Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 13, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1907
Page 4
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CHABLES FlicOTT I I I 1 I CIRCULATION 4.000^ TelephODM. Reporters* Room .222 Business Office 18 SUBSCRIPTION BATES. Bj Carrier In lola. Gas' City, L BDTOI- Title or La Horpc. One Wee^ 10 cents One Month 44 cents Oae Year 15.00 tty MalL One Tear, in advance $4.00 Three Months, in advance $1 .00 One Month, in advance 44 . jgMssas—1- Rntered at lola, Kansas, Postoffice, a* Second-class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on| Application. OFFICIAL PAPER, <^ITT OF MASSET. XEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PBENH. I The lola Dally RrfrlNtir lii a nipnil»<*r ol the ANHOclalfd I'rfSM and KM:eir«>.<i the da/ report if (bat *rrcat nrwN ur- ganiiatlon for E X H UM U O Afliruooul Publication In lolu. OS SECOND THOUGHT. • Auotlipr I p -lo-Dato Fal>l«'. Once upon a time there was :i Newsi>aj)er in a Certain western cit.v thai wa-s Dead S(ire on its ContemiKi- rary, on Itself and on ICverylvjd.v else. There were Various Keuson .-i for This. Dyspepsia, a l^xiseniuK uf the Upip and Failure tn niulce a Sunday Kditinu pay its Way all Contributed. Hut i\ui principal Grievanee of the .Vewspapi^r was the Fact thai ii was Steadily Losing Subscribers. They had dropped Away until the Newspai)er no longer Dared i'rhu a sl:itonieut uf it.-? Circulation. OFT For Ladlest For MIssosI For ChUdrenI DlbT/Jf;:iONri:,;'-« s:. Lit L. MMA^ w_wf -X (^^-J ' Any garment that bears the la- belof "Printzess" is a self-guarantee tiiat the garment is perfect in material and woi^kmanship, tailored by skilled workmen, made of dependable cloth, ; thoroughly shrunk. Should any garment prove not as above represented, we agree to restore it to perfect condition, or to exchange it for a new one when returned with its original label. Now the .Newspapei- had. onee upon a time, been Somewhat Noted for its l-;nlarg»>nieiit »if the Clu-si. 'I'lie Hi< Squeeze and his rnderliu^s weul around l (M )kin!; like Pouter I'iseous. There was no Ueason for this, but the Newspaper tried lo Boss the Town, and although Nobody ever Helleved anything they Head in that Newspaper until ihey .saw it Soniewbere else, if Actually thought it' was UunnlnK things. By and by the Subscribers beg.nn to Quit Taking it. The Subserlbers had got Hep and they lold the Hoy Ki sUiji If as Ihey were .Already Taking .Moie Pai)erK than ihey eoiild read. Tlii.< made thP Hlg .Sipiee/e still Sorer and also Threw lllni iiiio a lilue Funk, lie began lo be lo Death that lie would lose 'riieiii all. So he took Ills Hlenograplier iii lintid ami said. I will Dictate a StaU-meiii wbleli wil' Keciiperale our Sliaiiercil Kortiiiics and (iel our Subsorlliers Hack. I will .Make an Attack on the Other I'api r which will Certainly Fix Things." u^jf. • : ^ . T-^ jr- WE ARE U AGENTS I FOR THE ' piESIlOMUOllRNAt PATTERNS^ MoifrHLY sme BOOK rnee nut when the Few Heniaiiiing Subscribers and others rea<l the .\iia(k they only laughed. •'The Other I'.i- per must be Cutting In Preti.* Deep." Ihey said, "or the Uig Squeeze wouldn't be so Sore about it. I'or we no- member that when Another Kveiiing Paper tried to Cut in on Him and Failed he never even .Allowed the Other Evening Paper's name to be mentioned in his columns. It certainly Does Look as iliouh the Other Paper had lilni fJoing South.' Moral: It is the Disabled .Auloiiio- hlle that makes a Tlasi)ing .