The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 20, 1963 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 2

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1963
Page 2
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* THE OTTAWA HERALD :••» . Wednesday, Feb. 30, IMS Swedes Just Kept Hanging In There, And SETTING TOURNAMENT PACE — These seven women were among top scorers in last night's round in team event of Ottawa Women's Bowling Association Tournament at Ottawa Bowl Lanes. Bowlers and their scratch scores are (from left) Leona Wise, 471; Pat White, 479; Betty Brill, 410; Mayme Cayot, 461; Helen Wenthe, 518; Marie Hull, 450, and Sally Simmons, 454. (Herald Photo) VFW Girls High With 2816 There are new leaders in the \ division and a new individual star today in the team event of the Ottawa Women's Bowling Association Tournament in progress this week at the Ottawa Bowl Lanes. The VFW Auxiliary posted a 2816 team series, with a 2172 scratch, last night to take over the lead. Close behind in second place is Todd's Insurance with 2803 after rolling a 2107 scratch series last night. (The difference in the scratch series and the tournament score represents the team's handicap). Helen Wenthe rolled a 518 scratch series, with 185-162-171- best in the tournament so far, for Todd's in last night's round. Helen's handicap gave her 640 on the tournament scoresheet. Helen Carey rolled a 501 scratch and 589 total for KOFO. Nitcher's Floor Service remained in first place in the B division with the 2627 posted Monday night. Lee's Cafe, Class A leader after Monday night with 2675, dropped all the way to fifth last night as KOFO took over third with 2765, and Arnold's Jewelry claimed fourth with 2704. Betty B's, Baldwin, ranked second in the B division with 2578 after Monday night, dropped to fourth. The Eagles Auxiliary is second in the B division with 2608 and Shinn and Haley third with 2596. * * * Other A To Roll Singles, Doubles Sunday Ninety bowlers will roll in five shifts at the Royal T Lanes Sunday, Feb. 24, in the singles and double evnts of the Ottawa Women's Bowling Association Tournament. The firing will begin at noon, and the last group will begin rolling at 8 p.m. The reare 45 doubles entries and 90 singles in the Class A and B divisions. The women will roll 3-line series with the score to count in both singles and doubles events. Here's the schedule, with the class listed after each name: Noon — B. Flory (B)-E. Keim (B) (B); I. Honn (B)-H. Liegerot (A) (A); M. L. Hopkins (B)-W. Waldo (B) (B); H. Reddick (B)-B. Bachelor (B) (B); C. Hensiek (B)-V. Dengel (B) (B). 2 p.m. — E. Crandall (B)-M. Lewis (A) (A); E. Strickland (A) (B)-R. Mclntosh H. Ogle (A). (A); R. Brady (B) (B); W. Sowers <A)-L. Wise (A) (A); P. Jackson (B)-B Adams (B) (B); B. Spatz (B)-S. Simmons (A) (A); A. Nutt (B)-R. Mock (A) <A); E. McDaniels (A).M. Miller (B) (A); M. Barber (B)-I. Droddy (B) (B). 