Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1907
Page 7
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'itOtk tibop Alts Afiftttm i^iiii tiiuitt]) M03i ])AT. IlitI Siyp A QiM UMD OF PAPER CHitlS'tuk £!nn;AT0BER8 HATE PIAlf TO MAKE MONET. Mxk L. M .Smith GsTe m Oluier Party Te«tffd*r~P«noiuiI Sews. W. C. T. V. Meet Wfth Mn. L^per. The W. C. T. O. of this city will meet with Mrs. LeepCr at her home at 420' North Main street Friday afternoon. An excellent program has been preii^red and a good meeting la assured those who will attend. La4lCii' AM •t M. E. MeeU Tomorrow. Thtf LMIes' Aid of the Methodist Elpta^pAl church will meet In the ehardi paflors tomorrow afternoon at two thirty o'clock. There Is much wo^k to do besides a great deal of Im- poiiaat business to be transacted. It Is hoped that there will be a large Bunber of the members present. Were Married Monday. Mill Clara Troop and Arthur Mc- Adgms were married at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. D. TrodOi here last Monday. Both young pwkift are well known in this city and hare a host of friends who wish them: happiness. Arthur McAdams, fornerly was a clerk in O'Connor's Stan In this city but recently went to Independence where he accepted a position. Miss Troop Is one of City's accomplished young ladies l8 prominent in church. The ng people will make tbeir borne in ependence, Kansas. A Big Party. Mrs. L. M. Smith was given a dinner at the home of her daughter, .Mrs. B. O. Banta, at 217 North McRca street, lafet Sunday night. Many presents WAfib given the hostess. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Sprague and Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Sprague of Plamond neighborhood, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sprague and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Sprague of Lone Elm^ Mr. BdA Mrs. F. A. Sprague, Mrs. V. G. Smith and sons of lola, Mr. and Mrs. C. 81>rague and. daughter of Bell- tourche, Sonth Dakota; Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Hanna, of Lamed. Kas., Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Banta and family of Gas and Mrs. Willard of Lone Elm. pirEUMpmA or' XJUTSAS cm. . Looked Like a Bad Fire. Wilt promised to be a serious fire started yesterday in Dr. C. W. Ren- nlek's ofllce. The gas came on in the stove in his laboratory heating it so hot as to ignite the wood work aroun4 it. The fire was discovered and extin- glnshed before it had time to do a great deal of damage. Will Ship a Car of Paper. The Christian Endeavor of the Chris tlan church are gathering up all the old papers to be found In this section of the county. As soon as they get a car load iktj, will ship it east where they will Aceive payment. This money will b$ tuhied into thp treasurer of the society. Personals.' Alva Russell who was injured some time ago is improving rapidly and will soon be able to return to work. L. M. Nance of St. Louis was in the dty yesterday on business relative to the Missouri Pacific Railway com P*ay. B. I. Raaders of Wichlu was here yesterday on business. He will return this evening. K. I. Keith of Oswego, was heri^ yesterday on real estate business. TU Kew Pare Food and Dmg liuw. w« are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, colda an dlung troubles is not affect-: ed by the National Pure Food and .Drag Law as it contains no opiates at other harmful drugs, and we rec- bmmend it as a safe remedy for children and adults. Burrell's Drug store.' TO KEEP SALES OFFICE. United Iron Wbrks Will Maintain the Brick Plant Supplies at Cherryvale. (Cherryvale Repuhllcan.) •hiri United Irtm Wbrks has decid­ ed'to maintain a vales office and distributing station In Cherryvale. The superior railway facilities of this city ais cotnpared with Independence have caused the company to take this action. Itere they will have a local man In diarge and keep in stock Just such Btipplies as sre