Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 14, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 5
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T , O^GEBS. • « C. H. DeClate, Preirideat , I* M. Cliffort, Seoood Vice PreildeBt J. D. Arnett. XUx Presldeni. H. Hobart, Casiter. a H. DeClote, 3./D.Anm. B.'B. Olfford. J. 8. Walker, .13 J.: J. D. Arnett. A , \. C. H. DeClate li. H. fclttlord, •*' Ciaa. H. Apt, jf. J. F. Nigh. R. H. CuiuUn^i&in, C C. Anahennan, y MayTholen. j^. Geo. S. DavlB, DIBECT0B8. H. XL MUler, J. & Jones. W. G. Miller. Frank Bale, STOCKHOLDERS. i:. E. Clifford.. J. G. Jones. U. M. Uiller. Winifred Walker. Clara W. Fouat. .1. S. Walker. J. B. MlUer, B. E. Culbertson, .'jii.lie V. Miller.' Cbaa. H. Apt. J. P. Nigh. H. Hobart • L. Hobart. i R. 1.. Thompson, Frank; Bale, W. E. Ralaton, E. McDaniel. D.-. C. B. Core, W. G. Miller. \X. Hobart State Savings Bank OmpUmi $23,000 l9tm,Kmi Open from 7 to S p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A f«w Inadred » secUoas Vo. 1 weaten lasd at )10M and up. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Ofiee Orel Iowa Store. Thorpe & HoBsh Gratneton, Engineers, Siirrejron. FoUr aonlpped tor all kinds of urreylBg, eetlmatins. patent draw- tis, Una prints, nupa, aldewalka, cnrblBg, and tarm drainage. Short Stories hria Happenings Use No. 7 Flour Good as viy—better than most Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresb Keats, Smoked and Salt Meats, We Want Your PROouce farmers, and will pay the highegt market price in cash or trade. Come tn and see ua. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS If you wlU give this line a trial yon will use no other. Fryer Bros. PhftM Ml, m. lela, Kansas —Caufaiglian k Arnett, 6 per ceat money. Only Two Democratic Teachers. Miss L«ura McCormack, one of the teachers in the LaHarpe schools told of the exjierience she and'her sister, Josic, who also teaches at the same place, had over the result of the elec- tloD. The Misses McCormack are the only lady teachers In the school who are Democrats and when the results were known the other teachers made It up to go to the home where the McCormack Kirls boarded and buiW a bon Are which they did. The Me- Cormacks attached the lawn hose to the l!ydraut and turned tne water on the fire but la this they were compelled to surrender aa they were outnumbered and the r&tlBcatlon of the other teachers oontinued.—Moran Herald. —Oet your Post Card Albums at Jlundis". Mrs. Fowler Returns. .Mrs, H. E. Fowler who has beau visit inj: her brother. P." L. Dixon, of 330 Keeler, returned to her home in;IoIa today.—^Partles^ille lan^rprlse. Potatoes for Sale. Will ,t;.^change small seed potatoes, bushel for bushel, for com. Prico for same Z'>r. at home. l.arge sorted potatoes 70c. Also turnips JOc. A. L. Towimend, llort-eshoe Bend. Phone 99:;—tj. THE lOLA KB AND COLD STORAGE CO. Wholaiato CRYSTAL ICE Aad Dittilked Water 39m Cell •tonga Seaiy Cat Fkaae UC FRAFK RIDDLE. Mgr. Attend Strono Funeral. Mr. and Mr*. C. U 8uth»?rland. of lllfiieva. and Mr. and Mrs. Cal^'b Carmain, of ria.s City, were here to attend tho funeral of J. C. Strong. Both .Mr. Sutherland and ilr. Carmafn were employed by .Mr. Strong aoveral years ago.—.^loran Herald. Chanea flarr Ftinaieii. T. N. •Tvaataa.M Mai •» »>el5Kl boomsd l>r the loU'oA a^iei»^fir| ftomiaander of the Solfflerar hom^ at Dodga City. The/commander for th« hoaM^'ls appointed by the'governor. The eoldiers bint * that Govenor Stnbhe win make a. change In the present management—State JootnaL —Sign pafnttng. Idione 1428. Fred Rowdea. Returns From Tulsa. Mrs. E. H. RsMe returned yesterday firom Tnlsa where she waa caBed to attend the fmeral of her grand father. Rev. R. Hahn. She was ac- Gomiianied by her mother. Mrs. Carl (Milfeet, of LaHarpe. Kaa.—Bartlea- ville Enterprise. -Dn. latkrt*. Osiaopatka. Fkeae U& p For An Operation. . Dr. and Mrs. A. H. DeLong went to Kansas Cit>' Sunday morning where Mrs. DeLone was to nnderga an operation.