Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1907
Page 5
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^«iMset;tdi^ one block' fnmt s^ure. Diieaiefbf domesticated^cs moderatCtgood bozstsllaforpatietits Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 year^ experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. FraakS^BBsWe, V.S, Honor Ontdiute of. Ontario Veter- iMary College. Prop. Hos^iUI Pbooe 1068 Res. Phone 139 Spencer's Tar and Wild Cherry •^he W«BMa of XyAcryo at the Omnd tomorrow B %lit, Sins. AMANDA Erickson. of Sav- unbnn:. adtnliiistratrlx^ of the esuite or Joseph Krickson who died rccenily. was ill town yesiercliiy to give an ac- coiiiit of the property to the urobate court. The estate will be partitioned as soon an all of the helr^ are located. F. E. Wngh, DeatbL Fheae 18& Office oTer Bomll'a Drag Store. .MISS JE.N'.ME WALTERS has ac I i-iitiil iht? i>ositiGn of bookkeeiHT jj.'i.I oasJifer at the Globe ClothluK It isn't half as hard for most people I '11 find a Kund dinner as to one. Ise .\li-o-na stomach tablet? and nev- ir iiiillRestloii. 50c. Guaranteed liy <'liarles B. Sjiencer. Is an Kxccllent Cough Remedy Get if a! Cold Cures in Mundis' window. .\. J. .MAnA.MS. of lixleiieiidence. •mil .Mi.<s Clara May Troop, of Gas Ciiy. scrurcil a iicfinse to marry at the l'!n!;;itc jiKliic's ollire yrsterday. r.-i.iemlior. Ilnrii-irs Uriig Store for W'iiU l'iii..-r. SPENCER'S MALCOLM Hiisihf.-. who ha.<5 boen • •)]S;i.-'''l in T1;O insuranrc husiusss in 1' l.'i fi>r a ii;);:iljpr (if ytvirs. ]i>ft yes t<ni:iy fur sS.-ank-. Wa.-liiuKtori, where 1i<> will liavi- chargi' of the North V.i-st.-ru Iii.siirHnc? roiii|iuiiy°s olllces (!<• uill v;s :f !ii.s nioihi'i- at To;M>ka . I:'! r.iiiiils in K;iii.'-:i'!« City befori • <:i-.< llj ."^i-:ilt'>'. k tbe^mosi effklent audi , pcffect of leaveniflg agents. MADE FROM PURE CREAM dF TARTAR^, No alum, lime or ammonia. ^ Dr. W. B. Herlmnn Oare Iddrm at Kodem Brot&erhood Banquet. UK. J. r. J.V.MFSOX, The .SucrcNKfal Auo tionn-r. Veti-rlnurlun. Hwrni J ';;ltri| <4•1r^ iii :u1< alivwlit-lf \-t'I- iti;ii\ t!.. .iM.wttiil ft II I M I I I nhii^ with l>iiui;^<^> hfw? I ^ln iir 1 1 Ti'-nifiU' 1UI.\. iiA.\S.\- R, S, GILFILLAN, Geueral Contractor. Fl &g8toue and Cement Sidewalks Ba4 Curbing a Specialty. 01B^e lla East Jacksoa I T O P Fhoae tM. Iowa Store jae ^of Sample Hosiery A\\ Colors,; AH Kiuds. ^Ve will put; up our Sample Hosiery with anythinjj iij town for durability and Ijeanty. You can get any kind of a Stripe, .Mixed Colors or atiyihing you want. Don't lorget thi; Iowa Store A. G. MUMMA, Prop. lola Bnsioess College Might Of* Dmy Somalon I'enman.shlp. Arithraeiic. Elocution, KooltJ^eoiiIng. EuBlish. Physical Cui- tuce. 'If., Shorlband, Letter Writing. TIM-: ()CCI[il -:.\rAL I.uli;. li::~M ill .\I:it:iiirc Ii:lll. Illi'i-f .1 10 Dr. ReyaoKi. Pbone 126. Kei. tli, I'dl.U I'.MAN .liibn Crtfd look S I M/' .-ii ;i liolxi ;ii llii.' Simla f-'i- iU']Wt l.cfuii- laMi. 'I'lii' 1III I M» Was loll t'ljii).' al.i»u( llii> |il;ici' :iJiU .sreiiiK th I'lrici-r. hf iiroci'filt^d to. "hlki'." Win- iMlf'ircl III |i:i!i h<' r.iili-il lo (III so ami ;li,- niliofr took a shot ;it liiiii. Wanted—Evoryliody lo know that W. n. Kellpy & Son have moved their lr.Ti)sf(?r and storage oOlco to 211 South WasUinston. Office and Ha) Pbone 290. Rcsidenco and night Phone 17. lifCt^Sf!