needed at the brick pleats. The keeping in stock of these thfbgs will be a great accomodation to brlefc manufacturers and next to having a local foundry la the t>est thing that could be done for the brick makers. The United Iron Works has built np ao extensive bualness along the Flraeo and it would be impossible for t.i; reach the towns on that line from Indeptftndence. It is for the oc- oanodattoB of these cnstomera as well aa the local trade that a sales offica Is iMlBtaHwd at Cherryvale. [6 PB0TK8 FATAL catcfa colds In pnenmo- Aftcr okpovaro. IM Tkr la taken it IMl4 and ao •arlooa .jtMrti. Bataaa .iay A Picnic for the lola, Gas City and LaHarpe is all Excitement oyer this the Greatest Sale of Clothing Ever Held in this Section of the Country. ''B^'Clothing Company L.A HARPE, KAPTSAS. Forced Sale Four Weeks Ends Dec. 3. One Week Has Passed All 50c Articles All Suits All Suits Ail Suits All Suits All $L00 Articles 50c Neckwear. .50c Overalls. .lOc Shirts 50c Caps, 50c Underwear. 50c Hosiery, etc., at That sold from $G..-iO to 17.50. still Boing, choice That sold for $!).00 and 110.00 still going, choice. That sold for $12 to JlS.i'.O, still go- int?, choice. That sold for $15 and $16.50, still going, choice. $1.00 Shirts. $1.00 Underwear, $1.00 Hats, $1.00 Caps, $i:00 Pants, $1.00 Gloves, etc., at 39c $4,75 $6.50 $8.75 $11.75 79c Forced Sale in Full Blast! This Sale is the talk of the county. The splendid bargains we offer are on everybody's lips. These bargains come right in the nick of time—winter is here. We want to thank the lola and G-as City people as well as LaHarpe for their liberal patronage in this last week. Come a8:ain this week. Askyonr neighbor what about this sale. Sale will be bigger and grander this coming week. OVERCOATS. SUITS and FURNISHINGS! ONE TABLE OF Men's aod Boys' PANTS This week goes at half price. This means A $1.50 pant for T.'.c A $2.00 pant for $1.0ii A $2.50 pant for $1.1'5 and so on. AFewDon'ts Dont hesitate to come. Don't miss the place. Dont forget the place. Don't kick o nthe crowds. Don't forget to tell your friends Dont forget this sale saves .von money. Dont forget this sale only lasts three weeks more. Don't forget your pocket book. $ao in Gold Free In (iiir ufTer of giving a $5 gold, piece to the one buying the most goods in any one week, of our four weeks' sale, the first week, from .Nov. to .\'c>v. ]2tb. was given to Mr. R. L. Cornet of Moran, Kas'., as his i.nrcbase lieing the largest amount. Amount being $74.46. See What He Saved: Buying one suit worth $22.50. from the $15.50 table Buyln.i; one suit worth $22.00 from the ..$15.50 table Buying one suit worth $20.00 from the $15..50 table Buying one suit worth $16.50 from the $11.75 table Bnyln.i? one suit- worth $12.00 from the $ 8.75 table Buying one liaf worth $2.50 for 1.98 Buying one hat worth $2.25 for 1.69 Bn.ving underwear and hose worth $5.00 for S.79 Total $102.7.'. for $74.46 Making .Mr. Cornet $giS ,S9 on mcrehundlMe and recehlnfc 9o.<IO In {Told. Price he saved In all, Who will «ret the 15.00 ^Id piece thi.x week. It may be that t20 or lesN will win It: never can tell Bat yon are unt notblngr and really ahead: DO try it tblN week. One Lot Underwear. Worth 25c, to clean out this week at 14c This is a nice blue and red stripe fleece. SCRIPT, is good as well as Checks in this sale. LOOK FOR THE RED FRONT 'KCMmg Store. La^sfpe^Kao. store Open until 9 p. m. every eveninjp During Thji Sale. BJYs H)^ vioiiE \m mm |HOBA ?feE TANBUSKISK AlfD FLOYD BROWN TOOK CLAIMS. I Funeral »f Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fine :Ji«ld This AftenooB in 'Presbyterian Ctavreli. ^^T*. Frank Lloyd Dead. Word waa received in this city yesterday evening that Mrs. Frank Lloyd sister of Mrs. Prank Farmer of this city aucoiimbed to pneumonia at her home In Kansas City yesterday at noon. Sh9 has been 3ufferin( from the disease for some time but her condition wa». not thought