4 p.m. — E. Crawford (A)-V. Bloomer (B) (B); D. Doman Truck Recapping Get your truck tires in shape now for Spring Work! GILLILAND'S Recapping - Vulcanizing Rt 4. Ottawa Ph Oentropolis C A)-M. Kampschroeder (A) (A); [,. Lollar (B)-N. Lollar (A) (B); M. Milton (B)-E. Milton (B) (B); A. Smith (B)-D. Lefler (B) (B); E. Keller (B)-C. Honn (A) (A); P. Toumberlin (B)-M. Mc Millen (B) (B); (A)-R. Carlson (A) vrun;r n uiviaiuii idiuuiiga aic Dttawa Savings & Loan, sixth with J674; Ottawa Bowl, seventh with J657, and BPOE, eighth with J615. Other high individual scorers ast night were Pat White with 179 scratch and 593 total for KOFO, Leona Wise with 471 scratch and 591 for VFW Auxi- iary and Mayme Cayot with 461 scratch and 593 total for Arnold's Tpwplrv If ^ W CU. J . The team event continues tonight with two sessions. Rolling at 6:30 will be Peoples National Bank A, First National Bank B, Towner's Royal T team A, Kansas State Bank B, Petrex B and Moore's Chevrolet A. Rolling at 9 will be Meadow Gold A, Rom- stedt's Grocery B, Seller's Studio B and Wright's Studio A. To roll at 6 p.m. Thursday are Bienie's Garage A, Towner's Ottawa Bowl team B, Bond's Cleaners B, Mann-Bell Drugs A, Budge's Hardware A and Beautyland B. The team event will end Friday night. Here are last night's scores, scratch listed first: TA' ff rmiLMiiaj — — u. uui£, Y*X- 575; M. Hull, 450-588; D. McFadden, 450-588; L. Wise, 471-591; W. Sowers, 442-568. Top line, 179 by M. Hull. Todd's Insurance — L. Bennett, 352-512; B. Flory, 375-545; E. Keim, 419-559; L. Campbell, 443547; H. Wenthe, 518-640. Top line 185 by H. Wenthe. KOFO - H. Carey, 501-589; H Conrad, 415-523; B. Welborn, 420556; M. Lichtenberger, 380-405; P. White, 479-593. Top Line, 183 by H. Carey. Arnold's Jewelry — H. Liegerot, 393-515; M. Cayot, 461-593; V. Ferguson, 440-544; M. Moore, 402-506; V. Foster, 446-546. Top line, M. Cayot, 163. Eagles Auxiliay — B. Brill, 410-572; P. Todd, 279-473; B. Wilson, 337-505; L. Casteel, 353-529; E. Keller, 389-529. Top line, B. Brill, 155, Shinn & Haley — P. Jackson, 340-490; R. Kaub, '375-529; B. Denniston, 282-456; B. Adams, 427-559; S. Simmons, 454-562. Top line, 183 by S. Simmons. J. Saathoff (A); M, Gilliland (B)-V. Hoffman (A) (A); D. Smith (B)-J. Isham (B) (B). 6 p. m. - I. Harsh (B)-M. lahaug (B) (B); M. Cady (B)D. Tourmberlin (B) (B); J. Lutz (B)-D. McFadden (A) (B); H. Carey (A)-H. Conrad (A) (A); L. Finch (B)-P. White (A) (B); L. Meador (A)G. Whitacre (A) (A); L. Jones (A)-E. Hickman (A) (A); B. Po-, gue (A)-A. Wolgast (B) (A); F. Gilborn (A)-W. Thompson (A) (A); L. Bennett (B) — L. Campbell (A) (B). 8 p.m. — M. Smay (B)-M. Ainsworth (A) (A); M. Weidner (A)V. Ferguson (A) (A); S. Ferguson (B)-J. Speer (A) (B); V Wallace (A)-N. Thrasher (B) (B); V. Dodd (A)-M. Brandon (A) (A); M. Jones (B)-I. Cordle (A) (B); P. Kramer (A)H. Wenthe (A) (A); V. Foster (A)-R. Weineke (B) (A); E. Hills (A)-S. Wolgast (A) (A); A. DeCaeny (A)-B. Leach (A) (A). Fouls Real Costly For The Indians Pro Basketball Tuesday Results San Francisco 111, Los Angeles 109 Boston 129, Cincinnati 126 Detroit 121, New York 112 Syracuse 118, Chicago 110 Today's Games Cincinnati at Syracuse Boston at Detroit Thursday's Games New York at Cincinnati Sycracuse at Chicago Boston at San Francisco OVERBROOK — Lose three starters on fouls and give the opponents 36 free throws, and you're apt to lose a ball game. That's what happened to the Pomona Indians here last night as Overbrook's Gophers, runners- up in the Osage County League with a 14-4 overall record, won 66-60. Coach Carlin Nalley's Indians started off like a house afire, holding a 16-6 edge after the first lead to 2 points by halftime scoring 23 points in the second quarter. But the Indians still were ahead entering the fourth, 47-43. And Pomona held a 3-point lead with four minutes to go. Then Jim Goracke fouled one Gopher under the Overbrook basket while another