-: .MAUTJ.V was .irrested last night for spending too iiuifli time walkir !;T the stre«»t.s wiihoni an escort niid svi 'iniiisly without anything I'ar ticiil.'ir ill viiHv. When liroiight beforfe Hi:; lloiior this n.oniiiif; she plead iiuiliy ami paid a fine u( $10. —Coffey villi- iJecoid. Free dirt at Luccock'a, W. H. PAlt.MAN and wife of lola l\illl^•;ls. lgtJL^O£.Jif«;iie todai". Tliey. •aiiii' over To affell if the fiinefal of A !. l .<i ;:!.':i !-r<'. —.\«!Vada Post. Dr. Hillejr, Ocnli.ot PIIKSIDENT Hill, of the Ash Grove iii"iit I'laiii north or town, and Chief ICiijiiim-r Stoiu", wf-iii to lola this af- • riKHiii on bii.-iiii.vs. President Hill -';'.!'(I that|he wa.s well pleased with I .i'' rapiil iJiosress li.'>ins nia'le in the ^-t-nNtriirfion <jf the phint and e.\poct <! to licuin niaiiiifactiirinjc cement iK'Xi .liiinj. A .^iiii nprcsMntativc re rtiitly vi.-iiT.'rl thi- sit > of plan* i.d was a.^imiii.lfd at the acflvit iiiiiiiiu' 111!' !ar^e Ratip:s eniiiloyi>d on hi' !,a!l' iio/.<-n l•'liMin^!^. It Is wfll W'.rlli a iriji oiii .I I OUK Uie north road :i S"f U K- |i!aiii.—Chanuti' Sun. Cur.' Voiir fold liv \nii!i- I'iiif wiih Tr.r. usIiiK Mundis PERFECTION WICK FUME . OIL STOVE SAFE. COmHIEHT^ ^ECONOIlim ttjnaramltrCan'ttfOUeIt, wrilato THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY "rili; NICMT i.aTniliiii-ii tin.- :isUliitr .• liM-ii'-s iiK'ii to s.-e lli.-il Ilielr LMS is lnniiil low w !i. 11 llu-y rlos'' li-ir sifiri's tin- rns ronilnir on in h» Jilfilit may ro .«iilt in a Oif. Nijiht bffoii- !;i5 =l Oflifcr Cre'-d railed a sta t ;i-ii av lit Iioni his r» to !.-> till- lii-pot mill '<H)k after his stovi a -i (III' t'as f.iiiie on . TIH I thi> flnJiies v,i r.' li'.iiiiiii.' out .TliOVi- the blove. DbtQlei Water One trandred poonda of Orya- Ul Ice wiU make U galloaa o( dUUllfld water aniubla tor. taally aao. Try It. Miiiiiii;- \\liile Pine with Tar will 'II r*- yiTir fold. Tin: vi'Pl.K'ATio .v of :.r. .v. rub b-.-oii {'••:• aiipointtiirnt adiniiii.-trat or of i!:.- ostati' of W" (',. Finl.^v who died ri'ci'ntly at hi? home near IJayard has be».-n made In probate court. Mr. Finloy own*-!] a Rood farm and some valualil? personal jirnperty. Ho has no immeuiate relatives. The matter will com<' up in prubat*- court In the iifar f'!ti)ri». The UiK Wall Papf-r stork at Hiir- relis Dni^ Store. UWr. JIDGE A IMMIMILKT. E. S. Harris l>rHM>Dt<>d Justice f, S. I'oJtrr ^Yhh Tn>atl.«e on RellKlon. An .\dventist this morning gave .lus- tice C. S. Potter a pamphlet touching on the science of the Seven Day Ad- venlisr and asked that he read it. ibough he ilid not t3ll Justice Potter the reason for giving him the pam- ph'et at this time was because he waa to hear a case within a short time wt|lch involves this rfeligiouit belief. Mr. and,Mrs. a S. Harrhi will be tried in Justice Potter's court tomorrow on the charge of working on Sunday in violation of the state law. It U said that Mr. and Mm. Harris' rellg- tons belief la that Saturday la ttaelr Sunday, r Rose Creanil rr iiE .iLs. For Chapped lIundH. I'lice and lips, it lias NO Kiiuul. >:x( Ki.i.ENT I'oi: rsi: AFTER .SJUVIM;. Bu.slue.48 Cullrge Iteni.