—^Moran Herald. -Dr. P. E. Waagh, Don«»t. Phone J2. Some. Excitement. There was great excitement among the children In the household of Mr. nnd Mrs. Will Langan this morning, Thfflr favorite uncle, Owen LAOgan, arrived with his bride. Tbf marriage occurrwl yesterday at tho bride's home In Humboldt, KBP . The bride M -as Miss Marsartfl Tholen bofore her marriage. "Sir. and Mrs. luingan will visit relatives In Atchison until Sat- nnlay, when they will go to Burr Oak where the groom has rao'c Vfn tn In troduce to hla wife. From tbrro they will return to Atciilson and go from here to Emporia, where they will live. The groom la a traveling salesman for the .A. J. Harwl Hardware Co.—At chlscn Globe. —Paper Hanging. Phone 1428. Fred Rowden. Will Move Here. J. F. Baker, who W;ill sell lils pei-- sonal effects next Monday, will move to lola. where he has a position in a canvass jrfovo factor>-.' The factory i.<? owned by a commercial traveler, and It now employs a number of tirh. There Is a large demand for canvass gloves and mittens and the business will not be "over-worked" for soon— maybf! not at all. Mr.^aker had thought of establishing a factory in Gamett, and went to Tola to see the factory there. As a result, be engaged to move to lola. and take charge of the factory there. We are sorr>- he did not start a factory here. He may do so. yet. however.—Garnett Plain- dealer. —Fresh Oj-sters—Onr Way. Course Begins November 23. The Humboldt Lecture Course Association will begin Ms series of entertainments on November ZZrH. Dr. Thomas E. Green, one of the best lecturers in the west, has been secured (or this evening. —lasM aa fcavfag ''IT. 8." floar. Will Sell Property. .\ meeting of the stock holderx of the Humboldt National Oil Co. was held Tuesday and It was decided to sell the property of the company nnd ilvlde the procpeds among the stockholders. The doos not owe inything but for tlii* pas' ye-ir has '>eon 0|>eratiuK at r. loss and decided to sell out while It was clf-ar of debt and bad something for dirldonils. The compaay hag » number of Rood gas and oil wells and could be made a good thing by somr-oii'.- who was —Always time to cat at Our War. Ooerated Uoon Here. Dr. Shelton of Kansas City, was bcre Wodn«;sday to perform aa operation upon Mrs. H. W. Lambeth whidi was oerformed at the Allen county hosiiita!. Dr.s. Lambeth and Lambeth assisted fn the operation.— Mo.-an Herald. Rooms for men. Y. M. C. X. building Steam heat In each room. B.iths free. Stoves Set up and connected, also an^l other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 39. J, O. THOM Bstimates diaarf ally given on all work * -i Bea. 4W 8. Baekeye. OPEN FOR BUSINESS Bifl Crowd at Doors of Kraaa Store This Mortilnfl^pening a .. Suoctss. Thiit morning when Kresa. 'a, Co. opened their on the eaat aide of the square for business, aer- erel hundred people were on the walks waiting for bargains. AH forts- noon the atore was well filled. 'Long before the crowd that attended- the big opening yesterday afternoon and eveniag had left; the supply of aovrenln bad been exhausted. The eroard, boweTer, aeemed to be well ^atbfled '«fth*ti>e entertalnmeM fnr- ;aMM« tv^tte jHMapaax. ItalianA at Chanute. The wautleriiiK band of Iialiau mo- sicianii which' vi'iit.!. Chanute about 4 limes a yoar w*-re in town today. IilaylUK on the streets. The cold prevented the gathering of the usual crowd, and tor this reason the street concerts were cut Khort. It has become the custon here tiiat whenever the Italian.? appear In town, for some of the younger a*t to hustle aronud und get ui> a subscription dance, and it Is possible that this practice will prevail tonight.—Chanute Sun. —.Ve» Post Card .Albums a: Muadis'. Klaumann at Pittsburg. H. Klaumann of lola. has been at tending the state Insurance convention In Pittsburg this week. He connected with the National Mataal Insurance company of ttis cKy.