Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1907
Page 6
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ibly tn 'M*r!tla, Too; In Porm, UnqiiMlloiiably. A Very Complete Line of Furs at Our Usual Reasonable Prices Coats at $12.50 An extraordinary value in attractive iasbionable style Coats, neatly tailored, beautifully trimmed, full sleeves and lined throughout with ^aranteed satin, worth $16.50, at $t2a50 For $10.00. Coats full 50 inches long, graceful ripple back, trimmed to give the new shoulder effect, collar and caffs are braid and silk velvet trimmed; lined throuKhont with heavy satin; all $13.50 to $15 values, while thev last, choice for $WaOO Special Three Day's Sale of Blankets. Comforts and Underwear 50 inch Coats $5.95. Good styles aud fine qnality, well made, richly trimmed and full 50 in. long. They are made of good Kersey, heavy Melton or broadcloth, half lined, braid and velvet trimmed, in black only. Tomorrow for $8m8B 5 Styles Taffeta Waists. $5 Five styles of tailor made Taffeta in black only. All new smart styles, values $6.50 and $7.50 each, made by best waist makers, of superior taffeta only. Sizes range from 32 to 44, all go tomorrow, one price $8mOO MAY SELL MEAT. J. C. Clark Think* Would be Profitable. The house to house moat pt'ddl?.", which a few years ago. before th>» passage of the i>eddlers' occupation tax, wa.=! a coiumon ;hinp to see. may t)egin bu.siness in lola again and it b5 probable that witnin the next few weeks ^veral local men will go Into that business since the occuiiation tax has been taken off. .T. C. Clark, the E-mt lola man who was in that business before the oc- cupnrlon tax was raised to $160 a year is tjhSnklng sariously o g going back the Occupation Is thinking! seriously of going back Into that business again. The fact that the market jirice of cattle and hugs has decreased and at the same time "the plico of meat remains the sam?. leads -Mr. Clark to be'leve that the house to house meat peddling bus iness coiibi he carried on successfully Y. M. ('. A. >OTE .S. .Vniiu Held III nf rneuiiionia. I'liiiadelpliia. Pa., Nov. 13 .i— Anna Held, the actress. Is critically ill of pneiimnnia at a hotel here. The pfindpal diffefence between Mocha and Java and Afbuckles^ Ariosa Coffee is that Afbackles^ Afiosa costs yon less and has more G)ffee taste* ARBUOKlJa BROa, K «w Tork City. fTtmre tm Only Onm ^0Bromo Quinine'^ Thmt Im LaxBtlve Bromo Quinine IMKD rue vmtuf bmat n OWKM OOLD IM OIK OMY. Always zemember the lor this signature ou full every name, box. Louk 26c. Batka of All Kinds. Ezclaslre ApaHmeat for Ladka Deoicofflb Bath House and Mmeral Well (1^00 Feet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave., Fort Scott. Kansas. TfcU water PMitlTely Cue* BbeamatisB, Brirht's DUcase, Stoaacfe Tro4Ue aad Agae. Prof..J. L. Blskop, the iMst Celebrated Kassaglst and Hy ^raiMtk. lat la tlia Coaatry. fa atteadaaee giriaf luusasa. WATEB SipiPPED Of FITS (ft) 6ALL0H BOmES OHLT. The Rpv. G. W. Cassidy. of Wichita is to he the speaker at the afternoon mens meeting next Sunday. .Mr. Cas sidy Is indeed' a strong speaker and'i we are anxious for nil men to hear him. His subject will be "A Man." The stereopticon lecture for Thursday evening at eight will he on "Africa" or "Among the Sons of Ham.' Here'are a few of the slides: .\ Car- roB Carriage, a Portugese Helle, Kroo Village and Ocean Trout, Prince Kna .