«, The Brotherhood of ihe Presbyterian church held its monthly social session last night at the church parlors. Dr. Heylmun gave a short history of the Progress of .Medicine. He told of the advance in medicine and surgery and also gave a short sketch of the work that was being done in conqnering the yellow fever and malaria fevers in the south which year.s' ago were the terror of the southern people. Mrs. E. X. Jones, who has been em- plo.ved as the pastor's assistant and will have charge of the Bassett and Little Builders" Chapels, gave a review of the work that was being done by those institutions, t^r. Hilscher and Mr. Brooks of Chicago made short addresses. ; Thursday, X OT. H. .' "A Womma ] Prices, 2»-S.i-aO-73e. OYEBKULED .WOTIO-V TO QrASIf. I Mr. and .^rs. E. S. Harris WIU Be Tried Tomorrow. The motion which was flied by the J.;irire llidlii' for L '.'i icnls, :it Borreirs Drugstore The Rexall Store. WEST .SII>E OF TIIK StJI AllE FOIM> (.IMHLS 0\ HIJB. Kcv. Johti.Min 01' Jola Arrest<d iit Ottawa for Stealini,' Jewelry. (Ottawa Herald.» Rev. W. H. .lohnson. an lola c-o!- ored man. was arrestod by Santa Fe policpniaii, W. S. Harlan, at the North Oiiawa di^pot iilKlit. charged wi(h .siealinj; a watch, purse and other jewolry liolon^ing to a Mrs. I. ii. -May. liviire somewhere in Okla- lionia. The theft orciincd on last nlishLa lUiiK train<a«ir Holfiter.-^Mrs^ May and .lolinsoii wcri» sittliii? oppos- i!e I'afh other. .Mr?;. May clianijpd her .^eat. to pick up her hand la .c. which fonlainrd a watch valued :ir |3ii and about <1- in money. S.'ie remenibiM-s of secir.K .lohnson leaning over the seat she liad vacated, after which he re.siinird his seat. When Olalhe was r-^aohed the rify Miarshul wa.-^ :--,iit fur by .Mrs. :\Kiy le bi .';;an a .Sfarch of ihe colored man's lia;;saEe. .Tnlinson carried a srip and Hour .sack <'oiitalniiiir two Iressod durks. a pastur's license for ToIiiiMJii. a ^!llnday school (|iiaii"rly nd in tin; l >i >lioi:i nf the saek w:'.-< found the nii.-siiig 'iiirse roiiiaiiilir.; ill of rlie ariirles as frjiiiid liy llie iie- 10 on the empty s /^nl. The uiaislial restored the aillcles to ilie •.mnian. .Mr. Harlan, ai North Oitiiwa. was notified to hold the man. At iionii today SbiTirr Sti'ed of .lidnisun i-iiiiniy, come iliiwii 10 lake d'aixe of U H- p.'Is- U1IM-. .I^lllIl^^I>n will lie arrnlnned at Olathe. I I is iiiulerstood iliai .lolinson has bei 'ii in the ministry at lola for I.xteen year.s and has heretofore been considered as a man of Ko"d moral chaiocier. <:iiester Augustine of Yates Center, son of the Missouri Pacinc roadmasf- attorneys for tlie defense in tiie'case er at that point, entered college Mon- of t^e state vs. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. > Harris who are charged with working The members of the college literary |aw, to quash the complaint on the are practicing under the direction of grounds that the statutes were .Miss Leach. A splendid prograiu will Ijroad enough to c-over be given November 21 in the college ,^1.4 iiarticular case, was overnflcd by Justice C. S. I'otter this morning. The Mr. {). I). Crey of Kansas City, was attorneys for the defense contended a business iolleg., visitor this week. |„ their argnment that Mr and .Mrs. Prof. ir. S. Tlionias of the Salina Harris were not perforniin;,'.iny labor, college,-ha.<« been engaged an instruc- Tlie attorneys an- tod.iy making tor in Ihe ponman.^hip department.. preparations for the trial which will i:verv visitor lo lola may read as ,ahe jiiace tomorrow. Tlie ras" •.