Gopher was shooting and scoring. The fouled Gopher canned both free throws, and Overbrook suddenly was ahead, 57-56. All told, Overbrook hit on 24 of the 36 free throws. Pomona's Richard Altic and Mike Lindsey were hampered with four fouls each in the first half. Be fore the game ended, Altic, Gor acke and Bemie Nelson fouled out. High for Coach Richard Shores' Gophers and the game was Jim Hepner with 19 points. Gorake and Nelson each hit 18 for Po- OTTAWA BOWL 418V 2 N. Main Phone CH 2-9741 BRUNSWICK Kubbards Lumbrr—0 Ibt 2nd 3rd Ttl. B. Jones 146 159 131 436 D. Carey 145 167 140 452 L. Cordlc 148 135 187 470 B. Crane i44 149 169 462 Helen & Blllb Cafe— I j. Doty 149 194 189 512 R. Schultz 173 179 192 544 H. Doman 165 178 234 577 B. Wenthe 156 160 182 498 D. Heckman 172 157 235 561 McCracken Electric—S J. Taylor 158 201 170 532 B. Spatz Ill 116 160 390 --- - - -" —' 199 575 155 467 154 509 INDUSTRIAL Nitchrr Floor Serv. — 1 1st 2nd 3rd Ttl. G. Lancaster ...... 140 155 160 455 O. Morrison ...... 1C7 163 158 488 F. Ferguson ...... 147 171 128 446 G. NitcUer ...... . 168 140 153 461 B. Figgins ....... 197 167 174 538 Presto Food Product.. — I! 177 188 545 177 172 514 194 225 560 171 133 411 155 193 495 L. Blackstone ...... 182 J. Wilhite ........... 185 J. Clark R. Cannady M. Bull ........... 147 Ottawa Tlmen— 3 141 107 L. Moore 158 159 L. Chambers 165 B. Seymour 176 B. Whitacre 141 B. Rinehurt O. FUnsbaugh .. .. 165 211 R. Bettge 142 170 C. McDanlel 152 203 Mobile Home Service—1 - «„ I McFadden 152 144 151 4171J Kramer .. 150 .1. Swlnehart 151 153 118 422 \ A. Dodd 154 187 164 198 199 214 Bennett Creamery No. I—I '-- 161 152 C. Foster C. McFadden G. McPaddcn Flrttl National N. Brown 145 . ... 135 ... 120 Bank—:; 145 171 14'0 157 442 154 126 415 117 171 438 B Shisler ......... 169 146 D. Brown ......... 161 161 188 484 168 483 117 132 Page JUmpschroeder IOOF—No. 34—8 O. Morrison 114 112 E. Lawrence 164 205 Breckenrldge 142 177 Iv Turner 125 120 O. Alniworth 121 171 159 171 156 189 169 216 136 520 136 392 196 565 136 111 155 356 J. Kramer 161 O. Dodd 175 138 119 195 512 130 482 206 540 134 473 169 582 183 494 141 447 148 447 153 447 H. Kramer 145 192 357 594 Peuplcn National Bank—i A. Gilbert 163 R. Davis 142 A. Bennett 159 A. Knoeppel Lichtenberger 159 149 194 506 147 134 123 120 172 151 212 179 550 Wilson Cleaner*— 0 W. Fllnn .......... 141 T. Parkin ......... 118 166 202 191 559 L. Seller 124 R. SUephard ...... 112 140 138 419 136 142 390 134 133 391 126 100 344 135 133' W. BittB 152 168 116 456 It's HARRY SMITH'S for all your WINTER NEEDS Windshield Deicer Starting Fluid Booster Cables HEET — Fuel System Deicer Batteries—6-8-12-Volt Anti Freeze Thermostats HARRY SMITH AUTO SUPPLY 110 S. Main CH 2-1522 mona. Overbrook also won the B game, 60-40. Last night's loss left Pomona with a 13-win, 4-loss record, and the Indians will close out their regular season schedule at Lane tomorrow night, the B game beginning at 7:15. Pomona needs a victory over Lane to tie for the Franklin County League title. Wil- Ikmsburg, which already has completed its eague chedule, tias at least a tie for the title cinched. Here's last night's varsity scoring: OVERBROOK - 66: Snell, 4 0 2; Supple, 4 6 3; Hepner, 57 3; Cooper 242; Anderson, 4 7 2; Chase, 022. Totals, 21 24 14. By LAMAR PHILLIPS The Bethany Swedes of Lindsborg, in beating the Ottawa University Braves, 53 to 50, here last night in