—Pitts bu.-5 Headlight. •-Frank ». Bcattlo V. 8. Pbons W» One \-. lola. Too. . An .\ij|>endlcitis clnb. similar to that organized fn PIttsbarg recently, has beeu started at Chanute. Tola Is alFoitalldng one up.—Pittsburg Head- lljihti. —bur^ Ovutera. Way Collin> Buys a Stock. \. B. Collins fcas »>ought the new ami spcond hand atbck of W. Tonng St 122 South -Main street and Uken pofsesslon. Mr. and Mrs. Young wlU rfi to Kjmsa» CItv tomorrow for a short visit.—Ottawa Republic. —Slv cent money * no Mtmoria- «IOB : no delaT'—Smith * Travta. JdMeack —. C. C. LuoBodc ratumetf home thla aftfff^ooa ffoiii'a ImaiaeBa Tfalt to. In- OVERCOATS lu all grades foi- .Mm. fioys and Children. Men's Overcoats lu ail •••jiurs ill i -i ^erv .',\ to tS. ut ^'..Wl t« *t*JM Boys' Cvercoals lu ull eo (jr.-. age !« io ^vMf. j-i Pt^l t«( *1«JW Cbildreo's O'coals in the uoblj;. ntw ^rylte. aye J to .? ytarr. ai. .«i.tW to ^'.JM A Weight Clock and Slielf Combined .1 Jfantei for the Parlor .ia Urmtiuent for the Hall .1 Pbte Rail f»r the Vlnlm; \ i<»iik<>faHf 7»r tbir i.lbrtirv .Ipproprlnti- fur the Den SkeU S9 Inches lung by 6 wide Height lO^s inchesi, net hi< - rladlBfr 'Tndalam MaterlaL solid shelf wtth S. ply bnllt up ^tock in bark and front Bra»N lundii, fhrurek. rhiUns, etc. Bari browu niNnhin (Inlsti. This great big Combination Clock and handsome piece of furniture will be on sale Monday and Tuesday, Novembiar 16th and 17th, at $3.50. This will make an elegant Christmas present lor any one and we will hold tor Christmas delivery, if desired. This clock is absolutely a good time-keeper and better than a spring-clock. Price $3.50 ON DISPLAY IN OUR SOUTH WINDOW able to operate It himself.—Humboldt j For iBrldaes $4,840. Herald. i Our line oi Ovvi'W'- «"-*er was ho tonipleie ah ui<\\ X\'e can hbow vou auyibills you ivaut. il will tK' t<> .V')ur Intel eftl lu let MA sliow .will. CheBafclau[Shields. —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. Hume From Uakotu.'' Mrs. W. .i. A. S<:hopi>e and suuill son returned toda.v from u two months visit in Graton. S. O. They were accompanied by Mrs. Schoppe's parents. Mr .and Jlrs. Carl Wendell who will visit here. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind. The i-ounty commissioners apiiropri- ated $4,840 at their regular monthly meeting this week for repairing county bridges damaged by recent floods. The structures are -the river bridges HE'S NOT 4<EEN FOR ANYTHINa Chairman Oollay Might Turn a Joh Oown If Offered. Topeka. Nov. I S.---Dl8CU8Slng the numerous rumors that he would be west of St. Paul and the two small state bank commissioner under Gov- brldgcs south of Chanute. one across emor Stubbs, Chairman Dolley of tile Turkey creek, and the other one mile, Republican state "committee, said Mr=. Uoier who has becu visitinf: at I the home of .1. F. Varner the} week returned to her liome in KIn^s- ley. fov.-a. this afternoon.' —I'itzgerald Storage and Transfer Co. llonfehord and plaao moriag; lanest store rnoin ia city. Pboac 8«& north of Urbana. The cost of the. re- j pairs on the St. Paul bridge will be $3,900, on the Turkey creek bridgCi 91.150, and on the Url)ana bridge $700, IThe contracts were awarded to the A. M. Blod^ett Construction company of Kansas City.—Chanute Sun. Dunn Looks .Ifter Property. \\'ni. Dunn went to Colony, this af- ternon to look over a piece of farm property ^o^rhe.^Er of that place with a view to' purchasing. —Oysters any style at Onr-way. To Try James Haynes. James Haynes, colored, will be tried -1 v>olice court today on the charge of dioturbing the peace. Haynes was ar- _ rested night before last by Patrolman _gy„ Phillips aud Hlldreth I —Bo —Mitndis' Drug Stort.