\dorned with Gold Xuggeis, Cannibal Warriors, Coilgo .Tungle, a Rubber Plantation, etc. These Thursday evening talks are free to Voth men and women. The final game of the basket ball lournanieut will be played Friday evening in the gymnasium between teams one and three. This game wii determine the winners of the banner. Come and see it. Tonight (Wednesday) Mr. Morse will teach the men's Bible class. The usual lunch will be served at six thlr- ly. .Ml over by seven thirty. The new spring board and matts idd a great deal to the e <|ulpment of the gym. The business men's rollfy ball game on Tuesday evening is becomlug quite popular. At the international Y. .M. C. A. convention at Washington, November 22d, Mr. C. K. Scott will act as a delegate from this association. Me has promised to send us a report of the big meeting. The boys of the Current Events club will discuss, "Xhe Pure Food I.:iw" at their next meeting. Mr. Clin ton Gilbert has been appointed to read a paper. BRYAN AND JOHNSON INVITED. Nebraskans Expected to Announce at Lincoln's Jacksonian Banquet. New Yoi*. Ntnr. 13.— Here are tha dimanaipna and deaeriptipn of tl>« p#r feet woman aa a )>praT «d by a Nf*' Tork soniptor and eartlSed to todar Justice TruaxB part or tne siipr«ne TBU !PHO !l| TpUBWAlJT TO As an accomodation, the ReglBter receives ads for its want columns over court: Height. 6 feet 7 Inches. 'WJeiffht. 147 poundsi Color of ha^r, chestnut brown. Color of eyea^baMl. Waist measure, 24^ Iscbea. Bust, 36 inches. •Hips, 42 inches. Thigh. 22 inches. ^^~ Knee, 17 Inchen. 1 Calf. 15 inches; Ankle, 8 inches. ' ' Wk-lst, inches. ' Size of glove, 6%. Size of shoe, 3%. tbe telephone, but expects the advertiser to call at the oflloe and settle as soon aa convenient, as tbe bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or 222, and it srlll receive careful attention. WANTED—Girl for generalj house work. Good wages. No washing or ironing. Inquire at The Famous. WANTED—Middle aged woman for general house keeper. 71C South The possessor of this perfect fonn JQjjgg,m,f is Miss Katberine HT. Bergman who lives-at the Wbrwicrr aparunents. TJn -l WANTED.— A Girl for Housework. tU today she was only a model for wages. No laundry. Mrs. J. G cloaks and suits. Now «.he has been Mittlebacb. 317 Bast Street presented WANTED—White girl for genera I house work. Phone 594. WAKTED' ^mimomUmmmovm WANTED—House I Phone 1112. cleaning to do In court as the "perfect woman." Artists and sculptors realized Miss Bergman's perC^ctlon long ago. She was said to have an iCeal form by a New Tork scniptorand she received offers to pose. WANTED—Second hand Winchester "I think all a matter of good ^^^'^^l^r^ 105 South Second health." she said smilingly. "I've had ,tret. splendid health ever sliioe I can remember. How do I preserve it. Oh, that's simple. I exercise a great deal in the open air and always take the best care of myself. I really eat only one hearty meal a day. Mly breakfast is usually a roll some fruit and coffee, and my lunch in always light Every morning when I get up I take deep breathing exercises and I'm always careful to hare plenty of fresh air in the room. I FOR SALE—REAL ESTAlt FOR SALE—Good runabout Studebaker buggy and good set of harness for sale cheap If taken in the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn. . fOR SALE' FOR SALE—Light team, wagon and harness. Reasonable. 315 North Third am very fond of rowing and of rid-1 street. Ing." CHILD DIED OF BURNS. FOR SALE—Grape vines, fruit and shade trees. A. H. Brown. 