiis wondierful medicin^iLwitb nicreaiii^'iidl^'*

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