- has jusl re- today: "I don't know that I want to he bank commissioner. The chancea are I don't. I ^m not very keen about, this Job business. Four years aso, I might have bad my choice of ppu- :ioos with Che state administramn, nnd took nothing. It Is quite probable —Dr. J. S. Pepper, DeatlsL Pbaae 18S. that I may do the same this year, in case anything is offered me. Stnbhs. Humboldt an Hurt. i hasn't offeerd me anything. I dont .Mrs. C. J. Brandje, wai? ca'leU to!think: "hf has Offered anybody any- Humboldt this afternoon by the ser-1 thing. He will ,50 into his olBce Ions condition of her brother, who is governor at>soIuteIy free to giTe the not erpectetl to live. The latter, Fred positions to whom ever he pleases. Foster, fell from a wagon of baled hay 1 That Is ^a very unusual condition, I Thursday and allstted on his back.! think. Usually these Job& .are an paralyzing the spina! cord. He was promised before, flection. As cliair- drlvln? a load of hay to his home, a;man of the state committee I dont- short distance from toW^n. when th-i promise a single job, not even the wagon wheel dropped down In a,janit'orship of the state honse.". , a small OHch. tipping the load. Fos-'. Dolley is practically sure of'oeing ! ter saw that be was going to overttum elected speaker of the house. and attempted to leap to the ground. r- " but Btlpped. and was thrown violent-j J- A. Robinson.Is Here, ly on his back. The accident result-• J. A. Itobinson. who Is connected ed in a paralytic condition which it i wich the lola State bank, and O. I>. ia feared will prove fatal.—Chanute Courtney .of the Savonbnrg'^ State bank, are in attendance at the meet- 'in? of the bankers of group thrte. , , ceJved a fine line of Post (,'ard Albums To Estimate Cost. a Booster—Home Industry-! Allowed Refunds- Neosho RiverlCat at Our Way. i Several refund*-were aUowed ; the oonimUsionera before a4lown- ' ment^Thursday evening. The mOat/if ; Before adjournln.5 Thursu^v t^i„„ „j, street last night 'oy Officer board of commissioner.^ '"f'"^"^ [Tavlor. and will be returned to Hks- Chas. Smith of Humljoldt. who has,j.gj, m^tltute today. The lada were charge of the county s bridge '^ork.t j. ^^.^^^ g^^^ to make an estimate of the cost of r^. ^^^^^ names as Conger Bo win, EI Re- Runaway Indians. Two runaway Indians were picked placing two culverts near tlK? 8. J. Stewart place south of Humboldt with bridges. A petition for these bridges wajj presented some time ago. —It-HOnr War Soda Wafer. Ideas From lola. Tl^i>- vtudeuts ha%'e many ideB.{ of the ° lola and Rjansas City high schools, which they sained tlirough the Interesting descriptions given them by the feacbers. Frequently they .have cause,to be elated, and again the effect Is different. But as a whole they have reason to, bellovo, that, considering tte immediate surrounding of the scholars while In school they are doing nobly.—KHumnte Sun. U. H.-B«nett vent to Oaruatt this-' afternoon (or a abort visit witl^ reK atlvaa and MeoH*. . no, Oklahoma, and William Farris, Peoria, Oklahoma. They left the government Indian school at Lawrence Sunday and were working their way back to the reservation. Chief White head phoned the authorities at Haskell of their capture and a guard will be I seat after the pair to^ay. The bojjs claimed to tave slept in the tails at Ottawa and lola on their way to jChaaute.' but none ;of the ofllcera at those points reported the matter to .the authorities.—Cbannte Sun. —.\o«r that the «icctlon is over and the country saved, you had better be looking after jour Insurance. J. E., Powell is the man yon want to see. Hei^ on Buainasa. ' Fred Scbn^dt. tiuatee of Humboldt toiniaMp, v|p In the city yeaterday afternoon on haataeaa. , . the objections on taxes came, trom LaHarpe and lola. UaTlitc iakMi ifh.r ^nMdvrfur "t'oacanto" far' thlw, jr.,/itu. .^u4•l,-. :it)«>;i;.,Fiif»<t»f ««<«l.i»»* . ,u I bare «:..Arft ziuiuf -r"a. 'y .avT «o.4all*«l Mure til a. .Jsy laui mi\ H .o vtber* Willi In 4 year. Jaas« }K-<>aa*. M lt<:t(Kr . J«n«r CIt7,

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