a Kansas Conference basketball game, proved that if the pursuer nips at the heels of the pursued long enough, it is possible for Hie pursuer to overtake the pursued. Ottawa led the Swedes all the way until in the final four minutes of play, but never enjoyed a lead of more than seven points. Much of the time only a couple of points separated the teams. From tihe standpoint of individual performance cedit must be given Bob Ahlstedt of the Swedes for turning the trick in the final minutes of the game. Ahlstedt, who scored 17 points in the game, tipped one in to tie the count at 48-48, with four min- tues of playing time remaining. Ottawa went into a stall to wait for the one good shot, but lost the ball, and again it was Ahlstedt who dropped in a field goal to push the Swedes ahead, 50-48. Jerry Harshaw of the Braves fouled Paul Johnson, and Johnson added another point to the slim Bethany lead 'with a free throw. Again the Braves lost the ball and again it was Ahlstedt who scored a field goal to bring the score to 53-48. In the closing seconds Tom Kinder scored for the Braves to take it 53-50. Three of the Braves, Tom Kinder, Dean Erwin and Tom Watson, seniors, played their last home game for Ottawa last night. The three scored 33 of Ottawa's 53 points, with Kinder hitting 20, Erwin 8 and Watson 5. The loss by the Braves dropped them into sixth place as Sterling moved up into a tie with College of Emporia for fourth place by beating Friends of Wichita, 80 to 70. Ottawa's record is now 9-8, and Bethany is in third place in the conference with a record of 11-5. Southwestern held onto its conference lead by beating College of Emporia, 70-64. Bethel, still with a mathematical chance for a tie for the conference title, clung to the second- place spot by walloping Kansas Wesleyan, 84 to 55. ; Southwestern has two games to play and now has a conference record of 13.3. The remaining games are with Bethel and Bethany. One victory will give Southwestern a mark of 14-3. Bethel has one game to go and that is with Southwestern. A win over Southwestern would give Bethel a mark of 13-5. If Southwestern loses to Bethel and Bethany, Southwestern would be tied with Bethel at the same mark of 13-5. The Ottawa Braves will go to Wichita on Friday to meet the Friends University Falcons in the final game for the Braves. The Falcons are at the bottom of the conference standings, tied with the Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes with a mark of 1-15. The boxscore: TWO TOR DUANE - With Dean Erwin (No. 24) screening, OU's Diume Bissitt tmcorb • shot which falls in last night in KCAC game with Bethany. Bat Braves didn't score enough, and Swedes won, 53-50. Bethany No. 33 is Dong Ade. (Herald Photo) --r-^ • ! i ^""11 • 1 double figures as Bethel rolled to Builders Clinch At Least A Tie POMONA - 60: 5; Nelson, 6 6 5; Shoemaker, 624; Goracke, 8 2 Altic, 405; Lindsey, 0 0 4; Heidner, 100; Watts, 00 1; Langley, 001. Totals, 25 10 25. Score by quarters: Overbrook ........ 6 23 14 23 Pomona ........... 16151613 BETHANY (53) Fg Ft F Rasmussen 211 Denmon 10 2 Train 121 Ade 1 1 3 Darrow O 1 1 Ahlstedt ". 