\oise. Sunday nfiertioon with .Miss .Margaret Comet. .Miss Uena Swank or |'ar.'-:i >ii.'< sjioiii Siinilay wlili her si ;-ii !•. .\li>.. .Minnie Uyriis. .Miss Zella Founbi spent Siinilay and .S:inday niglit wiili I UT auiii. .Mrs. Lou ricknor. .Mr. anil .Mrs. Frank llolKt-r siiciii .•^MMilay Willi I'raiik Sii-veiis. .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Foii;;lil a :ul .ons spent .Sunday with Cliaries \Vi- naiis. .Mrs. /iinia Stoniis and .Mrs. Kddie Harnliait spent Sunday afternoon with .Mr. and .Mrs. .Mark Swank. .Mr. and .Mrs. Leo Smith spent Sun- lay night with the latler's iiarents. Crace and Eugene Hrinegar of Clia- iiute spent Saliirdav night and Sunday Willi their sisler. .Mrs. Henry Kofli.— .Meeker Items in the l^rie Heconl. BY STAIV|DARD'S MONEY. 1 A School Hcu^e to be Erected in Montgomery County District. .•\ii Illinois atloiiiey has started a We judge from a casual perusal of I''"'' courts to deierniine whether foothull is lighting. Other <Mops fall ocv-usionally. but there is always 1 fine yielil of fhiimps. the Lawrence paiiers that it Is about as hard to find a good excuse for a losing football team as it is to explain why a baseball team liiii.slied'in The second division. It is mighty haid to lix the blame for triplets. "I play cards so seldom and am so Inept at dealing iliai 1 nearly alway.'- have to sjiit on my lingers."—D IK PI Gsion. The winner of the cup has sold his balloon. That is exactly what we ^ttiuld do wail a lialiooii, if we had one. Syl. Dixon will take a train load of Ivauaa.^ prniliicJs to the .lamestowii Kxposiiioii. Kansas jirodueis do n<il (.aiiieularly ne( d ilic advertising that [will result, but .Mr. Dix<m does. It ray be true that smoking shorteiis life, hut It shortens It at the end thtil Is worth least to a man. .Apples are so scarce this year that lieople are actually fating the lien i»avis variety. If It Is claimed for a medicine that It is good for the liver a good dl-aH of it Is always sold. n excels all i)nl;-oiis. sliiiiulates the internal cirgans. cleanses the system and imriflos the li'ood. Such Is llol- listers Rocky .Mountain Tea, the most effective prevenlallve of disease. I'.T, cents. Tea or Tald. is. ILirrell"..; Drug Store. Cofl'yvilie; Kas.. .Nov. li;.—Stand rird Oil nioiiey is to build in I Ills coiiti t;. the linesi CDiiiiliy seliool house in the state. This i.< iliie to the fact that the Standard's big tank farm, sixt.-'eii miles west of this city, pes in schocd district .\o. one of the oldest of ti.e county, and that its property in fliat district is .so valuable that the l.txes for sclif>ol iitirposes alone are several ll-.oiisaiid clollars. The di.-:trict h.-is leviei' it very low rate of tax iind yet its ciish receipts nearly all of which is paid by the Prairie Oil &. Has company, the Kansas branch of the Standard, is eii'iUKl- to build tin •school house. A«KIH< A.\ I.KAiil'K PKOFIT.S. Ivii-ry iliin .loliiisnn .Muu-iiiitc lieportx ftis (i 'ain tor I he Yctir. MRS. PHILLIPS TURNED LOOSE. Preliminary Hearing Did Not Develop Testimony to fsold Her. i Cleveland. O., Nov. IJ.—Mrs. Charlotte Phillips was freed from the charge of kllllr.g li*r niisiiand. .bdin IC. iMiilliii';. a coal nperator and broker, ai the cfiiicliisinu of the preliminary hearin;; Uiday. Th.' justice liehl that there was no' snilleli>nt evidence upon wliie!i tiie court would be wiir- raiited in h-nditig .Mrs. Plil'Iips over to the graiul jury. Phillips Is sup- pfsed to havi' hii-n shot by biirgl;ir.