to be dangerous. Mrs.. Lloyd, mothe^ of Frank Lloyd, husband of. the deceased, returned to -Kansas City last eyenlng. She has been visiting relatives in tiils city for the past several days. Skated Ust Night A large number of La Harpe young people enjoyed a skating party in Peet '3 opera house last night. This Is about the fourth skating party that has been held In the opera house MB\% year jbut In;the future a skating jiar- ty win be lield at lea^t once a v «ek and probably more. Those who Were present last^nlght report a good time. I^nnenl Today. The fiineral of the three-year-pld son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rne, whicli was scalded^ Monday night was taeiil In'the Presbyterian church this at* ternoon at ^wo o'alock. Bev. J. H. Bright, pastor of the church, officiated. Interment was made in the La Harpe cemet«:y. .Took Claims. Horace VanBusklrk and Floyd Bfown returned yesterday from ftbf- well, N. M.; where they have olftima. The young men have been improving their claims- according to the c<>n4i- tlon on which they took them. Tttey will return' soon. Rev. Hawl^ Preached Good- Semaa. Rev. T. ^8. Hawiey delivered k|8 first sernicrfi In this dty to an intJr- e^tiug audience at the Prakbytertim c 'iiirrh la^t. evening. The serviced were well-attended, considering, that titey ate ttjc first of the season. Tti<- meetings ^111 be continued for an Indefinite leiigth of time. Bonght .iVnlea. JTrank Whittlngton yesterday (iitr- -based a pat load of mules of A. \X Howell of this city. He shipped theia last evening to Arizona where they will be so^. William Daugberty went through with them. The mules are aa good as s61d In this city for a lonK time. \ I A thicken Fie SaelaL The U41es' Aid aoolety at the Methodist :^^lscopaI church will give a chieekn ;ple supper Thursday •veiling at the^home of Mrs. Perry MAI- com between the hours of 4 and 9 p. m. The ladles are .planning for an elaborate -supper and hope that « large number of guests will he present and psfrtake. i ¥i^ A son was horn to Mr. and Mrs. Noble Sunday, November 10th. Personals. Sam Hai^ of Blue Mound was in the city yesterday on bnslness. He form erly lived here. N. O. Mt|rtin. of Wilchlta, was here yesterday en real estate business. He may locate:In this city. Mr. and Mrs. P. I. Illft left jeafcer- day for Warrensburg, Mo., where they will visit trlends for seevral days.. John Ba^wln and family who have made their home inany years, left ^oday for La Harpe Wiere they expect to make their fnture home. Mrj. and Mrs. Baldwin have many friends In and around Oarnett who slnce^ly wish them much snc^ cess In th^r new home -altboogh they regret to see them leave. It Is to be hoped at «ome future time they will decide to »galn make thi* city their home. Wtf did not learn what Mr. Baldwin "expects to do.—Garnett News. t Car^ «f Brifthi's DIseue. Mr. Robert O. Burne, Elnora, N. T., writes: "Before I started to use. Foley's Kldni*y Cure I had to get up trQ9> twelve to twenty times a night, and I was all located np with dropsy aAd my eyeai^t wa&ao ampalred I eaatd scarcely see one of my faaily scroaa the room.' I had given up hope of living, when a frlend,recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. One 50 cent bottle worked wunders and before I had tfk- en the third bottle the dropay h^ gone, as well as all other symptoms of Brlgh ^B disease." BurreH 'B drag store. WAS r(OT L&NARD STEVENS. Chanute Workman W\as Not escaped ^ Prisoner. / Officers rTodd and Roy Phillips tpeat yesterday ^In Chaqnte In % warcb tta Lenard Stevens, who recently efloi^- ed from the Hutchinson retorawtoigr. but to n <|i avHll. Wtord came,to the police night befbre laat that Stereita was worhl&ir on the new eeneBt plant there under an aaanmed name. 'The ofllcera' went down hot the maa luppocedvto tie ,at«c<ii»- itniTWl. to JM •Bottler farty. Sterena was Mit (to

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