515 South Cottonwood. Funeral of Sor. of Mr. and Mrs. Flne| Held Today. FOR SALE—Worth the money, fine Jersey milch cow, will be fresh in .vlarch. lola Land Company. The funeral of the three year old son of Mr. and .Mrs. J. W; Fine, who died yesterday as tie result of burns sustained by falling Into a tub of boll , . . l :*n Tl ""t T ^uL^HolJeVy Sllt's^ffVot lISj Ian church at UHarpe this afternoon, r.o drive. Inquire 832 North street. FOR SALE—11800 stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street. FOR SALE>—Mare, 630 North Main, lOas City. FOR SAtB-^ood=inai* iBth foal. :all at 210 West street. Rev. John H. Bright, pastor of the church officiated. Interment was made In the LaHarpe cemetery. The cfclld wttWatininrits riibther while she was doing the family washing Monday afternoon. She bad turned around to do some other work in the same room, leaving the tub of RENT-Furnished rooms, also water m the middle of the floor. The ^^^^^^ g „4 j ^^rth Jefferson, mother's attention was called by the " 'OR Ran' mtmamUmmmoum cries of the child. She thought the best thing to do was to cool the bums by applying cold water, which she did. | Mrs. L. Marple. This had a tendency to drive the heat inward. The child died yesterday morning about 9 o'clock. FOR RENT—Two unfurnished rooms. Inquire at 220 North Fourth. FOR RENT-Furnished rooms j for housekeeping or sleeping. 212 West Madison avenue. FOR eXOHAROE RBDiriNG THE WAIST LINE l.\ BOTH .SEXES. Men and women with heavy, pendulous abdomens who wisa to reduce LOST—Sunday night, between lola them quickly and safely are usiially Laundry and J. M. Free's stand, a advised to go in for certain tiresome swastika-pin set with rhinestones. twisting and bending exercises that, Liberal reward for return to lola as a matter of fact, they should care- Laundry fully avoid as being dangerous rather than beneficial. A far better plan Is to use the following throe simple household remedies which can be obtained of any druggist at small cost, viz: oz. Marmola. H oz. Fluid Extract Cascara .\romatlc, and 3^ ozs. Syrup Simplex. These are mixed together at home and taken a teaspoonful after meals and at bedtime. These three make a mixture that is not only perfectly. harmless but actually quite beneficial to the system, regulating the digestion, purifying the blood, and clearing the complexion of pimples and blotches. Its chief and surprising benefit is in the rapid, natural -manner in which it reduces the fat person to the normal, baautl- ful lines of a fine physique, it having gOUTHERN MAN FOR PRESIDENT been known to cause the reabsorptlon of as much as a pound of fat a day. _ ——* .. _ . Moreover. It does it symmetrically, so Movement Started at a Meeting in thai no wrinkles or fiabby skin are Nashville, left behind. Strange to say neither dieting nor exercise are advised when Nashville Tenn.. Nov. 13.—A move SI" r :;u r <:dVcr?e%!r.t's ^\"/deS -ent to nominate a Southern man for dently of either and so the patient Is president, was given impetus today Instructed to eat whatever he or she fancies and Is also permitted to take things easy. Its Economy To have youc Carpets and Sags cleaned by TheiolaRog Factory KHIGHTS OF iMAGOlBlIS^ Knigbta of MaceabMM of tba World meata In K. P. Hall, leccnd and fonrtb Wedneadar nlghta ln;aaefa month. J. W. Postwait, commander; B.'B.Por- ter. record kaiipar. \ • W. 0. Winamp Ko. 101 metU lo R. of P. Hall every f ^day nlfbt W. T. Steele. C. C; A^H.DavU. Clarr Visitor! cordially Invited. KXI6HTS OF P^HUS^Neoaho Lodge No. 43 meeta avenr Monday night at K. of P. Hall. VMtlnc brothers invited. W. S. Thompson, C.C.; Chris Ritter, K. of Ri and S. M. W. 1.—The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in H. W. A. halL VisiUng bnTttaers invited. W. H. Anderson, V. 0.; W. A. Cowan. Clerk. BOTAL HEIGHBOBS.— Tola Camp^ No. 365. Royal Nelglftors. meeU second and fourth Tuesdays of each montb. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Button. 413 West Street. Recorder. F. A. A.—Golden Leal Council No. 462, F. A. A. meets: flrat and third Wednesday nights In each montb Iti K. P. Hall. C. 1^ Ikcey, president; Miss Mattle Rhortadt. secretary. FBATEBNiL BSOTHEBHOOD,- Fratemal Brotberhood Na 380 meet* second and fourth Tuesdays of each month In A.O.D.W.; Hall. Vlsltlni members cordialy Invited. W.H.An­ derson, president: Golda Elam. aecre:* tary; •; Jnnlor Order Unfted Anerlein Va- ehanlcsr-Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members -invited. R. A. Widick. Councelor; C. B. Black. Re& Secretary. B. F. Pancoast. old< reliable Jeweler 110 East street STAMMKR. Complete court at; tbe beat school for Btammerera in America at one- half price this fall wpd winter. Wblta for information at onpa. McKIe School for Stammerers, 2706 Eaat 12tb Straet, Kansas City. Mo. POLARBEAR fLOLR Has Stoqi tile test Becatne itfl|brBMr' '''' Acce|it No Other Wm. Obeftforf» Agt f«40NI »1«L THE "REPRODUCTION IN KIND." Rev. G. W. Cassicty Wjll Preach atJgQgtj, - ^ptist Church Tonight when 150 representative citizens of the state gathered at the capltol and chose former Oovemor James D. Porter permanent chairman. An address will be Issued to the voters of the TflE NEWBQOKSl Arfe a little late getting, the Old. Corner BoQk-Store this year, but we give you a better price on the big sellers. $1.10 • Buys such big sell^s as: Beth Xorveil, by Randall Parish. Daughter of Ander^a rroiw,' by Geo. B. McCntebeon. Little Shepbard of Anis, by Har old WTlght. The TonAgfr Set, by Robert W. Chambers. Helena's Path, by Anthony Hope And many others at equally low prlcfes. Most of the popur lar authors have new books this year.^and you can ;get them of Evans Bros. THE BOOK SELLEB8. .CHBI8THA9 PBESIWTS Nothldgs bettai' than-a magailne for a friend. iFor your magaalBes see J. E. HENDSBgeH, Phone 9%. 414 H. Baekeya. Livingstofi ^ Co . .1 Omaha. Nebr.. Nov. 13.—It was today announced that tbe state Jacksonian banquet will be held at tbe Auditorium here January 4, and that two ofi the principal speakers will be WJm. Jennings Bryan and Governor Johnson of Minnesota. Elaborate plans to make the event one of national interest are being made, and it is believed the occasion win be utilised by Mr. Bryan to annbonce his plans tor tbe coming campaign. WAMTED^irl for general honse- ro^rlt. laaaiR ^IJiat a^_ , • Tonight Rev. G. Wl Cassidy will preach at tbe Baptist church on the subject "Reproduction m Kind." There was an increase in attendance last night but the church extends an Invitation to the people to come and en- TO TALK OF CHURCH UNION. Baptist Congress Wilt Conaitfer Merger With Disciples of Christ BaUlmore, Md.. Nov. 13.— Tho twen- tjr-flfth session of tbe Baptist con- joy the services and it Is hoped many sreaa opened at the Butaw PUce Bap- will avail themselves of the oppor- tlst church here this afternoon, and tunity. will oontinne three days. Among, the sobjeots to be discussed by leadias It expels all poisons, stimulates the Baptist clergymen is the. proposition internal organs, cleanses < the system tor nnioa of Baptists and Disciples of and parifles the blood. 8ach«la H^I* Chrlat list^r^s Rodrr MaontAia Tea, tke noatf effeeUve prwretUt^e U MMM*. S6 A Bamaa Pdafcaa ^Mffu oenta. Tei .arTnW^ .Bajrs^^mg 18.:^a§i|,^1 ^§;4 |il|? All kJBda of wortFa apMaity Ammuattlaa pqt up {e «»mslT wltk tfea pare feat law. • m Seatk Saataeky. . Pkaaa Ol Store. T. Be Slumiitm TBe.Aaieii 'cQwity ^ .•Hfrd•4te^^M^4•.:^

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