^ rn In addition to the faet that It I -1 lllely to be cold and disagreeable De<eniber will have live Sundays. Health Insurance at little cost We have notice<l thai when a man prescribes for himseir he' u.siuillv takes whiskey. Till' Joke Column The K. I'. RtiidentK who senri ou' football news from Lawrence say Ker nedy was relying on Porler's klckim to win the game from .Nebraska. An attempt will be made to make the Vto Indians work. It is imr ob f kervatlon that the only way to indue*' an Indian to work Is to put him on a { football team. GALUMET BAKING POWDER fel .\ St. Louis sporting writer li;:s lurut'd lo ilgures titid Ibis is what he lias decided Is about right.. liedgi'.-' cleaiiiip tlii -i year will be lully $-li),niMi. Yawky. owner of the iJelroits. will pocket pronis of ?t!il.iMii). Charlie Comiskey, of the Wliile Sox will close tlie season with a lialance of $200,00(1 on the right side of the ledger. .lohn I. Taylor of the Roston .\nier icans will bank $7 .->.im(i as his shaie i iiie baseball booty. Connie .Ma<k's .Athletics will ear; $l""i.(iim tor their owners. Soniers and KiifoyI will clear $Tti) iMKi (Ml the .\;ips. Frank Farrell's share of the swa is not less than $(;u.oi;o. The .Noyes. owners of the Wa.-iliing ton cluB. will collie oil! $2."i.(IO(i aheai of the ganif. This is a b.iimer >.ar in bnsebal! Club owners are rolli:;g in wealth Not one of them is losing tnoiiey. Ev en Stanley Robinson has made a 11' tie money. The Cardinals arc the poorest paying pro |K )sllion in eilhei league. Cnrge Dovey '.-f profits in Ros- Kui will not wad a H'.-bore shotgun yet he says hi- is on easy street. 11- iiancially. J'llA.M Vi; IH'Y,S .MDIIK U.\S. I'Uy .>lnke.« Two <'onlr»ct.<i for Fuel at' Three Cenls Per Thousand. I a.sked her hand, she said to me. Think yon that I your wife would be. Your health is gone, your system wrong. Co drink some Holllsler's Rocky .Moiiiitain Tea. Rjirrell's rug Store. \V|{ K.SIM.Mi IS WIIITK IIOr.SK, SliOOO*00 ^'-^'^^'^ offered lo •• anyone for uiiV r.u'j- It is our theory that a prefeienc* for Scotch whisky is only another | name for contrariness. Sunday The Spenders. niancbe Barnhart spent with the Bowman children. Miss Hazel Holzer spent Monday nigbt wltb Miss Maude Chrisman. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moyd Bpeat Bmdv witb Mr. and Mrs. Add; HI BM. ' ' ' ]f||M««»»l M 4 FWH BplMr 1^ st .incc liijiiiiMiTs ti tilt; liiiilth found in faluntct r .oVineP .wdci. Purity v-i a prim-.* essential in f <M»(1. Calumet is madeouly of pure, vholifsom i ^I'f^ ingredients combined by skilled thcni.-.;-., f-^£ "land compile-, wit^i the ptiivf..v,d - .jf all states. 1: i^ the only bi^h-^i^ilc Baking Powder on the niaiLii •••-•Id at >a moderate price. ^Calamet Baking Powder may b« Ffreely used with the certainty that food made with it contdins DO harnifnl drasK—It b rhemicitlly cori'eet and makes Pare. Wliolceosio >Food.- Jii|MMiCMi- Inxtruclor (•ttes Exlill)U!on<« llefore I'rc>klent. WaHhiutoii. Nov. 12— An exiilbltlim of ,liipanese wrestling was given In the etist wing of Ihe White house l<v day before President _Roo .Mevelt. the .lapaiiese ambaHsado'i-. and ii number of personal friends of the president. Till" Iwuit was directed by Tamlenion Hlltichlytima. champion wrestler of .rapan, who is on a tour of this country. The wrest IIiiT was done by two nssisiants of the champion. Prellm- iaary t<i the bout .Mr. Hltachl.vama. who Is a man of large stature, gave an exhibition of his training. 