•.ill he walks or runs the large new jiign ,ri,.j \,^u,ytf. a Jury of twelve 111-11 ilial has been placed cunspiciiously ^vho are being drawn today, [over tile college building. .Mr. Frank Fnrsman of KIsmore. Speclfiratlons. waa in tixlay and made arrange- For a fill to tlie cement iirldgs iiients to enter the business college, ncross F.'.".i creek just south of E'tc- Uev. .\. M. Perry, liusiiiess manager trie railway power house, of the^ola Business College, closed a Starting at the foot of bridge run- .-ories of meetings at the East lola M. ning one hundred and thirty feet north 10. church Sunday evening. Many new on a direct line from the bottom of the converts is tlie result of these meet- curb on the bridge, and one hundred ng.^. ind eighty feet on "the south side. The Itoscoe King made a trip to visit grade must come in on a slope from' Hocscoe King made a vi.sit over one foot to one foot. Eight inch fill Sunday with his parents at Garnett. rn top y. atch of bridge. A\\ sides of Have the right kind of entertainment. "When you wish to pass an evening pleasantly at home with friends one of the best means of enjoyment is a Phonograph. If you do not already own one of these- instniments now is the time to buy and provide yourself with enter-- tainment for the (fold weather. If you have got a Phonograph, come in and hear the latest records and make-your selection. All the latest now in stock. grade must be rip-rapped willi re- MAY PimilASE BLOOD HOl'XDS. storts or rock to of ..rade. Contract to be let at Tola court house at 13 o'clock p. m. Saturday. November 2:^ The right to reject any and all bids I reser\'ed. T. L. BARKHAUT . Twp. Clerk. A. IL T. A. ^rill Consider Question at >ist Reijlilar Meetiuff. The matter of considering the pnr- chtisp of jf bTood honnd for this "county will be taken up by the .A. H. T. .•\. at their regular meeting Saturday night. The suborders in the county will take it up for consideration at their • meeting and elect delegates to the meeting which will lie called for lie purpose of deciding definitely about the jnirchase. Several of tlie .\. H. T. A. orders in various counties of the state own blood hounds and by this means have been able to trace down'scvernl criminals. Within the past six weeks there have been two occasions to blood hounds in this county. WILL ASK PAROLE FOR FATHER. ('has. Surgeant of HumlMldt Mar .Vp- pear Before lola Council. John V.Roberts Mu5ic House ^TEYER'S GROCERY HcadqiiarUra faa Good Things to Eat. Teie|)hoDe 159 It is said that Cha.s. Sargeant. of Humboldt, who is under a parole from Well, Friends Pancakes are In order. 'We have the matprail to make them of. jail where he was serving lime for the I Ualston P. C. Flour, per pkg lOc LAWREXCE FI.SHER ARRESTED. violation of the prohibitory law. will iippear before the council Friday night and ask Hint his father who is in jail for failure to pay a fine in»po.spd upon him In police court for carrying concealed weapons, be paiviled.' The elder Sargeant has been in jail several days and says he is unable to pay Ills iliie. At ilie lasr conf-rence Uev. Johii- .son was iransferreil from the pastor­ ale of the A. .M. v.. ebnrch to Whilr: loud. He h .is many friends here who are boiiiai: that he will be able to ex- lain that he was nni guilty of any intentional wron:; dfiing. His family ill reside in lola. -Vol ice. There will be a meeting of the Antlers at the K. P. ball Thursday Iglit. Nov. 14. liiiiT Come out and have a good time. Register Want Ads. Pay because In Allen CoiiDty nearly cTiTjrbody /ead.H the Rcplstcr. 