811 Johnson 331 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Southwestern clinched at least a tie for the Kansas Conference basketball title by beating College of Emporia 70-64 Tuesday night, but Bethel clung to its chance for a share of the crown by beating Kansas Wesleyan 8455. The showdown is apt to come Saturday night when they meet on Bethel's court. Southwestern, with a 13-3 record, needs to win but one of its two remaining games to take all the marbles Bethel is 12-7, a game and a half back, and will be playing its final game. Bethany still has a mathematical chance of winding up in in the tie, having pushed its record to 11-5 with a 53-50 victory over Ottawa Tuesday night. Sterling took advantage of the College of Emporia and Ottawa misfortunes and climbed over Ottawa into a fourth-place tie with Emporia by beating Friends 8070. Friends and Kansas Wesleyan were left deeper than ever in the cellar with 1-15 records. Southwestern seemed on the way to an easy victory over Col- lege of Emporia with a 38-22 advantage at halftime; but the Presbies pulled up to a 56-56 standoff with four minutes to go. Southwestern won the game at the free throw line. 691 Stephens was their leading scorer with 18 points. Frank Gaeddert made 25 points and four teammates were in its easy victory over Wesleyan. Bob Ahlstedt led the late rally which enabled Bethany to overhaul Ottawa in the final four minutes. Sterling led Friends by as much as 14 points before Friends narrowed the gap to five with fivt minutes to go. John Armstrong was the leading scorer with 22 points for Sterling. Kaniat Conference Standings Southwestern 13-3 Bethel 12-5 Bethany -11-5 College of Emporia .. .. ....10-7 Sterling l»-7 Ottawa •-« McPherson 8-S Baker 7-9 Friends 1-1* Kansas Wesleyaa 1-1* , 22 9 OTTAWA (50) Fg Ft Kinder .'. ..10 0 Krebbs .. 0 0 Watson Erwin Harshaw Bissitt 13 F 3 1 3 1 1 3 3 3 1 19 12 14 Half-time score: Ottawa 29, Bethany Stocks - Bonds Mutual Funds ROBERT M. DILLON Barrett, Fitch, North & Co. Members New York Stock Exchange For Insurance On dwellings, household goods. buildings and automobile* Set Dean Berlin. Agent log E Second Phone (TH 2-2804 SALE •CH 2-2445 Call Us Today * 425 So. Main* Coronado 30" Gas Range Regular $159.95 model 6774 with Robertshaw Oven Control, Telechron Clock and Timer -- Fiberglass insulation --Porcelain Interior and Exterior — Pop- out Broiler • -- Giant size oven - Burns natural or LP Gas. Now Only $ 128 With Working Trade Pay Only 2.00 Wk. Public Sale Due to the death of my husband, I will sell the following property at Public Auction at the farm, located four and three-fourths miles east of Ottawa on Highway K-68, on : - ' : Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1963 (Commencing at 11:00 a.m.) MACHINERY — AC "CA" tractor with the following mounted equipment: plow, disc, planter, cultivator, mower, rotary mower (new); AC "C" tractor and cultivator; plow; disc; manure loader; horse mower; I-H side delivery rake; 24-foot Mulkey elevator; Case manure spreader; JD hajnmermttl; box wagon; 7' x 14'"wagon; 2%heel trailer; grain drill; JD 2-16 plow., MISCELLANEOUS — Mono tree saw; McCullough chain saw; 4-inch grain auger; hammermill belt; electric brooder; hydraulic pump; buzz saw; water tank; 22-inch lawn mower; work bench; vice; hand tools; gas barrels; other articles too numerous to mention. CHICKENS — 3 dozen laying hens. Some household furniture. No property to be removed until settled for. MRS. FRED PROFFITT, OWNER Terms: Cash. Not Responsible in case of accidents. Auctioneers; Myers Bros. ...i ^>v ;,;;._>,. Clerk: First National Bank. New Hope WMS will serve lunch.

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