'AFRICA, THE DARK CONTINENT.' Chtiliiite. Kas.. Nov. ll*.—.At a spe-j clal se ;-rel Ke .-i .-ioii of Ihe coiiiicii reso-i Unions were adopted whereby tbr-1 iiia.'.or and clerk was authorized to i execute livi- year coniraciii v.itli two! lo.-al companies for ilie jnirchacie o(; gas for municipal consumption. Thef ntracis become eiTective .laiiiiary 1 .1 The resolutions authorize llie mayor: ami clerk to <!iiter into a contract for j a period of five years with the Sotith-; west and the Kvch:inge companies fori the purchase of gas for miinlci|ial use.-; j at cents a thousand . The company| agrees to ruriiish ;r.e!ers and the to convi -y gas from the former's I int ;s to the city mains, a distaui half a mile in eac-li instance. loili^j Artistic Jewelry Novelties! of ~ We have secured the agency for Everything-in appropriate Sivr;^':r mSr ,S ";i ;:e:"^;:d:- Jtr ^'r; I. cures head.-iciie j able ijift that you may llive digestive organs. t • » '111 miLd irf .now represented in purifies the breath and reiriiiates the Cures chrtuiic constipation. .-Xsk alioiit it. Riirrell's Drug store. PAV I{<M.L .STOLKV. :*20.0iHI Taken From Uuggj in Triiii- dad. Colonido. Trinidad. Ccdo.. .Nov. 12.— Some time during last night twenty ihoiisuiid dol- lor.s. the pay ndl of the AmeriCiin Smelling and Uerinliig coniiiany. was stolen near Tritildad. No aire.-fls have onr. display. Q A. iEFFLER. JEWKLKK. ; ThI.s Is. >V.i»rtIi Remembering. A H no one is immune, every person Lecture at Y. tA, C. A. To Be Illustrated by Views. ".Africa, the Dark Contihent," is the fiiibjHct for the lecture at the Y. .M. C. A. Thursday night. The lecture i.-, riuBtrated by 83 pictures. The vit-ws show the mod^f living among the lowest types of j Africa, the fid- vance - of civilisation and Ckriatian- ity-Uitb the coantr^i the beantlftoVfoan «rr nuur othmr li^UniisatiBr t^ta^ BODY SACKED WTEI PAIN No other causes such wide-.spread stifTcring as It fa n Tiervu racking torture, and .so thoi»ughly docs itidominate the system, when it l^ecomes cotrenched in tlie blood, that its viciiius are usually complete slaves to pain. Rbeumatism is due to an exc^s of uric .acid in the bloo<l brought'on by stomach troubles, weak kidney.s, indigestion, and a. i^luggish condition of tlie system. The natural of the bodj', instead of pa.ssing off through the ordinary channels of waste, is leit to sour and ferment in the system because of these irregularities,' forming uric acid which is absorbed into the blood, and Rheumatism geis a foothold. As the blood circulates through the Ixjdy it depasits the. acrid, irritating sub- ^ stances with which it is saturated, into the different i4uscles. nerves, tissues and Iwnes. Sharp, biting pains commence, the flesh becomes feverish, swollen and tender, the muscles and joints throb aiid jerk, and the body . is literally racked with pain. Plasters, blisters, liniHients, etc., ^an never cure the disease; they relieve th,e pain, perhaps, temporarily, biit do not reacb the trouble, which is in the blood. S. S. S.^ the proper treatment for Iflheumatism. It: goes down and attacks jtlie disease at its hea^^ and if FtHtEtY. VEBETABtE . . ; in'g iindvilnriQbiiti |ie pbison dad acridSuids "lien- ^aodatieni

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