99 "Henley Suits and Overcoats, the finest ne of Clothing ever shown in this section of the country. They have the mobt perfect fitting collar nnd shoulder ever put on a coat. Heafey* and 'Kohn Bros.* SQIU and Overcoats, $12.50 to $28^0. WiiH Silootlntr ('ni|is—Is Out of Rj-. | forniniory on Pur«ii>. CAN GET GAMES. 7..awretlcf! I-'Isher, a youth who less Hiaii a year ago was paroled frotn tlic Htuchini'on reformatory, may be taken back. Yesterday he was arrested In company with a number of other boys for shootiiiB craps in a residence on North Washington street. The boys were Sam Mann, Mas New, Harry Vancil. V. Kelly nnd Lawrence lola Y.-M. C. A. Basket Ball Team Has Many Inquiries. The lola Y. M. C. A. baskot bali team wlilcli is to be organized in the very near future, will have no trouble in getting plenty or out of town gamss. Director BHxs has already j received some four or five Inquiries from out of town teams, asking what Fisher. Tliey were fined »r, and costs ^''^ chances were for securing a game each. The Iioys ages range from eigh leen to twenty yearii. MOCK TRIAL AT IJROO.MEHJS HAU. with the lola team. The newspaper tram at Topeka. the T.awrence. K.-u;., Y. M. C. A. team, a Kan.'?as City team and Parker, Kansas, have all been heard from. Enti>riaiunient.Will Be Cilven f'or Bap- list Church Toniorrow Mght. JITDGE S.MITH granted a marriage license to Wm. V. Shav.- of La Harpe The colored people are to hold a|and Estclla S. Gerard of Moran last Ralston Prepared B. W. Flour. per pkg. lOfl Peruna Whole Wheat Flour. l?n> sack SOe Good Fresh Meal, per sack ......20c Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maple. Fancy Table. WUte l&Ua • and Sorgliam. FRYER BROS. .Grocery and Meat Market Phones 308 and 30 i Stormgo andTrmnmfmr Company Office and Storage Ware Room at Ifff. West Street. Phone 30^ jnock trial at Groomer's hall tomor- 1 evening, row eevning for the benefit of the Sec ond Bniitist church. The attorneys, prisoner, witnesses and the legal point involved have ail been arranged for. Last yeai; several mock trials were had, all of which proved a success for the church. In connection Willi the trial a to lie held which promises to be a treat to those who attend. E-MMF.TT Culbertson. county cleric left- this i:iori:ing wim B. F. Robinson for a several days hunt near Jeii. Oklahoma. Frank Nigh and Rajph Drake are new hunting in the ter)-itory. Tlie paify expect to return Sunday. LIbhey Cui Glass J CASHIER EMBEZZLED il^lCOOO. Daniel .MrKnIght Arr^-sted In Ken- turky. CheBaitlaylSHiei^s. Clothing, cr •^WE STORE THAT eATHFIES.* Foster, Ky.. Nov. 13.—Daniel C. Mc- Knlght, cashier of the Foster State bank, was arrested here yesterday and charged with embezzling sixteBii thousand dollar.<< of the bank's funds. It Is alleged he lost the money in upeculatloii. WJnfloId Jones,' a former end player on the (ola High school football team, arrived in lola yesterday frotn the north where he haa been during the 8t|nimar. .apend the wiater with bla paraau la lola. / Beautiful in brilliance, unsurpassed in beauty of design, our extensive line embraces every variety of the very latest cuts in glassware, priced to suit the most conservative. Ii «. *. T. WitetWigjJrtf* i'..

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